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Oral Test

Band Details
2.2 a. skimming and scanning for specific
Learning Outcomes
and ideas
B (Level 1) ii. Scanning for details
Know fundamental skills in listening,
speaking, reading
and writing
Reading and scanning for details.
Evidence Able to scan a text for details to complete
a given task.

1. Many people visit Pulau Duyung during ______________________________.
2. The skills in making boats are passed down from ______________________.
3. We can find kayu cengal in ________________________.
4. Today, boat-building on the island is ________________________________.

Sample Answer
1. weekends and school holidays
2. one generation to another
3. tropical forests
4. a big and modern industry

Pulau Duyung is a small and beautiful island. It is located at the mouth of the Terengganu
River. Many local visitors go there during weekends and school holidays. It is also a
favourite destination among foreign tourists.

The villagers on this small island build wooden fishing boats for a living. Their skills in
building boats are passed down from one generation to another. These boats are made of
kayu cengal, a yellowish hardwood found in tropical forests.

Now, boat-building in Pulau Duyung has become a big and modern industry. So if you and
your family plan to own a boat, Pulau Duyung is the best place to go to.