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4.1 The Process Of Making Banana Ice Green

4.1.1 Tools

In this research,the writer use some tools to support this research :

1. Refrigerator
2. Pan
3. Stove
4. Spoon
5. Knife
6. Bowl
4.1.2 Materials

In this research, the writer use thes ingredient below :

1. 40 grams of rice flour

2. 1 / 2 teaspoon of salt
3. 300 ml of water
4. 100 ml of water leaves suji
5. 3 drops of green coloring or pandan paste
6. 5 pieces of the old king banana
7. crushed ice
8. red syrup

In this research, the writer use the sauce ingredients below :

1. 650 ml coconut milk

2. 50 gr of wheat flour
3. 75 gr of sugar
4. 1 sheet of pandan leaf
5. 1 / 4 teaspoon of salt

4.1.3 Steps :

1. Stir in rice flour, salt, water, water leaves suji, green dye and boil,
stirring until boiling, remove from heat.
2. Add the rice flour, mix well and stir again until
smooth (not sticky). Trimmed dough, wraps on a banana until covered.
3. Steam the bananas for 20 minutes. Remove and set aside.
4. Boil the sauce ingredients to a boil, remove and let cool.
5. Chop the green bananas, pour the sauce, shaved ice, and red syrup.
6. Serve immediately.

Picture 1. The tools and Picture 2. Leather Picture 3. Banana

material wrapping green banana covered with dough

Picture 4. Starting Picture 5. Final Picture 6. Cooling the

steaming banana dough steaming banana dough dough steamed banana

Picture 8. Cook coconut

Picture 7. Coconut water that has been Picture 9. Add sugar
water mixed with green dry and stir until smooth

Picture 10. Green Picture 11. Pour the Picture 12. Ice green
banana dough pieces coconut milk green and banana ready to be
and add ice cubes red syrup into a bowl served

4.2 Discussions

In the manufacture of Banana Ice Green is indeed quite easy because the
materials used are easy to obtain. However, it all does not escape from the
barriers. Among others barriers :

1. Added sugar in a sauce Banana Ice Green must be the same comparison.
Because, if the weetness it feels to be bad, and vice versa.

2. During the steaming process the dough green bananas, should be lined
with clear plastic or banana leaves to prevent sticking with the steam
during the cooking process.

3. In the manufacture of Banana Ice Green, bananas that is required a

banana textured solid and hard. So that during the cooking process in a
high enough temperature, the shape of bananas remain solid and not

And then, even if the many obstacles that come in the process, the authors
remain capable and managed to make Banana Ice Green.



5.1 Conclusions

From the research that have done, researcher can conclude that :

1. Banana Ice Green is typical of the Makassar city preparations which can be
used as food or dish for at home. Besides it also can be used as a home
business that is quite advantageous. And then, we can make a food with fresh
and good ingredient.

2. Make processed bananas into tasty and nutritious foods such as Banana Ice
Green does required a green dry,but we are not in demand to use natural dyes
so that we an use artificial food coloring. And then, we can be used coconut
milk in the manufacture of sauce Banana Ice Green should not thick coconut
milk, because we can mix it with a little flour to make it look more viscous.

5.2 Suggestions

From the conclusions, researchers try to make suggestions, following

below :

1. We can used other types of banana, the most important banana texture is
dense and contains

2. We can add others decorations as cheese, grated chocolate, chococips and