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 What is the function of the parking brake valve?

 Supplies accumulator pressure to the brake
 Prevents accumulator pressure bleed off.
 Supplies system pressure to the brakes

 How is the parking brake released?
 Push on the brake pedals.
 Push down on the Parking Brake handle
 Pull up on the Parking Brake handle

 How many degrees must the Nose Steering Tiller be
rotated to obtain the maximum 65 degrees of
steering ?
 180 degrees
 360 degrees
 90 degrees.
 65 degrees

 What function occurs automatically during landing
gear retraction ?
 Lever latch override
 Wheel braking
 Nose Gear Tilting

 What is accomplished by positioning the landing
gear lever to OFF?
 It depressurizes the landing gear system
 It stops operation of the brake cooling fans
 It provides a hydraulic pressure lock to the landing gear & doors
 Validate

 What action initiates normal landing gear extension?
 Pushing the landing gear lever out and positioning to DN (DOWN)
 Pushing the gear lever locked switch and placing the gear lever DN (DOWN)
 Pushing the landing gear lever in and positioning to DN (DOWN)

 Which one of the following indicates the auto brakes
system is armed & operative?
 The Auto Brakes selector latches at the deceleration selection
 The Auto Brakes ARMED light is on
 The Auto Brakes EICAS message is displayed

 Which of the following disarms the autobrakes after landing?  Both  Retracting the speedbrake  Manual braking  When will the AUTO BRAKES light be illuminated?  When the selector is in the OFF position  When the selector is in the DISARM position  When the auto brakes system is operating.  False. Which one of the following provides the greatest deceleration rate?  Full manual braking.  True  How is the alternate gear extension system actuated?  Crank operation  Handle operation . when will the auto brakes activate?  When the groundspeed is less than 85 knots  When both thrust levers are in reverse  When both thrust levers are at idle.  Auto Brakes selection 'MAX AUTO'  Auto Brakes selection 4  The Auto Brakes system will provide automatic braking down to ___ kts groundspeed if not disarmed by the pilot.  Zero  Ten  Thirty  Fiveteen  Following touchdown with Auto Brakes armed.  Moving the Auto Brakes selector from DISARM to OFF turns the AUTO BRAKES light off.

 When the main & nose gear struts extend  What hydraulic system powers the normal brake system?  RIGHT  CENTER  LEFT . MAIN gear doors remain open.  True  True and there is adequate ground clearance!  What is indicated with the ANTISKID message and ANTISKID light on?  Hydroplane protection activated. Toggle switch  When the MAIN & NOSE gear have extended:  All gear doors close  Nose gear doors close  Only main gear doors close  During alternate extension.  Power loss or system malfunction  System normal  When does the Landing Gear lever lock prevent movement of the landing gear lever to the UP position?  When the gear is tilted  When the gear is not tilted  When the nosewheel steering is not centered.  False.  Provides hydraulic pressure for tilting of each main gear  Prevents moving the gear lever to UP on the ground  When will the landing gear lever lock release?  When the main gear tilt  When the main gear struts are compressed.  What is the function of the landing gear lever lock?  Prevents moving the gear lever to DN when the main gear are not tilted.

82 Mach  How does the LOCK OVRD p/b override the landing gear lever lock?  Manually  Electrically  Hydraulically  During maximum braking what prevents the wheels from skidding?  Antiskid valves  Hydraulic fuses. 82 Mach  290 knots .. 82 Mach  270 knots .  When RIGHT hydraulic pressure to normal brakes is low  What is the maximum landing gear extension airspeed?  250 knots .  Auto brakes valves  In cruise you loose complete electric power and your battery power is depleted..82 Mach  250 knots .75 Mach  290 knots . Can you lower the gear? . What hydraulic system powers the alternate brake system?  RIGHT  CENTER  LEFT  When does the alternate brake system operate?  When the antiskid controller detects a fault in the normal brakes  When the MAX AUTO setting is selected for autobrakes.82 Mach  320 knots .....75 Mach  270 knots ...82 Mach  What is the maximum alternate gear extension airspeed?  320 knots .

Will you have nose wheel steering after touching down?  No.  The landing gear lock prevents movement of the landing gear lever to the UP position when any main gear is not tilted.  True  False. by normal & alternate extension  L HYD SYS PRESS + R HYD SYS PRESS on the EICAS.  Inflight. what occurs the GEAR NOT DOWN configuration warning to occur?  Below 800 feet. do you have antiskid braking?  Yes  No. Yes. by alternate extension only  Yes.  False.  Yes  After a loss in the CENTER hydraulic.  Why is the landing gear lever moved to OFF prior to alternate gear extension?  To release gear up locks  To prevent the possibility of hydraulic power interference  To open gear doors. RIGHT hydraulic and reserve brake sources.  True  Pressurization of the alternate brake system occurs automatically when RIGHT hydraulic system pressure is low. by normal extension which is unaffected by electrical power  No.  Yes. and the flaps not in the landing position .

any gear not down and either thrust lever at idle  Which one of the following will cause a takeoff configuration warning?  Parking brake set. Speedbrakes and flaps extended at the same time.  Bleed valves not open  Any entry or cargo door unlocked  The amber 'DOORS' light means either MAIN gear or NOSE gear door is open when NOSE GEAR is not extended.  True .  False.  True  False.  Below 800 feet.  There is a speed / drag limitation if the tailskid remains extended.