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[Roberto] – Moving business - Lan 4

Task 2: Traffic and accommodation problems are increasing and government should
encourage some business to move from cities to rural areas. Does advantages
outweigh the disadvantages?

In this day and age, more and more contemporary attention has been placed on the opinion
that whether governments should encourage businesses and factories to relocate from Commented [i1]: Ê whether or not nhaaaaa
metropolitan areas to rural areas in order to solve such municipal problems as transport and
accommodation. In my perspective, the merits of this development outweigh the drawbacks Commented [i2]: Mà ta nói lần sau tập ngắt câu ra, viết
for concrete reasons below. câu cú gì mà nó dài ta đọc mỏi cả mồm

Firstly, the most remarkable advantage of moving companies to the countryside is that this
policy certainly mitigates the traffic density in some big cities, for example Ho Chi Minh City.
As a matter of fact, traffic congestion caused by the incredible flow of commuters would be
reduced because streets would be no longer crowded with traffic participants commuting
back and forth during rush hours. A good case in this point is Ho Chi Minh City where traffic
jams used to be a pressing issue. But now it is no longer the case because the local Commented [i3]: When
authority has offered businesses so many incentives, for example tax reduction so that these
Ê sao because hoài vậy người
enterprises can move to rural areas like Binh Duong province. This leads the traffic in Ho Chi
Minh City to significantly be improved. Due to the fact that đồ đâu hết rồi

Secondly, the problems related to accommodation, including scarcity of land and exorbitant Commented [i4]: Bỏ the đã nhắc gì đâu mà the em
housing prices in major cities would be resolved by firms transformation. Indeed, a large
number of lands are released thanks to the movements of organizations, making room for
the construction of residential areas. This will result in the fact that the price of houses will Commented [i5]: Of new residential areas
fall and urban people will have more chances to buy houses to settle down in these big Commented [i6]: Thôi bỏ, dài dòng quá, ta ghét đứa
cities. For instance, Ho Chi Minh City local authority has been implementing a variety of nào viết dài dòng lắm nghe bây
important resettlement projects in the available land areas released when urban companies
have moved to the countryside. As a result, a large number of low-income and homeless
people now are able to afford houses. Commented [i7]: These houses

In conclusion, based on these above-mentioned justifications, I firmly believe that relocating

enterprises to the regional areas brings a larger number of advantages than disadvantages./.

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Attempts: 4

December – 26 – 2017

Question: Em thấy trong này, “Ho Chi Minh City” xuat hien tới 4 lần, vậy ổn không chị ơi ? Commented [i8]: Thì lần đầu em ghi rõ ra, lần 2,3… thì
em ghi HCMC