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Ta Email resume to: jobs@hamaspikkings.or¢ Sunday 11am-8pm Vin men yee and Monday thru Thursday 2pm-8pm. \ or call: Night shift 8pm-9am every Thursday night. 716-431-6400 x 105 (please reference tothe Job # 6901 GREAT CHANUKA DEALS HomeSues tone STILL AVAILABLE eee THIS WEEK AT HSH naw 11339 nynyws a7 7 w > amos” Cee OW Chai rea Care Looe eee eee Omar Urgent Core at its Best ees SALE SALE Me TE So Bre Miri Templer yothnyg 13 Gp p Been re 206 Division Ave. | 718-782-4023 Dwy yprnwya 4 IROVIVD PINT PRA" nescence | ya Se y.U8 S seTiee NURSING BALANCE for the whole family PUMPS fully covered by all uv v1" uv NYS insurance providers ‘tis the most Ruchy Lebowite © BARON balanced diet after all! 718-302: MEDICAL SUPPLIES alanced diet after all! 718-302-5622 ee EVERYTHING MUST GO! DU RAR ad <8 DITION TT ~ eed TOMO X DIND TN 718-628-5856 DOM VO AVOIIPYD 977 OPV ND X UIT ANION PR DN K Looking for an experienced motivated individual With Experience in Google Ad-words Send resume toe Neuschlos & Kolman Insurance has opening for Full-time secretary (INSURANCE EXPIRENCE A PLUS) Call 718 298-2576 leave detailed message Williamsburg office is looking for a full time detail oriented secretary. For more info please call 347-770-7890 Agirl for an expediting office in Brooklyn wanted. Please call 718-782-1210 (arts. crafits Py_WS PN AT) OMA wd K TPN Wt OXN WHO'D KUTA 546-883-2346 VOT. YOR OININA DWT Great job opportunity in a Williamsburg one girl office, great pay! Please call 718-328-1144 Ext. 3 and leave a message Laat elbe haute ne dae tee Aekeee ech kre ramets 718-302-4905 10:00PM P3 VON - mb PK OYUDIMAD wD 23° YI yr Y>"IWA - The Tichel Place 118-388-3273 - Yn YOR TIDY Py? WK "7 Ma N'Y MW Aaa y's? Outfit MATE Poya "VPM NR IY" INO TDA PICK IT! GUITAR LESSONS for beginners of all ages. Start playing today! Call Gittie Jacobovitz (weinberger) 718-858-8905 or 347-423-5452 For Sale - A breakfront anc a buffet in good condition. Please call 917-9 Attention Grandmothers & Machatenistas: Beautiful New Brown Mink Stole (Cape, Shaw!) to Rent for Your Simcha. For Reservations Please Call 347-931-7295 Is it another strep? Ear infection? Are you a MAMA? Moms Against More Antibiotics! ‘Yes! You can treat recurring infections (including sinus & UTIs) safely, effectively & naturally. NATURE'S ANSWER 347-486-2233 | SUPER SPECIAL: MP3 only $39. FUGI Disposable cam w/lash 800 speed $399. SD Cards: 1668 $8.9. 64GB 26.50. Digital Camera $31.50. USB: 32GB $10.99 64FB $1899. FUJI disposable cameras for $5.99! 718-722-7664 LOOK LIKE A SPARKLING ROYALTY AT YOUR WEDDING. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH THE PARK AVE CROWNS FOR THE MOST EQUISITE SHOW-STOPPING CROWNS AND TIARAS 718.522.6061 Best 91a yarn, regular & 100% silk, no knots. We do professional fringes. Call Strings Attached 718-909-0768. Also available at Tip Top & Craftivity The famous Craniosacral Therapist, Rachel Rudansky, With 24 years of experience, will be in Williamsburg every Tuesday. Call to schedule, 917-975-1169 !y227"N PX 1927N Attention ‘onban Ddx px Tx vw My Enjoyable px yoo x TNT "DMN" yo UNTAND 718-972-8289 DIN? - "APPNY AWD 9971" Organization yUONKA TT prow JOU N PIC MX DMI" PD PR VPTND FWD WIN WN NAY 2 md mis? 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Introducing i1'33 "N12 Dae ty Rebbetsin Rochel Lubin Cleveland Join thousands of Kallahs worldwide for an unforgettable, Monsey unique two part prograt* for kallah and mother. Lakewood to get tools and incpiration for a beautiful uplifting noma on rani and to set the mer aw on a course of perpetual growth, happiness and o»pwns. TO LAST A LIFETIME Montreal Zurich followed by a two part anwan maw course. Vienna Dates: Jan. 10.01 Antwerp sg Manchester To register, call or text London 848-234-9858 or 848-234-9857 ‘To receive the Akeres Habayis & Git Morgen by email, send request to