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Express, 4 February, PP 8, 5

Pakistan: Analysts Says US Using Pakistan Army To Further Its Agenda

Unattributed report: "Operation In Tribal Regions Is A US Agenda: Ayaz Amir" -- All Words
Within Double Quotation Marks, As Published.

Lahore -- Ayaz Amir, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Group [PML-N]'s member National
Assembly, said drone attacks have been intensified and Taliban elements are now under pressure.
There is a hell of difference between our Army and the US military. During his conversation in
the program "Center Stage" aired by a private television channel Express News, the United
Kingdom is senior partner of the United States in this war on terror than Pakistan. He said the
agenda of what the Pakistan Army is doing in tribal regions is determined by the United States
and Army has been forced to decide to take action. Moreover, operation in Waziristan has also
been launched under duress, Amir added.

Analyst Khadim Hussein said there is a difference between Pakistan and US thinking regarding
all Taliban outfits and Afghan war. The United States thinks that terrorism cannot be routed in
the presenc of Haqqani network, Khadim added.

Brig [ret] Mahmud Shah, former secretary Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA], said
situation in Swat and Malakand is under complete control; however, today's attack in Lower Dir
was targeted. Surprising thing is what the US troops were doing there. He said the United States
offered to impart training to Frontier Corps [FC] and the police. In fact, the United States wants
to sneak inside Pakistani agencies, he added.

Qatrina Hussein, anchor persons of a private television channel Express 24/7, said Gen Kayani,
Chief of Army Staff [COAS],m during his meeting with senior journalists said the United States
wants to protect its own interests, while we want to work remaining in our own frame of
reference [as published]. About his meeting with NATO commanders, Gen Kayani said I have
taken NATO commanders on board to an extent.

Jam Madad Ali, opposition leader Sind Assembly, said Pakistan People's Party [PPP] and
Muttahida Qaumi Movement [MQM] would carry on wrangling until they agree over local
bodies system. Even deputy speaker has failed in controlling the situation. She should have
played her role in this regard, he added. He further said the arrival of Rangers in Karachi has
caused worry for the people. The people are under depression, for Rangers are summoned when
police fails. Now law and order situation in Karachi has deteriorated further, he added.