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-2015 Paper Code: UN412(1 - 24)

(Code: 412)
Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN415(1 - 24)

(Set A - Code: 415)

Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN418(1 - 24)

(Set B - Code: 418)

Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN421(1 - 24)
(Set C - Code: 421)

Key & Solutions


Class : VIII Mathematics

What is the value of (a + b)(a2 + b2)(a – b)(a4 + b4)?

(A) a4 – b4 (B) a8 – b8 (C) a16 – b16 (D) a16 + b16
If a, b, c are three non-zero rational numbers, identify the
false statement.
(A) a + (b + c) ≠ (a ÷ b) ÷ c
(B) a ÷ b is a rational number
(C) a ÷ (–a) = –1
a −b
(D) (a – b) ÷ c ≠ +
c c

10 men can cut 15 trees in 2 hours. If 2 men leave the job,

how many trees will be cut in 3 hours?
(A) 20 trees (B) 18 trees (C) 24 trees (D) 15 trees
For what value of x is the given statement FALSE?

3 x2 < (3 x)2

(A) –3 (B) 0 (C) (D) 1

Which number can replace the question marks in the


? 162
128 ?

(A) 12 (B) 14 (C) 144 (D) 196

Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 1


Diagonal AC of rhombus ABCD is equal to side BC. Find the

measure of ∠ A.

(A) 90 o
(B) 120 o
(C) 240o (D) 60o
If (x + y)2 = 100 and (x – y)2 = 16, what is the value of xy?
(A) 6 (B) 10 (C) 21 (D) 25
The number n is to be added to the given list. If n is an
integer, which of the following could be the median of the
new list of seven numbers?

3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12

1 1
(A) 6, 7 (B) 6, 6 (C) 6 , 7 (D) 5, 6
2 2
A sum of money invested at compound interest amounts to
` 800 in 3 years and to ` 840 in 4 years. Find the rate of
interest per annum.
1 2
(A) 2 % (B) 4% (C) 5% (D) 6 %
2 3
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 2


The figure is made up of 5 semicircles. The ratio of the lengths

AB : BC : CD : DE is 2 : 3 : 1 : 4. Find the perimeter of the
 22 
shaded region.  Take π = 
 7 

28 cm
(A) 44 cm (B) 88 cm (C) 304 cm (D) 616 cm
Which of the following cuboids can be formed by the given

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 3


Identify the true statement.

7 9 11 9 11 7
(A) < < (B) < <
9 11 13 11 13 9
9 7 11 7 9 11
(C) < < (D) < >
11 9 13 9 11 13

What is the largest four-digit number which is a perfect

(A) 8000 (B) 9261 (C) 9999 (D) 1000
Find the measure of each angle of a parallelogram, if one of
its angles is 30o less than twice the smallest angle.
xo 2x – 30o

2x – 30o xo
(A) 60 , 100 , 90 , 20
o o o o
(B) 80o, 40o, 120o, 90o
(C) 100o, 90o, 90o, 80o (D) 70o, 110o, 70o, 110o
There would be 10% loss if a toy is sold at 1080 per piece.
At what price should it be sold to earn a profit of 20%?
(A) ` 12 (B) ` 1296 (C) ` 1440 (D) ` 10
Which of these is the greatest?
(A) 544 (B) 2112 (C) 186 (D) 456

Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 4


Which of the following could be a value of x in the given


B 5x

(A) 30o (B) 50o (C) 40o (D) 10o

An equal amount of water is poured into two empty tanks, P

and Q, as shown in the figure.

15 cm
12 cm

10 cm 9 cm
15 cm 10 cm
Tank P
Tank Q
If Tank P is half-filled with water, what is the height of the
water level in Tank Q?
(A) 7 cm (B) 8 cm (C) 9 cm (D) 10 cm
Sound travels at approximately 1200 km/hr. A gun is fired.
After what time will you hear the sound if you are 3 km
away from the gun?
(A) 13 seconds (B) 9 seconds
(C) 10 seconds (D) 19 seconds
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 5


Which of the following is NOT a linear equation?

(A) 3x – 1 = –2x (B) x− y=2
x−5 2− x
(C) pq – 3 = p (D) =
2 3

If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4, what is the

difference between the greatest and the smallest angles ?
(A) 10° (B) 20° (C) 30° (D) 40°

The cube shown in the figure has edges of length 2, and

A and B are midpoints of two of the edges. What is the length
of AB?

(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 6

If a2bc3 = 53 and ab2 = 56, find abc.

(A) 5 (B) 52 (C) 53 (D) 54.5

A cooker which is generally sold for 800 was sold for 700
due to festival season. What percent of discount was allowed?
1 2
(A) 12 % (B) 10% (C) 14 % (D) 15%
2 7
What are the factors of 4(a – b)2 – 9(b – c)2?
(A) (2a + b – 3c) (2a + 5b – 3c) (B) (2a + b – 3c) (2a – 5b + 3c)
(C) (2a – b – 3c) (2a + 5b – 3c) (D) (2a – b –3c) (2a – 5b + 3c)

Paper Code: UN412 6


Class : VIII Physics

Ultrasounds cannot be heard by the human ear because
(A) the sounds are too deep.
(B) the pitch of the sounds are too high.
(C) such sounds are too faint.
(D) these sounds are produced by animals like bats.

Which of the given shapes will move the fastest through water?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

Why does a series of fast moving still pictures can create an

illusion of movement in our eyes?
(A) The eye can focus on very rapidly changing pictures.
(B) The eye is quicker than the brain.
(C) The eye can separate two images only when the interval
of separation between them is one-sixteenth of a
(D) The optical cortex can see through the rapidly moving

Which point charges will attract each other?

1 2 3

+1C –1C +2C

(A) 1 and 2 only (B) 1 and 3 only

(C) 1 and 2, 2 and 3 only (D) 1 and 3, 2 and 3 only

Paper Code: UN412 7


The graph given below shows the extension of four different

springs P, Q, R and S when loads of different weights were
added to the pan attached to the spring individually.
10 P
Extension (cm)

6 S

0 100 200 300 400 500

Load (g)
According to the graph, which spring is the strongest ?
(A) P (B) R (C) S (D) Q
For a normal eye, in an adult, what is the least distance of
distinct vision ?
(A) 5 to 8 cm (B) 10 to 15 cm
(C) 20 to 25 cm (D) 30 to 35 cm
Four marbles were released separately from the top of same
inclined plane on different surfaces. On which of the
following surfaces does the marble travel a longer distance?
(A) Sand paper (B) Mirror
(C) Wooden piece (D) Plastic sheet

What will be the observations at the anode after passing

current for sometime in the set up shown below?

(A) Gas bubbles are produced (B) Mass of electrode increases

(C) Brown deposit is formed (D) Mass of electrode decreases
Paper Code: UN412 8

A syringe is filled with X. When the plunger is pushed

inwards, the volume of X remains unchanged.

What can X be ?
(A) Helium (B) Mercury
(C) Nitrogen (D) Carbon dioxide

Meteors falling through the earth’s atmosphere give out

light. This is due to
(A) solar heat absorbed by the meteors.
(B) burning gases from the meteors.
(C) friction with the air.
(D) gravity of the earth.

The diagram shows the path of a light ray X, directed at a

plane mirror.


Identify the correct reflected ray.
(A) P (B) N (C) O (D) M
Which comparison between protons and electrons is incorrect?

Protons Electrons
(A) Located in the nucleus Located outside the nucleus
(B) Negatively charged Positively charged
(C) Stationary Orbit the nucleus
(D) Heavy particle Light particle

Paper Code: UN412 9


Identify the hottest star.

(A) Yellow star (B) Blue star
(C) White star (D) Red star
Solid potassium iodide does not conduct electricity but
molten potassium iodide conducts.
Which statement is true ?
(A) Potassium iodide has a high melting point.
(B) Potassium iodide is not an ionic compound.
(C) The ions of potassium iodide are held in a lattice in the
solid state but are free to move in the molten state.
(D) The ions are not arranged in an orderly manner in the
solid state but are arranged in an orderly manner in the
molten state.
Different volumes of water were poured into four similar
glass bottles as shown below.

A girl blew air across the mouth of each bottle and different
sounds were produced.
Which is the correct sequence of increasing loudness?
(A) R → P → Q → S (B) Q → S → R → P
(C) S → Q → P → R (D) P → Q → S → R
What happens when two copper plates are used as
electrodes in the voltaic cell ?
(A) No electric current will be produced.
(B) More electric current will be produced.
(C) Lesser electric current will be produced.
(D) Copper will be deposited on both the electrodes.

Paper Code: UN412 10


Which is NOT the effect of a force ?

(A) A car moves slower when you hit the brake.
(B) Your hands become warm when you rub them against
each other.
(C) You can make a call to a friend from your handphone.
(D) A glass breaks when it falls from a certain height and
hits the floor.
Identify the unit of pitch.
(A) Hertz (B) Decibels (C) Bar (D) Pleura
An object placed 4 m from a plane mirror is shifted by 0.5 m
away from the mirror.
What is the distance between the object and its image ?
(A) 3.5 m (B) 4 m (C) 5 m (D) 9 m
A negatively charged rod is moved near a conducting sphere.

Nega vely charged rod Conduc ng sphere

What will be the movement of the protons in the conducting
(A) Move to right (B) Move to left
(C) Moves up (D) Does not move
The given diagram shows an experimental set-up.

In which solution will the bulb glow the brightest when the
circuit is connected?
(A) Ammonium hydroxide (B) Sodium chloride
(C) Alcohol (D) Ethanoic acid
Paper Code: UN412 11

A student wanted to test the roughness of different surfaces.

He dragged an object which was connected to a spring
balance over different surfaces at an angle to find out the
force required to move the object over each surface. He
recorded the results on the graph shown below.
Force needed

1 2 3 4
Which is the roughest surface ?
(A) 4 (B) 1 (C) 3 (D) 2

The loudness of a note on a guitar can be increased by

increasing the
(A) tension on the guitar string.
(B) amplitude of vibration of the guitar string.
(C) thickness of the guitar string.
(D) length of the guitar string.

Which object does not use high pressure to perform its

normal function ?
(A) Knife (B) Thumb tack
(C) Hole punch (D) Hammer
Lightning is seen flashing from the sky to the ground.
What is expected to flow down from the sky ?
(A) Protons (B) Electrons
(C) Neutrons (D) Air molecules

Paper Code: UN412 12


Class : VIII Chemistry

The given bar chart shows levels of air pollutants in various
(parts per million)

Ci es

In which cities, it is advisable for the people to either stay

indoors or wear masks when they go outside ?
(A) Only I and II (B) Only I and IV
(C) Only II and V (D) Only III and IV

In which layer is petroleum found from the given figure?

(A) P (B) S (C) Q (D) R

Which metals are correctly arranged in descending order in

the reactivity series of metals ?
(A) Lead, zinc, sodium (B) Lead, sodium, zinc
(C) Zinc, lead, sodium (D) Sodium, zinc, lead

Paper Code: UN412 13


Four materials, P, Q, R and S, are soaked in a pail of water. The

mass of the materials before and after soaking are measured
and recorded in the table given below.
Which material is the best for making a swim suit ?

Mass of material Mass of material

Material before soaking in after soaking
water (g) water (g)
(A) P 20 40
(B) Q 50 55
(C) R 60 90
(D) S 100 200

Which is the most likely source for the acid rain?

(A) Burning of coal (B) Use of CFC products
(C) Burning of paper (D) Use of bio-degradable products

A rusty steel object has to be cleaned before painting.

Which substance is a good cleaning agents to remove the
rust on the steel object?
(A) Water
(B) Lemon juice
(C) Concentrated sulphuric acid
(D) Aqueous sodium hydroxide

Which source of energy contributes to air pollution ?

(A) Biogas plant (B) Windmill
(C) Tides on the sea (D) Hydroelectric power

Paper Code: UN412 14


Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel is burnt with

insufficient amount of oxygen.
In excessive amount, why could this become harmful to
(A) It blocks the transmission of signals in the nervous
(B) It causes irritation in the respiratory system.
(C) It damages the kidney and prevents secretion of waste
from the body.
(D) It binds with haemoglobin and disturbs the circulation
of oxygen in the body.

The diagrams given below show what happens to plastic

wastes in three different cities. P, Q and R respectively.

Which statement is true ?

(A) City R recycles most of its plastic waste.
(B) City P recycles a greater percentage of plastic waste than
City R.
(C) City R burns a greater percentage of its plastic waste
than City Q.
(D) The city which recycles the greatest percentage of
plastic waste is Q.
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 15


Which is not the correct use of plastic?

Plastic Use
(A) PVC Rain coats
(B) Polypropene Microwave ovenware
(C) Polythene Buckets
(D) Polystyrene Thermocol boxes

It is very dangerous to leave a non-luminous flame burning

(A) the flame is difficult to see and someone may
accidentally get burnt.
(B) the flame emits poisonous gases.
(C) a ‘strike-back’ is highly likely to occur with this type of
(D) the flame is steady and will not flicker.

What is P in the given equation?

P + Oxygen Carbon dioxide + Water vapour

(A) Magnesium (B) Water

(C) Kerosene (D) Camphor

Melamine cannot be remoulded because it

(A) has a high melting point.
(B) has cross links between the monomers.
(C) is a good heat insulator.
(D) is not oxidised in the air.
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 16


An excess of iron filings are added to a solution containing a

mixture of ions Mg2+, Ca2+, Cu2+ and Ag+ respectively.
Which two metals will be displaced from this solution?
(A) Calcium and copper (B) Calcium and magnesium
(C) Copper and silver (D) Magnesium and silver
Which activities are not the causes of pollution ?
(i) Burying biodegradable rubbish in the ground.
(ii) Burning of trees in the forests to clear land for the
cultivation of crops.
(iii) Using treated waste from sewage plants to fertilise
roadside trees.
(iv) Turning waste water into drinkable water.

(A) Only (i) and (ii) (B) Only (ii) and (iii)
(C) Only (i), (ii) and (iv) (D) Only (i), (iii) and (iv)
What does not occur in the reaction between sodium with

(A) It floats on the surface of the water

(B) The blue litmus paper turns red
(C) It moves rapidly with a hissing sound
(D) It burns with a golden yellow flame

Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 17


Acid rain is a major problem, especially in highly

industrialised areas. However, rain water is in fact slightly
acidic even without the pollution itself.
What is the non-pollutant chemical that causes this acidic
property of rain water?
(A) Hydrochloric acid (B) Nitrate
(C) Oxygen (D) Carbon dioxide

Identify a use of nylon.

(A) Carpets (B) Wrapping film
(C) Disposable foam cups (D) Floor tiles

Why is carbon dioxide used in fire extinguishers to put out

fire ?
(A) It is an inert gas
(B) It is an odourless gas
(C) It is a highly flammable gas
(D) It does not support combustion

Which property of diamond is untrue?

(A) It is a non-metal.
(B) It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
(C) It is hard.
(D) It is not ductile.
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 18


Class : VIII Biology

Which micro-organism is matched correctly to its disease
(A) Worms cause sexually transmitted diseases
(B) Bacteria cause tuberculosis
(C) Protozoa cause ringworm
(D) Fungi causes malaria
Identify plant cells.

(A) (i) and (iii) only (B) (i) and (iv) only
(C) (ii) and (iv) only (D) (i), (ii) and (iv) only
The diagram shows some plant parts under a microscope.

Which of the following pass(es) through opening X?

(A) Sunlight (B) Mineral salts (C) Air (D) Food
Country X has a rule that requires anyone who chops down
a tree to replant a new tree within the same area. Why do
you think there is such a rule?
(A) To prevent noise pollution.
(B) To prevent land pollution.
(C) To conserve natural resources.
(D) To ensure that there will be more than 40% of oxygen in
the atmosphere.
Paper Code: UN412 19

A farmer mixes fertiliser with water and uses it for his crops.
Why does he mix the fertiliser with water?
(A) To enable the roots to easily absorb it.
(B) To enable the leaves to easily absorb it.
(C) To enable the plant to carry out photosynthesis.
(D) To enable the stem to easily absorb it.

Which of the following methods can help improve the

quantity and quality of food production?

(i) Increase the price of raw materials

(ii) Applying modern technology
(iii) Carrying out research and development
(iv) Encouraging deforesta on and clearing of
wetlands for planta ons

(A) (i) and (ii) (B) (i) and (iv)

(C) (ii) and (iii) (D) (iii) and (iv)

All micro-organisms are

(A) unicellular organisms.
(B) multicellular organisms.
(C) organisms that can carry out photosynthesis.
(D) organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Which of the following does not take place during

(A) Implantation
(B) Development of the placenta
(C) Production of hormones
(D) Menstruation

Paper Code: UN412 20


The diagram below shows the root cell of a green plant.

What is the function of part N?

(A) It controls activities in the cell.
(B) It gives the cell a green colour.
(C) It gives the cell a fixed shape.
(D) It controls the substances entering and leaving the cell.
The table below is a description of two animals. A and B
Descrip on Animal A Animal B
Lays eggs Yes Yes
Stages in life cycle 4 3
Take care of their youngone No Yes

Identify Animals A and B.

Animal A Animal B
(A) Mosquito Frog
(B) Butterfly Pigeon
(C) Butterfly Cockroach
(D) Cockroach Grasshopper

Which diagram shows the sex chromosomes when a sperm

fertilises an egg to produce a baby girl?
X + X XX

(B) X + Y XY

(C) Y + X XY

(D) Y + Y YY

Paper Code: UN412 21


Microorganism X releases gas Y that makes bread dough

rise. What is microorganism X and gas Y?
(A) Yeast Carbon dioxide
(B) Bacteria Carbon monoxide
(C) Yeast Oxygen
(D) Mucor Carbon dioxide

Which of the following is a FALSE statement about the

organism given below?

(A) It is a parasite.
(B) It can conduct photosynthesis.
(C) The long whip-like flagellum is used for swimming.
(D) It reproduces by splitting.
Identify the organism from the given information.
I am microscopic.
I can cause diseases in plants as well as in animals.
I can reproduce only inside another living cell.

(A) A virus (B) A fungus (C) A bacteria (D) A worm

Which of these cells undergo meiosis to produce haploid cells?
(A) Liver cells (B) Lung cells
(C) Gonad germ cells (D) Kidney cells
Which of the following makes the sperm the decisive factor?
(A) A long tail is found only in the sperm which is not present
in the egg.
(B) There are more number of chromosomes in sperms
compared to eggs.
(C) Hormones are secreted only in the males which are
present in the sperm.
(D) A sperm can have either of the two sex chromosomes,
while the egg has only one.
Paper Code: UN412 22

Usually, when a woman reaches the age of 45 to 50 years,

the menstrual cycle stops - this is known as menopause. It is
not possible for a woman to become pregnant by natural
means once she has attained menopause. Which of the
following explains the CORRECT reason for this?
(A) The uterus collapses and cannot carry a baby.
(B) The eggs no longer allow the sperm to fuse with them.
(C) No more eggs are released from the reproductive organs.
(D) The bones become porous and cannot support a
Which of the following is a micro-organism?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

Which one of the following structures found in the given

cell indicates that it is a plant cell?

(A) Nucleus (B) Cytoplasm

(C) Cell membrane (D) Cell wall

Ecologically fungi are important because

(A) They act as decomposers and aid in nutrient cycling.
(B) They are a major cause of plant diseases.
(C) They are parasites.
(D) They are producers.

Paper Code: UN412 23


Class : VIII General Awareness

DRDL stands for
(A) Defence Research and Development Laboratory
(B) Department of Research and Development Laboratory
(C) Differential Research and Documentation Library
(D) Documentation Research and Development Library
Durand cup is associated with the game of
(A) Cricket (B) Foot ball (C) Hockey (D) Volley ball
Head quarters of UNO are situated at
(A) New York (B) Haque (C) Geneva (D) Paris
Fathometer is used to measure
(A) Earthquake (B) Rainfall
(C) Ocean depth (D) Sound intensity
Who has been selected for the Mathrubhomi Literary Award?
(A) Sugathakumari (B) R.K. Narayanan
(C) K. Satchitanandan (D) M. Leelavathi
The Ganga Action Plan was originally started in which among
the following years?
(A) 1982 (B) 1985 (C) 1989 (D) 1993
Entomology is the science that studies
(A) Behaviour of human beings
(B) Insects
(C) The origin and history of technical terms
(D) The formation of rocks
For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?
(A) Physics and Chemistry (B) Physiology or Medicine
(C) Literature, peace and Economics (D) All of the above
Whose birth anniversary is observed as Rashtriya Ekta
(A) Bala Gangadhar Tilak (B) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
(C) Mahatma Gandhi (D) Lala Lajpat Rai
Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following
(A) Taoism (B) Judaism (C) Zoroastrianism (D) Shintoism
Paper Code: UN412 24

Class : VIII Mathematics

1. Which of the following values are equal ?

I. 1 II. 4
III. 0 IV. 4

(A) I and II (B) II and III

(C) I and III (D) I and IV
2. A book is marked at 880 and sold for 770, what is
the discount percentage ?
(A) 20% (B) 25%
(C) 12.5% (D) 15%
3. If n ≠ 0, which of the following must be greater than n ?
I. 2n II. n2 III. 2 - n
(A) I only (B) I and II only
(C) II and III only (D) Neither
4. What is the percentage change in the area of a rectangle
obtained by decreasing its length and increasing its
breadth by 5% ?
(A) 2.5% increase (B) 0.25% increase
(C) 0.25% decrease (D) 2.5% decrease
Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 1


5. If the cost of “N” metres of wire is “d” rupees, what is the

cost of “y” metres of wire at the same rate ?
⎛ O@ ⎞
(A) ⎜ N ⎟ (B) (Ny)
⎝ ⎠

⎛ Ny ⎞
(C) (yd) (D) ⎜ ⎟
⎝ d ⎠
6. The sum of two rational numbers is –3. If one of them is
, find the other.
−4 −8 4 8
(A) (B) (C) (D)
# # # #
7. The figure given is made up of a square and two isosceles

What is the measure of the angle marked ‘m’ ?

(A) 105o (B) 95o (C) 135o (D) &5o
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 2


8. If 72 × K is a perfect cube, find the value of K.

(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4
9. The bar chart shows the number of television sets sold by
a shop in 5 months.
Number of T.V.s Sold




0 X
Jan Feb Mar April May
What is the sales in May, as a percentage of the total sales
in the 5 months ?
(A) 25% (B) 33 %
(C) 50% (D) 66 %
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 3


10. How many faces does the given solid have ?

(A) 6 (B) 4
(C) 8 (D) 12
11. If N2 = 16 and y2 = 4, what is the greatest possible value
of (N – y)2 ?
(A) 4 (B) –36
(C) –4 (D) 36
3 th
12. In an examination, a student was asked to find of
3 th
a certain number. By mistake, he found of it. His
answer was 150 more than the correct answer. What
was the number given to him ?
(A) 290 (B) 280
(C) 240 (D) 180
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 4


13. In what time will 1000 amount to 1331 at 10% p.a.

compounded annually ?
(A) 4 years (B) 3 years
(C) 2 years (D) 1 year
7.83 × 7.83 − 1.17 × 1.17
14. What is the value of ?
(A) 9 (B) 6.66
(C) 1.176 (D) –9
15. What is the height of a cuboid of volume 216 cm3 if its
length and breadth measure 8 cm and 6 cm ?
(A) 4.5 m (B) 6 m
(C) 4.8 m (D) 9 m
16. Which of the following is a rational number between
1 1
and ?
4 3
7 8
(A) (B)
24 15
(C) (D) Both (A) & (C)
17. If angles P, Q, R and S of the quadrilateral PQRS, taken
in order, are in the ratio 3 : 7 : 6 : 4, what is PQRS ?
(A) A rhombus (B) A parallelogram
(C) A trapezium (D) A kite
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 5


18. n and p are integers greater than 1, 5n is the square of a

number and 75np is the cube of a number.
Find the smallest value for n + p.
(A) 14 (B) 18 (C) 20 (D) 30
19. Two sets of 4 consecutive positive integers have exactly
one integer in common. The sum of the integers in the
set with greater numbers is how much greater than the
sum of the integers in the other set ?
(A) 4 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 12
20. A solid is of the shape given.

Which is its top view ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 6


21. A gardener wants to plant 17956 trees and arranges them

in such a way that there are as many rows as there are
trees in a row. What is the number of trees in a row ?
(A) 144 (B) 136 (C) 154 (D) 134
22. Find the value of 230 + 230 + 230 + 230.
(A) 8120 (B) 830 (C) 232 (D) 226
23. Two cylinders of equal volume have their heights in the
ratio 2 : 1. What is the ratio of their radii ?
(A) 2 : 1 (B) 1 : 2
(C) 2 : 1 (D) 1 : 2
24. If (3N – 4)(5N + 7) = 15N2 – aN – 28, what is the value of
‘a’ ?
(A) 1 (B) –1 (C) –2 (D) 2
25. 5 women can clear a piece of land in 4 days. How many
more women will be required to clear it in one day ?
(A) 10 (B) 20 (C) 25 (D) 15
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 7


Class : VIII Physics

26. Identify a surface that produces a diffused reflection.
(A) A pane of glass
(B) A perfectly reflecting mirror
(C) A horizontal wall
(D) A concave mirror
27. Which vibration produces the highest pitch ?
(A) 100 vibrations in half a second
(B) 150 vibrations in half a second
(C) 200 vibrations in one second
(D) 250 vibrations in one second
28. In which of the following activities is friction not useful ?
(A) Ice hockey
(B) Tug-of-war
(C) Rock climbing
(D) Swimming
29. Electric charge can flow through
(A) insulators.
(B) conductors.
(C) both insulators and conductors.
(D) neither insulators nor conductors.
30. Forces are present in all of the following except when
(A) a trolley is being pushed.
(B) a billiard ball is lying stationary on the table.
(C) sunlight is shining on an object.
(D) a magnet is sticking to the door of a refrigerator.

Paper Code: UN 415 8


31. Which of these liquids is an electrolyte ?

(A) 3 only (B) 1 and 2 only

(C) 1 and 3 only (D) 2 and 3 only
32. Which event does NOT require frictional force ?
(A) Rubbing your hands to create heat
(B) Cycling
(C) Moving a table on the floor
(D) Walking from one place to another
33. The image formed by a plane mirror of an object is
(A) virtual, erect, behind the mirror and smaller than
the object.
(B) virtual, erect, behind the mirror and of the same
size as the object.
(C) virtual, inverted, behind the mirror and of the
same size as the object.
(D) real, erect, behind the mirror and of the same size
as the object.
34. Identify a force that can change the direction of a rolling
steel ball.
(A) Frictional (B) Gravitational
(C) Pressure (D) Magnetic
35. Which electrolyte is used to electroplate an iron nail with
copper metal ?
(A) Copper oxide (B) Iron sulphate
(C) Iron nitrate (D) Copper sulphate

Paper Code: UN 415 9


36. When sound waves enter the ear, many parts of the ear
vibrate. Which part does not vibrate ?
(A) Eardrum
(B) Ear bones
(C) Liquid in the inner ear
(D) Nerves leading to the brain
37. On what factors does the response of the rock to stress
depend ?
(A) Its temperature
(B) The speed of stress applied
(C) The confining pressure on the rock
(D) All the three
38. Transferring a charge by touch is called
(A) conduction. (B) induction.
(C) convection. (D) none of these
39. What happens when we are exposed to sounds with very
high frequencies ?
(A) We cannot hear the sounds.
(B) The sharp sounds puncture our eardrums.
(C) We experience severe pain.
(D) We can no longer hear low-frequency sounds.
40. Identify the energy change that occurs during the process
of electrolysis.
(A) Chemical energy heat energy
(B) Heat energy chemical energy
(C) Chemical energy electrical energy
(D) Electrical energy chemical energy

Paper Code: UN 415 10


41. Which statement describes both magnetic force and

gravitational force ?
(A) The force is both a pulling and a pushing force.
(B) The force exists even if there is no physical contact.
(C) The unit of the force is joules (J).
(D) The force is only able to act on objects made of
certain materials.
42. Two plane mirrors are kept at the following angles one by
one. In which case is the number of images formed the
maximum ?
(A) 30 o (B) 60 o
(C) 45 o (D) 90 o
43. In which situation is friction considered a nuisance ?
(A) When a matchstick is struck against the side of a
(B) When a person in a wheelchair is moving down a ramp
with lines etched in its surface.
(C) When the gears of a clock have to be oiled to remove
squeaking sounds.
(D) When a door stopper is used to keep a door open.
44. Which statement about the Sun is true ?
(A) The Sun is a star.
(B) The fusion of hydrogen atoms to form helium atoms
occurs in the Sun.
(C) The Sun has been the source of heat and light as it is
now since the Big Bang.
(D) All the three.

Paper Code: UN 415 11


45. Lightning from the cloud strikes the Earth. The lightning
will most probably strike
(A) a 10-metre tall tree.
(B) a 1.5-metre tall man.
(C) a 10-metre tall metal flagpole.
(D) a pool of water at ground level.
46. Which statement is not true about the extension of spring
balance ?

(A) It measures the amount of gravitational force exerted

on the object.
(B) The greater the force acting on the spring, the more
the spring is extended.
(C) Leaving an object hanging from the spring will result
in more accurate readings.
(D) Readings from this instrument will differ depending on
47. In which of the following is the speed of sound least?
(A) Aluminium (B) Sea water
(C) Brass (D) Granite
48. How many dots does the Braille system use ?
(A) 5 (B) 6
(C) 10 (D) 11

Paper Code: UN 415 12


49. What happens when electric current is made to flow

through a conductor ?
(A) Some amount of electrical energy is converted into
heat energy.
(B) Some amount of electrical energy is converted into
mechanical energy.
(C) Some amount of mechanical energy is converted into
electrical energy.
(D) Some amount of heat energy is converted into
electrical energy.
50. Which action is meant to reduce friction ?
(A) Dipping hands in chalk before lifting weights in the
(B) Placing rollers under a heavy object.
(C) Replacing worn-out tyres of a bicycle with new ones.
(D) Wearing shoes with rubber soles.
Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 13


Class : VIII Chemistry

51. Fossil fuels are
(A) reusable. (B) recyclable.
(C) sutainable. (D) none of these
52. Ozone depletion is one of the causes which have increased
cases of skin cancer. Which statement about the ozone
layer is correct ?
(A) Holes in the ozone layer allow excessive exposure of
harmful radiations.
(B) Ozone depletion is caused by the reaction of ozone
with CFCs.
(C) Ozone layer absorbs radio waves and prevents it from
reaching the Earth.
(D) Both (A) and (B)
53. Which characteristic belongs to metals?
(A) Malleable and ductile
(B) Generally solids at room temperature
(C) Form positively charged ions to help conduct
(D) All the three
54. What is the correct definition of a polymer molecule?
(A) A macromolecule bound together via hydrogen
(B) A large molecule comprises of one type of atoms
joined together.
(C) A macromolecule comprises of one or more repeating
(D) A cluster of small molecules.

Paper Code: UN 415 14


55. Which statement about the combustion of fossil fuels is

not true ?
(A) Chemical energy stored in the fuel is converted into
other forms of energy.
(B) Oxygen is needed for this form of chemical change.
(C) Heat energy stored in the carbon compounds of the
fossil fuels is released.
(D) An example of this combustion reaction is:
methane + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water.
56. A flame produced by burning a substance always points
upwards because the
(A) gases produced in flame are cold.
(B) gases produced in flame are hot.
(C) hot gases are lighter and hence rise up.
(D) both (B) and (C)
57. Which key shows an incorrect use of the metal ?
Metal Use
(A) Aluminium Kitchen foil
(B) Copper Electrical wires
(C) Iron Constructional work
(D) Mercury Drink cans

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 15


58. Four materials were cut into equal-sized strips. They

were then dripped into coloured water from the same
height. The height of the water that travelled up the
material was measured as shown below.

8 cm
7 cm
6 cm
5 cm

Strip P Strip Q Strip R Strip S

Which material should be used to make a beach towel ?
(A) R (B) Q (C) P (D) S
59. A raw material is sustainable if
(A) it can be used several times before it is thrown
(B) it is easy to extract from the ground.
(C) it is easy to change into useful substances.
(D) there are lots of reserves of this material.
60. Identify a characteristic of non-luminous flame.
(A) No soot is produced (B) Steady flame
(C) Blue colour (D) All the three
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 16


61. The body of a car is made of a steel alloy.

Which of the given properties are suitable for its use in

the making of a car ?
(A) 1 and 2 only (B) 1 and 3 only
(C) 2 and 3 only (D) 1, 2 and 3
62. Recycling a material involves
(A) breaking down the material by burning.
(B) dissolving the material to avoid pollution.
(C) burying the material so that it is broken down by
(D) reprocessing the material so that it can be used again.
63. When combustion occurs, unburnt carbon particles are
produced. These particles are harmful when inhaled by
humans as they cause problems related to
(A) respiration. (B) digestion.
(C) heart. (D) skin.
64. Which product is not obtained from petroleum ?
(A) Petrol (B) Paraffin wax
(C) Bees wax (D) Kerosene
65. Which of these substances has one substance that does
not belong to the group because its physical state is
different from the other two substances in the list ?
(A) Iron, copper, aluminium
(B) Oxygen, sulphur, hydrogen
(C) Mercury, water, alcohol
(D) Carbon, silicon, phosphorus

Paper Code: UN 415 17


66. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is widely used now to replace

iron in the making of water pipes. What are the
advantages of PVC over iron ?
(A) PVC is cheaper. (B) PVC does not rust.
(C) PVC is lighter. (D) All the three.
67. Sleeping in a closed room where coal is burnt is fatal for
people because
(A) coal is a poisonous substance.
(B) poisonous gas, carbon monoxide, is produced due to
the incomplete combustion of coal.
(C) burning of coal in a closed room evolves carbon dioxide
and water vapour, which are harmful.
(D) none of the above.
68. Which form of coal contains the highest carbon content ?
(A) Anthracite (B) Peat
(C) Lignite (D) Bituminous
69. Which of these would increase the use of the resources
of a particular material ?
(A) Reduce the usage of the material
(B) Reuse the existing material
(C) Recycle the material
(D) All of the above
70. Why zinc can displace copper from copper(II) sulphate ?
(A) It is more reactive than copper.
(B) It loses electrons during a reaction to form zinc(II)
(C) It is lower down the reactivity series compared to
(D) It is a strong reducing agent and can reduce copper(II)
ions to copper.

Paper Code: UN 415 18


Class : VIII Biology

71. In a biology class the teacher described a cell. She listed
the following organelles of the cell – endoplasmic
reticulum, mitochondria, nucleus, ribosome, centriole and
centrosome. Which cell was she referring to?
(A) Prokaryotic cell
(B) Plant cell
(C) Animal cell
(D) Fungi cell
72. Identify X, Y and Z in the given figure.

Female Male

Ovary X

Y Sperm


(X) (Y) (Z)

(A) Ovum Testes Ovulation
(B) Testes Ovum Implantation
(C) Ovum Testes Implantation
(D) Testes Ovum Fertilization

73. Which of the following crops would enrich the soil with
nitrogen ?
(A) Apple (B) Pea
(C) Paddy (D) Potato

Paper Code: UN 415 19


74. What happens when a slice of moist bread left in a dark

place for a few days ?
(A) Bread dries.
(B) Fungal mycelium is developed.
(C) Algae develops.
(D) It remains the same.
75. Identify the process taking place in the given figure.

(A) Fission (B) Fertilisation

(C) Conjugation (D) Ovulation
76. Which organism reproduces in the same way as yeast ?
(A) Hydra (B) Amoeba
(C) Starfish (D) Flatworm
77. Which bacteria lives symbiotically in pea plants?
(A) Rhizobium (B) Nitrosomonas
(C) Azotobacter (D) Clostridium
78. Which is the longest cell ?
(A) Reproductive cell (B) Nerve cell
(C) Blood cell (D) Cuboidal cell
79. Which of these contains smooth muscle ?
(A) The Iris of eye (B) Uterus only
(C) Bronchi only (D) All of these

Paper Code: UN 415 20


80. Which of the following cell organelles are respectively

called suicidal bags and power houses of the cell ?
(A) Mitochondria and lysosomes.
(B) Lysosomes and mitochondria.
(C) Lysosomes and Golgi complex.
(D) Golgi complex and lysosomes.
81. A student waiting for his results feels nervous and the rate
of his heartbeat increases. Which hormone causes this
condition ?
(A) Insulin (B) Oestrogen
(C) Adrenaline (D) Thyroxine
82. Identify the correct sequence that is followed during the
growth of human being ?

1. Foetus 2. Zygote
3. Embryo 4. Baby
5. Adult 6. Adolescent
7. Child

(A) 2, 3, 1, 4, 7, 6, 5. (B) 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 5, 6.
(C) 3, 2, 1, 4, 6, 7, 5. (D) 1, 3, 2, 4, 7, 6, 5.
83. Which of the following processes is also called field fallow ?
(A) Ploughing
(B) Irrigating
(C) Sowing
(D) Leaving the field uncultivated
84. Which of the following represents the composition of
female destined zygote in human beings ?
(A) 22 + X. (B) 44 + XY.
(C) 33 + Y. (D) 44 + XX.

Paper Code: UN 415 21


85. Which of the following group represents the bacterial

disease ?
(A) Cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, measles
(B) Small pox, tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid
(C) Cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid, measles
(D) Cholera, anthrax, tuberculosis, typhoid
86. Bacteriophage is
(A) phase in the life cycle of bacteria.
(B) bacteria that eats other bacteria.
(C) virus that uses bacteria as a host.
(D) None of the above
87. Preparing nursery of plants and then transplanting the
saplings is observed in
(A) paddy. (B) seasonal vegetables.
(C) flowering plants. (D) all of these.
88. Resources like air, water, soil and sun are
(A) artificial and non renewable.
(B) natural and renewable.
(C) artificial and renewable.
(D) natural and non-renewable.
89. Paleontology is the study of
(A) microbes. (B) animals.
(C) fossils. (D) planets.
90. Crop rotation is performed to
(A) improve the fertility of soil
(B) add more fertilizers
(C) Help in weed control and pest control
(D) All the above.

Paper Code: UN 415 22


Class : VIII General Awareness

91. Who is the captain of Pro Kabaddi League 2015 winner,
U Mumba ?
(A) Suresh Pathapalem
(B) Anup Kumar
(C) Jeeva Kumar
(D) Mohammad Ziaur Rahman
92. The ambitious ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign was
launched from which state ?
(A) Haryana
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Rajasthan
(D) West Bengal
93. A telecom operator named Uninor is recently renamed as
Telenor. What is Its new tagline ?
(A) Ab life full paisa vasool
(B) Life time paisa vasool
(C) Ab life with paisa vasool
(D) Life ab full of paisa
94. To make the “Clean India” campaign a mass movement,
government has released _______ on October 2, 2015.
(A) Swachh Bharat dance form
(B) Swachh Bharat anthem
(C) Swachh Bharat paintings
(D) Swachh Bharat advertisements
95. Who is the present CEO of Microsoft Corporation ?
(A) Steve Ballmer (B) Bill gates
(C) Satya Narayana Nadella (D) Sundar Pichai

Paper Code: UN 415 23


96. What is the ratio of width of our National flag to its

length ?
(A) 3 : 5 (B) 2 : 3
(C) 2 : 4 (D) 3 : 4
97. The recent visit to Ireland by an Indian Prime Minister is
approximately after how many years ?
(A) 56 years (B) 65 years
(C) 60 years (D) 62 years
98. Identify the given logo.

(A) Angry birds (B) Twitter

(C) Jet air ways (D) Nestle
99. By defeating whom did Serena Williams won the French
Open tennis tournament 2015 ?
(A) Victoria Azarenka (B) Lucie Safarova
(C) Karolína Pliskova (D) Petra Kvitova
100. In which language is the song ‘Jana-gana-Mana’ originally
composed ?
(A) Bengali (B) Hindi
(C) Urdu (D) Sanskrit
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 24


Class : VIII Mathematics

1. If Sudhir will be ‘x’ years old in 3 years, how old was he 5
years ago ?
(A) (N + 3) years (B) (N – 8) years
(C) (N – 5) years (D) (N – 3) years
2. Which is greater of 212 and 38 ?
(A) 38 (B) 212
(C) Both are equal. (D) Cannot be compared.

−1 4 6 2 −3
3. Which number is in the middle if , , , and
6 9 −7 5 4
are arranged in descending order ?
4 − −$
(A) (B) (C) (D)
# 9 6 7
4. ABCD is a parallelogram. The angle bisectors of ∠A and ∠D
meet at O. What is the measure of ∠AOD ?
(A) "5 o (B) '0 o
(C) 75 o (D) 180o
Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 1


343 × 125
5. Evaluate 3 .
(A) 875 (B) 8.75
(C) 807.5 (D) 87.5
6. A shopkeeper fixes the M.P. of an item 35% above its C.P.
What is the percentage of discount allowed to gain 8% ?
(A) "3% (B) 30%
(C) 20% (D) 31%
7. Which one of the following cubes can be formed by the net
given ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 2


8. The area of a trapezium is 28 cm2 and one of its parallel sides

is 6 cm. If its altitude is 4 cm, find the length of its other
parallel side.
(A) " cm (B) 8 cm
(C) $ cm (D) 10 cm
9. One number is 3 times another number. If 15 is added to
both the numbers, one of the new numbers becomes twice
that of the other new number. Find the numbers.
(A) 20 and $0 (B) 25 and 75
(C) 18 and 5" (D) 15 and "5

0.081 0.484 2.5

10. Find the square root of × × .
0.0064 6.25 12.1
(A) 0."5 (B) 0.75
(C) 0.'5 (D) 0.''
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 3


11. The table shows the frequency distribution of grades

obtained by 120 students. The data is represented in the
following pie chart.

o )
+ $o

Grade ) *  + ,

Frequency  # "# #

Which sector is labelled incorrectly ?

(A) A (B) B
(C) C (D) D

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 4


2 1 1
12. If N + = 79, what is the value of N + ?
N2 N
(A) 7 (B) '
(C) 7' (D) –'
13. State which of the numbers given in the box are rational.


(A) (i) and (ii) only (B) (i) and (iii) only
(C) (ii) and (iv) only (D) (iii) and (iv) only
14. What is the value of ‘x’ if = a10 and (ay )3 = aN for a > 1 ?
(A) 25 (B) 5 (C) 20 (D) 15
15. A rope makes 260 rounds of a cylinder with base radius
20 cm. How many times can it go round a cylinder with
base radius 26 cm ?
(A) 130 (B) 300
(C) 200 (D) 150
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 5


16. Four of the angles of a pentagon are of equal size. The

remaining angle is 120o.

+ ,

* -

Find the value of each of the equal angles.

(A) 210 o (B) 110 o
(C) 5"0 o (D) 105 o
17. If ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’ are consecutive natural numbers and
a3 = b3 + c3 + d3, what is the least value of ‘a’ ?
(A) $ (B) '
(C) 3 (D) 12
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 6


18. An empty tank was full after 1.5 l of water was poured
in it. The base area of the tank was 250 cm2. What was the
height of the tank ?
(A) 15 cm (B) 5 cm
(C) " cm (D) 8 cm
19. If x and y are positive integers with x > y and x + xy = 391,
what is the value of x + y ?
(A) 3'2 (B) 3' (C) 31 (D) "0
20. The C.I. on a certain sum at 5% for 2 years is 328. Calculate
the S.I. for the sum at the same rate and for the same
(A) 320 (B) 322
(C) 325 (D) 32$
21. When a certain number ‘m’, is divided by 5 and added to 8,
the result is equal to 3m subtracted from 4. Find the value
of ‘m’.

"  #
(A) 2 (B) (C) − (D) −
! ! "
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 7


22. Two sides of a rectangle are (3p + 5q) units and (5p – 7q)
units. What is its area in sq. units ?
(A) 15p2 + "pq – 35q2 (B) 15p2 – "pq + 35q2
(C) 15p2 + 1"pq + 35q2 (D) 15p2 – "pq – 35q2
23. If two cubes of dimensions 3 cm × 3 cm × 3 cm are placed
side by side, what would the dimensions of the resulting
cuboid be ?
(A) $ cm × $ cm × $ cm (B) 12 cm × 12 cm × 12 cm
(C) ' cm × $ cm × 3 cm (D) $ cm × 3 cm × 3 cm
24. Find the sum of the powers of the prime factors in
108 × 192.
(A) 5 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 12
25. If each edge of a cube is increased by 25%, what is the
percentage increase in its surface area ?
(A) 25% (B) "8.75%
(C) 50% (D) 5$.25%
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 8


Class : VIII Physics

26. If the angle of incidence is 50°, then the angle between
the incident ray and the reflected ray is
(A) 50°. (B) 100°.
(C) 130°. (D) 80°.
27. What is the audible range of sound that can be detected
by the human ear ?
(A) 0 to 20 Hz
(B) 20 to 20,000 Hz
(C) 20,000 to "0,000 Hz
(D) none of these
28. Friction is NOT useful at all between the
(A) tyres on cars and the ground.
(B) sports shoes and the ground.
(C) parts in a machine.
(D) brakes and the wheels on cars.
29. Which natural calamity cannot be predicted accurately
in advance ?
(A) Flood (B) Cyclone
(C) Earthquake (D) Famine
30. Which statement about the earth and the moon is true ?
(A) The moon revolves around the earth because of
magnetic force.
(B) The force exerted by the moon on the earth is greater
than that exerted by the earth on the moon.
(C) The force exerted by the moon on the earth causes tides
on the earth.
(D) The earth exerts a force on the moon, but the moon
does not exert any force on the earth.

Paper Code: UN 418 9


31. Electrolytes are able to conduct electricity as they

(A) have low melting points.
(B) contain freely moving ions.
(C) contain ions in fixed positions.
(D) contain freely moving electrons.
32. Identify a force that opposes the motion of a table along
the floor.
(A) Gravitational (B) Magnetic
(C) Frictional (D) Electrostatic
33. A ball is cut into two halves. On the outer surface of one half
of the ball, a shiny aluminium foil is pasted. A candle placed
in front of this shiny surface forms an image which is
(A) virtual and smaller in size.
(B) real and smaller in size.
(C) virtual and bigger in size.
(D) real and bigger in size.
34. During a game of basketball, the ball is subjected to only
gravitational force when it (Assume that there is no air
(A) is bounced off the ground.
(B) spins while moving through the air.
(C) lies stationary on the floor.
(D) drops through the hoop.
35. Solid sodium chloride does not conduct electricity because
(A) it is a covalent compound.
(B) it has a very high melting point.
(C) the sodium ions and the chloride ions are not able to
move freely.
(D) there are no sodium ions and chloride ions in solid
sodium chloride.
Paper Code: UN 418 10

36. Sound in a percussion instrument is produced with the help

of a
(A) string. (B) reed.
(C) stretched membrane. (D) wind.
37. A gold-leaf electroscope is used to detect
(A) charge only of a body.
(B) and measure charge only of a body.
(C) measure and find the nature of charge of a body.
(D) none of the above
38. An object is negatively charged because it contains
(A) only electrons.
(B) only protons.
(C) more electrons than protons.
(D) more protons than electrons.
39. The following are the effects of frictional force except
(A) we can walk on a rough horizontal surface easily.
(B) machines work inefficiently due to friction
between the moving parts.
(C) the soles of shoes get worn out with time.
(D) plastic placed above our head makes our hair
40. A voltaic cell consists of
(A) two different metals connected by wires and immersed
in an electrolyte.
(B) two electrodes of the same material connected by wires
and immersed in a non-electrolyte.
(C) two electrodes of the same material and connected by
wires in the external circuit.
(D) two different metals and is connected by wires and
immersed in two different electrolytes.
Paper Code: UN 418 11

41. The following forces could exist without a contact point

(A) frictional force. (B) gravitational force.
(C) magnetic force. (D) electrostatic force.
42. The amount of light reflected depends on the
(A) nature of the surface.
(B) angle of incidence.
(C) angle of reflection.
(D) first law of reflection.
43. Maximum distance a pendulum travels on either side from
zero point is called
(A) amplitude. (B) time period.
(C) frequency. (D) wavelength.
44. What are stars mainly made up of ?
(A) Oxygen and hydrogen
(B) Oxygen and nitrogen
(C) Hydrogen and helium
(D) Water and helium
45. A comb rubbed with dry hair attracts bits of paper due to
(A) electromagnetism. (B) adhesive property.
(C) static electricity. (D) current electricity.
46. Which of these are forces ?

(A) 1, 2 and 3 only (B) 1, 2 and " only

(C) 2, 3 and " only (D) 1, 2, 3 and "

Paper Code: UN 418 12


47. What is not possible in the given activities ?

(A) A man knocks at one end of a long metal pipe and
another man hears the knock at the other end.
(B) An explosion is heard by an astronaut when a laser beam
hits an enemy fighter in space.
(C) A whale hears another whale in the deep sea.
(D) A mole hears another mole underground.
48. Plane mirrors are arranged at an angle to get a number of
coloured images in a
(A) periscope. (B) kaleidoscope.
(C) telescope. (D) thermoscope.
49. What changes take place during electrolysis ?
(A) Compounds in molten or aqueous state are broken
down into their constituent elements.
(B) Electricity is used to break down compounds.
(C) Ions of the compounds move to the electrodes to be
(D) All the three
50. When an airplane flies at a constant speed and height
above the ground, which statement is true about the forces
acting on the airplane ?

(A) The thrust is equal to the drag.

(B) The lift is equal to the weight.
(C) The lift is more than the weight.
(D) Both (A) and (B)
Paper Code: UN 418 13

Class : VIII Chemistry

51. The useful substances obtained from petroleum and natural
gas are called
(A) petrochemicals. (B) petroleum gas.
(C) petrol. (D) natural gas.
52. Acid rain often causes damage to limestone buildings and
monuments as it(s)
(A) is soluble in an acid.
(B) reacts with the acid.
(C) molecule is replaced by the acid molecule in the rain.
(D) none of the above.
53. The reaction of metal X and its compounds are as follows.

Identify metal X.
(A) Zn (B) Mg
(C) Pb (D) Cu
54. Which polymer is manufactured ?
(A) Polyethylene (B) Polyvinyl chloride
(C) Polysaccharide (D) Both (A) and (B)
55. A product ‘P’ obtained during the processing of coal to get
coke was used for street lighting. It is used now as a source
of heat rather than light. Identify ‘P’.
(A) Coal gas (B) Coal tar
(C) Coal (D) Coke

Paper Code: UN 418 14


56. Complete combustion of a fuel produces

(A) carbon monoxide and nitrogen.
(B) carbon dioxide and water vapour.
(C) steam and oxygen.
(D) hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
57. Oldsteel drums corrode quickly in a damp atmosphere but
aluminium cans do not. Which statement explains the
correct behaviour of aluminium ?
(A) It has only one valency.
(B) It has a lower density than iron.
(C) It is above iron in the activity series.
(D) It is protected by its oxide layer.
58. The figure given below shows some of the gear used by rock

Identify the most suitable properties required in the

making of the rope and carabiner.

Rope Carabiner
(A) Soft and flexible Hard and light
(B) Strong and flexible Hard and strong
(C) Hard and waterproof Light and strong
(D) Hard and strong Light and flexible

Paper Code: UN 418 15


59. Coal tar is a mixture of about 200 substances. The products

obtained from it is used as a starting material for
(A) drugs.
(B) photographic materials.
(C) explosives.
(D) all the three
60. Global warming leads to a rise in the sea level causing
floods. One of the main reason is combustion of fuels that
(A) sulphur dioxide which increases the temperature.
(B) carbon monoxide which decreases the temperature.
(C) unburnt carbon particles which decreases the
(D) carbon dioxide which increases the temperature.
61. Which element is always present with iron in steel ?
(A) Aluminium (B) Carbon
(C) Chromium (D) Nickel
62. Styrofoam cup is used to serve hot tea or coffee because
it is
(A) a good conductor of heat.
(B) a poor conductor of heat.
(C) very flexible in nature.
(D) easy to clean.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 16


63. Which type of combustion produces heat, light and

sound ?
(A) Rapid (B) Explosive
(C) Spontaneous (D) All of the above
64. Different varieties of coal differ in their
(A) moisture.
(B) volatile nature.
(C) carbon content.
(D) number of hydrogen atoms.
65. Which metal is less dense than water ?
(A) Calcium (B) Lead
(C) Iron (D) Sodium
66. What is the advantage of recycling jars, bottles and cans
that are thrown away everyday ?
(A) To reduce landfill rubbish.
(B) To save natural resources used to make the objects.
(C) To save energy in the manufacture of the objects.
(D) All the three
67. Which fuel has the highest calorific value ?
(A) CNG (B) Coal
(C) Hydrogen (D) Petrol
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 17


68. The source of kerosene is

(A) coal tar. (B) wood.
(C) crude petroleum. (D) coal.
69. PVC is used for making rain coats and seat covers because it
(A) can be rolled into thin sheets like polythene.
(B) can be coated on a cloth base and is tougher than
(C) has low melting point and is unreactive.
(D) has high melting point and is very reactive.
70. The figure given below shows the structure of a material.

The material shown is

(A) bronze. (B) pewter.
(C) brass. (D) duralumin.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 18


Class : VIII Biology

71. Which set represents the composition of female destined
zygote in human beings ?
(A) 22 + X. (B) "" + XY.
(C) 33 + Y. (D) "" + XX.
72. Which hormone is secreted by the endocrine gland located
on the top of kidneys ?
(A) Adrenaline (B) Insulin
(C) Progesterone (D) Testosterone
73. Which of these is/are types of asexual reproduction ?
(A) Budding (B) Binary fission
(C) Spore formation (D) All the above
74. Identify pond silk.
(A) Spirogyra (B) Volvox
(C) Chlamydomonas (D) Euglena
75. Which part of the cell is made up of cellulose ?
(A) Cell membrane
(B) Plasma membrane
(C) Cell wall
(D) All of these
76. Identify the wrong statement.
(A) Viruses exhibit the characteristic of living as well as non-
(B) The disease causing microorganisms are called
(C) Malaria is a bacterial disease caused by Plasmodium
(D) Edward Jenner invented the vaccine against small pox

Paper Code: UN 418 19


77. Choose an aquatic photosynthetic organism.

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

78. Through which of these processes your skin replace worn

out cells ?
(A) Meiosis (B) Mitosis
(C) Fragmentation (D) None of these
79. Which of the following match is correct ?

Disease Pathogen
(A) Typhoid Fungi
(B) Malaria Plasmodium
(C) Sleeping sickness Bacteria
(D) Cholera Virus

80. Some plants have poorly developed root system and

large, flat, wax coated leaves. These plants belongs to
which of these categories ?
(A) Xerophytes (B) Mesophytes
(C) Hydrophytes (D) Epiphytes

Paper Code: UN 418 20


81. Identify the process in which a tadpole undergoes number

of changes to become an adult frog.
(A) Sexual dimorphism
(B) Asexual reproduction
(C) Polymorphism
(D) Metamorphosis
82. A cell has a defect that results in the loss of its ability to
regulate the passage of water, food and wastes into and out
of the cell. In which cell structure is this defect most likely
to be located ?
(A) Ribosomes
(B) Chloroplast
(C) Cell membrane
(D) Endoplasmic reticulum
83. Match Column-I (type of organism) with Column-II
(mode of reproduction)

Column - I Column - II
(1) Bacteria (a) Binary fission
(2) Mucor (b) Fragmenta on
(3) Yeast (c) Spore forma on
(4) Spirogyra (d) Budding

(A) 1 - a, 2 - c, 3 - d, " - b
(B) 1 - b, 2 - c, 3 - a, " - d
(C) 1 - a, 2 - b, 3 - c, " - d
(D) 1 - d, 2 - c, 3 - b, " - a

Paper Code: UN 418 21


84. Which is an iodine - containing hormone ?

(A) Insulin (B) Thyroxine
(C) Adrenaline (D) Oestrogen
85. Sandy soil is not good for plants because it
(A) cannot hold water.
(B) has poor aeration.
(C) contain more minerals.
(D) has poor drainage.
86. Fertilisation is external in
(A) birds and fish. (B) birds and amphibians.
(C) reptiles and fish. (D) fish and amphibians.
87. Identify the one that gets its food from host tissue.
(A) Nepenthes (B) Cuscuta
(C) Drosera (D) Fern
88. Which set of cell organelles are found only in plant cells ?
(A) Cell wall, chloroplast
(B) Nucleus, mitochondria
(C) Cell wall, mitochondria
(D) Cell wall, nucleus
89. Which of the following is a kharif crop ?
(A) Wheat (B) Mustard
(C) Rice (D) Gram
90. Which of the following sequence is in the correct order ?
(A) Zygote → Embryo → Foetus → Baby
(B) Zygote → Embryo → Baby → Foetus
(C) Embryo → Zygote → Baby → Foetus
(D) Foetus → Zygote → Embryo → Baby

Paper Code: UN 418 22


Class : VIII General Awareness

91. What protects earth from the Ultraviolet radiation ?
(A) Ozone layer (B) Atmosphere
(C) Oxygen (D) Sun
92. Which of these cities is not the capital of any state in India ?
(A) Guwahati (B) Shillong
(C) Raipur (D) Ranchi
93. The given logo belongs to which company ?

(A) Intel (B) Volvo

(C) Airtel (D) Vodafone
94. Who is the current CEO of Google ?
(A) Satya Nadella (B) Mark Zuckerberg
(C) Sundar Pichai (D) Vishal Sikka
95. Who invented Radio ?
(A) Gugliemo Marconi (B) Graham Bell
(C) J.L. Baird (D) Benjamin Franklin
96. Great English poet William Shakespeare belongs to which
country ?
(A) America (B) California
(C) England (D) Ireland
97. Which Salman Khan film is also the title of an Oscar winning
song ?
(A) London dreams (B) Tere naam
(C) Jai ho (D) Maine Pyar kiya

Paper Code: UN 418 23


98. What does the acronym KFC stand for ?

(A) Kansas Fried Chicken (B) Kentucky Fried Chicken
(C) Kansas Food Court (D) Kentucky Food & Chicken
99. Often used as a slogan , what is the meaning of the word
‘inquilab’ ?
(A) Surrender (B) Victory
(C) Revolution (D) Long Life
100. Where is the headquarter of International Olympic
committee located ?
(A) French (B) Switzerland
(C) USA (D) England
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 24


Class : 8 Mathematics
1. If the sum of three consecutive even numbers is 234,
which is smallest among them ?
(A) 76 (B) 78
(C) 80 (D) 68
2. If x + y = 6 and 3x – y = 4, find the value of x – y.
(A) –1 (B) 0
(C) 2 (D) 4
3. Which solid has the least number of faces ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 1


4. What is the length of the diagonal of a square whose area

is 16900 m2 ?
(A) 130 m (B) 130 2m
(C) 169 m (D) 144 m
5. A train is moving at a uniform speed of 75 km/hr. How far
will it travel in 36 minutes ?
(A) 60 km (B) 40 km
(C) 50 km (D) 45 km
6. ABCD is a rhombus.

Find the respective values of ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’.
(A) 12, 5, 13 (B) 5, 12, 13
(C) 5, 13, 5 (D) 12, 13, 5
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 2


7. No matter what two intergers I choose, their squares

cannot differ by
(A) 2016. (B) 2015.
(C) 2014. (D) 2013.
8. Evaluate the product 5 4 × (125)0.25.
(A) # (B) 5
(C) # # (D) 25
9. Which is the smallest natural number which when
added to the difference of squares of 17 and 13 gives
a perfect square ?
(A) 1 (B) 5
(C) 11 (D) 24
10. If a merchant estimates his profit as 20% of the selling
price, what is his real profit percent ?
(A) 25% (B) 20% (C) 22% (D) 30%
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 3


⎛ 5 ⎞⎛ 15 25 ⎞
11. Find the value of the product ⎜ 3 + ⎟ ⎜ 9 − + 2⎟
⎝ N ⎠⎝ N N ⎠
at x = 1.
(A) 150 (B) 148
(C) 152 (D) 172
12. Arif, Ajay and Madhav secured m + 20, 2m – 17 and
m – 5 marks respectively in a Maths test. What is their
average marks ?
4m − 8 4m − 2
(A) (B)
3 3
4m + 8 4m + 2
(C) (D)
3 3
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 4


13. The pictogram shows the number of visitors to an

exhibition in a particular week.


Key: Each represents 6 visitors.

What is the number of visitors recorded after Wednesday ?
(A) 10 (B) 18 (C) 60 (D) 70
14. The difference of the cube and the square of a natural
number is 48. Find the number.
(A) 6 (B) 5 (C) 4 (D) 8
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 5


15. From a cuboid measuring 7 cm by 8 cm by 9 cm, a cube of

side 5 cm is cut. What is the volume of the remaining
cuboid ?
(A) 397 cm3 (B) 389 cm3
(C) 398 cm3 (D) 379 cm3
16. The product 1.25 × 10n is the cube of an interger when
(A) 2011 (B) 2015
(C) 2018 (D) 2016
17. What is the sum of the greatest and the least numbers of
5 1 11
, and ?
9 9 9
2 4 4 2
(A) (B) (C) (D)
9 9 3 3
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 6


18. The marked price of an article is x, and selling price is

y. What is the discount percentage ?
( x − y )100 % (y − x )100 %
(A) (B)
x x
⎛O− N⎞ x−y
(C) ⎜ O ⎟  (D) %
⎝ ⎠ 100
19. The area A, of a solid is given by the formula
A = π r2 + 2 π rh + π rl. Find the value of A given that
π = 3.142, r = 10, h = 3 and l = 4.
(A) 629 (B) 628.4
(C) 630 (D) 631
20. Which one of the following is the net of a cube ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

21. How many different positive integers are factors of 36 ?

(A) 3 (B) 6 (C) 7 (D) 18

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 7


22. If the areas of three adjacent faces of a rectangular block

are in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 4 and its volume is 9000 cm³, what
is the length of the shortest side ?
(A) 10 cm (B) 15 cm
(C) 20 cm (D) 30 cm
23. Given that 512 = 83 and 3.375 = 1.53, find the value of
512 × 3 3.375 .
(A) 12 (B) 9.5 (C) 8 (D) 1.5
24. In a square ABCD, the diagonals bisect at O. What type of
a triangle is AOB ?
(A) An equilateral triangle.
(B) An isosceles but not a right angled triangle.
(C) A right angled but not an isosceles triangle.
(D) An isosceles right angled triangle.
25. If (25)N = (125)y, find x : y.
(A) 1 : 1 (B) 2 : 3
(C) 3 : 2 (D) 1 : 3
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 8


Class : 8 Physics
26. Which part prevents internal reflections of light inside the
human eye ?
(A) Iris (B) Pupil
(C) Choroid (D) Blind spot
27. What is the distance between two consecutive rarefactions
or compressions called ?
(A) Amplitude (B) Wavelength
(C) Time period (D) None of these
28. In which component of a racing car is friction not desirable ?
(A) Disc brakes
(B) Engine
(C) Tyres
(D) Cover of steering wheel
29. Static electricity is due to
(A) charges in motion. (B) charges at rest.
(C) neutral charge. (D) both (A) and (C)
30. Which action involves forces (that act on an object in two
different directions), is similar to the one exerted when
a pair of scissors cuts cloth ?
(A) Pushing a cork stopper into the mouth of a glass bottle
(B) Tearing a piece of paper
(C) Erasing pencil marks from a worksheet
(D) Hammering nails into the wall
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 9


31. Identify a true statement about an electrolytic cell.

(A) Electric current enters and leaves the electrolytic cell
through the electrodes.
(B) The electrode that is connected to the positive
terminal of the battery is called the anode.
(C) The electrode that is connected to the negative
terminal of the battery is called the cathode.
(D) All the three
32. Which action can still take place successfully in the
absence of friction ?
(A) Speeding up your bicycle
(B) Bouncing a ball
(C) Leaning a ladder against a wall
(D) Striking a match stick.
33. Identify the value of persistence of vision.
(A) 1/10th of a second (B) 1/12th of a second
(C) 1/16th of a second (D) 1/20th of a second
34. Effect of force on an object cannot change the
(A) time. (B) shape.
(C) speed. (D) direction of motion.
35. Identify the energy change that takes place in a voltaic cell.
(A) Chemical energy heat energy
(B) Heat energy chemical energy
(C) Chemical energy electrical energy
(D) Electrical energy chemical energy
36. Which property of sound is indicative of its loudness ?
(A) Frequency (B) Pitch
(C) Amplitude (D) Quality

Paper Code: UN421 10


37. Where is the crust of the earth, the thickest ?

(A) At the continents (B) At the ocean
(C) At the poles (D) Near faults
38. Material Y becomes negatively charged after it is rubbed
with fur as it
(A) gains positive ions. (B) gains electrons.
(C) loses positive ions. (D) loses electrons.
39. Identify the speed of sound in ascending order.
(A) Air, water, steel (B) Steel, water, air,
(C) Air, steel, water (D) Water, air, steel
40. Which circuit gives the correct way of connecting an LED
to light it up ?

(A) 5 (B) S

(C) 5 (D) 5

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 11


41. A ball is rolling up a ramp when a force is applied on it.

After rolling for a distance, it will come to a stop. What
causes the ball to stop ?
(A) Gravitational force
(B) Frictional force
(C) The shape of the ball
(D) Both (A) and (B)
42. Nocturnal animal like owl can see well in the night due
to large
(A) cornea and pupil.
(B) number of rods in retina.
(C) number of cones in retina.
(D) both (A) and (B)
43. The following are graphs of distance versus time when the
same amount of force is applied in each case.

Distance 3

Which one has the greatest amount of friction ?
(A) 2 (B) 1
(C) 4 (D) 3
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 12


44. Which planet takes the maximum time to rotate around

itself ?
(A) Mercury (B) Pluto
(C) Venus (D) Neptune
45. The diagram given below shows a positive point charge in
between a positively charged object and negatively
charged object.

+ + `
In which direction will the positive point charge move ?
(A) Up (B) Down
(C) Right (D) Left
46. It is difficult to move a bike with its brakes on because
(A) rolling friction will be converted to sliding friction
(B) sliding friction will be converted to rolling friction
(C) rolling friction will be converted to static friction
(D) none of these
47. Identify an application of ultrasound.
(A) To scan the womb of a pregnant lady
(B) To break up kidney stones and gall stone
(C) To detect flaws in metals
(D) All the three
48. Which characteristic of an image formed by a plane mirror
of an object is not correct ?
(A) Virtual (B) Erect
(C) Of same size (D) Real

Paper Code: UN421 13


49. Why is zinc better than tin for electroplating a piece of iron
in order to prevent it from rusting ?
(A) Zinc is cheaper than tin.
(B) Tin is toxic.
(C) Zinc can prevent iron from coming into contact with
water and air.
(D) Rusting is prevented even when the zinc layer is
50. We are deliberately using frictional force to
(A) sharpen a knife with a sharpening stone.
(B) crush garlic using a pestle and mortar.
(C) remove ice cubes from a tray.
(D) turn on the tap to wash dishes.

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 14


Class : 8 Chemistry
51. The separation of the various fractions of petroleum is
carried out in a/an
(A) petroleum deposit. (B) oil reservoir.
(C) petroleum refinery. (D) petrol pump.
52. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel is burnt with
insufficient amount of oxygen. In excessive amount, why
could this become harmful to humans ?
(A) It blocks the transmission of signals in the nervous
(B) It causes irritation in the respiratory system.
(C) It damages the kidney and prevents secretion of waste
from the body.
(D) It binds with haemoglobin and disturbs the circulation
of oxygen in the body.
53. Which substance reacts with hydrochloric acid to give
hydrogen ?
(A) Ammonia (B) Iron
(C) Silver (D) Sodium hydroxide
54. What is a disadvantage of recycling metals ?
(A) Collection and transportation incur cost.
(B) Metal ores are a finite resource.
(C) Most metals corrode slowly in the environment.
(D) Scrap metal melts when heated.
55. Identify a non-polluting fuel used in vehicles.
(A) Petrol (B) Diesel
(C) Kerosene (D) CNG

Paper Code: UN421 15


56. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) burns with a

(A) non-luminous flame.
(B) luminous flame.
(C) red flame.
(D) orange and smoky flame.
57. Which non-metal is used as an antiseptic to heal wounds ?
(A) Carbon (B) Oxygen
(C) Nitrogen (D) Iodine
58. Rayon is different from synthetic fibres because it
(A) has silk like appearance.
(B) is obtained from wood pulp.
(C) is obtained from petrochemicals.
(D) is a strong fibre.
59. Which statement is false ?
(A) Kerosene is a fossil fuel
(B) Coal tar is composed of a single constituent
(C) CNG is less polluting than petrol
(D) Both (B) and (C)
60. Identify a true statement about the characteristics of
incomplete combustion.
(A) Insufficient oxygen is used to oxidise the carbons.
(B) Insufficient heat is supplied to burn the coals.
(C) Only one final product can be obtained, namely
carbon dioxide.
(D) Both (B) and (C)

Paper Code: UN421 16


61. Which metal, attached to an iron pipe and immersed in

seawater, would prevent rusting of the iron ?
(A) Copper (B) Lead
(C) Magnesium (D) Silver
62. When we burn wool, we get the smell of burning of hair,
because it is obtained from
(A) nylon. (B) cotton plants.
(C) jute plants. (D) fleece of sheep.
63. The flame produced by a fuel depends upon the
(A) calorific value.
(B) amount of oxygen.
(C) chemical composition.
(D) all of the above
64. Which of these is not a fossil fuel ?
(C) Petrol (D) Hydrogen
65. Aluminium combines with oxygen in the air to form a layer
of dull-looking aluminium oxide. The aluminium beneath
the oxide layer remains shiny. Which observation is not
true ?
(A) A chemical reaction has taken place, resulting in the
formation of a new substance.
(B) Energy is required for this change to take place.
(C) The change is reversible, as shown by the shiny
aluminium under the oxide layer.
(D) The molecules of the oxide layer come from both
aluminium and oxygen.

Paper Code: UN421 17


66. Which polymer is chemically least reactive and thermally

most stable ?
(A) PVC (B) Teflon
(C) Polythene (D) Nylon
67. If the temperature falls below its ignition temperature,
then what happens to the burning substance ?
(A) It gets extinguished. (B) It burns brightly.
(C) It burns dimly. (D) It burns with smoke.
68. Identify the type of fuel that leaves more smoke and ash
on burning.
(A) Solid (B) Liquid
(C) Gaseous (D) All of the above
69. Electrical switches are made from
(A) polythene. (B) bakelite.
(C) china clay. (D) melamine
70. Identify a property of non-metals.
(A) They have low densities
(B) They have low melting points
(C) They are poor conductors of electricity
(D) All the three
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 18


Class : 8 Biology
71. Which of these are called weeds ?
(A) Microbes (B) Unwanted plants
(C) Insects (D) Fungal pest
72. The gland that plays a key role in the metamorphosis of
frog’s tadpole is
(A) thymus. (B) thyroid.
(C) adrenal. (D) pancreas.
73. Which statement is true about migration ?
(A) The phenomenon of restocking of destroyed
(B) The movement of animals to get protection from
preying animals.
(C) The phenomenon of movement of a species from its
own habitat to some other habitat for a particular
(D) The phenomenon of changing body colour and
74. Which cell organelle is pigmented ?
(A) Mitochondria (B) Golgi bodies
(C) Nucleus (D) Plastids
75. Which term is associated with rearing of fishes ?
(A) Pisciculture (B) Poultry
(C) Apiculture (D) Sericulture
76. Which of these contain chloroplasts ?
(A) Cycas (B) Mucor
(C) Mushroom (D) Mould

Paper Code: UN421 19


77. Red data book contains list of

(A) endangered species of plants and animals.
(B) extinct animals and plants.
(C) exotic plants and birds.
(D) rare species of plants and animals.
78. Which of these distribute genetic information ?
(A) Chromosomes (B) Ribosome
(C) Lysosome (D) Peroxisome
79. Fertilisation is external in
(A) birds and fish.
(B) amphibians and birds.
(C) reptiles and fish.
(D) fish and amphibians.
80. What is the use of machinery in agriculture ?
(A) Increase the quantity of crop yield.
(B) Get the job done faster.
(C) Reduce the dependency on human and animal labour.
(D) Both (B) and (C)
81. Which of these parts has nitrogen fixing bacteria in
legumes ?
(A) Leaves (B) Flowers
(C) Root nodules (D) Stems
82. Identify the longest cell in human body.
(A) Nerve cell (B) Muscle cell
(C) Bone cell (D) Gland cell

Paper Code: UN421 20


83. Identify W, X and Y ?


9 : ;

(A) Virus Protozoan Fungus
(B) Algae Bacterium Virus
(C) Virus Fungus Protozoan
(D) Fungus Algae Bacterium

84. Which organism can perform photosynthesis ?

(A) Euglena (B) Amoeba
(C) Mucor (D) Mushroom
85. What is the direction of energy flow in an ecosystem ?
(A) Multidirectional (B) Unidirectional
(C) Bidirectional (D) Circular
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 21


86. The number of ova released at a time in the female human

being mostly is
(A) 4. (B) 3.
(C) 2. (D) 1.
87. Adrenal gland in mammals is located
(A) near pituitary. (B) near liver.
(C) near heart. (D) above kidney.
88. Which microorganism causes common cold ?
(A) Bacteria (B) Virus
(C) Protozoa (D) Algae
89. Which of these is oviparous ?
(A) Echidna (B) Bat
(C) Cat (D) Rat
90. What will be the genetic material found in a sperm ?
(A) 22 + XX (B) 22 + Y
(C) 23 + XY (D) None of these

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 22


Class : 8 General Awareness

91. Which country will host the ICC World Twenty 20
tournament in 2016 ?
(A) Srilanka (B) India
(C) Australia (D) England
92. Who is the founder of the Reliance Industries ?
(A) Mukesh Ambani (B) Anil Ambani
(C) Akash Ambani (D) Dhirubhai Ambani
93. Which of the following is not a social networking website ?
(A) Twitter (B) Facebook
(C) Google+ (D) Wikipedia
94. Complete the line of this song promoting national
" Mile sur mera tumhaara, toh _______ ".
(A) sur saje tumhara (B) raag bane hamara
(C) sur bane hamara (D) pyaar badhe hamara
95. What is the purpose of Prime Minister's 'Make in India'
campaign ?
(A) Economic growth (B) Cultural growth
(C) Social growth (D) Scientific growth
96. “Vakratunda mahakaya, suryakoti samaprabha, nirvighnam
kuru mey deva, sarva karyeshu sarvada ” is sung in praise
of whom ?
(A) Shiva (B) Rama
(C) Ganesha (D) Krishna
97. Which of these memorials is located in the capital city of
an Indian State ?
(A) Taj Mahal (B) Jallianwala Bagh
(C) Gol Gumbaz (D) Charminar

Paper Code: UN421 23


98. The given logo belongs to which company ?

(B) Toyota
(C) Chevrolet
(D) Renault
99. Which of these is not a feature of facebook ?
(A) Like (B) Timeline
(C) Poke (D) Retweet
100. Which of these is held annually in India ?
(A) Lok Sabha Elections
(B) Presidential Elections
(C) Budget Session of Parliament
(D) Vidhan Sabha Elections

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 24

A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN412
Solutions for Class : 8

1. (B) (a + b) (a + b2)(a – b)(a4 + b4)
2 ∠ DAB = ∠ DAC + ∠ CAB = 60o + 60o

= (a2 + b2)(a + b)(a – b)(a 4 + b4) = 120o

= (a2 + b2)(a2 – b2)(a4 + b4) 7. (C) (x + y)2 – (x – y)2 = 100 – 16

= (a4 – b4)(a4 + b4) 4xy = 84 ⇒ xy = 21

= a8 – b8 8. (A) The median of seven numbers is 4th term.

In the given list 4th term is 7.
a −b
2. (D) (a – b) ÷ c = + When ‘n’ is added before 7, the 4th term is 6.
c c
3. (B) We have, M1 = 10, D1 = 2, W1 = 15 When ‘n’ is added after ‘7’, the 4th term is 7.

M2 = 10 – 2 = 8, D2 = 3, W2 = ? Hence, median can be either 6 or 7.

9. (C) S.I. on ` 800 for 1 year = ` (840 – 800)
∴ M1D1W2 = M2 D2W1
= ` 40
10 × 2 × W2 = 8 × 3 × 15
 100 × 40 
⇒ W2 = 18 trees ∴ Rate =  800 × 1  % = 5%
 
Hence, 18 trees will be cut in 3 hours.
10. (B) Total number of units → 2 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 10
4. (B) When x = 0, the given statement does not
satisfy. 10 units → 28

∴ For x = 0, the given statement is false. 1 unit → 28 ÷ 10 = 2.8

2 units → 2 × 2.8 = 5.6
x 162
5. (A) Let = 3 units → 3 × 2.8 = 8.4
128 x
4 units → 4 × 2.8 = 11.2
x2 = 128 × 162
22 5.6 22 8.4 22 2.8
= × + × + ×
= 64 × 2 × 18 × 9 7 2 7 2 7 2

= 82 × 62 × 32 22 11.2 22 28
+ × + × = 88 cm
7 2 7 2
= 8 × 6 × 3 = 144 ⇒ x = 12
6. (B) AB = BC = AC
∴ ∠ CAB = ∠ B = ∠ BCA = 60o .... (i)
Similarly, ∆ ADC is equilateral 11. (D)

∴ ∠ DAC = ∠ D = ∠ DCA = 60o ..... (ii)

From (i) and (ii), we get
website :
7 Since, tank P is half-filled, amount of water
12. (A) = 0.777
9 1800
= = 900cm3
9 2
= 0.818
11 ∴ Water in tank Q = 900 cm3

11 ⇒ 10 × 9 × h = 900
= 0.846
13 h = 10 cm
∴ 0.777 < 0.818 < 0.846 Hence, height of water in tank Q is 10 cm.

7 9 11 19. (B) Time taken to hear the sound

∴ < < 3 km 1
9 11 13
= 1200km / hr = 400 hr
13. (B) Clearly, 9261 is a perfect cube satisfying the
given property. 1
= × 60 × 60 seconds
14. (D) In parallelogram ABCD, 400
∠ A + ∠ D = 180o = 9 seconds
Let ∠ D = x , ∠ A = 2x – 30
o o
20. (C) Since, equation in option (C) has a degree
∴ (2x – 30 ) + x = 180
o o o o of ‘2’. Hence, it is not a linear equation.
21. (D) 2x + 3x + 4x = 180o
⇒ 3xo = 210o or x = 9x = 180o
x = 20o
∴ xo = 70o
∴ 4x – 2x = 2x = 2 × 20o = 40o
∴ ∠ D = 70o = ∠ B
22. (D)
and ∠ A = 2x – 30o = 110o = ∠ C
15. (C) 90 : 1080 = 120 : x
90 120
= 1
1080 x
120 × 1080 5
∴ x= = 1440
90 A 1
16. (B) 544 = (27 × 2)4 = (33 × 2)4
Length of AO = 1+4 = 5
= 312 × 24
Length of AB = 5+1 = 6
2112 = (3 × 7)12 = 312 × 712
23. (C) Given a bc = 5 , ab2 = 56
2 3 3
186 = (9 × 2)6
= (32 × 2)6 ∴ (a2bc3)(ab2) = (53)(56)

= 312 × 26 ⇒ a3b3c3 = 59

456 = (9 × 5)6 ⇒ abc = 53

= (32 × 5)6 = 312 × 56  800 − 700 

24. (A) Discount % =   × 100 = 12.5%
∴ 2112 is the greatest.  800 
25. (B) 4(a – b)2 – 9(b – c)2
17. (A) ∠ D = ∠ BCD = ∠ ABC = 5x = 22(a – b)2 – 32 (b – c)2
From the given options, = {2(a – b)}2 – {3(b – c)2}
only for x = 30o, ∠ ABC satisfies. = (2a – 2b)2 – (3b – 3c)2
18. (D) Volume of tank P = 15 × 10 × 12 = (2a – 2b + 3b – 3c) (2a – 2b – 3b + 3c)
= 1800 cm3 = (2a + b – 3c) (2a – 5b + 3c)

website :
Physics passed through copper sulphate solution,
copper sulphate dissociates into copper
26. (B) Sounds higher than 20 kHz are called
(cations) (+ ions) and sulphate (anions) (–
ultrasounds. Ultrasounds have high pitch
ions). The free copper ions are deposited
(frequency) than the human audible
on the carbon rod (cathode) which is
frequency. So, ultrasounds cannot be heard
connected to the negative terminal of the
by the human ear because the pitch
(frequency) of the sound is too high.
Copper ions lost from the copper sulphate
27. (A) Streamline or torpedo shape will give the least
solution are replaced with the copper atoms
resistance when moving through water.
from the anode (the copper plate). Net
28. (C) A series of fast moving still pictures can result is that the concentration of the
create an illusion of movement in our eyes. electrolyte (copper sulphate salt in
The impression of an image does not solution) remains the same. In the process,
disappear immediately from the retina of it is the anode which loses the metal atoms
the eye. It persists on the retina for about to the electrolyte which in turn gets
1/16th of a second. So, if still pictures deposited on anode. The metal plate
(images) of a moving object are flashed on gradually gets degenerated.
the eye at a rate faster than 16 per second,
+ water
CuSO4  → Cu + SO4 (in solution form)
then the eye perceives this object as
moving. When the second image is flashed Copper Copper Sulphate
on the retina within a time less than 1/16th sulphate (Cations) (anions)
of a second, the brain cannot distinguish (salt)
them as two images and takes them as Copper cations get deposited on cathode.
continuity. So, the eye can separate two Sulphate ions react with copper on copper
images only when the interval of plate to form copper sulphate.
separation between them is 1/16th of a
second. This happens due to a phenomenon Due to the above reason, the mass of
called persistence of vision. electrode (copper plate) decreases.
29. (C) Point charge 1 and point charge 3 are 34. (B) X is liquid mercury which is filled in the
positive charges. Point charge 2 is a negative syringe. When the plunger is pushed
charge. Since, unlike charges attract, point inwards, there is no change in volume of
charges 1 and 2, point charges 2 and 3 will mercury. A liquid cannot be compressed
attract. much due to its high density and also its
particles are still quite close together by
30. (C) According to the given graph, spring S is the slightly, weak, interparticle force of
strongest as it could stretch or extend upto attraction. Helium, Nitrogen and Carbon
5 cm only when a load of 400 g was added to dioxide are gases at room temperature and
the pan attached to the spring. they can be compressed easily.
35. (C) Some times at night, we observe small
Type of Stretching of
Weight glowing objects rapidly falling down from
spring spring in cm
the sky. They are masses of rocks and
(A) P 170 g 10 cm minerals falling from the outer space and
are called meteors. Meteors enter into the
(B) Q 240 g 8.5 cm
earth’s atmosphere with high speed. Due
(C) R 320 g 6.5 cm to friction of air, they get heated up. They
burn leaving behind a streak of light which
(D) S 400 g 5.0 cm
appears like a shooting star. The remains of
some of the meteors reach the earth as
31. (C) The point nearest to the eye at which an
object is distinctly visible is called the near meteorites.
point of the eye. The distance of the near 36. (B) We know that for a reflected ray, the angle
point of the eye is called the least distance that the incident ray makes with the line
of distinct vision. It varies with age. For an perpendicular to the surface is equal to the
infant, it is 5 to 8 cm, for an adult, it is 20 to angle made by the reflected ray with this
25 cm. perpendicular line. N is the correct
reflected ray of X.
32. (B) The ball travels a longer distance on the
mirror as it is smooth and offers least 37. (B) Protons are positively charged and
friction. electrons are negatively charged.
33. (D) The given figure shows the process of 38. (B) Stars in the sky differ in size, colour,
electroplating. When electric current is temperature and brightness. The colour of
a star depends upon its surface

website :
temperature. Blue stars are the hottest with 44. (D) Object distance after shifting the object = 4
a surface temperature between 28000 – m + 0.5 m = 4.5 m
30000 oC. For a plane mirror;
39. (C) In solid state, potassium iodide does not Object distance = Image distance = 4.5 m
conduct electricity because the potassium
Distance between the object and its image
(K +) ions and iodide (I – )ions are held
= 4.5 + 4.5 = 9 m
together by strong electrostatic forces of
attraction. In molten state, the respective 45. (D) The free electrons in the conducting sphere
ions are set free. During electrolysis the K+ are being repelled to the right by the
ions move towards the cathode and I– ions negatively charged rod. The protons are
move towards the anode. This property of fixed in the nucleus and the nucleus is not
ions K+ I– and starch solution is used in an free to move from its fixed position in the
electric pen for writing on the surface with conducting sphere. So, the protons in the
special compounds and material. conducting sphere do not move.
KI → K+ + I– 46. (B) Among the given solutions, sodium
chloride is a strong electrolyte because it
40. (A) Two columns, air column and water column
ionizes completely. NaCl (Sodium chloride)
respectively are formed in four bottles P,
solution allows current to pass through it
Q, R and S, which are filled with different
as it contains positively charged sodium
volumes of water. When air is blown into
(Na+) and negatively charged chloride (Cl–)
the four bottles separately, sounds of
ions. When current is passed through strong
varying loudness are produced.
electrolyte like sodium chloride, the bulb
(i) The bottle with least level of water has will glow the brightest. Ammonium
longest air column above water and has hydroxide and ethanoic acid are weak
low frequency and low pitch. So, electrolytes because they do not ionize
feeble sound is produced. completely. So, the bulb does not glow
(ii) The bottle with highest level of water brightly when weak electrolytes are used
has least air column above water and Alcohol is a non-electrolyte as it has no ions
has high frequency and high pitch. So, to conduct electricity.
loud sound is produced. 47. (C) Since, surface 3 needed the greatest force
(iii) In jaltarang musical instrument, the to move the object, this surface is the
cup containing minimum water roughest.
produces the sound of lowest 48. (B) The loudness of a note on the guitar can be
frequency. As the amount of water in increased by increasing the amplitude of
the cup goes on increasing, the the vibration of the guitar spring.
frequency of the sound produced also
Options (A) (C) and (D): Changes in tension,
goes on increasing.
thickness and length of the guitar string
The correct sequence of increasing affect the pitch or frequency of the sound,
loudness of sound in bottles P, Q, R and not its loudness.
S is R → P → Q → S.
49. (D) When a force acts on small contact area, the
41. (A) In voltaic cell, copper plate acts as anode pressure is high. Sharp things are able to
(+) and zinc plate acts as cathode (–). Electric penetrate because of the small contact area.
current is produced inside the cell through Knife, scissor, hole punch, thumb tack, saw
the electrolyte, dilute H2SO4 which passes and many other tools make use of the small
through electric wires from anode to contact area to penetrate due to high
cathode outside the cell. So, when two pressure. Hammer transmits force and
copper plates are used as electrodes in the energy but it is not normally used to create
voltaic cell, electric current is not produced. high pressure to penetrate through things.
42. (C) There are several effects of forces : 50. (B) The electrons on the underside of the
(i) Change the speed of an object lightning cloud induce a positive charge on
(option A) the earth’s surface. When the electric field
(ii) Change the direction of motion of an is strong, the electrons are being attracted
object to the earth. Lightning is caused by large
amount of fast moving electrons moving at
(iii) Change the energy of the system
high speed through the air from the cloud
(option B)
to the ground.
(iv) Change the shape of an object
(option D)
43. (A) Pitch is measured in hertz.

website :
Chemistry hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide. When
51. (B) According to the bar chart, people of cities methane gas is released into the
I and IV should wear masks when they go atmosphere, it causes air pollution.
outside as the amount of pollutants in 58. (D) Carbon monoxide which binds to the
particle and gaseous form is very high. haemoglobin prevents oxygen from
Inhaling polluted air by human beings and binding. This causes reduction in the
animals leads to many respiratory amount of oxygen circulated in the blood
problems. which in turn causes inadequate amount of
52. (A) The given figure shows the deposits of oxygen distributed to the body. Carbon
petroleum and natural gas. These deposits monoxide is poisonous. However it is
are present in the impervious rock situated difficult for us to detect due to its
deep in the earth. They are formed based colourless, odourless and tasteless
on their densities. Natural gas being lighter property.
occupies the top most layer followed by 59. (A) As per the given figures and statements,
petroleum (crude oil). Water being denser only statement (A) is true. City ‘R’ recycles
than gas and oil occupies the bottom of the 85% of its plastic wastes.
fossil fuel deposits. ‘P’ is petroleum below 60. (B) Polypropene is used for making transparent
the natural gas ‘Q’. containers, water pipes, pipe fittings,
53. (D) Potassium and sodium are very reactive bodies of automobile batteries and toys.
metals. Zinc and iron are less reactive than Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used
potassium and sodium. Lead is less reactive for making microwave ovenware.
than zinc, iron and tin. As we come down in 61. (A) Non-luminous flame has more heat than
the series, the chemical reactivity of metals light because the fuel is completely burnt.
decreases. So, the descending order of It is not safe to leave a non-luminous flame
reactivity of metals is sodium, zinc and lead. burning because it is not visible. Lack of
54. (B) Since, the mass of material Q does not visibility may cause burns accidentally.
change much when it is soaked in water, it 62. (C) Fuels burn in the presence of oxygen to
is the least absorbent. A swim suit should form carbon dioxide and water vapour.
be made of the least absorbent material so
that water does not add much to the mass (i) Magnesium burns in the presence of
of the swim suit. oxygen to form magnesium oxide.
55. (A) Sulphur is an impurity in coal. When coal is 2Mg + O2 → 2MgO
burnt in power plants, sulphur dioxide gas (ii) Water combines with oxygen to form
is released along with other gases. Sulphur hydrogen peroxide.
dioxide gas reacts with the water vapour in 2H2O + O2 → 2H2O2
the atmosphere to form sulphuric acid. This (iii) Camphor when burnt undergoes
acid falls down alongwith rain and makes it sublimation and changes directly from
acidic as given below. solid to gas.
Sulphur dioxide + water → sulphurous acid 63. (B) Melamine is a type of thermoset plastic. It
Sulphur trioxide + water → sulphuric acid cannot be remoulded because it has cross
Burning of paper releases carbon dioxide. links between the monomers as shown
Use of CFC products damages the ozone below.
layer of the atmosphere but it is not the
cause are source of acid rain. Monomer
56. (B) Rust or iron(III) oxide can be removed by Monomer
reaction with acids. Concentrated sulphuric
acid does not have strong acidic properties,
Cross links Linear chains
unlike lemon juice (contains citric acid), as
there is incomplete dissociation of the acid 64. (C) Copper and silver, both being lower down
due to lack of water. Dilute sulphuric acid than hydrogen in the reactivity series are
not concentrated is more effective to easily displaced out of a solution of their
remove the rust on the steel object before ions by reactive metals higher up in the
painting. Use of water and aqueous sodium reactivity series. Iron, however, cannot
hydroxide (a base) cannot clean a rusty displace Mg2+ and Ca2+ as it is below Mg and
steel object thoroughly. Ca in the reactivity series.
57. (A) When organic wastes are decomposed in Fe + Cu2+ → Fe2+ + Cu
the absence of oxygen, biogas is released. Fe + 2Ag+ → Fe2+ + 2Ag
Biogas consists mainly 65% of methane and
35% of other gases like carbon dioxide,
website :
65. (D) Biodegradable rubbish buried in the ground They have a rigid cell wall.
decomposes to become nutrients that do 73. (C) Exchange of gases and transpiration of
not pollute the environment. Burning of water vapour takes place through stoma.
trees in the forests produces carbon
dioxide, ash and smoke that pollute the 74. (C) To conserve natural resources anyone who
environment. Using treated waste from chops down a true to replant a new tree
sewage plants to fertilise roadside trees is within the same.
not a form of pollution, as harmful 75. (A) Farmer mixes fertiliser with water to enable
substances have been removed from the the roots to easily absorb it.
waste. Turning waste water into drinkable 76. (C) The quantity and quality of food production
water is not a form of pollution. can be increased by using modern
66. (B) Statements (A), (C) and (D) are true of technology and carrying out research and
sodium. Sodium reacts vigorously with development.
water at room temperature to form sodium
77. (D) All microorganisms are the organisms that
hydroxide and hydrogen gas is released.
cannot be seen with the naked eye.
2 Na + 2H2O → 2NaOH + H2
78. (D) Menstruation does not take place during
Sodium hydroxide is a base. Bases change pregnancy.
the colour of red litmus paper to blue.
79. (A) In the given figure the part labelled N is
67. (D) Carbon dioxide is the fourth most abundant
nucleus. Nucleus controls activities in cell.
gas found in air. It can react with water to
form a weak acid, carbonic acid. This in turn 80. (B) Butterfly undergoes 4 stage life cycle and a
causes the slight acidic property of rain bird undergoes 3 stage life cycle and the
water. Carbon dioxide is a non-pollutant gas mother provides food for the young.
that helps plants to carryout 81. (A) The sex chromosones of parents X and X
photosynthesis. During lightning, the free fertilises to form a girl child.
nitrogen reacts with oxygen in the 82. (A) Yeast releases carbon dioxide gas and
atmosphere to form NO 2 (nitrite) and
makes bread dough rise.
NO 3(nitrate) respectively. This salts
ultimately reach the earth/soil which helps 83. (A) The picture shown is a Euglena. It is fresh
in the growth of plants. Excess of nitrate in water free living unicellular organism. The
the soil mixes with ground water and long whiplike flagellum is used for
causes water pollution. swimming and it reproduces by splitting. It
68. (A) Nylon is used for making a wide range of is bright green in colour as it contains
products like fine sarees, thread, ropes, chloroplast which allows Euglena to conduct
fishing nets, carpets, seat belts, umbrella photosynthesis.
covers, parachutes etc. 84. (A) A virus is a microscopic organism. It cause
Polyethene is used for wrapping films. diseases in plant cells and animal cells. It
Polystyrene is used to make disposable can reproduce only inside a living cell.
foam cups. 85. (C) Cells in reproductive organs undergo
PVC is used for making floor tiles. meiotic division to produce haploid cells or
69. (D) Fire extinguishers are filled with liquid gametes.
carbon dioxide under high pressure. It does 86. (D) Sex of a child is determined by father, as
not support burning. This gas must be the gamete have either X or Y
sprayed on the top of the fire to put out the chromosomes. X chromosome of father
fire gradually. Spraying the CO2 gas at the determine as a girl child & Y as a boy child.
bottom of the fire does not extinguish it
87. (C) As the woman attain menopause stage, the
but supports burning as it has more of
oxygen than carbon. ovaries cannot produce any more eggs
hence, she cannot become pregnant.
70. (B) Statements (A), (C) and (D) are true of
diamond. Diamond is a bad conductor of 88. (A) Paramecium is a protozoan. It is a
heat and electricity. microorganism.
Biology 89. (D) Presence of cell wall indicates that it is a
plant cell.
71. (B) Harmful bacteria called mycobaacterium
90. (A) Ecologically fungi are important because
tuberculosis causes tuberculosis.
they acts as decomposers and aid in nutrient
72. (B) Figures labelled (i) and (iv) are plants cells. cycling.

website :
A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN415
Solutions for Class : 8
5. (A) Cost of x metres = d
1. (A) 4o = 1 = 14 (Since ao = 1.) d
⇒ Cost of 1 metre = < ⎛⎜ ⎞⎟
∴ I and II have equal values. ⎝ x⎠

2. (C) M.P. of cycle = 880 d

∴ Cost of y metres = < ⎛⎜ × y ⎞⎟
⎝N ⎠
S.P. of cycle = 770
⎛ yd ⎞
Discount = (880 – 770) = 110 =<⎜ ⎟
⎝ N ⎠
Discount percentage = × 100 = 12.5% 6. (A) Let the other rational number be x.
880 Then,
3. (D) Given n ≠ 0
⎛ −11 ⎞
N+⎜ ⎟ = −3
Here, n could either positive or negative ⎝ 5 ⎠
or a fraction.
⎛ −11 ⎞
If n is –1, then 2n is less than n. ⇒ x = −3 − ⎜ ⎟
⎝ 5 ⎠
If n is a fraction such as then n2 will be 11 −3 11
2 ⇒ x = −3 + = +
less than n. 5 1 5
4. (C) If length and breadth of a respectively, its −3 × 5 + 11
area is A. 5
After 5% decrease in length and −15 + 11 −4
= =
95 5 5
5% increase in breadth, l = l and
100 −4
105b Hence, the other number is .
b= 5
7. (C) From the figure, the angle marked ‘m’ is
95 × 105 given by
Hence its area = lb
100 × 100
360o – 180o – 45o
95 × 105
Change in area = lb – lb = 360o – 225o = 135o
25 (or) m = 180o – 45o = 135o
= lb
10000 8. (C) 72 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × 3
∴ Percentage decrease in area If K = 3
25 72 × K = 72 × 3 = 216 = 63 is a perfect cube.
= × 100% = 0.25%

website :
9. (A) No. of T.V sets sold in May = 50 1 1 8
16. (D) = 0.25 ; = 0.33 ; = 0.53
Total number of T.V. sets sold 4 3 15
= 40 + 20 + 60 + 30 + 50 = 200
7 13
= 0.29 ; = 0.27
∴ The required percentage 24 48
= × 100% = 25% 7 13 1 1
200 So and lie between & .
24 48 4 3
10. (C) The given solid has 8 faces. 17. (C) Let the angles be 3x, 7x, 6x and 4x.
11. (D) x2 = 16 ⇒ x = ±4 and ∴ 3x + 7x + 6x + 4x = 360o or
y2 = 4 ⇒ y = ± 2 20x = 360o or x = 18o. The angles are 54o,
126o, 108o and 72o. We see that adjacent
angles are supplementary but opposite
angles are not equal. Clearly, it is a
18. (A) The smallest value for n such that 5n is
a square is 5.
⇒ 75np = 75 × 5 × p
=3 × 5 × 5 × 5 × p
∴ The greatest possible value of
(x – y)2 is 36. To make 75np a perfect cube, p will have
to have factors 3 × 3.
12. (B) Let the required number be x.
∴ p – q ⇒ n + p = 5 + 9 = 14
We have,
19. (D) If two sets of four consecutive integers
3x 3x have one integer in common, the total in
− = 150
4 14 the combined set is 7., and we can write
the sets as
21 x − 6 x
⇒ = 150
28 n + (n + 1) + (n + 2) + (n + 3) and
(n + 3) + (n + 4) + (n + 5) + (n + 6)
150 × 28
⇒x= = 280
15 Note that each term in the second set is
3 more than the equivalent term in the
⎛ 10 ⎞
n first set. Since there are four terms the
13. (B) < 1331 = < 1000 ⎜ 1 +
⎝ 100 ⎟⎠ total of the difference will be 4 × 3 = 12

n 20. (B) The figure in option(B) gives the top view

1331 ⎛ 11 ⎞ of the given solid.
⇒ =
1000 ⎜⎝ 10 ⎟⎠
21. (D) The number of trees in a row is the same
⎛ 11 ⎞
⎛ 11 ⎞
n as the number of rows in the garden.
⇒⎜ ⎟ = ⎜ ⎟ ⇒ n = 3 years
⎝ ⎠ ⎝ 10 ⎠ ∴ Number of trees in a row = 17956
7.83 × 7.83 − 1.17 × 1.17
14. (A) 1 1 79 56 134
(7.83 + 1.17 )(7.83 − 1.17 ) 23 79
6.66 69
9 × 6.66
264 1056
= =9 1056
15. (Del) The question has been deleted as the
units are not the same in the question ∴ Number of trees in a row = 134
and the options.
website :
22. (C) 230 + 230 + 230 + 230 27. (B) The number of vibrations in one second
is the frequency of a sound. The higher
= 230 (4)
the frequency (number of vibrations) is,
= 230 × 22 the higher the pitch of the sound.
= 232 28. (D) Friction is the force which opposes
motion. It prevents slipping and sliding
23. (D) πr12h1 = πr22h2
when moving along a horizontal surface.
In ice hockey, friction allows the players
h1 2 ⎛ r1 ⎞ h2 1 to control the puck. In tug-of-war, friction
Given: h = 1 ; ⎜ ⎟ = =
2 ⎝ r2 ⎠ h1 2 allows the participants to grip the rope
tightly. In rock climbing, friction allows
r1 1 the climber to keep a firm grip on the
⇒ =
r2 2 rock and avoid failing. Friction is not
useful in swimming because it makes
∴ r : r2 = 1 : 2 moving through the water more difficult.
24. (B) (3x – 4) (5x + 7) = 15x2 – ax – 28 In the case of swimming, a swimmer’s
head is raised above the water, two hands
⇒ 15x2 + x – 28 = 15x2 – ax – 28
constantly push back the water and
Comparing the coefficients of like terms, simultaneously moving the legs up and
we get a = –1. down to move forward.
25. (D) Let the number of women needed to 29. (B) Electric charge can flow through
clear the land in 1 day be ‘x’. conductors. Flow of charge in a conductor
Number of women and number of days is called electric current.
are inversely proportional. 30. (C) A force is a push or a pull. A pushing force
∴ 5:x::1:4 is exerted on the trolley to move it,
frictional force keeps a billiard ball
⇒ x = 4 × 5 = 20 stationary and a magnet exerts a pulling
∴ Number of more women required force on the refrigerator door. Sunlight is
= 20 – 5 = 15. heat and light energy - there is no force
31. (A) Only saltwater is an electrolyte. Alcohol,
distilled water and petrol are non-
26. (C) Regular Reflection electrolytes.
incident ray reflected ray
32. (C) Without friction, we cannot create heat
by rubbing our hands. Without friction,
cycling and walking will be impossible. To
move a table on the floor we need to
apply a force. Friction is not required. In
the presence of friction, movement will
Diffused Reflection
be more difficult.
incident ray
33. (B) The image formed by a plane mirror of an
reflected ray object placed in front of it is virtual,
erect, behind the mirror and of the same
size as the object.
34. (D) Frictional force always acts in the
opposite direction to the motion of the
Diffused reflection is the reflection of ball, and hence it cannot change the
light from a surface such that an incident direction of the rolling steel ball.
ray is reflected at many angles rather Gravitational force always acts down to
than at just one angle. A pane of glass as the centre of the Earth, and hence it
well as a mirror will create a regular cannot change the direction of the rolling
reflection (specular reflection), whereas ball.
the surface of a horizontal wall will
create a diffused reflection.
website :
Pressure is a scalar quantity; hence it 43. (C) Friction is useful when we want to slow
does not have a direction. down the motion of an object or if we
want heat to be produced. It is a nuisance
Magnetic force can be directed anywhere
when unwanted wear and tear takes
depending on the position of the
magnet. Since the rolling ball is made of
steel, it will be attracted by the magnet. 44. (D) The Sun is the centre of our solar system.
Hence, magnetic force can change the It is a star because it produces light by the
direction of the ball. fusion of hydrogen atoms to form helium
atoms which produces heat and light.
35. (D) Copper sulphate is a suitable electrolyte
The Sun has been the source of heat and
to electroplate an iron nail with copper.
light as it is now since the Big Bang, the
36. (D) Sound waves are collected by the outer event that caused the formation of the
ear and directed to the eardrum. The universe.
eardrum vibrates and transmits the
45. (C) Lightning is actually a flow of electrons.
vibrations to the ear bones in the middle
Electrons will prefer to flow in a medium
ear. The inner/internal ear has cochlea, a
that is of lower resistance than the air
coiled structure filled with a fluid having
which is a poor conductor. The lightning
tiny hair cells inside where nerve cells
therefore will prefer to strike something
convert the sound vibrations into
like the metal flagpole that is tall (nearer
electrical impulses which travel along the
to the clouds) and is a good conductor.
nerve to the brain.
46. (C) The extension of spring balance
37. (D) The way a rock responds to stress
measures the force exerted by gravity on
depends on its temperature, the speed
the object hung on the hook. The greater
of stress applied and the confining
the force exerted, the greater the
pressure on the rock.
extension of the spring. Hence, the
38. (A) Transferring a charge by touch is called reading will be affected by the location.
conduction. When an uncharged body is At places where the gravitational force is
touched with another charged body, the larger (e.g. at sea level), readings will be
uncharged body gets charged and the higher than at places where the force is
total charge on the charged bodies gets smaller (e.g. on a mountaintop). The
equally distributed between the two spring will lose its elasticity if it is
bodies in contact. constantly extended. This results in less
39. (A) We are able to hear sounds that are only accurate readings.
within a limited range of frequencies, 47. (B) Among the given options, the speed of
from about 20 Hz to about 20 000 Hz. sound is least in sea water. Speed of
Sounds with frequencies below and sound is least in gases, medium in liquids
above this range cannot be heard. and maximum in solids.
40. (D) During the process of electrolysis, 48. (B) The Braille system uses 6 dots.
electrical energy is converted to chemical
49. (A) When electric current flows through a
conductor, some amount of electrical
41. (B) Gravitational force is a pulling force energy is converted into heat energy.
exerted by a large object (e.g., the earth)
50. (B) Increased friction allows for better grip.
on the other objects. Magnetic force can
Putting rollers under a heavy object
be a pulling or pushing force exerted by
reduces its surface area in contact with
a magnet on magnetic objects or on
the ground. Hence, there is less friction
other the magnets. Both forces do not
when the object is moved.
need physical contact to act on objects.
42. (A) The number of images formed when two Chemistry
plane mirror inclined at an angle of 30 o 51. (C) Fossil fuels (like coal, oil and natural gas)
is are not reusable, recyclable but they are
360 sustainable.
n= −1
= = 12 – 1 = 11 images.
30 website :
52. (D) Statement 1 : Ozone layer absorbs in non-luminous flame without leaving
harmful radiations such as UV and any residue. Hence, no soot is produced.
prevents it from reaching us. When a
61. (C) The useful properties of the steel alloy
hole is present, the UV rays are free to
for making a car are that it should be
pass through the Earth’s atmosphere,
strong and hard and is resistant to
exposing us to this harmful radiations.
Statement 2 : CFCs, stand for
62. (D) Recycling material involves reprocessing
chlorofluorocarbons. These substances
the material so that it can be used again.
act as catalyst which decompose the
ozone, causing ozone depletion. 63. (A) Carbon fuels like wood, coal, petroleum
release unburnt carbon particles. These
Statement 3 : The primary function of the
fine particles when inhaled by human
ozone is to absorb the harmful UV
beings cause respiratory problems like
radiations. Radio waves are still able to
pass through the layer.
64. (C) Bees wax is obtained from beehives.
53. (D) Some characteristics of metals are:
65. (B) Sulphur is a solid whereas oxygen and
(i) Malleable and ductile. Metals can
hydrogen are gases. Iron, copper and
be easily shaped and made into
aluminium are all solids and metals.
sheets and wires.
Mercury, water and alcohol are all liquids.
(ii) Majority of the metals are in solid Carbon, silicon and phosphorus are all
form at room temperature, except non-metals.
66. (D) Iron is replaced with PVC in the making
(iii) Generally form positive charged of water pipes as PVC is cheaper, lighter
ions and help to conduct electricity. and does not rust.
54. (C) A polymer is a big molecule 67. (B) Persons sleeping in a closed room where
(macromolecule), which is made of many coal is burnt is fatal because a poisonous
repeating units (monomers) bonded gas, carbon monoxide is released. It this
chemically together. gas is inhaled, it can kill them.
68. (A) Anthracite contains about 90 - 95% of
Monomers Polymer 69. (D) The three R’s, which are to reduce, reuse
and recycle the material, will help to
55. (C) During the combustion of fossil fuels, increase the life of the reserves of a
oxygen reacts with the fuel to convert the material.
stored chemical energy into heat and
light energy. Complete combustion of 70. (A) Zinc is higher up the reactivity series
the fuel produces carbon dioxide and compared to copper, indicating that it is
water. a stronger reducing agent compared to
copper. Hence, it is more likely to be
56. (D) A flame produced by burning a substance oxidised to zinc(II) ions while reducing
always points upwards because the hot copper(II) ions to copper solid.
gases produced during burning are
lighter and rise up. Biology
71. (C) Centriole and centrosome are the
57. (D) Mercury cannot be used to make drink characteristic feature of animal cells.
cans as it is a liquid at room temperature
and is poisonous. 72. (D) In the given flow chart X-represents
testes, Y-Ovum and Z-fertilization.
58. (D) Strip ‘S’ is the most absorbent material.
73. (B) Bacteria present in the root nodules of
59. (D) A raw material is sustainable if there are the leguminous crop plants have the
lots of reserves of that material. ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen to
60. (D) A non-luminous flame (sometimes called form nitrogen compounds. Some of these
a “roaring flame”) produces a hot, steady are used by leguminous plants and the
flame in blue due to complete rest are left in the soil to enrich it.
combustion. The fuel is completely burnt
website :
74. (B) Fungus glow mostly in moist, dark and called field fallow.
damp places.
84. (D) Fertilization is the process during which
75. (B) The given figure represents fertilisation a sperm fuses with an egg cell to form a
or syngamy of sperm and ovum. zygote. A female destined zygote have
44 + XX.
76. (A) Hydra reproduces by budding.
77. (A) Rhizobium bacteria live symbiotically. 85. (D) Cholera, anthrax tuberculosis and
typhoid are bacterial diseases.
78. (B) Nerve cells are the longest cells in our
86. (C) Bacteriophage is a virus that uses
bacteria as a host.
79. (D) The iris of the eye, uterus and bronchi
87. (D) Transplantation is founding in paddy,
contain smooth muscles.
flowering plants and vegetable crops.
80. (B) Lysosomes are suicidal bags and
mitochondria are the power houses of 88. (B) Resources like air, water, soil and sun are
the cell. natural and renewable resources.
89. (C) Paleontology is the study is fossils.
81. (C) Adrenaline hormone is called flight of
fight hormone. 90. (D) To replinish the nutrients in the soil, to
82. (A) The correct sequence of the stages of control weeds and pests crop rotation
growth is : zygote, embryo, foetus, baby, method is used.
child, adolescent, adult.
83. (D) Leaving the land or field uncultivated is

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A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN 418
Solutions for Class : 8
Mathematics 343  125 73  53
5. (D) 3 =3
1. (B) Age of Sudhir after 3 years is x years. 0.064  0.4 3
 His present age = (x – 3) years.
7  5 7  5  10 175
Therefore Sudhir ’s age 5 years ago = = = = 87.5
0.4 42 2
= (x – 3 – 5) years
6. (C) Let the C.P. of the article be ` 100.
= (x – 8) years
4 M.P. = 100  = ` 135
2. (A) 212 = 234 =  23  = 8 4 100

4 108
38 = 324 =  32  = 94 S.P. required = ` 100  = ` 108
Since the powers of 8 4, 9 4 are the the Discount allowed on ` 135
same, 94 is greater than 84  38 > 212. = ` 135 – ` 108
3. (C) The descending order is = ` 27
4 2 1 3 6 Hence discount allowed to gain 8%
, , , , .
9 5 6 4 7 27
 100% = 20%
1 135
The middle number is .
6 7. (A) The cube in option (A) can be formed by
the given net.
4. (B) D C
8. (B) Area of trapezium
= (sum of parallel sides)  altitude
Let the other parallel side be x cm.
As shown in the figure, the angle
bisectors of Α and D meet at O. Then (x + 6)  4 = 28  x = 8 cm
Let A = xo then D = 180  x  .

A x
 = and
2 2

D 180o  x x
= = 90o 
2 2 2
x x
AOD = 180o   + 90o  
 2 2 

or AOD = 180o   90o  = 90o

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9. (D) Let one of the numbers be x. 13. (A) 2  8 = 2  8 = 16 = 4 is a rational
Then the second number = 3x p
By the given condition, number. is in the form of wheree
7 q
one number +15 = p and q are integers and q  o.
2(second number + 15) 22
Therefore 2  8 and are rational
i.e., 3x + 15 = 2(x + 15) or 7
2(3x + 15) = x + 15
 3x + 15 = 2x + 30 or ax
14. (D) Given = a10 and (ay)3 = ax .
6x + 30 = x + 15
 3x – 2x = 30 – 15 or (ay )3
 = a10
6x – x = 15 – 30 or 5x = –15 or x = –3 ay
 x = 15  (ay)2 = a10
Hence, if one number is 15 the other  a2y = a10
number is 3  15 = 45. (or) if one number
 2y = 10  y = 5
is –3, the second number is 3  (–3) = –9
 Of the given options 15 and 45 are the ax = (ay)3 = (a5)3 = a15  x = 15
required numbers. 15. (C) The more the radius, the less the number
of rounds.
0.081 0.484 2.5
10. (A)  
0.0064 6.25 12.1
Radius (cm) Rounds
20 260
810 484 25
=   1 260 × 20
64 6250 121
26 260 × 20
= 200
81 484 25 26
=  
64 625 121
16. (D) The pentagon can be divided into 3
9 22 5 triangles by joining the vertex A to C and
=   = 0.45
8 25 11 D (See the figure).
11. (D) The angles for the different grades given Angle sum of 1 triangle = 180o
20 Angle sum of 3 triangles
are  360o = 60o  (A) is correct;
120 = 3  180o = 540o
50 Sum of the four equal angles
 360o = 150o  (B) is correct;
120 = 540o – 120o = 420o

45 Each equal angle

 360o = 135o  (C) is correct.
120 = 420o  4 = 105o

5 17. (A) a = 6 as
 360o = 15o  (D) is incorrectly
120 63 = 33 + 43 + 53
labelled as 20o
 1 2 1
12. (B) x+  = x + 2 +2
 x  x
= 79 + 2 = 81

x + = 81 = 9
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18. (A) 1 l = 1000 cm3 22. (A) Sides of the rectangle are (3p + 5q) units
and (5p – 7q) units.
 1.5 l = 1500 cm3
Area of a rectangle = l  b
Volume of water in the tank = Area of the
base  height Area = (3p + 5q) (5p  7q)

 1500 = 250  height = 3p(5p  7q) + 5q (5p  7q)

1500 = 15p2  21pq + 25pq  35q2

 height = =6
 Height of water in the tank = 6 cm = 15p2 + 4pq  35q2 sq.units.

3 cm
 5
 Total height of the tank =  6 × 2  cm 23. (D) 3 cm

3 cm
= 15 cm.
Two cubes of dimensions 3 cm  3 cm are e
19. (B) Since x + xy = 391, then x(1 + y) = 391.
placed side by side resulting in a cuboid
We note that 391 = 17  23. of dimensions 6 cm  3 cm  3 cm.
Since 17 and 23 are both prime, then if 24. (D) 108 = 2  2  3  3  3 = 22  33
391 is written as the product of two
192 = 2  2  2  2  2  2  3
positive integers, it must be 1  391 or
17  23 or 23  17 or 391  1. = 26  31
Matching x and 1 + y to these possible 108  192 = 22  33  26  31
factors, we obtain (x, y) = (1, 390) or (17, = 28  34
22) or (23, 16) or (391, 0).
 Sum of the powers = 8 + 4 = 12
Since y is a positive integer, the fourth
pair is not possible. 25. (D) Let original edge of the cube be ‘a’ units.

Since x > y, the first two pairs are not Surface area = 6a2 sq.units.
possible. Increase in edge = 25%
Therefore, (x, y) = (23, 16)
125 5a
New edge = a = units
 x + y = 39 100 4
 5   New surface area
20. (A) 328 = P  1 +   1
 100   2
 5a  75a2
41 = 6  =
 328 = P   4  8
Increase in surface area
 P = ` 3200
 75a2 
 S.I. = `
3200  5  2
= ` 320 =  6a2 
100  8 
21. (D) According to the problem,
m 8
8+ = 4  3m
5  Percentage increase in surface area
 40 + m = 5(4 – 3m)
 40 + m = 20 – 15m  27a2 1 
=  2
 100  %
 20 = –16m  8 6a 

20 = 56.25%
 m=
 m= 
4 websit e : www.unif

Physics against each other. When you move a
26. (D) The angle between the horizontal plane table along the floor, frictional force
and normal is 90 o. If the angle of opposes the motion of the table.
incidence is 50o, then the angle between 33. (A) As the shiny aluminium foil is pasted on
the incident ray and normal is 90o – 50o the outer surface of the ball, it behaves
= 40o. Similarly, the angle between the like a convex mirror. A candle placed in
normal and reflected ray on the other front of this shiny surface forms an image
side will be 90 o – 50 o = 40 o. The angle which is virtual, erect and smaller in size.
between the incident ray and relfected
ray = 40o + 40o = 80o as shown below. 34. (D) When the ball hits the floor, a pushing
force acts on it and causes it to bounce.
A turning force acts on the ball to make
40o 40 it spin as it moves through the air.
50 o
50o Frictional force acts on the ball when it
lies stationary on the floor.
27. (B) The audible range of sound that can be
detected by the human ear is between 20 35. (C) Solid sodium chloride does not conduct
Hz to 20,000 Hz. electricity as the sodium ions and
chloride ions are not free to move and
28. (C) Friction between the tyres and the held firmly in fixed positions in the
ground as well as between the shoes and crystal.
the ground is needed for the car or the
person to move. Friction between the 36. (C) Percussion instruments produce sound by
brakes and the wheels on cars is also vibrating a stretched membrane tightly
important, it has an important role to stop stretched on the surface of tabla, drum,
the car. dholak, mridangam etc.

Friction between the parts in a machine 37. (C) A gold leaf electroscope is used to detect,
is undesirable as it creates heat and measure and find the nature of charge of
causes the machine to be inefficient as a body.
there is mechanical energy lost to the 38. (C) An object contains both protons and
surroundings. electrons. It will become negatively
29. (C) An earthquake is a sudden shaking or charged when it gains electrons and
trembling of the earth. It is so sudden contains more electrons than protons.
that it cannot be predicted in advance. 39. (D) There are several effects of frictional
30. (C) Both the earth and the moon exert force:
gravitational force on each other. As the It prevents slipping and sliding (option A).
earth is larger than the moon, the
It produces heat, which could be useful
gravitational force exerted by the earth
or waste energy(option B).
is about six times that exerted by the
moon. The moon is kept in orbit around It causes wear and tear (option C).
the earth because of the earth’s Phenomenon in option (D) is caused by
gravitational force. The moon’s electrostatic force.
gravitational force pulls on the water in
the earth’s oceans. The slight movement 40. (A) A voltaic cell consists of two electrodes
of water towards the moon results in made of different metals i.e., copper and
tides. zinc properly connected with wires and
the electrodes are immersed in an
31. (B) Electrolytes are able to conduct electrolyte, dilute sulphuric acid.
electricity in molten state and in aqueous
solution as they contain freely moving 41. (A) Frictional force is one of the contact
ions. forces, which could only exist when there
is a contact between two surfaces.
32. (C) Frictional force occurs when two rough Gravitational force, magnetic force, and
surfaces are in contact with and slide electrostatic force could happen at a

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42. (A) The amount of light that is reflected calcium carbonate. In the presence of
depends on the nature of the surface on acid, calcium carbonate reacts with the
which the light falls and also on the acid to form salt, water and carbon
material. dioxide. When acid rain comes in contact
with limestone buildings and
43. (A) Amplitude is the maximum or the
monuments, these reactions take place
greatest distance that a vibration or the
and in a long run cause the building and
pendulum (weight) moves on either side
monuments to waste-away and be
from the zero point or mean position.
44. (C) Stars are mainly made up of hydrogen
53. (A) X cannot react with water, hence, it is
and helium.
below Ca in the reactivity series. X can
45. (C) A comb acquires electrical charge on react with acid; hence, it is above Cu in
rubbing with dry hair and attracts bits of the reactivity series. XO cannot react
paper. The electric charges generated by with H2, hence, it is either Zn or below Zn
rubbing are static, i.e., they do not move. in the reactivity series. XO can react with
46. (B) Friction, magnetism and weight are C; hence, it is Zn or below Zn in the
forces. Mass is not a force. reactivity series. From all the possible
options, Zn is the only possible metal.
47. (B) Sound needs a medium to transmit. The
medium can be solid, liquid or gas. Sound 54. (D) Polysaccharides is another term used for
cannot transmit through vacuum because sugar. Sugar is formed by plants.
there are no vibrating particles to pass on Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are
the energy. It is impossible for sound to industrially manufactured polymers.
be transmitted in space. 55. (A) Product ‘P’ is coal gas which is obtained
48. (B) Three plane mirrors are arranged at an during the processing of coal to get coke.
angle to get a number of coloured images It was used for street lighting. But
in a kaleidoscope. nowadays, it is used as a source of heat
(fuel) in many industries located near the
49. (D) During the process of electrolysis, a coal processing plants.
compound is broken down into its
constituent elements when electric 56. (B) All complete combustions of organic
current is passed through an electrolyte. materials will produce only carbon
Cations move to the cathode and dioxide and water vapour.
discharge by accepting electrons from the Other small molecules such as carbon
cathode. Anions move to the anode and monoxide and carbon ash are the
discharge by donating electrons to the byproducts of incomplete combustion.
57. (D) Aluminium is a reactive metal that reacts
50. (D) When an object moves with constant readily with oxygen in air to form a
speed, that implies equilibrium protective layer of aluminium oxide
condition. In the case of the airplane which is impervious to water.
described in the question, the thrust is
58. (B) The rope must be strong enough to
equal to the drag, and the lift is equal to
support the weight of the climber. It also
the weight.
needs to be flexible in order to go
Chemistry around corners and to be rolled up for
51. (A) The useful substances that are obtained easy carrying. The carabiner must be hard
from petroleum and natural gas are called enough to keep its shape and strong
petrochemicals. enough to withstand the pressure of the
rope going through it, as well as support
52. (B) The major proportion of limestone is
the necessary weight.
59. (D) Coal tar is used as a starting material for
manufacturing synthetic dyes, drugs,
napthalene, explosives, perfumes,
plastics, paints, photographic and roofing

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60. (D) Combustion of most of the fuels releases Biology
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If 71. (D) 44 + XX represents the composition of
the concentration of this gas increases, it femaledestined zygote in human beings.
causes global warming. Global warming
leads to a rise in atmospheric 72. (A) Adrenaline hormone is secreted by the
temperature and melts the ice on polar adrenal gland present on the kidney.
ice caps, glaciers etc., causing an increase 73. (D) Budding, binary fission, spore formation
in the sea level which is the main reason are types of asexual reproduction.
for flooding surrounding areas.
74. (A) Spirogyra is called pond silk.
61. (B) Steel is an alloy of iron which contains
75. (C) The cell wall is made up of cellulose.
about 1-2% of carbon.
76. (C) Malaria is a disease caused by protozoan
62. (B) A cup made of styrofoam containing hot
tea or coffee can be held in hands since
it does not conduct heat. 77. (B) The figure given in option ‘B’ is
chlamydomonas. Chlamydomonas is an
63. (B) The combustion in which heat, light and
aquatic photosynthetic organism.
sound are produced is known as
explosive combustion. 78. (B) Mitosis is an equational division. It helps
in replacement of worn out cells.
64. (C) Different varieties of coal have different
carbon content. 79. (B) Malaria is caused due to the entry of
pathogen plasmodium
65. (D) Sodium has a density of 0.968 g cm –3. It
floats and reacts violently with water. 80. (C) Hydrophytes like lotus have large, flat
wax coated leaves and poorly developed
66. (D) Recycling reduces landfill rubbish and
root system.
saves natural resources and energy.
81. (D) The process of changing of tadpole into
67. (C) Among the given fuels, hydrogen has the
an adult is called metamorphosis.
highest calorific value of 1,50,000 kJ/kg.
Coal 25000 – 33000 kJ/kg, Petrol 45,000 kJ/ 82. (C) Cell membrane regulates the passage of
kg and CNG 50,000 kJ/kg. wastes, water and food into and out of
a cell.
68. (C) Kerosene is obtained by fractional
distillation of crude petroleum. 83. (A) Bacteria reproduces by fission, Mucor by
spore formation, yeast by budding and
69. (B) PVC can be coated on cloth to give a
spirogyra by fragmentation.
water proof coating and is tougher than
polythene. 84. (B) Thyroxine is iodine containing hormone.
70. (A) The given figure is of an alloy called 85. (A) Sandy soil contains large particles of soil
bronze. It is made by combining copper hence it cannot hold water and is not
and tin. good for plants to grow.
86. (D) Fertilisation is external in fishes and
87. (B) Cuscuta is a parasitic plant.
88. (A) Cell wall and chloroplasts are the
organelles present only in plant cells.
89. (C) Rice is a kharif crop.
90. (A) Zygote  Embryo  Foetus  Baby is the
correct sequence shown in sexual

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A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN 421
Solutions for Class : 8
Mathematics 5. (D) Let the distance covered by the train in
1. (A) Let the three consecutive even numbers 36 minutes be x km.
be 2x – 2, 2x and 2x + 2.
Distance covered (in km) 75 x
We have,
Time taken (in minutes) 60 36
(2x – 2) + 2x + (2x + 2) = 234
 6x = 234  x = 39 Since the speed is uniform, less distance
 The least even number will be covered in less time.

= 2x – 2 = 2(39) – 2 = 76 So, it is a case of direct proportion.

2. (A) x+y=6 75 x 5 x
 Now, =  =
3x – y = 4 60 36 4 36

4x = 10 5 
 x =   36  = 45
5 15 7 4 
 x = ,y = 4=
2 2 2  The distance covered in 36 minutes is
45 km.
5 7
 xy=  = 1 6. (B) x = OB = OD (Diagonals bisect) = 5
2 2
3. (A) The solid in option (A) has only 4 faces y = OA = OC (Diagonals bisect) = 12
which is the least compared to the other z = side of the rhombus = 13 (All sides are
three. equal).

A B 7. (C) 2016 = 452 – 32

4. (B)
= 2025 – 9 = 2016
2015 = 482 – 172

D C = 2304 – 289
= 2015
Let the side of square be x m. Then
2013 = 472 – 142
x2 = 16900 m2
= 2209 – 196 = 2013
 x= 16900  x = 130 m
 No matter what two integers you
choose, their squares cannot differ by
Diagonal BD = DC2 + BC2
= 1302 + 1302

= 130 2 m

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0.25 0.25 15. (D) Volume of the cuboid
8. (B) 51/4  125  = 50.25   53 
= 7  8  9 = 504 cm3

= 50.25  53×0.25 Volume of the cube cut from the cuboid

= 5  5  5 = 125 cm3
= 50.25  50.75 Therefore, volume of the remaining
= 5 0.25+0.75
= (504 – 125) cm3 = 379 cm3
= 51 = 5
16. (B,C) 1.25  10n = 125  10–2  10n
9. (A) 172 – 132 = 289 – 169 = 120
= 125  10n–2
120 + 1 = 121 = 112
10. (A) Suppose S.P. = ` 100 = 53  10n–2

Profit = ` 20 If 53  10n–2 is the cube of an integer then

(n – 2) should be divisible by 3.
C.P. = ` (100 – 20) = ` 80
Among the given options, if n = 2015,
Profit n – 2 = 2013 which is divisible by 3.
Profit % =  100%
C.P. If n = 2015, 1.25  102015

20 = 53  102013
=  100% = 25%
80 = 53  (10671)3

 5  15 25  = (5  10671)3
11. (C) At x = 1,  3 +   9  + 2 
 x  x x  or
if n = 2018, n – 2 = 2016 which is divisible
 5  15 25  by 3.
= 3+  9  + 
 1 1 1
If n = 2018, 1.25  102018
= (3 + 5) (9  15 + 25) = 53  102016
= 8  19 = 152 = 53  (10672)3
12. (B) Average marks = (5  10672)3

m + 20 + 2m  17 + m  5 17. (C) The ascending order of given numbers is

= 1 5 11
3 , , .
9 9 9
4m  2  The required sum

3 11 1 12 4
= + = =
13. (C) No. of symbols representing the no. of 9 9 9 3
visitors after Wednesday = 6 + 4 = 10 18. (A) M.P. = ` x
No. of visitors represented by each S.P. = ` y
symbol = 6
Discount = M.P. – S.P.
Each symbol = 6
= ` (x – y)
 Total no. of visitorss
= 10  6 = 60. Discount%   100%
14. (C) Let the number be x. xy
  100%
x3 – x2 = 48 x
x2(x – 1) = 48 19. (B) When  = 3.142, r = 10, h = 3 and l = 4,
= 16  3 = 42(4 – 1) A = 3.142(10) (10 + 2  3 + 4)
x=4 = 31.42(20) = 628.4

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20. (B) The net is option (B) is the net of a cube. Friction in the brakes, tyres and steering
wheel cover is necessary to provide
21. (C) 36 =3  3  3  3  3  3  1
better grip. Friction is not desirable in an
=9  3  3  3  3  1 engine.
= 27  3  3  3  1 29. (B) Static electricity is the accumulation of
electrical charges on the surface of a
= 81  3  3  1
material, usually an insulator or a non-
= 243  3  1 conductor. In static electricity, the charges
= 729  1 stay on an object without flowing i.e.,
they are at rest.
 There are 7 different positive integers
30. (B) When two or more forces act on an object
among the factors of 36.
in two different directions the effect on
22. (B) Let the dimensions of the rectangular the object is due to the magnitude and
block be a, b and c. direction of the net force acting on it. A
Given ab : bc : ca = 2 : 3 : 4 piece of cloth is cut with the help of a
and abc = 9000 cm3 scissor from bottom to the top and the
ab bc ca
cut pieces have regular and desired
Now, : : shape. Tearing a piece of paper with
abc abc abc
2 3 4 hand mostly occurs from top to the
= : : bottom and the torn pieces of paper do
9000 9000 9000
not have a regular and desired shape.
 c : a : b = 4500 : 3000 : 2250 Forces which act on a body in two
= 450 : 300 : 225 different directions can cause the object
 c : a : b = 30 : 20 : 15 to break, cut or tear.

 a = 20; b = 15; c = 30 31. (D) All the statements are true about an
electrolytic cell.
(Also 20  15  30 = 9000)
32. (B) In option (A), friction is needed for the
 The shortest side is 15 cm. bicycle to start moving, stopping, slowing
23. (A) 3
down and speeding up.
512  3 3.375 = 8  1.5 = 12
In option (C), friction is needed to balance
24. (D) Since diagonals of a square are equal and
the ladder, so that it will not slip.
bisect at right angles, triangle AOB is an
isosceles right angled triangle. In option (D), friction is needed to create
fire (heat) to strike and light a match stick.
2 x 3 y
25. (C) 5  = 5  (Since (am)n = amn.) In option (B), friction is not needed to
cause a ball to bounce.
 52x = 53y  2x = 3y
33. (C) Persistence of vision is a phenomenon
[When bases are equal, powers can be
where the brain continues to sense the
image even after the object has been
x 3 removed. This lasts for 1/16th of a second.
 =
y 2 34. (A) There are several effects of force. It can
 x:y=3:2 change the shape, speed and direction of
motion of an object.
26. (C) The inner layer of the eye called the 35. (C) In a voltaic cell, chemical energy is
choroid is black. This prevents internal converted to electrical energy.
reflections of light inside the human eye. 36. (C) The loudness of sound depends on the
27. (B) In a longitudinal wave like sound wave, amplitude of vibration. The loudness or
the distance between two consecutive softness of a sound produced depends
rarefactions or between two consecutive on the amplitude. Larger the amplitude,
compressions is called wavelength. louder the sound, smaller the amplitude,
softer is the sound produced.
28. (B) Friction opposes motion, so it causes
wear and tear to surfaces in contact.
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37. (A) The outer layer of the earth, on which least distance and hence, the greatest
we live is called the crust. The thickest friction.
part of the earth’s crust is the continent.
44. (C) Venus takes maximum time of 243 days
38. (B) Material Y becomes negatively charged for one rotation around its own axis.
after it is rubbed with fur, because the 45. (C) The electric field direction is the
electrons from the fur get transferred to direction of the force acting on a positive
the material. Thus, the material gains test charge. The positive charge object
electrons that far out number the repels the positive point charge and the
protons in it and develops a negative negative charge object attracts the
charge. positive point charge.
39. (A) Speed of sound in air is approximately
330 m s –1. Speed of sound in water is repel
+ a ract
approximately 1500 m s–1. Speed of sound + –
in steel is approximately 5000 m s –1.
46. (A) When the brakes of a bike are on, its
40. (B) An LED has two leads. One lead is slightly wheels cannot rotate. They will simply
longer than the other. The longer lead is skid. Then rolling friction will be
always connected to a positive terminal converted into skidding friction which is
of the battery while the shorter lead is comparatively large. Hence, it becomes
always connected to a negative terminal difficult to move the bike.
of the battery. In circuit (B) switch is
present and is in its ON position. Only this 47. (D) Ultrasound is used in all the given three
makes the LED glow. applications.
48. (D) When an object is placed in front a plane
41. (D) mirror, it forms an image which is virtual,
erect and of the same size as the object
friction and laterally inverted.
49. (D) Zinc can be better than tin for protecting
iron from rusting. Z inc being highly
The gravitational force and frictional electropositive can prevent rusting even
force are acting against the motion of the when the layer is broken.
ball in this case. Both play a role in
50. (A) Sharpening the knife makes use of
decreasing the speed of the ball until it
frictional force exerted on the knife edge
eventually stops moving.
to remove parts of the material through
42. (D) Nocturnal animal like owl needs more wear and tear.
light to see at night. The large cornea and
pupil allows more light to enter into its
eyes. They also have retina with large 51. (C) Petroleum is a mixture of various
number of rods and only a few cones. constituents such as petroleum gas (LPG),
petrol, kerosene, diesel, lubricating oil,
paraffin wax etc. Various constituents or
43. (C) 1 fractions of petroleum are separated in
2 a petroleum refinery.
Distance 3 52. (D) Carbon monoxide which binds to the
haemoglobin prevents oxygen from
binding. This causes reduction in the
amount of oxygen circulated in the blood
Time which in turn causes inadequate amount
of oxygen distributed to the body. Carbon
The one with the greatest amount of monoxide is poisonous, however it is
friction will be the hardest to move. At difficult for us to detect due to its
any time, the distance travelled by the colourless, odourless and tasteless
system is indicated by the four points in property.
the graph. Graph number 4 shows the

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53. (B) Ammonia gas reacts with HCl to form ii) Liquid fuel like kerosene oil is a
ammonium chloride. Sodium hydroxide petroleum product that is used in stoves,
is neutralised by HCl to form salt and lamps etc. has hydrocarbon. This fuel
water. Silver is too unreactive to react vapourises on burning.
with HCl.
iii) Gaseous fuel like LPG is also a
Fe + 2HCl  FeCl 2 + H 2 petroleum product made up of methane
along with butane and propane in small
54. (A) Accumulating metals and transporting
them from different collection centers to
recycling plants incur cost. As mentioned above, the constituents in
solid, liquid and gaseous fuels are not the
55. (D) CNG is a cleaner and a less polluting fuel.
same, hence the flame produced by a
56. (A) When there is a sufficient supply of fuel depends upon its chemical
oxygen, the substances burn completely composition.
producing a non-luminous or blue flame.
64. (D) Hydrogen is not a fossil fuel.
Insufficient supply of oxygen produces a
yellow flame due to the glowing of 65. (C) The reaction of aluminium with oxygen
unburnt carbon atoms. to form aluminium oxide is a chemical
change which requires energy to occur. It
57. (D) Tincture of iodine is used on wounds as
is an irreversible change. The layer of
an antiseptic.
aluminium oxide protects the underlying
58. (B) Rayon is obtained from natural source and aluminium from coming into contact with
yet it is synthetic. air. This prevents further oxidation and
59. (B) Coal tar is a mixture of about 200 keeps the aluminium shiny.
substances. 66. (B) Teflon is thermally most stable and
60. (A) Incomplete combustion occurs when chemically inert.
there is insufficient oxygen as the fuel is 67. (A) A burning substance will be extinguished
burnt. The amount of oxygen is not if the temperature falls below its ignition
enough to fully oxidise the fuel and temperature.
would result in the formation of carbon
68. (A) Solid fuels leave more smoke and ash on
burning because they contain a large
61. (C) Mg(magnesium) is more reactive than number of impurities.
Fe(iron). When connected, Mg will react
69. (B) Bakelite is a poor conductor of heat and
with O2 preferentially.
electricity. It is used for making electrical
62. (D) Since wool is made from fleece/hair of switches, handles of kettles, pans, lamp
sheep, it gives the smell of burning hair. holders, pins, plugs etc.
63. (C) The type of fuel involved in the 70. (D) Non-metals have low densities, low
combustion determines the type of flame melting points and are poor conductors
(colour and temperature of a flame of electricity.
varies with the chemical composition of
the fuel).
71. (B) Unwanted plants are called weeds.
All fuels, solid, liquid and gaseous are
carbon rich compounds. Carbon is the 72. (B) Thyroid gland plays a key role in
base fuel. In addition fuels specially metamorphosis in frog.
obtained from petroleum are rich in 73. (C) Migration is the movement of an animal
hydrogen. Petroleum fuels are species from its own habitat to other
hydrocarbons. habitat for a particular period.
i) Solid fuel like coal has varied 74. (D) Plastids are pigmented cell organelles.
percentage of carbon in anthracite,
75. (A) Rearing of fishes is called pisciculture.
bituminous and lignite respectively along
with other substances like hydrogen, 76. (A) Cycas is a green plant that belong to
oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. gymnosperms. It contains chloroplast.

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77. (A) Red data book contain list of endangered 83. (C) In the given figure W - virus, X - fungus
species of plants and animals. and Y - protozoan.
78. (A) Chromosomes distribute genetic 84. (A) Options A is euglena which can prepare
information. its own food.
79. (D) Fertilisation is external in fish and 85. (B) Energy flow in an ecosystem is
amphibians. unidirectional.
80. (D) Reduce the dependency on human and 86. (D) One ova is released at a time in female
animal labour and get the job done faster. human beings.
81. (C) Rhizobium bacteria are present in root 87. (D) Adrenal gland in mammals is located on
nodules. top of kidney.
82. (A) A nerve cell is the longest cell in the 88. (B) Viruses cause common cold.
human body.
89. (A) Echidna is an oviparous animals.
90. (B) The genetic material found in a sperm is
22 + Y.

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