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"Hari" means one who steals the hearts of yogis (Harafi yogichetansinits Hari) or
and “ to take away. Vishnu takes away the consequences of offences,
errors and follies. When there is repentance there are the impurities that
bring about grief and sickness.

Hari is a name of for Vishnu (Mercury) the preserving aspect of divine lord. Sri
Krishna (Moon) is an aspect of sustaining force and so Hari may be
thought of as the healing aspect of Sri Krishna.

The cosmic sound Aum or its condensed from Om is the origin of all sounds. It is
called the "Pranava" as it generates within us of that which is pure,
sacred and noble and gives birth to rays of light bring illumination to the

This mantra removes all kind of negative and even the worst effects of Mars.
Because Hari is Krishna (Moon) and it is only Krishna who can debilitate
Mars (Mars debilitates in Cancer owned by Moon which is Krishna. By
chanting of this mantra one can control or can stay away from all kind of
enemies and Tantra, it gives peace in all manlike (Mars dasa) related
problems and it cures dental problems which are also caused by Mars