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Our Vision

Energizing a sustainable world.

Our Mission
Leading the quest to change the world as the trusted sustainability partner
creating valued, single-sourced, efficient energy solutions delivered with
passion, expertise, teamwork, a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and
to promote environmental friendly energy sources.
Our Values
Labiano Corporation values shape our culture and the way we conduct
business. Our values are aligned with CARING about our stakeholders and
are instrumental in guiding every aspect of our business.
o Committed: Engaged, loyal and accountable to our stakeholders in
achieving our shared goals.
o Attitude: Demonstrating a can-do attitude.
o Resourceful: Nothing is insurmountable. We do more with less.
o Integrity: Empowered to do the right thing with consistent and high
ethical standards in everything we do by embracing honesty, fairness,
respect and safety.
o Nimble: The flexibility to remain ahead of a changing environment by
being entrepreneurial, passionate, open, innovative and smart.
o Greatness: Leading the industry by pursuing excellence and innovative
solutions, demonstrating the highest standards, leveraging experience and
unlocking the hidden potential to create a more efficient, sustainable world.

1. The level of returns

o Returns from renewable energy projects knock the socks off standard cash savings accounts, where

we Filipinos insist on putting our money despite the negative real interest rates.

2. The stability of returns

o The wind and sun are pretty much constant, they may go up or down a bit daily and seasonally, but the

projected returns are designed to account for these blips to the average wind speed or solar radiation.
Overall, the blow of the wind is predictable and so is daylight from the sun.
3. The low risk of the technology failing
o Renewable technologies are relatively new, but they are pretty.

4. The impact on local communities

You can now invest in panels on the roofs of new-build and sometimes existing homes, contributing to
the lower energy bills of others, or even on school roofs. And there are local jobs in it too.

5. The long-term impact on energy bills

o One of the problems with energy from fossil fuels is price volatility, but on an upwards curve. This is

because fossil fuels are a finite resource, and as any budding economist knows, a dwindling supply of
any good or service pushes up its price.

o It is getting to that point where there are enough panels and turbines (and hydro plants) that could

potentially lead to higher bills, but this is a short-term phenomenon and far less damaging than the
long-term fossil fuel curve of rising, rising, rising, until it runs out. And no amount of subsidy is going to
pay for the Earth to produce more oil and gas for us to extract.

6. The impact on the planet

o No noxious by-products equals less pollution and less threat of massively destructive natural disasters.

o On the thorny issue of climate change, even if you don’t believe that the planet is getting warmer, few

deny the harmful effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the balance of the planet’s ecosystem.

o Imagine if your lungs were being pumped full of CO2 – you wouldn’t last long. If we can stop pumping

out that CO2 at such an alarming rate, the planet will breathe a little easier.

o 7. The length of the investment term

o Short-termism is everywhere in life, but nowhere is it more damaging than in finance. Think of the

havoc wreaked by payday loans, for example. Long-term means building something worthwhile, not
cutting and running. And renewable energy investments are long-term.

o 8 .BONUS REASON: The good feeling