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Module/SubCourse: MP1005 Edition: D

The final examination contains multiple-choice

questions covering all lessons. This is an open-book
Instructions exam--you may use the text to find answers.

To take the examination, follow these steps:

Step Action
Review each question thoroughly before selecting a
Point and click on the response you think is correct.
Note: You may select only one answer for each question.
Check your answers. Once you submit your exam with all
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1. The utilization of saturation patrols..

Should be used with existing civil police patrols to concentrate

forces and provide for a military/civilian communication capability.
Ensures respect for the law.
Has little effect on unlawful acts.
Tends to aggravate and encourage the demonstrators.

2. Use of water from a high pressure hose..

Is effective in moving small groups on a narrow street.

Should be avoided due to the possibility of injury.
Damages the image of the fire department.
Provides excellent protection for the control force.

3. How should a Soldier who is part of the control force in formation

make a show of force with his weapon?


4. Which of the following is an area control technique?

Channelization restrictions.
Saturation patrolling.

5. The decision has been made to move a crowd back up a narrow city
street, what formation do you use?


6. The executive agent for federal Soldiers involved in civil disturbance


Attorney General.
Secretary of the Army.
Secretary of Defense.
Personnel liaison officer.

7. In the use of deadly force, which of the following statements is true?

Invokes the power of summary execution and can, therefore, be

justified only by extreme circumstances
Deadly force is not authorized in civil disturbance.
Firing warning shots are authorized to get demonstrators
Is authorized to prevent looting.

8. Training of individual Soldiers in the use of crowd control agents

should include..

Chemical make up of crowd control agents.
Riot squad organization.
Use of M60A1 crowd control agent dispenser.

9. All data concerning the detention of civilians will be documented on..

DD Form 2708.
DA Form 2807.
DA Form 3316-R.
DD Form 3316-R.

10. Alert plans should be..

Based on local condition and whether you in CONUS or

Primarily based on a collection of nationwide incidents.
Revised semiannually.
Standardized for federal troops.

11. In the selection of bivouac areas and billets, which of the following
characteristics factors should be considered?

Be relatively close to a confinement facility.

Be placed away from all media personnel.
Be relatively close to a hospital or fire station.
Be relatively easy to secure.

Figure 12-1.
12. What formation is depicted in the figure above?

Platoon Wedge Formation with Three Squads.

Platoon Wedge Formation With Four Squads.
Platoon Wedge Formation With 2d and 3d Squads in Lateral
Platoon Wedge Formation With 2d and 3d Squads in Direct

13. Which figure is the correct hand signal for forming a wedge
14. Curfew and sales restrictions in a disorder area are..

Area control measures.

Illegally imposed measures.
Security measures.
Enforcement measures.

15. As a member of the control force, you received sniper fire from a
building while on patrol, your immediate actions are to take cover

Use white smoke for cover and return fire.

Return fire.
Tactfully enter the building and eliminate the threat.
Issue a warning.

16. Termination of an explosive device should be accomplished by..

Figure 17-1.

17. What formation is depicted in the figure above?

Platoon Line Formation With Direct Support.

Platoon Line Formation With Support.
Platoon Line Formation With Lateral Support (Right)
Platoon Line Formation

18. When armored vehicles are used in civil disturbance operations, they..

Should only be used as roadblocks

Have a psychological effect on the crowd.
Are employed as a last resort.
Must only be used by special teams.

19. Isolating the area and providing security are examples of..

Operational tasks.
Primary integrated tasks.
Managerial techniques.
Sub-operational tasks.

20. You are the first squad leader. In executing a platoon echelon right
after the platoon leader gives his preparatory command of PLATOON
ECHELON RIGHT, your command would be which of the
"Stand, fast."
"Forward, March."
"Follow, Me."

21. While at the on-guard position, normal cadence in riot control

formation is..

60 steps per minute.

120 steps per minute.
180 steps per minute.
90 steps per minute.

22. Which of the following statement is correct?

It is important that the control force act as a team.

Normal control force personnel are not usually involved in
terminating threats.
Military police may act as explosives ordnance personnel.
Operations requiring the removal of a sniper from a barricaded
position or the removal of an explosive device should be performed
by selected teams of specially trained, specially equipped personnel.

23. Which of the following statements is true concerning the use of a

baton in civil disturbances?

It is not legal.
It is usually not the appropriate weapon.
Loss of the baton to a crowd is not a serious threat.
Should only be used as a defense weapon.

24. Military transport vehicles can be modified to..

Give some protection against sniper fire.

Ensure maximum use.
Provide additional transport capabilities.
Prevent excessive damage to the vehicles.

25. The National Guard units preparing for civil disturbance control
duties should prepare in accordance with..

AR 135-100
AR 135-51
AR 35-51
AR 35-100.

You received a passing grade of 88%.

Your official grade will be posted to your records within the hour.

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