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Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase


Talking about "thinking", I would refer to thinking as a silent activities that are done

without the use of any other part of the body except the mind. Thinking is the first

step of any action an individual takes. People do not think alike because an

individual's view about one issue differs from another but what matters in thinking is

what I'm willing to put out to you, so that you can think within yourselves and arrive

at a decision whether to agree or disagree with me over this things I'm about to say.

Among peoples, we believe there is always the need to have a positive mindset

towards one's plan, while this is very good, I keep thinking of the reason why, we

tend to become demoralized for a period of time when the unthinkable happens and

our plan doesn't seem to work out, even before thinking of the best possible

solutions to the problem? Well, to me this is attributed to the fact that only few of us

thinks positively and negatively about our plans. Thinking 30% negatively and 70%

positively will only give room for the individual to plan ahead and now he is able to

sort out solutions to the problems he may face even before facing such problems.

Thinking positively and negatively about your plans gives you dominion over

whatever eventually happens and keeps you upright and prepared to face any

unforseen challenges which may surface during the course of achieving the goals of

your plan. BE WISE, BE PREPARED!
Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase


What's your view about doing it? To some, it is a mere word but i would want you to

take a different look into this as the meaning of the word "DOING IT". DOING IT, goes

alongside with a whole lot of "determination". If i may ask, can you be determined

without learning to endure? Come to think of it, why do you often have a strong

determination deep in your heart to achieve a set goal and eventually along the way,

take a step against the determinations to achieve those goals?

Well, i stand to be corrected but to me, i think "DOING IT" deals mostly with the mind.

Remember, whatever you do or whatever attitude you put on, had been first

rehearsed deep inside you. Therefore, there is a need to change our mindset so as to

have a greater chance of determination for success and also be prepared to endure

throughout the pathways of achieving those set goals.

Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase


Fear has so many meanings, depending on which attribute you want to direct it on,

but generally, fear is an anxious feeling. I would not say "to fear is bad" I also

wouldn't say "To fear is good"... For instance, fearing God is good? Apart from this,

I'll say, fear not in any other instance. (II Timothy chapt. 1 vs 7) says, " For God hath

not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of sound mind" why then do

we fear??

The main source of problems for most youths these days has been not being able to

overcome the spirit of fear and we've all been in one way or the other guilty of this.

However, It takes divine grace from God as well as a whole lot of determination to do

away with that so called spirit of fear. Many people have ideas which can be more

useful than that of prominent members in the world we live in but "the spirit of fear"

have not allow them use these God given abilities well.

Have you ever thought of what would happen if people like Mugabe, Albert Einstein

and other prominent figures allowed fear to seal up there mouth (ideas found

wanting??) How will those ideas from some other hero's be made??

Haven't you ever have the thought about your idea (especially those ones you're

afraid to tell out) been the one to save someone? Save a community?, a state?

Countries? Think well, do not undermine these abilities. Use them to God's glory.
Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase

People, now is the time to let people know of those God given abilities of yours. Take

a clue from the parable talking about those 3 servants whose master gave 5, 2 and 1

talent respectively and we know what happened to the last servant, he failed to make

any works with it and in the end, the talent was taken away from him.

Do Not Allow The Spirit Of Fear In Your Heart. Use These Abilities So As Not To

"Enjoy" Losing Them.
Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase


 hmmmm, settling for the available?

 do you get easily fed up?

 or is it so easy getting you pissed off?

 do you get easily fed up?

 or is it so easy getting you pissed off?

 are u the type that feeds on people remnant?

you really do feel you cannot do better than your current output? Well, you may be

right because your mindset often defines who you are and you cannot be forced into

changing your view about your output because (yes) its your decision and everyone

is entitled to one. but permit me to advise you, probably it will hit you in the right

place and change your mindset about things.

 my people, you never know, if your hardwork require a little more effort for you

to be tagged successful!!! that's more reason why i'm urging you never to


 no one knows you are adding a little more determination to your struggles may

put your head and shoulders above the rest, so believe you can do more than

your current output and therefore do not settle for the available, rather thrive

for the best because you're meant to be the best.

as for me, i'll rather thrive for the best than settle with the rest.
Wisdom Lyrics 1 ~ Bayo-David Toluwase


The world seems to be gradually falling apart and most people see this happenings

as the leader's influence and although, I'm not disputing that, but we will do really

good to take this matter from the root because an adage says " charity begins at

home". The rate of betrayal, violent, riot this days has really been rapid and from my

perspective, the reason for this is because majority believes in the 'DO ME, I DO YOU"

(Vengeance) style of living and more even take vengeance as an attitude to put on

whenever they have been offended by people and meanwhile, the more we have

people with such lifestyles, the higher the chances of riot. Violence which often lead

to the death of people involved as well as the innocent but unlucky ones.

The earlier we accept that no matter our good attitudes, we will never be able to

please everyone, the easier we are to cope with the frustrating ones. And note that,

some peoples will deliberately want to frustrate life out of you.

I'm only saying from my heart that Let's live with forgiveness. We should understand

that DIALOGUE will forever be a better approach than WAR because, a FIGHT in the

room can lead to a STREET FIGHT, a STREET FIGHT can turn to a TOWN-WIDE FIGHT

which in turn may lead to the shut down of a whole Nation