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Ummat, 20 May, p net

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Pakistan: Writer Says Chinese Wary of US after Usama's Death

Article by Wajiha Ahmad Siddiqui: "China Hinted Pakistan to Negotiate Deal with US in Black
and White"

What is the message Prime Minister Gilani brining from his Chinese trip? What message the
prime minister has conveyed to the Chinese leadership besides customary and conventional
pleasantries. The well informed circles are avoiding saying anything clearly in this connection.
On the other hand, the US officials are also eavesdropping as what decision China has made.

The sources are of the view that whatever the United States will do against Pakistan, it will do in
the name of terrorism. Though China has not joined the war on terror, it is not against it either.

The prime minister said it in China that it will continue working for enhancing capabilities of the
Armed Forces of Pakistan. According to sources, the prime minister's Chinese visit is of crucial
importance in the perspective of the existing situation prevalent in the region. Prime minister
could say it thousands times that it was already decided, specific objectives were achieved on
this occasion.

The Chinese leadership has advised him that the parameters of the war on terror should be
redefined with the United States and all issues should be done in black and white. Then we can
do anything about this deal. China has asked the United States only this that it should respect
Pakistan's sovereignty. That is why Pakistan is not making solid decisions regarding its integrity
due to endless US pressure.

The prime minister has been apologetic over there, and he refused to accept that he declared the
murder of Usama Bin Ladin by the United States a great victory. The sources added that the
prime minister presented weak position of Pakistan regarding the situation created as a result of
US operation against Usama Bin Ladin in Abbotabad.

Had the prime minister said that the United States invaded, the Chinese response would have
been strong. He said the United States has promised that it would not launch attack alone in
Pakistan next time; rather it will launch joint attack. Certainly the Chinese officials would have
laughed behind their sleeves over this thing said by the prime minister.

The reason is that nobody would have heard the thing about attack on his own country. Chinese
officials advised to set aright your intelligence system and take action when you find some high
value target in the near future. Do not allow any other country to intervene. Then we are here to
help you out after this.
The sources are of the view that if permission is to be given to the United States for joint
operation, why the prime minister went to China. On the other hand, the prime minister's
intention of joint operation with the United States is also against the Parliamentary resolution.
The sources reported that this is the reason that China has asked the prime minister to decide
terms and conditions with the United States.

It seems from the sources that the prime minister went to China without any preparation, for
when his attention was attracted to this fact that a resolution in the UN Security Council has been
approved against the "nuclear terrorism", he had no knowledge about it.

The sources are of the view how can China assure unconditional support to a confused
leadership? In fact, it was attempted to inform him in China that you should adopt a categorical
position regarding the US war on terror, devise a policy in the light of the Parliamentary
resolution and then stick to it.

According to sources, China wants to know what the outlines are on which Pakistan's foreign
policy is based. If the foreign policy is being devised under the US dread, how should China
stand by Pakistan? Therefore, Chinese foreign office said it as per its policy that we want that the
sovereignty and borders of the countries should not be violated adding we appreciate Pakistani
efforts against terrorism and it should base its war on terror on its own national independence
and integrity.

The sources are of the view that the meaning behind this statement is that you should fight the
war, but do not take care of the US interests. Devise a strategy against war on terror keeping in
view your domestic national situation. We shall stand by you whatever strategy you devise.

The sources further added Chinese officials have also conveyed this message that Pakistan stood
by the west to and unimagined level and the west is not ready to compensate for the losses
incurred to it as a result. The western and the US media have gone to the extremes of callousness
and have made Pakistan a butt of criticism. Referring to Chinese English daily Global Times, the
sources said the United States only keeps its own interests in view ignoring Pakistani interests.

The sources added that China has conveyed this message to Prime Minister Gilani to adopt the
policy as per the aspiration and interest of the Pakistani public. He also told that the US and the
British intelligence agencies have collected information about the strategic assets of Pakistan
under the cover of relief operations in Pakistan during earthquake and flood.

China is highly careful after the incident of Usama Bin Ladin and the question that the United
States will declare China its enemy after Usama is rising up in the government circles. These
apprehensions have been expressed in a newspaper Global Times, a daily owned by Chinese
Communist Party. The daily says the satisfaction is that we are economically so strong that it will
not be an easy task for the United States to do any harm to us. On the other hand, had Pakistani
Government any effective foreign policy, or a solid position, China would have forcefully
supported us; rather it would have condemned the United States. However, it has only said the
independence and borders of every country must be respected and it is a principal stance.

The sources further added if you want to learn something about Chinese policy, you should see
the decisions and commentaries of the Communist Party. China does not intend to lock horns
with the United States, but it does not want to let the United States dominate it. It knows that the
United States can isolate it in the name of terrorism, and it will find new Asian allies in the
region after the death of Usama.

In fact, its objective is to tighten noose around China. China exploited the US military
engagements in the war on terror and the Middle East economically and found markets in the
entire world for its products. Therefore, it is not so easy to isolate China now. However, the
Communist Party knows that finally the United States will pay attention to China and the
Chinese officials have made preparations for this.

They devised a new strategy after the incident of 9/11. Hundreds of think tanks in China are
working under the government patronage, and they remain engaged in studying the US policies
in the world. The sources added that every four out of five think tanks are doing research on any
of the aspects of the United States. The sources added China has taken the death of Usama Bin
Laden as an alarm bell. The United States is not supportive to a single party democratic system.
They think the Communist Party of China as its weakness, while the Chinese think it as their

Chinese are of the view that no individual can make any decision in China, but it happens in the
United States and attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11are case in point. Therefore, the
United States will not have the protection in this region that the China enjoys.