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Institute of Management Studies and Research

Placement Brochure

h t t p : / / w w w. h k c o l l e g e . a c . i n
placement brochure 2009
01. HKIMSR – A Prelude 01

02. Message from the President 02

03. Vision & Mission 03

04. Message from the Director 04

05. Intellectual Capital 05

Internal Faculty
Visiting Faculty
06. Class of 2008 07

Industrial Visits
Corporate Social Responsibility
International Conference 2009

Summer Projects
Team Leadership & Personality Development
Campus Cells – A Platform to Perform
07. Camp-US 09

08. MMS Programme 10

09. Distribution Pie Chart 13

10. The Placement Cell 14

11. Student Profiles

Human Resource 15

Marketing 17

Finance 22

Operations 29

12. Contact Us 31
HKIMSR Humera Khan Campus

A Prelude Management Studies & Research

Mumbai City, with its thousands of multinational companies,

diverse real estate market and major stock, bond and
commodity exchanges, is a living laboratory. The attribute
therefore most required by employers' combines global
knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and experience.

This has led to the need for more professional institutions

that can impart management education in the country.
Realising the ever growing demand for management
graduates to the needs of business and industry, the Govt. of
Maharashtra has approved "H. K. Institute of Management ---HUMERAKHANCAMPUS ---
Studies and Research" as a centre for imparting
Management Education at Jogeshwari, Mumbai. This Management Studies & Research
institute is affiliated to Mumbai University for MMS Degree
and is also approved by A.I.C.T.E, New Delhi.

The institute was established in 2008, with an elucidated

vision that, 'for students to be successful in the global
market, they must not only understand the intricacies of
business, but also how to conduct business across cultures,
borders and time zones.' To succeed in international
business, managers need to anticipate the political,
economic and legal forces shaping the global economy. Learning environment provided in the institute have not
only focused on encouraging creative & innovative thoughts,
The institute is headed by an experienced Director but also, boosting opportunities to find solutions to key
supported by a team of distinguished & committed faculty strategic and operational issues faced by companies in the
who command a vast academic and professional modern and complex environment of today's businesses.
experience. We have very closely been associated with a We take a multidisciplinary approach to theory and practice
large number of experts/ specialists from the business of international businesses, offering managers a unique
world, who have been a significant contribution to the understanding of the field on which they must compete.
institute by educating our management students. Senior
executives of multinational firms and eminent business Studying Management Course at H. K. Institute of
leaders have been drawn for conducting workshops, Management Studies & Research is hence a challenging
intellectual experience. We provide students specialised
seminars and symposiums and also for extensive
knowledge in their chosen fields and hone their skills for
discussions of their experiences in managing business. challenging professional assignments including development
of their proficient corporate skills.

Page No : 01
From the
President’s Desk
India as a country has been witnessing a substantial amount
of growth in the past few decades, and a significant amount
of that growth can be credited to the young and hungry
minds of today's' youth. It has been very encouraging to Our distinguished line of faculty are well-connected to the
witness the contagious enthusiasm and an optimistic business world outside of the classroom, and are actively
disposition of the youth today that presents a colossal array applying the models, cases and theories they teach through
of opportunities to themselves as an individual, to society practical applications during the International Conference,
and to the nation. The Institute brings together individuals seminars and various other activities organised within the
with widely differing experiences and interests who share campus
one goal: the quest for knowledge and success.
Our strategic choice has always been based towards
We at H.K.I.M.S.R. are committed to developing leaders ensuring that each of our students is equipped to serve the
positioned to excel in today's rapidly changing business business world and facilitate our young graduates' entry
world by nurturing the very core of our students engulfed onto the job market, thus creating a resounding impact on
with the desire to learn, excel and compete. The Institute its market, on the business world and on the economy.
understands that as the organisational and leadership needs
of today's companies' change constantly, so are the ---HUMERAKHANCAMPUS ---
educational needs of MMS graduates. Management Studies & Research
The programme structure is designed to prepare the
students for the distinct challenges they may face as an
emerging business leader. Beyond simply offering a set of
functional business skills, our curriculum provides an
education that lasts — and evolves — over a lifetime.With a
focus on experimental learning, the faculty, an inherent
cognitive force are committed to supply each and every
individual with an array of relevant skills by weaving active,
project-based learning and sophisticated, nuanced group
work throughout our curriculum, preparing them by having
them do, decide and create. Moreover, the program
cultivates a spirit of entrepreneurship that will help them
become true seekers of opportunity — a must in today's
business environment. In addition, the programme
provides built-in opportunities to respond to the latest Prof. Javed Khan
developments by means of guest speakers, real-life cases President
and workshops. Ex-Minister of Education (Maharashtra)
Ex-Chairman, CIDCO
With the successfully conducted International Conference,
the Seminars, and the various committees they represent a
group of students who are not only intellectually sound, but
also an edge above the others with regards to the practical
implementations of their managerial skills.

Page No : 02


To be a socially responsible society known
for its dedication and commitment to
management and technical education,
business ethics and corporate excellence.




To inculcate corporate social responsibility
and enhance the quality of life through
excellence and leadership in education,
research and consultancy.

Page No : 03
In addition to this project based CSR learning, students
remained actively engaged in various other creative
activities on the campus.

The spirit of entrepreneurship cultivated in the campus help

From the these leaders to become true seekers of opportunity - a
must in today's business environment. Our close linkages

Director’s Desk with the business community ensure opportunities for our
students to interact with today's business pioneers, enabling
them to sharpen their skill sets.
Global business environment is changing at a rapid pace….,
booming economies of developed and developing nations We are grateful to leading corporate like TATA
plagued with severe recession…..darlings of the market had Corporation, Aditya Birla Group, and Reliance Industries,
run for the covers and got generous bailout packages from the etc. for extending their support to our endeavour of
Governments of the various countries…... among all these, shaping future business leaders.
the signs of revival are the silver linings. We still have to be
watchful and observe as the economies tread the recovery The best part, H.K.I.M.S.R. has a beautiful infrastructure,
path.Thanks to the sustained demand in domestic markets, the facilities and academic environment that combine academic
adverse impact of recession on India and China was rigour with industry interaction, where industry experts
comparatively less. are invited to share their experiential learning with the
Today, India has more emphatic participation in the world
economic affairs and with our defiant neighbours exhibiting a I extend a hearty invitation to you to visit our campus such
better understanding, we continue to be elevated as global that we could further strengthen our relationship.
leaders. At H K Institute of Management Studies and Research,
an offshoot of MES, we are putting our dedicated efforts to
develop and nurture such future leaders.

We offer Masters in Management Studies (MMS), a two years

programme (revised curriculum) of Mumbai University, which
takes into consideration the changing economic and business
environment. The practical orientation to the academic
programme is shaped through series of guest lectures and
workshops by distinguished national and International
dignitaries.We also organized an International Conference IC-
2009 on “Global Melt Down: Strategies: Capitalistic or
Socialistic and Case Studies” where National and International
speakers deliberated on the various issues. This event was
solely organized by the current batch undergoing the extensive
training at our campus.The details of the event are available on
our web site.

We are a socially responsible institute and believe in producing

business leader who is also a socially responsible citizen. The
current batch of students had undergone training with some of
the renowned NGOs, like, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,
National Association for Blind, CRY, Kripa Foundation, Clean
Mumbai, Rotary Club, Greenpeace Foundation (Washington)
and Bhaba Foundation etc. Here the students worked closely Prof. K.C. Pandey
on projects under the able guidance of representatives from F.I.C.W.A.
the NGOs and were exposed to various socio-economic Director
challenges of our society. .

Page No : 04
Intellectual Capital
(Internal Faculty)

Prof. K.C. Pandey Prof. Tamojit G. Roy

Director MA (Economics), MBA (Marketing),
F.I.C.W.A. MS (Psychotherapy & Counselling)
Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India International Business, Marketing Strategy,
Financial Accounting Leadership & Critical Thinking
Team & Leadership Development Personality Development
16 Years Industrial Experience | Publishing & Corporate

Prof. C. R. Kumar Ms. Megha Sarkar

MBA (Marketing) MBA (Human Resource)
Logistics-Sales & Distribution, Business Communication, Human Resource Management,
Managerial Effectiveness, Organisational Behaviour,
MIS, Industrial Marketing & Business Strategy Training and Development
20 Years Industrial Experience | Consumer Durables 01 Year Industrial Experience | Consumer Durables
05 Years Academic Experience | Business Schools 01 Year Academic experience | Business School

Page No : 05
Intellectual Capital
(Visiting Faculty)
Prof. A. B. Gonjikar Prof. A. Balasubramanian
MA, M. Phil. B.Sc. (Tech.) , MMM (JBIMS)
Economics Marketing
34 Years Academic Experience | Podar College 28 Years Academic/Industry Experience | Production,
Projects, Marketing & International Business
Currently working as a Placement Consultant

Dr. P. K. Bandgar Prof. Navin K. Choudhary

M. Com. Ph. D. Masters Diploma in Global Strategy Management ,
FICWA ICFAI, Hyderabad, B. Tech. (Mining Engg.) ISM, Dhanbad,
Post Graduate Lecturer at University of Mumbai Curriculum for Living & Introduction Leader Program,
Visiting faculty Oral Coaching WIRC of ICWAI, USA
Mumbai 17 Years Industry Experience
06 Years Industry Experience | Cost Accountant 06 Years Academic Experience
10 Years Industry Experience | Cost & Bank Audit.
Founder & Chairman of Padmavati Co-operative
Society Ltd., Mumbai for 15 years.

Prof. Sumanta Rudra Prof. Sameer V. Charania

Ph. D. MBA (Marketing), PGDAPR (Advertising), MMS (Marketing), B. Com.
B. Sc.(Geology) Marketing Management, Principles of Management,
Services Marketing, Advertising communication, Business Environment, Public Relations, International
Marketing Communication, Brand Management, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Perspective
Business Communication & Strategic Marketing. Management, Retail Management, & Rural Marketing
Industry Exp. 13 Years 06 Years Industry/Academic Experience
Academic Exp. 8 Years Society Ltd., Mumbai for 15

Page No : 06
Each Tuesday at the campus is also a day of ardour for our
students. A day designated for non-academic activities,
precisely to implement student interaction activities. The

Class of 2008
The emergence of HKIMSR on the canvas of management
students are encouraged to work on non-academic
projects in teams – thus initiating exchange of tacit
knowledge, which can be shared and learned only through
communities of practice. This culture of exchanging
information is a miraculous approach, and as a start-up
studies in Mumbai Suburbs brings all generalisations to an
end. Is MMS limited to academic orientations of four institution we have leveraged this hidden power by
semesters? YES or NO is a subject of deliberations. We successfully organising International Conference
believe in developing future business leaders by encouraging (2009) titled Global Meltdown: Strategies:
them to face real-life challenges and exposing them to the Capitalistic: or Socialistic in the very first year of
root-issues of the industry and society. In the process, inception – a rare achievement for any B-School in the
helping them to deepen their awareness on business vicinity of Mumbai. Kudos to the graduating MMS students,
complexities and enabling them to gain new perspective on who together made it happen!
future businesses.
Our prime objective is to inculcate cutting-edge leadership
We at HKIMSR have designed a cognitive process of abilities and thorough professionalism through academic
developing ever-diligent business professionals, who can and practical simulations. Beyond classroom activities,
identify and respond to the opportunities and threats of critical emphasis is given to practical orientations through
changing market dynamics. academia-corporate programme SharPEx and
How true it is? The all-time popular jazz musician and
conductor Wynton Marsalis argues, 'to be inventive and SharPEx - ShareYour Professional Experience to help Sharpen
creative in any musical realm requires one first master the our Axe....., is the learning platform for our students to get
classical forms.' enriched and enlightened by the rich experiences of
successful professionals. The first in the series was an
Incubation of our students to the curriculum commences interaction with Arup Mukherjee, Vice President, National
with Corporate Social Responsibility, where business Stock Exchange sharing the mechanics and dynamics of
minds are engaged with Corporate or NGOs on their social stock trading in India and the professional opportunities for
responsibility projects. This engagement provides an stock exchange aspirants.
opportunity to the students to feel the nuances of the
society and understand the growing acceptance of CSR as a In addition, Personality Development Workshops are
critical metric of business performance. It is being frequently organised to help students realize the hidden
universally debated that ineffective regulations in the power of attitude and personality – the tangent is to
corporate sector combined with unethical leadership enhance their Employability Quotients.
decisions are root-causes for the current economic
impasse. One such workshop, CAMP-US on 'Re-Calibrating Attitude'
and 'Moulding Personality,' conducted by an internationally
Is there a dearth of HUMANE leaders out there? Our acclaimed film maker - where the medium of visual and
objective is to shape business leaders with a humane touch, performing art was used to demonstrate the hidden
who can successfully lead organisations inclusive of social potential of Right Attitude and critical personality traits.
norms and ethical practices not limiting to myopic vision.
The duration of CSR project is 4-6 weeks and students are
additionally encouraged for continued association through
contact programme every Tuesday spanned over their
course period.

Page No : 07
The campus environment is made conducive to forward
thinking. Resultant: 2010 graduating batch has taken a leap

ahead of their mates from other business schools by

Class of conceptualising ETHOS – a community of future business

leaders. Unlike management programme organised by
almost every management institution, ETHOS 2009
commenced as a student interaction programme on the
progressive academic institution, our focus is to inculcate in
campus with eight hundred management students
our students broad-based knowledge of various industries
converging to participate in modern management games
and its directions.Through industrial visits we not only bring
spread over two days – what a confluence of spirited to-be
them in proximity to the real world of business but also
extending to them practical insights and perspective on
processes involved in industries. Two such visits to Pune &
The exchange of ideas migrated to online platform to
Goa by the graduating batch fetched them an opportunity
interact, share and learn from mutual experiences at linked-
to visit the plants of Katraj Dairy, Exide Industries, Coca
in, face book and twitter, etc. The planning and execution
Cola India Private Limited, Omega Fibres, Laxmi Printing,
was so professionally managed that other colleges have
GATI, D-Link , etc.
invited our students to help them in organising similar
events at their campuses. With success of ETHOS, HKIMSR
The Industrial Orientation involves practical sessions by the
students have created a new leaf on the canvas of
students having work experience of few years narrating the
management colleges – ETHOS was a call from our
complexities, challenges and opportunities in the domain of
students – we only mean business.
their expertise. It offers two prong benefits (a) speaker's
knowledge and leadership values are enhanced and (b)
Our balanced approach towards the overall development
others gain new perspective from the first hand experience.
through a blend of academic and non-academic activities of
each of our students has ensured that all prospective
The involvement of students in real problems and
business leaders are nurtured to reach their potential
challenges enhances their commitment, knowledge, insights,
capacities and skills. Holding their hands through real and/or
creativity and resiliency— key qualities essential for future
leaders. This was the objective behind the architecture of simulated business problems and challenges have ensured
various CELLS operated by the students under the faculty that even their critical thinking skills are sharpened. And, at
mentorship. The concept has been conceptualised and the final phase, we are emphasising on their critical
activated in the current academic session where six leadership skills needed to lead successfully.
different CELLS were formed to activate the campus
functioning Our education factory is dedicated to the development of
?Business Leadership Cell Leadership Mavericks, who could provide a new insight and a
?Corporate Social Responsibility Cell new perspective to your company's future.These are bright
?Creative Cell minds with varied aptitude but one killing attitude, varied
?Industrial Learning Cell abilities and skills but only one focus - raring to face the
?Placement Cell corporate challenge.
?Fun@ Campus Cell
An array of opportunities, that's what the graduating class of
The functional framework has been designed on the basis of 2009-10 portrays……….
corporate architecture, such that the students experience
the functional responsibilities working in silos and then Prof. Tamojit G. Roy
cross-departmental exchanges. Each of the CELLS worked Professor | International Business & Marketing Strategy
as Strategic Business Units and the road to success has been Faculty Responsible for Student Development &
led by CSR Cell which ensured placement of the new Campus Coordination
students in various organisation under the guidance of
faculty as well as in the initial grooming of the new students.

Page No : 08
When we stepped into the HKIMSR campus for the first
time, we found ourselves surrounded by youngsters
will determine your ALTITUDE.
Zig Zaglar
The two days workshop was really motivating and has
created a big impact on our life, now I have a better
brimming with vibrance, enthusiasm and curiosity, eyes and understanding about myself, my strengths and weaknesses.
minds investigating like Sherlock Holmes…..What's there This workshop actually helped in moulding my personality.
in CAMP-US? Shephali Gupta, MMS – Semester III
Specialisation: Human Resource Management
CAMP-US was a two-day workshop on re-Calibrating
Attitude and Moulding Personality with US, the
jugalbandhi workshop designed and conducted by me My learning from the workshop:
(Prof. Tamojit Ghosh Roy, Core Faculty at HKIMSR) with 1. My confidence has increased
Nabarun Banerjee, an internationally acclaimed film maker 2. It helped to know my strengths and weakness.
and theatre personality. Shrikant Kashid, MMS – Semester III
Specialisation: Financial Management
Fortunately, both of us had the opportunity to work with
youths at various corporate interfaces during our
corporate career spanning over two decades. What we
learnt through multi-cultural exchanges that every
individual has an ability to outperform, what it needs is a
stimulant to make them realize and pull them out-of the shell.
The prerequisite–stimulant needs to be innovative,
creative and unheard of.
We used the medium of visual and performing art to unravel
the hidden potential of Right Attitude and Personality
Traits in them, through them. The CAMP-US module
(copyright © 2009, HORIZON an experiential learning
outfit of Cineroed India) amalgamates management
theories with practical issues simulated through situations
for students to experience. The module has been built
upon the academic knowledge, corporate learning and the
experiences in the field of visual communication shared by
the duo. The way in which facilitator carried out the entire show
was mind blowing. Each and every point was highlighted in
Our interaction with the students over two days was an
order of their importance. Not only that the idea to include
amazing experience. Each session was a revelation for us,
when we experienced hidden potential being interesting games and theatre shows is appreciable.
revealed……the students who occupies the last bench in Hariharan Kumar, MMS – Semester III
the classroom, shying away from the limelight, emerged as Specialisation: Financial Management
confident lot, charged up to hold 'challenges' by its
horns…….a paradigm shift in their ATTITUDE. From a student point of view, Camp-Us was a programme
CAMP-US is an endeavour to offer an interactive forum which helped us to build our confidence and to showcase
for the business grads to help realize their hidden power of and bring out the talent we have within.
attitude and personality, two critical skill-sets for being Dujon Fernandes, MMS – Semester III
employable in the corporate world. End of the day we Specialisation: Marketing Management
could see glimpses of same spark, same flame, same raging
fire that creates success in education, success in Camp-US Team: Prof.Tamojit G. Roy &
relationships and success at work. Mr. Nabarun Banerjee, CEO, Cineroed India
The attitude building does not allow an overnight change,
it is a continuous process. CAMP-US workshop was an
innovative initiative undertaken by HKIMSR…….the
journey begins.

Page No : 09
M.M.S. Programme Structure
First Year M.M.S.
** All subjects in the First semester are Compulsory. ** All subjects in the Second semester are Compulsory.

Subjects Subjects
• Perspective Management • Legal & Tax aspects of Business
• Financial Accounting • Cost & Management Accounting
• Managerial Economics • Economic Environment of Business
• Operations Management • Operations Research
• Organisational Behaviour • Human Resource Management
• Business Mathematics • Research Methodology & Fundamentals of MR
• Information Technology for Management • Management Information Systems
• Communication Skills • Financial Management
• Marketing Management - I • Market Applications & Practices

• Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
• Team Leadership and Personality Development Electives
(Students need to opt for any 2 electives)
• Decision Science
• Managerial Process Skills
• Analysis of Financial Statements
• Foreign Languages (German, French, Japanese)

Page No : 10
Second Year M.M.S.
• Advanced Financial Managemnet
• Corporate Law
• Financial Markets & Institutions
• International Finance
Core Subjects
• International Business • Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
• Strategic Management Electives
• Summer Internship Project • Portfolio Management & Security Analysis
• Banking & Insurance
MARKETING SPECIALISATION • Derivatives & Risk Management
Compulsory Subjects
• Marketing Strategy
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Consumer Buying Behaviour
• Market Research Applications
• Sales Management & Sales Promotion
• Distribution & Supply Chain Management
• Product & Brand Management
• Marketing Finance

• International Marketing
• Retail Management
• B2B Marketing & CRM

Page No : 11
Subjects • Software Engineering
• Organisational Theories & Structure Designs • Technology Platforms
• Training & Development • Enterprise Applications
• Introduction to Industrial Relation & Labour • Networking and Communications
Welfare • Database Management Systems
• Competency and Performance Management
• Human Resource Planning and Human Resource Electives
(Students need to choose electives for 300 Marks)
• Managing Technology Business
Electives • IT Governance & Compliances
(Students need to choose electives for 300 Marks) • E - Commerce
• Labour Legislation • IT Quality Management
• Compensation & Benefits • Information Security & Audit
• Organisation Development • Software Architecture
• Quantitative Techniques in HR
• Building a Learning Organisation
• Stress Management
Core Subjects
• Management Control System
OPERATIONS SPECIALISATION • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
• Entrepreneurship Management
• Operations Planning & Control (OPC)
• Services Management
• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• Environment Management
• Material Management
• Technology Management including Electives
Manufacturing Strategy (Students need to choose one electives for 100 Marks)
• Business Process Re-engineering & • Productivity Techniques
Benchmarking or
Electives • Total Quality Management
(Students need to choose electives for 300 Marks) or
• Quantitative Methods in Operations • Project Management
• World Class Manufacturing Practices
• Advanced Supply Chain Management No exemptions in any subject are allowed even if the
• Materials Handling & Transportation applicant has studied similar subjects in any other
• New Product Development & Concurrent programmes.
• Industrial Engineering Applications & Management

Page No : 12
Distribution Pie Chart



Human Resource

Page No : 13
The Placement Cell
We believe that learning is fruitful, when knowledge and
expertise of individuals from various disciplines and diverse
backgrounds are exchanged, as this provides a cutting-edge
to professional education. We encourage such diversity, To facilitate further, brochure contains brief information
which is reflected in the composition of the current batch of about our institute, courses offered, non-academic activities
our students. We also believe that innovation is the key to undertaken, academic and/or corporate backgrounds of the
progress in the modern world, so in our pursuit of MMS students of academic calendar 2008–10. May I request
excellence, we constantly upgrade and add newer facets of you to consider meeting our students to assess their
education and research to make our program more potential?
relevant to the current economic situation. Most
importantly, we believe that accountability, collaboration I assure you that each of our students would surely surpass
and objectivity are necessary for building a culture your expectations.We have extreme pleasure in welcoming
conducive for learning and growth. you to our campus and looking forward to build a
continuous relationship with your organization.
Our focus is to build leaders with high integrity and ethics,
supplemented with strong grounding in management We wish to see our students as a part of your esteemed
knowledge and concepts, one who can make an impact on ---HUMERA
organization KHAN
charting CAMPUS
growth stories.---
the global economy.
Management Studies & Research
Therefore, I am delighted to offer you the profiles of MMS
students for the batch of 2008–10 of our institute. Our
MMS program incorporates some of the best features of
management education and equips the students to face the
challenges of the radically unpredictable business
environment.The primary focus of our MMS program is to
implant in young minds, a well balanced mix of theories and
concepts so that they can relate to the practicalities of the
corporate world.

The world of theory and practice come together seamlessly

in the MMS program at HKIMSR.

Ms. Megha Sarkar

Lecturer | Organisational Behaviour
Placement Co-ordinator

Page No : 14
Students’ Profile


Page No : 15
Ebita Rodrigues Kusum Gupta
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

CSR: Rotary Club Foundation CSR: Rotary-Women Upliftment

Summer Project Summer Project

Roadmap to ISO 9001:2008 Certification Analysis of Golden Handshake
Group 4 Securicors, Al-Zaheim, Kuwait (Electric Supply Division)
B.E.S.T. Undertaking

Rebecca John Miranda

Human Resource Management

CSR - KRIPA Foundation

Summer Project
Study of Strategies to Recruit HNIs
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Stella Mary Nadar Shephali Gupta

Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

CSR - KRIPA Foundation CSR - KRIPA Foundation

Summer Project Summer Project

Analysis of Golden Handshake Study of Employee Retention Programme
(Transport Division) Oil and Natural Gas Limited
B.E.S.T. Undertaking
Students’ Profile


Page No : 17
Abhijeet Gawde Abhijeet Chatur
Marketing Marketing
CSR - KRIPA Foundation CSR - KRIPA Foundation
Summer Project Summer Project
Research on Age based Portfolio Study of the Distribution Dynamics in the
Management Mobile E-Recharge Market
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Aditya Sonavane

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

Summer Project
Study of Retirement Planning as a category
in ICICI Prudential
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Deepak Vasant Belamkar

Dujon Fernandes CSR - Rotary Club Foundation
Summer Project
CSR - National Association for the Blind Recent Trends in Mobile and
DTH Recharge Market
Summer Project Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Wealth Creation Process
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Faisal Tanwar Hitesh Bhyani
Marketing Marketing
CSR - Astitva Foundation CSR - Clean Mumbai foundation
Summer Project Summer Project
Comparative Study of Benefits offered Study of Marketing Practices of ICICI
by HDFC SL(Pvt. sector) vis-a-vis Prudential Life Insurance - Priority Circle
LIC of India (Govt. sector) and their Impact on the Distribution
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Channels in Mumbai
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Jamali Abdulrahim

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

Summer Project
Research on Sales Process within
Insurance Sector
Birla Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd.

Kavita Pingale Jitendra Singh

Marketing Marketing

CSR - KRIPA Foundation CSR - Child Rights & You (C.R.Y.)

Summer Project Summer Project

A Study of Marketing Practices at Market Analysis of Auto (Car)
Max New York Life and their Impact Finance in the Premium Segment
on the Distribution Channels in Pune Top Gear Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Parikshit Parekh Rakesh Ram
Marketing Marketing

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

Summer Project Summer Project

Marketing Research and Analysis of New Product Expansion and Market
Security Solutions Market Opportunities in E-Recharge Market
Micro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Sanket Phatarpekar

CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Summer Project
Demographic Comparison of the Consumption
Patterns in the Mobile Recharge Market
Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Smit Mehta

CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Sunil Sohil
Summer Project
CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation Developing Non-linear Distribution
Channels at BoP
Summer Project Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
SWOT Analysis of the Oxigen Products
vis-à-vis Competitors
Oxigen Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Suraj Edekar Tabish Serguroh
Marketing Marketing
CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation CSR - Kripa Foundation
Summer Project Summer Project
Alternative Channel Development Channel Development Process & Benefits
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. of becoming Life Insurance Advisors
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Vikrant Fulsundar

CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Summer Project
SWOT Analysis of HDFC SL ULIP Product
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Virendra Yadav

CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Nitesh K. Vishwakarma
Summer Project
CSR - Kripa Foundation Study on Quality Assessment
for Financial Consultants in HDFC
Summer Project HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Will the Shipping Industry Sink or Sail
in Recession Cyclone?
Maersk GSC, AP Moller- Maersk
Students’ Profile


Page No : 22
Gunja Singh Abdul Zoheb Kalaniya
Finance Finance
CSR - KRIPA Foundation CSR - National Association for the Blind
Summer Project Summer Project
A Critical Study of Actual Income & Analysis of Fixed Assets Utilization
Expenditure Performance against Budget B.E.S.T. Undertaking
B.E.S.T. Undertaking

Ashwin Vijay Limaye


CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Summer Project
Analysis of Macro Indicators with respect
to Indian Economy
NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.

James Nadar
Aftab Shaikh
Finance CSR - Rotary Club Foundation
CSR - National Association for the Blind Summer Project
Performance Analysis of Investment
Summer Project in the Banking Sector
Comparative Financial Analysis of Birla Sun life Insurance Co. Ltd.
B.E.S.T. & Reliance Energy
B.E.S.T. Undertaking
Ajaykumar S. Chaursiya Aanandita S. Kanjilal
Finance Finance

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation CSR - KRIPA Foundation

Summer Project Summer Project

Critical Analysis of Balance Sheet Performance Analysis of Investment in the
B.E.S.T. Undertaking Oil and Gas Sector
Birla Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd.

Ashfiya Shaikh

CSR - National Association for Blind

Summer Project
Study of Investment Analysis
Gulf Insurance Brokers, (Riyadh), UAE

Atul Ghorpade
Ayaz Shaikh Finance
CSR - Rotary Club Foundation
CSR - National Association for the Blind
Summer Project
Summer Project Critical Evaluation of Profit & Loss
A Critical Analysis of Cash Flow Statements Account Statements
B.E.S.T. Undertaking B.E.S.T. Undertaking
Biren Dinesh Bhatt Hariharan Kumar
Finance Finance
CSR - KRIPA Foundation CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation
Summer Project Summer Project
Performance Analysis of Investment Will Agriculture Lead the Next Boom
in FMCG Sector in India?
Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.

Jagdish Jaiswal

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

Summer Project
Studying of Accounts Audit Practices
B.E.S.T. Undertaking

Mariam Khan
Idrisi Mohd. Nadim
CSR - National Association for the Blind
Summer Project
CSR - KRIPA Foundation
A Study of Financial Performance in
ICICI Lombard (2004-2008)
Summer Project
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd
Performance Analysis of Investment
in Financial Services Sector
Birla Sun life Insurance Pvt. Ltd.
Ansari Naseem Ahmad Anwar Omkar Chandrakant Shibad
Finance Finance

CSR - National Association for the Blind CSR - Child Rights and You (C.R.Y.)

Summer Project Summer Project

Performance Analysis of Investment Study of Base Metal Prices vis-à-vis
in the Telecom Sector Fluctuation of Currency Rates
Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.

Parimal Jashvant Mehta


CSR - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Summer Projects
Critical Analysis of the Profit and Loss Account
Statements for the Transport Department
B.E.S.T. Undertaking

Pravin Ganpat Chavan

Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi
Finance CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation Summer Project

A Study of Accounts Section in
Summer Project the Electricity Supply Division
Management of Risk on Equity, Commodity B.E.S.T. Undertaking
and Derivatives
Dolat Capital Market Pvt. Ltd.
Ruchi Turakhia P. Sherlin
Finance Finance

CSR - National Association for the Blind CSR - National Association for the Blind

Summer Project Summer Project

Study of Investments in Base Metals Investment Opportunities in the
Valia Commodities & Securities Pvt. Ltd. Agricultural Sector in India
NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.

Shiraz S Shaikh

CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation

Summer Project
Is there a Co-relation between Metal
Prices & Business Cycle?
NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.

Shrikant Anandrao Kashid

Sunandita Satyajit Kanjilal Finance
CSR - Clean Mumbai Foundation
CSR - KRIPA Foundation
Summer Project
Summer Project Account assistant
Performance Analysis of Investments Stationery Point India Ltd.
in Information Technology Sector
Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Umer Solanki

CSR - National Association for the Blind

Summer Project
Analysis of Financial Performances
Transport & Electric Supply
B.E.S.T. Undertaking


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Students’ Profile


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Dhirendra Jhulai Pal Mohd Anees Shaikh
Operation Operation

CSR - National Association for the Blind CSR - Rotary Club Foundation

Summer Project
Summer Project Critical Study of Supply Chain Management
Study of Quality Assurance in Food in Bulk Product
Processing Plant Mangalam Drugs & Organics Ltd.
Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables
Processing Pvt. Ltd.

Manojkumar Harilal Yadav


CSR - National Association for the Blind

Summer Project
Critical Study of Supply Chain Management
in Bulk Products
Mangalam Drugs & Organics Ltd.

Mayur Bhagwan Sahane


CSR - KRIPA Foundation

Summer Project
Study of Production Management &
Quality Assurance.
DIC India Pvt. Ltd.
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