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 Walk bare foot

 Body scan meditation
 Eating: mostly vegetables grown on earth-
 Crystal (red crystals)- garnet, ruby, black tourmaline, hematite
 Exercise (mostly moves that move the lower body)
 Dance (focus on the lower body)
 Oils: sandalwood, Cyprus, chamomile, lavender
 Wear or visualize color: red, brow, black
 Sounds: binaural, tone with the voice (low note),
 Tree meditation
 Black energy meditation
 Visualize- cord between the hips and the earth- release energy
 Salt bath

1. Mindfullness
 Being present.
 Let the thoughts come to the mind but detach from it, don’t force other
thoughts, don’t think about something else if not the present. Just let
it take its natural flow.
 One thought at a time.
 Practice this all the time when eating, when walking…

2. Hara
 during 11 minutes
 hit the both border of the ends together
 say Hara sequentially.
 The strength of the word has to come from the belly region

3. Thoughts observations
 Sit down or lay down in a quiet place
 And let the thoughts come to the mind
 Don’t judge, don’t force other thoughts
 Just let it come in a natural flow
 Do this for at least 30 minutes

4. Empty mind
 Sit down or lay down
 In a quiet room
 Relax
 Clean your mind
 Think of nothing

5. Chakra meditation

5.1. Flower chakra

 Sit or lay down in a quiet place
 Breathe slowly
 Feel relaxed
 Imagine a field of white light covering the body
 Imagine each point of the chakra as a flower
 Open each one of them and feel the energy
 Close them

5.2. Balance each chakra:

 Balance crown chakra through prayer or meditation
 Balance third eye chakra through remote viewing, visualization, lucid
 Balance throat chakra by screaming, singing or gargling with salt
 Balance heart chakra with push-ups, swimming, hugging yourself
 Balance solar plexus chakra dancing, twisting, belly dance
 Balance your sacral chakra with pelvis thrust and pelvis movements
 Balance your root chakra with marching in place, doing squats,
stomping your feet upon the ground
 Balance your aura with bath, herbal bath, sage/incense cleansing…

6. Breath meditation
6.1. Throat breath
 Sit down
 Relax
 Breath with throat

6.2. Simple breath meditation

 Sit down or lay down
 Get rid of distractions in the mind
 Breath without any efforts, just naturally breath
 Observe the effect of the breath in the body
 Feel the calmness

6.3. Breath meditation

 Sit down
 Relax
 Move your eyes downwards and slowly close the eyelids (it will shut
down at 70% the activity on the brain)
 Breath deep and slowly three or four times
 Breathe naturally keeping your focus on your breath that get in
through your nose.
 Keep the focus on the nose tip
 Notice the gap between inhalation and exhalation (the moment
between the two actions)

7. Protection meditation
 Sit or lay down in a quiet place
 Breathe slowly
 Relax
 Forget about everything else, focus on the moment
 Imagine a field of white light that starts from the tip of the toes, cover
the foot, the legs
 slowly visualize it covering all the body from the foot to the head
 come back to yourself
 touch the ground to develop the excessive energy

8. Cleansing meditation
8.1. White light bubble
 Sit down or lay down in a quiet place
 Breathe slowly
 Relax
 Imagine the field of white light covering the whole body
 Visualize black smoke leaving the body
 Visualize or feel the anger, frustration, bad luck, stress all going away

8.2. Crystal cleansing

 Hold a Black crystal
 imagine it absorbing the bad energy

8.3. Salt
 Throw salt on the foot

9. River cleansing meditation

 Imagine light in the body and dark light going away
 Imagine you lying on a river and the water running thrown you taking
away the bad energy
 Imagine yourself entering a river and being dirty, complete submerge
in the river and then leave it being clean

10. Nature meditation

 Go outside in nature (moon light, tree space, garden…)

 Sit or lay down
 Breath
 Relax
 Feel the energy
 Listen to the sounds
 Close the eyes and try to see around with mind
 Feel the peace, and love of nature
 Feel the magic going through the body in an exchange between the body
and nature

11. Moon meditation

 Sit down
 Front to the moon
 Relax
 Bring the hands together in a triangle form
 Hold the triangle hand upside down at the navel
 Breathe
 Raise the triangle hand up side to the moon and feel the light energizing
the hands
 Take the hand to the front head and feel the energy filling the body

12. Reflective meditation

 Sit down or lay down

 Get a notebook
 Concentrate
 Reflect about a subject or question
 Do not allow the mind to go to another subject
 Some questions that can be used in a reflective meditation:
 Who am I?
 What is the true purpose of my life?
 What is my role in this universe?
 How can I help remove the sufferings of others?

13. Blessing Meditation

 Sit, standing or laying down

 Relax
 Clear the mind
 Imagine a goal being achieved, or someone being healed, an angel
helping someone

14. Conversation meditation

 Relax
 Imagine an angel, or somebody that could be good to that conversation
 And imagine the conversation going on the mind

15. Spiritual meditation

 Prayer

16. Grounding, centering and raising energy

16.1. Scan the body- Centering

 Lay down
 Relax
 Start by concentrating on the feet, feeling the skin, the toes, is it hot is it
 Move to other parts of the body slowly feeling every detail, till get to the

16.2. Grounding
 Drumming
 Wearing red shoes
 Physical exercises
 Stomp the feet on the ground
 Eat earthy foods (vegetables, salands…)
 Spending time in nature
 Massage the hands and feet (mainly the soil)
 Take a bath with Epson salts, or herbal bath

16.3. White light root- Grounding

 Sit down straight
 Imagine white light puring upon your crown chakra
 Imagine it passing through the heart
 Imagine it going to earth and creating roots on it
 Now the whole body is covered in white light rooted on earth

16.4. Breath root

 Sit down with your feet on the ground
 Breath feeling the breath coming from the base of the spine,
 that comes from the feet, wich has roots on earth that goes on and one
 feel the energy in all the body (with arms open)
 Arms down, breath, come down

16.5. Clear energy:

 Cleaning the house
 Incense
 Bath

16.6. Tree simple- Grounding

 Sit down or standing with the foot on the ground
 Feel the foot with roots into the ground
 Push that energy passing the foot till the head
 Feel like a tree energized

16.7. Ball energy- Raising energy

 Imagine a bronze ball from the solar plexus
 This ball grows and envolves your whole body
 Feel it in your whole body

16.8. Golden light/ sun energy- Rasing energy

 Best to be made in the sun rising, in bed, or when going to sleep
 As you breathe in
 Imagine a golden light coming through your crown chakra
 And the golden light pass through all your body till the toes
 Imagine a dark light coming from your foot (feminine energy)
 Until the top of the head

17. Color meditation

Red- Root chakra- spine- increases the circulation, stimulate the body,
stimulate sexuality, power, intensity, spontaneous; helps with feelings of
frustration, anger and raw passion

Orange- Sacral Chakra- navel- helps with issues involving sensuality,

relationships, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression and creativity,
symbolic fire; it stimulates the nervous system, increase immune system

Yellow- Solar plexus- below the breast- happiness, optimism, willpower,

thought process; helps to increase vitality, mental alertness and analytical

Green- Heart Chakra- center of chest- Stimulates peace, love and nurturing,
self-esteem; this color induces healing, abundance, prosperity, remove

Pink- Heart Chakra- Stimulates peace, harmony, friendly, balance,

unconditional love, kindness, inner peace, universal love, self-love, romantic
relationship, self-worthy; it helps to let go of the past, bitterness,
relationships, see beyond the inflated ego

Blue- Throat chakra- larynx- helps with self-expression, confidence,

pacification, self-protection, tenderness, loyalty, cooling, calming; this color
controls your thyroid, lymphatic system, affects neck, voice and throat

Purple-Indigo- Third eye- center of front head- increases intuition, peace of

mind, psychic power ability; affects endocrine system; prepare to a deeper
spiritual state

Violet- Crown chakra- above the head- aligns with universal consciousness,
transformation of the self, wishes fulfilled, connecting to higher self; affect
pituitary gland

White- Crown chakra- universal knowledge, spirituality, protection, anti-

negativity, enlightenment, divinity, higher level

Silver- Crown chakra- Light, soft, universal connection, femininity, spiritual,

the subconscious; to remove old karma

Gold- God, masculine force, sun, divinity, abundance, protection

18. Aura meditation

 Get into a meditative state (can be trance state)
 Imagine yourself floating up
 Imagine a triangle above you
 Now imagine yourself within this blue triangle
 Feel that this energy is a healing energy
 As you breath feel that energy getting your body
 Feel and visualize the expansion of the triangle around you and the light
is cleansing your body and aura
 Now imagine a white light coming from the top of the head or solar
plexus and involving the whole body; and the triangle and blue color
 Bring yourself back

19. Heart rhythm meditation

 Have a straight posture
 Begin to notice the pattern of your breath
 Now try to control it, make the length on inhale the same as the exhale
 Make no noise while breathing
 The point is to balance the beat of the heart
 Now exhale and inhale full breath (long breath)
 Inhale, in the moment the lungs are full, hold your breath; pay attention to
the beat of your heart
 After mastering that: inhale, count to six; exhale count to 6;
 Next is inhale, count to 12; exhale count to 12

20. Jewish meditation

20.1. Alphabet
 Sit down, standing or laying down
 Have the letter ot the whole alphabet in your hands
 Meditate on it
 Observe every detail
 See in your mind if it moves
 If it has something to say

20.2. Ana Bechoach (we beg thee)

Ana bekoach, We beg thee

g'dulat yemincha, with the strength and greatness of thy
tatir tz'rura right arm-
Untangle our knotted fate.
Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu, Accept your people's song,
tahareinu nora elevate and purify us
(x2) (x2)

Na gibor Please, heroic one,

dorshei yichudcha, those who pursue your uniqueness-
k'vavat shamrem guard them as the pupil of an eye.

Barchem taharem, rachamei Bless them, purify them, pity them,

tzidkatcha may your righteousness always reward
Tamid gamlem them.

Chasin kadosh berov tuvcha, Powerful and Holy One,

Nahel adatecha in goodness lead your flock.

Yachid ge'eh le'amcha p'neh, Unique and proud one, to your people
zochrei k'dushatecha turn,
who remember your holiness.
Shavateinu kabel ushma
tza'akateinu, Accept our cries, and hear our screams,
yode'a ta'alumot oh knower of mysteries.

(Baruch shem k'vod malchuto (Blessed is the name of his noble

le'olam va'ed) kingdom
forever and ever.)

20.3. Vowels

Inhale- move head upward

Exhale- move head back to the center, pronouncing:


Inhale- move head to the left

Exhale- move head back to center, pronouncing:


Inhale- move head to the right

Exhale- move head back to the center, pronouncing


Inhale- move head downward

Exhale- move head back to the center, pronouncing:

Inhale- move head backward

Exhale- move head back to the center, pronouncing:


 Repeat the process with the letters:


20.4. The 72 names

 Meditate upon the meaning of the 72 forbidden names

21. Zen Meditation

 Sit In a lotus position (crossed legs, left foot below the leg)
 Hand in the mudra form (palms up, left over the right)
 Count 10 Breath in, breath out
 If something comes to mind, acknowledge the thought, let it go continue
the concentration
 Keep repeating this pattern from 5 to 15 minutes
 When the mind is able to concentrate with no distraction, there is no
need for counting
 The point is to learn with the stillness and to get calm

22. Qi Going

23. Inner smile

24. 4 elements meditation

 Air- listen to wind, feel the blow

 Water- watch the sea, the rain,
 Earth- go to a forest, garden, feel the energy
 Fire- use a candle or some kinda of fire form to meditate upon

 Look to an object
 Close the eyes
 Picture mentally all the details of the object
 Do it everyday

 When in a room or any other space
 Be aware of everything that’s is around

 Sit or lay down
 Breathe
 Relax
 Create a mental picture of a scape house or scape land
 Star first by imagining a room, or a garden
 Then imagine the whole house/castle with every detail possible
 After that is mastered imagine the neighborhood
 Create a mirror room for scrying
 All this might take some time


 Look at an object
 And imagine it changed
 Look at white paper and imagine it blue
 Until you see with your open eyes what you envisioned in your mind
 Imagine a dog in front of you
 Pet him until you actually feel it


 Imagine the object in details you want how will you feel
 Imagine the situation you want to be in in full details
 Imagine you have the skills you want to have or characteristics
 Imagine the result of something you are persuading


1. Color
 Pick some meditative song that inspires you
 Lay down or sit down
 Relax
 Start imagining a color, a board to calm your mind down and concentrate
in one thing
 After you are being able to concentrate in one thought
 imagine more complex things like a field of flowers
 imagine yourself falling backwards

2. Candle
 concentrate on the body scan
 After being fully relaxed observe the thoughts without judging them until
they become weak
 To concentrate use a candle
 When you achieve a level of deep relaxation you will feel your body very
 Then you get in trance state

3. Eyelids
 In a dark room,
 close the eyes,
 focus on the eyelid,
 don’t let your mind wander.
 Imagine you falling away from your body and from your mind

Options to enter the trance state:

 imagine a light buble

 pick a spot on the wall and gaze at fully concentrated at it
 Imagine you are climbing a stair in the dark, but you cant see the stairs
you just feel it
 Or imagine you are a feather flying around
 After those images then just imagining falling backwards (focus on the
front of your body to not feel dizzy)

Signals of being in a trance:

 An uncomfortable feeling of cold that doesn't make you shiver, coupled

with a steady loss of body heat.
 Mentally, you will feel very odd and everything will feel extremely slow.
Your thought processes will slow down as if you had been given a strong
pain killing injection.
 You will feel disassociated from your body, i.e., a strong floating
sensation and everything will seem far away.
 Total physical Paralysis.

Suggestion to induce trance:

 Tell yourself you are relaxed and feel that: “I am getting more and more
calm”; “I am at peace”
 Tell yourself you feel the body heavy and feel that:
 Tell yourself its getting warmth and feel that: “my right hand is warmth”
 “my right hands is relaxed” repeat it as many times as it needs to affirm
then “my hands and arms are relaxed”
 “My right hand is heavy” repeat as many time times as it needs to affirm
then “My arms and hands are heavy”
 Repeat that process with the warmth word
 “my breating is calm and regular”
 “My heart beats slowly and regularly”
 “My forehead feels cool”
 “I see colors” “I see read”
 “I see objects”
 “I see the waiter” “I see my neighbor”

Some things to do when in trance:

 Work with the chakras

 Imagine yourself lifting up in the morning with disposition
 Imagine that you have no fear or anxiety to speak in public
 Change an emotional bad state
To get out of a trance:

 Pull your finger

 Move your toes
 Think of your feet
 Imagine yourself just gradually coming back to awareness

 Lay down
 Relax
 From the foot to the head, relax all the body
 Shut the mind from distractions
 Breath slowly
 Feel the body getting heavy


 A field and you are going down or up

 You can also imagine a stair
 You can imagine an elevator with a building of many floors going up and
down (to investigate parts of the mind, past and future)
 Count down the stairs or just concentrate as you go
 Have a full detailed picture in your mind of the place you are
 When you get to the final destination allow whatever comes to come

1. Reality checks

 During the day repeatedly ask “am I dreaming”

 Pinch yourself to make sure you are awake
 Look at the hands during the days for at least 10 seconds each time
 Mark the letter “A” in your hand, everytime you see it, check to see if you
are awaken
 looking to a digital clock to see if it stays constant
 looking to a text then look away then look back to see if it changed
 flipping a light switch
 looking in a mirror (in dreams the image appear blur rot no image at all)
 glancing at your hands and asking “am I dreaming”
 jumping (in dreams you are able to fly)
 lean against a wall (in dreams you will get through the walls)
 everytime you open a door try to see if your hand can cross it,
 Notice the details wich might be different in dream then in reality when

2. Before going to sleep

 Wild technique: try to get into a trance before going to sleep but the focus
should be on the bed on the pillow

 Before going to sleep look at your hands and repeat “I will dream
about….” Many times even for 30 minutes; if you awake during the night
look at your hands and repeat the same phrase
 “I am going to remember my dream tonight and im going to dream

3. Mild technique
 set an alarm to wake up 4 or 5 hours after you go to sleep.
 When you awaken immediately try to remember the dreams you had
 then with that picture in mind go to sleep thinking,
 repeat it a few times in your mind “I will be aware that im dreaming”
 Suggestion “I will lucid dream tonight” repeat it everytime you wake up

4. Keep a dream journal

 Right when you awake get the journal and write everything you
remember from your dream
 Look to the pattern or signs comparing your dreams written in your


 Meditate
 Be aware of the best time to have a lucid dream (considering its 90
minutes after you go to sleep: REM)
 Imagine what you will do in your first lucid dream
 To prolong the lucid dreams try the sensation of falling backwards or
rubbing the hands
 Dream pillow
 Listen to Binaural beats
Astral Projection

 Better to start in the morning
 Get a quiet room
 Lie down and relax
 Reach a deep relaxed trance state “hypnagogic”
 Visualize your body in your mind. Picture the toes, or hands, then move
them in your head, slowly focus and visualize your whole body and the
capability to move it in your mind
 You might feel some vibrations in this part
 Visualize the room your in
 Get out of the bed and walk around the room (in your mind) then look at
your body
 To come back move fingers and toes of the physical body

 Next step: when leaving the body, don’t look at your body. Instead go to
another room, observe things in that room or a particular object, mainly if
there is something you never noticed before;
 Return to your body, go to that room and check to see if what you saw
was real

 Next step: go to other rooms, or unfamiliar locations of the house, or
 Return to the body and check to see if match reality

Step by step
1. Relax
2. Get into a hypnotic state
3. Get into a deeper state of relaxation
4. Enter a state of vibration
5. Control the vibrations
6. Imagine the rope
7. climb the rope and go

 Wear loose clothes

 Eat light before doing it
 Use crystals to project energy
 If you use too much energy of your body, some say, you will delay to be
able to return
 Protect your body with prayer, symbol, psalms, circle, before doing it
 Believe it and have confidence
 You can interact with others astral projected
 Silver cord is what links the soul to the body
 Imagine a white bubble light around you before doing the astral
projection and keep this image in mind while doing it




 Rose
 Sandalwood
 Patchouli
 Clove
 Mugwort
 Anise
 Clary sage



Gama; 27 Hz and up

It’s associated with the formation of ideas