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You're not so fuckin' sick to me

I've got devils in my head

I've got poison in my eyes
Come here and play
Come if you dare
Who said that slavery sucks

Tonight I'm gonna be insane

Be my Abel I'm your Cain
Unleash the devils from my head
Let them tease you for a while

Hey dr. Jeckyll meet Mr. Hyde

All fuckin' birds of the morning
Have already died
Let's have a party, toxic is the night
Hey dr. Jeckyll, there's no place to Hyde

No more, no more!
No more, ‘till dawn
Toxic people we are
It’s time for a toxic lullaby

We’re toxic people

So don’t you even try
To know our way, to wake us up
The toxic waste is to twist your mind
You’ll hate the way I see the world tonight

You’re not so fuckin’ sick to me

You’re not too sick to even try
You’re not too sick to be my friend
‘coz’ to destroy is to create

get Get me higher, tease me more

open Open wide your secret door
play Play the game …and if you dare
feed Feed my sin , ‘till I’m clean

Psycho, psycho, the toxic one

Let me join you, if you don’t mind
Be my teacher, fix my brain
Be the shrink, be my friend

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I slaved my pain to feel you for a while

I killed my Cain to be Abel to go
Avoid the selection
Avoid the creation
Putrid Temida’s out of the house
Spank her good

I’m walking fear to realize the script

I’m the snake, the victim and the judge
I’m just a creation, my will’s so fuckin’ blind
A sculptor, a füuhrer, an imagination
Tempting device, a lierliar

I’m a soldier, a fighter, a warrior

Psycho preacher dressed in white
From the caves— – through the desserts
From the sea— – to the stars
Me and my old tired fuckin’ mind can hardly bear it now
‘till dawn just to meet the sunrise
‘till dawn to kill the light

the artist hired me to design his doom

the artist and a whore stay united as one
to create is to give, re-creation in need
save to destroy
save to destroy
save to destroy
to destroy is to save
taste your fear!
I am the snake and I’ll be your judge
I am the victim, I am the liar
Master of the flies
A liar!

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To create is to destroy
To destroy is to create

Take your chance, taste your crime

Taboos burning, sell your soul
One for all, all for one
To corrupt the system
You’re licenced to sin
And sentenced to suffer is the crowling crawling crowd
Condemnation, there’s no mercy, take no shit

Burn the sea, flood the hell

Compromises lead to chaos
Mix my mind, take me high
Show me the lies, be my guide
Teach me how to laugh when the world’s on fire
Show me how to smile when people cry

Clean my mind, throw me down

Let me fall once again
Let me face the crowd
Show me how high is the price
Burning, don’t let me explain
No way to defend, no time for regrets
For sorrow, for faith
Then let me go , wake me up
Free my mind once again

I designed my mind again, I’m ready to sin

I designed myself, then I created you
Why I am you, why do you wear my face
Now taste the apple, it’s the apple case
I’ve turned into you to commit your crimes
When you feel so safe, and safety’s crime
Taste your crime, you’re licenced to sin
Allowed to be free
Take your time

How do you feel being judged

You’ve never commited such a crime
We have a trial here, the apple case
Risen objections, your mind fades away
Hangman’s the victim
The time has stopped for a while
You’ve created destruction
You’ve destroyed the creation

Let’s play again truth or dare

Now I am a judge, but who I am
When I am me then who you are

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he mirror Hates your face

Jump, jump to fit the night

With no parachute
Like a new-born on a stage
Waitin’ for the flood, the clue, cliché
Untill the sun rises


Listening to the second voice

Jump, jump into the deep
Take a trip, trip the deep
Another prick, a lover in your way
Just waitin’ for the flood , I’m not in the mood


Gorgeous! High-lands, where music always plays

Life on the move, brain in use
Drowned in the flood
So high and liquid, shaken
Consciousness, jump, jump inside
I’m licenced to sin, under your skin
Fake prophets, liquid heroes
Sugared politics, fuckin’ freaks, fuckin’ pricks

Compromises, fuckaziesssss!

Beat the meat- illuminate

Singing shit, being fit
Pricking, freaking, slippin’
Knocked out my brain
Jump, jump into my dream

Developing obscenity

Me, mine, mind-less pleasure, treasure

Jump into my toxic head
Your Highness designed my pain
When the sun was high


A toxic preacher
Gorgeous highlands, high-on-way
Licenced to sin – so who we are
Sin-thetic, notorious, permanently mind-fucked
Hopeless, criogenetic cryogenetic pornography
Hypersonic drumming heads
Devil’s pharmacy
And it swallows me gently
It leads us to feel the harmony
Harmonized suicide


And eat no meat to be more fuckin’ fit

Hush, hush you little trash
Motherless society
Use your brain – be insane
Coz’ there’s no way to pay – OBEY!

Dancing to their music…is your high-life

Mixin’, fixin’ just the apple case shit
Global village…. Make us pray, but
The house of God inside is fake
Trip the space- to open the night
Self creation, self destruction
I’m self- created, design yourself, design your mind
The Great Entertainer has just preached new shit
To burn us in hell!


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You teased my mind when I was there

Then my pride has gone away
I tripped the deep to take revenge
Now beginning means the end

Unleash my pain, increase my hunger

Open my mind
I turn back the myth to life
Just let me be your slave again

Share the lies, sell your shit

Be my mother, be the king
Running time is killing gently
Let your mind be my slave

Be my cure, feed me up, make my day

When I’m your devil be my angel
Purify my vanity

There’s no flags waving, no lies to say

There’s no spear wounding, the crops are dead
Now I can’t paint what’s in my head
‘coz’ to destroy is to create

I saw the man who fucked his dog

Mr Orwell’s killed again
What’s to save is to destroy
There’s nothing now, be my guest

No sins to be judged
No way to be proud
No emotions, no promotions
Just frustration – kiss my ass!
No spear wounding, no head hunting
Self creation – self destroyed

I can speed you up

It can slow you down
Let your mind be my slave
…let it to be slaved by me!
…kiss my ass…

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That scream hidden so deep

That letter, written pain
That tear the frozen one
That word the broken trust
All inclusive, all intrusive

While I’m waiting here

For another one
For the love deranged
For the flash of light
For the sacrifice

Don’t let me down

Don’t make me blind
Don’t tread, don’t feed
With a bunch of sweet white lies

Don’t hide, don’t try

To calm me with your deadly lullaby
Outside I am the gentle one
But inside – the fiend alive

Some foolish words, those lies to say

A piece of mind you’ve taken away
That rusty shit when system’s failed
Just empty rooms, no shit to gain

There’s one more gate to pass

There’s one more call of lust
While I’m waiting here
For another one

The ticking time, wasting my time

Thicken are the thoughts
The clock has slowed down
What is destroyed is to create
The art of creation is to be damaged

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Eat on the floor, In my french French kitchen

With the company of my freaky friends

Tryin’ to run to eat out

Lookin’ for my ears in the air
Listening to the story of the fall

Try not to fall down again

Listening to the story of your sacrifice
…by the phone, French phone, by 1000 times
the more I learn the language,
the stranger the talk

I’m a jester, I’m a preacher, I’m a teacher

To my imaginary friends
A chemical invasion
A brotherhood
The French kitchen’s taken
Wake my brain up

Confess dear, when the night’s so thick

And no bright lights, no fear ‘till dawn
A simple man, dressed in black
The plan is not to forget
And it’s just a lie
A lie, fuckin’ lie
It’s an awful lie, a horrible lie, a horror
Oh poor is my mind

I’ve got no idea how to sing this song

And I’m-too lazy-to face this morning GROWL!

These tickin’ and tockin’ in my head

Hey monsieur chef- cook ma a day
Open all night-broken mind-mirror hates your face
The day slows me down

It’s time to wake, time to live my life

Time to fear, time to dine

Time to paint the kitchen
To open my mind
To wash the dishes
And a high time to wynieść śmieci………

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I’ve got the strength to display
Just let me act, then I let you use it
let me in I let you out
I let you do this, I bet you’ll do / just do it !
(don’t take it away)

It’s not a sin to let me in

The sin is to keep it hidden
Then breathe !

I woke up again

I’ve got some devils in my head

Unleashed is my hate, I leashed the day
Don’t be so focused on laughing at me
don’t ever dare to see my tears
I crossed your way
The time is to come

now I’m the torture you’ve made

so let me show you how to breathe
all of you the great faded audience
let me breathe, now let me breathe
how dare you stop the act

I need to breathe! It’s to create.

but now dig it, realize

now I’m the air you need, surprise!!!
I am what you need
You need to breathe. Breathe!

So learn to open the thing, promise to use it

I’ll teach you how to be doomed
I’ve learnt to breathe, to breathe, BREATHE !
So don’t you dare to take it away!
Don’t take my breath away
And I see the angels fallin’ down (they cry hittin’ the
You’re off ….off my mind

Don’t let me lay down to sleep

Don’t let the mask cover my face
To face the crowd, to face myself
See fallin’ angels hittin’ the ground
With the lullaby, let me breathe again

U know – it’s not a time to say goodnight

Let me breathe
There’s no reason to leave

Breathe! just let me taste the air

Breathe! let me be the air
to breathe is to create
don’t let me sleep while I’m awake
let me breathe and let me use my time
BREATHE !!!!!!

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You hate me so much as i I love to hate you

Mirror hates your face ‘coz’ the devil’s in my head
That’s why we need each other, like the day kills the night
I love what I fear, I fear what I love

Oh, you’re so sweet when I can’t sleep ( I can’t sleep)

Pain means progress
Be hungry ‘coz’ hunger is your friend

There’s a flood in my vains veins again
Another bird of the morning
Disturbs my way, rapes my peace
Another plan to escape has failed
Another silent part of me has just died
Has just gone away

You feed me to kill my mind (it’s feeding time)

hear my fury, smell my fear
my hunger’s stronger when you’re wise
everything shows me that’s the trial version of life

Let’s punish the preacher

Let’s kill the shrink
The storyteller should be the king
Whisperin’, teasin’, crawlin’-—the pain!
Fuck the passengers!
Shoot the driver!
Shoot him to kill .

You’re so fuckin’ sweet when I can’t sleep

Shoot the driver, shoot him dead!
Shoot the driver, shoot him dead!
Shoot him!

The pain is to be.

Be hungry ‘coz’ hunger is your friend.

Sail away, far away

Sail away, take me there
Sail away!
Where my mind is free