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"They're cute, in that "we're trying not to try' way." [19:01] <Raphael> Raphael rests an elbow on the bar, rubbing the fingertips agai nst his forehead. "...I haven't been keeping up with the scene, please tell me t hat they aren't liked." [19:02] <Koda_Pen> There's a good-natured shrug from Koda's end. "I suppose not everyone's a fan of indie pop either." 01[19:02] <Lanval> "Hey, that's Serrano's girlfriend. I haven't got anything to d o with this. Though I don't think they would be altogether insufferable if they were a little less delicate," Lanval says, tipping his glass as he talks. [19:03] <Raphael> "Seriously, though, I'm not up on the whole hipster irony doub le-reacharound thing Somebody tell me if they're good or not, I don't think I'm cool enough to figure it out." [19:03] <Koda_Pen> She catches sight of Lanval's shirt for the first time and ra ises an eyebrow, smirking. "Lanval, is that...your face? On your shirt?" [19:04] <Raphael> *thing. 01[19:05] <Lanval> "Make the guitars a little more angular, use an actual drum se t, maybe give them another bassist. Oh, uh. Yeah, it is," he say, after taking a nother sip. "I know a guy who does silkscreening." [19:05] <Raphael> Raphael chooses not to comment. [19:06] <Koda_Pen> Koda chuckles good-naturedly and nurses her drink. "Maybe yo u will start Trends." 01[19:07] <Lanval> "Not awful, not great. Needs time to really mature as a band, I think," he continues, over Raphael's unspoken objections. "Frankly, I'm tempte d to make enchanted t-shirts that always display the wearer's face on them." [19:08] <Koda_Pen> "Would the face change for different emotions?" [19:08] <Raphael> Raphael takes a drink and reflects on the choices he has made in life. 01[19:10] <Lanval> "Oh, that's a good thought. Sort of a prime and mind conjuncti onal effect, prime to project the phantasm and mind to discern emotions. I like that," Lanval continues. "Though I must admit we'd probably catch a lot of hell for it." [19:11] <~Rib> "Oh...hey" clay caked through his hair, sweaty and unshaven, Serr ano is not too recognizable as he gets up to the bar where you guys are. He's ju st gotten in. The bartender recognizes him and asks if it's on his tab. "Uh, yea h, I guess." 01[19:11] <Lanval> "Plus, it seems like a lot of work to give people with no soci al skills a conversation piece," he says, looking up and adjusting a nonexistant tie. [19:13] <Koda_Pen> "Hiya," Koda nods over her glass at Serrano. "I mean, maybe it would make them learn to be social?" [19:13] <Raphael> Raphael nods to Serrano. "Hey, how's life?" 01[19:13] <Lanval> Lanval smirks at the Badge and raises his glass briefly. "You look like you've either had a really awful time or a really good time, Serrano." [19:14] <Koda_Pen> "Possibly a Ghost of a good time," she smiles, eying the clay . [19:15] <~Rib> "Not as useful as Mind. Mind would help people be social..." he e xhales heavily, knocking his bangs out of the way like he's angry at them. They did something to him. "I've been really busy with that project I told you all ab out last time I saw you...and assorted other things". "Clay, often." [19:16] <Raphael> "How's that been working out?" [19:17] <~Rib> "Slow but steady. Michelle has called everyone she could reach, b ut we've hit a dead end just -finding- some of them, let alone doing what we wan t to do. Logistically, it's a pain. They teach these people to keep secrets, aft er all. Too many secrets." [19:17] <Raphael> "Have you had any luck as far as results?" 01[19:18] <Lanval> "I've been meaning to proffer a submission to your project mys elf," Lanval says, adjusting his glasses and taking a sip. "But we've been rathe r busy getting me thrown out of the Ladder lately." [19:19] <Koda_Pen> "Yes, it's our goal to corrupt him into a Free Counciler," Ko da smirks, swirling the liquid.

01[19:19] <Lanval> "Gonna talk about so much Foucault." [19:19] <~Rib> "I'm waiting to get everyone together. Our mutual friend who's be en working with you dealing with the redcoats - if he's even been doing that - s ays it's best that way. And... as far as how we found them I find myself becomin g more and more philosophically agitated at the whole edifice of what they've do ne to this people." [19:20] <~Rib> Serrano's taking pains to be at least a little obtuse about mage matters but seems frustrated at having to do it. [19:20] <Raphael> Raphael pauses a moment. [19:20] <Raphael> "Trust me, preaching to the choir." 01[19:22] <Lanval> "I don't suppose I can blame you. It's like foot-binding, but on a much grander scale," Lanval says, nodding soberly after his joke. "My offer of assistance is still on the table, both in finding and performing." [19:23] <~Rib> "I mean, they not only teach them lies, but they teach them how t o tell them and keep them. It's deifying the Lie. It's almost as bad as the redc oats. It might be worse," Serrano takes his drink and runs a hand through his ha ir. 01[19:23] <Lanval> "Though that's sort of a trite metaphor, really." He polishes off the last few sips of his scotch and sets the glass back down on the cocktail napkin. [19:23] <Raphael> "I'd also be glad to help, for what it's worth." [19:23] <~Rib> "Yes, we'll definitely cooperate when our schedules align. I unde rstand how busy you all are. Making waves...toppling chairs..." [19:24] <Raphael> "Honestly, though, I'm... I really hope this does work, but I' m not so sure if it will." [19:24] <Raphael> "Yeah, yeah." [19:24] <~Rib> "If we can wake one person up, it'll be worth it. Michelle...she' s a wonderful woman, but we don't know if she's ever going to, and frankly it do esn't look that good as far as prospects," Serrano admits dejectedly. [19:25] <Raphael> "Could be worse." [19:26] <Raphael> Surprisingly, Raphael is actually NOT making the obvious refer ence. He inflects it as a general statement. 01[19:27] <Lanval> "I hope it works, too. And I hope you know what you're doing, too. Don't let me sound like a Wizard Republican here, but--even if it is our bi rthright, not a lot of people are really ready for it." [19:28] <~Rib> "I know. I know. If you really think about the metaphysics of it all though..." he doesn't let himself finish his sentence. "And...wait, why exac tly are they kicking you out of the Ladder? I saw the chair-toppling extravaganz a, and I still don't understand a lot of it." [19:28] <~Rib> "Ardens is just a bitch." 01[19:30] <Lanval> "Oh, they haven't actually. But Ardens has it out for me. Trut hfully, I don't think they actually would kick me out," Lanval says, eyes flicki ng back to the bartender as he gestures for a second scotch. "I think they're pr obably going to use me since they've got leverage." 01[19:31] <Lanval> "Some day I'll explain," he says, responding in advance to the obvious question. [19:35] <~Rib> "Tell Tweak before you tell me, he has a hard-on against the esta blishment that borders on pointless sometimes," Serrano's being all frank and st uff. "oh! They're setting up." [19:36] <~Rib> The opener treks off the stage to tepid applause and people start setting up Michelle's band's set. [19:36] <Raphael> "Finally." [19:37] <~Rib> It's very steampunk. It's also very several other things. Large m urals are set up on canvases on the sides of the stage, they seem to depict a ra ther histrionic, almost mocking gnostic play: they're drawn in expressive stroke s of high-contrast color and show something that looks like the stories of Genes is and Revelations with a particularly sardonic tone. 01[19:37] <Lanval> "Frankly I'm not entirely sure why I let this lot convince me to do it the way I did," Lanval says, picking up his new scotch and removing the straws to take a sip. Just felt odd. "Oh, I will."

[19:39] <~Rib> The snake in the garden, for example, seems to be more of a cohor t than a temper for Adam and Eve, who take the apple and fall swiftly and almost ironically. Adam's shown rolling his eyes at God's temper. [19:39] <~Rib> As they exit the Garden, the mural shifts to hundreds of similar scenes, all drawn with slightly different sensibilities. Revelations is much of the same - the same story told with a belabored sigh over and over. [19:40] <~Rib> "If nothing else, you made a hell of a name for yourselves," Serr ano admits. 01[19:43] <Lanval> "The rest of the cabal risked their lives. They deserve someth ing more than a footnote in the minutes as good little minions of Ardens', or wh oever was going to take credit. I'd have liked not to start as many fights, but, you know--I'd rather do the right thing in the wrong way than the wrong thing i n the right way." 01[19:44] <Lanval> "Damn the consequences, really," he says, taking another sip o f his scotch. [19:44] <~Rib> "You all risked your lives to do something good. Don't let them t ake that away from you." [19:45] <~Rib> "I painted those - " he points out the murals. "Michelle and her bandmates pressed me into it. I'm not really proud of them. I guess she can expl ain what I was supposed to be going for better than I can...I didn't really get a lot of it. She's got some crazy ideas about prehistory that she picked up from time with the psychonauts in the council." 01[19:46] <Lanval> "There's a good reason why we did it. Even if, as it turns out , it... seems like they're having problems of their own with some, ah--" Lanval sort of leans in toward Serrano, speaking quietly. "Some Scelesti." [19:46] <Raphael> "Well, it's certainly something different." 01[19:47] <Lanval> "So they're a little bit more sympathetic than I'd hoped, real ly," he continues. "I don't think they're that bad. I can't speak for your skill with a brush, but it's very Blake." 01[19:48] <Lanval> "Marriage of Heaven and Hell and all. 'The peacock's pride is the glory of God,'" he says, possibly misquoting. [19:52] <Koda_Pen> While the boys talk shop, Koda starts her second drink and ta kes in the crowd. People watching, noting the sleepers taking in the' s why one of the reasons why she came. They seem bemused, a bit befuddled by th e pretentious stage work and music. However, most are also enjoying it. She sm iles gently, feeling like a shepherd tending her flock. [19:54] <~Rib> "Hey, Book likes Blake. Talk with him about Blake." the smalltalk is nice enough and none of you besides Raphael have overmuch reason to break fr om him as one of the more prototypically hipster-y of the audience is talking wi th Andrew, Raphael's boyfriend. He's got out a pen and paper and he's taking not es. [19:55] <Raphael> "...Oh, dear." [19:56] <Koda_Pen> "Hm?" Koda's broken from her dazing at Raphael's sigh. [19:56] <~Rib> "You don't like Blake? I should really take you guys backstage to talk with Michelle about this before the show...I Think she has plans after and it takes some time to set up and create the ambience," Serrano continues. 01[19:56] <Lanval> "Hell, I will. Anyone else who knows that the road of excess l eads to the palace of wisdom is someone I can talk to," Lanval says, taking anot her sip of his scotch. 01[19:57] <Lanval> "What's the matter?" Lanval asks, to no one in particular. [19:57] <Raphael> "I, uh, just recognized somebody in the audience. Sleeper I kn ow." [19:58] <Koda_Pen> "Oh? Not the type you should introduce your surly mage frien ds too huh?" 01[19:58] <Lanval> "I suppose you may just have to deal with being seen with us, Raph," Lanval says, giving A Look to Brian. [19:59] <Raphael> "It's just... agh, fuck, just don't call me 'Raphael' if he co mes over." [19:59] <Raphael> "Maybe I can get out before he notices me." [19:59] <Koda_Pen> She flexes and gives him an easy grin, muscles thankfully bac

k to normal from last night. [19:59] <Raphael> Raphael seems to miss The Look 01[19:59] <Lanval> "You may have a problem in your relationship if your response to seeing your boyfriend is to try to run away." [20:00] <Koda_Pen> "... ... Ah." [20:00] <Koda_Pen> Things obviously click into place for the Thyrsus. [20:00] <~Rib> "Shame is Pride's cloak," Serrano muses. "He's cute, Raphael. If you want to avoid him we can go backstage for now. I need to ask Michelle about what we're doing this weekend anyway." [20:02] <Koda_Pen> "Serrano, you're enabling I think," Koda glances at him, but pushes up off the bar and stretches. [20:02] <Raphael> "It's just that he knows all of my friends from, well, you kno w... before all this. It would look somewhat suspicious." [20:02] <Raphael> "Backstage sounds good." [20:03] <~Rib> "You should meet Enabler up in New York...well, Jersey now. He's also a Badge, bit of a legend, one of the older ones around...we don't have high life expectancy..." Serrano gets up and is ready to lead you away. 01[20:03] <Lanval> "What is now proved was once, only imagin'd," Lanval says with a grin. "Well, okay. Do you want me to go stumble over there and buy you some t ime or something?" [20:04] <Raphael> "If you want." 01[20:05] <Lanval> "Not particularly," he says, shrugging. "Let's get out of here then, before he sees you and thinks you're cheating." [20:06] <Koda_Pen> "Mm, true," Koda nods, pointedly eyeing the purple pants. 01[20:07] <Lanval> Lanval picks up the highball and tips the whole finger of scot ch back all at once, setting the glass back on the bartop. "I don't think I'm hi s type, hen," he says, following Serrano backstage. [20:08] <Koda_Pen> "Also true. Though purple pants do have a stereotype..." Ko da keeps pace easily beside him. "I could always Hulk you out. Turn you green and everything." [20:09] <~Rib> Serrano leads you guys backstage, narrowly avoiding Andrew's sigh t. "That would've caused more trouble than it was worth...Can't really talk with them anyway," he notes casually and then flags down Michelle, who traipses away from her bandmates to greet you. [20:09] <~Rib> "Hi, I remember y'all from the Peel," she smiles. [20:09] <~Rib> "How'd you like the opener?" 01[20:10] <Lanval> "Oh, I'm not saying I've never been," he says, glancing back o ver his shoulder. "I just, you know." Lanval gestures briefly and then gives Mic helle a wave. "I think they show potential!" 01[20:10] <Lanval> It appears as though he is being diplomatic. [20:11] <Raphael> "They were awful." [20:11] <Raphael> "I mean I think it's one of those bands where they were doing it on purpose, but still." [20:11] <Koda_Pen> Koda gives him a Look. "Tact, Raph? Maybe?" 01[20:13] <Lanval> "All the subtlety of a lightning bolt," he says, buttoning his black blazer up and covering his face on his t-shirt. A pair of eyes, though, p eek out from the deep V of the blazer's neck. [20:14] <~Rib> "Oh, don't knock Ball Games, they're good kids from back home. I' m mostly doing them a favor. Speaking of favors! Y'all're gonna help out, right? Things've been...shitty," she's happy and then sad. She looks more animated now than at Assembly by degrees. [20:14] <Raphael> "Serrano mentioned you were having trouble finding candidates, right?" [20:16] <~Rib> "Yeah. It takes a long time when you're making the thread," she w axes philosophical. 01[20:16] <Lanval> "Of course. It's a cause near to mine own heart," Lanval says, removing his glasses for a second to polish them with the sleeve of his blazer-and then realising that the damn thing is partially Kevlar and that he's not go ing to have a whole lot of luck with that. [20:16] <~Rib> "There were a whole buncha people in the group and then the Guard

ians up and abandoned us, and...people went their ways, you know." 01[20:16] <Lanval> Sheepishly, he puts his glasses back on. [20:17] <Raphael> "Any leads?" 01[20:18] <Lanval> "If you'd like, I can keep my eyes open for some of them. So t o speak, anyway," he says, covering the pair of eyes on his tee. [20:19] <~Rib> "Some leads. Tweak's been doing mucha the hard work gathering inf o, talk ta him about it. But...we should totally have dinner at your sanctum or something to commemorate this. You'd be surprised how many people say they want to help and then haven't..." one of her bandmates calls her name loudly from dow n the hall. [20:20] <~Rib> "HEY! SOME JOURNO WANTS TO TALK TO THE BAND AND I DON'T REALLY WA NNA DO IT SO" [20:20] <Raphael> "...Ohhhh, fuck." [20:20] <~Rib> Andrew's backstage now. [20:20] <~Rib> He sees you all. [20:20] <~Rib> There may be two Acanthuses in the group but you're not That Luck y. [20:20] <Koda_Pen> "Yeah, let us know when you want to come...oop. Boyfren aler t." [20:21] <~Rib> "I'm always doing the interviews anyway," Michelle doesn't seem t o mind. [20:21] <Raphael> "Oh, hey." 01[20:21] <Lanval> Lanval simply smiles and waves at Andrew, then looks back to t he others, keen on ignoring the intrusion as though it were nothing. "That'd be great, actually." [20:22] <~Rib> "Oh....hey Brian," Andrew seems a bit confused. Well. More than a bit. [20:22] <Koda_Pen> Taking cue from Lanval, Koda continues. "I'll cook. I'm a g reat cook. And desserts! There will be desserts and business." [20:22] <~Rib> "Well...I think I'm going back to the bar...I tried..." Serrano d itches. [20:22] <Raphael> "What're the odds, huh?" [20:23] <~Rib> "Ugh. That Boy." Michelle eyes Serrano as he gets out of dodge, a nd then turns to Andrew with a winning smile. [20:24] <~Rib> "Not that high, I'd think..." Andrew regards you guys. [20:24] <Raphael> "Oh, these two dragged me here. Actually, now that I think abo ut it, I guess you haven't met." [20:25] <Koda_Pen> Koda Pen puts on her most charming grin. "Hi! I'm Morgan, I run the bakery Ra--Brian's been displaying some of his art at. I knew Michelle was playing tonight so we came here to talk shop." She sticks out her hand. [20:25] <~Rib> Andrew shakes Koda's hand. "And you're?" he says to Lanval. 01[20:26] <Lanval> Lanval smiles at Andrew. "I'm a music journalist, actually. I have a little public-access radio show, and I've been looking for new bands to p lug," he says. Smiles boyishly. "I want to be the next John Peel." 01[20:26] <Lanval> He offers his hand. "Buckminster. Most people call me Bucky," he says, gesturing with his left hand. [20:31] <Koda_Pen> "Bucky's started frequenting the Blue Owl since he arrived an d he took an interest in Brian's work. Spoke to me about maybe getting a piece commissioned, is that right? Talking about it here kills two birds with one sto ne for our Scottish friend." Koda's grinning easily, looking enthusiastic for B rian's sake. [20:33] <Koda_Pen> *isn't that right [20:36] <~Rib> "Ah. It's nice to see you," Andrew smiles to Brian. "We should ta lk after the show, if you're not busy. I'm here for work, so..." he shifts his s mile over to Michelle. "Ms. Holmes - Michelle - I'm Andrew, I'm from Asheville T oday." They shake hands. [20:37] <Raphael> "Nah, I haven't got anything going on." [20:37] <~Rib> "Nice to meetcha," Michelle smiles to him, and then to you all, a wkwardly, like 'i'm really sorry about this terrible awkward situation' smile. [20:38] <~Rib> Then to you guys: "I'm Andrew. I don't know if Brian's told you a

bout me, I'm...we're close, you know. Oh, sorry." Andrew makes sure to shake Buc ky and Morgan's hands. [20:41] <~Rib> It's all very awkward and tense. [20:41] <Koda_Pen> "Very nice to meet you," Morgan smiles one more time, then tu rns to her companion. "So, Bucky," there's a certain intonation on the name, "I guess we can leave the man to his interview. Want to go reclaim our spot at th e bar?" 01[20:42] <Lanval> Lanval shakes Andrew's hand in return, giving kind of a goofylooking smile. "You should know, I'm not--really--a journalist. I haven't really gotten around to setting up the show, Andrew?" He seems unsure of the name, as though he's already forgotten it. "But I'm going to. You all have such new music ." [20:42] <~Rib> Andrew's brow crinkles curiously. He looks Bucky over. What the h ell is he on(about)? . [20:43] <~Rib> "Yeah...yeah there's totally too many people back here and it's a wkward so you we can talk in the dressingroomright?" Michelle's voice raises and twangs a little as she rushes to finish her sentence. She seems eager to extric ate everyone from the situation. Andrew seems eager to do his job and nods in ag reement. 01[20:43] <Lanval> Lanval nods to Koda. "Let's. I kind of want to schmooze with t he audience," he says, gesturing. "Get an idea of what the rest of the audience thinks." 01[20:44] <Lanval> He pre-empts and walks on out. "It was a pleasure to meet you! " he calls, over his shoulder. [20:44] <~Rib> Andrew takes on a pained smile to Raphael/Brian as Michelle start s quickly towards the dressing room. 'What...we'll talk later' he mouths and fol lows. [20:45] <Raphael> "I was going-" Raphael falls silent as Andrew exits. [20:45] <Koda_Pen> "They're intrigued," she offers as they start to head back. "Bemused. Curious in the best way, I think." [20:45] <Raphael> Shit. [20:46] <Raphael> Slowly, Raphael turns back to join the others. [20:46] <~Rib> As you exit backstage back towards the bar and what not, Serrano' s nowhere to be seen. 01[20:46] <Lanval> When he's sure they're out of earshot, he whispers to Koda. "F uck, I am going to be the worst goddamn Hierarch." [20:47] <Raphael> Raphael heavily sits in a bar stool between the others. [20:47] <Raphael> "Well, that went just great." [20:47] <Koda_Pen> She chuckles and whispers back, "Don't be Hierarch then?" [20:48] <Koda_Pen> And then Raphael is between them, looking morose. "He seems nice," she smiles sympathetically. [20:49] <~Rib> "Oh, your friend, uh...what's his face, he said to tell you he ne eded a smoke. Bought you all a round," the bartender informs the downtrodden wiz ard van [20:49] <Raphael> "He is, which is probably why I feel like such a shitheel righ t now." [20:50] <Koda_Pen> Koda turns her eyes upward. "Bless you Serrano," she utters and takes a Jack Single Barrel on the rocks. "I'm sure you two will talk it out tonight. Stick to the story, it'll be fine." 01[20:50] <Lanval> "Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Lanval says, sucking in air thro ugh his teeth in that 'you know I can't do that' kind of way. "He's a nice guy." [20:51] <Raphael> "Yeah, well, hopefully I can lie and say you're just some frie nds. Though I think he might have just the right combination of lies at this poi nt to think I"m cheating with you." [20:52] <Koda_Pen> "You want I should kiss him in front of Andrew before we leav e?" Koda asks, managing to keep a straight face. [20:53] <Raphael> "...That might help things, but he's sharp. He's already suspi cious, now, and he would probably realize it was set up." 01[20:53] <Lanval> "He may think it's a love triangle," Lanval continues, drinkle ss for the moment. "Or a love--four-sided--thing. Love square."

01[20:54] <Lanval> He traces a square in the air with a finger. "Yeah. Love Squar e. I don't think it would help, really." [20:54] <Koda_Pen> "Love geometry is the Worst," Koda agrees. "We are wizzards though, we could just magic him." [20:55] <Raphael> "I don't know if that was supposed to be a joke, but it's not funny." [20:55] <~Rib> Almost as if on cue there's a feeling. Things have gone so wonder fully tonight that it's just peachy when your Unseen Senses go off. Something St range Is Going On. A shiver down a neck. Goosebumps on an arm. Hair going on end s. You all feel it. [20:55] <Raphael> "...Please tell me you didn't feel what I just felt." 01[20:56] <Lanval> "I don't think that's a good idea. Besides, none of us could d o anything to him, not really. I mean, I could probably make him really good at multitaskiiiiiiiiiiii--" Lanval cringes as his the feeling runs through him. 01[20:57] <Lanval> "Yeah, I--weird-o-meter," he stammers, making a gesture with h is fingers like the needle of a gauge. [20:57] <Koda_Pen> "We're not that lucky, friend," Koda sighs, assessing the sit uation. [20:58] <Raphael> "You know, I'm having a shitty night, and so help me god if so mebody just endeavored to make it worse I am going to set them right the fuck on fire." [20:59] <Koda_Pen> "You know, that's probably fair tonight." 01[21:02] <Lanval> "I have to admit to some sort of fascination as to how on eart h we could be put in an even worse position. Somebody up there really hates you, my friend," Lanval says, looking at Raph for a moment before examining the room in further detain. [21:02] <Koda_Pen> "...though. Hm. I think I'm feeling a spirit around, but." She bites her lip. "K's the spirit overlord, not me. Whatever it is, it's rea lly faint." 01[21:02] <Lanval> (detail, even) [21:03] <Raphael> "Oh, of course, it had to be the one problem that can't be set on fire." 01[21:05] <Lanval> "Fucking hell. Maybe someone brought it here, maybe there's a controller of some kind. If there isn't, I'm not entirely sure what we can do ab out it," Lanval says, frowning. [21:06] <Koda_Pen> "What did you do, Raph, play a prank on the Dalai Lama?" The re's a headshake, a sigh. "Not even sure what it is yet. Let me see if I can a better idea of what it is." [21:11] <Koda_Pen> She growls softly. "It's not -here- exactly. It's...." a wa ve of the hand, "Out there somewhere. Ugh it's like an itch I can't scratch." [21:12] <Raphael> Raphael grits his teeth. "Whatever this is, it's not good. I w as hoping it was just Serrano, but... I don't think so." 01[21:13] <Lanval> "My magic 8-ball is coming up with 'try again later' too. Call up Serrano, see if he knows what's going on? And act naturally," Lanval says. H elpfully. [21:14] <Raphael> "Ugh, fine, hang on." Raphael pulls out his cell phone and dia ls. [21:14] <Raphael> "Serrano? Something's up back here, some sort of spirit thing. Is this part of the act?" [21:14] <Koda_Pen> "I'm going to step outside, see if it's any different out the re." Koda kills her glass, liquid confidence, and makes her way out of the buil ding. [21:15] <~Rib> As Raphael dials, a stage hand comes on the stage. "Hey, sorry ab out this, but on request of the's done tonight, folks. Um, we're try ing to arrange for somebody to play later on, so if you want to stick around, we ll - " [21:15] <Raphael> Raphael amends his statement thusly: [21:15] <~Rib> People seem Annoyed with this in the crowd and for good reason [21:16] <Raphael> "Serrano, something's going on back here. Spirit stuff, I don' t know what just yet."

[21:16] <~Rib> "That's...not part of the act. If you want to come outside and ta lk away from prying ears I'm done with my smoke." [21:17] <Raphael> "Koda's on her way out. I'm going to keep an eye on things in here." 01[21:18] <Lanval> Lanval smiles widely at the bartender, waves him over, and dro ps enough to cover the cabal's drinks plus a 40% tip. "Yeah, I'm going to go kee p an eye on Koda," Lanval says, nodding. He takes off, walking quickly to catch up with her before the crowd clogs the doorway. [21:18] <Koda_Pen> Outside, Koda's ears perk at the sound of Serrano on the phon e. "Hey, can you sense anything? All I'm getting are faint...feelings, I guess . Not much more than that." [21:18] <~Rib> Andrew's made his way from backstage and when the show is Cancell ed the first thing he does is make his way over to Raphael/Brian. [21:18] <~Rib> The crowd's annoyed and some people make their way more quickly t han others out. [21:19] <Raphael> Raphael waves. [21:19] <Raphael> "Sorry I didn't ask if you wanted to come, it was kind of a la st-minute thing and you had already mentioned you were busy tonight, so..." [21:19] <~Rib> "Not really...felt like it was Important to me, but that's about it." Serrano readies another smoke. "It's always piecemeal shit at first. We're like detectives..." Serrano is intently looking at Resonance. "I don't even know any Spirit" [21:21] <~Rib> "It''s fine. We just need to talk, you know," Andrew sighs, takes a look at the stage and crowd and back. "Let's go outside and get some ai r. You can walk me back to my car. This has mostly been for nothing...I'll call Ms. Holmes tomorrow and try and figure out why they cancelled the show, but it w on't make for that interesting a story." [21:21] <Raphael> "Well, if they're anything like the warm-up act, you odidn't m iss much." [21:22] <Raphael> *didn't 01[21:22] <Lanval> Lanval follows Koda over to Serrano, pulling a pack of long, t hin Nat Sherman cloves from his inside blazer pocket and lighting it. "I don't e ither, honestly. God knows what good we'll do looking at this." 01[21:22] <Lanval> *lighting one [21:22] <Raphael> "But yeah, sure." [21:22] <Koda_Pen> "I'm only an Initiate. Mentor didn't put much stock in it, I never bothered learning..." She looks around, then sighs and casts Cleanse the Body to get rid of her drunk. The time has come and whatnot. [21:23] <~Rib> As Andrew and Brian make their way outside, Michelle has come out the back door of the Eagle and is approaching Serrano and you folks. 01[21:24] <Lanval> "Of all the damn times for K to not be here," Lanval mumbles, expelling the first puff of lighter fluid smoke, offering Serrano the lighter on the off chance he needs it. [21:24] <~Rib> "Hello!" she speaks clearly and cracks her neck at you all. NOW t he resonance is a whole lot less faint. [21:24] <~Rib> Hell, it's moving towards you. [21:24] <Koda_Pen> "Everything okay?" Koda asks Michelle, then pauses. "Er. Mi chelle?" [21:25] <~Rib> Raphael spots something that's gone and torn away at her, Koda fe els the presence in her, something insidious, black and molted, like a colony [21:26] <Koda_Pen> "Oh piss," Koda sighs under her breath. [21:26] <Raphael> She's... injured? This is not good. 01[21:26] <Lanval> "I don't, uh--I can see the, you know, but not," Lanval cuts h imself off as he turns to look at Michelle. [21:26] <~Rib> Whatever's inside of her quits trying to be all innocuous about i t. She looks Upset. Shambling a little towards you. [21:27] <~Rib> "She okay?" Andrew says as he tucks his jacket on outside. [21:27] <Raphael> "I dunno, is she limping? L:ooks like something's up." [21:28] <Koda_Pen> "Not just something guys, it's like she's possessed..." Koda looks grim.

[21:28] <~Rib> For Koda with her spirit sight up, there's something - four somet hings acting in concert in fact, inside of her - black masses of feather and bar e bone, they sort of look like crows, and they're burrowed inside of her. [21:29] <Raphael> "...Hey, uh, you go on ahead, I should probably see if she's d runk or something." [21:29] <~Rib> "We're...tired of playing," Michelle tells you all, especially Se rrano. She's not exactly subtle or human in her communication skills right now. [21:29] <Koda_Pen> "Raphael, she's not fucking Drunk." Koda growls, pissed. [21:30] <~Rib> "She didn't seem drunk backstage, she just sort of got upset and ended the interview," Andrew says intently, and does take up a position to Watch . [21:30] <Koda_Pen> Koda eyes the Things, not Michelle's face. "What do you want ?" [21:31] <Raphael> Goddammit, Andrew, why do you have to be able to see the blind ingly obvious? "Well, I'm sure it's nothing, we should be going." 01[21:33] <Lanval> "It's probably a good idea if I, uh," Lanval trails off again, really not at all enjoying the benefits of sobriety at the moment. He does, how ever, stick his hands in his pockets, cigarette sticking out of the corner of hi s mouth, and begin to change to Prime sight. [21:33] <~Rib> "Where's the stone? I love you, Angelo, I just want to know where the stone is," she's addressing Serrano, twitching a little, the things getting more comfortable in her. [21:33] <~Rib> Serrano -burns- at this. Andrew is definitely Sticking Around. Th is is Strange. [21:33] <~Rib> (burns with anger and such, not literally) [21:34] <Raphael> "Ah, man, they're having some couple thing, we should really g ive them some privacy." [21:35] <~Rib> ", Brian," Andrew insists as Michelle starts talking about stones. "Are you okay, Ms. Holmes?" [21:35] <~Rib> "Fuck. off." Serrano says to Michelle, or moreso, whatever's borr owing her. 01[21:36] <Lanval> "This is highly not good," Lanval mumbles. He just kind of sta res at Michelle, sort of helpless to do anything in this situation, and his eyes flick up to Andrew as he approaches. [21:36] <Raphael> Raphael is kind of not sure what to do right now! [21:37] <Koda_Pen> Andrew walks past Koda, approaching the Things, and as he doe s she touches his shoulder and casts Trigger the Lizard Brain, willing him to sl eep. They didn't need to deal with the spirits and a sleeper. [21:37] <~Rib> "I love you, Angelo. Like yesterday, when we went to Furman and t hat show and you laid me down under the stars and...I love you, just tell me whe re the stone is. His magic's delicious, Angelo. I love you and...and I only need a little piece of his soul. He's not using it anyway!" Michelle laughs. [21:43] <~Rib> Andrew gets touched on the shoulder, shakes off a bit of fatigue, and immediately says: "what the hell are you talking about?" [21:44] <~Rib> Andrew looks worried and then to you all. "Brian, and...Brian's f riends, we should really leave. Ms. Holmes is mixed up in some....strange things ." [21:44] <Koda_Pen> "Not nice to pry you know," Koda offers helpfully, covering t he unusual shoulder grab. [21:44] <~Rib> "Shut up," he says clearly to Koda. [21:45] <Raphael> Brian double takes. [21:45] <Raphael> "Uh." 01[21:45] <Lanval> With his magical sight, Lanval watches the magic arc over to A ndrew and harmlessly roll off like beads of water on a swan's feathers. Shit. Sh it. "We really should be going... Angelo, do you think you can take care of her yourself?" he asks, attempting to give him a double-meaning look. [21:50] <Koda_Pen> There were many things Koda would tolerate from people. Bein g told to blatantly shut up was not one of them. She cast Sleep again, to no av ail. And again, this time sweating a bit with the effort. This time, though, s he felt the magic flow properly from her, grabbing and altering the chemicals in

Andrew's body. [21:52] <Koda_Pen> She winces as the paradox swirls around her, several bruises appearing on her arms, and under her shirt on her torso. It always felt like be ing trampled under hooves. [21:52] <~Rib> "Not...really..." Serrano, or Angelo, mutters to Lanval. His eyes flit to Andrew as the young man falls. [21:52] <~Rib> Right before he can talk intently about the strange occult stuff Ms. Holmes has been doing! And he just passed out randomly while she's acting st range. Oh nothing bad will come of this at all. [21:52] <Raphael> Raphael moves in for the catch. [21:53] <Raphael> He glares at Koda. "What were you thinking?" [21:53] <Koda_Pen> Koda manages to catch him, wincing, and pawns him off on Raph ael. "Looks like your boyfriend had a couple too many, Brian," she says back, a bit icy. [21:53] <~Rib> The crowd that's been filing out, a couple people stop and stare as Raphael catches the falling Andrew. "Is he alright?" a voice from the crowd a sks. [21:53] <Koda_Pen> *she says back, loud enough to be heard. [21:53] <Raphael> "Oh, GROW UP. You just blew any chance we had of passinga this off." [21:53] <Raphael> *passing [21:54] <Koda_Pen> "Take him home, Brian." Koda says, turning back to Michelle and Serrano. "Do you have people who could help with this? If we can get her t o them?" [21:54] <~Rib> "Look...look, I understand all the trouble this is causing, you j ust have to tell me where it is," Michelle smiles to Angelo. "Tell me where Twea k's soul stone is and we'll go and take it and - " [21:55] <Raphael> Raphael's eyes widen. [21:56] <~Rib> Serrano is -pissed-. "Fine...fine...let me call him, we'll all go there together. Me, you things, and him. Everybody else can go. We're making A Scene." He manages to hold it together long enough to start dialing Tweak. 01[21:56] <Lanval> Lanval sighs and puts out his cigarette on the ground. "You ar e the biggest fucking drama queen I have ever met in my life," he mumbles, eyes flicking to Raphael's feet. He looks back at Serrano, and then back to the crowd of people. [21:56] <Koda_Pen> "Ser," Koda starts, voice even and calm. "I don't feel comfo rtable...leaving you alone. With them." [21:57] <~Rib> Michelle smiles at the idea. "Nothing to see here...people..." sh e says to the crowd. [21:57] <Raphael> "Excuse me? I wasn't the one that knocked a dude out in public ." [21:58] <~Rib> Serrano steps away to make the call and casts something on himsel f. 01[21:59] <Lanval> Lanval just turns his back on Raphael, looking at the crowd of fucking people who have just started staring. "Yeah, he's okay. There was just kind of a misunderstanding," he mumbles. 01[22:03] <Lanval> "I appreciate the concern, but it's something we should really handle ourselves. I hope you can all understand--and thanks for your concern," Lanval says, speaking up. He gestures with his hands as he speaks in kind of a ' please go away' fashion. [22:03] <~Rib> Assuming none of you like...counterspell him or anything, he beco mes a...lot harder to look at, really. Serrano ducks away to make the call, Mich elle looking confused and unsure of -where- exactly he is. [22:03] <~Rib> A car almost immediately rockets down the street and pulls up. It 's a nice car. [22:04] <~Rib> People are dispersing as it roars down next to you guys. [22:04] <~Rib> They've been thanked for their concern after all. [22:05] <~Rib> Tweak gets out of the car, looking Intent. He sees the Sleepers f iling out. There's a few still lingering as he steps to the alley. "Heyo, nice t o see you guys again," he says to Wizard Van.

[22:05] <~Rib> Or ... maybe. [22:05] <Raphael> "That was fast." [22:05] <Koda_Pen> "Wish it could be under better circumstances," Koda offers, e yes not moving from Michelle as she seems to have lost Serrano. 01[22:06] <Lanval> Lanval turns back around, smiling beatifically. He walks back over to the group of people, gritting his teeth. Muscles bulge in his cheeks as he clenches his teeth. "Can we get these two out of here, for fuck's sake?" [22:06] <~Rib> "I was already on my way," Tweak says to Raphael. He knows what h e's going to do. He looks to the Sleepers who aren't gone yet. "HEY!" [22:07] <Raphael> "I can drive Andrew home, but are you okay without me?" [22:07] <Raphael> "...Uh, Tweak, what are you doing?" [22:07] <~Rib> The two sleepers left - a young hipster couple, a little asian gi rl wearing an obscenely cute flannel and a taller african american man, look at him quizzically. 01[22:07] <Lanval> "Speaker's going to be scorching my ass with a branding iron i f we keep this shit up. Yes, goddammit, go," he says, looking at Raphael. [22:07] <Raphael> "Alright, alright, I'm gone." [22:08] <Raphael> Giving one last glance over his shoulder, Raphael drags his un conscious boyfriend to his car and contemplates the choices he has made in life. [22:08] <~Rib> "Nothing is true! Everything is permitted! The Revolution Is Now! Wake up!" Tweak shouts to them. The things possessing Michelle are ready when i t goes down. [22:09] <Koda_Pen> "Oh, oh seriously? What the hell." Koda throws up her arms in frustration. "Tweak what are you doing?" 01[22:10] <Lanval> Lanval's gestures are big and blustery, and he seems genuinely enraged. His hands are shaking and there doesn't seem to be a single part of hi s pale, thin skin that isn't covered in sweat. He paces as Tweak starts shouting and then stops, sighing heavily and hunching over. [22:10] <Raphael> Oh, fuck it. Raphael quickly- but gently- deposits Andrew back in his car. He strides back purposefully. [22:11] <Raphael> "Tweak, it's been a long day, can you just give it a rest?" [22:13] <~Rib> Tweak in a motion draws out a laser pointer towards Michelle. The things in Michelle act in terrified unison to discorporate as Tweak casts somet hing that should be huge and vulgar, but you all see the resonance just -mergewith the world. It's beautiful and byzantine and Real Magic and the Sleepers nea rby - you see it worm the way into their brains as Tweak destroys the bindings a nd the Shard Crows dissipate into the Shadow Realm. [22:13] <Koda_Pen> "Oh God," Koda breathes. "What did you just do?" [22:14] <Raphael> "Okay, Tweak, Tweak, this isn't funny any more, knock it off." [22:15] <~Rib> Michelle's body crumples to the ground, a patchwork construction now no longer held together. "Get K or Malthus. Put her soul back where it belon gs," Tweak tells you guys. "I've got work to do." He smiles genially towards the shellshocked Sleepers, the man's jaw having dropped and the woman seeming if an ything afraid. 01[22:16] <Lanval> Lanval just starts clapping. Sarcastically, but clapping. He w hispers to the others. "Guardians are going to brand my ass." [22:16] <Raphael> "I'm pretty sure we're all in trouble." [22:17] <~Rib> Serrano steps from the alcove he ducked into outside the Grey Eag le. He lights up another cigarette. His hands are shaking. "I'm...gonna go tend to Michelle. They made that thing out of chunks of her soul and whole cloth. She 's probably still backstage, right, man?" Tweak gives him a thumbs up over the s houlder in confirmation. "If you guys want to come along...I'm...I'm sorry," is all Serrano can say about the situation. 01[22:17] <Lanval> "Speaker will ride me like a pony. It will not be pretty," he says, face a mask of disappointment. He does, however, turn back toward the Slee pers, smiling beatifically. [22:18] <Koda_Pen> "Solid assessment." Koda sinks against a wall, hand over eye s. "You let him tear your girlfriend's soul up?" 01[22:19] <Lanval> And he bows with a flourish, and then turns his back on them. He has no fucking clue what's going on, but figures it's going to probably be hi

s last Goddamn show anyway. Lanval heads off to follow Serrano. [22:19] <Raphael> "Serrano?" Raphael says slowly, "Is this true?" [22:21] <~Rib> "He just took their claws off of what they'd scraped away...we'll get it fixed. She's probably not doing okay though now," Serrano is hoofing it towards backstage. Nobody's asking him why he's there or why you're with him. He 's important, they know. Serrano looks back towards Raphael. "They wanted Tweak' s soul stone, so they burrowed inside her, cut out bits of her soul and made a m ockery of her to try and get me to turn it over. So I did what we had [22:21] <~Rib> to fix it...fuck the Guardians. You'd do the same." [22:21] <Raphael> "Jesus." [22:22] <Koda_Pen> "But you didn't do it to her." Koda nods, keeping stride. " Fuck the Guardians. I just wanted to make sure that. I don't know. We've been running into a lot of soul fuckery." [22:23] <Raphael> "Yeah, I'll make sure K or somebody hears about this." [22:23] <~Rib> "They've been trying to get his soul stone for a while...I...coul dn't say I didn't think this might happen. We usually don't associate with anyon e outside of our community, makes it hard to do our jobs..." Serrano's broken up about all this, to say the least, but he's holding it back. "I was happy when s he became a Sleepwalker. Meant we could get to know each other. Well...seen how well that went." 01[22:23] <Lanval> "No, I know. And I understand. I just wish we hadn't, you know , started a big loud argument in front of a bunch of Sleepers before we had to d o it," he says, snarling through his teeth and looking at Raphael. He thinks abo ut slapping him, but realises it would be more of a faux pas than anything, cons idering the defensive spells they all have. "I would have done it myself, but I wanted to try 01[22:24] <Lanval> getting her out of sight first." 01[22:24] <Lanval> "I'm sorry, Serrano. I'm sorry," he says, starting to look mor e contrite than angry. [22:26] <~Rib> "Yeah..." Serrano sighs as you've made your way to the dressing r oom door. "I just wanted them to stop...I...that wasn't alright. She's the first person I've told my name in a decade and they - " he takes in a breath and shak es his head. Opens the door. Michelle's still in the dressing room - she looks t o be curled up on one of the couches, face blank. [22:26] <~Rib> "Feel...feel pretty fucked up right now..." she manages to mutter out. [22:27] <Koda_Pen> "Luckily this can be fixed." Koda looks sympathetic now, is sympathetic now that she knows how much he cares. Her voice is soft. "It's ter rible that it happened but. It can be fixed." [22:28] <Raphael> "You did your best," Raphael says reassuringly. Or at least, h e tries to be reassuring. He makes genuine effort; though, he knows he's not goo d at this sort of thing 01[22:31] <Lanval> "It's okay, mate. We'll sort this all out. Actually, truth be told, I sort of wonder if this hasn't got something to do with our other problem ," Lanval says, putting his rectangular horn-rimmed glasses back on. [22:32] <Raphael> "Think you're gonna have to be more specific." 01[22:33] <Lanval> "Though I--can't imagine you want to talk about that right now , I suppose. For what it's worth, your name's safe with me," Lanval says, lettin g Raphael's words fall flat. [22:33] <~Rib> Serrano sits down with Michelle. She seems like she wouldn't mind tearing his throat out. She vocalizes this. "I...couldn't care if you were dead ...I..." she quiets down and curls up in his lap. He casts something eventually and she falls asleep there, scared and numb. "I don't know. I don't care. I don' t care. I just want her to be okay." Serrano admits. "I'm gonna keep her asleep 'til we have this fixed...have Tweak put her mind somewhere nice. [22:33] <~Rib> Thanks...thanks for the help. Understand if you don't want to hel p with the art show after this." 01[22:34] <Lanval> "We'll see. If I survive the 90-mile-an-hour ass-reaming I'm g oing to get from Speaker, I still may" [22:34] <Koda_Pen> "Lanval it wasn't your fault," Koda says firmly. "Call us wh

en you're ready to do the show, we'll see what we can do. Do you want some priv acy now?" [22:35] <Raphael> "Serrano, you know I'll help any way I can. You did what you t hought was the best thing to do, and I"m not going to hold that against you." [22:38] <~Rib> "Privacy...would be good. Just...just go home and have makeup sex with your boyfriend," Serrano answer Raphael and lets out a tired, tired laugh. "Life's too short. And too... 'no bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings'." He holds the sleeping Michelle 'til you guys leave. [22:40] <Koda_Pen> Koda nods and ducks back out the door, visage tired and dark. "So much for a nice night out," she sighs to no one in particular. 01[22:41] <Lanval> Lanval nods wordlessly and leaves the dressing room, fumbling in his pockets for his pack of cigarettes. [22:42] <Raphael> Raphael chuckles just a little bit at the joke and exits. His mood sours as he leaves Serrano's presence. [22:42] <Raphael> He managed to fuck up a truly remarkable number of things toni ght. [22:43] <~Rib> When you guys finally get outside, Tweak and the Sleepers are now here to be found. Tweak's car is though. There's a note scrawled on the glove co mpartment in...chalk "Sorry about the dramatics. Look in here - ." In the glove compartment is an ipad. It's opened up to a secure file on the Blank Badge serve r of the Councilnet - dirt on the Servants of the Unseen Word, Michelle's former cult, and some of the Guardians, including Speaker. [22:43] <~Rib> *Unseen World [22:44] <Koda_Pen> "I guess that helps," Koda offers. [22:45] <Raphael> "Let's wait until tomorrow to tell Serrano. He's got enough to deal with at the moment." [22:45] <Koda_Pen> "Yeah, man needs a break." She stretches and cracks her bac k. "You need to take care of your man, too." [22:46] <Raphael> "I... yeah. I know, but..." 01[22:46] <Lanval> "As much as I don't want to agree with you about anything--yea h," Lanval says, nodding. "Let's take this damn thing and I'll share it on the n etwork for you guys to peruse when we get home." [22:46] <Raphael> "What's he going to believe at this point? He was already on t o something, you saw that, and this is just going to encourage him. I know Andre w. He's not just going to drop this." [22:47] <Koda_Pen> "Raph..." Koda starts hesitantly. "It's not for Andrew to be around all this." 01[22:47] <Lanval> "Oh, great. This night wasn't complete," Lanval says, picking up the iPad and turning it over in his hands. "Now we get to argue with Raphael some more." [22:48] <Raphael> "Until tonight, he wasn't," Raphael says dully. "Whatever he k nows, I didn't tell him." [22:48] <Raphael> "I'm not going to argue with anything. I... I just don't even know what to do." [22:49] <Koda_Pen> "Talk to your boyfriend," Koda shrugs and looks around to see where she parked. "The words will come." [22:50] <Raphael> "I'm afraid that I'm accidentally going to tell him." 01[22:50] <Lanval> "I'll be honest. I'm going to fuck up his destiny. I'm sorry. You're going to get mad," Lanval says, gesturing with the iPad. "I'm going to do my best to make sure that he never encounters us again." [22:50] <Raphael> "...Or that I'll accidentally deliberately tell him." [22:50] <Raphael> "..." [22:50] <Raphael> "...Maybe it's for the best." [22:52] <Koda_Pen> "I'm. Sorry, Raphael," Koda says quietly. 01[22:52] <Lanval> "I'm not going to hurt him, I'm not even going to do anything negative. I'm just going to lead him in the wrong direction." [22:53] <Raphael> Raphael laughs hollowly. "Well, you've got your work cut out f or you, I don't think that'll be easy." 01[22:53] <Lanval> "If anything, maybe he'll get discouraged far before he gets t he Guardians' attention," Lanval says, and sighs. "Well, as long as you don't de

al with this problem, I have to." [22:54] <Raphael> Raphael feels the sting of that last remark, but he doesn't ha ve any fight left in him. [22:55] <Raphael> "I'll do what I can, I promise." 01[22:56] <Lanval> "Please, do," Lanval replies, trailing off. [22:56] <Koda_Pen> "And we'll help if you need it. Go home with your boyfriend, he should wake up in a couple of hours. You have time to think about what to s ay." [22:56] <Raphael> "Yeah, yeah. Anyway, g'night." [22:58] <Koda_Pen> Koda watches him walk away and shakes her head sadly. "Our p oor gimpy cabal." 01[22:58] <Lanval> "I hate the fact that I have to be the bad guy," Lanval says, sighing. "I don't know." [23:00] <Koda_Pen> "You're being the leader and keeping us safe. But, yeah. Me ans you've still got a conscience you know, if you feel bad about it." 01[23:02] <Lanval> "Sometimes I wonder if I still have, really," he says, gently tossing the iPad into his backseat. "But I guess we'll carry on all the same. D' you need a ride back to the, ah, Wizard Vanctum?" [23:04] <Koda_Pen> With a weak chuckle, Koda nods and slides into the passenger seat. "We might as well just make ourselves Wizard Van officially." 02[23:28] * Koda_Pen Quit 03[23:30] * Raphael has left #asheville Session Close: Wed Sep 01 23:30:20 2010

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