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I have only worked on this for a few hours and my first actual city I wrote out
myself. It is still bare-bones and missing some major components that are needed
to flesh out the city. It still needs the other major houses, the factions hierarchy,
population ratios, and others. I welcome and tips and comments that could improve

City of Heliseum - White Star of the North.

Notable NPCs:
● Grand Marshall Alvaro: An older grey haired, bearded human who should soon
think about retiring instead of the defense of the City. Although his age is
getting to him, he still built like an ox and still holds his own in a fight. With
the undead threat still looming outside the city, Alvaro refuses to retire
until he knows the city is safe. In charge of the Guardians of Heliseum, he
helps maintain the the perimeter of the city and the criminal activity within.
His harsh and brutal training has solidified the city’s foothold against the
current threat for now. Despite his nonsense and blunt attitude, the
commoners look to him as their leader and to represent them in the Council.
Due to his commoner’s background and prestige he earned for the defense
of the city, he is at odds with Lord Commandant Roderick. Has shown a
softer side to his second, Claire Holland and worries about her current
● Lord Commandant Joffrey Roderick: Head of the Heliseum Mobilization
Forces and Knights, he is in charge of rooting out any threats from the
outskirts of the city and beyond. An average heighted, blond haired, clean
shaven, regal looking human male. He holds himself rather confidently and
boastfully but his skills as a cavalier backs up his cocky attitude. As the
representative of the noble houses, he tries to promote the nobles positions
and resource management towards them.
● High Inquisitor Rhea: Leader of the Inquisition who is a husky, flirtatious,
cunning elven woman with short silvery hair. She lived for a few centuries
and abandoned her roots to pursue her rather dangerous fascination for the
magical nature in the world. Her travels led her here to Heliseum where an
old friend has notified her of an unhealthy amount of undead appears to be
attracted to the city. Her curiosity for this phenomenon led her to the
creation of the inquisition who are mainly tasked with the investigations of
the magical incidents occurring inside and around the city to find out more
about this unusually attraction.
● Father Mikaeus: A senior-looking human man who is the head priest of the
temple of Wenafar, he is in charge making the proper burials and rituals of
the dead to prevent further undead incursions. Due to Planther being the
major deity of the city and the nature of his Goddess, only a few acolytes
and priests are willing to work with him in their sacred duty of perseverance
of the dead.
● Mother Alecia: An elven women reaching her venerable years, she is the
head priestess to the Planther, God of Sun, Warmth and Life. As the official
religion to city, she is in charge of preparation of the ceremonies and
festivals throughout the entire city. Her open-heart, kindness and
generosity has won her the respect of the people. She is constantly worried
about the threat to the city and gotten her friend High Inquisitor Rhea to
come to the city to hopefully solve the issue. Years has past now and she will
be the one to send out requests for outside assistance to any experienced
● Alchemist Bethany: Quirky, eccentric, inventive potion marker in Heliseum.
She is a middle-aged half-orc female who came to the city after being exiled
by other cities due to her race. She is surprising tolerated by the
populations because of her usefulness in creating beneficial potions. She
often works with Baldwin-Adecur Volden who sees through the supplies of
potion reagents and shipment of healing potions to the military forces in the
city. Does not noticed the advances of Baldwin and treats him as a dear
● Henrietta Gurmek: Tavern Owner, Dwarven Woman, wife of Gurmek and
came with him from Kaastark. Started the tavern after she won the place
over from a drinking contest with the previous owner. Rather friendly and
boisterous woman who keeps the mens spirits up after a long patrol or duty
outside the city. Has a warm spot for the defenders of the city and offers
free meals and refreshments to them after hard-fought victory or
monumental event.
● Lord Baldwin-Adecur Volden: Quartermaster in charge of coordinating all the
resources coming in and out of Heliseum. As head to the house of Volden,
Roderick made him in charge as the quartermaster as a favor to his late father. A
rather open-minded individuals towards races, he managed to worked out many
trade deals with other factions and kingdoms through his shrewd mind and
persuasive charisma. Although he has many proposals from other houses in the
city, he is infatuated by the local alchemist who does not realize his feelings. He
is a short-browned haired spectacle man entering his mid 30s.
● Thorad Gurmek: The leading blacksmith in Heliseum, Thorad is a grizzly
dwarf who left the forges at the Kaastark after hearing rumors of a
strange type of iron found deep within the mines. After years of working
with the metal, he formulated and created armament that proven quite
effective against the undead but breaks quite easily after some usage. He
continues to stay at Heliseum to master this metal in hopes of bring back his
knowledge of the metal to the Capitol. Due to his expertise and willingness
to forge these armaments, the Council put him in charge of the main forge
● Claire Holland: Chief Captain of the Guardians for Heliseum who is in charge
of assignments of patrols and guard duty for the city. She is the second in
command to Grand Marshall Alvaro. She is a long white-blond haired(in a bun
or ponytail) tall half-elf woman who managed to get her position at a young
age of 29. Although she may be young and a half-elf to her fellow guards,
she earned her respect through her leadership and her skills with a shield
and sword against the undead. She lost her father to the undead threat
from his patrol outside the city while she was training as a guard. Her
cheery attitude quickly turned into a cold, somber shell of a woman who
desires nothing more than the purge of the dead.

Notable Locations & Buildings:

● Citadel: The main fortress that lies directly in the heart of the city. The
three factions headquarters form the three spires that surrounds around
the main castle. The spires consist of the Guardian Quarter to the north,
the Knight Quarter to the south-east, and the Inquisition Quarter to the
south-west. In the main castle lies the main meeting hall for the Council and
war rooms to coordination between the factions. The main castle also has a
deep underground complex to house most of the city within in emergencies.
● Volden Estate: Volden Family estate lies in the north west corner of the city
on top of a minor hill overlooking the city. It was one of the oldest buildings
of the city and was there before the foundation of the citadel or even the
city walls. Lord Baldwin-Adecur Volden is the current head of house and
pushes his family influence towards boosting the city wealth and prestige.
● Heliseum Market Square: The economy center of Heliseum located west of
the Citadel and expanding into its own district. Thorad’s smithy, Bethany’s
apothecary, and Volden family warehouses are all located in this district.
● Icespire Mines: Located in the mountains north of Heliseum, Icespire mines
is the main mining system for the city. It is the main source of iron, marble,
limestone and silver. It is only last few decades that the salt mines and the
cold iron mines were discovered.
● Planther Harvest: The aches of lands outside the city that is responsible for
the supplying for a significant amount of provisions for the city. These lands
seem blessed to be able to produce massive amount of yields all year around
despite the harsh and cold conditions. Because of these miraculous soils, the
farmers started to praise the God Planther for their new found fortune and
named it after him.
● Duradan’s Fall: The remains of an ancient being that is scattered across the
lands south-east to the city. Although the identity of the being remains
unknown, the presence of the bones it left are dire news.

Government Type:
● Under Martial Law and ruled by the Heliseum standing military council
consisting of the Grand Marshall Alvaro, Lord Commandant Roderick, and
High Inquisitor Rhea.

City Banner and Color:

● A steel gauntlet with a diamond ring on the index finger holding up a large
bright yellow sun in the blue skies above the land.

From Battle Brothers Banner Options

City Exports and Imports:

● Exports:
○ Produce: Radishes, Potatoes, Leeks, Sheep
○ Stone: Salt, Limestone and Marble
○ Ore: Iron and Silver
● Imports:
○ Other Produce: Cattle, wheat, etc.
○ Cloth Materials
○ Lumber

City Speciality
● Was able to refine a way to forge cold iron weaponry and armory.
Unfortunately due to the durability and process to procure a single weapon
or armor, they are reserved for high ranked army personal or individuals
showing great valor and prestige in combat.