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Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

Archdiocese of Good Hope

By the Grace of God

6 January

Theophany – Baptism of our Divine Saviour


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Vesperal Divine Litany


O en Iordani ipo Ioannou Vaptisthine May He Who Condescended to be
katadexamenos, dia tin imon Baptised by John in the Jordan River,

The Great Holy Feast

Sotirian, Hristos O Alithinos Theos for our Salvation – Christ our True
imon, tes Presvies tis Panahrantou ke God – through the Intercessions of
Panamomou Agias Aftou Mitros, His All Pure and All Immaculate Holy
Dinmi tou timiou ke Zoopiou Stavrou, Mother, the Power of the Precious
prostasies ton Timion Epouranion and Life-giving Cross, the Protection
Dinameon Asomton, ikesies tou of the Honourable, Incorporeal

Timiou, Endoxou, proitou, Prodromou Powers of Heaven, the Supplications
ke Vaptistou Ioannou, ton Agion of the Honourable, Glorious Prophet
Endoxon ke panevfimon Apostolon, and Forerunner, John the Baptist, of
ton Agion Endoxon ke kallinikon the Holy, Glorious and Praiseworthy

Martyron. Ton Osion ke Theoforon Apostles, of the Holy, Glorious and
Pateron imon. (Tou Agiou tou Naou) Triumphqnt Martyrs, of our
ton Agion ke Dikeon Theopatoron Righteous and God-bearing Father,
Iaokim ke Annis, ke panton ton (of our Patronal Saint) of the Holy
Agion, eleise ke Sose imas, os Agathos and righteous Ancestors of God,
ke Filanthropos. Joachim and Anna, and of ll the
Saints, have Mercy on us and Save us
for He is Good and Love mankind.
Ton Evlogounta ke Agiazonta imas, O Lord, Protect for mhy years him who
Kyrie, Filatte is polla eti. blesses and Sanctifies us.
Di’ evhon ton Agion Pateron imon, Kyrie Through the Prayers of our Holy Father,
Iisou Hriste O Theos, eleison ke Soson O Lord Jesus Christ our God, have
imas. Mercy on us and Save us.
Amin. Amen.

Our Beloved Holy Father,

His Beatitude, Theodoros II

Pope & Patriarch of Alexandria & All Africa

Festal Vespers - Theophany

✞ Evlogimeni O Theos imon, pantote, nin PR IEST ✞Blessed is our God, now and
CLERGY AND THE FAITHFUL ALSO DRINK THE SANCTIFIED WATER. ke ai, ke is tous eonas ton eonon. ever, and unto ages of ages.

✞Defte proskinisomen ke prospesomen ✞O come let us worship and bow down
En tis rithris simeron tou Iordanou, To
the flowing streams today of River to Vasili imon Theo. to our King and God.
gegonos O Kyrios, to Ioanni ekvoa:
Jordan comes our Lord, loudly ✞Defte proskinisomen ke prospesomen ✞O come let us worship and bow down
“Mi diliasis Vaptise me. Sose gar
exclaiming to John: “Be not afraid to Hristo to Vasili imon Theo. to Christ, our King and God.
Iko, Adam ton Protoplaston!” Baptise me now, for I have come to
Save Adam the First Formed!” ✞Defte proskinisomen ke prospesomen ✞O come let us worship and bow down
ON 6 JANUARY – THEOPHANY – FESTAL KONTAKION – TONE 4 Afto, Hristo to Vasili ke Theo imon. before Christ Himself, our King and
our God.
Epifanis simeron ti ikoumeni, ke to Fos Thou Appeared today to us and Shone THE SUNSET PSALM - PSALM 103/1041
Sou Kyrie, esimiothi ef’ imas, en Thy Light upon us, O Lord, who cry A PSALM OF CREATION
epignosi imnountas Se. Ilthes efanis aloud to Thee and say with
to Fos to aprositon. Understanding: O Christ our God, Evlogi, I psihi mou, ton Kyrion. Kyrie O Bless the Lord, O my soul: O Lord my
Thou Appeared and shone forth, O Theos mou, emegalinthis sfodra. God, Thou art exceedingly great.
Unapproachable Light! Exomologisin ke megloprepian enediso, Thou hast put on praise and beauty:
FESTAL IDIOMELON – TONE (6) PLAGAL 2 anavallomenos fos os imartion. and art clothed with Light as with a
Garment -
Animnisomen i pisti, tis peri imas tou Let us praise, O Faithful, the Great
Theou Ikonomias to Megethos. En Dispensation of God that works for Ektinon ton Ouranon osi derrin, O Who stretches out the Heaven like a
gar to imon paraptomati genomenos us. For He Who alone is Pure and stegazon en idasi ta iperoa aftou. To pavilion; Who covers the higher
anthropos, tin imon katharsin Sinless, having become Man because tithis nefi tin epivasin aftou, O rooms thereof with water; Who
katherete en to Iordani o monos of our Fall, Purifiew us in the Jordan, peripaton epi pterigon anemon. makes the clouds Thy Chariot; Who
katharos ke akiratos, Agiason eme ke Sanctifying me and the waters and walks upon the wings of the winds;
ta idata, ke tas kefalas ton crushing the heads of the dragons in O pion tou Angelous aftou pnevmata, ke Who makes Thy Angels spirits;: and
drakonton, sintrivon epi tou idatos. the water. tous litourgous aftou piros floga. Thy Ministers a Burning Fire;
Antlisomen oun idor, met Evfrosinis Let us therefore, O Brethren, draw water O themelion tin gin ep tin asfalian aftis, Who has founded the earth upon its
adelfi. I Haris tou pnevematos, tis with Gladness, for those who draw it ou klithisete is ton eona tou eonos. own bases - it shall not be moved
pistos antlousin, aoratos epididote, in Faith shall be granted in an forever and ever.
para Hristou tou Theou, ke Sotiros invisible manner the Grace of the
ton psihon imon Spirit, by the Presence of Christ God,
Avissos os imation to perivoleon aftou, The deep like a garment is its clothing -
epi ton oreon stisonte idata. above the mountains shall the
the Saviour of our souls.
Apos epitimiseos sou fevxonte, apo fonis At Thy Rebuke they shall flee - at the
Tou Kyriou deithomen. Let us pray to the Lord. vrontis sou diliasousin. Voice of Thy thunder they shall fear.
Kyrie Eleison. Lord, have Mercy. Anavenousin ori ke katavenousi pedia, is The mountains ascend, and the plains
Evlogia Kyriou ke Eleos Aftou elthi ef’ May the Blessing and the Mercy of the ton topon, on ethemeliosas afta. descend into the place, which Thou
imas, ti aftou Thia Hariti ke Lord come upon you by His Divine hast founded for them.
Filanthropia Pantote, nin ke ai ke is Grace and Love for mankind, now Orion ethou, O ou parelevsonte, oude Thou hast set a boundary which they
tous eonas ton eonon. and forever, and unto the Ages of epistrepsousi kalipse tin gin.
Ages. shall not pass over; neither shall
they return to cover the earth.
Amin. Amen.
✞ Doxa Si, O Hriste O Theos, i Elpis ✞ Glory toThee, O Christ our God, 1
imon, Doxa Si! Glory to Thee!

Ke Evlogison pantas imas, tous dia tis And now Bless us all, who by the bowing
O exapostellon pigas en faragxin, ana Thou send forth springs in the vales -
kliseos ton efton avhenon simenonts of our head have signified our
meson ton oreon dilevsonte idata. between the midst of the hills the to tis doulias proshima. bondage.
waters shall pass. Ke kataxioson imas emplisthine tou And make us worthy to be filled with Thy
Potiousi panta ta thiria tou agrou, All the beasts of the field shall drink - Agiasmou Sou dia tis tou idatos toutou Sanctification, by the receiving of this
the wild asses shall expect in their metlipseos te ke rantismou, Water and its sprinkling.
prosdexonte onagri is dipsan Ke genestho imin, Kyrie, is igian psihis ke And let it be to us, O Lord, for Health of
afton. thirst.
somatos... soul and body...
Ep’ afta ta petina tou Ouranou Over them the birds of the air shall THE PRIEST CONTINUES ALOUD;
kataskinosi - ek mesou ton petron dwell - from the midst of the rocks
dosousi fonin. they shall give forth their voices. Si gar is O Agiasmos ton psihon ke ton For Thou art the Sanctification of our
somaton imon. soul and body.
Potizon ori ek ton iperoon aftou. Apo Thou waters the hills from Thine Upper
karpou ton ergon sou hortasthisete i Rooms - the earth shall be filled with Ke Si tin Doxon ke Efharistian, ke And to Thee we ascribe all Glory,
gi. O exantellon horton tis ktinesi, ke the Fruit of Thy Works - bringing Proskinisin anapempomen, sin ✞ to Thanks and Worship, together with
hloin ti doulia ton anthropon. forth grass for cattle, and herb for Anarho Sou Patri, ke to Panagio ke ✞ Thy Beginningless, Eternal Father
the service of mankind. Agatho, ke Zoopio Sou Pnevmati, nin, and the All Holy and Good and Life-
ke ai, ke is tous eonas ton eonon.
Tou exagagin arton ek tis gis. Ke inos That Thou may bring bread out of the giving Spirit, now and for ever, and
earth, and that wine may cheer the unto ages of ages.
evfreni kardian anthropou.
heart of mankind. Amin PEOPLE Amen
Tou That
The Sanctification of the Water
ilarine prosopon en eleo. Ke artos he may make the face cheerful
kardian anthropou stirizi. with oil - and that bread may

Hortasthisonte ta xila tou mediou, e The trees of the field shall be filled, CROSS, HOLDING IT STRAIGHT, AS HE CHANTS THE FOLLOWING TROPARION

kedri tou Livavou, as efitevsas. Eki and the Cedars of Lebanon, which
strouthia annosevsousi, tou erodiou I He hath planted - there the Sparrows FESTAL APOLYTIKION – THEOPHANY – TONE 1
katikia igite afton. shall make their nests - the highest
of them is the house of the Heron. En Iordani Vaptizomenou sou Kyrie, i tis By Thy Baptism, O Lord, in the River
The high hills are a refuge for the harts Triados efanerothi proskinisis. Tou Jordan, Worship of the Trinity has
Ori ta ipsila tes elafis - petra katafigi tis gar Gennitoros i foni prosemartiri Si, made Its Appearance; for the Voice
lagois. - the rock for the hares.
Agapiton Se Iion Onomazousa. Ke to of the Lord came forth to Thee with
Epiise selinin is herous. He hath made the moon for seasons. Pnevma en idi peristeras eveveou tou the Testimony, Naming Thee
The sun knows its going down. Logou to asfales. O Epifanis, Hriste O ‘Beloved Son;’ and the Spirit, like a
O ilios egno tin disin aftou. Theos, ke ton Kosmon Fotisas, ✞ dove, Confirming the Truth of the
Ethou skotos ke egeneto nix - en afti Thou hast appointed darkness, and it Doxa Si! Word. Wherefore, O Thou Who hast
dilefsonte panta ta thiria tou drimou. is night - in it shall all the beasts of Appeared and Illumined the world, O
the woods go about -
Christ, ✞ Glory to Thee!
Skimni oriomeni tou arpase, ke zitise The young lions roaring after their ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
para to Theo vrosin aftis. pray, and seeking their meat from ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
God. eonon. ever, and unto Ages of Ages.
Anetilen o ilios ke sinihthisan, ke is tas The sun rises, and they are gathered Amin Amen
mandras afton kitasthisonte. together: and they shall lie down in
their dens.
Exelfsete anthropos epi to ergon aftou, Man shall go forth to his work, and to BEFORE: AND THE TROPARION IS REPEATED A SECOND AND A THIRD TIME.
ke epi tin ergasian aftou eos esperas. his labour until the evening.
Os emegalinthi ta Erga Sou, Kyrie! How great art Thy Works, O Lord!
Panta en Sofia epiisas - Eplrothi I gi Thou hast made all things in
tis ktiseos sou. Wisdom - the earth is filled with Thy
Afti I thalassa I megali ke evrihoros.
Eki So is this great sea, which stretches
erpeta, on ouk estin arithmos, Zoa wide its arms - there are creeping
mikra meta megalon. things without number - creatures
small and great.

Aftos ke nin, Despota, Agiason to idor Do Thou, the same Master, Sanctify Eki plia diaporevonte. Drakon outos, on There the ships shall go - the sea
touto, to Pnevmati Sou to Agio. now also this water by Thy Holy eplasas empezin aftin. dragon which Thou hast formed - to
Spirit. play therein.
Amin [3] Amen [3] Panta pros se prosdokosi doune tin trofin All expect of Thee that Thou grant
afton is evkeron. them food in season.
Dos pasi tis te aptomenis, tis te Grant to all who touch it and who are Donttos Sou aftis, sillexousin What Thou give to them they shall
Hriomenis, tis te Metalamvanousi, ton Anointed by it and who receive gather up:
Agiasmon, tin Evlogian, tin thereof, Sanctification, Blessing, Anixantos Sou tin Hira, ta simpanta When Thou open Thy Hand, all things
Katharsin, tin Igian. Cleansing, and Health.
plisthisonte hristotitos. shall be filled with Thy Goodness.

Ke Soson, Kyrie, tous doulous Sou, And Save, O Lord, Thy servants, our
Apostrepsantos de Sou to Prosopon, When Thou turn away Thy Face, they
tarahthisonte. shall be troubled.
tous pistous Vasileis imon. faithful rulers.
Amen [3] Amen (3)
Antanelis to pnevma afton ke eklipsousi, When Thou take away their breath,
ke is ton houn afton epistrepsousin. they shall perish and return again to
the earth.
Ke filaxon aftous ipo tin skepin Sou en Keep them under Thy Shelter in Peace. Exapostelis to Pnevma Sou ke Thou shalt send forth Thy Spirit, and
kitisthisonte, ke anakeniis to prosopon they shall be created, and Thou shall
Ipotaxon ipo tous podas afton panta Subdue under their feet every enemy tis gis. renew the face of the earth.
ehthron ke polemion. and adversary. Ito I Doxa Kyriou is tous eona. May the Glory of the Lord endure
Harise aftis ta pros Sotirian etimata, ke Grant to them the means of Salvation forever!
Zoin tin Eonion. and Eternal Life. Evfranthisete Kyrios epi tis Ergis Aftou. The Lord shall Rejoice in His Works.
Mnisthiti, Kyrie, tou Pater imon, Papa Remembering, Lord, our Pope and
O epivlepon epi tin Gin ke pion aftin He looks upon the Earth, and makes it
ke Patriarchi imon Theodorou ke Patriarch, Theodoros, and our
tremin. tremble.
Arhipiskopou imon (Sergiou), ke Archbishop (NAME) , and all Priests,
pantos tou Presviteriou, tis en Hristo servants of God, and all the Priestly O aptomenos ton oreon ke kapnizonte. He touches the mountains and they
Diakonias, ke pantos Iratikou Hierarchy, and the people standing smoke.
tagmatos, ke tou periestotos laou, about us, and our Brethren who Aso to Kyrio en ti Zoi mou; psalo to I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will
absent themselves for praiseworthy
Theo mou eos iparho. sing to my God as long as I exist!
Ke ton di Evlogou etias apolifthenton And have Mercy on them and us
Idinthii afto I dialogimou - ego de May my words be pleasing to Him - I
evfranthisome epi to Kyrio. shall be glad in the Lord.
Adelphon imon, ke eleison aftous ke according to Thy Loving-kindness,
imas, kata to Mega Sou Eleos. Ina ke that Thine All Holy Name may be Eklipien amartolis apo tis gis - ke anomi May sinners cease from the earth - and
dia stihion, ke dia Angelon ke dia Glorified by the elements, by the - oste mi iparhin aftous. the lawless - so as to be no more.
anthropon, ke dia oromenon, ke dia Angels, by mankind, and by visible Evlogi, I psihi mou, ton Kyrion. Bless the Lord, O my soul!
aoraton, doxazite Sou to Panagion and invisible creatures, together with
Onoma, Sin to Patri, ke to Agio that of ✞ the Father and of the Holy O ilios egno tin disin aftou. Ethou The sun knows its going down. Thou
Pnevmati, nin ke ai, ke is tous eonas Spirit, now and ever, and unto the skotos ke egeneto nix... hast appointed darkness, and it is
ton eonon. Ages of Ages. night...
Amin Amen Os emegalinthi ta Erga Sou, Kyrie! How great art Thy Works, O Lord!
BLESSINGS AND PRAYERS Panta en Sofia epiisas... Thou hast made all things in
Irini pasi PRIEST Peace be unto you all.
✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ke pnevmati sou PEOPLE And to thy spirit
ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
Tas kefalas imon to Kyriou klinomen PRIEST Let us bow our heads unto the Lord eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
✞Si Kyrie PEOPLE ✞To Thee, Lord Amin Amen
Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! ✞ Doxa PEOPLE Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! ✞
THE PRIEST CONTINUES QUIETLY: Si, O Theos! (3) Glory to Thee O God! (3)
Klinon, Kyrie, to ous Sou, ke epkouson Incline Thine Ear, O Lord, and hear us.
imon, O en Iordani Vaptisthin Thou consented to be Baptised in the
I Elpis imon, Kyrie: ✞ Doxa Si! Our Hope, O Lord:✞ Glory to Thee!
katdexamenos, ke Agiasas tai data. Jordan and Thou Sanctified the

Tas tis fiseos imon gonas Ileftherosas. Thou hast Liberated the generations of
En Irini tou Kyriou deithomen. PRIEST In Peace let us pray to the Lord Parthenikin Igiasas Mitran to Toko our race; by Thy Birth Thou hast
Kyrie Eleison P E O P L E Lord have mercy
Sou. Sanctified a Virgin’s Womb.

Iper tis Anothen Irinis ke tis Sotirias

ton P R I E S T For the Peace from Above, and
Pasa i ktisis imnise se epifanenta. Si gar, All Creation sings praises to Thee, Who
O Theos imon, epi tis gis ofthis, ke tis Revealed Thyself; for Thou, our God,
psihon imon, tou Kyriou deithomen the Salvation of our souls, let us
anthropis sinanestrafis. Si ke ta Hallowed, also, the streams of
pray to the Lord
Iordania rithra igiasas, Ouranothen Jordan, when Thou sent down from
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy katapempsas to Panagion Sou Heaven Thy Holy Spirit, and crushed
Iper tis Irinis tou simpantos Kosmou, PRIEST For the Peace of the whole Pnevma, ke tas kefalas ton ekise the heads of the serpents that
efstatias ton Agion tou Theou emfolevonton sinetripsas drakonton lurked there.
world, the stability of the Holy
Ekklision ke tis ton panton enoseaos Churches of God, and for the Union
tou Kyriou deithomen. of all, let us pray to the Lord Aftos oun, filantrope Vasilf, pareso ke Wherefore Thou, O King Who Lovest
Lord have mercy nin, dia tis epifitiseos tou Agiou Sou
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE
Pnematos, ke Agiason to Idor touto.
mankind, come down now also
For this Holy House, through the Descent of Thy Holy
Iper tou Agiou Ikou toutou ke ton meta PRIEST and for
Spirit, and Sanctify this water.
those who enter it with Faith,
Pisteos, Evlavias ke Fovou Theou
Reverence and the Fear of God, let
Amin [3]
Amen [3]
isionton en afto, tou Kyriou
deithomen. us pray to the Lord.
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy Ke dos afto tin Harin tis apolitroseos, tin And impart unto it the Grace of
For our Pope and Evlogian tou Iordanou. Redemption, the Blessing of Jordan.
Iper tou Papa ke Patriarhou imon PRIEST Patriarch
T H E O D O R O U ke tou Arhiepiskopou (T H E O D O R O S ) and our Piison afto aftharsias Pigin, Agiasmou Make it a Fountain of Immortality, a
imon (- - - N A M E - - - ), tou Timiou Archbishop (- - - N A M E - - - ), for the Doron, amartimaton litirion, vosimaton Gift of Sanctification, a Remission of
Presviteriou, tis en Hristo Honourable Presbytery, the alexitirion, demosin olethrion, tes sins, a Healing of infirmities, a
Diakonias, pantos tou Klirou ke tou Diaconate in Christ, for all the evavties dinamesin aprositon, Destruction of demons;
laou tou Kyriou deithomen. Clergy and the people, let us pray to Angelikis ishios pepliromenon. unapproachable by hostile powers,
the Lord filled with Angelic Might.
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy Ina pantes i ariomeni ke And may it be unto all those who shall
For this city, for every city and matalamvanontes ehien afto pros draw it, and shall partake of it for
Iper tis poleostaftis, pasis poleos, horas, PRIEST
Katharismon psihon te ke somaton, the Purification of their soul and
ke ton Pisti ikounton en aftes tou land, and for the Faithful who dwell
pros Iatrian pathon, pros Agiasmon body, for the Healing of their
Kyriou deithomen. in them, let us pray to the Lord
Ikon, pros pasan ofelian epitidion. passions, for the Sanctification of
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy their houses, and for every expedient
For temperate weather, Service.
Iper efkrasias aeron, eforias ton karpon PRIEST for
tis gis ke keron irinikon tou Kyriou abundance in the earth’s yield and Si gar i O Theos imon, O di idatos ke For Thou art our God, Who through
deithomen. for peaceful times, let us pray to the Pnevmatos anakenisas tin Water and the Spirit dost renew our
Lord. paleothisan fisin ipo tis amartias. nature, which had fallen into decay
Lord have mercy through sin.
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE

Iper pleonton, odiporounton, nosounton, PRIEST For travellers by sea, land, and Si i, O Theos imon, O di idatos kataklisas For Thou art our God, Who with water
epi tou Noe tin amartian. didst drown sin in the days of Noah.
kamnonton, ehmalonton ke tis air; for the sick and the afflicted;
Sotirias afton tou Kyriou deithomen. for captives; and for their Salvation, Si i O Theos imon, O dia thalassis For Thou art our God, Who by the sea,
let us pray to the Lord. eleftherosas ek tis doulias Farao, dia through Moses, didst set free from
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy Moiseos, to genos ton Evreon. slavery to Pharaoh the Hebrew race.

Iper tou risthine imas apo pasis thlipseos, PRIEST For our Deliverance from all Si i O Theos imon, O diarrixas petran en For Thou art out God, Who didst cleave
orgis, kindinou ke anangis, tou erimo ke erriisan idata, ke himarri the rock in the wilderness, so that
tribulation, wrath, danger and
Kyriou deithomen. kateklisthisan, ke dipsonta ton Laon water gushed forth, and who madest
necessity, let us pray to the Lord.
Sou koresas. the floods to well forth abundantly;
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have mercy and didst satisfy Thy thirsty people.
Antilavou, Soson, Eleison ke Diafilaxon PRIEST Help us, Save us, have Mercy on Si i O Theos imon, O d’ idatos ke piros, For Thou art our God, Who by fire and
imas O Theos ti Si Hariti. us, and Preserve us, O God, by Thy dia tou Iliou, apallazas ton Israil ek water, through Elijah, didst set Israel
Grace. tis planis tou Vaal. free from the errors of Baal.

Si gar, voulisi ex ouk onton is to ine For Thou, by Thy Will, from Amin PEOPLE Amen
paragagon ta simpanta, to so krati nothingness hast brought all things ✞Tis Panagias, Ahrantou, PRIEST ✞Commemorating our All-Holy,
sinehis tin ktisin, ke ti si pronia diikis into being; by Thy Majesty Thou dost
Iperevlogimenis, Endoxou Despinis Pure, Most Blessed and Glorious
ton kosmon. uphold all Creation, and by Thy
imon Theotokou ke Aiparthenou Lady, the Mother of God and ever-
Providence Thou dost direct the
Marias meta panton ton Agion Virgin Mary, with all the Saints, let
mnimonefsantes, eaftous ke allilous us commit ourselves and one
Si ek tessaron stihion tin ktisin When Thou hadst created the universe ke pasan tin zion imon Hristo to Theo another, and all our whole Life to
sinarmosas, tettarsi keris ton kiklon out of four elements, Thou didst parathometha. Christ, our God.
tou eniaftou estefanosas. crown the circle of the year with four

Se tremousin e noere pase Dinamis. All the reason-endowed Powers tremble ✞ Si Kyrie
before Thee. PEOPLE ✞ To Thee, O Lord
Oti prepi Si pasa Doxa, Timi ke
Se imni ilios. Se Doxazi selini. Si The Sun sings Thy praises, and the Proskinisis ✞ to Patri ke to Io ke to
PRIEST For to Thee is due all Glory,
evtighani ta astra. Moon glorifies Thee; the Stars, also, Agio Pnevmati nin ke ai ke is tous Honour and Worship: ✞ to the
stand before Thy Presence. eonas ton eonon. Father, and to the Son, and to the
Si ipakoui to Fos. The Light obeysThee. Holy Spirit, now and forever, and to
the Ages of ages.
Se fittousin avissi. Si doulefousin e pige. The depths shudder in Awe before Amin
Thee; the water-springs do Thy
Si exetinas ton Ouranon osi derrin. Thou hast spread out the Heavens like a PSALM 140/141 – TONE 2
Kyrie ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou. Lord, I cry out to Thee: hear me,
Si estereosas tin Gin epi ton idaton. Si Thou hast established the Earth upon Isakouson mou, Kyrie. Kyrie, O Lord! O Lord, when I cry
perietihisas tin thalassan psammo. the waters. With sand hast Thou ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou, out to Thee, hear me! Hear
walled in the sea. proshes ti foni tis deiseos mou, en to my voice, when I cry out to
Si pros anapnoas ton aera exeheas. Thou hast shed abroad the air for kekragene me pros Se, isakouson Thee! Hear me, O Lord!
breathing. mou Kyrie.

Angelike Dinamis Si Litourgousin. I ton The Angelic Powers serve Thee. The Katevthinthito i prosevhi mou os Let my Prayer rise before Thee
Arhangelon hori Se proskinousi. Ta Archangelic Hosts adore Thee. The thimiama enopion Sou. Eparsis ton like incense - the lifting up of
poliommata Herouvim, ke ta many-eyed Cherubim and the six- hiron mou Thisia Esperini. Isakouson my hands as the Evening Sacrifice.
exapteriga Serafim,kiklo istamena ke winged Seraphim, as they stand mou Kyrie! Hear me, O Lord!
periiptamena, Fovo tis Aprositou Sou round about and fly, veiling their FESTAL MENAION IDIOMELON – TONE 2
Doxis, katakaliptete. faces with Awe before Thine Ean anomias paratirisis, Kyrie, Kyrie, If Thou, O Lord, should mark
Unapproachable Glory. tis ipostisete? Oti para Si O ilasmos transgression, O Lord, who would
Si gar, Theos on aperigraptos, anarhos For Thou, O God Who cannot be estin. stand? For there is Forgiveness
te ke anekfrastos, ilthes epi tis gis, circumscribed, Who art from with Thee.
morfin doulou lavon, en omiomati Everlasting and Ineffable, hast come Ton Fotismon imon, ton Fotisanta panta Our Illumination, Who Enlightens all
anthropon genomenos. down upon Earth, taking on the form anthropon, idon O Prodromos, mankind, the Forerunner beheld,
of a servant, in the likeness of Vaptisthine paragenomenon, Heri ti coming to be Baptised. His soul
mankind. psihi, ke tremi ti Heri. Diknisin Afton, Rejoiced and his hand trembled as
Ou gar eferes, Despota, dia splaghna For Thou could not endure, O Master, ke lei tis lais: Ide O Liroumenos ton he pointed to Him and said to the
eleous Sou, theasthe ipo tou diavolou because of Thy Tender-hearted Israil, O Elefthron imas ek tis fthoras. people: “Behold! The Deliverer of
tirannoumenon to genos ton Mercy, to behold the offspring of O anamartite, Hriste O Theos imon ✞ Israel – He Who frees us from
anthropon, all’ ilthes ke esosas imas. mankind tormented by the devil; Doxa Si! corruption!” O Sinless, Christ our
but Thou hast come and Saved us. God: ✞ Glory to Thee!
Omologoumen tin Harin; kirittomen ton We confess Thy Grace; we proclaim Eneken tou Onomatos Sou ipemina Se, Because of Thy Law, O Lord, I waited
eleon; ou kriptomen tin Evergesian. Thy Mercy; we conceal not Thy Kyrie; Ipeminen i psihi mou is ton for Thee; my soul waited for Thy
Gracious Deeds. Logon Sou, ilpisen i psihi mou epi Word. My soul Hopes in the Lord.
ton Kyrion.

Ton Fotismon imon, ton Fotisanta panta Our Illumination, Who Enlightens all anthropinon! to the Heights!
anthropon, idon O Prodromos, mankind, the Forerunner beheld, Simeron O aklinis to idio iketi ipoklinete, Today He Who bows not, bows down to
Vaptisthine paragenomenon, Heri ti coming to be Baptised. His soul ina imas ek tis doulias Eleftherosi! His own servant that He may set us
psihi, ke tremi ti Heri. Diknisin Afton, Rejoiced and his hand trembled as Free from Bondage!
ke lei tis lais: Ide O Liroumenos ton he pointed to Him and said to the Simeron Vasileian Ouranon onisametha. Today we have purchased the Kingdom
Israil, O Elefthron imas ek tis fthoras. people: “Behold! The Deliverer of
Tis gar Vasilias tou Kyriou ouk este of Heaven: for the Lord’s Kingdom
O anamartite, Hriste O Theos imon ✞ Israel – He Who frees us from
telos! shall have no end!
Doxa Si! corruption!” O Sinless, Christ our
God: ✞ Glory to Thee! Simeron gi ke thalassa tin tou kosmou Today land and sea share the Joy of the
Apo Filaktis proias mehri niktos, apo From the morning watch until night; Haran emerisanto, ke O kosmos world, and the world is filled with
Evfrosinis peplirote! gladness!
filakis proias, elpisato Israil epi ton from the morning watch until night
Kyrion. – let Israel Hope in the Lord. Idosan Se idata, O Theos, idosan Se The waters beheld Thee, O God, the
Tou Litrotou imon, ipo doulou When our Redeemer was Baptised by idata, ke efovithisan! waters beheld Thee and were afraid!
Vaptizomenou, ke ti tou Pnevmatos His servant, and the Holy Spirit O Iordanis estrafi is ta opiso, The Jordan turned back, seeing the Fire
Parousia martyroumenou, efrixan Appeared and Testified to Him, the Theasamenos to Pir tis Theotitos, of the Godhead descending bodily
orose Angelon Stratie, Foni de Angelic Hosts watched and trembled, somatikos katerhomenon, ke and entering its stream!
Ouranothen inehthi ek Patros. and the Voice from Heaven of the iserhomenon ep’ afton.!
“Outos on O Prodromos hirotheti: Father said: “He, on Whom the O Iordanis estrafi is ta opiso, theoron to The Jordan turned back, beholding the
Iios Mou Iparhi O Agapitos, en O Forerunner lays his hand, is My
Pnevma to Agion, en idi peristeras Holy Spirit coming down like a dove
idokisa!” Hriste O Theos imon: ✞ Beloved Son in Whom I Am Well
katerhomenon, ke periiptamenon Si! and hovering above Thee!
Doxa Si! Pleased!” O Christ our God: ✞ Glory
to Thee! O Iordanis estrafi is ta opiso, oron ton The Jordan turned back, seeing the
aoraton orathenta, ton Ktistin Invisible made visible, the Creator
Oti para to Kyrio to Eleos ke polli par For with the Lord there is Mercy, and
sarkothenta, ton Despotin en doulou made Flesh, the Master in the form
afto Litrosis. Ke aftos Litrosete ton with Him is Abundant Redemption;
morfi! of a servant!
Israil ek pason ton anomion aftou. and He will Redeem Israel from all
his transgressions. O Iordanis estrafi is ta opiso, ke ta ori The Jordan turned back and the
eskirtisan, Theon en sarki mountains skipped, looking upon
Tou Litrotou imon, ipo doulou When our Redeemer was Baptised by
kathoronta, ke nefele fonin edokan, God in the flesh; and the clouds gave
Vaptizomenou, ke ti tou Pnevmatos His servant, and the Holy Spirit
thavmazouse ton paragenomenon, voice, marvelling at Him Who was
Parousia martyroumenou, efrixan Appeared and Testified to Him, the
Fos ek Fotos, Theon Alithnon, ek come, the Light of Light, True God of
orose Angelon Stratie, Foni de Angelic Hosts watched and trembled,
Theou Alithinou, Despotikin Panigirin True God. For today in the Jordan
Ouranothen inehthi ek Patros. Outos and the Voice from Heaven of the
simeron en to Iordani orontes, afton they saw the triumph of the Master;
on O Prodromos hirotheti: “Iios Mou Father said: “He, on Whom the
de ton tis parakois thanaton, ke to tis they saw Him drown in the Jordan
Iparhi O Agapitos, en O idokisa!” Forerunner lays his hand, is My
planis kentron, ke ton tou Adou the death of disobedience, the sting
Hriste O Theos imon: ✞ Doxa Si! Beloved Son in Whom I Am Well
sindesmon en to Iordani vithisanta, of error, and the chains of Hell, and
Pleased!” O Christ our God: ✞ Glory
ke Vaptisma Sotirias to Kosmo bestow upon the world the Baptism
to Thee!
dorisamenon! of Salvation!
Enite ton Kyrion panta ta Ethni! Praise the Lord, all Gentiles! Praise
Othen kago O amartolos ke anaxios Therefore, sinner and unworthy servant
Epenesate Afton pantes i Lai! Him, all you people!
doulos Sou, ta megalia ton though I am, I recount the Majesty of
Ta Iordania rithra, Se tin Pigin edexato, The waters of the Jordan received thee, thavmaton Sou diigoumenos, Thy Wonders and, seized with Fear,
ke O Paraklitos, en idi peristeras Who art the Source, and the sinehomenos fovo, en katanixi voo Si in Compunction, I cry aloud unto
katirheto, klini korifin, O klinas Paraclete, descended like a dove, Thee:
Ouranous, krazi ke voa, pilos to Thou Who bowed the Heavens,
plastourgo. Ti mi epitattis tai per bowed Thy Head. The clay cried out THE PRIEST CONTINUES ALOUD:
eme? Ego hrian eho tou Sou to Thee, the Fashioner, and said:
Vaptismou. O anamartite, Hriste O “Why dost Thou Command me to do
Theos imon: ✞ Doxa Si! what is beyond me? I need Thee to
Megas i, Kyrie, ke thavmasta ta erga Great art Thou, O Lord, and
Baptise me!” O Sinless, Christ our Sou, ke oudis logos exarkesi pros marvellous are Thy Works: no
God: ✞ Glory to Thee! imnon ton thavmasion Sou! words suffice to sing the praise of
Thy Wonders!
Oti Ekrateothi to Eleos Aftou ef’ imas, For His Mercy rules over us; and the
ke i Alithia tou Kyriou meni is ton Truth of the Lord endures forever.
✞ Doxa Si, O Kyrie, Doxa Si! [3] ✞ Glory to Thee, O Lord, Glory to
eona. Thee! [3]

Simeron e Nefele veton Dikeosinis tin Today the Clouds drop down upon Sose voulomenos, ton planithenta Wishing to Save mankind who had gone
anthropotiti Ouranothen Drosizousi! mankind the Dew of Righteousness anthropon, ouk apixiosas doulou astray, Thou did not deem it
from on High! morfin endisasthe. Eprepe gar Si to unworthy to put on the form of a
Simeron O aktistos ipo tou idiou Today the Uncreated of His own Will Despoti, ke Theo, anadexasthe ta servant. It was fitting for Thee, our
imon iper imon. Si gar Vaptisthis Master, to assume what is ours for
plasmatos vouli hirothetite! accepts the laying on of hands from
Saki Litrota, tis afeseos ixiosas imas, our sake! When Thou were Baptised
His own creature!.
dio voomen Si.. Evergeta Hriste O in the Flesh, O Redeemer, Thou
Simeron O Profitis ke Prodromos to Today the Prophet and Forerunner Theos imon: ✞ Doxa Si! granted us Forgiveness. Wherefore,
Despoti proserhete, alla tromo approaches the Master, but stands we exclaim to Thee: O Benefactor,
paristate, oron Theou pros imas before Him with trembling, seeing Christ our God: ✞ Glory to Thee!
sigkatavasin! the Condescencion of God towards ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
Simeron ta tou Iordanou namata is Today the waters of the Jordan are eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
iamata Metapiite, ti tou Kyriou Transformed into healing by the Amin Amen
Parousia! Appearance of our Lord.
Simeron Rithris Mystikis pasa i ktisis Today the entire Creation is Watered by Ipeklinas karan to Prodromo, sinethlasas Thou bowed Thy Head before the
karas to drakonton, epestis en tis Forerunner, Thou crushed the head
ardevete! Mystical Streams!
rithris, Efotisas ta simpanta, tou of the dragon, Thou went to the
Simeron ta ton anthropon ptesmata tis Today the transgressions of mankind Doxazin Se Soir, ton Fotismon ton River, and Thou Enlightened the
idasi tou Iordanou apalifonte! are washed away by the waters of psihon imon. Universe, to Glorify Thee, O Saviour
the Jordan! – the Illumination of our soul!
Simeron O Paradisos ineokte tis Today Paradise has been opened to PRAYER
anthropis, ke O tis Dikeosinis Ilios mankind and the Sun of
Esperas ke proi ke mesimbrias, enoumen, At evening, at morning and at
Katavgazi Imin! Righteousness shines down upon us!
Evlogoumen, Evharistoumen ke midday we Praise, Bless and
Simeron to pikron idor, to epi Moiseos, to Today the bitter water, as once with deometha Sou, Despota ton Apanton, give Thanks, and we pray to
lao is glikitita metapiite, ti tou Kyriou Moses and the people of Israel, is Philanthrope, Kyrie. Ketevthinon tin Thee, O Master of all things,
Parousia! changed to sweetness by the Coming prosevhin imon, os Thimiama Lord Who Loves mankind:
of the Lord! Enopion Sou ke mi ekklinis tas kardias Direct our Prayer before Thee
imon is logous, i is logismous ponirias, like incense, and do not
Simeron tou paleou thrinou apillagimen, Today we have been Released from our alla Rise imas ek panton ton incline our hearts to words or
ke os Neos Israil Diesothimen! Ancient Lamentation, and as the New Thirevonton tas psihas imon. Oti pros thoughts of evil, but Deliver
Israel, we have found Salvation! Se, Kyrie, Kyrie, i ofthalimi imon, ke us from all who hunt our
Simeron tou Skotous Elitrothimen, ke to Today we have been Delivered from epi Si ilpisamen. Mi kateshinis imas,
O Theos imon.
souls. For we look to Thee, O
Lord, our Lord, and we hope
Foti tis Theognosias katavgzometha! Darkness and Illuminated with the in Thee. Put us not to shame,
Light of the Knowledge of God! O our God!
Simeron i ahlis tou kosmou katherete, ti Today the Blinding Mist of the world is ISODOS – THE ENTRANCE
Epifania tou Theou imon! dispersed by the Epiphany of our THE CONGREGATION MUST STAND
Simeron Lampadofeggi pasa i Ktisis Today the whole Creation shines with
Anothen! Light from on High! Evlogimeni i Isiodos PRIESTBlessed is the Entrance
ton Agion Sou. of Your Saints
Simeron i plani katirgite ke Odon imin Today error is laid low and the Coming
Sotirias Ergazete i tou Despotou of the Master has made for us a Way Sofia! Orthi. Wisdom! Rise!
epelefsis! of Salvation! THE EVENING HYMN - TONE 2
Simeron ta Ano tis kato Sineortazi, ke ta Today Things Above keep Feast with BY ST SOPHRONIOS, PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM
kato tis Ano Sinomili! things below, and things below
Commune with Things Above! Fos Ilaron Agias Doxis, Athanatou O Gladsome Radiance of the Holy Glory
Simeron i Iera ke megalofonos ton Today the Triumphant Assembly of the Patros, Ouraniou, Agiou, Makaros, of the Father Immortal, Heavenly,
Orthodoxon Panigiris Agallete! Orthodox keeps this Holy Festival Iisou Hriste! Elthondes epi tin iliou Holy, Blessed Jesus Christ. Now that
with Great Joy!. disin, idontes Fos Esperinon, we have come to the setting of the
Simeron O Despotis pros to Vaptisma Today the Master hastens towards imnoumen ✞ Patera, Ion ke Agion sun and have seen the Evening Light,
Pnevma, Theon. Axion Se en we praise ✞ Father, Son and Holy
epigete, ina Anavivasi pros Ipsos to Baptism that He may lift mankind up
pasi keris imnisthe fones esies, Ie Spirit. For it is worthy that at all

Theou, Zoin O didous dio O kosmos times Thou should be praised by THE PRAYER OF ST SOPHRONIOS, PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM
the Giver of Life. For which cause the Trias iperousie, iperagathe,iperthee, PRIEST O Trinity Supreme in Being, in
Universe Glorifies Thee! pantodiname, pantepiskope, aorate, Goodness, and in Godhead,
THE PROPHECY OF GENESIS 1: 1 – 13 akatalipte Dimiourge ton noeron Almighty, Who watches over all,
GENESEOS to anagnosma The Reading from T H E B O O K O F
READER ousion, ke ton logikon fiseon, i emitos invisible, incomprehensible, Maker of
GENESIS. agathotis, to Fos to aprositon, to Spiritual Beings and rational natures,
Sofia! Proshomen!
P RIE ST Wisdom! Let us attend!
fotizon panta anthropon erchomenon innate Goodness, Unapproachable
is ton kosmon, lampson kami to Light that Enlightens every one who
anaxio doulo Sou. comes into the world: shine also
En arhi epiisen O Theos ton Ouranon ke R EADER In the beginning God created upon me, Thine unworthy servant.
tin Gin. Heaven and Earth. Fotison mou tis dianias ta ommata, opos Enlighten the eyes of my understanding
I de Gi in aoratos ke akataskefastos - ke And the Earth was invisible and animnise tolmiso tin amtron that I may make bold to sing the
skotos epano tis avissou, ke Pnevma unfinished - and darkness was over evergesian ke Dinamin. Praises of Thine Infinite Beneficence
Theou epefereto epano tou idatos. the deep, and the Spirit of God and Might.
hovered over the face of the water. Evprosdektos genestho i par’ emou disis, May the Prayers be acceptable that I
Ke ipen O Theos: “Genithito fos!” ke And God said: “Let there be light!” and dia ton parestota laon, opos ta offer for the people here present.
egeneto fos. Ke iden O Theos to fos, there was light. And God beheld the plimmelimata mou mi kolisosin Let not my faults hinder Thy Holy
oti kalon. light, for it was good. enthade paragenesthe to Agion Sou Spirit from coming to this place, but
Pnevma, alla sighorison mi suffer me now uncondemned to cry
Ke dihorisen O Theos ana meson tou And God divided the light from the
akatakritos voan Si, ke legin ke nin, to Thee, O Most Good Lord, and to
fotos, ke anameson to skotous. Ke darkness. And God called the light Iperagathe. say:
ekalesen O Theos to fos ‘Imeran’ ke to ‘Day’ and the darkness He called
skotos ekalese ‘Nikta’. Ke egeneto ‘Night.’ And there was evening and ✞Doxazomen Se, Despota Filanthrope, ✞ We Glorify Thee, O Master Who
espera, ke egento proi - imera mia. morning – one day. Pantokrator, Proeonie Vasilef! Lovest mankind, Almighty, Pre-
Eternal King!.
Ke ipen O Theos: “Genithito stereoma And God said: “Let there be a
en meso tou idatos, ke esto firmament in the midst of the ✞Doxazomen Se ton Ktistin ke ✞ We Glorify Thee, Oe Creator and
diahorizon ana meson idatos ke water, and let it divide the water Dimiourgon tou pantos! Maker of all!
idatos!” from the water.” ✞Doxazomen Se, Ie tou Theou ✞ We Glorify Thee, O Only Begotten
Ke egeneto outo. Ke epiisen O Theos to And it was so. And God made the Monogenes, ton apatora ek Mitros, ke Son of God, Born without Father
steroma. Ke dihorisen O Theos ana firmament. And God divided the amitora ek Patros! from Thy Mother, and without
meson tou idatos tou epano tou water under the firmament from the Mother from Thy Father!
stereomatos. Ke ana meson tou water above the firmament. And the En gar ti prolavousi Eorti Nipion Se In the preceding Feast we beheld Thee
idatos, tou ipokato tou steromatos. Ke water under the firmament was idomen. En de ti parousi telion Se as an Infant, while in the present we
ekalese O Theos to stereoma, separated from the water above the oromen, ton ek Teliou Telion behold Thee full-grown, our God
‘Ouranon,’ ke iden O Theos, oti firmament. And God called the Epifanenta Theon imon. made manifest, Perfect God from
Kalon. Ke egeneto espera, ke egeneto firmament ‘Heaven’ and God saw Perfect God.
proi - imera deftera. that it was Good. And there was
evening and morning – the second Simeron gar O tis Eortis imin epesti For today the time of the Feast is at
day. keros, ke horos Agion Ekklisiazi imin, hand for us: the Choir of Saints
ke Angeli meta anthropon assembles with us and Angels join
Ke ipen O Theos: “Sinahthito to idor to And God said: “Let the water under
sineortazousi. with mankind in keeping Festival.
ipokato tou Ouranou is sinagogin Heaven be gathered together into
mian, ke ofthito i xira.” one place, and let the dry land Simeron i Haris tou Agiou Pnevmatos en Today the Grace of the Holy Spirit, like
appear.” idi peristeras, tis idasin epefitise! a dove, descended upon the waters!
Ke egeneto outo. Ke sinihthi to idor to And it was so. And the water under Simeron O Aditos Ilios anetile, ke O Today the Sun that never sets has risen
ipokato tou Ouranou is tas sinagogas Heaven was gathered into its places, Kosmos to Foti Kyriou katavgazete! and the world is filled with
afton, ke ofthi i xira. Ke ekalesen O and the dry land appeared. And God Splendour by the Light of the Lord.
Theos tin xiran, ‘Gin.’ Ke ta sistimata called the dry land ‘Earth,’ and the Simeron i selini lampres tes aktisi to Today the Moon shines upon the world
ton idaton ekalese, ‘Thalassas.’ Ke gathering together of the waters He kosmo sineklamprinete! with the Brightness of its Rays.
iden O Theos, oti kalon. called ‘Seas.’ And God behld it, for
it was good. Simeron i Fotidis Asteres ti fedrotiti tis Today the glittering stars make the
lampseos tin ikoumenin kallopizousi! inhabited Earth fair with the
radiance of their sparkle!

Amin PEOPLE Amen Ke ipen O Theos: “Vlastisato i gi And God said: “Let the Earth bring
✞ Tis Panagias, ahrantou, ipere PRIEST ✞ Commemorating our All Holy, Votanin hortou, spiron sperma kata forth the herb of grass, bearing
genos ke kath omiotita, ke xilon seed according its kind and
vlogimenis, endoxou Despinis imon Pure, Most Blessed and Glorious
karpimon pioun karpon, ou to likeness. Let the fruit tree bear
Theotokou ke aiparthenou Marias Lady, Theotokos and Ever Virgin
sperma aftou en afto, kata genos fruit, whose seed is in itself
meta panton ton Agion Maria, with all the Saints, let us
epi tis gis.” according to its kind on Earth.”
Mnimonefsantes, eaftous ke allilous entrust ourselves and one another
ke pasan tin zoin imon Hristo to Theo and our whole life to Christ our God. Ke egeneto outo. Ke exinegken i Gi And it was so. And the Earth brought
parathometha. votnin hortou, spiron sperma kata forth the herb of grass, bearing seed
✞Si Kyrie PEOPLE To Thee, O Lord! genos ke kath omiotita ke xilon according to its kind and likeness,
karpimon pioun karpon, ou to and the fruit tree bore fruit, whose
THE PRIEST CONTINUES TO PRAY QUIETYLY: sperma aftou en afto, kata genos epi seed is in itself according to its kind
Kyrie Isou Hriste, O Monogenis Ios, O on is O Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten tis gis. Ke iden O Theos, oti kalon. on Earth. And God beheld it, for it
ton kolpon tou Patros, O Alithinos Son, Who art in the Bosom of the was good.
Theos, i Pigi tis Zois ke tis Athanasias, Father, the True God, Source of Life,
to Fos to ek tou Fotos, O elthon is ton and of Immortality; Light of Light, Who Ke egeneto espera, ke egeneto proi, And evening and morning were the
kosmon tou Fotise Afton. art come into the world to Illuminate imera triti. third day.
Katavgason imon tin dianian to Agio Sou Enlighten our mind with Thy Holy Spirit
Pnevmati, ke prosdexe imas, and accept us who offer unto Thee 1. Epefanis en to kosmo, O ton Kosmon 1. Thou Appeared in the world, even
Megalosinin ke Efharistian Si Majesty and Thanksgiving for Thy piisas, as the Creator of the world,
prosagontas, epi tis ap’ eonos Marvellous Mighty Works, which are
Thavmastis Sou Megalourgimasi, ke ti from all Eternity; as, also, for Thy
Ina Fotisis tous en Skoti kathimenous. To Illumine those who sit in Darkness.
ep’ Eshaton ton Eonon Sotirio Sou Saving Providence in these latter Filanthope: ✞ Doxa Si! O Lord, Who Loves mankind: ✞
Ikonomia, en i to asthenes imon ke ages, in which Thou hast clothed Glory to Thee!
ptohon perivallomenos firama, ke is Thyself in our frail and lowly
tis doulias metris sigkation, O ton substance, and hast Condescended
2. Theos iktirise imas ke Evlogise imas. 2. May God be Gracious to us, and
apanton Vasilefs, eti ke douliki hiri en to the stature of a servant; Who yet art Epifane to prosopon aftou ef’ Bless us. May He cause His Face
to Iordani Vaptisthine katedexo, ina King of all: Who also didst receive imas ke Eleise imas. ✶ to shine upon us, and have Mercy
tin ton idaton fisin Agiasas O Baptism in Jordan at the hands of a on us. ✶
anamartitos, odopiisis imin tin di servant: that Thou, O Sinless, having 3. Tou gnone en ti Gi tin Odon Sou, en 3. That we may know His Way on the
idatos ke Pnevmatos anagennisin, ke Sanctified the nature of water, might pasin Ethnesi to Sotirion Sou. ✶ Earth, Thy Salvation among all
pros tin protin imas apokatastisis make for us a Way that should be Gentiles. ✶
Eleftherian, unto a New Birth, through Water and
the Spirit, and unto the Deliverance 4. Exomologisasthosan Si lai, O Theos, 4. Let the people Confess Thee, O God.
Thou first instituted for us. Exomologisasthosan Si lai pantes! Let all the people Confess Thee!
Ou tinos Thiou Mistiriou tin anamnisin Celebrating the memory of which Divine Ti edoke ton karpon Aftis! ✶ The Earth has yielded her Fruit! ✶
eortazontes, deometha Sou
filanthrope Despota. Ranon ef’ imas
Mystery, we beseech Thee, O Lord
Who Lovest mankind, sprinkle us,
5. Evlogise imas O Theos, O Theos 5. May God, our God, Bless us! May
tous anaxious doulous Sou, kata tin Thine unworthy servants, according imon. Evlogie imas O Theos, ke God Bless us, and let all the ends
thian Sou Epangelian Idor Katharsion, to Thy Divine Promise, with Pure fovithitosan afton panta ta perata of the Earth Fear Him! ✶
tis Sis Evsplaghnias tin Dorean, Water, Thy Compassionate Gift. tis Gis. ✶
Is to epi to idati touto tin etisin imon ton May the Supplications of us sinners over ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
amartolon evprosdekton genesthe tin this Holy Water be well pleasing unto ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
si Agathotiti, ke tin Evlogian Sou di Thy Goodness: and may Thy Blessing eonon.
aftou imin te, ke panti to Pisto Sou
forever, and to the Ages of ages.
through it be vouchsafed unto us, and
Haristhine lao, is Doxan tou Agiou ke unto all Thy Faithful people, to the Amin Amen
Proskinitou Sou Onomatos. Glory of Thy Holy and Adorable
6. Epefanis en to kosmo, O ton Kosmon 6. Thou Appeared in the world, even
Si gar prepi pasa Doxa, Timi, ke For unto Thee belongeth all Glory, piisas, ✶ as the Creator of the world, ✶
Proskinisis, sin to Anarho Sou Patri, ke Honour and Worship, together with THE PROPHECY OF THE FOURTH BOOK OF KINGS (1 KINGS 2 : 6 – 14)
to Panagio, ke Agatho ke Zoopio Sou Thy Beginningless, Eternl Father, and
Pnevmati, nin ke ai, ke is tous eonas Thine All Holy and Good and Life- Sofia! Proshomen! PR IE ST Wisdom! Let us attend!
ton eonon. giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto
Ages of Ages. Ipen Ilias to Elissee:
Kathou di entavtha, RE ADER Elijah said to Elisha: “Tarry
Amin Amen oti Kyrios apestalke me eos tou here, I beseech Thee; for the Lord has
Iordanou. sent me to the Jordan.”

Ke ipen Elissee: “Si Kyrie, ke Si i psihi And Elisha said: “As the Lord lives, and Iper tou Fotisthine imas Fotismon That we may be Enlightened by the
Sou, i egkatalipso Se!” as Thou Thyself live, I will not leave Gnoseos ke Evsevias dia tis Epifitiseos Light of Knowledge and True
Thee!” tou Agiou Pnevmatos, tou Kyriou Worship, by the Descent of the Holy
Ke eporevthisan amfoteri. And the two of them went on. deithomen Spirit, let us pray to the Lord

Ke pentikonta andres apo ton iion ton And fifty men of the sons of the
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
Profiton ilthon, ke estisan ex enantias Prophets also went, and stood at Iper tou genithine to idor touto, That this Water may become a Gift for
makrothen, amfoteri de estisan epi some distance from them, as they Agiasmou Doron, amartimaton Sanctification, Redemption of sins,
tou Iordanou. both were standing by the Jordan. Litirion, is iasin psihis ke somatos, ke for the Healing of the soul and body,
Ke elaven Ilias tin milotin aftou, ke ilisen And Elijah took his mantle, and rolled pros pasan ofelian epitidion, tou and for every meet benefit, let us
Kyriou deithomen pray to the Lord
aftin, ke epataxen en afti ta idata, ke it up, and struck the water, and the
diirethi to idor enthen ke enthen, ke water was parted to the one side and Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
dievisan amfoteri dia xiras. to the other, until the two of them Iper tou genesthe afto, idor allomenon is That this Water may be beneficial for
could go over on dry ground.
Zoin Eonion, tou Kyriou deithomen Eternal Life, let us pray to the Lord
Ke egeneto os diilthon, ipen Ilias to And when they had crossed, Elijah said Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
Elissee: “Etise, ti piiso Si, prin i to Elisha: “Ask what I shall do for you
analifthine me apo Sou.” before I am taken from you.” Iper tou anadihthine afto, apotropeon That it may drive away all the cunning
Ke ipen Elissee: “Genithoto di to Pnevma And Elisha said: “I pray Thee: let me pasis epivoulis oraton ke aoraton devices of our enemies, visible and
ehthron, tou Kyriou deithomen invisible, let us pray to the Lord
to epi Si dissos ep emi. “ inherit a double share of Thy spirit.
Ke ipen Ilias: Esklirinas tou etisasthe. And Elijah said: “Thou hast asked a
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
Plin, ean idis me analavanomenon difficult thing; yet, if Thou see me as Iper ton antlounton ke arvomenon ex That it may Bless those who drink
apo Sou, este Si outos, ean de mi idis, I am being taken from Thee, it shall aftou is Agiasmon ikon, tou Kyriou therefrom and take home for the
ou mi genite. be so for Thee; but if Thou dost not deithomen Sanctification of their homes, let us
see me, it shall not be so.” pray to the Lord
Ke egeneto afton porevomenon ke And as they still went on and talked, Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
lalounton, ke idou Arma Pyros, ke behold, a Chariot of Fire and Horses Iper tou genesthe afto, is katharismon That it may be for those who drink and
Ippi Pyros, ke diehorisen anameson of Fire separated the two of them.
psihon ke somaton pasi tis arnomenis receive therefrom in Faith, a
Pisti, ke Matalamvanousin ex aftou, Purification for their souls and
Ke anelifthi Ilias en Sissismo, os is ton And Elijah went up by a Whirlwind into tou Kyriou deithomen. bodies, let us pray to the Lord
Ouranon. Heaven. Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
Ke Elissee eora, ke aftos evoa: Pater! And Elisha saw it and he cried: “Father! Iper tou kataxiothine imas, emplisthine That we may be worthy to be filled with
Pater! Arma Israil ke Ippefs aftou!” Father! The Chariots of Israel and its
Agiasmou, dia tis ton idaton touton Sanctification, as we receive of these
metalipseos, ti aorato epifania tou waters, by the Appearance of the
Ke ouk iden afton ouk eti. And he saw him no more. Agiou Pnevmatos, ton Kyriou Holy Spirit, in an invisible manner,
Ke ekratisen Elissee tou imatiou aftou, And Elisha took hold of his own clothes deithomen let us pray to the Lord
ke dierrixen afto is dio. and rent them in two. Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]

Ke anileto tin milotin Iliou Elissee, tin And Elisha picked up the mantle of Iper tou isakouse Kyrion ton Theon Fonis That the Lord answer the voice of our
pesousan epanothen aftou. Ke Elijah that had fallen from him, and tis Deiseos imon ton amartolon, ke beseeching, even of us who are
epestrepsen Elissee, ke esti epi tou stood on the bank of the Jordan. Eleise imas, tou Kyriou deithomen sinners, and have mercy upon us, let
hilous tou Iordanou, us pray to the Lord
Ke elaven Elissee tin milotin Iliou, tin And Elisha took the mantle of Elijah Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
pesousan epanothen aftou ke epataxe that had fallen from him, and struck Iper tou risthine imas apo pasis PRIEST For our Deliverance from all
ta idata, ke ou diirethi, ke ipen Elisee: the water, and they did not part.
thlipseos, orgis, kindinou ke anangis, affliction, wrath, danger and
Pou estin O Theos Ilious Apfo? And Elisha said: “Where is the Lord,
tou Kyriou deithomen necessity, let us pray to the Lord
the God of Elijah, Appho?”
Ke epataxen Elissee ta idata ek defterou, And so Elisha struck the waters, and
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
ke diirethi ta idata, ke diilthe dia the waters were parted to the one Antilavou Soson, Eleison ke Diafilaxon PRIEST Help us, Save us, have Mercy upon
xiras. side and to the other; and Elisha imas O Theos, ti Si Hariti. us, and Protect us, O God, by Thy
went over on dry ground. Grace.

Iper tis irinis tou simpantos kosmou, PRIEST For the peace of the whole world,
efsthias ton Agion tou Theou for the well-being of the Holy 1. Amartolis ke telones, dia plithous 1. By the greatness of Thy Mercy,
Ekklision ke tis ton panton enoseaos Churches of God, and for the Union eleous Sou Epefanis Sotir imon, Thou, O Saviour, showed Thyself
tou Kyriou deithomen... of all, let us pray to the Lord. to sinners and Publicans. ✶
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] Pou gar ihe to Fos Sou lampse, imi tis Where else was Thy Light to shine, if
Iper tou Agiou Ikou toutou ke ton meta PRIEST For this Holy Temple, and for those
en skoti kathimenis: ✞ Doxa Si! not among those who sit in
pisteos, evlavias ke fovou Theou who enter with Faith, reverence and Darkness? ✞ Glory to Thee!
isionton en afto, tou Kyriou the fear of God, let us pray to the 2. O Kyrios Evasilefsen, evprepian 2. The Lord Reigns – He clothes
deithomen... Lord. enedisato. ✶ Himself with Majesty! ✶
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] 3. Epiran i potami, Kyrie, epiran i 3. The Rivers, O Lord, lift up! The
Iper tou Arhiepiskopou imon (Sergiou,) PRIEST For our Archbishop (Sergios), for potami fonas afton!.✶ Rivers lift up their voices! ✶
tou timiou Presviteriou, tis en Hristo the venerable Priesthood of the 4. Thavmasti i meteorismi tis thalassis, 4. Marvellous are the billows of the
Diakonias, pantos tou Klirou ke tou Diaconate in Christ, for all the clergy Thavmastos en ipsilis O Kyrios✶ sea! Wondrous is the Lord on
laou tou Kyriou deithomen. and the laity, let us pray to the Lord. High! ✶
Kyrie eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] 5. To Iko Sou prepi Agiasma, Kyrie, is 5. Holiness is proper to Thine House,
Iper tis poleos taftis, pasis poleos, horas, PRIEST For this city, and for every city and makrotita imeron.✶ O Lord, unto length of days.✶
ke ton pisti ikounton en aftes tou country, and for the Faithful who ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Kyriou deithomen. dwell therein, let us pray to the Lord ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.

Iper efkrasias aeron, eforias ton karpon PRIEST For seasonable weather, for the Amin Amen
tis gis ke keron irinikon tou Kyriou abundance of the fruits of the earth, 6. Amartolis ke telones, dia plithous 6. By the greatness of Thy Mercy,
deithomen. and for peaceful times, let us pray to eleous Sou epefanis Sotir imon, ✶ Thou, O Saviour, showed Thyself
the Lord to sinners and Publicans. ✶
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] THE PROPHECY OF THE BOOK OF KINGS - (1 KINGS 5 : 9 – 14)
Iper pleonton, odiporounton,nosounton, PRIEST For those at sea, and those who Sofia! Proshomen! PR IE ST Wisdom! Let us attend!
kamnonton, ehmaloton ke tis Sotirias travel by land or air, for the sick and
afton tou Kyriou deithomen. the suffering, for captives Paregeneto Neeman, Arhon Vasileos RE ADER So Naaman went with his
and for their Salvation, let us pray to
Assirion, Sin tis armasin aftou ke horses and chariots, and halted at
the Lord
ippis aftou, ke esti epi tis thiras tou the door of Elisha’s house.
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] ikou Elisee.
Iper tou Agiasthine to idor touto, ti That this Water be Sanctified by the Ke apestilen Elisee angelon pros afton, And Elisha sent a messenger to him,
Dinami ke evergia ke epifitisi tou Power, Act, and Descent of the Holy legon: “Porevthis, louse en to Iordani saying: “Go and wash in the Jordan
Agiou Pnematos, tou Kyriou Spirit, let us pray to the Lord eptakis, keepistrepi i sarx Sou epi Si, seven times, and thy flesh shall be
deithomen. ke katharisthisi.” restored, and thou shalt be clean.”
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] Ke ethimothi Neeman, ke apilthe, ke And Naaman was angered, and went
ipen: Idou di elegon, oti exelefsete away, saying: “Behold, I thought that
Iper tou katafitise tis idasi toutis, tin That in this Water may be planted the
pros me, ke epikalesete en onomati he would surely come out to me, and
kathartikin tis iperousiou Triados Action of Purification which
Kyriou tou Theou aftou, ke epithisi stand, and call on the Name of the
energian, tou Kyriou deithomen belongeth to the Trinity
tin hira aftou epi to lepron, ke Lord his God, and wave his hand
transcendent in Essence, let us pray
aposinaxiafto apo tis sarkos mou, ouk over the place, and cure the leper.
to the Lord
Agathos avana ke farfa, potami Are not Aban and Pharpar the rivers
Kyrie Eleison [3] Lord have Mercy [3]
PEOPLE Damaskou, iper ton Iordanin, ke iper of Damascus, better than all the
panta ta idata Israil? Ouhi porevthis waters of Israel? Could I not wash in
Iper tou dorithine aftis tin Harin tis That it may be granted the Grace of
lousome en aftis, ke katharisthisome? them, and be clean?”
Apolitroseos, tin Evlogian tou Redemption and the Blessing of the
Iordanou, tou Kyriou deithomen. Jordan, let us pray to the Lord Ke apestrepse ke apilthen en Thimo. And he turned and went away in a rage.
Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3] Ke prosilthon i pedes aftou, ke ipon pros And his children went and said to him:
afton: “Pater, i megan Logon elalise “Father, if the Prophet had
pros Se O Profitis, ouk an epiisas? Ke commanded thee to do some great

oti ipe pros Se, louse ke katharisthit?” thing, would thou not have done it? Ke pantes is ton Moisin Evaptisanto en ti And all in Moses were Baptised, in the
How much rather then, when he says
Nefeli ke en ti thalassi. Cloud, and in the sea.
to thee: ‘Wash, and be clean.’?”
Ke katevi Neeman ke evaptisato en to And Naaman went down and immersed Ke pantes to afto Vroma Pnevmatiknon And all ate the same Spiritual Food, and
efagon, ke pantes to afto Poma all drank the same Spiritual Drink.
Iordani eptakis kata to rima tou himself seven times in the Jordan
Pnevmatikon epion.
Anthropou tou Theou, ke epestrepsen river, according to the word of the
i sarx aftou ep afton os pedariou Man of God; and his flesh was Epinon gar ek Pnematikis akolouthousis For they drank of the Spiritual Rock
mikrou, ke ekatharisthi. restored like the flesh of a little Petras, i de Petra in O Hristos. that followed them, and the Rock
child, and he was cleansed. was Christ.
Festal Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Exirefxato i kardia mou logon Agathon, My heart overflows with a Good Word!
THE PRIEST QUIETLY PRAYS: leo ego ta erga mou to vsili, i glossa I tell my Works to the King; my
O Theos O Agios, O en Agiis Holy God, Thou dwell among Thy Saints. mou kalamos grammteos oxigrfou. tongue is the pen of a swift
anapavomenos, O Trisagio Foni ipo Thou art praised by the Seraphim scrivener!
ton Serphim animnoumenos ke ipo with the Thrice Holy Hymn and
ton Herouvim Doxologoumenos, ke Glorified by the Cherubim and Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
ipo pasis Epouraniou Dinameos worshipped by all he Heavenly
proskinoumenos O ek tou mi ontos is Powers. Thou has brought all things
Oreos kalli pa tous iious ton nthropon, Thou art more Beautiful than the sons
to ine paragagon ta simpanta out of nothingness into being. eehithi hris en hilesi Sou. Dia touto of mankind. Grace was poured out
O ktisas ton Anthropon ket’ ikona Sin ke Thou hast created mankind in Thine Evlogise Se o Theos is ton eona. upon Thy Lips! Therefore, God
omiosin ke panti Sou Harismati. Image and Likeness, and adorned Blessed Thee forever!
Katakosmisas, O didous etounti Sofian ke them with all the Gifts of Thy Grace. Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Sinesin, ke mi paroron amartanonta, Thou granted Wisdom and
alla themenos epi Sotiria metanian, Understanding to the supplicant, and
dost not overlook the sinner, but hast Ek tou kata Markon Agiou Engeliou to PRIEST The Lesson form the Holy Gospel
established Repentance as the Way of anagnosma. of Mark
Salvation. Proshomen! PRIEST Let us attend!
O kataxiosas imas, tous tapinous ke Thou hast enabled us, Thy lowly and ✞ Doxa Si, O Theos, Doxa Si! PEOPLE ✞ Glory to Thee, O Lord, Glory to
anaxious doulous Sou, ke en ti ora unworthy servants, to stand at this Thee!
tafti stine katenopion tis Doxis tou Hour before the Glory of Thy Holy
Agiou Sou Thisiastiriou, ke tin Altar, and to offer to Thee all due Ke egeneto en ekines tes imeres ilthen O PRIESTAnd it came to pass in those days,
ofilomenin Si proskinisin ke Worship and Praise. Iisous apo Nazaret tis Galileas ke Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee,
Doxologian prosagin. Evaptisthi ipon Ioannou is ton and was Baptised by John in the
Aftos, Despota, prosdexe ke ek stomatos O Master, accept the Thrice Holy Hymn Iordani. Jordan.
imon ton amartolon ton Trisagion also from the lips of us sinners, and
imnon ke episkepe imas en ti hristotit Visit us in Thy Goodness. Ke evtheos anavenon apo tou idatos ide And forthwith coming up out of the
Sou. Sighorison imin pan Forgive our voluntary and involuntary shizomenous tous Ouranous ke to water, He saw the Heavens opened,
plimmelima, ekousion te ke akousion, transgressions, Sanctify our soul and Pnevma os peristeran katavenon ep’ and the Spirit as a dove descending,
Agiason imon tas psihas ke ta somata body, and grant that we may worship afton. and remaining on Him.
ke dos imin en osiotiti latrevin Si and ser Thee in Holiness all the days
pasas tas imeras tis Zois imon, of our life, by the Intercessions of the
Ke Foni egeneto ek ton Ouron: Si I O Ios And there came a Voice from Heaven:
presvies tis Agias Theotokou, ke Holy Theotokos, and of all the Saints, Mou O Agapitos en Si Nidokisa. Thou art My Beloved Son; in Thee I
panton ton Agion, ton ap’ eonos Si who have pleased Thee throughout am well pleased.
evarestisanton... the ages...
THE TRISAGION OR THRICE HOLY HYMN ✞ Doxa Si, O Kyrie, Doxa Si! PEOPLE ✞ Glory to Thee, O Lord, Glory to
✞Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros, Agios ✞ Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Thee!
Athanatos, eleison imas. [3] Immortal, have mercy upon us [3] THE GREAT SYNAPTE/PETITIONS
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, En irini tou Kyriou deithomen PRIEST In peace let us pray to the Lord
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, Now and
eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
Kyrie Eleison PEOPLE Lord have Mercy

Amin Amen Iper tis anothen irinis ke tis sotirias ton PRIEST For the peace from above and for

psihon imon, tou Kyriou deithomen... the Salvation of our souls, let us
✞Agios Athanatos, eleison imas. ✞ Holy Immortal, have mercy upon us pray to the Lord.
Dynamis! P R I E S T With Strength! Kyrie Eleison [3] PEOPLE Lord have Mercy [3]
Mou, o ean exelthi ek tou Stomatos the eater, so shall My Word be, THE CONGREGATION MUST STAND
Mou, ou mi apostrafi, eos an telesthi which shall go forth from My Mouth:
osa an ithelisa, ke evodoso tas odous it shall not return to Me void, but it Dynamis! CHO IR With Strength!
Sou, ke ta entalmata Mou. shall do whatsoever I please, and ✞ Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros, Agios PEO PLE ✞ Holy God,
Holy Mighty,
shall prosper in the Things for which Holy Immortal, have mercy on us
Athanatos, eleison imas
I sent It.
En gar evfrosini exelvsesthe, ke en Hara For you shall go out with Joy, and be
didahthisesthe. Ta gar ori ke i vouni led forth with Peace: the mountains Kyrios Fotismos mou ke Sotir mou, tina R EAD ER The Lord is my Light and My
exalounte prosdehomeni imas en and the hills shall sing praise before fovithisome? Salvation: whom shall I fear?
hara, ke panta ta xila, tou agrou you, and all the trees of the country Proshomen! PR IEST Let us attend
epikrotisi tis kladis. shall clap their hands.
Kyrios iperaspistis tis Zois mou, apo R EAD ER The Lord is
the Protector of
Ke anti tis stivis anavisete kiparissos, Instead of the shrub, shall come up the tinos diliaso? my life: of whom shall I be afraid?
anti de tis konizis anavisete mirsini. fir tree, and instead of the nettle,
Ke este Kyrios is Onoma, ke is Simion shall come the myrtle tree: and the Sofia! PR IEST Wisdom!
Eonion, ke ouk eklipsi. Lord shall be named for an
Everlasting Sign, that shall not be THE APOSTOLOS – THE EPISTLE
taken away.
Sofia! Proshomen! Wisdom! Let us attend! ST PAUL’S FIRST EPISTLE TO THE CORINTHIANS 9 : 19 – 27
Profitias Iseou to Anagnosma The Reading from the Prophecy of OB LIGATIONS AND SP IRITUAL D ISCIPLINE

Isaiah Pros Korinthious A Epistolis Pavlou to R EAD ER The Reading from the First
Proshomen! Let us attend! anagnosma. Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians

Tade legi Kyrios: Antlisate idor met’ These things the Lord doth say: Thou
Proshomen! PR IEST Let us attend
evfrosinis ek ton pigon tou sotiriou. shalt draw waters with Joy out of the
Ke eris en ti imera ekini, imnite Saviour’s Fountains: and ye shalt Adelphi, eleftheros gar on ek panton R EAD ER :Brethren, although I am free
Kyrion, voate to Onoma Aftou, say in that day: Praise ye the Lord, pasin emafton edoulosa, ina tous from all men, I have made myself a
anagilate en tis ethnesi ta evdoxa and call upon His Name: make His plionas kerdiso. slave to all, that I might win the
aftou. Mimniskesthe, oti ipsothi to Works known among the people: more.
Onoma Aftou. Imnisate to Onoma remember that His Name is High. Ke egenomin tis Ioudeis os Ioudeos, ina To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order
Kyriou, oti ipsila epiisen. Anangilate Sing ye to the Lord, for He hath done
Ioudeous kerdiso. to win Jews.
tafta en pasi ti Gi. Great Things: show this forth in all
the Earth. Tis ipon Nomon os ipo Nomon, ina tous To those under the law I became as one
ipo Nomon kerdiso. under the Law—although not being
Agalliasthe ke efrenesthe i katikountes Rejoice, and praise, O thou habitation
myself under the Law—that I might
Sion, oti ipothi O Agios tou Israil en of Zion: for Great is He that is in the
win those under the Law.
meso aftis. midst of thee, the Holy One of Israel.
PROKEIMENON – PSALM 26/27 – TONE 3 Ti anomis os anomos - mi on anomos To those outside the Law I became as
Theo all ennomos Hristo, ina kerdiso one outside the Law—not being
Kyrios fotismos mou ke Sotir mou. Tina The Lord is my Light and my Salvation; anomou. without Law toward God but under
fovithisome? whom shall I fear? the Law of Christ that I might win
STIHOS Kyrios iperaspistis tis Zois mou, ao The Lord is the Strength of my Life;
VERSE those outside the Law.
tinos diliaso? of whom shall I be afraid? Egenomin tis asthenesin os asthenis, ina To the weak I became weak, that I
THE FIRST EPISTLE OF ST PAUL TO THE CORINTHIANS 10 : 1 – 4 tous asthenis kerdiso. might win the weak.
Pros Korinthious Α - Epistolis Pavlou READER The Lesson from the First Epistle Tis pasi gegona ta panta, ina pantos I have become all things to all men, so
of the Holy Apostle Paul to the tinas Soso. that I might by all means Save some.
Proshomen! PRIEST Let us attend! Touto de pio dia to Evangelion, ina I do it all for the sake of the Gospel, that
sigkinonos aftou genome. I may share in its blessings.

Adelphi: Ou thelo de imas agnoin, oti i READER Brethren, I would not have you Ouk idate oti i en stadio trehontes Do you not know that in a race all the
Pateres imon pantes ipo tin Nefelin ignorant, that our Fathers were all pantes men trehoousin, is de lamvani runners compete, but only one
isan, ke pantes dia tis thalassis under the Cloud, and all passed to vravion? receives the prize?
diilthon. through the sea. Outo trehete, ina katalavite. So run that you may obtain it.

Pas de O agonizomenos panta Every athlete exercises self-control in all
egkratevete, ekini men oun ina things. They do it to receive a Sofia! Wisdom!
ftharton stefanon lavosin, imis de perishable wreath, but we an Profitias Iseou to Anagnosma The Reading from the Prophecy of
aftharton. imperishable. Isaiah

Ego tinin outo teho, os ouk adilos. Outo Well, I do not run aimlessly, I do not
Proshomen! Let us attend!
piktevo, os ouk aera deron, all box as one beating the air; but I
ipopiazo mou to soma ke doulagogo, pommel my body and subdue it, lest
Tade legi Kyrios: I dipsontes, porefesthe These things the Lord doth say: All
mipos allis kirixas aftos adokimos after preaching to others I myself ef idor, ke osi mi ehete argirion, that thirst, come to the waters: and
genome. should be disqualified. Badisantes agorasate, ke fagete anev you that have no money, make haste,
argiriou ke timis inon ke stear. buy and eat: come ye, buy wine and
milk without money, and without
Irini Si to anaginoskonti. Peace be to you the Reader any price.
Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Inati timasthe argiriou, ke ton mohthon Why do you spend money for that
Exirevxato i kardia mou logon agathon. My heart overflows with a Good Word. imon ouk is plismonin? which is not bread, and your labour
for that which doth not satisfy you?
Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Akousate mou, ke fagesthe agatha, ke Hearken diligently to me, and eat that
Oreos kalli para tous iious ton Thou art more beautiful than the sons entrifisi en agathis is psihi imon. which is good, and your soul shall be
anthropon. of men. delighted in fatness.
Allilouia! Allilouia! Allilouia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia Prosehete tis osin imon, ke Incline your ear and come to me: hear
THE HOLY GOSPEL epaklouthisate tes odis mou: and your soul shall live, and I will
✶✶ THE CONGREGATION MUST STAND FOR THE HOLY GOSPEL✶ ✶ Isakousate mou, ke zisete en aga this make an everlasting Covenant with
i psihi imon, ke diathisome imin you, the faithful mercies of David.
PRAYER OF THE GOSPEL diathikin eonion, ta osia David ta
IN OUR HEART!! Idou, martirion en ethnesin edoka afton, Behold I have given him for a witness to
Ellampson en tes kardies imon, Shine within our heart, O Loving Master, arhonta ke prostassonta ethnesin. the people, for a leader and a master
Philantrope Despota, to tis Sis the Pure Light of Thy Divine Ethni a ouk idasi se, epiklesonte se, ke to the Gentiles. Behold thou shalt
Theognosias akiraton Fos, ke tous tis Knowledge and open the eyes of our lai i ouk epistante se? Epi se call a nation, which thou knewest
dianias imon ofthalmous dianixon is mind that we may comprehend the katafivxonte, eneken Kyriou tou not: and the nations that knew not
tin ton Evangelikon Sou kirigmaton Message of Thy Gospel. Instil in us Theou Sou tou Agiou Israil, oti thee shall run to thee, because of the
katanoisin. Evthes imin ke ton ton also Reverence for Thy Blessed
edoxase se. Lord thy God, and for the Holy One
Makarion Sou Entolon Fovon, ina tas Commandments, so that, having
of Israel, for He hath glorified Thee.
sarkikas epithimias pasas conquered all sinful desires, we may
katapatisantes, pnevmatikin pliteian pursue a Spiritual Life, thinking and Sitisate ton Kyrion, ke en to evriskin Seek ye the Lord, while He may be
metelthomen, panta ta pros doing all those things that are afton, epikalesasthe. Inika d’ an found: call upon Him, while He is
evarestisin tin Sin ke fronountes ke pleasing to Thee. For Thou, O Christ engizi imin, apolipeto o asevis tas near. Let the wicked forsake his
prattontes. Si gar i O Fotismos ton our God, art the Light of our soul and odous aftou, ke anir anomos tas way, and the unjust man his
psihon ke ton somatonimon, Hriste O body, V and to Thee we give Glory – voulas aftou, ke epistrafito epi thoughts, and let him return to the
Theos, ke Si tin Doxan together with Thy Father Who art Kyrion, ke eleithisete, oti epi poli afisi Lord, and He will have mercy on him,
anapempomen, Sin to anarho Sou beginningless and Thine All Holy, tas amartias imon. and to our God: for He is bountiful
Patri ke to Panagio ke Agatho ke Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and
to forgive.
Zoopio Sou Pnevmati, nin ke ai ke is forever, and to the Ages of ages.
tous eonas ton eonon. Ou gar isin e voule mou oper e For My thoughts are not your thoughts:
Amin Amen vouleimon, oud’ oper e odi imon e odi nor your ways My ways, saith the
THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST LUKE 3 : 1 – 18 mou, legi Kyrios. Lord.
All’ os pehi o Ouranos apo tis gis, outos For as the Heavens are exalted above
Ek tou kata L O U K A N AGIOU EVANGELIOU PR IEST The reading from the Holy apehi i odos mou apo ton odon imon, the earth, so are My Ways exalted
to anagnosma Gospel according to S T L U K E ke ta kianoimata imon apo tis dianias above your ways, and My Thoughts
Proshomen! Let us attend! mou. above your thoughts.
Os gar an katavi o ietos i hion ek tou And as the rain and the snow come
En eti de pentekedekato tis igemonias PR IEST In the fifteenth year of the Ouranou, ke ou mi apostrafi eos an down from Heaven, and return no
Tiveriou Kesaros, igemonevontos reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius methisi tin gin, ke ekteki, ke more thither, but soak the earth, and
Pontiou Pilatou tis Ioudeas, ke Pilate being Governor of Judea, and ekvlastisi, ke do sperma to spironti, water it, and make it to spring, and
Tetrarhountos tis Galileas Ierodou, Herod being Tetrarch of Galilee, and ke arton is vrosin, outos este to Rima give seed to the sower, and bread to

THE PROPHECY OF ISAIAH 35 : 1 – 10 Filippou de tou adelphou aftou his brother Philip Tetrarch of the
Sofia! Wisdom! tetrarhountos tis Itoureas ke region of Ituraea and Trachonitis,
Profitias Iseou to anagnosma The Reading from the Prophecy of trahonitidos horas, ke Lisaniou tis and Lysanias Tetrarch of Abilene, in
Isaiah Avilinis epi arhiereos Anna ke Keafa, the High-Priesthood of Annas and
Proshomen! Let us attend! egeneto rima Theou epi Ioannin ton Caiaphas, the Word of God came to
Zahariou iion en ti erimo; ke ilthen is John the son of Zachariah in the
pasan tin perihoron tou Iordanou wilderness; and He went into all the
Tade legi Kyrios: Evfranthiti erimos These things the Lord said: The Land
kirisson Vaptisma Metanias is afesin region about the Jordan, preaching a
dipsosa, agalliastho erimos, ke that was desolate and impassable amartion. Baptism of Repentance for the
anthito os krinon. Ke exanthisi ke shall be glad; and the wilderness Forgiveness of sins.
agalliasete ta erima tou Iordanou: i shall rejoice, and shall flourish like
doxa tou Livanou edothi afti: ke i timi the lily. It shall bud forth and Os gegrapte en Vivlo logon Iseou tou As it is written in the Book of the words
tou Karmilou, ke o laos mou opsete blossom, and shall rejoice with joy Profitou: “...foni voontos en ti erimo: of Isaiah the Prophet: , “The voice of
tin doxan Kyriou, ke to ipsos tou and praise: the glory of Lebanon is Etimasate tin Odon Kyriou, evthias one crying in the wilderness: Prepare
Theou. given to it: the beauty of Carmel, piite tas trivous aftou the Way of the Lord, make His Paths
they shall see the Glory of the Lord, straight.
and the Beauty of our God. Pasa faragx plirothisete ke pan oros ke Every valley shall be filled, and every
Ishisate hires animene, ke gonata Strengthen the feeble hands, and vounos tapinothisete, ke este ta skolia mountain and hill shall be brought
paralelimena. Parakalesate i confirm the weak knees. Say to the is evthian ke e trahie is odous lias. Ke low, and the crooked shall be made
oligopsihi ti diania. Ishisate, mi faint-hearted: Take courage, and opsete pasa sarx to Sotirion tou straight, and the rough ways shall be
fovisthe. Idou O Theos imon krisin fear not: behold thy God will bring Theou. made smooth; and all flesh shall see
antapodidosi, ke antapodosi, aftos ixi the revenge of recompense: God the salvation of God.”
ke Sosi imas. Himself will come and will Save you. Elegen oun tis ekporevomenis ohlis He said therefore to the multitudes that
Tote anihthisonte ofthalmi tiflon, ke ota Then shall the eyes of the blind be Vaptisthine ip aftou: “Gennimata came out to be Baptized by him,
kofon akousonte. opened, and the ears of the deaf ehidinon, tis ipedixen imin figin apo “You brood of vipers! Who warned
shall be unstopped. tis mellousis orgis? Piisate oun you to flee from the Wrath to come?
karpous axious tis Metanias, ke mi Bear fruits that befit Repentance, and
Tote alite os elafos o holos, ke trani de Then shall the lame man leap as a hart, arxisthe legin en eaftis, Patera do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We
este glossa mogilalon, oti erragi en ti and the tongue of the dumb shall be ehomen ton Avraam, lego gar imin have Abraham as our Father’; for I
erimo idor, ke faragx en gi dipsosi. Ke free; for waters are broken out in the oti dinate O Theos ek ton lithon tell you, God is able from these stones
este i anidros is eli, ke is tin dipsosan desert, and streams in the touton egire tekna to Avraam. to raise up children to Abraham.
gin pigi idatos este. Eki evfrosini wilderness. And that which was dry
orneon, epavlis kalamou ke eli. land, shall become a pool, and the “Idi de ke i axini pros tin rizan ton Even now the axe is laid to the root of
thirsty land springs of water. There dendron kite; pan oun dendron mi the trees; every tree therefore that
shall be joy of birds and there shall pioun karpon kalon ekkoptete ke is does not bear good fruit is cut down
rise up the verdure of the reed and pir vallete!” and thrown into the fire.”
the bulrush. Ke epiroton afton i ohli legontes: “Ti oun And the multitudes asked him, “What
Este eki odos kathara, ke odos agia And a path shall be there, and it shall piisomen?” then shall we do?”
klithisete, ke ou mi parelthi eki be called the Holy Way; the unclean Apokrithis de legi aftis: “O ehon dio And he answered them, “He who has
akathartos, oude este eki odos shall not pass over it, and this shall hitonas metadoto to mi ehonti, ke O two coats, let him share with him
akathartos. I de diesparmeni be unto you a straight way, so that ehon vromata omios piito.” who has none; and he who has food,
porefsonde ep’ aftis, ke ou mi fools shall not err therein. let him do likewise.”
Ke ouk este eki leon, outhe ton poniron No lion shall be there, nor shall any evil Ilthon de ke telone Vaptisthine ke ipan Tax collectors also came to be baptized,
pros afton: “Didaskale, ti piisomen?” and said to him, “Teacher, what shall
thirion ou mi anavi is aftin, ou the mi beast go up by it, nor be found there; we do?”
evrethi eki, alla porefsonde en afti but the Redeemed and those
lelitromeni ke sinigmeni dia Kyrion, gathered on the Lord’s behalf shall O de ipen pros aftous: Midane pleon And he said to them, “Collect no more
ke apostrafisonte, ke ixousin is Sion walk there and shall return to Zion para to diatetagmenon imin prassete. than is appointed you.”
met’ evfrosinis, ke evfrosini eonios with praise, and everlasting joy shall Epiroton de afton ke Stratevomeni Soldiers also asked him, “And we, what
iper kefalis afton. Epi gar tis kefalis be upon their heads; they shall legontes: “Ti piisomen ke imis?” shall we do?”
afton enesis ke agalliama, ke obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow
evfrosini katalipsete aftous, apedra and mourning shall flee away. Ke ipe pros afto: “Midena diasisite mide And he said to them, “Rob no one by
odini ke lipi ke stenagmos. sikofantisite, ke arkisthe tis opsoniis violence or by false accusation, and
imon.” be content with your wages.”

Prosdokontos de tou laou ke As the people were in expectation, and
dialogizomenon panton en tes all men questioned in their hearts
kardies afton peri tou Ioannou, concerning John, whether perhaps
mipote aftos i O Hristos apekrinato O he were the Christ, John answered
Ioannis apasi legon: “Ego men idati them all, “I baptize you with water;
Vaptizo imas. Erhete de O Ishiroteros but He Who is mightier than I is
mou, ou ouk imi ikanos lise ton
imanta ton ipodimaton Aftou. Aftos
coming, the strap of whose sandals I
am not worthy to untie; He will
Greater Sanctification of the Waters
imas Vaptsisi en Pnevmati Agion ke baptize you with the Holy Spirit and COMPILED BY ST SOPHRONIOS, PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM
Pyri. Ou to ption en ti hiri aftou with fire. His winnowing fork is in His
diakathare tin alona aftou ke hand, to clear His threshing floor,
sinagagin ton siton is tin apothikin and to gather the wheat into his
aftou, to de ahiron Katakafsi Pyri granary, but the chaff He will burn AT THE END OF THE DIVINE LITURGY, THE PRIEST EXITS THE SANCTUARY,
Polla men oun ke etera Parakalon So, with many other exhortations, he BEFORE A BASIN OF WATER WHILE THE CHOIR CHANTS THE FOLLOWING
Evingelizeto ton laon. preached good news to the people. IDIOMELONS


✞ Doxa Si, Kyrie, Doxa Si! PEO PLE ✞ Glory to Thee, O Lord, Glory
to Thee! Foni Kyriou epi ton idaton Voa legousa. The Voice of the Lord upon the waters
Defte lavete pantes, Pnevma Sofias, cried: Come all of you and take the
Kindly use the Divine Liturgy Service Book from after the Epistle and Gospel Pnevma Sineseos, Pnevma Fovou
Theou, tou Epifanentos Hristou.
Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of
Understanding, the Spirit of the Fear
Readings until after the Consecration of the Holy Gifts and the Magnificat of of God, by the Appearance of Christ.
the Ever Blessed Theotokos (Instead of the usual “Axion Estin” Hymn Simeron ton idaton, agiazete i fisis.Ke Today the nature of water is Sanctified,
rignite O Iordanis, ke ton idion and the Jordan is cloven, and its
THE MAGNIFICAT OF THE THEOTOKOS namaton epehi to revma, Despotin waters shall be held from flowing,
oron riptomenon. the Master being shown washed
Epi Si Heri, Keharitomeni, pasa i Ktisis, All Creation rejoices in Thee, O Thou therein.
Angelon to sistima ke anthropon to Who art Full of Grace: both in the
genos: Igiasmene Nae ke Paradise Assembly of the Angels and the Os anthropos en potamo, ilthes Hriste Thou came to the river as a Man, O
Logike, Parthenikon kavhima, ex is human race. Thou art a Hallowed Vasilef. Ke doulikon Vaptisma lavin, Christ King. Thou hastened, O Good
Theos Esarkothi ke pedion gegonen O Temple, and a Spiritual Paradise: spevdis agathe, ipo ton tou One, to receive Baptism as a servant
Pro Eonon Iparhon Theos imon; tin the Glory of Virgins, when God had Prodromou hiron, dia tas amartias at the hands of the Forerunner, for
gar Sin Mitran Thronon epiise ke tin taken Flesh and became a little imon filanthrope.[2] our sins, O Lover of mankind. [2]
Sin Gastera Platiteran Ouranon Child: He Who is from Eternity our ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
apirgasato. Epi Si Heri, God. For He made Thy Womb His Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit: both now
Keharitomeni, pasa i Ktisis: Doxa Si! Throne, and formed Thy Body to be eonon. and ever, and unto ages of ages.
broader than the Heavens. All
Creation rejoices in Thee: O Thou Amin Amen.
Who art Full of Grace: Glory to Thee! Pros tin fonin tou Voontos en ti erimo, Toward the voice in the wilderness:
Etimasate tin odon tou Kiriou, ilthes Prepare the Way of the Lord Thou
Kindly return to the Divine Liturgy Service Book until the Holy Service Kyrie, morfin doulou lavon, Vaptisma
eton, O mi gnouus amartian.
came having take the likeness of a
servant, seeking Baptism, O Thou
of the Sanctification of the Waters Who knows no sin.
Idosan Se idata, ke efovithisan. The waters saw Thee and were afraid,
Sintromos gegonen O prodromos, ke and the Forerunner trembled and
evoise legon. Pos fotisi O lihnos to cried, saying, How shall the Light
Fos; pos hirotheisi O doulos ton seek to be lit for the lamp? How shall
Despontin; Agiason eme ke ta idata the servant place his hand upon the
Sotir, O eron tou kosmou tin Master? Wherefore, Sanctify me and
amartian. the waters, O Saviour, carrying the
sin of the world.