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‘SARAH F. GEORGE 32 Chery Street STATE'S ATTORNEY ‘Suite 305 Burlington, VT 05401, JUSTIN JTRON Phone: (802) 863-2865 (CHIEF DEPUTY STATE'S ATTORNEY Facsimile: (802) 863-7440 STATE OF VERMONT OFFICE OF THE CHITTENDEN COUNTY STATE’S ATTORNEY Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George Statement Regarding Chief Deputy Justin Jiron ‘As you are aware, the parents of Justin Jiron, Chief Deputy State’s Attomey in my office, were recently arrested in Nebrasks for possessing a large quantity of marijuana, To that regard, itis paramount that the community understand that Justin is in no way connected to this allegation other than by relation. Justin, of course, loves his parents, and is concemed about their welfare. However, he is extremely disappointed in their behavior and actions as reported by media outlets. Justin Jiron is and has been ¢ dedicated public servant in this office for fifteen years. As public servants we understand that the decisions and mistakes of our family members can impact the community's trust in us, but at the end of day, we can only control our own choices and not those of our families. Because Justin is not connected to these allegations, his status in this office as Chief Deputy State's Atiomey, has not changed. He will execute the same duties and handle the same caseload. Justin will continue to pursue the goals of this office to achieve just results, hold offenders accountable, and protect our community. As this is a Nebraska case and is not otherwise connected to this office, I will not be answering any follow-up questions. Thank you. Sosa NF Keoage— Sarah F. George Chittenden County State’s Atiomey