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i i g 3 g i i 2 i z 2 50, will be treated as malpractice. ing of identification, appeal to evaluator and for equations written eg, 42+8 USN 10EC832 Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2015/Jan.2016 Network Security Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting Re atleast TWO questions from each part. 9 PART-A aw 1 With a neat block diagram, discuss the functioning of network security model. List four basic tasks of designing security model. D> (10 Marks) Encrypt the message “ELECTRONICS” using playfair cipher with @kéy “INDIA”. Also, give the rules for encryption. L (10 Marks) w Encrypt the plain text “HANDY using hill cipher with the key >.“ 5 3 NO h7 3 a) ‘Also decrypt it and verify the encryption and decryption text. (10 Marks) In $ ~ DES, 10 — bit key is “1010000010”. Find tte sub keys ki and ka. If Me 3 5 2 Ty WM 1 O BG moOOS ARAB SM 9 key = © (0 Maris) Ina RSA algorithm system, thee text received is C = 10 with a public key Py = {5, 35}, deduce the plain text. Verify the answer by eneryption process. (a0 Maris) Explain Diffie ~ Hellman key exchange algorithm, Also calculate the Ya, Yo and secret key (k) for q = 23, a = 07, x and Xp, = 6. (10 Marks) Write a short note oft Hash function. (05 Maris) Mention the requitéments for a digital signature. (0S Marks) Explain the signing and verifying functions of digital signature algorithm (DSA). (10 Marks) os PART-B plain the SSL architecture. (10 Marks) ighlight the key features of SET. (05 Marks) Explain in detail, the payment capture transaction supported by SET. (05 Marks) Explain the architecture of a distributed intrusion detection system. Give the major issues in the design. (10 Marks) Briefly explain the password selection strategies. (10 Marks) Give the taxonomy of malicious programs and explain in brief. (10 Marks) With a schematic, explain the typical step in digital immune system. (10 Marks) With a neat diagram, explain the concept of trusted systems. (10 Marks) What is firewall? Mention the capabilities and limitations of firewalls. (10 Marks) eeeee