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101 things to do in Middle Earth

1. Escort elves on their way to the harbor to leave middle earth

2. Delivering rare tobacco to the Shire
3. Searching for one of the rings
4. Stealing horses from Rohan
5. Searching female ents
6. As a hobbit, visit every corner of Middle Earth in order to
write the world's greatest cookery book.
7. Journey into the Old Forest in order to find a rare herb to
heal Esmeralda the hobbit of a terrible fever.
8. Track trolls that have run off with Farmer Giles' prize pig
9. Search for a missing Dunadan Ranger. Last seen in the Trollshaws.
10. Attend Bree's summer fayre and win the archery contest by
beating Cormac the Archer.
11. Repopulating Eriador/Arnor (frontier! Wild west! Exploring
the ruins of Angmar!)
12. Clearing all the old forts and towers along the mordor
bordor of orcs and things
13. Retaking Moria
14. Treasure hunt in deserted elven settlements
15. Search for the reason livestock and now children are
disappearing in a small village. It's a wounded orc living under
a barn. Perhaps the sons of Elrond passing through did the
village a great service by defeating some marauding goblins, and
this lone survivor has crawled beneath the barn and is biding
his time whilst he heals, dining on first livestock, and now
16. Go to Dol Guldur to find something Gandalf suspects he
mislaid at the gate when the White Council broke it. Don't go
in. Hope this isn't part of a wider Mithrandir plan...
17. Soothe the strifes of a Woodman village who's headman seems
to be causing everyone a lot of problems. Unbeknownst to all
he's made a pact with spiders and fallen into shadow since his
son became lost in Mirkwood.
18. Track down the descendants of wargs who fled the battle of
5 armies and are terrorising the isolated hamlets of Daleland
19. Escort a merchant shipment of prized Honey Cake's from the
Carrock to Erebor for the king's feast*.
20. "Tolkien suggests that Sauron settled on Dol Guldur as the
focus for his rise during the period before the War of the Ring
in part so that he could search for the One Ring in the Gladden
Fields just up the river." Sauron did not find the Ring in the
Gladden fields, but the River-folk certainly found death at the
hands of the Black Riders. The Gladden Fields has seen more
tragedy than this though, as the place where Isildur and his
sons met their end. Many things lie hidden there in the ancient
mass graves of the orcs ambushed by the Numenorians, and in the
broken houses of the river folk. Whilst the tales tell that the
broken bodies of Isuldur's son's were returned to Arnor (Gondor?
Memory fail!) they were not. By need they were quickly buried in
unmarked graves in Gladden, at the banks of the river that was
to be the doom of their father. Now word comes to the Forest
Hall that strange lights have been seen in Gladden, and it seems
the Enemy is at work there again. Whilst he was bearer of the
Ring and it worried at his failing mind, what gifts did Isildur
give to his three sons that prevents their sleep? And were such
gifts disturbed by the River-folk? Is Gladden watched by the eye
of the enemy even now.
21. The white wizard Saruman requires your help. Away to the
North lies a sleep region known only as The Shire. A rumour has
reached Isengard that a great weapon of the enemy is hidden
there. Scout out the region, and determine if those folk
dwelling there know of it's whereabouts.
22. Gelvira, maid of the Beornings has fallen in love with a
Woodman she met crossing the Old Ford. Her father, headman of
the settleman has forbidden such a match and she has run away in
the night, seeking presumably to be with her Woodman. Her
friends summoned from their beds explain that they would often
meet in secret on a nearby hill. As the fellowship make ready to
leave for this trysting place, the broken body of a Beorning
watchman is carried in by his fellow. Trolls are abroad. Surely
Heother will find her way into a troll's belly before her
lover's arms! If his daughter is not safely returned then the
headman of the beorning settlement will have his vengeance on
the woodmen who let their roving son's capture the easy-won love
of maidens!
23. What ails the bees of Beorn? Hard pressed by goblins the
leader of the skinchangers cannot spare anyone to find the cause
of the bees malady nor the medicines needed. Doubtless found in
24. Rumours are rife among the men and elves of Wilderland that
packs of wolves have been spotted travelling into the deeper
eaves of Mirkwood the Great. The PCs are requested by Radagast
to track down such a pack and follow it, in the hopes of
discovering what drives (or calls!) these creatures into the
dark corners of the forest.
25. A Dwimmer-crafty Black Numenorean works from his lair in
Southern Mirkwood turning beast and bird against the Brown
Wizard Radagast. His foul crebain and warg harrass and murder
the men, women, and children of the land and bring despair where
once there was hope.
26. The War is Over! Hooray! But there is a great need to
understand and record what happened in the war. Armies of
scribes are being sent out from the White City all over Middle
Earth to record the songs, poems, stories and histories of the
War of the Ring. And a party of scholars might just stumble on a
little adventure while scouring the land for new tales...
27. Retrieve the remains of Thrain II from the dungeons of Dol
Guldur and return them to Erebor for decent burial.
28. Go on a diplomatic mission to the Easterling peoples in the
hope of opening up trade and better relations.
29. Join a band of ruffians and go bullying Hobbits in the
service of a strange old man...calls himself 'Sharkey' apparently...
30. Dale has been rebuilt, but ruins of a far older place lie
beneath it. One of the dwarves who assisted the Bardings in the
reconstruction of their town approaches the fellowship with a
tale of a door deep in the earth. Can he be trusted? Surely King
Bard knows of this door?
31. Work continues within Erebor to restore it's glory after
the death of Smuag. All dwarves are occupied with this, and so
will pay handsomely for the supplies they need from across the
region. Merchants always need protection, need faster routes to
be scouted, and new areas from which to buy the foodstuffs the
dwarves require.
32. The river that runs around the Mountain Hall is suddenly
washing up old bones on it's banks. Who dares follow the raging
cataract upstream into the mountains. This will prove most
perilous, and ropes and stakes will be needed to climb it's
banks and falls to get upstream.
33. The ruins of Fornost lie close enough to the Shire for an
expedition of brave hobbits to explore.
34. A caravan is dispatched to resupply Gondor's signal fires.
35. Expedition into the Barrow-lands: Search for old treasures
and forgotten histories, put the strange unnatural barrow-wights
at peace, and restore the last resting place of the Kings of the
West. Say hi to Tom Bombadil.
36. The war is over, and Sauron has been defeated, but at great
cost. The newly-crowned King is sending envoys to the land east
and south of Mordor. Although they fell under the shadow and
fought under Sauron's banner, there may hope for the survivors,
and any ally will be useful in these times of rebuilding.
37. Finding Maglor. The last remaining of Feanor's sons.
38. Resettling and rebuilding Arnor will still be dangerous. You
can personally take up one perfect little part of it. The first
task is getting there.
39. Well before the War: something powerful is terrifying
Dunlendings, forcing their fealty, and preparing them for a war.
How do you figure this out, considering Dunlendings probably
don't like you at the best of times?
40. You need to pry an old, shameful secret out of the Elves of
Mirkwood. The first task is getting there.
41. The Necromancer is stirring, sending many spies far south. Why?
42. Rescue a powerful Ranger who's been captured by some evil.
Find out he's joined forces with it.
43. Meet Huurin, still wandering the Earth. Make some kind of a
permanent change to his situation or outlook.
44. The Thain has taken an interest in the world beyond the
Shire, and is aware that some of his maps are over 1000 years
old. He calls for young Tooks and other to go out into Eriador,
see what's there, map it, and look for possible trade or
settlement sites. The Mayor opposes such needless risk-taking.
45. Similar thing, only out of Gondor. Time to be less
isolationist. Land-mappers into Dunland (what happened to
Tharbad, anyway?) or southern Rhovanion, or ships trying to run
through the Corsair pirates and map the western coast, perhaps
looking for the mythical Grey Havens.
46. Or even the remains of Numenor, and the fabled Undying Lands...
47. Expedition to re-take Minas Morgul, and the Towers of Guard!
48. There are still several Palantiri and one Silmaril
unaccounted for. ("Thrown into the ocean" or "lost in the river"
as a way to dispose of something? You must be joking.)
49. I believe that the land in the far north of Middle-Earth is
supposed to rise from the sea at some point; I'm blanking on the
name of the place.
49b. A dwarven or elven patron of the party asks tasks them with
organising the rebuild of the bridge over the Old Ford. First,
convince Beorn that it's in his interest, then fight the
shadow's direct and covert attacks (from wargs to shady
merchants who advise the powers that by against the course of
action) while organising the construction of a complex piece of
architecture in the middle of goblin infested territory.
50. Brigands have always been an off-and-on threat to the people
of Bree-land, but when one such band of brigands joins forces
with the greater evil of Angmar, things may quickly turn ugly
without some brave heroes to lend the people aid.
51. An evil Dwarf-lord whose greed and lust for immortality
drove him to attack an Elven refuge and was slain for it during
the Second Age has now been resurrected by a powerful
necromancer who seeks to use him, and the clan of Dwarves that
he led, for his own foul plans for Ered Luin and Middle-earth.
52. Evil has taken root in the Red Swamp of Haragmar, and the
Dead walk the land. Radagast the Brown has asked you to look
into the cause of this blight, which turns out to be the
necromancer from above, and a corrupted river-maiden of
terrifying power.
53. Smaug was the last of the "great dragons," but there are
still dragons in the far north, and a lesser dragon has already
destroyed a dwarf settlement in the Iron Hills. Dáin needs help
tracking down the dragon before he can send his finest warriors
to slay the beast.
54. Help occupy and rebuild after the battle of Isengard. (Or
55. Someone has been stealing horses from the Rohirrim, you must
catch them and find the missing horses.
56. You are a merchant trying to make a profit on a shipment of
Dwarven axes to be sold throughout middle-earth.
57. You run the prancing pony in Bree and have to keep it
standing despite the constant influx of adventurers who draw
danger to the building and its occupants.
58. A group of men are trying to forge a new ring of power based
on the old methods used by sauron, you must stop them (or help
59. In the Northern Mirkwood there is a chain of
guard-fortresses, an arc of watchfulness. Built long ago, they
were concealed with cunning artifice, Dwarven and Elven magics,
subtle sylvan misdirections. We don't know where they are. Those
who built them are long passed. Those who guarded them have
died. Smaug's ravages destroyed what few records of their
locations there were. We know they were built to support one
another, that they communicated with each other but not with the
'outside'. If we can find one, there may be clues that let us
find the others, and we need to do so quickly. We know some are
hidden in tree-tops, that some are disguised as crags or hidden
across cliff-sides. Our only clue: the words of Boin, son of
Barin; "Three streams, two roads, chain's end. Their numbers are
our strength."
60. Orcs and wargs are systematically exploring the Northern
regions of Mirkwood, clearly looking for something, but what?
The PCs investigate and find out that they are working for a
mysterious "mistress" who they greatly fear. Will they beat the
servants of the shadow to the prize ? Could this oval object of
golden color encased in ancient ice really be a dragon's egg?
61. Chill out and do nothing.
62. Ah, there you are. Faramir's dropped a note off, says
there's an old fortress we are to re-occupy - a short-cut into
the Black Land without having to traipse all the way over to
Gorgoroth. One of the halflings apparently slew all the orcs
there already, so you should have no trouble clearing out the
place. Take a couple of lines of troops and have a shufti around
this Barad Ungol place, there's a good chap. How hard can it be?
It probably just needs a bit of a dust to clear out the cobwebs.
63. Ah, you're back. Glad to see you had no trouble with the
Pass of the Spider. Can't imagine why they'd call it that
anyway. Another note from the King; please can you nip off to
Minas Morgul and bring back the panoply of King Earnil. I'm sure
it's just lying around somewhere. Should be easy - after all,
the Captain of the place was the sort of chap let himself get
stabbed in the face by some angst-ridden neurotic horsey lass
with a broken arm and a penchant for cross-dressing, so his
minions can't be all that tough.
64. Something to do with having a jaunt to Dorwinion to get
exactly the right vintage wine for a Northman chef in Dol
Amroth, with orcs, Easterlings, fell beasts, probably Woses and
finally a similar party sent by a Dunadan chef in Dale.
65. Thorin III Stonehelm is mindful of the offer made by a
servant of the Enemy before the War of the Ring, to yield the
last three Rings of Power of the Dwarf-lords in exchange for the
location of Baggins. Now that they are but baubles with none of
the malice of a Maia left within them, he seeks them as a
reminder that greed can have too high a price.
They're in the wreckage of Barad-Dur. There are none now, nor
any dwarves before, even Durin, who can match the dwarves of
Erebor in masonry - take your tools and pore through the ruin of
the Dark Tower until you find them.
And if you find any orcs yet living in Mordor, cousin Gimli says
that even an elf can slay forty-one, so no Khazad should do less.
66. In Pelargir, a fisherman has caught something strange in his
nets, something lost since the Kin-Strife - the Palantir of
Osgiliath, fallen with the King's Tower into the Anduin. But the
treasure has been seized by one high among the thieves and
smugglers along the docks, one with enough Corsair blood in his
veins to see images within the stone, yet not enough to wield it
safely. What visions of power and madness will spawn among the
longshoremen of Lebennin?
67. Find out whatever happened to Nimrodel. Galadriel wants to know.
68. A ragged-bearded man in a glittering silver rainment,
pointed hat and wobbling cart is wandering through small towns
and settlements. He amuses crowds with displays of fire magics
and conjurings. He visits with kings, trading "magical rings"
from reputed dragon-hoards and selling maps to other locations
with fabulous treasures there concealed. The rings are real
enough - this one, chased with runes of blackened-gold seems to
make the wielder more imposing, to give a sense that their
martial prowess is greater than it ought to be. It does tend to
make one feel more self-confident than is warranted. It was
taken from the broken, well, that is a tale for another day.
There is no need to return it. You make keep it, as spoor. I
want you to find this man, and establish the veracity of all but
one of his claims. The only statement I have heard reported that
I know to be untrue is that his name is Gandalf.
69. A visitor called Eoblod claiming to be from a distant land
called Rohan comes to (Rhosgobel? Woodland Hall? Dale?) looking
for information about stolen horses. He has evidence that their
last known whereabouts was only a few leagues south of here...
70. Go around collecting rings.
71. Track down the descendants of the Elves that once ruled Dol
Goldur that have stuck around in the area, perhaps cursed to do
so, or perhaps chosing to do so to keep vigil over the graves of
their fallen comrades during the Necromancer's assault (and
eventual conquering of Dol Goldur). These people may be
tragically twisted, or they may be the stalwart few that help
keep the Shadow from truly conquering Mirkwood (along with
Balthi's lamp).
72. visit the Druedain, the Wood-Woses. and find out how their
animated statues work.
are they alive, or just golems, elementals or something unique;y
73. Mauthak, a maimed goblin veteran from the Battle of Five
Armies, has united a number of his scattered kin and become an
influential captain. An axe stroke from the Dwalin the dwarf has
rendered his right arm useless. Mauthak has become obsessed with
vengeance, but he is unusually cool and calculated for an orc,
knowing well the value of patience.
74. Murder Most Hobbit
At Humpo Proudfoot's Eighty-Fourth birthday, surrounded by his
relatives, neighbours and aquaintinces, the old bastard was
stabbed to death. Quelle suprise, he used to suck up to Sharky's
mob during the Occupation, and while he grew rich in the years
after the Troubles, he was never quite forgiven by his 'friends'
and relations. Or anyone else, for that matter.
But this is a serious act of disturbance on the Shire's soil.
Murder just doesn't happen (outside drunken knife-fights outside
the Green Dragon that get hushed up by the Sheriff, my Cousin
Alf says), and so the local worthies have called in a stranger,
one of the Big Folk, to investigate. Needless to say the Sheriff
isn't to happy about this, and he's decided to investigate too-
and one of them Elves, passing through to the Grey Havens, has
decided to stretch his 'little grey cells' in the mystery.
So who was it?
Was it Rollo Proudfoot, nephew and heir to Humpo- who needed the
old man's money to pay off the gambling syndicates in Buckland?
Or Daisy Applefarthing, the scarlett woman who was Humpo's
'cleaner', and who arrived from Bree with a shady past and a
need for some quick silver? Or perhaps Dotty Took, promised to
be married to Humpo decades in the past, but dropped like a hot
chestnut when it was apparent that she wouldn't be bringing with
her any Took treasure? Or perhaps Sidney Cornweaver, the jealous
gardener, who loved Daisy and was willing to do anything to get
her out of the hands of Humpo? Needless to say, it isn't going
to be easy to uncover whodunnit.
But at least when the killer is found, everyone can rest easy
that there will be no more Midshire Murders. I mean, imagine
something horrible like that happening in the sleepy villages of
the West Farthing! Oh, that reminds me, the Thane has invited
the Elven detective to his hunting lodge in Buckland for a
pheasant shoot after all this has been cleared up. Luckily
nothing out of the ordinary will happen there...
75. Eagle Strike
Thall, an Eagle who was at the Great Battle, was saved by the
quick arrows of a Human Archer name Jethros from the Village of
Artis. As the battle continued, the two continued to "look out
for" each other. The two helped chase down stragglers. From
suprise, Jethros was attacked by a straggler and killed. In his
dying breath, he asked his eagle friend to watch over his family.
Recently, there are have been several death around Artis. The
Lord's son and an overseer were both killed, by something large
and with claws that struck like lightning and leaving no tracks.
Characters are pulled to investigate.
They discover the local Lord is not as "nice" or as "noble" as
one of his blood should be. His underlings are not any better.
They are also sponsoring some of the local Bandits to harrass
people who are not quick on their rents or taxes.
Thall is hiding in the mountains (hills really, but the best he
can do). He is defending the family (and doing a little extra to
help Jethros' neighbors as well).
Who will the PCs decide to help?
76. Attend and compete in the 400th annual Hobbit tossing
contest. :)
77. Aid the guardsmen of Bree track down and apprehend an
elusive thief that has been stealing from various houses inside
the city limits at night. This thief is apparently elusive
enough not to be seen by any of the town guards, and never enter
by any of the city's gates.
78. Simply fight your life and survive in the cold wastes of
Forochel. You might be eaten by some of the local wildlife, but
more probably you'll die of frostbite if you don't find a good
shelter and a fire.
79. Retrieve knowledge and treasure from the tombs of the
Cardolan kingdom, deep within the Barrow Downs.
80. Play Robin Hood in the forest by attacking the growing
number of brigands and disgruntled men who seem to serve some
sort of "greater power" that you are unaware of...
81. Help the local town put on a Festival. Many of their tents
and things were destroyed in orc raids. They need help to put
their lives back together.
82. Gondor tax collectors!
83. Most treasure seekers are heading to Moria to get rich. The
smart ones are going to the Paths of the Dead!
84. After the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, you find a wounded
Mumakil wandering around riderless. Reasoning that they probably
are so ill-tempered because of cruel treatment, you nurse it
back to health. Now you have a friend for life! Will you help
repair the damage done in the war, or perhaps start a regular
caravan connecting Gondor and a repopulated Arnor? Or just
wander around and have adventures and maybe solve crimes.
85. Not all of Sharkey's goons and collaborators in the scouring of
the Shire were apprehended. Some escaped. Years have passed, and
they have wandered into the far corners of Middle Earth.
Nonetheless, they /will/ be brought to justice.
86. King Elessar looks to brave and capable free people to
travel the old road from Isengard to once-Tharbad in order to
establish a base camp there for the eventual refounding of the
Northern Kingdom.
87. Find the long lost seeing stones (minor versions of the
Palantiri) once housed in watch towers across Arnor
88. There is strife in the Easterling kingdoms. As some
Easterling realms seek to make peace with Gondor, the
priest-king of Usgath instead makes war on his neighbours. From
atop the Black Pyramid in Usgath's capital a stream of thick
black smoke is ever rising, and rumour has it that the flame
within is fed with the prisoners of conquest. The priest-king
knows scraps of old wisdom gleaned from Sauron's emissaries and
in certain ancient texts of Numenor. The priest-king has
convinced his people that he can cast wide the gates of darkness
and bring Sauron the Gift-Lord back to this world. It is certain
that he is wrong, but he and his men threaten to destroy any
hope of peace the Easterlings have. And worse, with Gondorian
emissaries making their first forays into Easterling politics,
there is danger of provoking a war with Elessar's kingdom.
89. You have awakened in starlight by the waters of Cuvienen. A
great rider has beckoned your people to follow into the West.
90. The Entwives have been found, but something's wrong, a
creeping malaise affects them all. Treebeard is seeking some
hasty folk to get to the root of the problem.
91. You are hopelessly lost.
92. You are hired to explore an Elven Town to the south. It is
said they have all gone west...
93. The Beorning's have been attacked! Someone or something has
been attacking isolated farms and holdings near Mirkwood. Tracks
and signs point to spiders from the uncharted depths of the
wood, but young Beoron, the sole survivor of the most recent
attack, claims to have seen strange men working with the spiders.
94. the Dwarves did things in 7s, right?
Shouldn't there be 6 other balrogs buried in Moria?
its a long mountain range, you know.
95. The Red Harpers have been sighted for decades hither and
yon. Some say they (he?) came from the East, other say from Of
Old. Their strange music and unfamiliar tales are both exotic
and compelling, describing a world both like and yet unlike the
Arda we know. Many songs of the Red Harp have become popular and
spread widely, though with little understanding.
Of late though, things once thought of as mere fantasy have
begun to be seen. Strange peoples speaking unknown tongues are
encountered on the far roads, and birds never before seen now
migrate across the Wild. Unknown locales resembling cities from
the tales have been glimpsed from afar as one would a mirage,
only to flicker away upon approach.
The Wise fear that the Red Harpers are somehow seeking to
supplant the Song of Creation with one of their own making, but
have no idea how this can even be possible, let alone how to
halt it's progress. Some suggest that the sad old elf that the
Hobbits of the Westmarch sometimes meet as they watch the
Elf-ships sail into the horizon may know the answer. He avoids
his own kind, but the Shire-folk know him as Master MacLure.
(see Thing to Do #37)
96. You meet up with a group of people as they are trying to
repair a wagon wheel and are being threatened by overly large
wolves (obviously bastard Wargs-Wolfs). These people are
carrying all their wordly belongings in carts. They are moving
away from their old village site which is seems cursed. (The
well is poisoned by something dark in the waters.. creating
madness if you investigate). The village decided to flee the
madness and curse. Everyone is doing better now (though one of
the kids is still acting a bit crazy). They are heading through
these woods to find a new place on the other side. They would
appreciate your group comming with them. They don't have much,
but they are willing to give you some of it, if you do it.
97. Your hardy group of adventurers decides to investigate the
remnants of the mighty fortress of Angband in order to find its
lost treasures. Of course, anything you DO find in there will
probably be so inherently evil and corrupting that you'll end up
murdering each other over it, but them's the breaks.
98. Cirdan the Shipwright of the Grey Havens needs a large
amount of Mallorn wood to build "a special boat, to send a
special one back to the West". Except the Grey Havens have been
out of Mallorn wood for centuries. Guess who'll have to cross
Eriador and the Misty Mountains cold, then explain to the
Galadhrim that, yes, really, this is for Cirdan, please stop
shooting us with arrows?
99. Since the Kings of Men left it for Fornost, Annuminas has
been abandonned, an empty husk. Imagine the riches that must
still be there, in Kings' palaces, and tombs... And, as they are
the good guys, these tombs must have been left without
protections, vicious traps, or monstrous guardians, right?
99. A orc has been captured and in a mixture of threats and
pleas has told you that his people are fleeing into your land to
avoid a dark presence forcing their obedience. Do you choose to
send heroes to strike it down, working with the orcs, or risk
driving them into desperate service and fight them all later?
100. After a mudslide subsides, you find a set of three small
roundish blue crystals in a pouch with Elvish script. You feel a
burning need to head towards The West or give them to the
nearest Elvish (or part Elvish) being.
101. You find a small goblin family caring for a hobbit child
(which they found, they didn't steal... honest). Do you leave
him with them or do you try to take it to a hobbit home?
102. During the War of the Ring Radagast the Brown disappeared
from his home at Rhosgobel. Does he still live or did he fall
afoul of some plot of Saruman or Sauron?
103. (well 101.2) When I dm'ed Merp I created 5 rings, and had
the characters hunting them. 5 Being the gap in the ringlore verse.
104. Eat taters.
105. After the fall of Sauron, the 4th age begins in earnest,
and peace spreads across Middle Earth, but late in the reign of
King Aragorn, a strange celestial phenomena begins. Stars one by
one begin to disappear from the night sky. The few remaining
elves, search through their lore houses to find out the cause,
and many adventurers are sent in search of its cause. (OOC -
Ungoliant is back, and pissed!)