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The OWL Partnership: Whooo’s Ready to Build Global

Competence? Pre-service Teachers Are!

MIWLA 2017
Katie Cook, Ashley Fuente - Supervisors
Olivia Gorczyca, Teryn Henderson -
Intern Teachers
What is the OWL Partnership?
● OWL = Okemos World Language
● 2016-2017 pilot year
● After-school multi-language world language classes for elementary
○ Spanish
○ German
○ French
○ Chinese
● Taught by Michigan State University seniors in the teacher preparation
Goals for this Session
● How did the OWL Partnership begin?
● Whooo are the partners in the OWL Partnership?
● What does the OWL Partnership look like?
● Roles & experiences of pre-service world language teachers in OWL
● Roles & experiences of language teacher educators in OWL
● Where is the OWL Partnership now, and where might it go in the future?
● Questions?
Why the OWL partnership?
Okemos Public Schools
Lack of language
offerings in K-6
environment Dispositions for Clinical
world language preparation of
21st Century Skills learning teacher
Parent surveys Increased
indicate area of intercultural Applied
want/need literacy experiences
World Language Intercultural MSU Teacher Preparation Program
Committee competence
MSU Center for Language Teaching
Equity Plan
Whooo are the OWL Partners?
● Okemos Public Schools
○ District Administration
○ School Teachers & Principals
○ Community Education
○ Food Service
○ Students & Parents
● MSU Teacher Preparation Program
○ Instruction and curriculum
○ MSU Senior Pre-Service Teachers
○ Teacher educators
● MSU Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)
○ Administration and curriculum
Logistics of OWL
● After School Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Okemos Public Montessori at Central

Tuition based ($125-$150 per child)

But don’t take it from us...see for yourself!
Pre-service teachers: What did they learn?
● Favorite part
● Biggest challenge
● Benefits going into internship year
Supervisors - What did we learn?
● Observed growth in the pre-service teachers
● Challenges
● Brief insights into what we learned about language teaching
Participant quotes
Children: “We get to play games, and it’s really fun learning all the different languages!”
“I’m really glad to end school before Spring Break with language class!”

Parent: “My daughter really enjoyed learning about several different languages at once. The
use of games, food names, common greetings and phrases, etc. kept the lessons fun without
being intimidating. My daughter is currently studying Chinese (her second language) two
hours a week to maintain a connection with her mother's heritage. The OWL Partnership
program has encouraged her to pursue other languages in the future! Thank you for
providing this opportunity to Okemos students!”

Senior: “Teaching at Okemos has been an invaluable experience for us as MSU seniors to
strengthen and reaffirm our passion for teaching, and to share that passion with future
global citizens. I think we’ve learned just as much from the kids as they have from us!”
Current/Future Directions
● Year 2 is going strong!
● Current research into the clinical model of teacher education as a means
of preparing pre-service teachers for their internship year and beyond
Katie Cook, PhD Candidate

Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher
Michigan State University

Ashley Fuente, PhD Student

Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher
Michigan State University

Olivia Gorczyca, Spanish Intern

Michigan State University

Teryn Henderson, Spanish Intern

Michigan State University