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Our Christmas

Business Tree

Dealing with
Diversity in the

Roberto Lico
Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior is
a Professional Coach, and
Business Consultant with a
knowledge in Management,
Overseas Trade and
A Christmas tree is a
decorated tree, usually
an evergreen conifer
such as spruce, pine or
fir, traditionally
associated with the
celebration of
According to the
Britannica, "The use of
evergreen trees,
wreaths, and garlands
to symbolize eternal life
was a custom of the
ancient Egyptians,
Chinese, and Hebrews”.
The tree was
traditionally decorated
with edibles such as
apples, nuts or dates
but today, there are a
wide variety or a
diversity of traditional
ornaments, such as
garland, tinsel,
ornaments, colorful
balls and candy canes.
Like a Christmas tree
our business
environment is
composed of a
diversified group of
people with different
races, creeds, ages,
genders, colors and
Managing diversity
involves using some
specific resources and
experiences for the
benefit of the
But knowing how to do
this requires
understanding some
strategies to better deal
with diversity in our
business environment.
We must recognize that people
have differences, be they physical,
generational or cultural, and we
cannot pretend that these barriers
have been broken down or are not
carried to the workplace.

Instead, we must accept the

differences among our employees,
and encourage them to let their
individualities show since their
diversity and knowledge could
prove useful to our business.
We should realize that by accepting
everyone’s differences does not
mean treating everyone exactly the
same but that we do demonstrate a
fair attitude that respects diversity.

Acting fairly and acting uniformly

are different, and only one enables
us to successfully deal with diversity
in our workplace.

It is important to treat people fairly

and respect the differences that
make them who they are.
Focus on Yourself:
Diversity is an issue that we must
manage in the workplace, and it
starts with managing our own
attitude and behavior.

We need to be aware of how we

respond and react to different
styles, cultures, backgrounds and
diverse differences.

Self-awareness is key to managing

and developing a fair and equality-
based workplace for all employees.
Employee assessments:
When preparing an employee
review and assessment, we must
also examine our employees'
attitudes, particularly how they
work with others and approach the
workplace with the same equality
they expect.

If we notice that an employee only

delegates tasks to people of a
certain race, gender, age or
relationship, it is our responsibility
to address and correct these biases.
Encourage interaction:
When we identify diversity-related
issues in the workplace, we must
discuss such issues with all of the
involved employees and in a non-
confrontational manner.

We should set up HR courses and

workshops that will encourage and
help employees to understand how
to work with others regardless of
their diversity(ies) and that it’s not

✓Set up “models” for good

behavior procedures to clarify any
doubts or confusions of acceptable
✓Invest in cultural sensitivity
training for all staff
to facilitate better communication.
✓Seek periodic feedback from staff
to evaluate the company diversity

✓Encourage open communication

and teamwork across work

✓Plan an annual event to break

down formal barriers and improve
staff morale.
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