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Maungaturoto, A Real New Zealand Town ‘Gettin’ on with it!’ Issue 57 April 2006

Although unable to attend, I did hear that the Congratulations to:-

Open Day at the St. John’s Ambulance Station
was well attended. Well done Maungaturoto! Alan and Bernice Flower celebrated their 55th
Well, the clocks have gone back and we head Wedding Anniversary on March 31st.
into winter, let’s hope it’s not too long and cold Couples reaching milestones like this are usu-
As you know I am going to take a three month ally asked what their recipe is for such success.
(well deserved????) break, and it would ap- Well in this case we might wonder!!
pear that nobody was really prepared to take Alan has been seen with his left arm in a sling,
on the job of the ‘Matters”. and more recently with two black eyes!
Fortunately George Lewis (I believe with the And now Bernice is getting around with a ban-
aid of Rae Roadley) has come to the rescue daged shin!
and will be looking after the Matters Otherwise they say “Let’s grow old together”
So folks please can I ask that you do get all Great achievement best wishes from the
your ads and articles in by the deadline. It Maungaturoto Matters. Here’s to many more
would really help them. happy anniversaries.
They are going to try and use the usual e-mail
address (, but I More congratulations on page 3
personally think there may be a wee bit of a
So if you have trouble getting your e-mails
through then I suggest that you send them di-
rectly to Gale Albert who is secretary of the
Maungaturoto Business Association, at
There is, of course the Red Box at Tony’s
where you can leave your written copies, and I
will be checking the Matters e-mail address to
see if anything has arrived and not gone 153 Hurndall St
through to it’s new destination. Maungaturoto
I will be back to do the August Edition, but our
relief editors may decide that they enjoy doing
the job so much they may want to keep it. Ph/Fax (09) 431-8059
So I would just like to thank everyone for their
support and their wonderful contributions that would like to remind all motor-
help keep our lovely ‘Maungie Matters’ going ists to please be on the lookout
to press. for children walking to and from
Being a local publication, we do rely on you, school AND hopping on and off
our readers, to keep us informed of local our SCHOOL BUSES
events and news.
Have a wonderful Easter and take care out
there Please slow down when passing a bus that has
Until you hear from me again. stopped to drop off or pick up children

Page 2 Community Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Matters
Non-profit organisations are urged to send in articles to
promote themselves, especially those that have paid up for
the year and are entitled to a free quarter page space. We
would love to hear from you! If you have an item you want
mentioned in the “Matters” you can either contact me at the
address below or drop it into the RED BOX in the window at
Tony’s Stationers in Hurndall Street. If it is an advert the
fees are printed on the top right of Page 1.
Please note we do not usually accept photographs as
they do not copy very well and the effect is often
lost; and we do not accept “Letters to the Editor”
as we do not have enough room to print them.

Editor Payments to
Eve Tinsley Maungaturoto Business Association
81 Gorge Rd P.O. Box 47, Maungaturoto or
Ph: (09) 431-8624 Contact
E-Mail contributions to:- Gale Albert, Ph: (09) 431 8232;
maungie.mtrs Fax: (09) 431 8292; Mob:0274 855572


Advertising and Editorial:

The Community Health

That’s every Thursday 4pm to 5pm
Homebuilders House
Infant, Child & Booster Seats Available Maungaturoto.
Long or short term hire
We also have for purchase Child Harnesses,
Locking Clips and Ext. Straps
For rental details Ph Kathleen Rich (09)431 8505


Held on the first Thursday of every month BUSINESS ASSOCIATION
At the Plunket Rooms on Hurndall St in
Maungaturoto From 10am to Midday.
Please come along for a coffee and meet other IMPORTANT MEETING
parents and caregivers. Wednesday 5th April
Toys and books are available for the children.
The discussion topic for April 6th will be Child Community Centre Hall
Nutrition, led by Rixt Botello. 5.30pm
Details for each month's Parent Support Group
meeting can be found on the notice boards at the (To discuss Real Town uniting with
Doctor's Surgery, Tony's and 4-Square. the Business Assn)
For further details Ph Jennifer (09) 431 6343. Enquiries: Gale Albert 431 8232
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 3


ANZAC DAY is on Tuesday 25th April.
So far we have not had a good response to our
SOS in finding help to run the matters for a couple
To date I haven’t been advised of any services of months, if we don’t get enough volunteers we
locally apart from the Kauri Museum. may be unable to publish the matters. Can you
help? Please give Gale a call on 4318 232.
Their service normally starts at 10.00pm with We are upgrading the Maungaturoto Business di-
a gathering outside the Memorial Hall and a rectory, would your business or community group
walk through the church cemetery to the gun like to be listed? , if so please fill out the form en-
closed in this matters report (or if you were sent a
replacement, where wreaths are laid.
form in your matters minutes please use that) and
Followed by the service at the Hall in remem- send it with your payment to the address provided,
brance of the soldiers from the Otamatea Dis- the cut off date is Thursday 13th April 2006 so get
trict that went to war them in ASAP.
I have noticed the small notice board is being well
On the same day the Anzac Exhibition used but the message about dating all notices is
displaying memorabilia and images of the not getting through, I will be cleaning out the board
soon, items are allowed to remain for one month
Otamatea soldiers commences at the Museum so items without a date will most likely be removed
and continues through until Sunday 25th May. (this allows space for new items to go up).
Finally groups that would like to advertise up-
Check with your local RSA for times of ser- coming events on the large notice board opposite
vices in Maungaturoto the St Johns can contact me and I will endeavour
to get your event noticed.
Till next time
Terri Donaldson 4318 599

More Congratulations
To Rose Quaife who celebrated her 80th birthday at Redwood Lodge Resthome in Rotorua. A long
time resident of our area who left four years ago. Many people will remember her and Lionel who
owned the Opal Apuries in Huarau.
Her three sons and their wives help Rose celebrate along with her family and friends. Amongst
those friends were Linda and Bill Horimea who travelled to Rotorua to attend.

To Vikki Smales and Matthew Gould who exchanged their marriage vows in Hammer Springs, fol-
lowed by a reception at Hammer Springs Lodge. Proud parents Karen and Mike Smales had trav-
elled down earlier for the wedding.

To Jim Duffy in finally achieving a Gold Medal in the N.Z. Masters Games Dunedin February 2006.
Jim attained gold in the Men's Long jump - 60-64 age group.
Jim has been carrying a nagging injury to his shoulder but still managed to obtain 4th placing in the
Men's 55-69 age group Indoor Rowing 500 metres.
Jim being very competitive also entered the Swimming and competed in the 5 km walk with Sharon
- Good On You Jim!!

Jim and Sharon are also proud to announce the safe arrival of their first granddaughter and grand-
child delivered on 5th March 2006. Here’s hoping for more. Mum, Dad and baby all doing well.
Page 4 Community Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 5

Girl’s Indulgence Evening

Total Fire Ban
It’s back. The Girl’s Indulgence Evening is return-
ing to Maungaturoto Friday May 12th
Due to the high fire risk which has persisted dur-
ing the summer months, a PROHIBITED FIRE Like its predecessor in August 2004, organisers of
SEASON has been declared for the whole of the this event – Maungaturoto Primary School – are
hoping for a repeat performance.
Kaipara District, with effect from midnight on 2
March 2006 and will remain in force until such How does it work? Well, for a reasonably priced
time as weather conditions and fire indicators war- entrance fee, lucky ticket holders are invited to in-
rant its uplifting, at which time public notification dulge in the free services of 30-50 exhibitors on
will be given. site. Everything of interest to women – like mani-
cures, pedicures, facials, massages, foot rubs, is
The lighting of any fire in the open air in both ur-
on offer thanks to the services of volunteer profes-
ban and rural areas, is prohibited. sionals. Items for sale, such as lingerie and jewel-
Commercially manufactured barbecues and incin- lery may also be on display. Freebies are also ex-
erators may be used during the prohibited fire sea- pected to be on offer thanks to a range of spon-
son subject to the following conditions: sors.
∗ They are used under the direct supervision of
Ticket sales are limited to insure minimum queues
a responsible adult.
and maximum enjoyment. While the last evening
∗ A supply of water is close at hand. was decorated in a romantic Arabian nights theme,
∗ The fire is completely extinguished as soon this year’s “look” is a surprise.
as the task has been completed.
∗ The device is located at least 10 metres from The Maungaturoto Primary School is looking for
any readily combustible material. anyone who might be interested in offering their
In addition hangi fires may be lit subject to the services free of charge on the night in exchange
above conditions. for word of mouth publicity. Any service of special
interest to females will be considered... hair and
All barbecues, incinerators and hangi fires must be nail specialists, masseuse, photographer, etc.
extinguished at the request of any warranted Fire For anyone hoping to increase business, this is a
Officer. wonderful opportunity to put yourself out there to
This notice is issued under the provisions of the the local community.
Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977. Penalties of up to
6 months imprisonment or a $2,000 fine exist for Please call Leigh Knightbridge at 4318 290 or
any person who commits an offence against this 4318 106 for further information
notice. or email

All permits previously issued are now cancelled

Blair King Principal Rural Fire Officer
Kaipara District Council

The Maungaturoto Primary School Parent Annual Meeting

Teacher Association will be holding its
Annual General Meeting (AGM) on The 2006 annual meeting of the Otamatea
Tuesday April 4th at 7PM, High School Board of Trustees will be held at
Maungaturoto Primary School Staff Room. 7.30pm on Thursday 27th April in the school
Dessert Evening and monthly meeting staff room
to follow. Agenda:
Receipt of 2005 Financial Statement
Everyone welcome Board Chaiperson’s Annual Report
Principal’s Annual Report
For further information, please contact Dan- All welcome to attend.
ielle Williamson at 09 4318 251 G. McCallum, Chairperson
Page 6 Community Maungaturoto Matters

Thinking of selling your property?

Call Sally Steiner today!
Do you want to achieve the best possible price
for your home? Do you want to be informed
every step of the way? Do you want an under-
standing of the current market?
If you are planning to sell your property, it’s
likely that you have been thinking about when
you want to put it on the market, how you want
to sell it and who may be able to help you make
the sale.
No two real estate salespeople are the same.
You need to examine your options carefully and
choose the best one for YOU.
If you would like to discuss marketing your
property, give me a call. I would be happy to
chat with you.
Sally Steiner 021 412 500
Office 09 431 5820
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 7

If you would like your Business to be included in the 2006 Directory, please fill out details you
want included below, along with your payment to:
Maungaturoto Business Association
P.O. Box 47



Payment Details: $40 first line – Name,Telephone/Mobile

Extra $20 for second line - Fax/Email Address

Closing date – Thursday 13th April 2006


RUBBISH You will all have noticed a huge difference in
appearance to our town after the Working Bee
EVEN THE ANGLICAN OPPORTUNITY held on 25th February. Thank you to all those
SHOP. people who turned up to help – what a transfor-
mation!! Also, a big thank you to Kauri Park
DO YOU WANT YOUR DONATIONS Nurseries who very kindly donated all the plants
TO BE SPENT ON RUBBISH REMOVAL for our troughs and to ITM Maungaturoto who
OR BE USED TO HELP WITH MISSION donated paint etc. The beautiful Red Cabbage
WORK OR COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Tree planted in the middle of the big troughs is
Kauri Park Nursery’s own development- wouldn’t
it be a nice gesture for each of us to buy one of
CLOTHING/LINEN AND UNBROKEN these Cabbage Trees for our own garden and
ITEMS help promote our area.
i.e. TOYS, CROCKERY, APPLIANCES. If all business’s could please help keep our town
tidy be sweeping regularly and generally making
sure their frontage is clean and tidy. This town
Thank you, Margaret Marquet belongs to all of us who live here so please help
Anglican Op Shop
keep it looking nice. Thank you.
51 Gorge Road
Maungaturoto Gale Albert
Secretary Maungaturoto Business Association
Page 8 Community Maungaturoto Matters

Kaipara’s Future –
Working Together –
so says the Draft 10
year Plan adopted by
Kaipara District Council today. Now is the time for
the community to let Council know if they agree.
There are lots of projects contained in the Plan that
people will want to have a say on between now
and when submissions close on 21 April 2006.
Kaipara District Council has made available as
many ways as they can think of to make it easier
for people to make their views known.
The long term Plan has been developed around
two themes ‘working together’ and ‘the integrity of
the community’s assets’ and includes major initia-
tives such as the Mangawhai EcoCare wastewater
project, Coastal Care community wastewater initia-
tives, the Dargaville swimming pool, Mangawhai
stormwater improvements, management plans for
key reserves and of course roading, roading and
Huge increases in construction costs caused by unprece-
dented demand in Auckland show up in the proposed
9.3% general rate increase for 2006/07 however the fol-
lowing years' increases are at around the rate of infla-
tion. The oversupply of work for contractors is also
reflected in increases to user charges for water and
Council needs everyone to become involved. Only
through active participation by the community in Kai-
para’s Future can Council be sure it is providing activi-
ties and projects that will make Kaipara a better place to
live, work and play. Forums will be held throughout the
District and people are welcome to call in anytime dur-
ing the scheduled hours.
Monday 3 April 06
PH; 431 8950
Pouto Hall 9 - 11 am
Kaihu Hall 2 - 4 pm
Dargaville Town Hall 5 - 7 pm
Ways to make a submission are by letter, fax, DRY-CLEANING DEPOT
email, or on-line at Council's web site, or you can
phone and tell us, we must receive submissions by
5 pm Friday 21 April 2006. FOR NU-TONE DRYCLEANERS
PH: 09 439 7139
Casual Cleaner - start May
Casual Caregiver - immediate start A TWICE WEEKLY
Hours will include some night shifts
and short shifts
Phone: The Manager SERVICE
Maungaturoto Rest Home
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 9

Homebuilders Community House

Well hello again and here we are in April, unbelievable isn’t it, how the months fly by. Day-
light savings is over, we are all busy getting in our firewood readying for the colder eve-
nings…Well some of us are,
I would just like to mention that our Kids Big Day Out at Pahi was a great success with
Many families attending and all had a great day, we intend to do it again next year so if
you missed it , make sure you don’t miss the next one.
Our workshops are going great guns with our first parenting workshop over and a great success it was.
Many of our attending parents have been trying out some of the new ways to work with their children. I
know of one mum and dad that are very appreciative of a few hints and now have their 3 year old daugh-
ter sleeping not only in her own bed but sleeping all night. Good on you parents, it makes your life and
your child’s life a whole lot better if you all get a decent nights sleep.
We have another Marie Flavell’s Parenting programme starting
Mondays April 24th and Monday May 1st.
These workshops start at 9.30am and finish 2.30pm. A crèche is provided free and lunch and morning tea is also provided.
You must register for these workshops and be in quick as there are limited places. Phone Homebuilders 09 4319080
Next workshop that may be of considerable interest is in May
Treaty of Waitangi …
Course runs over two Wednesdays.
May 16th and May 23rd…9.30am to 2.30pm
The Facilitator will be Susan Da Silva who has many skills and experiences as a facilitator. Same
rules apply be in quick to register, this course is a must for many working as a service provider and does
not come to our town very often so make the most of this opportunity.
A new exciting outing for our Good Old Days group this month we are taking you all out for a lovely drive to
Mangawhai, On the way there we will be having a mystery morning tea and then we will be visiting the garden
center for a bit of an explore, followed by lunch then the trip home and if I have anything to do with it, we
will have to have a good old sing song on the way home to Maungy.
Those of you that come to our lunch on a regular basis will get a call from Ann. If you are not a regular but
would like to join in please phone us on 09 4319080 and register your interest.
Don’t forget our new Community Health Plan
Every Thursday at 4pm to 5pm at the Homebuilders Community House.
We have some great speakers lined up this month to talk about some interesting health topics, reme-
dies and general good healthy hints, please come along and join us.
That’s about it for now, remember we are there if you need to share a problem or need some advice,
we have a great team of support people to help you to get through those hard times.
Call us on 09 4319080.
Page 10 Community Maungaturoto Matters

Dargaville Swimming
A proposed new pool for Dargaville? This is one
of the major items in Kaipara’s Future, the Draft
10 year Plan that Kaipara District Council is seek-
ing feedback on.

Council thinks that a family-friendly facility that

provides healthy recreation options, a safer place
for kids to swim, a visitor attraction and a training
ground for future Kaipara medal winners, is an ex-
cellent idea. What do you think?

“The current pool is reaching the end of its useful

life and is becoming increasingly difficult and ex-
pensive to maintain," says Councillor Wendy
Salter, “it is also very basic with no surrounding

The design of the proposed new pool allows for

greater use as a health and recreation resource. The
landscaping and space around the pool makes an
attractive area for groups to gather and mingle.
The modern design and high-build quality would
attract greater numbers of visitors to the facility,
which would bring financial benefits to the area.

The facility could become a focus and icon for the

community. All of which will result in health, so-
cial and economic benefits that will be felt beyond
the boundaries of the pool site.

It is proposed that the project be funded through

applying a targeted rate to Dargaville in conjunc-
tion with forestry revenue.
The major feature of this system is that rating is
only on properties in Dargaville.

The downside is that this would limit the amount of

money available for other community projects nor-
mally funded from the forestry.

The proposed rating for Dargaville is $50.00 per

rateable property per year.

For further information contact:

Claire Lichtwark-McInnes
Communication and Services Manager
09 439 7059
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 11

Maungaturoto Community/Business Awards 2006

to celebrate excellence in our community

Maungaturoto’s retailers, farmers, trade businesses, employees, community workers, hospi-

tality providers and home gardeners could be in line to win praise from the community and
an award.
The Maungaturoto Business Association has launched the Maungaturoto Commu-
nity/Business Awards 2006 to honour local individuals and businesses. The Award categories
are: Retailer, Trade Business, Local Farmer, Employee, Garden, Community Worker and
Hospitality and Entertainment Enterprise of the Year. The seven winners will then become
eligible for the Overall Supreme Award of the Year.
The winners will be announced at a glittering black-tie function at the Maungaturoto Centen-
nial Hall on Saturday, June 24.
Maungaturoto Business Association President Mike Forbes says the Awards are designed to
recognise the high standards people set in business and in the community, and encourage
people to shop locally.
“We want to build community spirit and celebrate the best of the best. Plus the Awards
night will give everyone the opportunity to get really dressed up and have a night out with
great food and entertainment.”

Nominees who meet the following criteria are being sought:

Retailer of the Year: Efficient and friendly staff, appealing and effective product display,
clean and tidy shop - it’s a joy to shop there.
Trade Business of the Year: Completed your job to a high standard, on time, within
budget. Pleasant to deal with. You’d use them again.
Local Farmer of the Year: A farmer who runs the farm as a business, farm kept neat and
tidy and well maintained, and stock well provided for.
Employee of the Year: Committed and dedicated worker for whom going the extra mile is
routine - someone an employer would aspire to have on staff.
Garden of the Year: Garden is attractive, creative well laid out, easy maintenance, and
the creator shares ideas, cuttings and plants.
Community Worker of the Year: Compassionate selfless person who makes a difference
in the community and for individuals and families. Inspires young and old and demonstrates
commitment to bettering and enriching the community.
Hospitality and Entertainment Enterprise of the Year: Warm and friendly atmosphere,
good food, clean and tidy - you’d be proud to take your friends there.

Locals are asked to each nominate a contender per category and explain in up to 50 words
why they should win the award. The nominees should have impressed you with their level of
service and commitment.
The top five nominees in each category will be selected by an independent panel, then the
winners will be determined by an anonymous judge who lives outside the area. The Overall
Supreme Winner - the best of the very best - will be chosen by a guest judge, also from
The winners will be presented with certificates and trophies in recognition of their success.
Profits from the gala dinner will be donated to local non-profit organisations that need assis-
Every nominator will go into a draw to win a grand prize.
Nomination forms are available from local businesses and can be mailed to “Awards Event”,
P O Box 47, Maungaturoto. Nominations close on May 31, 2006. Tickets for the gala dinner
cost $50.00 per person.

If you’d like more information or have any questions please contact: Jan Schimanski, 09
4318 950 or Gale Albert, 09 4318 232
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Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 13


We are all enjoying the last of the summer

sun this month, and already planning for
next summer when we will have more out-
door furniture and hope to be able to have
picnic lunches.
We have been very spoilt this year as we
having been given lots of grapes and vege-
tables, and even some beautiful flowers.
Some of the gardens in Maungaturoto must
be really wonderful.
Our new recreation lady will be starting in
April and we are all looking forward to
seeing her ideas put into action.
If anyone in the community would like to
help out with this please contact the Rest
Well that’s all for this month, however we
all want to say a big thank you to the peo-
ple who gave our town its facelift, it looks
From all of us at the Rest Home.


On Saturday 29th April, Maungaturoto Play-

centre will be having a silent mystery auc-
If you would like to donate something new
CALL IN TO SEE US FOR ALL or second hand your name and/or business
YOUR SURVEY & SUBDIVISION name will appear on our sponsor’s board.
INQUIRIES We would like sponsors to tag their own
OR items: “Donated by (and how they want
PHONE US ANY DAY AT their name to appear on the sponsor’s
431 8750 board).
OR Tags and signs can be any size you like but
MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BY please make sure they are firmly attached.
CONTACTING SANDRA AT THE Items can be dropped to Playcentre or to
OFFICE the auction on the night. Playcentre is open
Monday 9am-12 noon; Wednesday 12noon-
FIRST WEDNESDAY IN THE 2.30pm and Fridays 9am-11.30am
MONTH IS OUR VISITING DAY If you would like to have your items col-
lected, please phone Joy Robinson on 431-
9113 or Julie Underwood on 431-8334
HOBSON CHAMBERS Ph (09) 431 8750
143 HURNDALL ST Mob (021) 723 284 Thank you for your support.
Page 14 Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 15
Page 16 Community Maungaturoto Matters



• Beds
• Bedding
• Bedroom Furniture
• Bed Settees

• Cork tiles
• Curtains and Accessories
• Drawers
• Duvets
• Giftware
• Guitar Strings
• Haberdashery
• La-z-boy Chairs

• Linen
• Mats
• Mattresses
• Mirrors
• Pictures
• Pillows
• Photo-frames
• Pottery (fabulous Robert Gordon) STEPHEN M JAQUES
• Sheets _________________________________
• Shower Curtains
• Souvenirs
• Teatowels 123 Hurndall Stret
• Throws Maungaturoto
• Toppa Pads _______________________________________
• Towels Phone: (09) 431 8733
• Tracks and Tapes Fax: (09) 431 8736
• Vinyl Flooring

MAUNGATUROTO Walker’s Native Plants
674 Mangawhai - Kaiwaka Road
Please phone 431 8206 or 0800 852
363 or you are welcome to call in to our ECOSOURCED WILD SPECIES
unique shop
OPEN: Casual Hours
Free measure and quote service and
finance available T.A.P. Or by Appointment
Ph. Julie 025 209 7073 A/h (09) 432 0058
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 17

Otamatea Avenue of Trees 1990

Newsletter 2006

The vision of the 1990’s continues.

The current committee met on 7th March to being matters up to date.
As you will have seen, Northpower has pruned those trees they found would be danger-
ous to the power lines. Growth since then has seen the trees fill out and they have all
looked great over the summer period.

It is planned to carry out the following work in the coming months.

1. Trim the trees to keep their shape and out of the power lines, trees that are within
4 metres of the lines will be trimmed by Northpower. It is hoped to keep this to a
minimum as each tree can cost up to $200.00 tyo trim.
2. Repair the frames and wire around the trees.
3. Spray the ground area within the frames to keep weed growth to a minimum
4. Replace trees where necessary with similar trees. Up to 20/25 trees will need to
be planted.
Working bees will be held and their dates advertised in the Maungaturoto Matters or on
the local advertising boards in town. The committee welcomes all help available on the
day and in the future.

For more information please contact any of the following people:

Dave Oxford; Tom Clark; John Albert; Alistair Banks; Normal Dalebrook;
Eileen Parsons; Alan Flower and Paddy Thornton.

EVERY TUESDAY Serving the Kaipara area
10AM Since 1971

0-5 YRS MUSIC & MOVEMENT North Shore upholstery EST 1986
FOLLOWED BY MORNING TEA Recover Specialists, Lounge &
Dinning Furniture, Loose Covers,
Fabric Protection, Free Quote,
Or RUTH 431-8491
Pick up & Delivery,
Mike Dawson
supported by 431-7116 87 Te Pahi River Dr
Maungaturoto Congregational Church
($2 donation per family please)
Page 18 Maungaturoto Matters

Has relocated at



Phone Bus: 431 8545

After Hours: 431 8547


Meet Rob
now operating out of Mangawhai full time

Broken Windows
Cat Doors
Safety Glass
Table Tops

Call for a quote – All work guaranteed

All glass work undertaken at competitive rates

PHONE: 021 989 532

Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 19

OET NEWS –Day care update

On March 15th I had the opportunity to attend the Ministry of Education Funding Hui for
Early Childhood Centres. As the community is aware, for a number of years groups have
tried to set up a daycare centre for children under 5 years of age in Maungaturoto.
Although the community feels that such a service is needed the Ministry of Education has
concluded from statistical data that such a service will not be feasible nor have long-
term survival potential within this community. This is because the data from the last cen-
sus predicted a decline in population in the Kaipara area.

The second factor is that there is currently a ministry funded Early Childhood Centre in
the community, namely the Playcentre which is not being fully utilised and therefore no
more government funding will be put into the ECE locally unless the Playcentre is operat-
ing a substantial waiting list.

The position that OET is in now is to decide that, with the deadline being the end of April,
whether we want to once again conduct a survey that will show that there are 30 chil-
dren not attending another Early Childhood facility locally but ready to start in 2007, and
that we have a population of children in this area that will sustain the service for a mini-
mum of 10 years. Simply put, this means, will there be 30 children full time available to
use the facilities over the next 10 years? We are not able to use information gathered
from the previous survey data, as the data needs to be current at time of application.

The other option is to find alternative solutions and these will need to be researched.
All else failing we may need to revisit the issue towards the end of this year/early next
year and conduct surveys again so we are in time for funding applications in 2007. This
will only be realistic if the census data projects that there will be an increase in popula-
tion in Kaipara over the next 10 years or that the survey shows sustainability.

If there are strong feelings supporting the provision of such a service in Maungaturoto
and the community is prepared to help to meet the very short time-line by filling in survey
forms and returning them immediately please let me know now. We want to hear from
parents who would use this service within the next 5 years and also from intending par-
ents who are likely to be in need of a full-time daycare within the next 5 to 10 years.
Yes this means forward planning!

Survey forms are available at all school offices. Forms can also be obtained by phoning
me –09 431 8230. Some businesses and public services will also carry the forms. Also
forms are printed on the next three pages of the Maungaturoto Matters.
All survey forms need to be returned by Friday 31st of March so that it may be processed
for the funding applications.

Sally Green
Page 20 Community Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 21
Page 22 Community Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Page 23


From the desk of the Editor

History Lesson
Many years ago in Scotland, a new game was in-
vented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies
Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into
the English language.

In the 1400's a law was set forth that a man was not
allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than
his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb"

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a

great king from history:
Spades - King David
Hearts - Charlemagne
Clubs - Alexander, the Great
Diamonds - Julius Caesar

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has

both front legs in the air, the person died in battle.
If the horse has one front leg in the air the person
died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the
horse has all four legs on the ground, the person
died of natural causes.
Page 24 Community Maungaturoto Matters


CHICKEN NUGGETS & chips $5.50
FISH & chips $6.00
HAMBURGER & chips $6.00
lamb or beef $9.50
MAINS: all main meals come with salad or vegetables chips or potato
TERAKI pan fried in herbs & butter sauce $18.00
TERAKI deep fried in a garlic & herb batter $18.00
STEAK DIANNE bacon, mushroom, white wine sauce $19.50
HALF ROAST CHICKEN with all the trimmings $19.00
LAMB SHANKS with roast veggies & mint sauce $19.00
(i.e. wedding, birthdays, corporate, Private events etc)
Or phone Brett on (09)43 19115 or 021 554 664
PHONE BRETT ON (09) 431 9115
Maungaturoto Matters Community Page 25



PRAWN CUTLETS half a dozen prawns pan fried in butter

With Greek seasoning $7.50

CALAMARI pan fried with a chilli sauce $6.50

VENISON meat balls in a plum sauce $6.50

MAINS: all mains with salad or vegetables & chips or potatoes

LAMB STEAKS with a port & cream sauce $22.50

CHICKEN BREAST stuffed with pate, cream cheese & pine

Nuts with a mango sauce $21.50

EYE FILLET with an oyster sauce $23.50

SALMON FILLETS with Béarnaise sauce $22.50


Deserts on black board


Take aways available
OR PHONE BRETT ON (09)431 9115 or 021 554 664
Page 26 Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Schools Page 27
Page 28 Schools Maungaturoto Matters

The Enviroschools Programme aims to integrate environmental education in the whole
of school life, creating learning opportunities by working towards a healthy, peaceful and
sustainable environment.

Enviroschools work to a Kaupapa that stresses that schools have a sense of place. Na-
ture and people are nurtured and the whole school environment is a learning resource.
Enviroschools are participatory; processes involve the whole school community. They
have a sense of purpose – that students are inspired to create a healthy, peaceful and
sustainable school. They make decisions and take action in their community.

There are 4 key concepts of the programme:

• Physical Surroundings including Ecological and participatory design of school sur-
• Operational Practices – Sustainable conservation practices in the day-to-day running
of the school.
• Organisational Principles – Participatory and democratic school management.
• A Living Curriculum, integrating the hidden and informal curriculum of different areas
of school life to enrich the formal curriculum.

The principles that guide these programmes are:

• Sustainability
• Environmental Education
• Children’s Participation
• Diversity of People and Culture
• Maori Perspectives

Enviroschools are managed by a charitable trust. In Northland, NRC and TEAM Solu-
tions run the programme. NRC has a co-ordinator who manages the finances and organ-
ises workshops and Hui. TEAM Solutions facilitators work with the schools to implement
the programme.

Otamatea High School has being awarded this status. They have every reason to be proud of
this achievement as they believe they are the only High School who has achieved it.
Otamatea High School held a special assembly on Thursday 30th March to sign the memoran-
dum of Understanding for OHS to be an Enviro-school.
Kaipara District Council will have more information about it shortly
Maungaturoto Matters Schools Page 29

Otamatea High School

P O Box 64 Maungaturoto 0800 682 628

Congratulations to: Major Progress with Hockey Courts

Vicki Norman and Raymon Woolford

As the photograph above shows the new hockey

courts are at the stage where they are being laser-
levelled and scraped before the astro turf is
laid. This project is scheduled to be finished by 31 March.

School Production
Miss Norman (aka Mrs Woolford) seen below rehears-
ing a dance sequence in the new Dance Studio.
These students will be participating in the forthcoming
school production Just Desserts. This show will be
presented on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May at
7.30pm in OHS Hall.

Our best wishes for a very happy life together go

to OHS Dance Teacher Vicki Norman on her
marriage to Raymon Woolford. Vicki and Ray-
mon were married recently at Coates’ Memorial
Church Matakohe and are pictured above at their
reception at Matakohe House.

OHS Students who competed in the North-

land Secondary Schools’ Athletic Champi-
onships :
Thomas Grundy 2nd in 100m, 200, Long Jump & Events Calendar up to 1 May 2006:
Triple Jump Junior Boys Tues 4 April Year 10 Bay of Islands Trip
Roland Brown 1st triple Jump &2nd 300m) Wed 5 April PTCA Meeting Staffroom 7.30pm
Matthew Moulds 2nd Javelin Int Boys Tues 11 April Tai Tokerau Festival Powhiri
Trenton Powell 2nd 800m & 1500m The school will be open
Bodean Mane 4th 800m & 1500m Wed 12 April Tai Tokerau Festival
Yorana Botello 4th 1500m 7 800m Junior Girls The school will be closed for tuition
Nicole Thomas 5th 1500 & 800m Thurs 13 April Tai Tokerau Festival ends
Study classes for Year 10-13 students. Buses
OHS 40th Reunion 14-16 April will not run
Registrations are going well for this exciting weekend Term 1 ends
and it’s still not too late to for you to register! Friday 14 – Sun 16 April OHS 40th Reunion
Phone Nikki Donaldson at the school office for Tues 25 April Anzac Day Parades attended by
further details. Head Boy & Girl & School Prefects
Mon 1 May Term 2 Begins

Elizabeth Perry Assistant Principal
Page 30 Clubs & Organisations Maungaturoto Matters



'The Geriatrics'
The show is opening on the 28th April
and will run for 8 performances.
It is directed by Maureen Davis and is
written by no author Kevin Boon.
It’s a really funny look at life in a rest
home. The hum drum daily routines that
bore the residents to tears ..that is until
the new lady arrives and upsets the whole
TIMBER FLOORS applecart.
Lots of fun directing it, cast are great and
∗ Supply and Lay having fun trying to add a few years on to
∗ Solid T & G or Quality Veneer themselves.
∗ Full control of job from subfloor It will be enjoyed by all I am sure, it’s
preparation to final coat of light and funny and even includes a little
Polyurethane sing along.
∗ Guaranteed Quality Tickets at the usual places and we hope to
encourage a few of the over 60s groups to
Phone: (09) 423 7139 come along.

You Can Hire …

Concrete Mixer (Electric)
Concrete Power Float
Plate Compactor
Waterblaster Fencing Contractors
Hydraulic Log Splitter For all your Agricultural and Domestic fences:
Post Hole Borer Post and Rail fences
Scrub Cutters Lifestyle blocks
Weed Trimmers Sub divisions
1.5 Tonne Digger
Ring us for a quote today!
At Maungaturoto Contact Kelly or Karen:
Phone (09) 431 8851
Auto Centre Mobile (021) 431885
4318 288
Maungaturoto Matters Clubs & Organisations Page 31


March 15th a day out with a visit to

the Otamatea Marae at Tanoa.
We were welcomed and invited into
the Meeting House by this lovely lady
Hazel, who explained the procedures
concerning the Marae
We were able to look at Hazel’s garden
and also a peep into the historic
Ratana Church.
Our next stop was Batley House,
where we had our lunch on Rex and
Rae’s verandah overlooking the bay.
A wander around the garden and a
chance to climb the stairs to see the
magnificent view from the upstairs
Next meeting at Anne Hayden’s home,
James Road April 19th at 1.00pm

Maungaturoto Squash Club News

April 2006
Well Business House kicked off with a hiss and a roar
on Thursday the 16th March, and there were some great
first up games! It was obvious that some of the old
hands needed to blow out the cobwebs, and there was
some surprisingly good play from new members in the
teams. It is good to see that competition is fierce from
the start and that people are enjoying the social aspect
of Business House. A good way to support our Country
Club is to stay and have a drink after your game and
grab a meal from the kitchen.
If you haven’t been able to get into a Business House Plain
team then don’t despair, we may need fill-in players
over the next few weeks, and our Thursday Club Nights
will kick off after that. Come down to the courts on a
Guide Biscuits
Thursday and make yourself known, we’ll sort you out
from there.
For Sale
Tournaments: Manaia starts on the 31st March and
Wellsford is on the 14th, 15th, 16th April. $2.50 per packet
For more info call Mike Schimanski, Heather Lupton
or Kenny Finlayson
Available at Tony’s Lotto Shop
Thought for the week: Or
“ Watch the ball! Karen Cullen PH 4318530
Don’t watch the front wall,
it isn’t going anywhere!”
Page 32 Clubs & Organisations Maungaturoto Matters
Maungaturoto Matters Clubs & Organisations Page 33


Hi, another month rolls by Line Dancing
and our AGM is fast ap- At the Paparoa Hall
proaching. The date to put
Thursday morning
in your diaries is Wednes- 9.30 AM
day the 26th April at
7:30pm at the Marohemo Hall. For Fun, Fitness and
It would be wonderful to see some new To Improve Your Memory
faces along and I can assure you that we
won’t land you with any big jobs! Everybody Welcome
As a committee we run one Pot Luck Dinner a Now is the perfect time for interested
year, hold a cake stall to raise funds and hold people to come and have a look.
a Formal Dinner and Dance every second year.
If you have any other great ideas then we’d Our instructor, Bev Baxter from Whangarei is one
love you to come along and share them. of the best
Maybe we could do something So come along and join us and get fit and have fun
for all the kids in our area. and maybe come with us on our trips to workshops
around the country.
Remember that our hall is available
for hire, and our rates are very Contact
reasonable. Rose Plunkett (09) 431 7418

Change of Day
Now Tuesday morning roll-ups
Men and Women
Every Tuesday
Commencing 9.15am

Includes coaching sessions for beginners

Spare bowls available

Mufti dress
(but soft soled shoes must be worn)

New arrivals to Maungaturoto

especially welcome

Thought of joining a Bowling Club?

These friendly roll-ups enable you to

Try before you buy

Contact: Jean Gillett 431-8515

Bob Edwards 431-8897
Page 34 Maungaturoto Matters

12 tonne Digger
(with club thumb & tilt bucket)
Experienced Operator
(All Aspects)
No job too big or too small
Call Brian now for all your excavating work

Please note new phone No:

Phone:- (09) 423 8024
Mobile: 021 423 802

‘PigPost’ is a matured blend of pine

sawdust and pig manure ready for the
RELOCATED? Bernice Flower recommends
on 021-161-2344 or (09)431-8705 ‘PigPost’ $80 delivered
and $40 cubic metre
FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE - Phone - Maungaturoto/Paparoa area.
Other quantities by arrangement.
431-7209 It's what keeps
Maungaturoto green
Maungaturoto Matters Rural Page 35

The Mystery of Lost Socks

It doesn’t pay to be ungrateful, but maybe it’s time farm supply companies changed
their “buy our stuff and we’ll give you a gift” deal from socks to something else . . .
anything else. Rex now has about 40 pair of socks.
In the brief moment when cleans catch up with dirties the drawer bulges. And it got
worse earlier this year when several lost socks found their mates.
We have a spare bedroom whose purpose for much of last year was to house lost
socks. Ten lay in a tidy row along the foot of a bed where they became a nest for
Dot the cat. I’d occasionally marry up a couple, but that achievement would be off-
set when others went AWOL. Where do they go?
Then, for several weeks around Christmas, I went on holiday in almost every way. I
simply stopped folding laundry and putting it where it belonged. The spare room be-
came a heaving mass of crumpled laundry (folding also went out the window) and
when we needed clean clothes, knickers and, in Rex’s case, socks, we’d forage.
He told me it worked well and we wondered whether we should donate the clothes
still in our drawers to charity as it was obvious they never got worn.
Then in mid January something happened to my headspace and a folding frenzy fol-
lowed, the result of which, amazingly, was only six odd socks. This was thrilling.
A friend told me she makes an annual donation of her family’s odd socks to her kids’
school so they can make hand puppets. But imagine if everyone did this – we’d have
hand puppets for every occasion. And if I did that, I’ll bet the elusive mates would
show up the next day.
Most of the lost socks are Rex’s as I learned a lesson about socks while I was on my
OE. I stayed with a friend in The Hague and one evening walked into the bathroom
to find that the bath was a quagmire of sopping black socks. A flatmate who was a
‘suit’ owned 36 pair. Once a month he’d wash the dirties in the bath and start the
cycle again. I’ve followed his example - minus the bath-a-month concept - and to-
day most of my socks are black. If I lose one I wait till it reappears or another goes
west and numbers are even again.
Of course, there are exceptions; a dear little pair of olive green socks has remained
faithfully married for decades - they look tired and worn, but after such devotion I
could never get rid of them. And Rex still wears a cheerful red and blue pair with 40
stamped all over him. A remnant of his 40th birthday, they’re still in good shape.
After the folding frenzy I shoved the odd socks deep in our sock drawers, but this
didn’t work; it’s tough to match them up in the event their partner reappears and it’s
annoying when you extract a solo sock instead of a pair. So now we’re back to lost
socks in the spare room and an overstocked sock drawer.
If farm suppliers continue with the sock-gift thing, I’ll have to start intercepting them
before they get worn so we can give them away. Or, with grateful thanks to these
businesses, perhaps they could give away something else, at least for a while. T-
shirts, caps and sleeveless vests have been done, but how about sunscreen - the
farmer I know best certainly needs to use that more often, or even better, why not
perfume and cosmetics? After all, Chicks are farmers too.

Thanks to Rae for her contribution

Page 36 Maungaturoto Matters

Are you building

or Renovating?

Have you considered

Gas Heating, Cooking
or Hot Water?

We can supply 45 Kg Bottles delivered

to your home, business, shop or shed.
Competitive prices and Rental Exchange
Also LPG for your 9 Kg. and smaller
bottles for heaters, barbeques,
KEVIN FUTTER caravans, boats etc.
Filled at our shop

BUILDER Call today at

Phone: 431-6677 MAUNGATUROTO
Or PHONE (09) 4318174
Colin’s Mobile: 021 784 246
021-051-3714 Or home (09) 4318613

Anything considered
Mob: 021 154 5679
Fisher Street
Maungaturoto Matters Page 37
Page 38 Maungaturoto Matters







Trevor Dempsey

PHONE & FAX (09) 431 8562

MOBILE (021) 280 0584
Ph/Fax (09) 431-8888
Mob (025) 283-8039


Graham Slatter
Master Plumber
Registered Drainlayer

3 ton digger & truck for hire

5 View Road,
Phone 025 244 5430
A/Hrs Ph. 431 8451
Fax. 431 8561
Maungaturoto Matters Page 39

Otamatea Ex Netball Club Report

Our recent mixed netball tournament was a huge success, thank you to all those
involved, players, umpires, and everyone who helped to organise this event.
We would especially like to thank our sponsors of the evening:

The Vet club, Garnetts Tyre Service, Tony’s, Sugarbelles Cafe,

Maungaturoto Butchery, Pablo’s Café, Maungaturoto Pharmacy,
RD1, The Gumdiggers Café and Sport Northland.

Congratulations to Irene Gubb’s team from Wellsford who took out the top honours.

We had lots of positive feedback from players and spectators, so watch this space for future

Netball season is underway again; we had our club rally day on March 9th to which we had a
very good turn out.

Trial was held on Sunday 19 March at midday at the Kaiwaka Sports Association Netball courts.
Congratulations to the following:

Team 1: Naomi Foster, Taira O’Hara Lambert, Naomi McInnes, Emma Jay Hill, Taleesha
Nimmo, Staci Swanson, Maree Reddington, Kelly Dobson

Team 2: Julia Passmore, Arnie Edergley, Jodi Bennetto, Teresa Brown, Maryanne Ashby, Jodi
Hosford, Jess McInnes, Shona Tautari, Tracey Ann, Rebecca Hillagers

Trainings to start Wednesday 22 March at the Kaiwaka Sports Association Netball Courts from
7pm. Any queries can be directed to Naomi 09 431 8279 or Renée 09 422 3287.

Our annual exchange with Te Aroha Netball Club is in Kaiwaka this season on April 1st so come
and support your local team!

First Grading day is May 6th.


I heard on the grapevine that the last 4 days of the Twin Coast Mizone Cycle Challenge – was an
awesome event. We had a few locals entered – Judith and Noel Radd, Cindy and Mark Vincent,
Stella and Bob Clyde. And so you know, Bryce Buckingham and his young boy Wade (12yrs) also
participated and he rode just over 200km!
My source thought that was fantastic and that everyone should know what a great group of peo-
ple we had representing Maungaturoto.
Day 1 Participants cycled from Whangarei to Dargaville;
Day 2 Dargaville to Opononi;
Day 3 Opononi to Paihia
Day 4 Russell to Whangarei – over 360km.
A great effort by all—congratulations to everyone
Page 40 Maungaturoto Matters

Community Directory
Community Services
What’s on in APRIL Emergency – Ambulance, fire Police 111
Ambulance 0800-61-00-66
Tue.04th Maungaturoto Primary School Teacher Association
AGM School Staff Room 7.00pm Police 431-1150
Wed.05th Maungaturoto Business Association Meeting Medical Centre 431-8576
Community Centre 5.30pm Public Health Nurse - Claire Jaques (09) 439-7149
Fri.14th/ EASTER Care & Share Family Support 431-8227
Mon.17th Homebuilders Community Services & Family Help –
Wed.19th/ Children’s Day Camp — Paparoa Maungaturoto/Paparoa 4 31-9080
Fri.21st Kaipara District Council 0800-72-70-59
Sat.22nd Lifestylers Field Day - Country Club Dog, Stock & Noise Control 0800-10-58-90
Tue.25th ANZAC DAY Rubbish Collection 0800-57-72-48
Wed.26th Marohemo Hall AGM 7.30pm
Thur.27th Otamatea High School Board of Trustees AGM
Rubbish Mobile (Truck) 025-401-1475
School Staff Room 7.30pm Maungaturoto Community Centre
Fri.28th Otamatea Repertory Theatre “Geriacrics” Contact:- Lorraine Orford 431-8388
8 Performances Maungaturoto Country Club 431-8326
Sat.29th Playcentre silent mystery auction Maungaturoto Library 431-8811
Maungaturoto Money Exchange 431-8028
What’s on in MAY Maungaturoto Pharmacy 431-8045
Tue.02nd RSA AGM Clubrooms 7.30pm Maungaturoto Playcentre 431-8517
Fri.12th Girl’s Indulgence Evening Maungaturoto Primary School 431-8106
Community Centre 7.30pm Maungaturoto Rest Home 431-8696
Tue.23rd Country Club AGM—7.30pm Otamtea Christian School 431-8487
Sat.27th Karen Davies entertains—RSA Clubrooms Otamatea High School 431-8230
Otamatea Marae, Batley Road 431-8337
Community Notices Otamatea Reperatory Society 431-8728
Maungaturoto Business Association Meeting Post Office 431 8315
1st Wednesday of the month Plunket Helpline 0800-93-39-22
Community Centre 5.30pm Plunket Society 431-8187
Maungaturoto Library School Dental Clinic 431-8163
Open Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 12.00 midday Veterinarian, Vet Centre 431-8318
Friday 10.30am to 4.00pm
Tae Kwon Do Mondays & Wednesdays 6.00-7.00p
Maungaturoto Community Centre
Anglican Church 431-8193
Line Dancing Monday evening to be advised Catholic Church 431-8566
Thursday morning 9.30am – Paparoa Hall Congregation Church 431-8397
Mainly Music Tuesdays 10.00am Presbytarian Church 431-7106
Congregational Church Hall Community Groups
Indoor Bowls Mondays 7.15pm R.S.A. Ararua Pony Club Contact
President Bevan Haddrell (09) 431-8806
Arthritis Support Group 431-7405
2nd Tuesday 2nd month
Craft Group – different venues 431-8578
Last Thur. Of the month
Cubs & Scouts 431-8055
CWI (Country Womens Institute) 431-7405
Last Monday of the month 7.00pm
Bahai Faith 431-8782
Friends of the Rest Home 431-8248
1st Tuesday, 2nd month
Girl Guides/Brownies 431-8530
Hockey Club 431-8530
Indoor Bowls 431-8055
Lions Club,
Club Maungaturoto 431-8689
2nd & 4th Monday (cont Alistair Banks)
Maungaturoto Garden Club 431-8611
3rd Wednesday of the month
Rotary Club,
Club Mangaturoto & Districts 431-8388
Tuesday nights
RSA (Returned Services Association) 431-8313
Open Fridays 7.30pm
Scrabble 431-8136
500 Card evening 431-8117
Congregational Church Hall

Related Interests