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2 Term EXAM December 2017 PAPER: PHYSICS F.Sc–II
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Time: 20 Min(Fill the Correct circle) ( SECTION – A ) Marks : 18

1 The fraction change in resistance per Kelvin is known as……….
O Temperature coefficient of Resistance O Coefficient of voltage of change
O Thermal expansion O None of them
2 By increasing the temperature of semiconductor the resistance
O increases O decreases O remains constant O None of them
3 Heat energy is converted into electrical energy. ………
O Solar cells O Thermocouple O LED O None of them
4 Terminal potential difference is greater than emf of the cell when ………
O Circuit is open O Circuit is closed O small battery is charged by bigger battery O None
5 The conventional current is due to the flow of ……
O negative charge O positive charge O Neutral charge O None of them
6 Temperature sensing resistance is known as
O Thermo couples O Thermistor O resistance O None of them
7 When a wire is stretched and its radius becomes r/2 then its resistance will be
O 4R O 16R O 2R O R
8 Q=
On On O qe O None of these
9 Linear graph are obtained from
O Metals O Bulb O Thermistor O Diode
10 The unit of resistivity is…………
O -S O -m O - O
11 Band gap in insulator is greater than
O 2 eV O 5eV O 3 eV O 1 eV
12 The temperature at which resistance of a conductor becomes zero is represented as….
O Tc O Tn O Tm O None of them
13 The product of resistance and conductance is ……
O Resistivity O zero O one O None of them
14 S.I Unit of temperature coefficient of resistivity of a material is ……
O Cº OK O K-1 O None of them
15 The value of maximum output power is? ……….
O⁄ O ⁄ O ⁄ O None of them

16 Which of the following has bulk modulus?

O Gas O water O Solid Helium O All of them
17 Coercive force is used to ……
O Magnetize the material O Demagnetize the material O Both O None of them
18 Yield stress is another name of……
O Elastic limit O Plastic limit O Hooke’s law limit O None of them