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Friday, September 17, 2004

What country can you
visit and ‘ShoYur Luv?’
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NEWS Find out who is on your
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Rose State College 6420 SE 15th Street, Midwest City, OK 73110 Vol. XXXIV Issue 3 September 17, 2004
Free Software Retraction
Study abroad in London
In regard to the Sept. 3 Sara Nealey
issues’s “Free Software for News Editor
business students,” it inad-
vertently lists Microsoft Of- Students will have an opportunity to earn credits abroad
fice software as one of the in London over spring break during a spring 2005 trip.
available free software titles. The trip will count as a class itself, and participating
It is NOT one of the available
free software titles. Please go students will meet in the spring of 2005 for lectures.
to Professor Peter van der These lectures will cover the culture and customs of the
Goes faculty Web page for the United Kingdom, and students wishing to receive credit
free listings.
for the class must attend. The students will then leave
for London and spend the week of spring break in En-
Accepting Applications gland.
for Miss RSC/MWC According to the brochure, the trip to London will
Students wanting to enter the
count as an elective credit, but it is not limited to those
scholarship pageant for Miss
RSC/MWC can pick up an ap- who are only interested in receiving credit for the course.
plication at the Student Ac- While tuition and fees still apply, the trip is open to
tivities Office in the Student anyone who is enrolled at RSC and signs up in time.
Center. They will be accepting
would like to do, but this is a structured visit. We have a All necessary costs are covered.
applications until Sept. 26. While in England, students will also have the chance syllabus and an itinerary that we will follow,” said Manuel. Students are encouraged to consider purchasing
For more information on the to visit sights such as Big Ben, Stonehenge, Convent The price for students under the age of 25 is $1,575, insurance, should they decide to participate in the
pageant, call Rick Woodard Garden, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Ca- and the cost for students over the age of 25 is $1,780. trip. The types of insurance available for the trip are
at 733-7408 or visit
thedral, museums and more. These prices include tuition, fees, two meals a day, hotel, limited health insurance, lost luggage insurance and
“We are doing as much as you can do in a week in tips, T-shirts and airfare. The reason for the additional cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance is
London,” said Dr. Shenethia Manuel, presidential ad- cost to students over 25 has to do with hotel arrange- strongly recommended, as it protects the investment
Dates for Universities at visor on intercultural communication and education. ments. Students over 25 can only share a room with one of a student that cannot go on the trip at the last
the Transfer Center There will be a set agenda for the trip, but students other person. Students under 25 will share a suite with up minute.
A representative from the will have time for things that are not included on the to three other students. However, it is possible for one to The trip is limited to 30 students, and those who
University of Central Okla-
homa will now be at the Uni-
schedule. However, the cost of additional side trips arrange for a double room or a private room. The only are interested are urged to sign up as soon as pos-
versity Transfer Center at will not be included in the packet, and students must other cost to the student would be if the student chose to sible as the price is subject to change. For more
RSC in the Student Services pay for the side trips themselves. purchase insurance, souvenirs, lunch, a double room or information regarding the trip to London, contact
Building, Academic Advise-
“There is some time where you can do things that you private room, an additional side trip or other amenities. Manuel at 733-7905.
ment, Room 100D every
Thursday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Representatives from the
University of Oklahoma
(Norman campus) will be at
the center Sept. 20 and 27,
Service-Learning: part of the college trial
Oct. 4 and 8, Nov. 1 and 15 and Daniel Cunning from a division that closely related to each We b s i t e , w w w. r o s e . e d u / c s t u d e n t /
Dec. 6 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. An Assignment Editor program. For the most part, the Social Sci- servlearn/index.htm, refers to Service-
OU (Health Sciences) repre- Learning as “linking the classroom to
Partying, drinking, dating, studying and ences building had a majority of the
sentative will be on campus
volunteering; while most of these things booths, while others could be found in the the community.” Once at this site, links
Oct. 7, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2 from
1-4 p.m. Oklahoma State might stand out in someone’s mind as typi- Humanities, Business, Health Sciences can be followed to numerous useful
University’s representative cal for the college experience, volunteer- and Science & Math buildings. pages, print-outs and additional infor-
will be at the center Sept. 28, ing might seem out of place. In order to keep the appeal high for vol- mation on contacting volunteer agen-
Oct. 13 and 27 and Nov. 10 That was not the case last year, however. unteer work, work-study hours and college cies.
from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Represen- RSC students volunteered by the hundreds credit hours may be earned through some Students are also being encouraged
tatives can help students de- to take part in RSC’s celebration of
cide which classes to take be-
putting together over 74,000 volunteer of the volunteer programs. This is an
fore transferring with an hours. If those hours were calculated at added benefit to what many find to be a Cultural Diversity/Intercultural Month
associate’s degree. minimum wage, costs would have ex- very rewarding investment of time. by submitting cultural exhibits. Stu-
ceeded $200,000. The fair was held at the same time as dents who participate may earn a Ser-
Service-Learning started in 2001 with a the student senate elections and may have vice-Learning credit.
Golden Apple Teaching total number of 90 volunteer students. had some of the attention diverted away The exhibits students are asked to
Awards Accepting Through recruitment, advertisement and from the campus buildings. Booths were design include cultural artifacts, mu-
word-of-mouth, the idea has caught on and present, however, and many volunteers sic, clothing, dance and historical re-
Nominations become very successful, growing 10 times were signed up to volunteer in a wide va- search findings. For more information
The fourth annual “Golden about this opportunity students may
Apple” honor recognition
over. riety of ways.
awards banquet for teachers One factor in the continuing growth of For students uncertain about a major, contact Dr. Shenethia Manuel, presi-
of kindergarten through high the Service-Learning program is the vol- due to questions regarding what work in a dential advisor on intercultural com-
school will be held Nov. 16. unteer fair. The volunteer fair, which was certain field will be like, can get some an- munication and education, at 733-
The Academic Affairs Office held on Sept. 8-9, brought 42 agencies to swers through volunteer work. The Ser- 7905.
in the Fine Arts building will the campus to actively recruit volunteers vice-Learning program allows for students Students who need additional infor-
be taking nomination letters for Service-Learning. The agencies were mation about Service-Learning or who
to take what they learn in the class and
stating the reasons why that would like to get started volunteering
teacher was submitted for the
set up outside classrooms across the cam- apply it to daily situations involving the
award. The letters must be pus. community. but are uncertain where to begin can
submitted by Oct. 1. For infor- Different volunteer programs requested The RSC Web site gives a lot of infor- contact Jean Dunlap, Service-Learning
mation on what type of letter specific locations to help gain volunteers mation regarding Service-Learning. The coordinator, at 733-7529.
to submit and the rules, call

Social Studies Bowl

Staff efforts increase graduation
time, full time’ and
Volunteers Needed Sara Nealey have you graduate
The 24th annual Social Studies News Editor within three years,”
Bowl will be held on Saturday,
Oct. 2. The event is in need of RSC has seen a steady rise in graduation Britton said.
volunteers for “readers” numbers for the past three years due to the hard RSC’s long-term
(someone who reads the ques- work of students, faculty and staff. goal is to see 1,000
tions, recognizes contestants, Over the past two years, there has been a 180- students graduate
listens to responses and deter- each year out of the
mines if the response is cor-
student increase in graduation. RSC has been
rect), “scorekeepers,” “hospi- working hard to see more students graduating, approximate 8,000
tality room coordinator” and a and its efforts have paid off. students enrolled.
“clean-up crew.” To volunteer, When students have earned 45 credit hours, This year’s goal is to
find out times and job descrip- they are mailed a notice that encourages a have more than 800
tions, call Jean Dunlap at 733- students graduate.
7529 or Michael Lovegrove at graduation check. When a student has earned
60 credit hours, he or she is given an automatic “We just need to
graduation check. This informs students of keep working with
students, saying,
where they stand on the degree timeline.
‘ L e t ’s f i n i s h t h i s ,
“[We want to] get the computer center to run
Dental Clinic Scheduling a list of all the people who have more than 60
l e t ’s g e t t h a t d e -
Appointments gree,’” said Britton.
hours but have not completed their degree. [We Students are urged
The RSC Dental Hygiene would] just do degree checks for them, even if
Clinic is currently scheduling
they have not asked for it, and communicate RITE OF PASSAGE. Graduates move their tassels to the left in unison as to graduate with an
appointments for children their division is presented in the gym. (File photo by Neil Tambunga) associate’s degree,
ages 3-12. The first appoint- the results to them,” said Dr. Terry Britton, vice even if they plan on
ment may include teeth president of RSC. “The Federal Department of Education has transferring to a four-year university. With
cleaning, exam and flouride The new “Finish What You Start” advertis- set up some guidelines. They stress the an associate’s degree in the liberal arts field
treatment with other services
such as X-rays and sealant
ing campaign is expected to raise the gradua- graduation rate of your ‘first-time, full-time’ from a college in Oklahoma, students should
placement scheduled for a tion rate as well. students. In other words, if this was the very not have to take more than an additional 62
later date. The visit costs $5 The Federal Department of Education has set first college that you came to when you en- hours in order to get their bachelor’s degree
and appointments are lim- a goal of a graduation rate of 30 percent. This tered RSC, and you entered with 12 or more at an Oklahoma university. There are also
ited. For more information or counts the students that have attended RSC as hours, you become a ‘first-time, full-time’ scholarships available to students with an
to schedule an appointment,
call 733-7337. their first college, and who get their degree student. What the department of education associate’s degree who wish to transfer to a
within three years. wants is for us to track you if you are a ‘first four-year university.