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...what’s up with us, written by us

find us at HANA - 44 Portland St. HU2 8JX

What has been happening?

Last Tuesday, we went to HACA’s Black History
Month event to perform our theatre play: it was
a success!! Well done to everyone, especially
Badefu and Bahati who recently joined the What is about to happen?
group and performed on the day. On Monday 13th at 5 pm in our office, we’ll
Our Food Justice and Video Production team have a Video Editing workshop, so we can learn
are working harder than ever!! Odazo, Huruma, to use the software and apply film and video
Bahati, Badefu and Javier were interviewing techniques when producing our own movies.
people in Hana around food justice. They
moved later to Ferensway and managed to
Our regular activities
interview one person. It was a good experience, Wednesdays 5:30 to 7:00: Theatre workshop.
but we also learnt how difficult it is to interview Help us develope our theatre play about the
people with the cameras rolling. challenges arriving to this country.
Thursdays 4:30 to 5:30 Basic English reading
group. to help those who want to develop their
English reading skills.
Fridays 4:30 to 5:30 English lessons. For the
newly arrived and those who want to improve
their language skills.
On Friday, Odazo, Rinas, Mallkum, Javier and
Grace went to Frith Farm in Beverly where they Our next events!!
met Ben and Phil. It was a great experience to Saturday (11th November) from 12 (noon) we
be outdoors and made sense to see where our will have a Party and Feast!! Come and help us
organic food is coming from. Odazo and Rinas sort out the food, cook together and make sure
filmed the farm and did interviews, especially we have a great time eating, sharing and telling
with Ben who was very kind talking about their stories from our own countries and cultures.
agro-ecological practices, the organic project
and all the effort that goes into it to make it