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Skills Gap
Reviving Old Machines 18
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Ultrasound Tips 48

special supplement chemical
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CONTENTS DECEMBER 2017 | VOL. 30, NO. 12 |

Properly managing parts
inventory and accessibility
is a key factor in maintain-
ing high levels of overall

Filling the Skills Gap plant efficiency. Learn more

in the “Leverage Parts
Leading manufacturers describe what they are doing to develop skilled workers. Inventory Strategies that
Gary L. Parr, Editorial Director Work” feature on p. 26.

18 22 26 30
Creative PM Helps Leverage Parts Asset Design,
Craftsmanship Eliminate DM And Inventory Environment,
Michelle Segrest Michelle Segrest Strategies Affect Lubrication
Contributing Editor Contributing Editor that Work Ken Bannister
Contributing Editor



48 Implementations
Demonstrate best practices.
‘Hear’ Problems and
Reduce Costs Dr. Klaus M. Blache
Contributing Editor

Take Steps to Ensure

53 41
Training Next-Gen workers.
Bob Williamson DEPARTMENTS On The Cover
Contributing Editor In our annual Corporate Profile section,
6 Editorial manufacturers highlight capabilities and
10 News industry-leading products that make a
difference for reliability and mainte-

47 Software Tips nance professionals seeking to drive

51 On the Floor increased efficiencies throughout their

operations. Visit p. 41 to learn more.
Reliable Pumping 54 IIoT
55 ISO 55000
Chemical Processing
56 Solution Focus
59 Products
63 Showcase
41 64
Corporate Profiles
Efficiency Insight Visit our website!
Technologies enable asset
Gary Mintchell For information on
web-exclusive content,
Contributing Editor
see page 4.


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100% ROI in less than one year.

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WEB Our website,, is constantly updated to keep you informed of the latest
in reliability and maintenance developments. The most recent information you’ll find includes:


Schneider Electric’s Peter Martin, in a discus- Author and DuPont trainer Kristina Gordon Machine design and the environment in which
sion with editorial director Gary L. Parr, details accompanies her article on converting work no- machines operate have an impact on lubrication
how real-time reliability control will soon make tifications to work orders, p. 48, with a training best practices. In an ongoing podcast series, Ken
it possible to drive profitability at the operator video that demonstrates each step in the process Bannister provides additional insight into how
and equipment asset level. and how to avoid pifalls along the way. best to address these factors.


In this webinar, industry consultant and author Connecting your smart devices, through an Cree product-portfolio manager Ryan Loggins
Al Poling explains what unreliability costs plant asset-management program, to the Industrial discusses making the right decision when spec-
operations and how building and sustaining Internet of Things is a good way to begin real- ifying and/or retrofitting LED lighting in indus-
a reliability-focused culture can have a direct izing the benefits of IIoT technology, including trial applications to realize maximum energy
impact on the bottom line. mobile monitoring. and maintenance savings.

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column | editorial

Future T
HE SKILLED-WORKER a vocational-training/trade-school
shortage is so prevalent that it program, he/she will likely entertain

even comes up in social con- multiple job offers.
versation. At a recent social gathering, We also need to support educators
I spoke with a friend who is involved in by providing them with what they need

Workers are
union-member support and training for to help students understand that a 4-yr.
a non-manufacturing trade. We were degree is no longer the only path to a
talking in general about our respective rewarding career. Many other paths are

In School
jobs and I mentioned this month’s Indus- just as good and, for many students, may
try Views feature (p. 14). I asked if he was be better choices.

experiencing the same problem. Several respondents to this month’s
His answer was an unequivocal yes. workforce-development question have
He then followed up with stories about integrated K-12 support into their
how the union has offered significant skills-gap and/or STEM efforts. Patti
Gary L. Parr incentives to entice people to enter Yocius, director of STEM Education
Editorial Director training programs, made adjustments Development at Festo Didactic Inc.
to provide easier access to training/ ( Eatontown, NJ),
certification, and ultimately struggled described her company’s approach this
to fill large numbers of positions with way: “We recognize that teachers often
qualified workers. Success has been lim- have limited STEM content knowledge
ited, and he doesn’t see any near-term and are not familiar with applying the
solutions other than to keep banging engineering design process, which is
away at the problem. why we developed a turn-key solution
We agreed that education is a for secondary schools that ensures both
key catalyst, something that is sup- student and teacher are on a path toward
ported by the responses I received to success. Our Integrative STEM program
this month’s “Filling the Skills Gap” puts students in control of their own
question. We need to change the learning so they become better prob-
“everyone-goes-to-college” mindset lem solvers and are better prepared for
and begin demonstrating to students the workforce. Students become active
early on (middle school seems to be a learners, using hands-on equipment that
good starting point) that not everyone encourages problem solving, collabora-
must go to college and, with the proper tion, teamwork, and critical thinking—
training, there are plenty of lifelong- all skills essential to any industry.”
career jobs, with good pay and benefits, I hope your organization is actively
available essentially immediately upon working to fill the skills gap, not just
certification. internally, but by working with others
This type of education outreach in your community and supporting
cannot start and stop with students. educators. A good way to kick-start your
We need to demonstrate to parents efforts is to participate in career-day
that it’s not embarrassing to answer the activities at your local schools and help
standard question, “Where’s Betty going students develop a new vision of what
Supporting K-12 vocational and STEM
programs builds a foundation for to college?” by helping them understand could lie ahead. EP
developing future skilled workers. that when a child successfully completes



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They offer long service life and work well over extended fluid change intervals.
This conserves resources and helps ease waste oil disposal problems.
They also effectively lubricate in areas of intense water contamination.
Lubriplate PGO-FGL Series are NSF H1 Registered Food Machinery Grade.

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column | implementations

OU CAN’T GET there by today. The excerpt below is from F.
talking about it. Benchmark James McDonald (1922-2010), past

and do a gap analysis, plan president of General Motors, who
thoroughly, engage the workforce, wrote the preface in Success Factors
demonstrate, and implement. By for Implementing Change: A Manu-

“demonstrate,” I mean you can’t just facturing Viewpoint (Klaus M. Blache,
talk the talk. You need to be able to editor, Society of Manufacturing
walk the talk. Can you practice the Engineers, 1988):
Dr. Klaus M. Blache same rules that you expect plant-floor “There’s a saying in the automo-
Univ. of Tennessee Reliability
& Maintainability Center personnel to follow? As Ralph Waldo bile business that the real test comes
Emerson wrote, “What you do speaks ‘when the rubber meets the road.’ In
so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.” manufacturing technology, the real
Do you expect your plant-floor test comes when a new automation
employees to not bring food to the pro- tool hits the factory floor. Financial-
duction line, yet they see engineers eat at planning spreadsheets may forecast its
their desks? Is everyone expected to par- success with respect to cost improve-
ticipate in standardized work processes ment. Computer screens may display
and keep the team rooms in order? How its potential for quality assurance.
do you demonstrate that value? Does But, will the new technology meet its
your salaried team (including you) have objectives in real-life plant operations?
a rotation to clean your break room? Let me point out that technology, from
I’ve said many times that more conception through to implementa-
than 70% of lean manufacturing, tion, is an intensely human endeavor.
total-productive maintenance, large For the very reason that technologies
technology changes, and reliabil- are created by and for human beings,
ity-centered maintenance efforts human consideration should drive
fail, i.e., achieve less than half of implementation decisions. Does it
the expected benefits. Many com- satisfy human objectives as well as
panies align the desired practices bottom-line objectives? These are valid
with their organizational structure questions for the most fundamental
and work-management processes. of reasons; ultimately, everything
Where these companies often fall depends on human acceptance.”
short is implementing the underlying In a nutshell, humanize and
continuous-improvement processes demonstrate your way to top quartile
and developing sufficient employee performance/best practices. EP
This is the engine behind putting
Are you all talk, or do you actually needed daily practices into place. Even
demonstrate your commitment to best more important, it’s what personalizes Based in Knoxville, Klaus M. Blache
practices, including doing simple things is director of the Reliability &
such as having a rotation to keep break
(grows ownership) and sustains new
Maintainability Center at the Univ. of
rooms clean? standardized work practices.
Tennessee, and a research professor
This was true more than 25 years in the College of Engineering. Contact
ago and is still critical for success him at


Choose Performance,
Quality, and Value
Without Compromise
More than 40,000 quality-tested
products at a competitive price

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department | news

ABB Partners
With HPE
To Improve
A NEW STRATEGIC global partner-
Vertiv Lists 2018 The next-generation
data center will exist
ship between ABB (, Zurich,
and Cary, NC) and Hewlett Packard
Data-Center Trends beyond walls, seamlessly
integrating core facilities.

Enterprise (, Palo Alto, CA) ACCORDING TO VERTIV (vertivco. data-center market are in hyperscale facili-
combines the digital offerings of ABB’s com, Columbus, OH), the next-generation ties—typically cloud or colocation provid-
Ability technology with HPE’s hybrid data center will exist beyond walls, seam- ers—and at the edge of the network. The
information technology (IT) solutions. lessly integrating core facilities with a more growth of those resources means traditional
Announced at the recent HPE Discov- intelligent, mission-critical edge of network. data-center operators have the opportuni-
er Conference ( While they are emerging now, these types ty to reimagine and reconfigure facilities
cover/) in Madrid, the alliance aims to of operations are expected to become the and resources that remain critical to local
provide end users with solutions that model for IT networks of the 2020s. This operations.
increase the efficiency and flexibility of growing data-center trend is just one of five  High-density (finally) arrives: The data-
their operations and create competitive that a global group of experts from Vertiv, center community has predicted a spike in
advantage. formerly Emerson Network Power, have rack-power densities for a decade, but such
According to the two companies, identified for 2018. The list includes: increases have been incremental at best.
customers are expected to benefit  Emergence of the Gen 4 data center: That’s changing. While densities less than
from ABB’s deep-domain expertise in Whether traditional IT closets or 1,500 10 kW/rack remain the norm, deployments
operations technologies (OT) and HPE’s sq.-ft. micro-data centers, organizations are at 15 kW aren’t uncommon in hyperscale
leadership in IT. Among other things, increasingly relying on the edge. The Gen 4 facilities and, in some instances, are inching
the partnership will allow ABB Ability data center holistically and harmoniously toward 25 kW.
solutions to run on hybrid platforms integrates edge and core, elevating these  The world reacts to the edge: As busi-
such as HPE ProLiant for Microsoft new architectures beyond simple distributed nesses shift computing to the edge of their
Azure Stack, enabling customers to networks. networks, critical evaluation of facilities
deploy applications to their preferred  Cloud providers go colo: Cloud adoption housing these resources, as well as security
location, i.e., on HPE infrastructure in is happening so fast that in many cases and ownership of the data therein, is needed.
industrial plants and data centers or in cloud providers can’t keep up with capacity Governments and regulatory bodies will be
the Microsoft Azure public cloud, to demands. In reality, some providers prefer to increasingly challenged to consider and act
meet the specific requirements regard- focus on service delivery and other priorities on these issues.
ing performance, security, or cross-site over new data-center builds, and will turn Learn more about these trends at vertivco.
collaboration. to colocation (colo) providers to meet their com/en-us/about/newsroom/corporate-news/
Learn more about this development capacity demands. vertiv-anticipates-advent-of-gen-4-data-cen-
and others at  Reconfiguring the data center’s middle ter-in-look-ahead-to-2018-trends/.
— Gary Mintchell class: The greatest areas of growth in the —Jane Alexander


department | news

Oil & Gas Sees Success with

Wireless Temperature Sensor
NEW APPROACHES TO and examples of asset monitoring
in oil & gas operations seem to be everywhere. As described
by Jim Cahill in a recent Emerson Exchange 365 blog (em-, BP’s Cherry Point Refinery, Blaine,
WA, is a case in point. Cahill is an Emerson Process Expert
( and chief blogger for Emerson
Automation Solutions (, Round Rock, TX). His
post discussed the refinery’s clamp-on temperature-sensor pilot
project that avoided adding expensive thermowells and nozzles.
In this application, BP wanted to measure the temperature of
process pipes.
According to Cahill, “The pilot project placed one of Em-
erson’s Rosemount X-well clamp-on, wireless transmitters on
a pipe near an existing control thermocouple in a thermowell
and evaluated its performance by comparing it to the ther-
mocouple.” The application adds measurement in a quick and
inexpensive fashion and reduces downtime.
Read more about this successful solution at
A clamp-on temperature-sensor pilot project is successfully helping BP avoid add- ing thermowells and nozzles.

Schneider Electric Honors Six Customers

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (software. unified supply-chain management efficiency through implementation of a, Lake Forest, CA) across downstream assets for feedstock manufacturing execution systems.
has honored six customers for outstanding evaluation and economic modeling.
achievements with the manufacturer’s BUSINESS VALUE (ROI)
Industrial Software Platform. Categories WORKFORCE EMPOWERMENT  Duke Energy was recognized for an
and winners include:  Arizona Public Service (APS) was estimated $35-million cost savings from
recognized for implementing cloud- early-warning detection of a damaged
DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION based virtual training to help address steam turbine blade.
STRATEGY a changing workforce (about half will  Network Rail was recognized for com-
 BASF was recognized for its compre- retire in the next five years) and highly prehensive asset monitoring and analy-
hensive “Industrie 4.0” initiative, which distributed plants (an 800-mi. span be- sis with a new intelligent infrastructure
targets creation of additional value for tween their two most distant facilities). solution that monitors 42,000 assets
customers and increased effectiveness  Maple Leaf Foods was recognized for across 20,000 miles of train tracks.
and efficiency of operations. transforming how employees visual- Read more at software.schneider-elec-
 BP was recognized for implementing ize performance to drive new levels of


department | news

Members of the first graduating class of the

A recent survey indicates that, despite increased cyber attacks, Academy of Advanced Manufacturing share
industrial companies are slow to adopt protection measures. their experiences in the program during the
Automation Perspectives media event.

Survey Reveals Slow

Industry Adoption of 2017 Automation Fair Highlights:
Cybersecurity Measures Products, Workforce
ACCORDING TO A new study by Honeywell (hon- Development, Houston), despite the increase in
cyber attacks around the globe, industrial companies ROCKWELL AUTOMATION (, Milwaukee) held
aren’t moving very quickly to adopt measures aimed its annual Process Solutions Users Group events, Automation Perspectives
at protecting their data and operations. Titled “Put- Media Day and Automation Fair, Nov. 13 to 16, in Houston. Of the many
ting Industrial Cyber Security at the Top of the CEO new offerings released there, the most relevant to Efficient Plant readers was
Agenda,” the survey was conducted by LNS Research an Analytics product added to the manufacturer’s FactoryTalk Suite. Ana-
(, Cambridge, MA) and sponsored by lytics is built from the ground up to pull data from the automation database
Honeywell. It polled 130 strategic decision makers from and provide actionable information for maintenance, operations, engi-
industrial companies about their approach to the In- neering, and management. This year’s event also highlighted the company’s
dustrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and use of cybersecu- efforts on two fronts to help replace retiring experienced workers:
rity technologies and practices. Among the findings:  Along with ManpowerGroup (, Milwaukee), Rockwell Auto-
 More than half of respondents reported working in an mation celebrated the first military veterans to graduate from the Academy of
industrial facility that already has had a cyber security Advanced Manufacturing and secure high-paying jobs in the rapidly-evolving
breach. manufacturing industry.
 45% of responding companies still do not have an Launched in Aug. 2017, the 12-week program combines classroom learning
accountable enterprise leader for cybersecurity. with hands-on laboratory experience. Veterans are trained in Rockwell Auto-
 Only 37% are monitoring for suspicious behavior. mation’s state-of-the art facility in Mayfield Heights, OH, for in-demand jobs in
 Although many companies are conducting regular risk advanced manufacturing. All of the graduates have job offers, and more than
assessments, 20% are not doing them at all. half have multiple job offers that significantly increase their previous salaries (in
The study suggests that cybersecurity must be part of some cases, even doubling them).
a CEO’s agenda to ensure the fast and effective long-term  Rockwell Automation also announced a $12-million, four-year commitment
deployment of strategies and technologies. It also recom- to FIRST— For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology—
mends three immediate actions. founded to boost young people’s interest and participation in science and
Learn more at technology.
campaigns/lns-cyber-report/Pages/index.html. For more information, visit
—Jane Alexander —Gary Mintchell


The MD III Productivity
System includes all you
need for complete
Energized and
Testing of Motors,
& Transformers
Excellent Post-Sale
Service and Support
Worldwide Training –
Earn CEUs / IACET Accredited

Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis

(MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to
evaluate and trend your entire motor system
Auto diagnosis within instrument providing an
immediate health status report
Route-based testing and trending – ideal for
Predictive Maintenance
Reports provide indication of early winding faults,
rotor problems, incoming power issues, electrical
and mechanical motor condition and driven load
mechanical condition

Finally – Predictive
Maintenance Made VERY Easy!
Motor The ideal instruments for troubleshooting,
Testers quality control and trending of electric motors, transformers and generators.
feature | industry views

Filling the
Skills Gap
Gary L. Parr
Editorial Director

Leading companies across the country are working at all levels to

develop skilled workers who can meet current and future needs.

ANYONE WHO IS in need of skilled workers can tell you that decline of technical-education programs in public high schools.
the skills gap is very real and the chances of it getting “filled” in  Some 82% of executive respondents to the survey indicate they
the next handful of years are slim. Research supports real-world believe the skills gap will have an impact on their ability to meet
experience. According to the most recent report, “The Skills Gap customer demand.
in U.S. Manufacturing 2015 and Beyond,” from Deloitte Develop-  In addition, 78% of those respondents believe the skills gap will
ment LLC (, Oakland, CA) and the Manufacturing have a negative impact on their ability to implement new technolo-
Institute (, Washington): gies and increase productivity.
 In the next decade, nearly 3.5-million manufacturing jobs will be The numbers go on and on, adding additional details to the
available and, as a result of the skills gap, 2 million will go unfilled. same picture. After you digest the reality, the inevitable question
 In addition to baby-boomer retirements and economic expan- arises: “What’s being done to correct the problem?” This month,
sion, other factors contribute to the shortage of skilled workforce, to get a sense of what leading manufacturers are doing, we asked
including loss of embedded knowledge due to movement of expe- the question: “What role is your company playing in the effort to
rienced workers, a negative image of the manufacturing industry fill the skills gap by developing skilled workers and/or supporting
among younger generations, lack of STEM (science, technology, STEM programs?” The answers suggest that considerable re-
engineering and mathematics) skills among workers, and a gradual cources are being invested at all levels to build a future workforce.

Pre-K to Post-Doc
Greg Scheu, president, Americas Region, ABB, Cary, NC,

ABB has developed a “pre-K to post- team includes people who joined the company working on the
doc” strategy to support STEM educa- shop floor. They trained on different types of equipment, gained
tion at all levels. We’ve supported STEM experience in a variety of roles and, in many cases, earned their
programs in middle schools, provided ro- bachelor’s and/or master’s degree(s) through our tuition-reimburse-
botics and other technology to technical colleges, ment program. This is all by design. It pays great dividends to the
and funded undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships at individuals, but also to the company, especially as the competition
leading research universities. We also are the sole sponsor behind for top talent continues to increase.
“Kid Grid,” an interactive play exhibit at Marbles Kids Museum in Currently, we’re developing a more robust program for worker
Raleigh, NC, that teaches children where energy comes from and training—and re-training—that’s focused specifically on advanced
how the power grid works. manufacturing to prepare our existing and future workforce for
ABB also invests in workforce training within our own oper- Industry 4.0. I expect that a strong focus on STEM education and
ations. Often in our manufacturing facilities, the management training will remain a key part of our success going forward.


feature | industry views

Educating with PTUs Craft-Training Program

Todd Lucey, general manager, Endress+Hauser Rendela K. Wenzel, CMRP, associate senior consultant
Inc., Greenwood, IN, engineer, Global Plant Engineering, Maintenance, and Reliability,
Eli Lilly and Co., Indianapolis,
Endress+Hauser has 10 Process Training
Units (PTU) in various locations throughout At Lilly, we have developed
the U.S. The PTUs have more than 120 En- a strategic craft-training
dress+Hauser instruments installed to measure flow, program that takes 18
level, pressure, temperature—along with various analytical parameters. months to 2 years to
Customers, students, and employees can use the PTUs for hands-on train- complete. As the older
ing, learning experiences, and field trips. Recently, Endress+Hauser began workforce retires, we
providing educational training to military veterans at no cost. have to be able to find
We have also developed a Rotational Development Program for college new talent and close the
graduates who have recent degrees in STEM fields. Once accepted in the gap. Management is support-
program, graduates spend eight months training on all instrumentation ive of this effort and Lilly will train
lines, which allows us to fill positions immediately, ensuring top-level cus- candidates and help them gain experience while they
tomer support. attend school. The program is responsible for hiring
At our Greenwood, IN, headquarters, we host an annual Community 24 trainees, to date, and has made it possible to place
Career+Education Forum. The forum connects middle school students, 18 of them in full-time positions within Lilly mainte-
parents, and educators to raise awareness and provide information about nance groups. The remaining six trainees are still in
technical careers, opportunities, and the importance of STEM-related pro- the initial stage of the program. The training also uses
grams. Endress+Hauser and the supporting organizations remain engaged basic maintenance programs provided by our tier-one
annually to develop and guide the next generation of engineers and other vendors. In 2016, there were more than 30 well-
process-automation professionals to career opportunities in STEM fields. attended training classes focused on equipment used
The participating schools receive classroom grants, along with a wealth of at Lilly. Lilly wants the training to be relevant to what
information about future career opportunities. the maintenance techs perform on a daily basis.

Power of E-Learning
Jason Tranter, CEO and founder, Mobius Institute, Bainbridge Island, WA,

In an ideal world, we could buy student knowledge and skills. But that is never enough. It is too
instrumentation and software and the steep a jump up the learning curve and it is too hard to remember
reliability problem would be solved. everything you were taught. By utilizing self-paced, highly animat-
Sadly, reality says that reliability starts ed/interactive e-learning, a person can prepare before a course and
with culture (the desire to maintain, monitor, go on learning long after the course. Pure e-learning can be geared
and operate with precision) and skill (the ability to maintain, moni- to a person’s needs; the same topic can be covered at different levels
tor, and operate with precision). Effective training contributes great- of detail. Best of all, training can be delivered to everyone, very cost-
ly to culture and is essential to building the necessary knowledge effectively, exactly when the person needs it.
and skills. But common training mistakes include one-off training One final component of training is the ability to be recognized for
events and one-size-fits-all training. your knowledge and skills. Certification is a key ingredient as it not
That is why e-learning and blended learning are so effective. In only demonstrates that a person has achieved the desired level, it
standard classroom training, we get two to four days to transform also creates demand to be trained in the first place.


feature | industry views

Collaborative Career-Based Approach

Bob Graff, senior manager for education, Yaskawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics Div., Miamisburg, OH,

Every day, I talk to educational leaders, effective STEM education, career pathways, and training programs.
policy makers, and industrial managers Solving the skills gap for robotic automation and advanced manu-
who want to partner with Yaskawa Moto- facturing will require companies to create workforce-driven partner-
man because manufacturing cannot realize ships and find unique methods for developing the talent needed to
change and embrace advanced technologies meet customer demand.
without a supportive, collaborative education system. Education is Yaskawa Motoman is committed to addressing critical workforce
the key that defines our success as a nation, and America’s economic needs with innovative hardware, software tools, dedicated curricula,
growth and workforce development depend on aligning STEM cur- industry-recognized certification, and applicable services to deliver
ricula with industry standards, providing a career-based approach real-world automation experiences in a classroom environment.
that prepares students to be job-ready on the day they enter the With the help of educational organizations and collaborative part-
workforce. nerships, Yaskawa Motoman creates dynamic workforce models and
Many students exit high school or college unprepared, leaving STEM education opportunities to support job creation and enhance
educators and manufacturers with the daunting task of creating manufacturing capabilities that propel economic growth.

Using Millennial Technology Affinity Three-Pronged Approach

Toffee Coleman, education marketing manager, Fluke Corp., Everett, WA, Kara Hayft, vice president, Human Resources,
Uponor North America, Apple Valley, MN,
Most millennials have a great affinity for technology. They grew
up or were teenagers with a smartphone or tablet in their hands.
New technology from Fluke gives them the same flexibility and At Uponor, we are tackling the skilled-
allows them to conduct their work with the same technology, labor shortage issue head on, recruiting
including cloud-based apps, data analysis, and computerized women, training apprentices, and building
maintenance management software (CMMS). The system connects a talent pipeline with students. Women
handheld tools, semi-fixed wireless sensors, SCADA data, and any account for half of the U.S. labor force, but a
other third-party data in one system, accessible from any connected significantly lower number work in manufactur-
device. ing. In 2015, we formed an internal task force to improve recruiting,
Industry and the maintenance tool market is shifting away from the reduce physical barriers that precluded women from safely working
solo-fixer mentality to a more team-oriented, condition-based main- in our plant, and enhance our referral package. This resulted in more
tenance approach. That includes inspection routes for determining employees recommending females for these head-of-household jobs.
equipment health and more screening checks, as well as monitoring of In 2014, two females worked in manufacturing position. Today, 30
key-indicator data. This shift provides green entrants with assistance women (of 340 jobs) work in our plant.
and knowledge as the older generation exits but does not eliminate Also, Uponor was recently accepted into the Minnesota Depart-
the need for the experienced technicians and managers to train and ment of Labor and Industry’s registered apprenticeship program.
mentor this younger group. The technology helps make that process Our 3-yr., 6,000-hr. program includes job-related technical instruc-
smoother. tion and hands-on learning. Participants will earn PMMI Level 2
Fluke is addressing these industry trends by providing all workers certification, Journeyman status, or a Maintenance Electrical license.
with tools and services that simplify complex workflows across the We also are one of six Minnesota businesses that participate in a
plant floor. We run a student contest around our Accelix platform federally funded STEM mentoring and internship program for local
of connected tools, sensors, and CMMS software. We also support high schools. In addition, each year, we invite local students to attend
the World Skills International program, which helps STEM students our Uponor Training Academy to possibly earn an internship or
around the globe build practical vocational skills and experience. summer job.


feature | industry views

Partnering with Educators

Amanda Beaton, program manager, Siemens Cooperates with Education, Atlanta,

Siemens is committed to working with software, instructor training, and technical guidance.
schools and students to grow the pool of Students have access to the same technologies used by our industrial
STEM talent and provide the skilled work- customers all over the world. Siemens also supports teachers with free
force that manufacturing needs. Through our training and curriculum resources.
Siemens Cooperates with Education program, we The results of these partnerships are numerous and include a disabled
are building a pipeline of talent with a ready understanding soldier who recently returned to school to earn a mechatronics certifi-
of Siemens technology for our customers and partners. This includes cation. Another is a student team from rural Georgia that participated
equipping students and teachers with practical components from our in the WorldSkills Championships of Mechatronics in Abu Dhabi in
digital enterprise portfolio for industry to embrace the promise of digita- October 2017. Also, one of Siemens Cooperates with Education partner
lization. schools had a female representative on the mechatronics team at the
Hundreds of K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and other national championships. Only through these kinds of close partnerships
nonprofit training centers have opportunities to partner with Siemens between industry and education will we tackle the skills gap and invest
on leading-edge technologies in their classrooms, research projects, and in student success in STEM programs. For more about the program, visit
workforce-development programs. We support them with equipment,

Supporting STEM and GirlStart Three Paths to Skilled Workers

Jim Nyquist, group president, Emerson Automation Billy Hamilton, senior vice president of Human
Solutions, Houston, Resources, Motion Industries Inc., Birmingham, AL,
As an industry, it’s imperative that we
encourage children to pursue studies in The skills gap created by the slow decline of
science, technology, engineering, and STEM (science, technology, engineering,
math. STEM careers are growing at a and math) graduates in the United States
much faster rate (24% versus 4% in the is a threat and an opportunity for Motion
past decade) and provide tremendous op- Industries in the marketplace. We are addressing
portunities for the coming generations. STEM the skills gap along three different paths: external
concepts are relatively language agnostic—which training, internal training, and philanthropic STEM activities.
means students across the world can participate, regardless of language Our Learning and Development team travel to numerous custom-
or geographic location. Each day I’m inspired by the enthusiasm ers every year, providing highly technical skills-based training to the
at Emerson for STEM. In 2017, Emerson hosted more than 1,000 plant-maintenance departments. The subjects of these classes are usual-
students for I Love STEM Days in offices from Texas to the Philippines ly hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings, or power transmission applications.
and from Florida to Brazil. The classes are not product-specific, as we are working to improve the
#ILoveSTEM Day encourages kindergarten through eighth-grade audience skill set to make them more effective at their positions.
students to flex their STEM muscles with hands-on technology and The Learning and Development team also hosts similar classes for
engineering-focused activities that are designed to help them under- our employees. We have 22 learning centers around the country where
stand the scientific concepts they encounter every day. Emerson also we conduct most of these classes. Virtually all of our employees are
partners with organizations such as GirlStart (Austin, TX, within a half-day drive of one of our training centers.
where our employees act as coaches and mentors. By learning about Last, but certainly not least, is our philanthropic donations of time
STEM concepts from geometry to electrochemistry to the fundamen- and money to high school and technical school STEM programs
tals of force and motion early and in a kid-friendly and memorable across the country. In some cases, we partner with customers, such as
way, children develop a sense of curiosity and start asking the “why” Frito-Lay, to assist schools in program development. It is critical to our
and “how” questions that can often lead them to pursue STEM studies. economy to graduate more students with STEM skills.


feature | plant profile

Craftsmanship Kreinik continues to invent new ways to
breathe life into old machinery.

Michelle Segrest
Contributing Editor

IF MARTIN ANKROM has a super power, society. That’s a shame. If it’s done being one
it is in breathing new life into old equipment. thing it can become something else.”
Similar to how he keeps his 1950 Ford pickup Ankrom uses this creative craftsmanship to
truck running like new, he finds a way to keep operations running at the 7,500-sq.-ft.
resuscitate old machinery every day as the Kreinik facility. Jerry and Estelle Kreinik start-
maintenance engineer at Kreinik Manufactur- ed the family-owned business in their home
ing Co. Inc., in Parkersburg, WV. in the early 1970s. Estelle was a needleworker,
“If you have the ability to look inside the who basically wanted access to more interest-
equipment and see that it’s jammed, or old,
or deviated, there is always a way to fix it,”
Ankrom said. “You can never give up on it or Kreinik Manufacturing makes a variety of silk
it will beat you.” and metallic threads for needleworkers, crafters,
Ankrom works like a modern-day Dr. scrapbookers, quilters, fiber artists, fly fisher-
men, and fashion houses.
Frankenstein. He throws nothing away and All images:
has a large warehouse full of spare parts from Michelle Segrest
microwaves, old motors, broken computers,
and even pencil sharpeners. It’s his “Spare
Parts Mall,” and he goes shopping every day.
“I found three motors in an old bro-
ken-down microwave and realized that each
one could be used for various equipment in
our facility,” he said. “The motor that turns
the plate inside the microwave has 1.5
horsepower. This is absolutely wonderful for
powering some of our equipment. When-
ever computers break down around here,
I harvest them like a carnivore. They have
great little compact fans that can cool other
equipment. There are so many different little
switches, lights, and toggles that people just
toss away because we live in such a disposable


feature | plant profile

Above. The heartbeat of Kreinik’s Parkserburg, WV, operation is more than 130 braiding machines.

ing threads. So the couple started researching, buying, with extremely old equipment in a very tight space.
and then making them. “We have a philosophy that if you can find the
The inventor of the D-Ring for the Department right parts, you can make the stuff you need,” Kreinik
of the Navy, Jerry had a knack for creating ideas and said. “Every piece of equipment you see was made by
building them. The couple invented the first thread someone. It didn’t just pop out of a tree. I worked for a
organizer and then peddled this and other products while as a computer programmer and carried with me
door-to-door to build the company’s foundation. the philosophy that if you can think it, you can code
Today, Kreinik Manufacturing makes a variety of silk it. It’s the same with our equipment. We know how to
and metallic threads for needleworkers, crafters, scrap- re-invent it and keep it running.”
bookers, quilters, fiber artists, fly fishermen—even Kreinik believes that “small is big” and that there is
fashion houses—to help them express their creative still room for creativity in manufacturing.
selves. “We pretty much always have thread on the “We can find a way to put something together,” he
brain,” said company president Doug Kreinik, son of said. “It may not be beautiful or look like it’s supposed
Jerry and Estelle. “It’s how we look at the world.” to, but it’s going to function. We make old things new
The operation has grown significantly since Doug again with good maintenance. For example, Martin
Kreinik joined the family business in 1983. At that is taking apart and rebuilding one of our machines.
time, there were 10 braiding machines and now there He is simplifying it and making it easier to use and
are more than 130. With only 17 employees, the is using fewer parts. He is taking something that was
facility also uses winding, coning, skeining, and card- broken and actually improving it to make it run more
winding and packaging machines to produce more efficiently than ever.”
than a million spools each year. But this kind of creative manufacturing also
Kreinik and Ankrom continue the company’s tradi- requires a contingency plan, Ankrom explained. “If
tion—borne of the mother of invention—by inventing something goes down, there is always a backup to
solutions each day to keep the operations running keep things running while I fix it,” he explained. “I


feature | plant profile

have worked with engineers who have the mindset of ing it to be something better than before.
Fred Flintstone. It works like this, and it’s worked like “Martin’s task is to make our equipment more
this for 50 years. This is the way we are going to keep efficient and standardize them so we are always pro-
on going. But being a wrench jockey, I always ask ducing products,” Kreinik said. “He also finds ways
questions and make efforts to try something new. I to make operations more ergonomically sound and
look at how the design can be changed to bring down safer for the operators. Martin is always studying and
waste and build profit. The thought process of simply reading manuals and making sure he has a precise
buying something new is just using your wallet understanding of how everything works from the in-
and not using your mind.” side out. Then he can get creative with ways to rebuild
them with more efficiency.”
EFFICIENT This philosophy is the norm at the company.
MANUFACTURING “Our goal is the keep the machinery alive as long as
With an old-school approach possible,” Ankrom said. “When I came here in 2010
to modern technology, I was smitten with the idea of working with antique
Doug Kreinik still uses equipment. I had grown up around antiques and
white boards and paper really tired old machines, cars, and motorcycles, and I
orders to track opera- love the challenge of bringing them back to life.”
tions. This is a different Ankrom uses his experience as a fabricator, a
definition of efficient machinist, an operator, and an engineer to make this
manufacturing, he said. happen. In a small facility, there are many intricate
“Our system is not so- details that must be addressed to keep things running
phisticated, but it works smoothly, he said.
for us,” he explained. “If I can’t find the right part, I make it,” he contin-
“We take raw material and ued. “I then try to ‘Westernize’ the ancient European
break it down in 14 different machines by modifying them in many creative ways.
ways. We would spend more There is a methodology to taking things apart and
time entering this into a computer putting them back together. What we do here is take
than it takes to actually produce the complex machines and simplify them. It’s almost
products. We choose to keep it simple, impossible to find some of these parts, so I eliminate
and this just works for us. We have such custom- that need by inventing and building new parts. We
Metallic threads are
manufactured in 221 shades. ized products and have to operate with a certain kind look at things outside the box and repurpose every-
of organized randomness. We look at ways to im- thing. I don’t let anyone throw anything away.”
prove things, but always with the mindset of how can When he’s not rebuilding equipment, Ankrom
we make it simpler rather than more complicated.” spends his time putting out fires and working on
With this philosophy, Kreinik’s creative genes come preventive maintenance. He has the help of a part-
in handy. “Growing up, I thought everyone’s parents time employee, but it’s mostly a one-man team on
were well educated and inventors,” Kreinik said. the maintenance side. He must incorporate a strict
“When I got into the real world, it was an awaken- routine to keep teh operation running smoothly and
ing. So we keep things simple and creative. I’ve often efficiently.
thought that a boring job is a job where you can make “I come in each day and work with the operators to
mistakes. Make a boring job faster, and there is no see what is needed,” he explained. “I have a stringent
time to make mistakes.” maintenance campaign to pay close attention to
the compressors as they’re vital to our operation to
CREATIVE ENGINEERING control the humidity and temperature. I go to every
Ankrom makes work fun and creative by reverse-en- machine to make sure it is functioning just as it is
gineering the manufacturing equipment and rebuild- supposed to before everyone else comes in to work.”


feature | plant profile

Above left. Kreinik’s

Ankrom also schedules blocked time for preventive ors and sizes and distributes its products worldwide. It maintenance engineer
and predictive maintenance. Serviceability is a key even provided the metallic threads for Queen Cersei’s Martin Ankrom rebuilds
antique machinery to
best practice. gown in the opening scene of Season 7, Episode 1, of simplify it and improve
“A small example is where motors were originally the Game of Thrones television series. efficiency.
installed,” he said. “I have difficulty getting into them With a small facility that produces large quantities
to service them. There is no reason for them to live in of product, reliability remains the core of the compa- Above. A Kreinik machin-
such an environment. So I relocated them so they are ny’s operations. ist produces color cards.

raised to eye level and you don’t have to lay on your “We must make sure that we continue to make
back to perform the maintenance.” things simpler and better,” Doug Kreinik concluded.
Planning and strategizing is also a big part of the “I come from a creative and imaginative background,
overall atmosphere. and so does Martin. I might not understand every-
“You usually can’t just dive right into it,” Ankrom thing, but I ask questions. And each day we use cre-
said. “We like to spend a little time thinking about ative ideas and forward thinking to make things more
creative ways we can make it better and more efficient. efficient and more reliable.” EP
Another thing is consistency. The idea of making
everything in the house the same is so easy. Instead
of having multiple kinds of motors we just have one
kind. This way, I can have the same brand of replace-
Michelle Segrest is president of Navigate Content
ment parts throughout the house. If one machine goes
Inc. and has been a professional journalist for
down, you can take that product line off and put it on 28 years. She specializes in creating content
a different machine. And we document everything so for the processing industries and has toured
we have a detailed history of repairs.” manufacturing facilities in 52 cities in six
countries on three continents. If your facility
While it remains a family-owned company, Kreinik
has an interesting efficiency, maintenance, and/
Manufacturing has changed significantly since its or reliability story to tell, please contact her at
humble beginnings. It now produces many thread col-


feature | voice from the field

PM Helps Michelle Segrest

Contributing Editor

Eliminate DM
Michael Flint drives a preventive-maintenance
strategy at Brown University to help direct
wasted man-hours toward reducing a large and
growing deferred-maintenance backlog.

GROWING UP ON a dairy Michael Flint

and Angela
farm in western New York Cunningham
state, Michael Flint learned ear- use an infrared
thermography tool on
ly the value of proper mainte-
new pumps.
nance and the safe operation of equipment. All photos courtesy
He also learned the importance of properly Michael Flint

caring for the livestock.

Though he didn’t know it at the time, this
experience prepared him for his current Flint uses this
challenge—driving a seven-year program base and his previous
at Brown Univ., designed to redirect 57,000 experience managing
work-process man-hours used to maintain maintenance at a central-
226 buildings covering 6.34-million sq. ft. at station power plant to understand
the Providence, RI, campus. how to best provide building-system
“On the dairy farm, I learned the con- preventive-maintenance (PM) services at
cepts of maintenance and reliability,” said Brown. He leads a team that includes two a challenge,” Flint said. “Rarely do the same
Flint, the preventive-maintenance manager planner/schedulers, Mike Lopes and Angela issues crop up every day. We have large
for facilities management. “I learned that Cunningham. They support PM work commercial office buildings, large labo-
most equipment required lubrication and planning for three maintenance managers, ratory and animal-care spaces, and many
visual checks to make sure everything was six maintenance supervisors, a maintenance historical houses. All of them have their
operational before we went out in a field to staff of more than 100 technicians, and two own specific needs and challenges.”
perform harvesting activity or use of that service-contract managers. Flint and his Strategic planning and scheduling is
equipment. The animals also had a certain team drive the strategic preventive-mainte- crucial to making it all work, Flint said.
care schedule, which involved feeding and nance and reliability efforts. The team uses a hybrid zone-and-trade
the cleaning of their environments.” “Managing a campus like this is certainly maintenance strategy rather than a geog-


feature | voice from the field

raphy-based model. The trades are HVAC, and reducing interruptions on all building
electrical, plumbing, building controls, and services.”
structural specialties. Most of the university’s mainte-
“It’s an intricate matrix,” Flint explained. nance happens on a fixed schedule.
“A lot of the planning is done by areas For example, the air-condition-
of expertise and building criticality. We ing systems get routine filter
have a hard time thinking that we are big changes, lubrication, and
enough to organize by geography or zones control checks. The buildings
by themselves. Even though we have a lot of themselves are prioritized into
buildings to maintain, the campus is fairly seven categories—research,
compact, so we opted for the hybrid model.” academic, student housing,
administration and support,
RELIABILITY PHILOSOPHY athletics, student activities,
Flint initially entered the reliability and and auxiliary housing. The most
maintenance field in the 1990s, when critical buildings receive more
he spent six years as a supervisor at that frequent and focused maintenance
electric power plant in western New York. activities.
At the time, plant managers were trying
to address increasing maintenance budget AGGRESSIVE
pressures and Flint led a program to imple- PM PROGRAM
ment a new PM strategy. When Flint was hired almost four years
“I took on the role in the organization ago, the university had already worked to MICHAEL’S
to develop a revised maintenance strat- develop a PM strategy that included a way CREDENTIALS
egy, which would lead to reduction in to help fund the PM activities. Brown staff
 B.S. Electrical Engineering,
unplanned equipment down times and used Lean techniques to identify waste in
State Univ. of New York at
limit overall maintenance budgets,” he said. the maintenance work processes that could Buffalo
“During this time I developed a mainte- be redirected into the needed PM activities.
nance and reliability philosophy that the More than 57,000 man-hours of waste were  M.S. Engineering Manage-
most important thing is to focus on how found, which is now being recovered and ment, Tufts Univ., Medford,
to better plan and execute all maintenance redirected as part of the seven-year strategy MA
activities that will have the least effect on implementation.
operations while keeping the equipment “Our preventive strategy is really an
operating efficiently and reliably for the umbrella that includes any planned
long term.” maintenance activity,” he said. “You can MICHAEL’S BEST
Flint began then to develop some main- use technology for predictive things like ADVICE FOR R&M
tenance and reliability best practices that condition-based maintenance. The idea is PROFESSIONALS
he continues to apply daily. It starts with that [the university], through support of a
strategic planning and then targets PM and consultant, identified that we had a signif- “Always remember that
long-term reliability. icant deferred-maintenance (DM) backlog reactive maintenance
“I tend to be a strong maintenance plan- of $470 million that was going to continue will be three times more
ner, team builder, and change-management to grow at $48 million each year. The best costly than any type of
leader,” he said. “It’s important to focus on way to help address this backlog was to planned maintenance—
common goals. Through the maintenance strengthen the preventive-maintenance whether it is fixed
team pulled together here at Brown, we are program. Through the focus on preventive schedule, predictive, or
developing the desired best-in-class main- maintenance and other actions by Facilities condition based.”
tenance which is extending equipment life Management, we have limited the increase


feature | voice from the field


1 Plan for
2 Measure for
3 Communicate,
4 Review new
5 Feedback from the
staff performing
including correct to communicate. for safe all maintenance
failures. improve. maintainability. activities is a must.

Flint’s team performs preventive only 25% planned maintenance. Five years activities.
maintenance on all electrical-distribution later, 68% of the maintenance is planned.
equipment on the Brown Univ. campus.
This was accomplished through a redi- FINDING INSPIRATION
rection effort that incorporated a variety of Flint relies on sage advice from Theodore
in deferred maintenance to just $7 million Lean manufacturing techniques. Process- Roosevelt: “Far and away, the best prize that
total over the past four years.” es that were wasting critical man-hours life offers is the chance to work hard at work
“We are in the fifth year of the sev- were identified, providing a clear path for worth doing.”
en-year program to strengthen the pre- finding reasonable improvements. Some of “We have a serious goal of working
ventive-maintenance program,” Flint said. these improvements were identified prior toward being a best-in-class facility team,”
“The formula was that we simply had too to Flint’s arrival thanks to a broad team Flint said. “In my work experience, I’ve been
much maintenance and not enough hours, of front-line staff, management staff, and involved with organizations that try to think
and this resulted in higher costs for things participants from some of the larger campus that way and often they compare themselves
like overtime or additional and emergency departments. with other companies to try to capture and
contracted services. We also have equip- Also, converting to a PM mindset was implement what is working for others. In
ment that is getting older and requires more crucial in the efforts, but this required a my opinion, this doesn’t make you best in
maintenance.” steady change in the overall culture. class—it might make you almost as good in
After the initial focus on the effective “We focused on making many small class as the ones you’re trying to duplicate.
application of fixed-schedule maintenance, changes rather than big ones,” Flint said. So you really have to do more than that.
the goal became to develop a strategy “Soon, change itself became part of the You have to think for yourselves along with
to help deliver a change in the mainte- culture and therefore made it easier to taking advice and using the best practices
nance-staff culture. The next step involved implement the major changes. Change, in that you see others doing.”
applying predictive/condition technologies general, has become something that is just And how do you know when you get
that include vibration data collection and expected in our culture. Until someone there?
analysis on all critical rotating equipment tells you that you have to begin to do things “In my mind you never get there,” Flint
and infrared monitoring of major electri- differently, you can’t understand the impact said. “There should always be something
cal-distribution equipment. In addition, this will have on you. We made sure that else that you can do better.” EP
runtime-based maintenance actions are all the changes didn’t happen at once, but
being initiated by the building-automation they happened regularly—so the idea of
system with the direct creation of the neces- change was never a surprise.”
sary maintenance work orders. For example, the team switched from us-
ing a desktop PC to using a mobile mainte- Michelle Segrest is president of Navigate
MEASURING RESULTS nance-work-order system. Each technician Content Inc., and has been a professional
One of the key performance indicators for now carries a tablet in his/her tool case and journalist for 28 years. She specializes
in creating content for the industrial
the program was measuring planned versus documents all work history and spare-parts
processing industries. If you know of a
reactive maintenance activities. When the needs remotely. This helps eliminate wasted maintenance and/or reliability expert who
program began, the campus operated with time that has been redirected into other PM is making a difference at their facility,



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feature | maintenance efficiency

That Work
Like bullets for soldiers
on the front lines,
it’s impossible for
technicians to perform
their duties without a
ready supply of parts.

Some suppliers offer vending ma-

chines for common and/or routine
parts. These machines make it pos-
sible for technicians to get parts
faster and storeroom clerks to
reduce their workloads.


feature | maintenance efficiency

As the skilled-trades gap

continues to grow, it’s
imperative that valuable
technical resources focus
on critical plant value
streams and not on MRO

IN TODAY’S MANUFACTURING environments, While the overall objective of parts management

indirect parts and material inventories are essential is to reduce waste, the selection process has its own
to a well-run manufacturing operation. That means set of priorities. Many manufacturers base their
smart inventory-management strategies are critical. inventory decisions on price alone—yet the actual
When managed appropriately, the Maintenance metric should be Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Repair and Operations (MRO) process can operate Total Cost of Ownership not only takes into account
with minimum waste while driving maintenance the price of parts and materials, but also the impact
efficiencies. As the skilled-trades gap on plant performance, which
continues to grow, it’s imperative can be measured by Overall
that valuable technical resources The overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE),
focus on critical plant value streams goal of parts a fundamental measure of asset
and not on MRO processes. management performance.
As most people in the manufac-
in a plant is OEE, expressed by the for-
turing arena know, technical talent mula Availability x Performance
to reduce
is at a premium. When maintenance x Quality, is heavily affected
personnel are delayed by hard-to- waste. by MRO inventories. When
find or unavailable replacement key replacement parts are on
parts, this limited human resource hand, equipment availability is
is rendered less effective. Storeroom operations are increased through improved maintenance efficien-
negatively affected as well by emergency purchasing, cies. Performance and quality, the other two factors,
emergency shipping, and reactive delivery of materi- are often enhanced as well—but from a maintenance
als to the factory floor for maintenance use. perspective, good inventory decisions have the
The primary goal of inventory efficiency is to greatest effect on availability.
eliminate waste in all of its forms. Think of a doc- Parts management, then, is a delicate balance of
tor’s office: every person, whether nurse or doctor, budget, planning, and distribution. Location and
is leveraged for his or her highest skill. There’s a quantity are critically important as well. To address
reason the nurse takes your temperature and blood these issues, the following four inventory-manage-
pressure before the doctor enters. Such tasks don’t ment practices have been developed.
require a physician’s expertise.  Analytics. In the maintenance realm, it’s easy


feature | maintenance efficiency

to plan for some inventory items. Consumables In such cases, where downtime costs can amount to
such as lubricants and fluids, for example, are pur- many tens of thousands of dollars, the company will
chased as a function of use over time. Other items, gladly pay carrying costs to support operations and
though, are not so easy. What about expensive, yet lower risks. Other enterprises have extra production
infrequently used parts that tie up working capital? capacity and hoard their working capital. These
Which parts can have the greatest impact on opera- operations are willing to take on the risk associated
tions if they’re not immediately available? with lower-volume inventories.
Two techniques are helpful in making decisions  Site Optimization. Just as important as “which”
that ensure efficient use of capital and maximum up- parts to keep onsite, is “where” those parts should
time. The first technique, Pareto analysis, identifies be stored. In some operations, the parts storeroom
the 20% of parts that drive 80% of business risk, i.e., is hundreds of yards away—or even outside the
those that have the greatest potential impact on pro- plant itself. It may not be practical to maintain a
duction output. Priority is also given to parts storeroom close to the action, but staff utilization is
that are most difficult to replace, either certainly something to consider.
because of rarity or long lead times. Locating critical parts for quick access can save
many dollars over the long run. Here again, the
80/20 rule is useful. Place the most frequently used
Good inventory and critical parts close to their applicable machines,
decisions have securing them under lock and key if necessary. For
great impact less-important parts, it may be possible to store
on equipment items offsite, especially if multiple plants operate the
same pieces of equipment. Common naming con-
ventions and parts numbers can help in this regard
by enabling parts with similar uses to be located and
delivered quickly. Such a practice supports continu-
Pareto analysis also creates ous improvement and TCO analysis.
a benefit of identifying high  SLOB Inventory Disposition. In many facilities,
parts usage that may benefit substantial capital and valuable storeroom space
from root-cause failure analysis. are consumed by slow-moving and obsolete (SLOB)
Often, such parts can be repaired or parts. Ridding a storeroom of SLOB inventory
re-engineered to specifications that ex- starts by looking at turns. If parts are slow moving,
ceed OEM standards, making them better expensive, and not mission-critical, consider main-
suited to the manufacturer’s unique environ- taining them at another plant or with the supplier.
ment. Improving part reliability reduces TCO. When factory equipment is replaced or re-de-
The second technique, ABC analysis, is another signed, MRO components can change and become
important tool. ABC is about cycle-count control obsolete. In these cases, resell, recycle, or scrap the
and use of working capital. “A” items (ideally, about orphan parts. Brokerages can help in many cases, by
10% of the total) are business critical in nature, buying old parts and reselling them—often captur-
“B” items (about 20% of the total) are of moderate ing some value for the plant.
importance, and “C” items (about 70%) are relatively  Vendor-Managed Services. A sometimes-over-
unimportant. Stratifying parts lists along these lines looked strategy is to fully leverage vendor services.
will help optimize cycle counts and re-order points, Strong supply partners will often voluntarily stock in-
thereby minimizing carrying costs. ventories of parts with long lead-times. Making use of
It’s important to note that results will vary this service, as long as deliveries are quick, will reduce
according to a company’s operating and financial needless inventory “insurance investments.”
priorities. Countless manufacturing plants run 24/7. Asking suppliers to hold stock will also help keep


feature | maintenance efficiency

Where parts are stored is

just as critical as which
parts are kept on hand.
Place the most frequently
used and critical parts
close to their applicable
machines. Less-important
parts can be stored in a
more remote location or
even off site.

parts from wearing out on the factory shelf. For interface with accounting/financial systems as well.
example, motors that sit in the storeroom for months On the parts front, barcode and RFID readers can
on end can develop flat spots in windings that will be used to scan parts as they make their way through
compromise performance. If such motors aren’t the usage lifecycle; once tagged, information is
needed routinely, it’s better to allow vendors to hold uploaded to the CMMS, and the system can automat-
the item where turnover is more frequent. ically generate reports on parts usage and deploy-
Some suppliers offer vending machines for com- ment, making management decisions much easier.
mon and/or routine parts. These machines issue parts
by smart-card activation. By placing parts-vending BOTTOM LINE
machines throughout plants where they’re most It’s difficult to overemphasize the powerfully pos-
needed, technicians get parts faster and storeroom itive impact that inventory management can have
clerks reduce their workload. on maintenance efficiency. Technician labor costs
continue to rise; moreover, the lack of skilled talent
DATA ISSUES is expected to last for at least another 15 years. While
In virtually all aspects of inventory management, the technology continues to evolve, technicians can’t be
most important prerequisite is collecting high-qual- efficient without ready access to supplies of needed
ity internal data. With up-to-date information on parts. Keep in mind that when parts are planned,
performance, downtime, and parts consumption, it’s purchased, and deployed with TCO in mind, the
possible to better manage all kinds of initiatives from highest value is derived from equipment and person-
mean time between failure analysis (MTBF) and nel alike. Take the time to carefully consider invento-
root-cause failure analyses to Six Sigma programs, all ry management. The benefits will accrue today—and
supporting cost-reduction programs. well into the future. EP
A computerized maintenance-management system
(CMMS) is the primary tool for analyzing parts This information was provided by Brad McCully,
data. CMMS software can track asset performance, director of customer accounts for Advanced Technology
schedule work orders, and help make reactive vs. Services Inc. (, Peoria, IL). He can be
preventive maintenance decisions. Some systems will reached at


feature | lubrication strategies

Machine Design, Bearing lubrication

decisions, made at the
machine-design stage,
often dictate how well the

Affect Lubrication
machine will be maintained
throughout its working life.

Ken Bannister, MEch Eng (UK), CMRP, MLE

Contributing Editor

MOST DESIGN ENGINEERS under- nance practices. The problem is evident machine shutdown and lockout/tagout to
stand how to correctly size a bearing for when a grease-lubricated bearing is mount- lubricate a single bearing—should it get
load or how to choose the proper bearing ed inboard of the machine side frames in a lubricated at all.
class, limits, fits, and tolerances for an hidden or difficult-to-reach location with Specifying new-equipment lubrication
application. But very few are versed in the a simple grease nipple at the bearing point. procedures is always a compromise and
science of lubrication and basic mainte- This type of arrangement requires a full many factors go into the decision-making


feature | lubrication strategies

process. Being aware of the “in respected delivery system

service” consequence can not on the market, although
only make the operational effort it does require up-front
much more efficient when the system engineering that is
machine goes into service, but usually included in the cost
can also increase the asset life of the system.
cycle and reduce downtime inci- Unfortunately, even with
dences and associated costs for a lubrication-savvy designer
the life of the machine. who has specified a state-of-
Depending on the machine’s the-art fully centralized and
design, bearing lubrication may automated lubrication-de-
be performed using oil, grease, or livery system, all can be
both. Oil is prevalent with closed changed with the stroke of a
gearboxes, high temperature, and pen. Lubrication systems, as
high-speed bearing applications. inexpensive as they are, are
Grease systems are usually less much more expensive than
expensive and more common. grease nipples and are an
Here are some pros and cons of easy sacrifice when spiral-
a number of popular lubrication ing project costs need to be
application methods: reined in.
S Manual delivery: This is your With any type of oil-
30-cent grease nipple attached lubrication system, ensure
to each bearing point. The pro that oil reservoirs have easy-
side is its minimal cost and to-read site-level gauges
minimum design requirement. installed, desiccant-style
The cons are uncontrolled breathers, filters with go/no
delivery—too much, too little; go change indicators, and a
bearing access problems; and contamination-controlled
an increased chance of contam- fill system. If you already
ination/cross contamination employ a lubrication stan-
from dirty grease-gun tips and To actuate the manual pump, located inside the machine envelope on the back dard(s) in the plant, ensure
wall, requires the machine to be stopped and locked out. In situations such as this,
non-identifiable grease tubes in lubrication is rarely done properly, if at all. Photo courtesy EngTech Industries
that the new design com-
the grease gun. plies with your standard so
S Single-point auto lubricator: as to minimize spare parts
Newer versions are programma- and dual-line injector systems: Systems and training requirements.
ble, refillable, can be used for oil or grease, can be used for oil or grease delivery and Always try to install the lubrication pump
and develop enough pressure to move an require little up-front engineering while and controller at or outside the working
eight-point divider valve, all for an invest- offering built-in control flexibility at each perimeter of the machine envelope. This
ment of just a few hundred dollars. These injector point. Unfortunately, good features allows the lubricator to be filled, tested, and
are well suited for existing applications can also be detrimental, especially when maintained without the need to shut down
with minimum point requirements and flexible also means tamperable, i.e., easy and lock out the machine.
out-of-the-way single points, but are still adjustments that allow non-experts, with If you have any load on your machine
considered “throw away” lubricators that, the best of intentions, to starve or over- bearings you will require a lubrication strat-
in the end, cost many times more than a grease bearings. egy and need to choose a lubricant-delivery
traditional automated-pump system. S Centralized automated progressive method. Choosing one is much cheaper and
S Centralized automated single-line divider system: This is probably the most easier at the design stage. An automated


feature | lubrication strategies

system is the smart choice because, when set up

correctly, it can increase bearing life cycle by
three times that of a manually lubricated bear-
ing, while reducing your machine’s energy


Bearing longevity depends on the machine
operator and the maintenance crew factor-
ing in the working environment and mak-
ing necessary adjustments. Ironically, poor Bannister on
working environments can be found even in Lubrication
Along with the
a food plant that is washed down regularly with
online version of this
water and caustic soda at the end of each shift. The article, visitors to
plant may be clean, but strong water spray pointed efficientplantmag.
com will find a link to
directly at a bearing can cause the grease to wash
a podcast with Ken
Bearing longevity depends out. In such cases, the bearings must be re-greased Bannister in which
on the machine operator immediately or a more permanent solution imple- he further explores
mented, such as installing water shields or run-off how machine design
and the maintenance crew and the working
protective guards.
factoring in the working Similar solutions are required for processes that
affect lubrication
environment. use aggregate or sand (silica), such as in a sandcast- strategies.

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feature | lubrication strategies

ing foundry, cement plants, or mining facilities. lubricants “thicken.” A thick lubricant may stall out
Other working environments that are detrimental the pump, causing the system to dramatically slow
to lubrication include: its delivery or stop altogether. The correct viscosity
S A plant that runs two or three shifts. Most is essential in extremes that may require a complete
original-equipment manufacturers base their lubri- lubricant changeover as the seasons change.
cation recommendations on a single-shift operation In every case, the onus is on the end user to make
(2,000-hr. annually). Double and triple shifts require sure he/she understands and make adjustments that
lubrication delivery and reservoir fill frequency to compensate for the working environment. The best
also double and triple if line throughput is constant. strategy is to specify exact needs at the design stage.
S Aggressive production schedules. Running over Machine design and working environment can sig-
LEARN MORE design capacity will break down the lubricant much nificantly affect how bearings are lubricated. EP
“All Sight-Level Gauges faster, requiring a ramped-up delivery schedule.
Aren’t Created Equal” S Multi-mode operation. Different lubrication
strategies are required for machinery that may
com/2017/03/sight-l Contributing editor Ken Bannister is co-author,
operate in three separate modes, e.g., full-operation
with Heinz Bloch, of the book Practical Lubrication
created-equal/ mode, standby/idle mode, and/or spare/redundant. for Industrial Facilities, 3rd Edition (The Fairmont
S Temperature extremes. Wide operating-tempera- Press, Lilburn, GA). As managing partner and
“Put Portable Filter ture ranges dramatically affect the lubricant viscos- principal consultant for Engtech Industries
Carts to Work” ity. Very hot conditions can make the lubricant very Inc. (Innerkip, Ontario), he specializes in the
efficientplantmag. implementation of lubrication-effectiveness
“thin,” causing it to lose its ability to stay in the bear-
com/2017/05/put- reviews to ISO 55001 standards, asset-management
portable-filter- ing pressure, or load, zone, allowing metal-to-metal systems, and training. Contact him at kbannister@
carts-work/ contact to occur. Extremely cold environments make, or telephone 519-469-9173.


A SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT In this Reliable Pumping supplement, the
Efficient Plant editors present insight into issues
and factors that determine reliability of pumps in
chemical processing industries.

Feature 36
Products 40
Be Aware of
Wear Before

A chemical-pump expert shows how preventive This chemical skid system

maintenance can ensure chemical pumping performance. uses high-flow hydraulic

pumps. All photos
nderstanding that flow components such years come from the technol- courtesy Jim Holts
as diaphragms and check valves will ogy of automation and instru-
start to show wear before they fail can be strong mentation built into metering
motivation to incorporate an effective preven- and dosing pumps.
tive-maintenance program for chemical-pro- “Chemical pumps have
cessing equipment, according to metering-pump come a long way,” he ex-
expert Jim Holts, senior technical sales manager, plained. “We must understand
dosing pump line, Grundfos Pumps Corp. (us. that we now can get actual, Downers Grove, IL). feedback from the pump on
“It is very common in this industry to say, ‘I’m the control side. There are
going to wait until something fails, and then fix it,’” alarms and warnings that tell
Holts explained. “Proactive maintenance is the us when the chemicals are
key. When the components start to wear, you will not pumping properly. These
start to lose the accuracy of your pump, which is pumps can actually correct
one of the reasons you bought a metering pump themselves when they are
to begin with—for it’s high, repeatable accuracy. not pumping properly. They
And since we may classify metering pumps more can calculate flow and send
on the instrumentation side, just remember that this information back to the Above left. It is very common to mount low-flow pumps above
you are paying for something you are not getting SCADA and control systems. the supply tank on a wall-mounted system.
if you are not doing proper maintenance.” When I first started in the
Above right. This is an example of a floor-mounted skid system.
Holts has 37 years of experience in the chemical-metering-pump busi-
positive-displacement pump-market, including ness, these pumps were part
31 years in dosing/metering pumps. He has of the instrumentation group. Then they became accurately inject a variety of chemicals. These
worked with several companies and a variety of part of the rotary equipment group. Now, with all types of pumps fall into two categories—mechan-
positive-displacement pump technologies. He’s the controls and integration, you are seeing the ically actuated pumps and hydraulically actuated
also a member of the committee responsible for instrumentation people involved in the controls pumps. As far as maintenance and reliability
the book Positive Displacement Pumps–Con- and selections of chemical metering pumps.” functions are concerned, there are some simi-
trolled Volume for Petroleum, Chemical and Gas larities and some differences in the two types of
Industry Services: API-675 Standard 3rd Edition. HOW THEY WORK pumps, Holts said.
According to Holts, the biggest advance- Metering, or dosing, pumps are usually recipro- Both types have diaphragms, but in mechan-
ments in chemical pumps within the past 10 cating diaphragm-style pumps with the ability to ically actuated pumps, the diaphragm is directly


A Safety Data Sheet describes specific hazards so that those who handle them understand the Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals used in
for a hazardous chemical to ensure proper potential risks. a location easily accessible to all employees.
handling in the workplace. The manufacturer, The first eight sections cover basics of the The sheets must be in English and may also be
distributor, or importer of the chemical must chemical, including the ingredients, handling available in other languages.
provide the sheet to users according to the Haz- and storage, protection, and what to do in Most Safety Data Sheets are available from
ard Communication Standard (HCS), which was case of exposure or an accident involving the manufacturer websites, though you may have
revised in 2012, according to the U.S. Depart- chemical, explains OSHA. Sections 9 through 11 to contact the manufacturer directly in some in-
ment of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health describe the physical and chemical properties stances. There are several SDS search websites,
Administration (OSHA), Washington. and how the chemical behaves. Sections 12 but a brief test of some indicates they may
The primary change in 2012 involved the through 15 appear on the sheet, but they are be outdated, if they function at all. Some also
format of the Safety Data Sheets to create a not required to contain information. The final require registration.
consistent layout that is easy to understand, section shows the preparation date or date the Visit for
according to OSHA. The sheets contain 16 document was updated. more details about the Hazard Communication
standard sections that break down the hazards OSHA requires that employers keep the Standard.

connected to a reciprocating piston that pushes of pump, wear can occur between the ball and dosing pump after the diaphragm and/or check
and pulls it back and forth. In hydraulically actuat- the seat in the check valve. “These days most valves have been replaced to ensure the pump is
ed pumps, the reciprocating piston forces hydrau- mechanically actuated pumps are dry and do not operating within its parameters.
lic oil back and forth against the diaphragm to contain any oil or grease internal to the pump for
cause the diaphragm to move. Both pump types lubrication,” he explained. “But if the pump does MAINTENANCE
use check valves mounted in the head to assist have oil or grease, then it should be identified AND RELIABILITY
in creating the pumping action. and checked yearly.” CHALLENGES
Hydraulically actuated pumps that operate Holts said he cannot stress enough the impor-
BEST MAINTENANCE in continuous operation should be inspected tance of converting from the run-it-until-it-breaks
PRACTICES quarterly to confirm the hydraulic level is within mentality to a focus on proactive maintenance.
Mechanically actuated pumps that operate in the required volume, which is usually measured “You buy a chemical metering pump because
continuous operation should be inspected yearly, by an internal dipstick. It is recommended that you want to accurately feed chemicals,” he said.
which includes visually inspecting the diaphragm the diaphragm also be checked and changed “There are some wear components that will
for cracks, Holts said. It is a good policy to annually for continuous-operating pumps, continue to wear, and this will affect the accuracy
change the diaphragm every year for a pump that especially in higher-pressure applications where of the pump before the pump will fail. Ball check
is in continuous operation as wear and sepa- hydraulically actuated diaphragms operate under valves tend to lose seating action over a period
ration can occur between the PTFE face and greater forces. of time, but the pump still pumps so people don’t
elastomer backing material. This is commonly The suction and discharge check valves think of proactively performing maintenance ev-
referred to as “delamination.” should also be inspected for signs of wear, espe- ery one or two years. They think everything is still
The suction and discharge check valves cially between the ball and seats, Holts recom- working. In reality, if they were to test the pumps
should also be inspected for signs of wear, mends. “It is a good policy to change the suction on a calibration column, they would see that they
especially between the ball and seats. It is a and discharge check valves every year for a are not pumping the volume they think they are
good policy to change the suction and dis- pump in continuous operation. Depending on the pumping because they are leaking internally
charge check valves every year for a pump in liquid being pumped or the pump discharge pres- around the check valves.”
continuous operation. sure or even the style of pump, wear can occur New pumps being developed will automat-
Depending on the liquid being pumped or between the ball and the seat in the check valve.” ically alarm the customer after 8,000 hours of
the pump discharge pressure or even the style It is good practice to recalibrate a metering or continuous operation or after two years of inter-


some of it will evaporate over time. Because of
EQUIPMENT this, he recommends checking oil levels on a
MANAGEMENT quarterly basis.
Most industrial facilities have hundreds, if not
n After doing a service, run a calibration check.
thousands, of pieces of critical equipment. Much
of this equipment runs reliably for many years be- “An easy way to see if everything is running
tween overhauls. Some equipment fails often and properly is to simply run a calibration test,” he
repeatedly. Keys to reducing life-cycle cost include said. This will tell you if all the components have
understanding equipment by factors such as: been installed properly. “We would like to try to
• Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
get people to run the calibration test every six
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
months if we can, or every year, and see if the
• Cost of Failure
• Root Cause of Failure. pump is running consistently. If not, there is a
With this information, the most unreliable plant good chance that something has begun to wear,
After performing service such as installing equipment can be pinpointed. It can also justify which will cause you to pump less volume.”
a new diaphragm on a mechanically actuat- improvements based on cost and can even elim- n Keep strainers clean. Clogged strainers will
ed diaphragm pump, perform a calibration inate underlying root causes of failure to extend
reduce the amount of chemical coming through
check to assure proper performance. equipment life between overhauls.
the pump, resulting in less pumped volume.
n Invest in spare-parts kits. Spare-parts kits are
mittent operation. Alert time is programmed into than a lot of other types of positive-displacement relatively inexpensive. Keep them on hand.
the pump so a warning will tell the operator that pumps in the past several years. There are now n Understand and use all chemical-pump
it’s time to put in a spare-parts kit, and will even metering pumps with built-in ways to calculate features and take care of the pumps so they will
provide the spare-parts kit number. the flow output and send out alerts.” perform as designed.
From an operation standpoint, certain Some metering pumps can automatically “Always consider how the pumps fit into the
chemicals (such as sodium hypochloride) are detect air bubbles in gas-locking situations and total operation of what the customer is trying to
very difficult to pump, Holts said. “It can be very start a cycle to overcome it. However, Holts do—whether that is treating water at a munici-
challenging to pump this type of chemical be- warned, “If you are not familiar enough at the pal or industrial water-treatment facility, adding
cause it tends to gaslock reciprocating metering point of installation to turn those features on, then chemicals at a pulp-and-paper facility, pollution
pumps which shuts down operation. The biggest they don’t really help the customers the way they management at a mine site, or pH control at a
challenge is proper installation and operation of are designed...[The pump] was specified by the manufacturing facility,” he said. “In the past, it
certain chemicals that have volatile vapor pres- engineer who understands all these features, was common that the metering pump was just
sure, like sodium hypochloride.” but somewhere that knowledge gets lost at a component sitting on a drum of chemicals
The most important way to avoid this is to the point of installation between the supplier and you were adding chemicals for pH control.
have an effective installation setup. This can help and the installer.” Holts wants to educate his Now, with the advancements in metering
avoid some of the gas-locking problems by using customers to understand that maintenance on pumps, it can become an integral part of the
things such as vents and the proper equipment, anything saves money. whole process. Customers should understand
such as ball valves that are vented to prevent the advancements and use the features and
over-pressurization to the line. Having an under- TIPS FOR PREVENTIVE benefits to better control the processes.” RP
standing of the control and operation of the pump MAINTENANCE
is crucial, Holts explained. Holts offers several preventive-maintenance tips Michelle Segrest is president of Navigate Content
“A lot of times, people will buy a pump, put it for chemical metering and dosing pumps: Inc., and has been a professional journalist for 28
in, and start it up…but they are not familiar with n Check oil regularly. Some pumps have years. She specializes in creating content for the
the operation of the pump,” he said. “Metering grease, some have oil, and some have nothing, processing industries. Contact her at michelle@
pumps, in general, have had more advancement Holts explained. For the pumps that have oil,


Pumped Up

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Metering Pumps
Hydra-Cell metering pumps are said to provide a virtually pulseless linear flow.
In most cases, the pumps exceed API 675 performance standards. The P series
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Dosing Pumps
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journey's success is played by the companies
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LUDECA is a leading provider
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LUDECA is an Approved Provider

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Motion Industries
Energy Efficiency:
Five Things to Know
Motion Industries’ Energy Services Team
can help identify energy reductions through
plant surveys, consulting, implementation
and project financing. Five facts:

1. Did you know that the U.S. Department

of Energy states that the typical industrial
compressed air system wastes 50% of
the total energy of the system? Common
causes are leaks, inappropriate uses, and
inefficient compressor control/sequencing.

2. LED lighting is projected to achieve a market

share of 84% of lumen-hour sales in the
general illumination market by 2030. 

3. The cost of solar panels has dropped by

80% since 2008, making a solar project
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4. Did you know that the typical mechanical

steam trap fails between 10% and 30% per year?

5. Power quality is an electrical system’s or

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M Convert
AINTENANCE coor- information prior to converting to Work
dination and converting Order, you should use this as a coaching

notifications to work orders opportunity to meet with the Notification
are amongh the most critical steps in the creator and alert them of the changes you
work-management process. The first step made and the importance of accurately

To Work
in this process is work validation. The filling out the notification.
maintenance coordinator, or the produc- After reviewing the Notification, use
tion designee, should review the notifi- these three factors to determine whether

cation with area operations personnel to it should be rejected:
ensure that the scope of work is appropri-  Duplicate notification already exists
ate and justified and will not be supersed- in the system.
ed by other maintenance work or capital  It is determined that the work is not Kristina Gordon
projects. If the work will not proceed, then required.
the notification shall be rejected. If the  The information or the notification is
work will proceed, then the notification not valid. 1
will be edited or corrected and then turned After rejecting a notification, the
into the appropriate work order. maintenance coordinator or shift desig-
Work order types are configured by nee shall consult the Notification creator
each company, depending on how its and notify them why it was rejected. This
work is performed. Typical work orders feedback loop is a critical element of the
include those for preventive, predictive, work-management process to ensure
emergency, assistance to production, cap- everyone is informed and updated.
ital projects, and small jobs. Follow your Enter your activity type and revision
own company practices for determining code to complete the work, Then Click the
work order costs. save button. EP
First, review the notification, using 2
transaction IW22. You can also use trans-
action IW28 to search for a notification.
Next, review the notification Type, Title, Video Training When you have verified the
Equipment description, Planner group, Want to see these tips in action and/ notification information and
Priority, Failure Mode, and Notification or learn more about converting are ready to convert to a work
notifications to work orders? Go to order, press the Create Work
Long Text to determine if the correct Order button.
notification type was used (it cannot and Kristina Gordon will show
be changed), and to determine what you how. Watch this space each
work-order type should be created. Verify month for a new training video.

that the priority field and the Req. start 3

and End dates meet the needs of the area.
Select (8) save once you have finished.
You should always edit the notification Enter the desired work-
Kristina Gordon is SAP PM Leader, order type. Change
to ensure the information is correct prior DuPont Protective Solutions Main Work Center if
to converting to Work Order. This will Business, and SAP WMP Champion, necessary. Click check
mark to proceed.
ensure accuracy for the Notification and Spruance Site, Richmond, VA. If you
have SAP questions, send them to
the Work Order. If modifications were and
made to the notification to correct the we’ll forward them to Kristina.


RMC ultrasound technology

1. Conduct an initial walk-through of your

facility using an ultrasonic detector to help
identify leaks (or contract with a third-party
to do so). Record the location of each leak,
along with its decibel (dB) reading or flow
(CFM) estimate.
2. For consistency, start at the compressor
(supply side) and work your way to the
working component (demand side).
3. Create inspection zones to cover all sections
of your facility.
4. When you identify a leak, mark it with a red
tag to make it easy for maintenance to see
and correct. Note every aspect of the leak
including department, machine or asset
number, pneumatic component leaking, flow
estimate or dB reading, tag number, and
While ultrasound technology has become a leading ‘early indicator’ in the battle against premature
equipment failure, it can also help sites save energy. Photo courtesy UE Systems Inc.
picture number to ease the job for mainte-
nance to get back to the leak. When the leak

‘Hear’ Problems
is corrected, mark it with a green tag to show
it has been addressed.
5. Conduct a final walk-through and re-check

And Reduce Costs the tagged items to make sure they were
corrected. Sometimes fixing a leak will
inadvertently cause another leak in a different
AS AWARENESS OF predictive, Birmingham, AL), a simple location to grow.
technologies in manufacturing facilities program of leak detection and repair 6. Take dB readings by zone and calculate the
has grown, ultrasonics has taken its place can dramatically reduce a plant’s overall savings.

as one of the leading “early indicators” in energy costs. The manager of Motion
efforts to eliminate premature equipment Industries’ Repair Shop in Pensacola, FL, OTHER USES FOR ULTRASOUND
failures. Ultrasound technology can also he cites a study of a chemical plant by the Compressed air/gas leak detection is just one of
help personnel “hear” problems and reduce U.S. Department of Energy (, many uses for ultrasound technology in a plant.
operating costs in other ways. Compressed Washington) that showed how correcting As Craven noted, other systems and applications
air systems are a case in point. just 10 compressor leaks (1/4-in.) result- include, but aren’t limited to:
Compressed air is one of the most ed in annual energy savings of $39,967.  hydraulic and pneumatic systems (checking
costly utilities in any manufacturing Craven listed these best-practice steps for internal leaks around pistons seals in
facility. According to Paul Craven, in using ultrasound technology to help cylinders)
CFPHS, of Motion Industries (MotionIn- mitigate your site’s compressed air costs:  centrifugal pumping systems (checking for
cavitation on the inlet of the pump)
 electric motors (checking inboard and out-
board bearings for early stages of peeling or
spalling of the inner or outer race)
Based in Pensacola, FL, Paul Craven is certified by the International Fluid Power Society as a fluid
power hydraulic specialist (CFPHS), and has worked in the field for more than 25 years. For more  steam-trap condition evaluation
information, visit, or view the MI Energy Services video at  machine-vibration analysis. EP — Jane Alexander, Managing Editor




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RMC cybersecurity strategies

Cyber attacks are disruptive for

any business. Highly ‘connected’
+ STEP 1:
INVOLVES building firewalls to keep outsiders from
process operations face
particular risks and costs. entering the corporate network and gaining access to
control systems. This will work in environments where
entry points are somewhat limited. However, in an IIoT
world, cybersecurity will need to be built into every
control-system hardware and software component,
protecting every node that has computing capability.

+ STEP 2:
REQUIRES a gradual approach to strengthening
cybersecurity infrastructure. Responsible control-sys-
tem manufacturers are now designing this type of
security into every module design. Some apply a
Secure Development Life Cycle (SDL) approach to their
product development. Within the context of SDL, secure
architecture reviews are performed, threat modeling
of the conceptual security design takes place, secure
coding rules are followed, specialized tools are utilized
to analyze code, and security testing of the product is

Take Steps to Ensure

performed. These actions help make products more
resilient against cyber attacks. In this way, as new
products replace old, entire systems evolve to become

Cybersecurity more cyber secure.

ACCORDING TO PHILIPPE CARLE of Schneider Electric (schneider-electric.

+ STEP 3:
INCLUDES the education of employees. A cybersecu-
com), cyber attacks cost companies worldwide an estimated $300 to $400 billion rity-aware culture must be developed to help employ-
annually. It’s a figure that’s projected to increase sharply given the fact it often takes ees understand or appreciate the key risks and allow
days to restore operations after an unexpected shutdown. In large process operations, operations to run in a secure manner. (This includes
that type of business interruption can cost millions of dollars per hour. understanding basic password or changeover man-
Carle offered some advice for heading off these situations in a recent blog post agement). Cybersecurity audits should be conducted,
titled “3 Steps for Countering Oil & Gas Cybersecurity-Related Business Continuity and best practices consistently enforced. In this type of
Threats.” As he pointed out, the more connected nature of oil and gas operations, cybersecurity-aware process culture, priorities of the IT
driven largely by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and related digitalization, and industrial-control departments need to be aligned.
introduces a significant element of cyber risk. Summed up here, his recommended Employees and vendors coming onsite must be aware
approach for deploying cybersecure solutions in that sector could be applicable to of, i.e., comply with, security policies or risk being
other highly “connected” process operations. denied access to sensitive equipment and operations
software. EP
(Read the full post at
Based in Paris, Philippe Carle is the director of Oil & Gas and Utilities market segments ty/2017/11/09/oil-gas-cybersecurity-business-continu-
within the IT division of Schneider Electric ( Find more posts from ity-threats/.)
Carle and others on the Schneider Electric team at — Jane Alexander, Managing Editor


Answers to questions
department | on the floor
facing today’s reliability
& maintenance

Q “Where do I get money to

pay for predictive/condi-
edge. For this discussion, assume
annual stock purchased is $5 million, Spare-Parts
tion-based monitoring?” inventory turn is 0.5, and stock outs
are at 10%:

A You’ve made your pitch to man-  Inventory turns = stock purchased/

agement (Efficient Plant, Oct. stock on hand ($) = $5 million/$10
2017, p. 47) and followed up with PM million = 0.5
Optimization (Efficient Plant, Nov. Achieving an inventory turn of

CBM Funds
2017, p. 44). You now should be able to 0.56 = $5 million/$9 million saves $1
free up people to implement predictive million. Best practice is greater than
maintenance (PdM)/condition-based 1.0 inventory turn.
monitoring (CBM). However, you  Over-stocked inventory best prac- Dr. Klaus M. Blache
still need funding for equipment and tice is less than 2%. An 8% overstock Univ. of Tennessee Reliability
training. on $10 million is worth $800,000 + & Maintainability Center

The quickest way to obtain needed $200,000 (from 25% carrying cost) =
funds, outside of management simply $1 million savings.
handing you a budget, is to improve  Parts sharing, or “share the spare”
on your spare-parts-management between plants can return 50% to
process. Every parts-reduction process 70% from my experiences. Sharing $3
that I have been involved with has million will save at least $1.5 million.
resulted in at least a 10% to 40% re-  Stocked MRO-inventory value per
duction in MRO (maintenance, repair, RAV (%) = (Stocked MRO Value ($)/
and operations) spare-parts inventory. Replacement Asset Value ($)) x 100 =
Negotiate with management to apply a $10 million/$500 million = 2%.
percentage of that spare-parts savings Assuming the same replacement as-
to fund the initial stages of your PdM/ set value, getting to a 1% value would
CBM process. mean a $5 million savings.
There are several ways to find these There are plenty of other inven-
funds. Assume you have $10 million in tory metrics and strategies that can
MRO spare parts. A 10% reduction is be used, such as percentage of total
$1 million in savings. A 40% reduction work orders kitted and percentage of
with $2.5 million in parts is also a inventory accuracy. However, it’s up to
$1-million gain. you to select the factors that can make
A few commonly used metrics in a difference at your location and that
MRO spare-parts management are you can use to generate improvement.
inventory turns and inactive, out-of- For example, you need to look at such
stock, and overstocked inventory. The things as:
following definitions are consistent  reducing order stock to the
with the SMRP (Society for Mainte- correct level
Find the money you need to start a predic-
nance and Reliability Professionals,  selling excess and old stock tive-maintenance/condition-based monitoring
Atlanta, Body of Knowl-  arranging with your suppliers to program by improving spare-parts management.


department | on the floor

hold parts on a consignment basis have accountability for the parts budget or needed based on equipment criticality,
 not paying too much to expedite orders a related spend metric? replacement delivery times, and minimum/
 improving your max/min process.  Are there too many uncontrolled parts maximum levels.
Also, ask these questions: sitting around on the plant floor, held by Company personnel with whom I have
 Do you have too much safety stock various departments? Most plants have a spoken and worked in the past have been
because you don’t trust your process? parts/old machine “boneyard” for just-in- able to reduce their spare-parts inventory
 Is your parts coding sufficient or is it case needs. from a few million dollars to more than
difficult to specify parts? Short term, you need to buy and store $50-million dollars. Regardless of how big
 Do you review your inventory to know fewer MRO spare parts. Long term, you your opportunity is, proper spare-parts
what you really have? need to put a control strategy in place to management can optimize uptime and
 Do you have a defined parts process, sustain your improvements. You should costs, while paying for your PdM/CBM
but roles are not clear or ignored? start by doing a spare-parts tally of all of monitoring equipment and training. EP
 Do you work to reduce the time that your cumulative inventory (documented
you hold inventory (better align purchas- and categorized in stores and miscel-
ing and usage)? laneous storage areas throughout the
 Do you have too many stock-outs? facility), what’s hidden away by trades/tech- Based in Knoxville, Klaus M. Blache
When stock-outs exceed about 5%, em- nicians, and what engineering hides away is director of the Reliability &
Maintainability Center at the Univ. of
ployees will start hiding away parts since because purchasing is using a lowest cost
Tennessee, and a research professor in
they don’t trust the stockroom process. versus life-cycle costing approach. Then the College of Engineering. Contact him
 Do the people ordering/buying parts understand what current parts are really at

Misalignment leads to increased vibration, premature seal, EASY-LASER®

belt or bearing failures and increased power consumption. Generation XT
There’s no excuse to let misalignment cost you money.
Cross-Platform for Shaft
Protect your machines and minimize costly downtime and Belt Alignment!
through precision laser shaft and belt pulley alignment.
Our equipment and support are the industry benchmark.
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column | uptime

M Training
OST OF US associated by applying new knowledge to specific
with plant operations and projects.

maintenance were excited A mentor may not necessarily be an
about learning to make and fix things educator or someone with a formal educa-
while we were in school. Basically, our tion. What mentors have to offer are their

model was learning by doing. More life experiences. It’s when those experiences
accurately, it was probably the learning- are aligned with the student’s learning
by-doing-something-I-could-use model. objectives and supported by a project with
Most adults learn that way well beyond defined and observable outcomes that the
Bob Williamson
their school years. mentoring form of applied learning truly Contributing Editor
There is an ever-growing skills gap works.
in today’s workplace, especially when we
look at jobs in manufacturing, transpor- WORKPLACE MENTORS
tation, utilities, and construction—jobs Imagine applied learning in today’s
that require hands-on or applied technical workplace. Imagine how effective learn-
skills and knowledge. How do we teach the ing could be if we were to harness the
next generation (Next Gen) to work? They experiences of some of our most skilled
are already in the workplace or already in and knowledgeable employees as one-
school. It would only make sense that edu- on-one teachers, coaches, mentors.
cation and training for all of those jobs and Imagine how much could be learned
careers be based on proven applied-learn- when new skills and knowledge are applied
ing models. immediately on the job. Imagine how the
When we delegate a student’s education performance of our plants would improve
exclusively to schools, we are primarily if people learned what is needed on the job
teaching students how to become even to keep the plant running efficiently and
more educated. It’s when our schools adopt cost effectively.
applied-learning models that the education What we would be imagining is at
becomes more relevant to the world in the heart of the apprenticeship model of
which we live. learning, not necessarily the modern-day
We often hear that experience is the best model with governmental oversight and
teacher. To be meaningful, the “experience” certification requirements. Rather, it’s an
cannot be merely random, independent, or apprenticeship program within the walls of
accidental. Experiential learning must be your plant—a proven old-world model of a
purposeful, applied to specific outcomes, mentor and protégé. EP
goals, or an objective.

If experience is the best teacher, then Bob Williamson, CMRP, CPMM, and
the teacher must first master the art of member of the Institute of Asset
becoming a mentor. Life-altering learn- Management, is in his fourth decade of
Imagine how effective learning could be
focusing on the “people side” of world- if we were to harness the experiences of
ing occurs when real-world-of-work
class maintenance and reliability in plants some of our most skilled and knowledge-
experiences are included in the teach- and facilities across North America. able employees as one-on-one teachers,
ing process and when students learn Contact him at coaches, mentors.


column | industrial internet of things

Duke Power M
AINTENANCE IS A com), to implement a “digitalization
pure cost for manufac- strategy to continue to safely manage

turers, food producers, and reduce the cost of maintaining Duke
processors, and utilities. Due to this Energy’s wind turbines.”
persistent fact, changes or investments Duke Energy Renewables, owner/

PdM Service
in maintenance approaches come manager of more than 4,000 MW of
slowly, but advanced predictive- and wind assets, now uses Sentient Science’s
condition-monitoring technologies are DigitalClone Live software to diagnose
pushing manufacturing leaders to new gearbox failures and provide corrective
Grant Gerke thoughts on “fixed costs.” actions for wind turbines. The software
Contributing Editor
Internal company debates on tran- helps identify and predict when cracks
sitioning to predictive maintenance will appear in the microstructure of
(PdM) include management buy-in, rotating mechanical components.
project scopes, workforce strategies, and, “We want to ensure that our techni-
of course, return-on-investment (ROI). cians and asset managers have state-of-
Over the past two years, this column the-art tools,” stated Jeff Wehner, vice
has shown how first-movers have been president , Operations, Renewables at
implementing smaller pilot projects to Duke Energy. “After we have some expe-
provide management with quick results rience in our fleet, we expect to offer this
while keeping workforce demands to a enhanced service to other operators who
minimum. contract with us.”
However, early adopters are exam- The utility giant recently used the pre-
ining new approaches—after evaluating dictive software to analyze 109 Winergy,
IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) pi- 4410.4 GE 1.5-MW-rated gearbox ma-
lots—with remote monitoring services or chines and benchmarked these findings
by leveraging predictive platforms. Price against its internal monitoring tools, such
Waterhouse Cooper’s 2016 Global Indus- as oil debris and vibration monitoring.
try 4.0 Survey showed “early adopters are Winergy Drive Systems Corp. is located
expecting to forecast revenue gains of in Elgin, IL (
more than 30% and greater than 30% in The monitoring software indicated
cost reductions at the same time.” that 11 specific wind turbines would
While this PWC survey isn’t speak- show gearbox damage in the next 12
ing directly to optimizing revenues or months, according to Sentient Science.
new business outcomes resulting from Duke Energy Renewables service per-
IIoT investments, utility companies sonnel climbed towers and did borescope
such as Duke Energy Corp., Charlotte, examinations and confirmed that all
NC (, are evaluating seven gearbox inspections had observ-
how PdM investments could lead to this able damage. The software also correctly
scenario. identified the damaged subcomponents
Similar to General Electric’s model on five turbines.
Duke Energy Renewables of testing its new monitoring platform To learn more about IIoT applications,
division manages or owns on their assets, Duke Energy recently
more than 4,000 MW of
wind power in six states in
announced a partnership with Sentient tomation/iiot/. EP
the United States. Science, Buffalo, NY (sentientscience.


column | ISO 55000

T Defining
HE PRINCIPLES OF asset  Asset management objectives and
management consider “asset planning to achieve them: “Typi-

value” in various ways. As cal issues, amongst others, that are
specified by ISO 55000: 2014 (“the AM addressed by (AM) objectives include
Standard”), the true meaning will no the following: a) for asset management:

doubt be debated, over time, by experts total cost of ownership; net present
seeking a standardized meaning. For value; return on capital employed. . . ”
now, I believe it’s adequately defined. (55002:
According to the AM Standard,  Support—information require-
Bob Williamson
an “asset” is an “item, thing, or entity ments: “In general, the organization
Contributing Editor
that has potential or actual value to an should consider its asset information
organization.” But how is the meaning requirements related to the following
of “value” defined? Let’s look at the ISO areas: g) financial and resource man-
55K documents. They reflect approxi- agement (e.g. historical cost, depreci-
mately 25 substantive uses of “value“ in ation, asset replacement value, date of
ISO 55000 (“Overview”) and ISO 55002 acquisition, materiality, capitalization
(“Guidelines”). Oddly, the term isn’t rules, asset classification/ hierarchies,
found in ISO 55001 (“Requirements”), life cycle costing analysis, useful lives of
which states, “For the purposes of this assets, residual value and any residual
document, the terms and definitions giv- liabilities). . . ” (55002: 7.5.2)
en in ISO 55000 apply.” To summarize,  Performance evaluation—Moni-
these documents (“Standards”) refer to toring, measurement, analysis, and
“asset value” as follows: evaluation of the asset portfolio and
 value for the organization from asset-management processes: “The
assets change in future value of the assets
 value to an organization and its and the risk profile should be eval-
stakeholders that an asset brings uated in both a financial context
 value through managing risk and and a non-financial context”
opportunity (essential to asset manage- (55002: “This monitor-
ment) ing in the financial reporting
 value from assets with regard to system should be done at a level
organizational objectives. suitable to the risk, complexity
“Value of” is where most of the and value of the assets.” (55002:
confusion begins. First, the AM Stan-
dards state, “Asset management does The purpose of the AM Stan-
not focus on the asset itself, but on the dards is to ensure a systematic means
value that the asset can provide to the of achieving tangible value from assets
organization. The value (which can be to meet organizational objectives.
tangible or intangible, financial or non- Speaking of such value solely in financial
financial). . . ” (55000: 2.4.2). But, as or accounting terms overshadows the
the following list shows, the Standards whole purpose of an Asset Management Considering value
only in financial or
include minimal references to the finan- System.
accounting terms is
cial value of an asset: — short sighted.


feature | solution focus

CMMS Raises
Efficiencies for
Ten years in, a

Yeast Maker
system is still

RED STAR YEAST Co. LLC (“Red Star,” yeast product in North America.  Usability issues. Many times, a user is a joint business venture When the facility first began operating, all could inadvertently lock the spreadsheet,
of Lesaffre Yeast Corp. (, of its equipment information, work orders, rendering it useless to others until it was un-
Milwaukee) and Archer Daniels Midland and preventive maintenance (PM) was locked. This meant personnel had to either
(, Chicago). Since its opening in tracked using Excel spreadsheets—a process memorize the information they needed to
2005, Red Star’s Cedar Rapids, IA, facility that led to difficulties for the maintenance enter, or write it down somewhere else to
has become the largest manufacturer of fresh department on several fronts: be entered at a later time. The scenario also


feature | solution focus

Opened in 2005, the Red Star Yeast Co. plant in Cedar Rapids, IA, is the largest manufacturer of fresh
yeast in North America. The operation is a joint venture of Lesaffre Yeast Corp. and Archer Daniels Mid-
land (ADM).

 Work orders. Writing work orders way to go. After a bit of searching, in the fall
within an Excel spreadsheet was quite a of 2008, the decision was made to purchase
task. Each technician had a separate tab on a CMMS from MAPCON Technologies
the spreadsheet, and there was also a tab for (, Johnston, IA).
all work orders. A supervisor would enter
necessary information for a repair in the RETURN ON INVESTMENT
work-order tab, and then it would be ver- Once the MAPCON CMMS was implement-
bally provided to a technician or added to ed and all necessary data uploaded, plant
the individual’s tab. At the end of each shift, personnel noticed quite a difference in their
all technicians had to copy and paste their maintenance-work processes. The company
work-order rows for the day and email them purchased multiple concurrent user licenses
out to the entire department. The supervi- for the software. This let several technicians
sors for each department would then have use the system at the same time—as opposed
meant there was no way to tell who entered to go through the spreadsheet and make to the former spreadsheet approach that
information or made any changes to the sure all work orders were completed. Often, allowed access to only one person at a time.
data. Users did not even initial their chang- this meant locating and speaking directly Today, Red Star reports that it continues to
es. With no way to determine who changed to a technician. Going through this list and see benefits from the system:
what, it was also easy for an individual to ac- following up with technicians consumed a  Improved parts management. Accord-
cidentally overwrite vital information that, significant part of a supervisor’s day. ing to plant personnel, inventory became
sometimes, was years old.  PM tasks. Creating preventive-main- easier to track with the MAPCON CMMS.
 Inventory tracking. Managing inventory tenance (PM) tasks wasn’t easy, either. A By giving users the ability to quickly search
with an Excel spreadsheet was not efficient. checklist was created for each asset and inventory, needless purchases of duplicate
For example, when parts were needed, they then saved on a shared drive. The actual parts are a thing of the past.
were often difficult to locate. This caused scheduling of each PM was completely Additionally, the system has an automatic
personnel to mistakenly believe they were manual, which was another time-consum- reorder setup that notifies an administrator
out of the parts, which, in turn, led to un- ing process. when the total numbers of individual parts
necessary reorders. on hand fall below pre-determined required
Conversely, even when workers were able SOLUTION minimums. Items can then be reordered im-
to locate a part on the spreadsheet, there When senior technical buyer and CMMS mediately, thus preventing instances where
wasn’t really a way to know exactly where system administrator Eric Tucker joined Red parts are needed, but not in stock.
the item was stored. In addition, since parts Star’s team in 2007, the Cedar Rapids site had The system also has a field where users can
weren’t easily tracked, the plant would also already begun evaluating inventory-manage- enter the exact location of a part, meaning
run out of them without being able to order ment alternatives. Tucker had worked with when an item is needed, personnel don’t have
more ahead of time, leading to increased computerized-maintenance-management to wander around the facility trying to find
machine downtime. systems previously, so he knew that was the it. Today, there is a computer set up at the


feature | solution focus

bottom of the stairs in one of the to the CMMS and run an open work-order report that
plant’s maintenance areas that shows which orders have not been completed. Not only
allows technicians to conduct did the CMMS make it easier to create work orders, it
quick searches for required made it easier to view the repair history of maintained
parts they might need up- equipment. This let personnel determine if an item
stairs—before trekking up those should be repaired or replaced.
stairs to try and locate them.  Streamlined PM scheduling. Preventive mainte-
According to the company, this has nance can be scheduled within the CMMS and a work
helped cut machine downtime. order will automatically be created when the PM is
 Simplified work-order process. due. This ensures that critical tasks are always com-
Red Star’s CMMS made creating work pleted. Furthermore, when audits are conducted, users
orders simple. Now, all workers need to do can simply pull up a specific piece of equipment and
is pull up MAPCON, either on their mobile device all of its PMs will be displayed—showing auditors that
An automatic reorder
feature in Red Star Yeast’s or their desktop computer, and navigate to the maintenance tasks have or have not been completed.
CMMS alerts an adminis- work-order screen. From there, they can enter all of  Integration with management tools. The CMMS
trator when total numbers
of individual parts on hand the necessary details and include attachments, such was also able to integrate with Red Star’s existing
fall below pre-determined as photos or manuals, to the order for added clarity. finance system (Oracle), helping simplify the plant’s
levels. Items can then be
Once the repair has been completed, the work order financial tracking and reporting. EP
reordered immediately and
stocks replenished quickly. can be closed.
Since technicians themselves can close work orders, For more information, including a video of Red Star
supervisors don’t need to check with them on the status Yeast personnel discussing improved efficiencies that the
of every order at the end of each day. They can log in CMMS has helped produce, visit

Power Plant Operations & Maintenance

January 16-18, 2018
Charlotte, NC
Energize Human Performance and Maintenance
Procedures for Optimal Project and Plant Management
Demonstrating outage and contract management leadership in a dynamic and
generationally diverse environment.

Current marcus evans Power Plant Operations & Maintenance Expert Speakers Include:
Johnny Howze, III, Paul L Goins Steve McGugan Tony Wiseman
Plant Manager Safety Manager, Fleet Performance Director, Emergency Preparedness Training Manager
Plant Scherer, Georgia Power Exelon Power Duke Energy Calpine Corporation

Wes Havard Barry Davis Richard C. Hayes, Jr. Sean Rivers, MBA
Regional Manager, Operational General Manager / Plant Manager Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
Excellence & Human Performance Director of Engineering Rocky Mountain Indian Point Energy Center,
Luminant Entergy Nuclear Operations Hydroelectric Plant Oglethorpe Entergy Nuclear Operations
Power Corporation

Contact: Amanda Pink

Digital Marketing Coordinator
T: 312 894 6310 |


department | products


Ti450 and Ti480 PRO series infrared cameras have
increased thermal sensitivity to capture minute
differences and the latest technology for on-screen
clarity to visualize issues in the field. The cameras
display deviations from standard temperatures using
multiple Delta-T markers, allowing users to choose
one as a reference point and the others to display a
value as a difference.
Everett, WA
Self-Calibrating RTD
Temperature Sensor
The iTHERM TrustSens hygienic RTD self-
CURVED-JAW calibrating temperature sensor functions in situ
FLANGE COUPLINGS and provides the necessary documentation to meet
K45 series curved-jaw flange shaft-to-shaft conformance requirements for various regulatory
coupling has a bolt-on disc for use with brake agencies. The temperature sensor is calibrated after
calipers. The torsionally flexible coupling every SIP cycle, reportedly eliminating the risk
includes applications with cranes and hoists, of an undetected calibration drift and the risk of
winches, reclaimers, and draglines. Five bad batches. It also reduces the need for frequent
models with bore sizes from 0.87 in.- to 4.92 calibrations by verifying the sensor is working as
in.- dia. and torque ratings to 63,720 in. lb. designed in between manual calibration cycles. The
are available. unit has a built-in, high-precision ceramic reference
Guardian Couplings based on the Curie Point of the reference material,
Michigan City, IN the temperature at which its ferromagnetic properties abruptly change. The change can be
detected electronically. For applications using SIP
RE-ENGINEERED MOUNTED operations—where steam at 121 C (250 F) is used
BALL-BEARING UNITS to sterilize equipment—the sensor uses a reference
A re-engineered line of mounted ball-bearing units with material with a Curie Point of 118 C (244 F). The
industry-standard inch series cast-iron housings in several product is available with a variety of hygienic
designs, high-performance SKF inch or process connections and can also be configured for
metric insert bearings, and several shaft- direct immersion measurement or with a protective
locking methods suit a wide range of thermowell for easy removal from the process.
light- and medium-duty industrial Endress+Hauser
applications, including conveyor Greenwood, IN
systems, fans, and air-handling
equipment. The housings, in an
assortment of bore sizes, are pre- Filtermist_Ad_MT_Layout_1.qxd 12/13/13 8:34 PM Page 1
lubricated and include grease
fittings for re-lubrication.
Lansdale, PA IN YOUR SHOP?
Tel: 1-800-645-4174


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IMPROVED LUBE-FREE ROLLER CHAIN Appleton Mercmaster Generation 3 LED luminaires for harsh industrial
The lube-free Lambda roller chain now has NSF-H1 high-temperature, and hazardous environments provide four light-distribution patterns, seven
food-grade lubricant impregnated into the bushings to improve chain lumen-output levels, expanded color temperatures, and a wide choice of
performance and extend wear life. The Xceeder version has felt seals for replaceable globes and mounts. The enclosed and gasketed products have
preventing particulates from entering the pin-bushing area. Chains are a single-piece driver housing with separate sections for the terminal block
available in standard box and reel sizes and cut-to-length strands. and driver for thermal efficiency.
U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission Emerson
Wheeling, IL St. Louis

“Equipment visuals can reduce training

time by 60 to 70%, eliminate errors,
and improve reliability.”
~Robert Williamson, Lean Equipment specialist

• Problem & Opportunity Tags

• Colored permanent paint
marking pens Gen4 ionizing point delivers a high concentration of positive and
• Colored grease fitting caps negative ions to neutralize static electricity without requiring compressed
• Lube point labels
• Vibration analysis pickup discs and labels
air. Applications include protecting sensors, eliminating improper
• Temperature indicating strips, and more… readings of sensitive electronics, and keeping powder-filling nozzles
• “Lean Machines” (a “how-to” Book)
clear of clogs. The unit uses a metal-armored high-voltage cable to
• Lean Equipment- TPM Consulting & Training
protect against abrasion.
Contact us for catalog and samples. EXAIR Corp.
On-line ordering: Cincinnati
(864) 862-0446 • PO Box 70 • Columbus, NC 28722

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Two Micro EA3 3-in. C-more HMI panels display
text, graphics, and bitmaps to communicate data.
The panels are available in touch and non-touch
versions and have a 128 x 64 pixel display and five
user-defined function keys. The units display as
many as 10 lines x 32 characters of static text and
10 lines x 21 characters of dynamic text.
Cumming, GA

Looking to refocus or revitalize

your maintenance program?
Looking to prepare for ISO 55001 certification?
Does your program currently:
P Lack confidence in its P Lack the time to
maintenance data? complete all work?
P Lack strategic direction? P Lack succession planning?
FLOWMETER WITH P Lack effective communication? P Lack effective work planning
Waterflux 3070 flowmeter is said to provide If you answered YES to any of the above,
precise measurement, has no moving parts, ENGTECH Industries Inc—
call Ken Bannister at ENGTECH
and is maintenance free. Application for the successfully implementing usable asset management
battery-powered electromagnetic device programs for over 27 years—at (519) 469-9173
includes drinking-water distribution where or email
power is unavailable. Flow, pressure, and and let’s talk maintenance!
temperature are measured with one sensor and
provide real-time data.
Peabody, MA
Helping People manage People who Manage Assets!


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DECEMBER 2017 • Volume 30, No. 12 800.529.9020
535 Plainfield Road, Suite A East Coast SHOWCASE &
PH 630.325.2497 MARIA LEMAIRE
FX 847.620.2570

All-Test Pro .................................................... 13 Allied Electronics ...........................................9 ARC Advisory Group....................................32 AutomationDirect........... inside front cover Baldor Electric Co. ...................................... 39

EngTech Industries ...................................... 61 Lubriplate Lubricants....................................7 Ludeca Inc... ...................................................52 Mapcon ......................................................... 63 Marcus Evans ................................................58

Meltric Corp.. ............................................... 63 Motion Industries .............................5, online Nidec Motor Corp. .......................................33 Noria Corp. ....................................................25 Royal Products ..............................................59

Schneider Electric..........................................3 SPM Instrument .......................................... 34 Strategic Work Sys. ....................................60 Superior Signal ............................................ 63 United Rentals. .............................back cover

Univ. of Tennessee ...........inside back cover Chevron Dude Solutions Emerson................................................. online Exair Mobius Institute United Rentals U.S. Tsubaki SAP-Centric EAM........................................ 49

Submissions Policy: E Pla welcomes editorial submissions. By sending us your submission, unless otherwise ne- Reproduction of Materials: Materials produced by
gotiated in writing with our editor(s), you grant Applied Technology Media Inc., permission, by an irrevocable license, to edit, E Pla may not be reproduced in any form, for
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Starting at ONLY

Safely breaks load The Ultimate Air & Gas
UL Switch-Rated
Leak Detector
per Month!

Or, own it starting at

Rated up to
just $495!
AccuTrak® VPX-WR
Find Compressed Air Leaks Fast!
• Also any Gas, Refrigerant or Vacuum
• Rugged Design for Harsh Environments
• Sealed to Resist Water, Oil, Dust, Chemicals
• Professional’s Choice for Air Leak Surveys
800.433.7642 A COMPANY OF MARECHAL ELECTRIC (800) 922-4336 •

your products, equipment, services,
training programs, and career opportunities
in Efficient Plant 's Showcase section.
Maria LeMaire Put your message in front of the industry's
Phone: 815.919.4638 most qualified circulation with Efficient Plant's Showcase advertising.


column | efficiency insight

Technologies E
Internet of Things platforms The larger control and automation

Enable Asset
and applications points to suppliers have been consolidating the
one premier use case—predictive industry for several years. Emerson
maintenance. The company could be Automation Solutions (emerson.

a traditional industrial technology com, St. Louis) grew through acqui-
suppler or one of the IT suppliers aim- sition. Siemens Corp. (usa.siemens.
ing a portion of their portfolios at the com, Washington) has made several
industrial space. blockbuster acquisitions, including
Gary Mintchell
Contributing Editor Magazines covering automation, UGS, in order to build out its “digital
maintenance, and reliability have dis- factory” vision. ABB (, Cary,
cussed predictive maintenance (PdM) NC) recently acquired the industrial
for years. Some people are actually products division of GE, along with
implementing. It’s not easy, but tech- automation supplier B&R Industrial
nology improvements have made it Automation Corp. (br-automation.
doable. For most software companies, com, Roswell, GA).
PdM integrates into asset performance Then news broke at the end of Octo-
management. These, of course, help you ber that Emerson had been in negoti-
achieve the efficient plant. ation to acquire Rockwell Automation
Even so, when Michael Dell, CEO (, Milwaukee).
of Dell Technologies (delltechnologies. The price on the table was $27.5 billion.
com, Round Rock, TX), announced a The Rockwell board rejected that offer.
$1-billion bet on the company’s Internet At subsequent meetings, many people
of Things business, even I was a little asked for my thoughts—especially why
surprised. The IoT business now reports that became public. I am not privy to in-
to a senior executive and is elevated to side information, but we can assume that
division status. Far beyond gateways, the Rockwell would entertain more offers. It
solutions include enabling software such just wants more than that amount.
as Pulse Center to manage and adminis- The combination of Emerson and
ter IoT networks. Rockwell Automation would begin to
On another trip, executives at GE rival Siemens, Schneider Electric, and
Digital (, San Ramon, CA) ABB. The question to ponder is whether
explained that the famous Predix is actu- that would actually increase competi-
ally a platform upon which applications tion, driving up innovation and driving
can be built. The key application being down prices, or would it increase prices?
asset-performance management. Opera- In the latter case, would we be ripe for an
tions-performance management was an- upstart to disrupt the industry? EP
other application announced at the 2017
Minds + Machines Conference held in
October in San Francisco. No, this is not
an operations center in the mold of the
Significant recent product-introduction Gary Mintchell is an industrial-
process-automation companies. It works
and company-acquisition activity is being technology subject-matter expert.
driven by the quest for better asset- along with asset-performance manage- He can be reached at gmintchell@
performance management. ment to optimize plant performance.


The power to transform
your job site.
UR Control®, our free online rental management tool, gives you unlimited access to your account details and
rental information in real time. Keeping costs down and productivity up has never been easier. Total Control®
is our proprietary fleet management system that features innovative consumption management tools to help
you reduce overall equipment costs by optimizing the amount, time and utilization of equipment on rent.

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