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I am a Georgia-licensed kindergarten teacher with 7 years of teaching
experience. I am also an Instructional Technology graduate.

Kindergarten Teacher, Glynn County Board of Education, Brunswick, GA-
I prepare, teach, and evaluate standards/objectives-based lesson plans.
I integrate technology into my daily routine, perform student
assessments, maintain students’ records, provide student instruction &
remediation, manage students’ portfolios, collaborate with my
colleagues on best practices and help them incorporate technology into
their classrooms, and conduct parent-teacher conferences.

Head Start Pre-K Teacher, Economic Opportunity Authority (EOA),

Savannah, GA—3/2014-7/2015
I prepared and taught lessons in compliance with the Georgia Content
Standards/GELDS and Quality Rated Standards. I performed student
assessments & screenings, maintained students’ records, provided
student instruction & remediation, collected and managed students’
electronic portfolios, and collaborated with my colleagues on best
practices. I also conducted parent-teacher conferences and home visits.

Patient Care Advocate, Express Scripts Services Inc, St. Mary’s, GA—
I re-ordered and requested new prescriptions for patients, provided
resolutions so that patients got their medications as soon as possible,
made judgment calls as to when to bring in specialized consultation for
patients, adhered to federal and company policies and laws, created
and maintained critical documentation on every patient, conferred with
and assisted pharmacy professionals, medical staff, and insurance
representatives & educated patients on the details of their insurance

Group Leader, Morningstar Children and Family Services Inc.,

Brunswick, GA—5/2012-8/2012
I supervised and formed bonds with children with mental and physical
disabilities. I maintained daily logs and case notes on individual
children. I helped children to meet their target goals and implement life
skills. I maintained and facilitated clean & safe living and working
environments for the children.

Independent Life Agent, Primerica Life Insurance, Brunswick, GA—

I sold life insurance policies. I educated people about how term life
insurance works.

I helped families save money and create a plan to get out of debt

Center Supervisor/Teacher, Coastal Georgia Area Community Action

Authority, Inc, Brunswick, GA,—9/2010-11/2011
I managed a staff of seven other teachers and a social worker, verified
timed sheets, ordered and distributed supplies, performed inventory,
worked within budget, and communicated with vendors. I facilitated
staff meetings, adhered to and maintained the center’s compliance to
agency, state, and federal regulations. I served as the liaison between
teachers and parents and teachers and administrative staff, was
responsible for scheduling substitutes for staff and home visits,
answered to multiple supervisors, provided necessary follow-ups in a
timely manner, regularly attended training and disseminated
information to my staff for implementation, filed weekly and monthly
reports, maintained and updated student portfolios and personnel
records, prepared lessons in compliance to set curriculum, and
completed daily and weekly reports, performed home-visits every
school term, and collaborated with co-workers, cared for students’
needs, and maintained a safe and inviting learning environment.

Customer Service Representative and Specialist, GSI Commerce,

Brunswick, GA—7/2009-9/2010
I placed orders for customers over the phone, assisted customers with
placing their orders over the phone and the internet and answered
inquiries. I resolved customers’ order-related issues, provided technical
assistance for product troubleshooting, and accurately notated
customers’ accounts.
Pre-K/2nd grade Teacher, Houston County Board of Education, Warner
Robins, GA— 2/2004-6/2008
I prepared and taught lessons in compliance with the Georgia
Performance Standards, performed student assessments, maintained
students’ records, provided student remediation, collaborated with my
colleagues, organized monthly parent and child activities, created a
weekly parent newsletters, and performed home-visits for all students.

Fort Valley State University; Ft. Valley, GA, Bachelors Degree December
Georgia Southern University; Statesboro, GA, Masters Degree
December 2017

Moodle, Google Docs, Drawing, Forms, Drive, Blogger, Slides,
Classroom; WordPress, Schoology, Youtube editor; Microsoft Suite,
creating & editing sound files, creating and editing videos, embedding
documents in websites, Canva (graphics), creating infographics,
planning & evaluation of objective/standards-based lesson plans,
integrating technology into the classroom, 63 WPM typed. Efficient in
time management and multi-tasking skills; strong written, analytical,
organizational, and communication skills; self-motivated; very
computer literate.

Jennifer Williams, Team Leader, (912) 580-9316

Teria Brown, Teacher/Site Director, (912) 506-2574

Beth Fennell, Media Specialist, (912) 264-3563

Dr. Regina Johnson; Retired, Nationally Board Certified Teacher, 912-