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This case is belonged to Harvard Business School and was reviewed in May,1, 2012. The
poultry firm named as K & N’s which is fully combined was developed by husband and wife
in 1964, their names are Khalil and Naushaba. Now a day this firm is running by their son
named Adil K. Sattar. In spite of worse economic condition in Pakistan they developed very
strong good will and they also want to spread their business worldwide like UK and USA where
more Muslims located and they need Halal meat.

This firm have their own producing process and have their own feeding process for birds
feeding. They grow their own birds and then used for the meat purpose. They made
international products such as burger patties, nuggets and also that type of products which is
not easy to make in the home. They made also such products which according to the Muslims
may be processed in a haram way so K & N’s make one video in which they slaughter bird in
truly Islamic way and promote this video on a social media.

K & N’s have very good product development process which consist on four stages so this
make them more successful in the market. They don’t consider wet market but they just as
focus on this term “Safe and Healthy Chicken”. They also have their own stores of chicken
which were very costly for them in start but they invest. They also develop K & N’s way club
for hurrying penetrate and also support their prevailing customers. This firm very keen to grow
globally so Pakistani govt also support them to build globally.

The PEST analysis of the firm which are taxes are high if they go globally(economical), prices
can be vary(economical), demand id different world wide(economical), some religious issues
like may be birds not slaughter in a proper Islamic process(social), normal heaviness of bird
increase or decrease(technological).

There are some strength and weakness also some opportunities as well as threats which as


1. : They have personal logistics shops and manufacturing companies

2. They have quality control systems.


1. Haram obligations
2. Not possible to reach major part of the world due to difference in culture

1. Haram obligations can be improved
2. Globally markets like UK and USA
3. Education level of country can be improved
1. Electricity
2. High taxes
3. Inflation rate is high
4. Imported chicken
We can avoid threats and can control on weakness through these strategies
W2-01: They should promote their video in famous markets like metro, star hyper etc
which is related to slaughter bird in a halal way where people visit daily so people will
be trusted on their products and their product will be promoted globally
W3-O2: Reaching major part of the world not possible due to wet market but now a
day’s people educated with the passage of time so they prefer safe chicken and through
this K & N’s can get benefit.
Overall company in a success because people prefer halal meat with the passage of
time. Although there are some challenges for the firm but this can be controlled by them