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FPARS EPM-SSM (SEM-CPM) Scorecard Specialist candidate’s qualifications

SKILLS Consultant’s experience / comments

1. Self-starter with people skills This is what I have been doing over years of my
and the ability to work with both experience in interacting with Business Users to
business and technical teams in gather Requirements and driving Technical Teams
a result-driven manner towards ideal Solutions
2. Strong communication skills, I do have strong Oral and Written Communication
both oral and written, especially Skills which I utilize to my best in documenting
for developing technical Technical Specifications and Functional
documentation Specifications and other BBP Docs. I do have strong
experience in using SAP Solution Manager for
3. Strong customer focus, I am always Customer focused and I can quickly
collaboration, adaptability and adapt to any situation. These capabilities helped me
planning and organizational a lot to come out successfully from many work
skills related challenges both Technical and Non-
Technical. I prepare, organize Project Plans very
successful SEM implementations
4. Accounting/finance background Over Years of my BW/SEM experience, I got an
is desirable. Familiarity with opportunity to work extensively in Finance and
Scorecarding and Performance Accounting Modules and SAP Online Training
Management processes for Modules helped me in initial days to understand
large (preferably Public Sector) Finance and Accounting with respect to SAP. In
enterprises would be addition to this my Experience with many Public
considered a plus, as would Listed Companies helped to understand Finance and
certification on SEM, Accounting in different ways. I had very good
specifically CPM experience with Scorecarding and Performance
5. Ability to analyze, problem I have strong Knowledge on Visual Composer and
solve and learn rapidly Xcelcius. I am very quick learner and be enough
changing technologies (i.e. capable to fit myself into new technologies. My
Visual Composer, Xcelcius) problem solving skills has helped me to come out of
many Technical and Non Technical Challenges as I
mentioned above.
6. Ability to drive workshops to I have been doing this over years and I have done
gather user requirements, map this with different clients. Requirement Gathering,
against delivered SAP content Gap Analysis, Documenting Technical and
and translate into a coherent Functional Specs, Preparing Mapping Documents
design document using are all part of my regular activities in many projects.
structured approaches
7. Ability to plan one’s work That is how I always work. I( do plan tasks put them
strategically and to implement in strategic manner and finally deliver results that are
iteratively accepted by Business Users.
8. Strong time management skills In most of the Projects I did performed multi-tasking
and multi-tasking capabilities Capabilities like acting as a Technical and Functional
Consultant. Some times as Business Analyst and
data Model Architect at the same time performed
Lead Roles managing different teams varying from
small size to large size in numbers.
9. Soft skills and the ability to build I did this at various clients as and when to gather
rapport by providing on-going right information for inputs. In this process given
knowledge transfer to them enough Knowledge Transfer on SAP SEM
designated City staff through CPM Box there by making them to understand how it
job shadowing will be useful for yielding better outputs. Also given
KT to designated employees through Job Shadowing
where ever it is needful and necessary
1. Ability to understand the Yes I do have very strong understanding of SAP
business / system impacts of Integration with other tools and its impact of
functionality changes and functionality changes.
recognize the integration impact
of SAP changes
2. Deep understanding of Strategy Yes I do have very strong understanding with SEM-
Management and Performance CPM/EPM-SSM and their integration with SEM-BPS
Measurement SEM-CPM / and BI-IP modules and SAP Portals. This includes
EPM-SSM and their integration my latest assignments with PepsiCo Client.
with SEM-BPS / BI-IP modules
and SAP portal
3. Understanding of Performance I had this experience in several clients but Pepsi CO
Management in a Public is the biggest implementation I ever had with
Organization Performance management
4. Knowledge of ECC 6.0 I do have experience as in couple of my assignments
SAP ECC 6.0 is source system for SAP BI/SEM Box.
5. Demonstrable knowledge of Yes I have it based on Experience
Corporate Performance
Management (CPM) by SAP
6. Excellent knowledge of Strategy Yes
Management business
1. Minimum of three full cycle Yes I have it from my past 2 clients and at present
implementation experience in working at PepsiCo on same SEM-CPM
2. At least one full cycle Yes I have it
implementation experience in
EPM-SSM (SAP Strategy
Management, ex-Pilotworks)
would be attractive
3. Proven ability to analyze, I do have this
design, configure, debug, test,
implement and support in the
area of SAP Strategy
Management, Performance
Measurement and Scorecards
4. Experience in Visual Composer I had Knowledge on this
and Dashboard tools such as
5. Experience working with multi- I had this diversified Experience working with many
divisional business communities industries.
to assess and develop business
processes that employ industry
best practices
6. Experience leading business Yes, the Solutions provided by me as a SEM
communities through strategic Consultant helped most of my clients to improve their
thinking pertaining to business business and also to take significant decisions based
improvement and through on the reports I developed for them.
significant business process
and technology change
7. Experience with Financials 4.7 Yes I have that.
or higher (i.e. ECC 6.0)
Candidate must provide following:

In particular, the Proponent(s) must provide:

(a) for each (three (3) only) candidate proposed as a Specialist:

(i) his/her name;

Here are the End Client Manager References. Please contact them only at time of interview. Also
their prefered contact is through Email. For further correspondance Please check with their free time
as they are very Senior Managers.

Thanks for understanding.

Ref # 1:

Client : PepsiCo (Present Client)

Name : Rao Surapaneni

Email Id :

Designation : SAP Business Process Manager

Phone Number : 518-269-9993

Ref # 2:

Client : James Hardie (Previous Client)

Name : Venkat Kolanupaka

Designation : SAP Practice Manager

Email Id : ,

Phone Number : 949-421-7431

Thanks and Regards



(ii) a detailed professional resume demonstrating qualifications and

experience requirements identified;

Already attached and more details can be provided at times of Interview

(iii) a minimum of one (1) and up to three (3) client references who can
attest to the reliability of the Specialist and the quality of the services
provided, in each case including the client organizations name,
contact person and title, a brief description of the client’s relevant
project (timelines, duration and services provided) and the
similarity of that project to the Services. The address, telephone
number, e-address should also be provided if available; and

References given above.

(iv) a consent form signed by the candidate

I agree to the terms mentioned below. – Krishna Ramisetty

(A) authorizing the Proponent to submit the résumé for the Services,
(B) verifying the candidate’s contractual arrangements with the Proponent;
(C) confirming the willingness of the candidate to execute a Specialist Non-
Disclosure in the form appearing in Appendix B,

and, if the Proponent has arranged for the provision of the candidate through the
candidate’s employer,
(D) containing a confirmation, signed and sealed by that employer, of the
willingness of the employer to execute an Employer Non-Disclosure in
the form substantially similar to the Specialist Non-Disclosure appearing
in Appendix B

I, (name of Consultant), verify that CSI Consulting Inc. is authorized to submit my résumé for
RFP 9144-09-7037for the SAP FPARS EPM-SSM(SEM-CPM) Scorecard Specialist role, and
confirm my willingness to execute a Specialist Non-Disclosure in the form appearing in
Appendix B of the RFP.

Signed & dated