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Domestic Political, Terrorism

Mashriq, 04 December, p 6

Pakistan: Editorial Hopes Political Activities, Reforms in FATA End Violence

Editorial: "Renewed Assurance to Tribesmen"

Barrister Masud Kausar, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has said that the beginning of the
democratic process in Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA] would not only promote
democracy, but also would provide the tribal an opportunity to play their role in resolving issues
the nation and the country are facing after they join the national mainstream. He said that the
tribal people should ensure full participation in the political activities. The process of change in
tribal regions has begun. The access to justice for the tribal people has been ensured through
amendments in the FCR [Frontier Crimes Regulation]. Now the FATA would also have facilities
that other Pakistani citizens enjoy. Changes has been brought in the FATA administration and it
has been directed to harmonize itself with the requirements of the new democratic era. Job
opportunities are being created for the FATA youths so that vocational training should be
imparted to the less educated and uneducated FATA youths to provide them opportunities for
respectable livelihood. Though tall claims were made during every era regarding construction
and development of the tribal areas and improvement of their conditions, fact is that had there
been sincerity and good intentions in the implementation of over just a fraction of these claims
and promises, the tribal areas would have been equal to settled areas. However, it is regretted that
the tribal regions are still in the darkness of backwardness.

We think the tendency in the tribal regions toward violence has not emerged over nothing; rather
it has other factors in its background along with a long tale of deprivations. The tragedy is that
still English system is in force in the tribal regions in which the tactics to crush the tribal people
are more emphasized than providing them more facilities.

In short, now that the reformation and political process has kicked off in the tribal regions, it
should be expected that better beginning would be made to pull the tribesman out of the sense of
deprivations and to grant them rights, and efforts would be made to compensate for the losses of
the people victims of years.