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In this essay, I will talk about the spesific casting choices of the movies "Making an American Citizen",

"The Battle of Algiers", and "Final Recipe". For the first movie, I argue that the chosing the main
character as an immigrant gives the director freedom ... For the second movie, I will talk about how the
casting choices increased the effect of the movie to the audience. For the last movie, I

"Making an American Citizen" was directed by the French woman director/producer Alice Guy-
Blache. It is 1912-made, fifteen minutes long silent movie. The movie shows us the story of Ivan Orloff's
education on being a "good" American citizen. Ivan Orloff is an immigrant coming to USA (possibly from
Russia) who is unfamiliar with the american culture(or as in the movie, Americanism). Thorought the
movie, we see number of Ivan's bad attributes which contradicts with the american values, and how he
has been forced to stop doing those bad behaviors by the American citizens.

When I first saw this movie, I was suprized that how racist that movie was about the immigrants.
Indeed, the movie shows us the character Ivan Orloff as uncultured, barbarian, cruel to his wife yet
coward towards other men. In the very first scene, we see Ivan on a cart that is pulled by his wife and a
donkey. They encounter by a group of people, and none of them intervenes this unpleasant situation
that Ivan's wife is treated like an animal by his husband. In the following scenes(when they are in USA),
we always see an american citizen interferes in those type of situations. This makes us to conclude that
the movie assumes that bad behaviours towards wives are common in Ivan's homeland. Thus the movie
promotes that the american culture is better than the other cultures, and it gives us a feeling that this
incoming immigrant needs to be "educated" by good American citizens. This fact makes the movie
racist, and supremacist about american culture. However, if we do not focus on the racism part, we will
be able to comprehend that this movie actually motivates "feminism". Note that Ivan's all the bad
behaviors connected with his cruelty to this wife. As I mentioned before, in the first scene he humiliates
his wife by making her to pull the cart along with the donkey. In the second scene, he does not help his
wife and makes her to carry all of their goods, and even do not let her to have a rest. In the third scene,
he tries to beat up his wife