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-2015 Paper Code: UN412(1 - 24)

(Code: 412)
Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN415(1 - 24)

(Set A - Code: 415)

Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN418(1 - 24)

(Set B - Code: 418)

Q.P.-2016 Paper Code: UN421(1 - 24)
(Set C - Code: 421)

Key & Solutions


Class : VII Mathematics

What kind of number is 2015?

(A) Prime (B) Odd (C) Even (D) None

Which one of the following fractions is less than ?

22 4 15 33
(A) (B) (C) (D)
63 11 46 98
In the given figure, line m is parallel to line l and is
perpendicular to line p. If x = y, what is the value of x?
p r

(A) 35o (B) 30o (C) 45o (D) 40o

A fraction can be expressed as a terminating decimal, if q
has no prime factors other than
(A) 2, 3 (B) 2, 5 (C) 3, 5 (D) 5, 7

2 × 34 × 25
What is the result of ?
9 × 42
(A) 36 (B) 42 (C) 46 (D) 48
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 1


In the given figure, ABCD is a square with BC = 4. Points P, Q

and R are different points on a line (not shown) that is parallel
to AD . Points P and Q are symmetric about line AB and points
Q and R are symmetric about line CD. What is the length of
PR ?


(A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 10 (D) 12

The figure ABCD is made up of 5 identical rectangles. It has a

perimeter of 54 cm. What is the area of ABCD?

(A) 45 cm 2
(B) 720 cm 2
(C) 360 cm2 (D) 180 cm2

Five years ago, a man was thrice as old as his son and 10 years
later, he shall be twice as old as his son. Find their present ages.
(A) 60, 30 (B) 40, 18 (C) 50, 20 (D) 30, 10

If x is an integer and 2 < x < 7, how many different triangles

are there with sides of lengths 2, 7 and x?
(A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 2


xy is a number that is divided by ab where xy < ab and

gives a result 0.xyxyxy...., which of the following could be
the value of ab?
(A) 11 (B) 33 (C) 99 (D) 66

The sum of eleven different integers is zero. What is the

least number of these integers that must be positive?
(A) Ten (B) One (C) Five (D) Six

The given figure shows a cuboid.

Which of the following are nets of the cuboid?


(A) Only P and Q (B) Only P and S

(C) Only P, Q and R (D) P, Q, R and S

Which of the following is true if ∆ ABC and ∆ PQR are

congruent ?
(A) ∠ BAC = ∠ PQR, ∠ BAC = ∠ QPR and ∠ BCA = ∠ QRP
(B) AB = PQ, AC = PR and ∠ ABC = ∠ QPR
(C) AB = PQ, ∠ ABC = ∠ PQR and ∠ BAC = ∠ PRQ
(D) BC = QR, AC = PR and ∠ ACB = ∠ PRQ

Paper Code: UN412 3


What is the missing term in the following product?

(2a3 – 3)(5a3 – 2) = 10a 6 + _____ + 6

(A) 19a3 (B) –19a3 (C) 16a3 (D) –16a3

The price of a telephone was first increased by 10 percent

and then the new price was decreased by 25 percent. The
final price was what percent of the initial price?
(A) 78% (B) 80% (C) 82.5% (D) 85%

In the given figure, if l m find the value of z in terms of x

and y.

yo m

(A) xo + yo (B) xo – yo (C) 180o – xo (D) 180o – xo – yo

If a and b are odd integers, which of the following must also

be an odd integer?

(i) (a + 1)b
(ii) (a + 1) + b
(iii) (a + 1) – b

(A) Only (i) (B) Only (ii)

(C) Only (ii) and (iii) (D) Only (i) and (ii)
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 4


What are the factors of x (y – z) – y (z – x) – z(x – y)?

(A) 2x(y – z) (B) 2y(z – x)
(C) 2x(z – y) (D) 2z(x – y)

Which of the following is NOT a correct statement form of

3p – 2 = 7?
(A) If 2 is subtracted from 3p, we get 7.
(B) The difference of 3p and 2 is 7, when 3p > 2.
(C) 3p is 7 more than 2.
(D) 3p is 2 less than 7.

Which of the following can be the sides of a triangle?

(A) 4, 8, 2 (B) 4, 4, 8 (C) 3, 6, 3 (D) 7, 8, 9

The given figure is made up of 5 semicircles of radius 10 m.

Find the length of wire needed to form the figure.
(Take π = 3.14)

(A) 122 m (B) 157 m (C) 189 m (D) 100 m

Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 5


What is the percentage of the least number to the greatest

number of the given fractions?

3 9 1 7
, , ,
5 5 5 5

(A) 11 % (B) 10% (C) 20% (D) 25%

If 8a = 10b and 2a = 5b, find the value of ‘a’ for b ≠ 0.

(A) 1 (B) (C) 0 (D) 2

In the given figure the triangles are congruent.

What are the values of x and y ?

(x – 8)0 25
0 650 (y + 3)0
B 4.6 cm C Q 4.6 cm R

(A) 22o, 73o (B) 73o, 22o (C) 33o, 62o (D) 62o, 33o

An iron box is sold at a gain of 16%. If it were sold for 20

more, there would have been a gain of 20%. Find the cost
price of iron box.
(A) ` 420 (B) ` 580 (C) ` 480 (D) ` 500
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 6


Class : VII Physics

Which statement is true in the formation of sea breeze ?
(A) The temperature of the land is higher than the temperature
of water.
(B) The temperature of the land is lower than the temperature
of water.
(C) The cold air on land rises.
(D) The hot air from the sea blows to the land.
A ray of light incident on a plane mirror at an angle of 60o is
reflected. Identify the angles of incidence and reflection.
(A) 30o, 30o (B) 30o, 60o (C) 60o, 30o (D) 60o, 60o
Which of the following change electrical energy to heat,
sound and light energy respectively ?
(A) Electric kettle Lamp Radio
(B) Toaster Electric fan Rice cooker
(C) Hair dryer Electric iron Electric fan
(D) Electric iron Television Tubelight

Which activity can be used to measure time ?

(A) A boy’s pulse rate during jogging.
(B) A swinging pendulum.
(C) Raindrops during a thunder storm.
(D) A girl clapping her hands.
Which of the following is grouped incorrectly ?
(A) Plas c Gold ring
(B) Glass Coin
(C) Iron nail Co on
(D) Wood Silver spoon

Paper Code: UN412 7


Which of these electrical devices does not use an

(A) Electric motor (B) Electric door bell
(C) Electric bulb (D) Loudspeaker
An hourglass takes 20 minutes for all the sand from the top
part to fall to the bottom. A snail ate a small leaf in the time
taken for of the sand to fall to the bottom. How much time
did the snail take?
(A) 3 minutes (B) 4 minutes
(C) 12 minutes (D) 15 minutes
A pencil placed in front of a plane mirror is shown below.
Plane m irror


The pencil is moved from position P to Q. The image formed
(A) become smaller. (B) become larger.
(C) become inverted. (D) remain unchanged.
A student poured some tap water into a plastic cup and put
it in the freezer. After an hour, she took the cup out and
allowed the ice to melt. Identify the correct temperature
recorded at these stages.
Tap water Inside the Mel ng ice
in cup freezer in the cup
(A) 20 C 0 C 0 C
(B) 0 C –4 C 20 C
(C) –4 C 20 C –4 C
(D) 20 C –4 C 0 C

Paper Code: UN412 8


A police car has to patrol a highway of 300 km. If it travels at an

average speed of 60 km/h, at what time can the policemen go
off duty if they start at 8 a.m. everyday ? Assume one tour of
duty involves a two-way drive, out and back.
(A) 2 p.m. (B) 4 p.m. (C) 6 p.m. (D) 8 p.m.
Look at the figure given below carefully.

How many mirrors are required to enable the observer to see

the apple?
(A) 4 (B) 2 (C) 1 (D) 3
What is the physical property required for making the
heating elements in electrical appliances?
(A) High electrical conductivity (B) High density
(C) Strength (D) High melting point

The graph given below shows the speed at which a man

drove his car from place X to place Z.
Speed (km/h)
e g
b h
a c i
Time (h)
At which points did he drive at a constant speed?
(A) a, e, g (B) e, g, i (C) b, d, f (D) b, f, h
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 9


Which of the following will always produce a virtual image?

i. Plane mirror ii. Convex lens
iii. Concave lens iv. Magnifying lens

(A) Only (i) and (ii) (B) Only (i) and (iii)
(C) Only (ii) and (iv) (D) Only (iii) and (iv)
A student prepared the circuit as shown below.

When the bimetallic strip is heated, the bell does not ring.
What mistake has the student made ?
(A) Enough batteries are not used.
(B) The bimetallic strip is fitted wrongly.
(C) The bimetallic strip does not expand upon heating.
(D) The contact screw is too far away from the bimetallic strip.
Which bottle has the coolest liquid?

Thermometer Thermometer

(A) (B) (C) (D)

A student takes 15 minutes to walk to his father’s field and 25

minutes to walk to his tuition class. Assume that he walks at the
same speed to both the places, what conclusion can you make ?
(A) He does not like to go for tuition.
(B) The field is nearer than the place where the tuition is held.
(C) He uses bigger strides when he walks to tuition.
(D) He goes to the field more often than he goes to tuition.

Paper Code: UN412 10


Given below is the heating graph of water.

Temperature ( C)

0 Time(minutes)
t1 t2 t3 t4
How many minutes does it take for the water to be
completely changed into steam?
(A) t 4 (B) t 2 (C) t 3 (D) t 1
A student carried out an experiment and found out that
nichrome wire was the best material she had for making a
heating coil. Which variable did she change while
conducting her experiment ?
(A) Length of the wire (B) Number of batteries
(C) Number of bulbs (D) Material of wire
An object placed in front of a plane mirror forms an image.

i. It is laterally inverted
ii. It is of the same size as the object
iii. It is at the same distance behind the mirror as
the object is in front of the mirror

Which of the following are true of the image formed ?

(A) Only (i) and (ii) (B) Only (ii) and (iii)
(C) Only (i) and (iii) (D) (i), (ii) and (iii)
Four copper blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 are heated until each block
reaches a temperature of 75 oC (Mass of block 1–300 g, block
2–800 g, block 3–400 g and block 4–700 g respectively). Which
block has the most heat?
(A) Copper block 4 (B) Copper block 1
(C) Copper block 2 (D) Copper block 3

Paper Code: UN412 11


Identify the instrument that use mirrors to reflect light.

(A) Telescope (B) Microscope
(C) Periscope (D) All the above
Batteries are used to make a remote-controlled car move,
light up and make sounds. What form(s) of energy have been
converted directly or indirectly from the chemical energy in
the batteries ?
(A) Electrical energy and sound energy
(B) Kinetic energy and light energy
(C) Electrical energy, kinetic energy and light energy
(D) Electrical energy, kinetic energy, light energy and sound

The base of a cooking utensil is usually dull and black. Why

is it made this way ?
(A) Black is a favourite colour of most of the consumers.
(B) Dull surfaces prevent slipping.
(C) Black and dull surfaces are good absorbers of heat.
(D) Black and dull surfaces are good radiators of heat.
Given below are the results of four runners in a running

Runners Distance in (m) Time in (s)

P 100 13
Q 100 13.5
R 100 14
S 100 12

Identify the correct arrangement of runners with their

increasing speeds.
(A) R, Q, S, P (B) R, Q, P, S
(C) S, P, Q, R (D) S, Q, P, R

Paper Code: UN412 12


Class : VII Chemistry

The pH of an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid is 2.
What will be the pH of the acid after the addition of 10 g of
sodium chloride ?
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 7 (D) 9

What are the ways of conserving water?

(i) Watering plants using the water that had been used to
wash rice.
(ii) Rinsing your mouth under a running tap.
(iii) Taking a long bath under a shower.
(iv) Storing rain water in cemented pits for future use.

(A) Only (i) and (ii) (B) Only (i) and (iii)
(C) Only (i) and (iv) (D) Only (ii) and (iii)
Which form of energy is the cause for destruction to life and
property on the earth?
(A) Potential energy (B) Light energy
(C) Wind energy (D) Chemical energy

When a candle burns, the wax drips down its side and
solidifies at the base of the candle. Smoke is given off at the
wick. Which statement about burning of a candle is not true?
(A) The candle weighs the same before and after burning.
(B) The wick undergoes a chemical change.
(C) The smoke contains the products of the chemical change.
(D) Oxygen is involved in the chemical reaction.
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 13


The information given below shows the characteristics of

process X.

Takes place only on the surface of a liquid.

It happens at any temperature.
Occurs continuously.

What is process X?
(A) Condensation (B) Evaporation
(C) Melting (D) Boiling

Observe the figure given below.

What is the advantage for a plane to have such a shape?

(A) The lower pressure on the top makes it easier for the
plane to cruise along in the air.
(B) Air flows faster over the top, creating a difference in
pressure, which allows the plane to lift up.
(C) The lower pressure on the top and the higher pressure below
the plane enables it to move forward smoothly in the air.
(D) The higher pressure below the plane keeps it steady in
the air.

Identify the product P in the given chemical reaction.

6CO2 + 6H2O P + 6O2

(A) C 6H 10 O 4 (B) C 4 H 10 O 2 (C) C 6H 12 O 6 (D) C 2H 8O 8

Paper Code: UN412 14


Fresh distilled water has a pH of 7.0. After it was left standing

for a short time, the pH was observed to have dropped to
below 7.0. Which equation best explains the phenomenon?
(A) HCl → H+ + Cl– (B) H2O → H+ + OH–
(C) CO2 + H2O → CO32– + 2H+ (D) NH3 + H2O → NH4+ + OH–

A boy is flying a kite. What are the changes that can be

caused by the wind on the kite ?

i. Change in colour ii. Change in direc on

iii. Change in speed iv. Change in mass

(A) Only (i) and (ii) (B) Only (ii) and (iii)
(C) Only (i) and (iv) (D) Only (ii), (iii) and (iv)
Potassium hydroxide (an alkali) is neutralised with nitric
acid. What are the products formed?
(A) Potassium nitrate and water
(B) Potassium nitride and oxygen
(C) Potassium oxide and water
(D) Potassium hydride and nitrogen
Solutions P, Q and R are being tested with universal indicator.
The following table shows the results of the experiment.

Solu ons Colour

P Turned Purple
Q Turned Orange
R Turned Green

Which of the following solutions is acidic?

(A) Only P (B) Only Q (C) P and R (D) P and Q

Paper Code: UN412 15


Identify the correct statements of water cycle.

i. The water from the sea loses heat to the surroundings.

ii. The water from the sea gains heat from the surroundings.
iii. The water vapour loses heat to the surroundings.
iv. The water vapour gains heat from the surroundings.

(A) Only (i) and (iii) (B) Only (i) and (iv)
(C) Only (ii) and (iii) (D) Only (ii) and (iv)
Identify a displacement reaction from the given chemical
(A) MgO + H2O → Mg(OH)2
(B) 2NaOH + H2SO4 → Na2SO4 + 2H2O
(C) Zn + CuSO4 → ZnSO4 + Cu
(D) 2HgO → 2Hg + O2
Observe the figure shown below.

What do you think will happen to the tinned or straw roofs

on the house if a strong wind blows in the direction shown?
(A) The occupants will hear the howling sound of the wind.
(B) The electrical supplies will be disrupted.
(C) The roof will be lifted up.
(D) The roof will fall.
Space for rough work

Paper Code: UN412 16


Choose the incorrect statement.

(A) Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
(B) Fresh water on the earth is unlimited.
(C) The water table changes from place to place.
(D) Global warming is causing the amount of stored fresh
water to decrease.
A bee sting is acidic. Which household substance will
neutralise a bee sting?
(A) Damp bicarbonate soda of pH8
(B) Damp common salt of pH7
(C) Lemon juice of pH5
(D) Vinegar of pH4
Which of the following is not an example of decomposition?
(A) Breakdown of a log of wood by the fungi growing on it.
(B) Formation of alcohol from wheat grain by yeast.
(C) Caramelisation (browning) of foods high in sugar
content when heated.
(D) Baking cookies from rye flour, eggs and sugar.
Which acid is used to make gassy drinks?
(A) Tartaric acid (B) Carbonic acid
(C) Sulphuric acid (D) Hydrochloric acid
To save runaway water, we should
(A) raise embankments. (B) dig wells.
(C) raise dams (D) all the above
Identify the order of increasing pH of the solutions.
Note that all the solutions are of the same concentration .
(A) H2SO4, HCl, Aqueous NaOH, Aqueous Ca(OH) 2.
(B) HCl, H2SO4, Aqueous Ca(OH)2, Aqueous NaOH.
(C) Aqueous Ca(OH)2, Aqueous NaOH, HCl, H2SO4.
(D) Aqueous NaOH, Aqueous Ca(OH)2, H2SO4, HCl.

Paper Code: UN412 17


Class : VII Biology

The diagram shows the structure of a flower.

Where do pollination and fertilisation take place?

Look at the diagram below carefully.

Carbon dioxide





Which arrows show the process of respiration?

(A) P and Q only (B) P and S only
(C) Q and R only (D) R and S only

Paper Code: UN412 18


What is the function of bile that is produced in our liver?

(A) To neutralise the food
(B) To help the food to become soluble
(C) To break down fats
(D) To break down carbohydrates
Which of these carries blood?

I. Artery II. Vein III. Nerve IV. Capillary

(A) Only (ii) (B) Only (i) and (ii)

(C) Only (i), (ii) and (iv) (D) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
Which is mainly responsible for the breakdown of dead
material on the forest floor?
(A) Lightning during storms (B) Microbes in the soil
(C) Root hairs of trees (D) Rain water
The experimental set-up was placed in a dark room. After
two hours, the test tube was removed and a glowing splinter
was placed in it. The glowing splinter immediately died out.

Which of the following statements is true about the given

(A) The gas collected in the test tube was oxygen.
(B) Photosynthesis can only take place in a dark room.
(C) The hydrilla only respired, giving off carbon dioxide.
(D) Hydrogen was given off when the plant was placed in
the dark.

Paper Code: UN412 19


Which one is a red blood cell?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

The cut end of a balsam stem was dipped into some iodine.
The diagram below shows what the stem looked like after a

Dark blue
Red patches

The dark blue patches show us the position of the

(A) pores. (B) air spaces.
(C) tubes that carry water. (D) tubes that carry food.
Why are plants called producer?
(A) They can reproduce in a huge amount.
(B) They are dependent on other living things.
(C) They can produce food for other living things.
(D) They can take mineral from the ground.
Study the food chain below.


Which statement about the food chain is incorrect?

(A) Organism A is the prey of organism B.
(B) Organism A has the highest population.
(C) Not all the energy from organism B is transferred to
organism C.
(D) Organism D gets the least energy as it is at the end of the
food chain.

Paper Code: UN412 20


Which one of the following pairs of systems works together,

so that the whole body can receive oxygen?
(A) Skeletal system and digestive system.
(B) Digestive system and respiratory system.
(C) Muscular system and respiratory system.
(D) Respiratory system and circulatory system.

Identify X, Y and Z correctly in the given equation?

Glucose + X → Y + Z + energy

Mrs. Nathan saw a plant which caught her attention because

its flowers had the following characteristics:

Bright red petals with yellow stamens

Wet with nectar
Strong scent

Identify the most likely method for pollination of these

(A) By air (B) By wind (C) By water (D) By insects
Which of these do the hair and mucus in our nostrils help to
filter out?

Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Dust par cles, Hydrogen

(A) Only nitrogen (B) Only carbon dioxide

(C) Only hydrogen (D) Only dust particles

Paper Code: UN412 21


Which structures in plants is/are similar to the blood vessels

in the human circulatory system?
(A) Stem
(B) Leaves and stomata
(C) Roots and root hairs
(D) Phloem and xylem
Last year, insects destroyed all the fruits in a farmer’s orchard.
This year, he used an insecticide to protect his trees.
However, none of his trees bore any fruit. Which of the
following is the most likely explanation?
(A) The insecticide destroyed the trees.
(B) The insecticide polluted the surrounding air.
(C) The insecticide prevented the trees from photo-
(D) The insecticide killed the insects that helped to
pollinate the flowers.
Soil is formed when
(A) water is trapped underground.
(B) air is moving.
(C) rocks and stones are weathered by water waves, heat,
wind, rain and pressure.
(D) the remains of plants and animals decay and are trapped
in between non-porous rocks for millions of years.
Adaptations contribute to the fitness and survival of
individuals. Which of the following is an adaptation?
(A) All plants grow in soil because it contain plenty of nutrients.
(B) Some plants in plains have flexible stems that can bend
in the wind.
(C) All animals have eyes that can see in at least one direction.
(D) Some animals drink water from leaking taps in the summer.

Paper Code: UN412 22


Which of the following correctly classifies plants based on

their way of reproduction?



The given diagram shows the flow of blood in a human body.

X Y Z • Oxygenated blood
• Deoxygenated blood

What organ does X, Y and Z represent?

Paper Code: UN412 23


Class : VII General Awareness

Where is the headquarters of ONGC?
(A) Dehradun(B) Vadodara (C) Digboi (D) Mumbai
UNESCO was established in
(A) 1919 (B) 1957 (C) 1945 (D) 1946
Who won the Grand slam title four times successively?
(A) Martina Navrata lova (B) Steffi Graf
(C) Jennifer Capriati (D) Monica Seles
Which of the following awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi?
(A) Golden Globe (B) Arjuna Award
(C) Magsaysay Award (D) Jhansi Lakhsmi Bai Award
For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize NOT
(A) Physics and Chemistry (B) Physiology or medicine
(C) Literature Peace and Economics (D) Games and sports
How many bits is a byte?
(A) 4 (B) 8 (C) 16 (D) 32
The famous book “Anandmath” was authored by
(A) Sarojini Naidu (B) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya
(C) Sri Aurobindo (D) Rabindranath Tagore
The filament of an electric bulb is made of
(A) tungsten (B) nichrome (C) graphite (D) iron
Which of the following countries is not a member of the G-8
(A) Germany (B) France (C) Italy (D) Spain
Missile ‘Prithvi’ aims
(A) to test the performance of an indigenously built heat-
(B) to hit target without the help of the Air Forces
(C) to defend a large installations like oil fields etc., against
enemy attacks
(D) to observe the parallels of longitudes
Paper Code: UN412 24

Class : VII Mathematics

1. When a number is reduced by 4, it becomes 80% of itself.
Find the number.
(A) 20 (B) 30 (C) 40 (D) 50

2. In a ∆ABC, if AB + BC = 10 cm, BC + CA = 12 cm,

CA + AB = 16 cm, what is the sum of the lengths of its
sides ?
(A) 19 cm (B) 17 cm (C) 38 cm (D) 30 cm
3. The present age of A is twice that of B. 30 years from
now, age of A will be 1½ times that of B. Find the present
ages (in years) of A and B respectively.
(A) 60, 30 (B) 30, 60 (C) 40, 50 (D) 50, 40
4. Over which of the following operations is multiplication
distributed in the set of integers ?
(A) –, ÷ (B) –, × (C) +, – (D) ×, ÷
5. What is the value of
(a3 – 2a2 + 4a – 5) – (–a3 – 8a + 2a2 + 5) ?
(A) 2a3 + 7a2 + 6a – 10 (B) 2a3 + 7a2 + 12a – 10
(C) 2a3 – 4a2 + 12a – 10 (D) 2a3 – 4a2 + 6a – 10
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 1


6. How many pieces of equal size can be cut from a rope of

30 metres long, each measuring 3 metres ?
(A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 6 (D) 12
7. A shopkeeper sold two watches for 425 each, gaining 10%
on one and losing 10% on the other. Which of the following
is true ?
(A) He gains 1%. (B) He loses 1%.
(C) No loss no gain (D) He gains 10%.

8. In the figure given, AC = BD and ∠ BAC = ∠ CDB = 90°.



If ∆ABC ≅ ∆DCB by R.H.S. property which of the following

is required ?
(A) The measure of AB. (B) The measure of CD.
(C) The measure of BC. (D) AC = BD
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 2


9. In a math test, the highest marks obtained by a student in

the class is twice the lowest marks plus 7. If the highest
score is 87, what is the lowest score ?
(A) 42 (B) 39 (C) 40 (D) 44
10. Between which two numbers does lie ?
(A) 1 and 2 (B) 2 and 3
(C) 3 and 4 (D) 11 and 12
11. The pie-chart depicts the results of a survey conducted to
identify the favourite juice of some students.

Orange Mango

135° Others


How many students like other juices if the total number

of students is 360 ?
(A) 70 (B) 80 (C) 65 (D) 60
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 3


12. A lift descends into an underground floor at the rate of 6

metres per minute. If the descent starts from 10 metres
above the ground level, how much time will it take to
descend 350 metres ?
(A) 30 minutes (B) 50 minutes
(C) 1 hour (D) 1 hour 30 minutes
13. A book consists of 216 pages. During last week, Suresh read
of the book. How many pages did he read ?
(A) 126 (B) 162 (C) 116 (D) 161
14. If the angles (2a – 10)° and (a – 11)° are complementary,
what is the value of 'a' ?
(A) 37° (B) 27° (C) 17° (D) 7°
15. Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
(A) The sum of angles in a triangle is 2 right angles.
(B) The exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the
interior angle of the triangle.
(C) The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right
angled triangle.
(D) All the above.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 4


3 9
16. Find a rational number between and .
4 11
1 13 69 1
(A) (B) (C) (D)
2 11 88 4
17. Which of the following statements is correct ?
(A) The difference of any two sides is less than
the third side.
(B) A triangle cannot have two obtuse angles.
(C) A triangle cannot have an obtuse angle and
a right angle.
(D) All the above.

18. ∆ABC is congruent to ∆XYZ. Find the measures of

∠N and ∠y respectively.
A Z 8 cm Y
60o 40o
B 8 cm C X

(A) 80o, 60o (B) 60o, 40o

(C) 80o, 40o (D) 60o, 80o
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 5


19. When the circumference and area of a circle are

numerically equal, what is the diameter numerically
equal to ?
(A) Area (B) Circumference
(C) 2 π (D) 4
20. When a certain number, ‘m’ is divided by 5 and added
to 8, the result is equal to thrice the number subtracted
from 4. What is the value of ‘m’ ?
" − −5
(A) 2 (B) (C) (D)
! ! 4

21. In the given figure, ABCD is a parallelogram. DL ⊥ AB and

DM ⊥ BC. If AB = 18 cm, BC = 12 cm and DM = 10 cm,
find DL.


(A) 6 cm (B) 6 cm
(C) 6 cm (D) 6 cm
! 4
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 6


22. Through the vertex A of ∆ABC, a line XY is drawn parallel

to BC.

y Y

B b c C

Which of the following is correct ?

(A) b = y (B) c = N
(C) a = b (D) a + b + c = N + a + y
23. Of the following, which is greater than ?
2 4 4 5
(A) (B) (C) (D)
5 7 9 11
24. John’s collection contains US, Indian and British stamps. If
the ratio of US to Indian stamps is 5 : 2 and the ratio of
Indian to British stamps is 5 : 1, what is the ratio of US to
British stamps ?
(A) 10 : 5 (B) 15 : 2 (C) 20 : 2 (D) 25 : 2
25. The diameter of a wheel of a cycle is 70 cm. It moves slowly
along a road. What distance will it cover in 24 complete
revolutions ?
(A) 5820 cm (B) 5280 cm
(C) 5028 cm (D) 5082 cm
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 7


Class : VII Physics

26. The image formed in a plane mirror is
(A) a real image.
(B) an inverted image.
(C) at the same distance behind the mirror as the
object is in front of it.
(D) slightly smaller than the object is.
27. A man starts out for his office at 6.30 a.m. every morning.
Travelling at 60 km/h, he reaches his office at 7 a.m. How
far is his office from his home ?
(A) 7 km (B) 15 km
(C) 30 km (D) 45 km
28. Identify an application of heat radiation.
(A) Oil storage tanks are painted with aluminium
(B) Pipes on solar water heaters are painted black.
(C) Pipes at the back of refrigerator are painted black.
(D) All of the above.
29. Which of these shows electrical energy being used to
create a magnet ?
(A) Toasting bread in an electric toaster
(B) Using a solar panel
(C) Switching on a fluorescent lamp
(D) Passing electricity through wires wound around
an iron bar
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 8


30. The diagram shows the image of a wristwatch in a plane


What is the correct time ?

(A) 1.20 (B) 4.05 (C) 7.55 (D) 8.05
31. A body is said to have a uniform motion if it covers
(A) unequal distances in equal intervals of time.
(B) unequal distances in unequal intervals of time.
(C) equal distances in equal intervals of time.
(D) none of the above.
32. Which statement about heat radiation is true ?
(A) No media is involved.
(B) No transfer of heat energy.
(C) Vacuum can prevent heat radiation.
(D) All of the above.
33. Identify a device used to measure electric current in a
(A) Speedometer (B) Ammeter
(C) Voltameter (D) Battery
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 9


34. Which statement about light is incorrect ?

(A) Light is a form of energy.
(B) Light travels in a straight line.
(C) Light obeys the laws of reflection.
(D) Light cannot penetrate through solids.
35. The table given below shows the freezing and boiling
points of four liquids.

Mercury Alcohol Pentane Water

Freezing point –39 C –112 C –180 C 0 C
Boiling point 357 C 78 C 36.5 C 100 C

Which liquid can be used in a thermometer to measure

temperature between –50o C and 50o C ?
(A) Mercury (B) Alcohol
(C) Pentane (D) Water
36. A car parked in a parking lot is an example of a body in/at
(A) rest. (B) motion.
(C) uniform acceleration. (D) uniform speed.
37. Identify a part in a circuit that changes electrical energy into
another form of energy.
(A) Energy source (B) Wire
(C) Switch (D) Load (bulb etc.,)
38. In a container, water and ice are found to be in thermal
equilibrium. What is most likely to be the temperature of
the water ?
(A) Less than 0o C (B) Around –4o C
(C) 4o C (D) Exactly 0o C

Paper Code: UN 415 10


39. The image formed by a plane mirror cannot be

(A) virtual.
(B) smaller than the object.
(C) erect.
(D) same size as the object.
40. When the switch of an electric beli is on, then electric
current in it
(A) flows and stops in succession.
(B) flows continuously.
(C) first flows in one direction and after some time
in other direction.
(D) flows in the beginning and then stops forever.
41. Which thermometer makes use of the expansion and
contraction of liquid when temperature changes ?
(A) Bimetallic thermometer
(B) Mercury thermometer
(C) Liquid crystal thermometer
(D) Thermocouple thermometer
42. Which mirror/lens can form a real image of an object ?
(A) Plane mirror (B) Convex mirror
(C) Convex lens (D) Concave lens
43. The second’s hand of a clock is 5 cm long. The speed of the
tip of this hand is
(A) 0.52 cm/s (B) 5.2 cm/s
(C) 52.0 cm/s (D) none of these
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 11


44. The diagram below shows the parts of an electric iron.

The sole is usually made of steel. Which property is the

most important in its use ?
(A) Resistant to rusting
(B) Strong and hard
(C) Conducts heat well
(D) Conducts electricity well
45. A student was trying to build a railway track.

He should leave gaps in the railway tracks to allow for

(A) expansion on hot days.
(B) expansion on cold days.
(C) contraction on cold days.
(D) contraction on hot days.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 12


46. The cheetah is the fastest land animal which can attain a
maximum speed of 112 km/h. Express this speed in m/s.
(A) 11 m/s (B) 21 m/s
(C) 31.1 m/s (D) 41 m/s
47. The amount of heat produced in a wire depends on its
(A) length. (B) thickness.
(C) material. (D) all of the above
48. A spherical mirror with its reflecting surface on the outside
is a
(A) plane mirror. (B) concave mirror.
(C) convex mirror. (D) both (A) and (B)
49. A boy rides a bicycle and travels at 50 km/h for 2 hours.
The remaining 30 km is covered at 60 km/h. What is the
average speed of the bicycle ?
(A) 55 km/h (B) 50 km/h
(C) 52 km/h (D) 65 km/h
50. Which situation does not produce heat ?
(A) Sharpening a knife (B) Rubbing hands
(C) Taking a shower (D) Striking two stones
Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 13


Class : VII Chemistry

51. Which natural disaster is characterized by thunder and
lightning ?
(A) Drought (B) Flood
(C) Thunderstorm (D) Cyclone
52. In an experiment, 10 grams of HCl is mixed with 10 grams
of NaOH. The reaction produces 10 grams of water. How
much NaCl is produced from the reaction ?
(A) 9 grams (B) 10 grams
(C) 11 grams (D) 12 grams
53. Fruits, such as apples, once they are cut often turn brown
after sometime. To prevent this, people often submerge
cut apples into a bowl of salt water. What does the bowl
of salt water do to the apples ?
(A) Salt water absorbs the brown pigments in the
(B) Prevents the oxidation process of the apples.
(C) The salt hydrolyses the melanin.
(D) None of the above.
54. A neutralisation reaction
(A) includes an acid and a base.
(B) produces a salt.
(C) forms water.
(D) all of the above.
55. Air exerts pressure in
(A) all directions.
(B) downward direction only.
(C) upward direction only.
(D) sideways only.

Paper Code: UN 415 14


56. Which of the experiments given below involves a chemical

change ?

Experiment Observation
(A) Mixing sugar and The sugar dissolves in
water the water.
(B) A piece of toast is The toast hardens
placed in a toaster and turns black.
for 10 minutes
(C) Cooking oil is poured The cooking oil does
on top of a glass of not dissolve and floats
water on the water.
(D) A pan of water in left After some time, all the
under a heat water disappears.

57. Which chemical is classified as a corrosive substance ?

(A) Saltwater (B) Dilute acid
(C) Crude oil (D) Ethanol
58. Which power is generated from water ?
(A) Nuclear power (B) Thermonuclear power
(C) Thermal power (D) Hydroelectric power
59. Identify the correct statement.
(A) Burning of coal does not produce a new
(B) Rust is hydrated Fe2O3.
(C) The fizz that comes out when a soda bottle is
opened is due to a chemical change.
(D) Respiration is a physical process.
60. Which state of India is most likely to be hit by a cyclone ?
(A) Punjab (B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Jammu and Kashmir

Paper Code: UN 415 15


61. The compound that produces hydroxyl ions (OH–) in water

are called
(A) alkalies. (B) bases.
(C) acids. (D) none of these
62. Which term is not associated with cyclones ?
(A) Strong winds (B) Heavy rains
(C) Tidal waves (D) Volcanic eruptions
63. What is the best method to prevent rusting ?
(A) Painting (B) Greasing
(C) Galvanization (D) Precipitation
64. A solution reacts with crushed egg-shells to give a gas that
turns lime-water milky, the solution contains
(A) NaCl (B) HCl
(C) KCl (D) None of these
65. Which of the following undergoes a chemical
change ?
(A) Cooling a sodium chloride solution which forms
(B) Heating a zinc strip until it forms a liquid
(C) Put an iron nail in tap water for several days
(D) Heating fodine crystals in a closed container
66. The fact that, increased wind speed results in reduced air
pressure principle was given by
(A) Galileo (B) Bernoulli
(C) Newton (D) Einstein
67. A solution turns red litmus blue, its pH is likely to be
(A) 1 (B) 4
(C) 5 (D) 10

Paper Code: UN 415 16


68. Which of the given methods does not result in

conservation of water ?
(A) Using drip irrigation
(B) Recycling of water
(C) Cutting vegetation to decrease water lost by
(D) Planting more trees
69. What is true of the ‘eye’ of a cyclone?
(A) It is an area of high pressure
(B) It is an area of low pressure
(C) It has lots of clouds and rains
(D) It has high temperature
70. In a combination reaction, how many products are formed ?
(A) Two only
(B) One or two only
(C) One only
(D) Number cannot be specified
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 17


Class : VII Biology

71. The gas that is diffusing out of the body cells into the
blood capillary contains more.

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Hydrogen
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon monoxide
72. The equation given below represents the process of
X + Water ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
→ Glucose+ Y + Water

Identify X and Y.
(A) X-O2 , Y-CO2 (B) X - CO2,Y-O2
(C) X - C,Y-H2 (D) X - O2, Y-H2
73. Identify the given figure.

(A) Green plant (B) Fungi

(C) Protozoa (D) Bacteria

Paper Code: UN 415 18


74. Which of the following correctly represents the main

organs like “P” for (circulatory), “Q” for (digestive) and
“R” for (respiratory) respectively ?

(A) Kidneys Liver Heart
(B) Liver Stomach Kidneys
(C) Heart Stomach Lungs
(D) Lungs Kidneys Stomach

75. Silk is for cocoon and wool is for

(A) stem of cotton plant. (B) hair of rabbit.
(C) fleece of sheep. (D) skin of goat.
76. Which of the following systems is responsible for
producing enzymes that aid in break down of substances
that are to be absorbed for the body’s growth and repair?
(A) Respiratory system (B) Digestive system
(C) Circulatory system (D) Nervous system
77. Identify X and Y.

X – Produces antibodies ,
Y – Helps in blood clotting

(A) X – Platelets, Y–WBC

(B) X–RBC, Y–Platelets
(C) X–Plasma, Y–Platelets
(D) X–WBC, Y–Platelets
78. In man, exchange of gases occurs in
(A) bronchioles. (B) bronchus.
(C) trachea. (D) alveoli.

Paper Code: UN 415 19


79. The figure given below shows how water is transported

through a plant.

Which part of the leaf controls the rate of loss of water

to the air ?
(A) Epidermis (B) Stomata
(C) Vascular bundles (D) Cuticle
80. An animal is observed in the polar region. Which of the
following adaptive characteristics may found in that
animal ?
(A) Growth of thin and less hairy skin.
(B) Sharp beaks and strong claws.
(C) Growth of thick fur on its skin.
(D) Light weight wings to fly.
81. Identify the processes ‘X’ and ‘Y’ in the figure given below.


(A) X-cross pollination Y-self pollination

(B) X-self pollination Y-cross pollination
(C) X-Dispersal Y-Fertilisation of two cells
(D) X-Germination, Y-Dispersional

Paper Code: UN 415 20


82. Which of the following is the correct sequence of double

circulation of blood in human beings ?
(A) Heart → Lungs → Organs → Heart → Organs
(B) Heart → Organs → Lungs → Heart → Lungs
(C) Heart → Lungs → Heart → Organs → Heart
(D) Lungs → Heart → Lungs → Heart → Organs
83. Which organism is described in the information given
below ?

(i) Respire anaerobically

(ii) Used to make wine
(iii) Reproduces by budding

(A) Potato (B) Grapes

(C) Yeast (D) Mucor
84. Which organism does not belong to the group of unicellular
organisms ?
(A) Amoeba (B) Paramecium
(C) Euglena (D) Sponge
85. Observe the figures given below.

Which characteristic is common to all the three of them?

(A) They have opposable thumb.
(B) They have scales for body covering.
(C) They live both on land and in water.
(D) They use both their hind limbs and forelimbs to
Paper Code: UN 415 21

86. Which of these plants undergo vegetative

reproduction ?
(A) Tomato, lady's-finger, onion, cauliflower.
(B) Potato, ginger, onion, sugarcane.
(C) Cauliflower, onion, potato, tomato.
(D) Lady's-finger, onion, ginger, sugarcane.
87. Which of the following layers of soil provides shelter for
many living organisms ?
(A) A-Horizon (B) B-Horizon
(C) C-Horizon (D) None of these
88. In which part of the alimentary canal does the complete
digestion and absorption of food takes place ?
(A) Large intestine (B) Small intestine
(C) Oesophagus (D) Stomach
89. Match the given organisms with their locomotory organs
and select the correct answer.

a. Earthworm 1. Cilia
b. Euglena 2. Tentacles
c. Paramoecium 3. Body segments
d. Hydra 4. Flagella

(A) a–2, b–3, c–1, d–4 (B) a–3, b–2, c–4, d–1
(C) a–3, b–4, c–1, d–2 (D) a–2, b–1, c–4, d–3
90. Which seed is NOT dispersed by wind?

(A) P (B) Q (C) R (D) S

Paper Code: UN 415 22


Class : VII General Awareness

91. What is the national game of China ?
(A) Hockey (B) Tennis
(C) Table Tennis (D) Judo
92. What is the purpose of ‘Give it Up’ campaign, launched by
P.M. Narendra Modi ?
(A) Rich people to surrender their black money.
(B) Surrender the LPG subsidy.
(C) Rich people to give up a percentage of money to the
(D) Give away royalty of ancestral wealth to government.
93. Who composed the National Song of India ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Bankim Chandra Chatterji
(C) Mohammad Iqbal
(D) Jai Shankar Prasad
94. The given logo belongs to which company ?

(A) Vodafone
(B) Volkswagen
(C) Tayota
95. Which of these minerals is called the ‘fool’s gold’ ?
(A) Eluorite (B) Silica
(C) Pyrite (D) Galena

Paper Code: UN 415 23


96. Durand Cup is associated with which sport ?

(A) Swimming (B) Football
(C) Table Tennis (D) Hockey
97. Which state accomplished India’s first river-linking project,
linking rivers Godavari and Krishna ?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Telangana
(C) Tamil Nadu (D) Karnataka
98. What does the acronym NASA stand for ?
(A) North America Space Administration
(B) National Air Force and space Administration
(C) National Art and Sculpture Administration
(D) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
99. The famous tagline “Technology that touches life” belongs
to which company ?
(A) Hitachi (B) HCL
(C) Lenovo (D) Acer
100. Who is the present President of Russia ?
(A) Vladimir Putin (B) Boris Yeltsin
(C) Dmitry Medvedev (D) Francois Hollande
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 415 24


Class : VII Mathematics

1. If C = , find the value of N.
bC − a C−a C+a 1−C
(A) (B) (C) (D)
C −1 C −b C +b a − bC
2. Which of the following statements is true ?
3 −12 3 −12
(A) > (B) =
−8 32 −8 32
3 −12 3 4
(C) < (D) >
−8 32 5 3
3. The hour hand of a clock is 4.5 cm long. What distance
does its tip cover in 12 hours ?
(A) 28 m (B) 336 cm
(C) 28.28 cm (D) 339.4 cm
4. The measurements of ∆DEF are EF = 8.4 cm, ∠E = 103°
and ∠ F = 85°. Which of the following is correct ?
(A) ∆DEF can be constructed.
(B) ∆DEF is an obtuse angled triangle.
(C) ∆DEF cannot be constructed.
(D) ∆DEF is an acute angled triangle.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 1


5. A student has to secure 40% marks to pass. He got 40

marks and failed by 40 marks. What is the maximum
number of marks ?
(A) 400 (B) 300
(C) 200 (D) 100
6. In the given figure, AB = AC and AD is the bisector of
∠ BAC.

* , +

Which among the following statements is true ?

(A) ∆ADB ≅ ∆ABC (B) ∆ADC ≅ ∆ABC
(C) ∠B = ∠ C (D) ∠ ABC = ∠ CAB

7. If 40 – × P = 0, then what is the value of P ?
1 199
(A) 0 (B) (C) (D) 200
5 5
8. The table shows the number of hours Pavan studies on
different days of a week.

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat

3 4 2 5 4 3

How many hours per day does he study on an average ?

(A) 3.5 hours (B) 3 hours
(C) 4 hours (D) 4.5 hours
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 2


9. Given A = P(1 + rt), what is the value of 'r' when A = 27,

P = 18 and t = 5 ?
1 1 27 1
(A) (B) (C) (D)
2 5 5 10
10. A certain freezing process requires that room
temperature be lowered from 40°C at the rate of 5°C
every hour. What is the room temperature after 10
hours ?
(A) 0 °C (B) –5 °C (C) –10 °C (D) –15 °C
11. PQR is a straight line.

5  o 6
2 3 4

What is the value of N ?

(A) 20 o (B) 25 o
(C) 15 o (D) 30 o
12. If a, b and c are the sides of a triangle, which of the following
is correct ?
(A) a – b > c (B) c > a + b
(C) c = a + b (D) b < c + a
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 3


13. Two triangles, ∆PQR and ∆DEF are of the same size and
shape. What can we conclude about them ?
(A) ∆PQR is smaller than ∆DEF.
(B) ∆PQR is larger than ∆DEF.
(C) ∆PQR is congruent to ∆DEF.
(D) ∆PQR is not congruent to ∆DEF.

1 th
14. The S.I. on a sum of money is of the principal and the
number of years is equal to the rate percent per annum.
Find the rate percent.
1 1 1 1
(A) 2 % (B) 3 % (C) 4 % (D) 3 %
3 3 2 2
15. The length and breadth of a rectangular hall in a model
are 0.4 m and 30 cm respectively. What is the distance
between the opposite corners of the wall in the model ?
(A) 34.16 m (B) 50 m
(C) 34.16 cm (D) 50 cm
16. How can 8 hundredths be written ?
(A) 0.008 (B) 0.08 (C) 0.800 (D) 800
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 4


17. In a coconut grove, (N + 2) trees yield 60 coconuts per year,

N trees yield 120 coconuts per year and (N – 2) trees yield
180 coconuts per year. If the average yield per year per
tree is 100, find N.
(A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 1
18. With respect to which of the following operations is
closure property satisfied by the set of integers ?
(A) +, × (B) +, ÷, × (C) +, ×, – (D) +, –, ÷

19. If OP is a ray standing on a line QR such that

∠POQ = ∠POR, what is the measure ∠POQ ?
(A) 45° (B) 60° (C) 75° (D) 90°
20. In a ∆ÁÂC, if AB2 = BC2 + AC2, at which vertex is the right
angle ?
(A) A (B) B
(C) C (D) Either A or B
21. If the radius of a circle is increased by 1 unit, what is the
ratio of circumference and the diameter of circle so
formed ?
(A) π : 1 (B) 1 : π (C) π : 3 (D) 3 : π
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 5


22. Which of the following is true ?

(A) The product of numbers p and q subtracted from
7 is 7 + pq.
(B) y – y3 is a monomial.
(C) The coefficient of y2 in 2N2y + 7y2 is 7.
(D) 100z3 is a binomial.
23. Find the value of
⎛ 2⎞ ⎛ 2⎞ ⎛ 2⎞ ⎛ 2 ⎞ ⎛ 2 ⎞ ⎛ 2 ⎞
⎜ 1 + 1 ⎟ × ⎜ 1 + 2 ⎟ × ⎜ 1 + 3 ⎟ × ...... × ⎜ 1 + 26 ⎟ × ⎜ 1 + 27 ⎟ × ⎜ 1 + 28 ⎟ .
⎝ ⎠ ⎝ ⎠ ⎝ ⎠ ⎝ ⎠ ⎝ ⎠ ⎝ ⎠
(A) 870 (B) 15 (C) 435 (D) 217.5
24. If selling price is doubled, the profit triples. Find the
profit percent.
(A) 50% (B) 100% (C) 200% (D) 25%
25. In a class, there was an equal number of boys and girls.
of the boys wore spectacles. What fraction of the children
wore spectacles ?
1 1 1 2
(A) (B) (C) (D)
20 10 5 5
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 6


Class : VII Physics

26. A virtual image larger than the object can be produced by a
(A) concave lens. (B) concave mirror.
(C) convex mirror. (D) plane mirror.
27. A faster moving object covers
(A) less distance in more time.
(B) more distance in more time.
(C) less distance in less time.
(D) more distance in less time.
28. Identify an electrical appliance that uses the principle of
convection in its function.
(A) Iron (B) Bulb
(C) Refrigerator (D) Television
29. The most suitable material to be used as the core of an
electromagnet is
(A) steel. (B) iron.
(C) copper. (D) ceramic.
30. Which mirror shows lateral inversion ?
(A) Plane mirror (B) Concave mirror
(C) Convex mirror (D) None of these
31. Which of these represents one complete oscillation of the
pendulum shown below ?

2 4

Paper Code: UN 418 7


32. The set-up in the given figure is used to investigate heat

transfer in vacuum.

Heat from the electric bulb reaches the thermometer by

(A) conduction. (B) convection.
(C) diffusion. (D) radiation.
33. Which object will NOT be attracted to the nail ?

(A) Another nail (B) Magnet

(C) Iron key chain (D) Nylon string
34. Which statement regarding a rainbow is correct ?
(A) It is always seen as a circle.
(B) The order of colours is always (from the top to bottom
as seen from the ground) violet, indigo, blue, green,
yellow, orange, red.
(C) Its order of colours is always (from the top to bottom as
seen from the ground) red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo, violet.
(D) The order of colours can be either violet to red or red to
violet depending upon the time of the day.

Paper Code: UN 418 8


35. The two glasses X and Y are stuck together as shown below.

How can the glasses be separated ?

(A) Heating both the glasses
(B) Soaking glass Y in ice cubes
(C) Pouring hot water into glass X
(D) Pouring hot water over glass Y
36. How long will it take for a child walking at 5 m/s to cover a
distance of 200 m ?
(A) 10 s (B) 20 s
(C) 40 s (D) 80 s
37. The necessary requirement for a fuse wire is a/an
(A) conductor with low melting point.
(B) conductor with high melting point.
(C) insulator with low melting point.
(D) insulator with high meltig point.
38. A student put a pinch of salt in the middle of an ice-cube,
and left it in a cool place. After 10 minutes she observed a
hole in the middle of the ice-cube. What does her
experiment show ?
(A) Salt reacts with the ice and destroys it.
(B) Salt can be used to make holes in other materials.
(C) Salt rises the melting point of the ice.
(D) The middle of an ice-cube always melts faster than
the outside.

Paper Code: UN 418 9


39. A magnifying glass is a

(A) convex lens. (B) concave lens.
(C) prism. (D) none of these
40. Circuit breakers are useful because they shut off the current
(A) before the electricity warms up the device too much
causing it to spark and start a fire.
(B) so that you can save energy and have a lower electricity
(C) before you waste too much electricity.
(D) so you do not have to switch off the device when you
have finished using it.
41. Walls of houses in hot regions are painted white so that
they stay
(A) warm during summer.
(B) cool during summer.
(C) warm during winter.
(D) cool during winter.
42. Which surface cannot produce a clear image of an object?
(A) Rough (B) Ideal
(C) Smooth (D) Curved
43. Car 1 and 2 move from town P to town Q. Car 1 starts
moving 1 hour earlier than car 2. If the speed of car 1 is
double the speed of car 2, which of the following
statements is TRUE ?
(A) For equal time interval, car 2 moves a larger
distance than car 1.
(B) Car 2 will overtake car 1 at a certain point.
(C) It is impossible for car 2 to overtake car 1.
(D) The case is impossible to happen.

Paper Code: UN 418 10


44. Which action is an incorrect safety practice with electricity ?

(A) Always clean an electrical appliance while it is
switched on.
(B) Never switch lights on with wet hands.
(C) Never plug too many appliances into one socket.
(D) Always engage a qualified electrician to repair
electrical faults.
45. Identify a correct statement about heat.
(A) It is a form of energy which can only be
transferred via a medium.
(B) It can cause a chemical reaction.
(C) It can be released by a chemical reaction.
(D) Both (B) and (C)
46. The one which travels the fastest is
(A) cheetah. (B) wind.
(C) sound. (D) light.
47. Which of these effects can be produced by an electric
current ?

(A) 1 and 2 only (B) 1, 2 and 3 only

(C) 2, 3 and 4 only (D) 1, 2, 3 and 4
48. When you look at yourself in a plane mirror, you see a
(A) real image behind the mirror.
(B) real image on the surface of the mirror.
(C) virtual image behind the mirror.
(D) virtual image in front of the mirror.

Paper Code: UN 418 11


49. Which event is used for the measurement of time ?

(A) Occurrence of an earthquake
(B) Speedometer in a vehicle
(C) Motion of a pendulum
(D) Collision of a meteorite with a planet
50. When a metal is heated, it expands in volume. What does
this imply ?
(A) Its thickness decreases to compensate the
expansion in other directions.
(B) Its mass increases as it becomes bigger.
(C) Its density decreases as its volume increases.
(D) Its density increases as its volume increases.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 12


Class : VII Chemistry

51. Warm air is lighter than cold air. Why ?
(A) Warm air has more pressure.
(B) Molecules are closer in warm air.
(C) Warm air expands and becomes lighter.
(D) Both (A) and (B)
52. Which solution has the highest concentration of hydroxide
ions ?
(A) Solution of pH 3 (B) Solution of pH 5
(C) Solution of pH 7 (D) Solution of pH 12
53. Identify a correct statement.
(A) Crystallization is a chemical change
(B) Digestion is a chemical change
(C) Burning of paper is a temporary change
(D) A reversible change is always chemical
54. What is true of all acids in aqueous solution ?
(A) They conduct electricity.
(B) They turn universal Indicator red.
(C) They react with all metals to give hydrogen gas.
(D) They react with ammonium salts to give ammonia gas.
55. The winds on the earth do not flow in the exact “north to
south” or “south to north” directions. Why ?
(A) Due to the seasons of the earth
(B) Due to the shape of the earth
(C) Due to the rotation of the earth
(D) Due to the revolution of the earth

Paper Code: UN 418 13


56. What causes the candle flame to get extinguished ?

(A) Evolution of O2 gas (B) Evolution of CO2 gas

(C) Formation of Ca(OH)2 (D) Formation of CaCl2
57. In which of the following can sulphuric acid be found ?

(A) I only (B) I and II only

(C) I and III only (D) II and III only
58. Which process is not a part of water cycle ?
(A) Evaporation (B) Condensation
(C) Precipitation (D) Conduction
59. Which of these is a chemical change ?
(A) A substance with different chemical properties is
(B) A substance in a different state but similar
chemical properties is formed.
(C) The molecules of the substances do not undergo
any change.
(D) A substance with a different shape and size but
similar chemical properties is formed.

Paper Code: UN 418 14


60. What is NOT affected by a difference in air pressure ?

P - Hurricane
Q - Tornado
R - Volcano

(A) Only P and Q (B) Only Q and R

(C) Only Q (D) Only R
61. An organic weak acid is
(A) formic acid. (B) sulphuric acid.
(C) nitric acid. (D) hydrochloric acid.
62. Which action is the best to do during heavy lightning ?
(A) Lying on the ground in an open place
(B) Going into the nearest water body
(C) Staying indoors away from metallic doors or
(D) Standing under a tall tree
63. The reaction that has only one reactant is
(A) combination. (B) decomposition.
(C) single displacement. (D) double displacement.
64. Identify an acidic solution.
(A) Vinegar (B) Ammonia
(C) Sodium hydroxide (D) Potassium hydroxide
65. What change occurs when a boy kicks a football ?
(A) Biochemical (B) Periodic
(C) Physical (D) Chemical

Paper Code: UN 418 15


66. A tropical cyclone is caused by

(A) strong air pressure.
(B) energy of the ocean waves.
(C) energy of the wind.
(D) sun's energy.
67. Identify an incorrect statement.
(A) The pH scale is used to measure the acidity or
alkalinity of a solution.
(B) The pH scale consists of values from 0 to 14.
(C) The pH value is a measure of the concentration
of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions.
(D) A pH value of 7 indicates an acidic solution.
68. The water table in an area will go down when we
(A) do not use groundwater.
(B) use groundwater slowly than it is replenished.
(C) use groundwater faster than it is replenished.
(D) plant too many trees causing loss of water by
69. Wind currents occur across the globe due to
(A) the rotation of the earth.
(B) change in season.
(C) uneven heating between the equator and poles.
(D) gravitational pull of the sun.
70. Which metal burns in the air with a very bright white light to
produce a white smoke ?
(A) Copper (B) Magnesium
(C) Iron (D) Zinc

Paper Code: UN 418 16


Class : VII Biology

71. Which set of animals exhibit cutaneous respiration ?
(A) Grasshopper, cockroach
(B) Fish, snake
(C) Caterpillars, tadpole
(D) Earthworm, frog
72. The diagram given shows the flow of oxygen in our body.

4 Heart S
All parts of
Lungs the body
3 Nose
Windpi pe
Which of the labelled arrows is drawn INCORRECTLY ?
(A) P (B) Q
(C) R (D) S
73. Arrange the sentences given below in order to
describe the process of fertilisation.

W: The pollen tube grows down through the

style reaches the ovary.
X : The pollen grain germinates on reaching the
Y : The male gamete moves into the ovule to
fuse with the ovum.
Z : The pollen tube grows out from the pollen.

Which of these options are in the correct order ?


Paper Code: UN 418 17


74. Which labelled part of the human digestive system

absorbs water from undigested food ?

(A) P (B) Q
(C) R (D) S
75. Where does most of the transpiration take place in the
given figure ?

(A) P (B) R
(C) Q (D) S
76. Which of the following nutrients are called body
building foods ?
(A) Vitamins (B) Fats
(C) Carbohydrates (D) Proteins
77. Reproduction in bryophyllum takes place by
(A) root. (B) leaf.
(C) stem. (D) spores.

Paper Code: UN 418 18


78. In which agricultural method different types of crops are

grown in a piece of land season after season ?
(A) Monoculture (B) Field fallow
(C) Crop rotation (D) Terrace farming
79. Choose the correct option that shows the passage of air
during the process of breathing.
(A) Nose → Lungs → Wind pipe → Blood
(B) Nose → Blood → Wind pipe → Lungs
(C) Nose → Blood → Lungs → Wind pipe
(D) Nose → Wind pipe → Lungs → Blood
80. The following statements describe how the transport
system in a plant works.

P - Xylem tubes carry water and mineral salts to other

parts of the plant
Q - The leaves make food in the presence of sunlight
R - The leaves receive water and mineral salts
S - Phloem tubes transport food to other parts of the plant
T - Root hairs absorb water and mineral salts from the soil

Which of these is a correct sequence ?

(A) P → T → Q → R → S (B) T → P → R → Q → S
(C) P → R → Q → S → T (D) R → Q → P → S → T
81. Potato grows from which part of a plant ?
(A) Bulbs of the modified stems.
(B) Eyes on the tuberous stem.
(C) Outgrowths from the modified roots.
(D) Leaf buds on the modified leaves.

Paper Code: UN 418 19


82. Which statement is correct about the villi ?

(A) It increases the surface area for absorption of food.
(B) It decreases the surface area for absorption of food.
(C) It protects the lining of large intestine.
(D) It protects the lining of stomach.
83. Which statement is/are true about photosynthesis ?
(A) Carbon dioxide is essential
(B) The products formed are simple sugars
(C) Occurs in the green leaves of plants
(D) All of the above
84. The figure given below represents which of the following
processes ?

(A) Growth (B) Germination

(C) Fertilisation (D) Dispersion
85. Herbivores do not produce enzymes that digest cellulose.
How does the cellulose in their food get digested ?
(A) Algae in their gut convert the cellulose into simple
(B) Bacteria in their gut convert the cellulose into glucose.
(C) Viruses in their gut convert the cellulose into simple
(D) Fungi in their gut convert the cellulose into simple

Paper Code: UN 418 20


86. A student identified the following characteristics in an


i. Able to live both on land and in water.

ii. Breathes through skin and lungs.
iii. Use webbed toes for locomotion.

Choose the suitable title for the given description.

(A) Terrestrial (B) Aquatic
(C) Amphibian (D) Arboreal
87. Which of the following constitute a pistil ?
(A) Stigma, anther and ovary.
(B) Stigma, stamen and ovary.
(C) Pollen sac, style and ovule.
(D) Stigma, style and ovary.
88. Which of the following is NOT applicable for the process of
respiration ?
(A) Oxidation of food (B) Liberation of CO2
(C) Energy is released (D) Absorption of CO2
89. Identify organ ‘X’.

(A) Skin (B) Heart

(C) Lungs (D) Kidneys

Paper Code: UN 418 21


90. The stem in the given figure shows swelling in its upper
portion. Which of the following reasons is true about the
swelling of the stem ?

(A) Upward movement of food is blocked.

(B) Downward movement of food is blocked.
(C) Upward movement of water is blocked.
(D) Downward movement of water is blocked.
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 22


Class : VII General Awareness

91. Who is Known as Missile Man of India ?
(A) Chittaranjan Das
(B) G. Madhavan Nair
(C) Shailesh Nayak
(D) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
92. Which is the capital city of Russia ?
(A) Moscow (B) Sydney
(C) Samara (D) Damascus
93. Which chess piece can move only diagonally ?
(A) King (B) Queen
(C) Bishop (D) Pawn
94. The given logo belongs to which company ?

(A) Audi (B) Maruti Suzuki

(C) Honda (D) Volvo
95. Who wrote the National Anthem of Bangladesh “Amar
Shonar Bangla” ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Bankim Chandra Cahttopadhyay
(C) Kazi Nazrul Islam
(D) Syed Ali Ahsan
96. Which of these colours is not present in a rainbow ?
(A) Orange (B) Yellow
(C) Pink (D) Red

Paper Code: UN 418 23


97. Which of these films is based on the life of a 5 times world

championship winner ?
(A) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (B) Paan Singh Tomar
(C) Saaheb (D) Mary Kom
98. In which of these games does a player have to target
animated pigs ?
(A) Temple run (B) Candy crush saga
(C) Angry birds (D) Super mario bros
99. What does the acronym CBI stand for ?
(A) Crime Bureau of Investigation
(B) Central Branch of Investigation
(C) Crime Branch Investigation
(D) Central Bureau of Investigation
100. Chemotherapy is mainly used to treat which of these
diseases ?
(A) Asthma (B) Tuberculosis
(C) Cancer (D) Polio

Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN 418 24


Class : 7 Mathematics
1. Which of the following does not affect the given equation ?
(A) Adding 0 on the L.H.S. and 1 on the R. H. S.
(B) Adding 1 on the L.H.S. and (–1) on the R.H.S.
(C) Adding the same number on both sides of the equation.
(D) Adding 0 on the R. H. S. and 1 on the L.H.S.
2. By selling an article for 600 a man loses 20%. At what
price should he sell it in order to gain 25% ?
(A) 800 (B) 750
(C) 937.50 (D) 1000
3. If the dividend and the divisor have like signs, what is the
sign of the quotient ?
(A) Positive (B) Negative
(C) Zero (D) Indeterminate

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 1


5 2
4. Ravi had of a cake. He ate of it. What part of the cake
6 3
did he eat ?
5 10 10 10
(A) (B) (C) (D)
9 12 6 3
5. Which of the following statements is correct ?
(A) The exterior angle of a triangle is equal to its interior
adjacent angle.
(B) The median of a triangle joins its vertex to the midpoint
of its opposite side.
(C) The altitude of a triangle is drawn from a vertex to the
midpoint of the opposite side.
(D) All the above.

Space for rough w ork

Paper Code: UN421 2


6. In the figure, AB, CD and EF are three straight lines that

interesect at O. If y is thrice of x, find the value of y.

N O 50 o

(A) 97.5 o (B) 35 o

(C) 32.5 o (D) 98 o
7. Which of these can happen but not certainly ?
(A) A tossed coin lands with heads up.
(B) The sun rises in the east.
(C) A die thrown lands with 8 on the top.
(D) The Earth revolves around the Sun.

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 3


8. In a ∆ABC, if ∠A = ∠B + ∠C, what is the measure of ∠A ?

(A) 60 o (B) 45 o (C) 90 o (D) 135o
9. Given ∆XYZ and ∆LMN.


25 cm
25 cm


Choose the correct statement.

(A) ∆XYZ ≅ ∆LMN (B) YZ = LM
(C) XY = MN (D) XZ = LM
10. In how many years does a certain sum amount to three
times the principal at the rate of 16 % ?
(A) 12 years (B) 8 years
(C) 4 years (D) 16 years

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 4


11. What is the additive identity for the set of integers ?

(A) 0 (B) (–1) (C) 1 (D) +10
12. The lengths of the sides of a triangle are (2a + 1) cm,
(3a + 2) cm and (4a – 1) cm. For what value of ‘a’ is the
perimeter of the triangle 92 cm ?
(A) 5 (B) 9 (C) 8 (D) 10
13. What percent of 0.5 p is p ?
(A) ⎜ ⎟ % (B) 20 % (C) 50 % (D) 200 %

14. Of which property is

−7 ⎛ 2 −13 ⎞ ⎛ −7 2 ⎞ −13
+ + = + +
5 ⎜⎝ − 11 25 ⎟⎠ ⎜⎝ 5 − 11 ⎟⎠ 25 an example ?
(A) Closure property
(B) Commutative property
(C) Associative property
(D) Identity property

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 5


15. The idea of equal alternate angles is used to construct which

of the following ?
(A) A line parallel to a given line
(B) A triangle
(C) A square
(D) Two triangles
16. How many plants will be there in a circular bed whose
outer edge measures 88 cm allowing 11 cm2 for each
plant ?
(A) 56 (B) 8 (C) 14 (D) 61
17. PQR is an equilateral triangle.

S 84o

What is the measure of ∠QRS ?
(A) 38 o (B) 24 o (C) 48 o (D) 36 o
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 6


18. The price of petrol went up by 25 %. In order that expenses

on petrol should not increase, one must reduce travel by
(A) 25 % (B) 20 % (C) 18 % (D) 15 %
19. Rohit, Peter and Santosh walk around a circular park. They
1 2 5
take h, h and h to complete one round. What is the
3 5 12
total time taken by them to complete a round in minutes ?
(A) 79 minutes (B) 50 minutes
(C) 60 minutes (D) 69 minutes
20. 'x' packets of 6 sweets each are divided equally among 10
children. How many sweets does each child get ?
(A) 6 N (B) 6N – 10
(C) (D) 3N – 5
21. How many square centimetres make 1 square metre ?
(A) 100 (B) 10000
(C) 1000 (D) 100000
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 7


22. If N 2 – 3 N + 2 is a factor of N 4 – N p2 + q, then the values of p

and q respectively will be _______.
(A) – 5, –4 (B) 5, 4 (C) –5, 4 (D) 5, –4
23. The angle between the two blades of a scissors is 194°.
What type of an angle is it ?
(A) Straight angle (B) Reflex angle
(C) Obtuse angle (D) Complete angle
24. ABCD is a square of sides 14 m. A semicircle sits on top of the
square. AO and OB are two equal quarter arcs.
(Take π = )
Find the total shaded area of the figure.

O 14 m
(A) 147 m2 (B) 324 m2 (C) 273 m2 (D) 224 m2

4 9
25. What is the decimal equivalent of +0+ ?
10 1000
(A) 0.049 (B) 409
(C) 0.409 (D) 0.490
Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 8


Class : 7 Physics
26. When a person moves closer to a plane mirror, the size of
his image in the mirror
(A) increases. (B) remains the same.
(C) decreases. (D) both (A) and (C).
27. Which statement about speed is incorrect ?
(A) A car travelling at 60 km/h will cover 30 km in half an
(B) Two people travelling the same distance in the same
time, but going in opposite directions will have the
same speed.
(C) When an object has more speed, it means that time
slows down for that object.
(D) Average speed refers to the total distance covered
within a time period.
28. Which one absorbs the most heat ?
(A) A white, shiny surface
(B) A white, dull surface
(C) A black, shiny surface
(D) A black, dull surface
29. The element used for making the filament in bulbs is
(A) tungsten. (B) copper.
(C) aluminium. (D) silver.
30. A magnified, erect and virtual image of an object can be
obtained using a
(A) plane mirror. (B) concave mirror.
(C) convex mirror. (D) concave lens.

Paper Code: UN421 9


31. If we increase the length of a simple pendulum, its time

(A) increases. (B) decreases.
(C) remains the same. (D) both (B) and (C)
32. 0 oC is the same temperature as
(A) 0 oF. (B) 212 oF.
(C) 32 oF. (D) 100 oF.
33. Materials used as heating elements in electric cookers and
electric irons should have a
(A) high melting point and a low electrical resistance.
(B) low melting point and a high electrical resistance.
(C) high melting point and a high electrical resistance.
(D) low melting point and a low electrical resistance.
34. Which figure correctly demonstrates the law of
reflection ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)
o o
$ " 7o

35. When heat is applied to a substance, there is a/an

(A) change of state.
(B) change of temperature.
(C) expansion.
(D) all of these

Paper Code: UN421 10


36. During a fitness test, a boy covered 2.4 km in 12 minutes.

What was his average speed ?
(A) 7 km/h (B) 12 km/h
(C) 19 km/h (D) 23 km/h
37. Which effect of current in an electric bulb gives us light ?
(A) Heating (B) Magnetic
(C) Chemical (D) All of the above
38. What happens when a 80oC metal is put in a 25oC room ?

1. )fter a while, the temperature of the metal

will decrease.
2. The heat is released from the metal.
3. The room will heat up to 8o + after a long time.

(A) 1 only (B) 1 and 2 only

(C) 2 and 3 only (D) All the three
39. To prevent the mirror from getting scratched, which colour
is painted at the back of the mirror ?
(A) Red (B) Yellow (C) Blue (D) Green
40. Which electrical device has an electromagnet inside it ?
(A) Electric motor (B) Electric bulb
(C) Electric door-bell (D) Both (A) and (C)
41. If heating 200 cm3 of water takes 8 minutes to reach its
boiling point, how many minutes will it take to heat 75 cm3
of water to reach boiling point when the same flame is
used ?
(A) 1 minute (B) 3 minutes
(C) 5 minutes (D) 8 minutes

Paper Code: UN421 11


42. Which one would you prefer to use while reading small
letters in a dictionary ?
(A) A plane mirror (B) A concave lens
(C) A convex mirror (D) A convex lens
43. If a student rides his bicycle on a straight road and does
not speed up or slow down, he is travelling with a
(A) constant acceleration. (B) constant velocity.
(C) positive acceleration. (D) negative acceleration.
44. The most suitable metal for making electromagnets is
(A) soft iron. (B) steel.
(C) nickel. (D) cobalt.
45. Heat flows from one body to another body due to the
difference of
(A) temperature between the two bodies.
(B) pressure exerted on the two bodies.
(C) density between the two bodies.
(D) size among the two bodies.
46. A spin drier spins at a rate of 600 revolutions per minute.
How many revolutions would it make in 1 minute 20
seconds ?
(A) 600 (B) 800
(C) 900 (D) 1000
47. The bulb or the bulbs glow the brightest in a circuit with
(A) one bulb and one cell.
(B) one bulb and two cells.
(C) two bulbs and one cell.
(D) two bulbs and two cells.

Paper Code: UN421 12


48. What is used for splitting sunlight into seven colours?

(A) A prism (B) A plane mirror
(C) A concave mirror (D) A convex lens
49. Identify the most suitable device for measuring the time
the runners take in a 100 m marathon.
(A) Hour glass (B) Stop watch
(C) Pendulum (D) Sun dial
50. Ventilators are made on the top of walls in a room because
(A) warm air sinks downwards.
(B) warm air rises upwards.
(C) cold air rises upwards.
(D) none of these

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 13


Class : 7 Chemistry
51. In which area does the climate remains almost the same
throughout the year?
(A) Desert (B) Coastal
(C) Mountainous (D) All of the above
52. If you spill acid on your fingers, you should
(A) clean it off with a plastic cloth.
(B) cover the area with an antiseptic cream.
(C) bandage the affected area.
(D) wash your hands with plenty of water.
53. A chemical reaction does not occur when
(A) common salt is exposed to air.
(B) coal is burnt in air.
(C) sodium is placed in water.
(D) iron is kept in moist air.
54. A substance is tested with an indicator to identify its
(A) colour. (B) physical state.
(C) temperature. (D) pressure.

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 14


55. How is wind useful to mankind ?

(A) It helps to maintain average temperature on the earth
(B) It disperses fresh air from one place to another
(C) It helps in the formation of clouds
(D) All the three
56. What happens in a displacement reaction ?
(A) A more reactive element replaces a less reactive
(B) A less reactive element replaces a more reactive
(C) An element replaces one which is equally reactive.
(D) Any element can replace any other element with no
reaction to reactivity.
57. What should be added to the soil that has become acidic
due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers ?
(A) Organic matter (B) Calcium oxide
(C) Calcium hydroxide (D) Both (B) and (C)
58. Which method is not used to purify water ?
(A) Chlorination (B) Filtration
(C) Boiling (D) Freezing

Space fo r rou gh w ork

Paper Code: UN421 15


59. Photosynthesis is a reaction of

(A) neutralisation. (B) displacement.
(C) combination. (D) decomposition.
60. During the formation of rain, what happens when water
vapour changes to rain drops ?
(A) Heat is absorbed.
(B) Heat is released.
(C) Heat is first absorbed and then released.
(D) There is no exchange of heat.
61. Which substances react with each other to form salt and
water ?
(A) Dilute sodium hydroxide and dilute hydrochloric acid
(B) Magnesium and dilute hydrochloric acid
(C) Copper sulphate and dilute sulphuric acid
(D) Washing soda solution in water and dilute nitric acid
62. What is true about air ?
(A) It moves from the region of low pressure to high
(B) It moves from the region of high pressure to low pressure
(C) It does not depend upon the pressure
(D) It does not move
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Paper Code: UN421 16


63. What kind of change is undergone by the expansion of

railway tracks during summer ?
(A) Irreversible, physical change
(B) Reversible, physical change
(C) Irreversible, chemical change
(D) Reversible, chemical change
64. Indigestion in human stomach can be treated by using a
solution of
(A) calcium oxide.
(B) sodium oxide.
(C) magnesium hydroxide.
(D) potassium hydroxide.
65. Which of these is an irreversible, physical change ?
(A) Rusting of iron
(B) Freezing of water
(C) Burning of coal
(D) Breaking of a glass tumbler
66. Uneven heating of land and water in oceans brings rain that
forms a part of water cycle is known as
(A) cyclone. (B) typhoon.
(C) monsoon. (D) none of these.

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67. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid because it

(A) ionises completely in water.
(B) ionises only partially in water.
(C) contains a low concentration of hydrogen ions.
(D) contains a high concentration of hydroxide ions.
68. The water table at a place goes down due to increase in
(A) population. (B) agriculture.
(C) industrialization. (D) all the three
69. Identify the factor that contributes to the development of
a cyclone.
(A) Wind speed (B) Temperature
(C) Humidity (D) All the three
70. Which acid is present in vinegar?
(A) Formic (B) Acetic
(C) Citric (D) Malic

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Class : 7 Biology
71. Plasma in the blood transports more amounts of
I. waste substances II. oxygen
III. carbon dioxide IV. digested food
(A) I and II only (B) I, II and III only
(C) I, III and IV only (D) I and IV only
72. Which layer of soil provides shelter for many living
organisms ?
(A) A–Horizon (B) B-Horizon
(C) C-Horizon (D) None of these
73. Identify an autotroph.
(A) Mould (B) Moneyplant
(C) Mucor (D) Mushroom
74. Which is an insectivorous plant ?
(A) Mistletoe (B) Lotus
(C) Monotropa (D) Bladderwort
75. The organisms given below can be grouped into one class
as they

(A) do not have flowers. (B) reproduce by spores.

(C) live in dark places. (D) all of these.
76. A leaf in a plant kept under sunlight was covered with black
paper partially. The covered part turned yellow after three
days. We can conclude that the part of leaf covered did not
receive sufficient
(A) water. (B) carbon dioxide.
(C) sunlight. (D) oxygen.

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77. Why do we get, muscle cramps after heavy exercise ?

(A) It is due to the partial breakdown of glucose to produce
lactic acid.
(B) It is due to the complete breakdown of glucose to
produce lactic acid.
(C) It is due to the muscle cells that respire in the presence
of oxygen.
(D) It is due to the increased supply of oxygen to muscle
78. We get woollen fibres from
(A) wool worms. (B) chemicals
(C) fleece of sheep. (D) cotton plants.
79. Which labelled part of the human digestive system stores
bile juice ?

(A) Q (B) S (C) P (D) R

80. Pashmina shawls are woven from the fur of
(A) rajasthan camel. (B) parsi goat.
(C) kashmiri goat. (D) simla yak.
81. How is transpiration beneficial to the plants ?
(A) Mineral absorption (B) Water absorption
(C) Regulates temperature (D) All of these

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82. How does most of the carbon dioxide reach into the
photosynthesising cells of a green leaf ?
(A) Through the veins.
(B) Diffusion through the stomata of the leaf.
(C) Movement through the phloem.
(D) Movement through the xylem.
83. Which of these is an example of a total parasitic plant ?
(A) Nepenthes (B) Utricularia
(C) Cuscuta (D) Drosera
84. Different materials needed for survival are transported
inside a plant through xylem and phloem. Which body
system performs this function in humans ?
(A) Circulatory system (B) Digestive system
(C) Excretory system (D) Respiratory system
85. A patient was suffering with cold and flu and was advised to
take bed rest by her doctor. She must have been suffering
(A) rickets. (B) cholera.
(C) influenza. (D) beriberi.
86. In which category of food will you put pulses, legumes and
milk ?
(A) Protective (B) Adulterated
(C) Energy giving (D) Body building
87. Which of these is responsible for oxidising the digested
food to release energy ?
(A) Respiratory system
(B) Digestive system
(C) Circulatory system
(D) Nervous system

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88. Deoxygenated blood is collected and emptied in which

chamber of the heart ?
(A) Right auricle (B) Right ventricle
(C) Left auricle (D) Left ventricle
89. Match the following nutrients in column I with their food
sources in column II

Column II
Iodized salt
Citrus fruits

(A) p – 1, q – 2, r – 3, s – 4
(B) p – 4, q – 3, r – 2, s – 1
(C) p – 3, q – 2, r – 4, s – 1
(D) p – 2, q – 3, r – 1, s – 4
90. The hydra pushes food into its mouth by using
(A) cilia. (B) proboscis.
(C) tentacles. (D) pseudopodia.
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Class : 7 General Awareness

91. Who said these famous words ?
‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru (B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Mahatma Gandhi (D) Abraham Lincoln
92. On which of these Google apps are you most likely to see a
satellite view of your city ?
(A) Google hangouts (B) Google maps
(C) Google drive (D) Picasa
93. What are Toned , Double Toned and Skimmed all varieties
of ?
(A) Coffee (B) Tea
(C) Juice (D) Milk
94. Who among these actors has established the Charitable
Trust named ‘Being Human’ ?
(A) Aamir Khan (B) Shahrukh Khan
(C) Salman Khan       (D) Saif Ali Khan
95. It is a famous game in India and it is the national game of
Bangladesh. Identify this game.
(A) Kabaddi (B) Cricket
(C) Football (D) Hockey
96. The given logo belongs to which of the following ?

(A) Wall Disney Pictures (B) Walt Disney Pictures

(C) Warner Bros. Pictures (D) Paramount Pictures

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97. What does the ‘F’ stands for in the Motorsports popularly
known as F1 ?
(A) Fast (B) Force
(C) Formula (D) Fly
98. Which of these cannot be the same for two different
persons ?
(A) Fingerprints (B) Skin Colour
(C) Blood Group (D) Eye Colour
99. Which day is celebrated as International Women’s Day ?
(A) 14th February (B) 21st February
(C) 2nd March (D) 8th March
100. What symbol on the computer keyboard is a standard
sign in all email addresses ?
(A) add sign (B) at the rate sign
(C) percentage sign (D) plus sign

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A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN412
Solutions for Class : 7

1. (C) 20 15 has unit digit 0 which is an even
2. (C) Reverse the test fraction, i.e., becomes
3 6. (B)
= 3. A D
Reverse each alternative and find which Given, BC = 4 ⇒ XQ + QY = 4
3 P, Q are symmetric about line AB
alternative is greater than .
1 ⇒ PX = XQ
Q, R are symmetric about line CD
63 3 11 3 46 3 98 < 3
< , < , > , ⇒ QY = YR
22 1 4 1 15 1 33 1
∴ PR = PX + XQ + QY + YR
∴ Required fraction is . = XQ + XQ + QY + QY
= Z(XQ + QY) = 2(XY) = 8
3. (C)
p ∴ The length of PR is 8.
7. (D) BC = AD = 4 units
y Length of 1 rectangle is 4 units.
m Breadth of rectangle is 1 unit.
xo AB = 1 + 4 = 5 units
B l
C Perimeter → 1 + 4 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 = 18 units
In ∆ ABC, ∠ BAC = yo 18 units → 54 cm
(since alternate angles) 1 unit → 54 ÷ 18 = 3 cm
∴ x + y + 90 = 180o
o o o
AD = BC = 4 × 3 = 12 cm
⇒ xo + xo = 90o AB = DC = 5 × 3 = 15 cm
xo = 45o
Area of ABCD = AB × AD = (15 × 12) cm2
4. (B) Let x be a rational number whose decimal = 180 cm2
expansion terminates, then x can be
The area of ABCD is 180 cm2.
expressed in the form q , where p and q
are coprime, and the prime factorization of 8. (C) From the options it can be found the
q is of the form 2n5m, where n, m are non- 50 – 5 = 45 and 20 – 5 = 15
negative integers. i.e., 15 × 3 = 45, this satisfies the first
2 × 34 ×25 26 × 34
5. (A) = 2 4 and 50 + 10 = 60 and 20 + 10 = 30
9 × 42 3 ×2
i.e., 30 × 2 = 60, this satisfies the sencond
= 26 – 4 × 34–2 = 22 32 condition.
= 4 × 9 = 36
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Hence, the present ages of man and his son 18. (A) x(y – z) – y(z – x) – z(x – y)
are 50 years and 20 years respectively. = xy – xz – yz + xy – zx + yz
9. (A) According to the properties of traingles, the = 2xy – 2zx
sum of any two sides of a triangle is always
greater than the third side. = 2x(y – z)
Number of different triangles with the 19. (D) The given expression, 3p – 2 = 7 can be
sides 2, 7 and x is one. expressed as 2 is subtracted from 3p to get
7, difference of 3p and 2 for 3p > 2 to get the
10. (C) xy result as 7.
0. xy =
99 But 3p is 7 more than 2 gives expression as
11. (B) One positive integer is enough to make the 3p = 7 + 2
sum of eleven different integers as zero. Hence, 3p is not 2 less than 7.
Hence, the required least number of 20. (D) Since, in a triangle, seen of two sides is
positive integers is one. greater than third side.
12. (D) P, Q, R and S are the nets of the cuboid. Hence, a triangle can be constructed with
13. (D) If ∆ ABC ≅ ∆ PQR, then AB = PQ, side 7, 8, 9.
AC = PR, BC = QR 21. (B) Perimeter of each semicircle = π r
∠ ABC = ∠ PQR, ∠ BCA = ∠ QRP, = 3.14 × 10 = 31.4 m
∠ CAB = ∠ RPQ ∴ Perimeter of 5 semicircles = 5 × 31.4
14. (B) (2a3 – 3) (5a3 – 2) = 157 m
= 2a3 × (5a3 – 2) + (–3) × (5a3 – 2) Hence, length of wire needed to form the
= 10a6 – 4a3 – 15a3 + 6 given figure is 157 m.
= 10a6 – 19a3+ 6 22. (A) The given numbers can be arranged in
ascending order as
= –19a3
15. (C) Let the initial price be ` 100. 1 3 7 9
< < < .
Price after increase of 10% = ` 110 5 5 5 5
% decrease in the new price = 25%
∴ The price after decrease of 25% The greatest number = ;
= × 110 = ` 82.5 1
100 The least number = .
∴ The required percentage = × 100 9 x 1
100 We have, × =
5 100 5
= 82.5%
A 100 1
⇒ x= = 11 %
16. (D) x
o 9 9
z y
l 8a
23. (B) = 2, since b ≠ 0
∴ 23a – a = 21
⇒ 2a = 1
∠ BCA = ∠ ECF = ∠ HEG = yo
In ∆ ABC, xo + yo + zo = 180o ∴ a=
zo = 180o – xo – yo 24. (B) y + 3 = 25o ⇒ y = 22o
17. (C) Given a, b are odd integers x – 8 = 65o ⇒ x = 73o
⇒ (a + 1) b = even [since, a + 1 is even] ∴ The values of x and y are 73o and 22o.
(a + 1) + b = odd 25. (D) Let S.P. be ‘x’.
[sum of even and odd numbers]
(a + 1) – b = odd S.P1 . S.P2 .
100 + x1 100 + x2
[Difference of even and odd numbners]
∴ (ii) and (iii) are odd integers. x x + 20
⇒ =
100 + 16 100 + 20

website :
x x + 20 29. (B) Periodic events are used for the
⇒ = measurement of time. Periodic motion of
116 120 a pendulum (swinging) is used to make
x = ` 580 clocks and watches.
We have 30. (C) Objects grouped under ‘X’ are insulators
and ‘Y’ are conductors of heat and
100 × S.P. electricity. Iron nails are made of metals
C.P. =
100 + x which are good conductors of heat and
electricity. Cotton is a poor conductor or
100 × 580 insulator of heat and electricity.
100 + 16
31. (C) Electromagnet is not used in an electric
= ` 500 bulb.
Physics 32. (D) Time taken by the sand to fall completely
26. (A) Heat received from the sun during the day from the upper part to the lower part of the
time makes the air above the land warmer hourglass = 20 minutes. Time taken by a
than that above the water. This makes the snail to eat a small leaf is the time taken for
air over the land to rise up. The cooler air 3
from over the sea flows in towards the land of the sand to fall to the bottom of the
to take the place of the rising air. So, the hourglass.
temperature of the land is higher than the
temperature of water as shown below. 3
= 20 × = 15 minutes
Time taken by the snail to eat a small leaf =
15 minutes.
33. (D) When the pencil is moved from position P
to Q in front of a plane mirror, the image of
the pencil remains unchanged. The image
formed by a plane mirror is of the same size
as the object. When the object is moved
27. (A) towards the mirror the image also moves
behind the mirror.
34. (D) Tap water is around room temperature. The
temperature inside the freezer is lower
than 0 oC. The temperature of melting ice is
0 oC
35. (C) Distance = (300 × 2) km
The angle between the plane mirror and Speed = 60 km/h
the normal ray is 90o. An incident ray strikes
2 × 300
the plane mirror at 60o to the normal ray Time taken = h
and gets reflected. 60

The angle formed between the incident ray ∴ Time they can go off duty
and the normal is the angle of incidence 2 × 300
i.e., 90o – 60o = 30o. = 8 a.m. + h
The angle formed between the reflected
ray and the normal is the angle of relection = 6 p.m.
i.e., 90o – 60o = 30o. The policemen can go off the duty at 6 p.m.
As per the laws of reflection the angle of on the same day.
incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. 36. (A) Four plane mirror strips must be fixed at
As the angle of incidence = 30o, the angle of the four corners at an angle of 45o with the
reflection is also 30o. sides of the tube. The light rays coming from
28. (D) Option (D) correctly represents the energy the object (apple) are reflected four times
changes in electric iron, television and by the plane mirrors as shown in the given
tubelight when electricity flows through figure and reach the eye of the observer

website :
who sees the image of the object (apple). 43. (C) The temperature at which a liquid boils and
changes rapidly into a gas at atmospheric
pressure is called boiling point of the liquid.
When water is heated to a temperature of
100 oC, it boils rapidly to form a gas called
steam. At t 3 minutes, water completely
changes into steam as per the given heating
At the temperature of 100o C, water boils
37. (D) Heating elements in electrical appliances
and starts changing into steam. As more
need to have high melting point. Otherwise,
heat is supplied to water, more steam is
they will melt when heated.
formed but there is no rise in the
38. (D) At points b, f and h, the man drove his car at temperature during the boiling of water.
a constant speed. Once the water has begun to boil, the
39. (B) When an object is placed in front of a plane temperature remains constant at 100 oC
mirror or a concave lens, the image formed unitl all the water has changed into steam.
is always virtual and erect. 44. (D) A student while conducting an experiment
In the case of a plane mirror, the object size to prove the suitability of material for
and the image size are the same. In the case making a heating coil has retained the
of a concave lens, the image formed is length of the wire, number of batteries and
virtual, erect but smaller in size than the number of bulbs constant in the circuit. She
object. carried out the experiments by changing the
material (coil) made of different metals.
A convex lens forms a real and inverted
image when the object is placed away from 45. (D) All the given statements are true of the
the lens. image formed in a plane mirror.

When the object is placed very close to the 46. (C) Among the four copper blocks, block 2 has
convex lens, the image formed is virtual, more mass i.e., 800 g, A copper block of
erect and magnified. higher mass absorbs more heat than the
copper block with the lower mass. Hence,
The convex lens is called a magnifying glass copper block 2 has most of the heat
or lens. followed by blocks 4, 3 and 1 respectively.
40. (B) An electric bell works on the principle of 47. (D) (i) A reflecting telescope has a concave
magnetic effects of electric current. In the mirror that helps us to see distant
given circuit, the bimetallic strip must be objects clearly.
reversed such that the iron strip is in contact
with the contact screw. When the current (ii) A simple and a compound microscope
flows through the circuit, the iron strip has a plane mirror fitted below the
acquires magnetism and gets attracted to platform. The specimen to be viewed
the contact screw completing the circuit. is placed on the platform. When light
Then the hammer strikes the gong falls on the plane mirror, it gets
producing sound for some time. The gap reflected. This reflected light enables
between the iron strip and the contact us to see the image of the specimen
screw acts as a switch. Once the gap is more, through the eye piece.
it is in OFF position and the bell does not (iii) A periscope has two plane mirrors fixed
ring anymore. at the two corners making an angle of
41. (B) The quantity of liquids in all the bottles is 45o. It enables us to see the objects
same with identical thermometers placed above the earth and in the water due
in them. Thermometer in bottle (B) shows to reflection. So, all the given
a decrease in the temperature of the liquid instruments is different types of
when compared with the thermometer mirrors to reflect light.
readings in other bottles. Hence, the liquid 48. (D) Batteries in the remote-controlled car have
in bottle (B) is the coolest. chemical energy that is converted to
42. (B) Statements (A), (C) and (D) are not correct. electrical energy in the electric circuit. The
As the student walks with the same speed electrical energy is then converted to kinetic
to both the places, we can conclude that energy when the car moves, light energy
his father’s field is nearer than the place when it lights up and sound energy when it
where his tuition is held. makes sounds.

website :
49. (C) The cooking utensils are made of metals is vaporised (changes to gaseous state). The
which are good conductors of heat. Dark vaporised wax burns to release heat and
surfaces are good absorbers of heat. The light energy. Carbon dioxide and water are
base of cooking utensils are usually black produced. As a result, the amount of wax
and dull to absorb heat instantly from the decreases as the candle burns.
heat source. 55. (B) Process X is evaporation. It takes place only
Distance travelled on the surface of a liquid or water bodies.
50. (B) Speed = Evaporation occurs all the time
Time continuously irrespective of the
100 temperature, time and location.
Speed of runner(P) = = 7.69 m/s ..... III
13 56. (B) An aeroplane wing is flat at the bottom,
curved on the top, rounded in the front and
100 sloping to a sharp edge at the back. This
Speed of runner(Q) = = 7.41 m/s ..... II
13.5 shape is called an aerofoil or air foil.
While the plane is in motion, the wing
Speed of runner(R) =
100 travels through the air and the air must
= 7.14 m/s ..... I
14 travel either over or under the wing. The
air passing over the top of the wing has a
Speed of runner(S) = = 8.33 m/s ..... IV greater distance to travel than the air
12 passing under the wing in the same period
The correct arrangement of increasing of time. Therefore, air must flow faster over
speeds of runners is R, Q, P, S. the wing than the air flowing under the
wing. The pressure of the faster moving air
Chemistry on the top decreases. Higher air pressure
51. (B) Sodium chloride is a neutral salt that on the underside of the wing pushes the
dissolves to form a neutral salt solution. The wing upwards, giving ‘lift’ to the plane and
concentration of hydrogen ions in aq. HCl causing the plane to stay up in the air.
remained constant. Hence, the pH is not 57. (C) P is C6H12O6.
58. (C) When the pH of a solution drops below 7, it
52. (C) Distribution of water is uneven on the earth. indicates the presence of an acidic
Rain also plays an important role in substance (H+ ions). Hence, the most likely
maintaining the proper level of cause of this change is that carbon dioxide
underground water at a place. Water from the air has dissolved into the water,
already used for washing rice, fruits and forming a weak acid, carbonic acid.
vegetables can be reused again to water the
plants. In places of scanty moderate rainfall 59. (B) Wind is moving air. It produces a force that
and other areas, cemented pits can be can change the direction and speed of the
constructed to store rain water. This water kite.
can be used for future use. 60. (A) Potassium hydroxide and nitric acid react
to form potassium nitrate and water.
53. (C) (i) Potential energy is the energy
possessed by an object by virtue of its KOH + HNO3 → KNO3 + H2O
position. 61. (B) Universal indicator is a mixture of solution
(ii) Light energy is the energy emitted by of different indicators which give different
natural and artificial sources of light. colours at different pH values on the pH
(iii) Chemical energy is the energy present
in a chemical substance. (i) Solution ‘P’ turned purple on testing
with universal indicator solution. It is
Uneven heating on the earth is the main alkaline.
cause of wind movements. Strong winds
carrying water vapour may cause rain. High (ii) Solution ‘Q’ turned orange on testing
speed winds and air pressure difference can with universal indicator solution. It is
cause cyclones. Strong winds possess more acidic.
energy that causes damage to life and (iii) Solution ‘R’ turned green on testing
property on the earth. with universal indicator solution. It is
54. (A) When the candle is lit, the wick starts neutral.
burning. The heat melts the wax, which 62. (C) Water from the sea gains heat from the sun
rises up the wick by capillary action. When or surroundings and evaporates into the air
the liquid wax reaches the burning wick, it as water vapour. The water vapour loses
website :
heat to the surroundings and condenses to are dug at different places, this water
form clouds. instead of reaching the sea will get filled in
63. (C) When a strip of zinc metal is placed in them and can be used in future.
copper sulphate solution, a colourless zinc 70. (A) The pH of a solution is inversely
sulphate solution and copper are obtained. proportional to the concentration of
In this reaction, zinc displaces copper from hydrogen ions in it. A solution having a high
copper sulphate compound and copper is concentration of hydrogen ions i.e., H2SO4
set free (or liberated). A red brown deposit has a low pH value. On the other hand, a
of copper metal is formed on the zinc strip. solution having low concentration of
The blue colour of copper sulphate solution hydrogen ions has a high pH value i.e., HCl.
fades due to the formation of zinc sulphate The more basic a solution is, the higher will
(colourless solution). Zince is more reactive be its pH.
than copper.
pH is a measure of the concentration of
64. (C) Whenever the strong wind blows over hydrogen ions in a solution. The lowest pH
tinned or straw roofs, the roofs are blown is the most acidic solution; the highest pH
away. The reason for this is that the air is the most alkaline solution. Sulphuric acid
pressure of the moving air over the roof is a dibasic acid and will have twice the
decreases whereas the air pressure inside concentration of hydrogen ions than
the house under the roof remains high as hydrochloric acid. Aqueous calcium
the air filling the house below the roof is hydroxide (Ca(OH)2 → Ca2+ + 2OH– ) will
calm (not in motion). Air from a zone of also give twice the concentration of
higher pressure gushes towards the zone hydroxide ions than aqueous sodium
of lower air pressure and causes the roof to hydroxide (NaOH → Na+ + OH– ) and is thus
lift up. more alkaline.
65. (B) Statements (A), (C) and (D) are true of
water. Fresh water on the earth is limited. Biology
Global warming causes polar ice caps and 71. (B) In the given figure pollination takes place
glaciers of fresh water to melt and flow into at Y and Fertilisation in X.
the sea. This turns fresh water into sea
water. Sea water increases and available 72. (A) Arrows labelled as P and Q show the process
fresh water decreases. As saline water of respiration in plants.
cannot used for irrigation, drinking, 73 (C) The liver’s bile is a yellowish brown fluid
washing, bathing etc., the stored fresh which helps to breakdown fatty acid in the
water is used and causes a decrease in its small intestine. The bile is first stored in
level. the gallbladder and is passed through the
66. (A) The toxins in bee sting are acidic in nature. bile duct into the duodenum of the small
Its effect can be neutralised by a weak alkali intestine.
such as bicarbonate of soda, NaHCO3 made
in the form of paste.
67. (D) Decomposition is the breakdown of a
substance into its components. Fungi break
down the compounds in wood to simpler
substances. Yeast helps to break down the
carbohydrates in wheat grain to form 74. (C) Artery, Vein and Capillary are parts of the
alcohol. The sugar in foods decomposes transport system.
when heated, giving the characteristic 75. (B) Microbes in the soil are decomposers. These
smell, taste and colour of caramel. breakdown the dead material on the forest
Decomposition does not occur in the baking floor to organic nutrients.
of cookies.
76. (C) Green plants give out oxygen only in the
68. (B) Carbon dioxide dissolves easily in cold presence of sunlight during photo synthesis.
water and forms a very weak organic acid In dark they respire and give out carbon
called carbonic acid. It is used in soda or dioxide. Hence when glowing splinter
softdrinks. introduced in the test tube it put out.
69. (D) Runaway water flows away into drains and 77. (B) The cells in picture B are blood cells.
rivers and finally reaches the sea. To save 78. (D) In the given figure the dark patches are
this water embankments and dams should phloem. Phloem carry food to all parts of
be constructed. If wells, ponds and lakes
the plant.
website :
79. (C) Autotrophs are organisms which are able 86. (D) Insects transfer pollen from one flower to
to produce their own food. Plants are able another and help to pollinate them, leading
to produce their own food through to fertilisation and the production of fruit.
photosynthesis. It is likely that the insecticide also killed
80. (A) A plant is not hunted and killed by another the insects that helped in pollination.
for food. Prey is an animal hunted or caught 87. (C) Soil is formed when rocks and stones are
for food. It is defenseless, especially in the weathered by water, heat, wind, rain and
face of attack. pressure.
81. (D) Respiratory system and circulatory system 88. (B) Bending of some plants on plains due to
function together to transport oxygen, so flexible stems is a kind of adaptation in
that the whole body can receive it. plants.
82. (A) In the given aerobic respiration equation 89. (A) Ginger is an underground stem. It
X = Oxygen, Y = Carbon dioxide, Z = Water reproduces from the buds present on
83. (D) The flower with the given characteristics underground stem. Bryophyllum
can pollinate by insects. reproduces by leaf buds.
84. (D) The hair and mucus in our nostrils help to 90. (B) In the given figure X represents heart, Y
filter out dust particles. represents lungs and Z represents other
85. (D) Food carrying tubes in plants are called parts of the body.
phloem and water carrying tubes are called
xylem. The xylem and phloem function
similar as blood vessels in human circulatory

website :
A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN415
Solutions for Class : 7
Mathematics 6. (A) Total length of the rope = 30 m
1. (A) Let the number be x. Then,
x – 4 = 80% of x Length of each piece = 3 m
80 Number of pieces
⇒ x–4= N 30 30
100 = =
3 15 / 4
N 4
⇒ = 4 ⇒ x = 20
5 4
= 30 × =8
2. (A) AB + BC = 10 cm
BC + CA = 12 cm 7. (B) Profit on one watch = 10%
(+) CA + AB = 16 cm Loss on the other = 10%
2(AB + BC + CA) = 38 cm
∴ Loss on the whole =
⇒ AB + BC + CA = 19 cm
10 × 10
3. (A) Let the present ages of A and B be 2x = 1% loss
years and x years. 8. (C) BC is the hypotenuse of the given
After 30 years, their ages will be triangles, whose measure must be
A = (2x + 30) years
9. (C) According to the problem.
B = (x + 30) years
87 = 2x + 7 where x is the lowest
So, 2x + 30 = 1½ (x + 30) marks.
⇒ 4x + 60 = 3x + 90 87 = 2x + 7
⇒ x = 30 ⇒ 80 = 2x
∴ Present age of B = 30 years ⇒ x = 40
⇒ Present age of A = 2 × 30 11 3
10. (B) =2
= 60 years 4 4
4. (C) Multiplication distributes over addition 11
So, lies between 2 and 3.
and subtraction. 4
11. (D) The angle representing students who
2(3 + 4) = 2 × 3 + 2 × 4 and 3(6 – 4)
like other juices is
= 3 × 6 – 3 × 4.
360o – (90o + 75o + 135o)
#. (C) a3 – 2a2 + 4a – #
= 360o – 300o = 60o
(–) –a + 2a – 8a + #
3 2
Total number of students = 360
(+) (–) (+) (–)
∴ Required number of students
=! − "= +  = − 
= × 360 = 60
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12. (C) The lift has to descend 360 m so as to 17. (D) According to the properties of a triangle,
reach –350 m, as it is 10 m above the all the given statement are true.
ground level.
18. (A) Given that ∆ABC ≅ ∆XYZ and BC = YZ
Given that the lift descends at the rate of
6 m/minute. ∴ ∠A = ∠N

Similarly, ∠y = ∠B = 60°.
10 m
19. (D) Circumference = Area (Given)
G rou n d le ve l
⇒ πr = πr ⇒ r = 2
360 m
Diameter = 2r = 2 × 2 = 4

20. (D) + 8 = 4 − 3m
350 m 5

6 m → 1 minute m 16m
⇒ + 3m = 4 − 8 = = −4
5 5
360 m → × 1 = 60 minutes
6 5 −20
⇒ m = −4 × =
= 1 hour 16 16
13. (B) Total number of pages in the book −5
⇒ m=
= 216
21. (C) Here we equate the areas,
No. of pages read by Suresh
i.e., AB × DL = BC × DM
⎛3 ⎞ ⎛ 3⎞
= ⎜ of 216 ⎟ = ⎜ 216 × ⎟
⎝4 ⎠ ⎝ 4⎠ ⇒ 18 × DL = 12 × 10

216 3 216 × 3 12 × 10 20 2
= × = = 162 ⇒ DL = = = 6 cm
1 4 1× 4 18 3 3
Hence, Suresh read 162 pages during last 22. (D) a + b + c = 180o
week. (Sum of angles in a triangle)
14. (A) Given, the angles (2a – 10)o and (a – 11)o Also, x + a + y = 180o
are complementary angles. (Angle on a straight line)

∴ (2a − 10)° + (a − 11)° = 90° ∴ a+b+c=x +a+y

23. (B) One way to deal with fractions is to

⇒ 2a° − 10° + a° − 11° = 90°
convert them all to decimals.
⇒  3a° − 21° = 90°
In this case all you would need to do is
⇒ 3a° = 90° + 21° = 111° to see which is greater than 0.5.
111° Otherwise to see which is greater than
⇒ a = = 37° ∴ a = 37o
3 1
, double the numerator and see if the
15. (B) The exterior angle of a triangle is equal 2
to the sum of interior opposite angles. result is greater than the denominator. In
B, the correct answer, doubling the
3 1 69 numberator gives us 8, which is bigger
16. (C) = 0.75 ; − 0.5 ; = 0.78
4 2 88 than 7.
9 13 1 24. (D) Indian stamps are common to both ratios.
= 0.82 ; = 1.18 ; = 0.25
11 11 4 Multiply both ratios by factors such that
the Indian stamps are represented by the
Of the given rational numbers as 0.78 lies
same number.
between 0.75 and 0.82, lies between US : Indian = 5 : 2, and
Indian : British= 5 : 1.
3 9
and .
4 11
website :
Multiply the first by 5, and the second by 2. 32. (A) Radiation is the way by which heat
energy can be transferred within a
Now US : Indian = 25 : 10, and
distance without direct contact. i.e. solids
Indian : British = 10 : 2
and liquids. Therefore, in the outer
Hence the two ratios can be combined space, the heat energy transmitted by the
and US : British = 25 : 2 Sun can reach the Earth through a vacuum
70 (without the presence of gases).
25. (B) Radius of a wheel = = 35 cm
2 33. (B) An ammeter is a device that can be used
In one revolution, the wheel covers a to measure electric current in a circuit.
distance equal to its circumference 34. (Del)
22 35. (B) To use a certain liquid in a thermometer,
∴ 2πr = 2 × × 35 it must stay at the same state (liquid)
within a range of required temperatures.
= 220 cm To have a thermometer that is able to
In 24 complete revolutions, distance measure temperature between –50oC and
covered 50 oC we use the one that has freezing
= 24 × 220 = 5280 cm point below –50 oC and boiling point
above 50oC. i.e. alcohol. Otherwise, the
Physics liquid would have frozen before it
26. (C) The image formed in a plane mirror is at reaches –50 o C and it would have
the same distance behind the mirror as vaporised before it reaches 50oC.
the object is in front of the mirror.
36. (A) A car parked in a parking lot is an
1 example of a body at rest as there is no
27. (C) Time = 30 min = h Speed = 60 km/h change in its position at that particular
2 time.

⎛ 1⎞ 37. (D) When current flows through the filament

∴ Distance = ⎜ 60 × ⎟ km = 30 km of a bulb in a circuit, electrical energy is
⎝ 2⎠ converted into light and heat energy.
28. (D) As a shiny surface is a good reflector of 38. (D) Thermal equilibrium is achieved when
heat, it slows down the rate of heat two systems are in thermal contact with
radiation. Oil storage tanks are painted each other until there is no more heat-
with aluminium paints to keep the oil flow. It follows that if two systems are in
cool for a longer time. thermal equilibrium, then their
As a black surface is the best absorber of temperatures are the same.
heat, pipes on solar water heaters are Ice and water can be found in thermal
painted black to absorb radiations from equilibrium if and only if their
the Sun quickly. temperature is at 0oC.
As black surface is also the best radiator 39. (B) The image formed by a plane mirror is
of heat, pipes at the back of refrigerators always virtual, erect and of same size as
are painted black to allow heat lost to the that of the object but not smaller than
surroundings quickly. the object.
29. (D) When wires are wound around an iron bar 40. (A) When the switch of an electric bell is
and electricity is passed through the pressed on, current flows in the
wire, the iron bar becomes a magnet. electromagnet. It then attracts the iron
30. (B) 7.55 is the lateral inversion of 4.05, which rod towards itself, causing the hammer to
is the correct time. strike the gong. At the same time, the
armature loses contact with the screw
31. (C) If a body covers equal distances in equal and the current is switched off.
intervals of time, it is said to be in This causes the electromagnet to lose its
uniform motion.

website :
magnetism and the armature springs back 130
to its original position to close the circuit The average speed of the bicycle is
once again. Current flows again and the = 52 km/h.
cycle repeats itself till the current is
switched off. 50. (C) Taking a shower bath does not produce
41. (B) Only mercury thermometer uses
expansion and contraction of liquid as Chemistry
temperature changes. 51. (C) A natural disaster that is characterized
both by thunder and lightning is a
42. (C) A convex lens can form real and inverted
thunderstorm. Huge sparks are produced
images of objects.
due to attraction between the oppositely
Distance covered 2 πr charged clouds or between a cloud and
43. (A) Speed = = cm/s
Time 60 the ground resulting in lightning. This
lightning heats up the air in its path so
2× ×5 quickly and produces a loud booming
= 7 = 0.52 cm/s sound called thunder. This is the thunder
we hear along with the lightning.
44. (C) The sole of an electric iron needs to be 52. (B) Law of conservation of matter states that
hot during ironing. The material used matter cannot be created nor destroyed.
must be able to conduct heat well. The total mass stays constant.
45. (A) Railway tracks need gaps between them This law is true in both chemical reactions
as they will expand during hot days. and physical changes.
Otherwise, the railway tracks may buckle.
HCl + NaOH → NaCl + H2O
46. (C) 112 × = 31.1 m/s 10 g 10 g 10 g 10 g
53. (B) The browning of the apple flesh when
47. (D) The amount of heat produced in a wire
exposed to air is due to oxidation. Salt
depends on its length, thickness and
water, therefore helps prevent the
material. The tungsten filament in an
oxidation process in apples.
electric bulb is very thin and coiled. In
electrical appliances like iron, geyser, 54. (D) A neutralisation reaction occurs between
room heater etc., heating elements made an acid and a base. Salt and water are
of nichrome are thick. For various produced as shown below.
requirements, the wires of different HCl + NaOH → NaCl + H2O
materials, lengths and thicknesses are
used depending on the amount of heat 55. (A) Air exerts its pressure in all directions.
to be produced. 56. (B) A piece of toast when placed in a toaster
48. (C) A spherical mirror with its reflecting for 10 minutes, hardens and turns black.
surface on the outside is a convex mirror. It is a chemical change as a new
substance, black mass of toast is formed.
49. (C) 50 km/h means the bicycle travels 50 km
in 1 hour. 57. (B) Dilute acid is a corrosive substance.
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is a highly
For the first 2 hours, the distance volatile, flammable and exothermic in
travelled is 50 × 2 = 100 km. nature.
For the remaining journey, the time taken 58. (D) The power generated from water is
30 called hydroelectric power.
is = 0.5 hour.
60 59. (B) Statements (A) (C) and (D) are incorrect.
The total distance travelled is 100 + 30 Rust is hydrated iron oxide
= 130 km, and the total time taken is 2 +
0.5 = 2.5 hours. 4Fe + 3O2 + 2H2O → 2Fe2O3.H2O
Iron Oxygen Moisture Rust.

website :
60. (C) Andhra Pradesh has a very long coastline Biology
extending to several kilometres which is 71. (A) The gas that is diffusing out of the body
most likely to be hit by cyclones cells is carbon dioxide.
72. (B) In the given equation X is carbon dioxide
61. (B) The compound that produces hydroxyl and Y is oxygen.
ions in water are called bases. All bases
do not dissolve in water. Bases that are 73. (B) The given figure is of mucor. It is the
soluble in water are called alkalis. All example of fungi.
alkalis are bases but all bases are not 74. (C) ‘P’ is Heart, ‘Q’ is stomach and ‘R’ is lungs.
alkalis. Sodium hydroxide is a base as it
75. (C) In the given correlation silk-cocoon. wool-
dissolves in water and can be called an
fleece of sheep.
alkali. Zinc hydroxide is a base that does
not dissolve in water and so it is not an 76. (B) The digestive system digest the
alkali. substances by the action of enzymes and
are made to be absorbed for the bodys
62. (D) A volcanic eruption is not associated with
growth and repair.
77. (D) X-WBC produces antibodies and Y-
63. (C) If an iron article is coated with oil, grease
platelets help in blood clotting.
or paint, it may rust again once the coat
is lost due to cracks. The best method to 78. (D) In human beings exchange of gases takes
prevent rusting of iron article is to coat place in alveoli.
it with a non-rusting metal like zinc. This 79. (B) Transpiration takes place through
process is called galvanisation. stomata.
64. (B) Egg-shells are made up of calcium 80. (C) Polar region animals have thick fur, that
carbonate. When it reacts with HCl, CO2 helps to keep their body warm.
gas is evolved that turns lime water milky
as given below. 81. (A) In the given figure ‘X’ is cross pollination
and ‘Y’ is self pollination.
CaCO3 + 2HCl → CaCl2 + H2O + CO2 ↑
82. (C) Double circulation is shown by
65. (C) When an iron nail is placed in a container
of tap water for several days, it forms a Heart → Lungs → Heart → Organs → Heart
new substance called rust. It is a 83. (C) Yeast is a fungus. It respires anaerobically,
chemical change. used in making wine and reproduces by
66. (B) When the speed of wind increases the budding.
pressure decreases. This principle was 84. (D) Sponges are multicellular organisms.
given by Bernoulli.
85. (A) The given figure should hands of
67. (D) A solution that turns red litmus blue is a mammals. They all have opposable
base and its pH should be >7. thumbs to hold things.
68. (C) Cutting down vegetation to reduce water 86. (B) Potato, ginger, onion and sugarcane
lost by transpiration is not a method to vegetatively reproduces from their stem
conserve water. Retaining vegetation parts.
helps to absorb fresh, rain water on the
surface of land by preventing its flow into 87. (A) A-Horizon that contains top layer of soil
water bodies and thus recharges provides shelter for many living
groundwater. organisms.

69. (B) The ‘eye’ of a cyclone is the least 88. (B) The complete digestion and absorption
pressure area with very high speed winds of digested food takes place in small
revolving around it. intestine.

70. (D) In a combination reaction, two reactants 89. (C) Earthworm moves with the help of body
combine to form more than two segments, euglena with flagella,
products. Ex. Photosynthesis. paramecium with cilia and Hydra with
90. (D) The seed in figure S is dispersed by
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A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN 418
Solutions for Class : 7
Mathematics 7. (D) 1
40   P = 0
1. (A) C=  C( x  b) = x  a
x b 1
 40 = 0  P
 Cx  bC = x  a
 Cx  x = bC  a  P = 40  5 = 200

 x(C  1) = bC  a 3+4 +2 + 5+ 4 +3
8. (A) Average =
bC  a
 x=
C 1 21
= = 3.5 hours
3 3 4 12
2. (B) =  =
8 8 4 32 9. (D) A = P(1 + rt)
3. (C) The length of the hour hand  27 = 18(1 + 5r)
= 4.5 cm (= r).
The distance it covers in 12 hours = The  = 1 + 5r
circumference of the circle with radius
4.5 cm
 27 
  1
22 18 
= 2  4.5 cm = 28.28 cm r= 
7 5
4. (C) The triangle cannot be constructed as it 27  18 1 9 1 1 1 1
does not satisfy the angle sum property. =  =  =  =
18 5 18 5 2 5 10
5. (C) Let the maximum number of marks
10. (C) Initial temperature of room = 40°C
be x.
Given that the temperature lowers at the
40 x rate of 5°C every hour.
 = 40 + 40
For 10 hours  10  (–5°C)
 x = 80  = 200 = –50°C
 Room temperature 10 hours after the
6. (C) ADB  ADC by S.A.S. congruence process begins
property. Hence corres-ponding parts are
= 40°C – 50°C = –10°C
11. (A) PQR is a straight line.
 B = C
 2 x + x + 120° = 180°

 x= = 20°
websit e : www.unif

12. (D) b < c + a, since the sum of any two sides 19. (D) Given OP is a ray on line QR.
is greater than the third side.
Also POQ = POR.
13. (C) Figures of the same shape and size are
14. (B) I=
1P P  R  R
= [Since T = R] POQ =  POR ..... (1)
9 100

100 POQ + POR = 180° ..... (2)

 R2 =
9 From (1) and (2), we have

10 1 2POQ = 180°
R= =3 %
3 3
 POQ = = 90°
15. (D) Length of the rectangular hall 2
= 0.4 m = 40 cm 20. (C) AB is the hypotenuse  C has the right
Breadth of the rectangular hall angle.
= 30 cm 21. (A) Radius is increased by 1  (r  1) is the
Distance between two opposite corners new radius. The requried ratio is
2(r + 1) : 2(r + 1) =  : 1.
= l2 + b2
22. (C) Coefficient: In the product of a variable
and a constant, each is called the
30 cm coefficient of the other.

 2  2  2  2
40 cm 23. (C)  1     1     1     1    .....
1 2 3 4

= 402 + 302 = 1600 + 900  2  2  2

  1  26    1  27    1  28 
= 2500 = 50 cm
3 4 5 6 
       ........ 
8 1 2 3 4 
16. (B) 8 hundredths  = 0.08
 27   28   29   30 
17. (A) The average yield per tree per year  25    26    27    28 
( x + 2)  60 + x  120 + ( x  2)  180
=  100
 x + 2 + x + x  2 29  30
= = 435
60 x + 120 + 120 x + 180 x  360 24. (B) Let C.P. = x
  100
 S.P. = y.
 360x – 240 = 300x Profit = (y – x)
 60x = 240 If S.P. = 2y, then profit = 3(y – x)

 x=4  2y – x = 3(y – x)  y = 2x

18. (C) Addition, subtraction, multiplication of  Profit on x= x ; i.e., 100%

integers is chosed.

websit e : www.unif

1 30. (A) A plane mirror shows lateral inversion.
25. (C) Fraction of boys in the class =
2 31. (D) If the pendulum is set into motion from
point P, it moves through Q and R. It does
2 not remain at the extreme position R but
Given, of the boys wore spectacles.
5 comes back to Q and P. This movement
of pendulum from P  Q  R and
 Fraction of the children who wore
spectacles R  Q  P completes one oscillation.
32. (D) Radiation is the transfer of heat that
2 1 1 does not require a medium. Heat can
=  
5 2 5 flow through vacuum. Heat from the
Physics glowing electric bulb reaches the
26. (B) A concave mirror can form a virtual, erect thermometer through vacuum by
and magnified image when the object is radiation process. Heat from the sun is
placed very close to the mirror. also transferred to the earth by radiation.

27. (D) A faster moving object covers more 33. (D) As shown in the figure, the current flows
distance in less time. in the wire, the nail becomes a magnet
and attracts another nail. Only magnetic
28. (C) A refrigerator has a freezing chamber at materials will be attracted by the nail.
the top compartment. Air in the upper
34. (C) In a rainbow, the violet colour is towards
compartment is cooled and becomes
more dense to flow downwards. Warmer the inner curve and red colour is towards
the outer curve.
air from the bottom rises to be cooled by
the freezer before the air is circulated. 35. (D) By pouring hot water on glass Y, it
This circulation of air by convection expands and glass Y gets separated from
currents enables the hot air to be glass X.
constantly cooled down as shown below.
36. (C) Given, Distance (s) = 200 m
Speed (v) = 5 m/s
Time (t) = ?

s s 200
We know that v = or t = = =
t v 5
40 s
 The child will take 40 seconds to walk
through a distance of 200 m at a speed of
5 m/s.
37. (A) A fuse wire is a conductor made up of an
alloy (mixture of metals), with a low
29. (B) The core of an electromagnet is to be melting point. The heat produced due to
induced as a temporary magnet to create the high current quickly melts the fuse
a strong magnet. It will lose its wire and breaks the circuit. Thus, the
magnetism totally when the current is current flow stops and damage is
switched off. Iron is a soft magnetic avoided.
material that is easily magnetised and
38. (C) Ice does not melt until it reaches 0 o C,
easily demagnetised as compared to
which is its melting point. When you add
steel. The other two materials copper and
salt to ice, the salt raises the melting
ceramic are not magnetic materials.
point of the ice, so that it does not have
to reach 0o C to melt. That is why the salty
middle of the ice-cube changes into
water, while the outside of the cube
stays frozen.

websit e : www.unif

39. (A) A magnifying glass is a convex lens as it 49. (C) The motion of a pendulum is a periodic
forms a magnified image of an object event which can be used to measure
when it is placed very close to the lens. time or the duration between two
40. (A) Circuit breakers shut off the current
before the electricity warms up the 50. (C) When a metal is heated, it expands in all
device too much causing it to spark and directions.
start a fire. Mass is related to the amount of matter
41. (B) Walls of houses in hot regions are painted in an object, and hence it will not change
white to reflect the heat radiations when the object is heated.
falling on them and keep the house cool
Density is inversely proportional to the
during summer.
volume, and hence it decreases as
42. (A) When light is incident on a rough surface, volume increases.
irregular reflection takes place. Hence,
the image formed is not clear.
51. (C) Warm air is lighter than cold air because
43. (C) Car 1 has a higher speed and left one the air in contact with the hot surface of
hour earlier than car 2. Therefore the the earth gets heated up, so it expands
distance travelled by car 1 will always be and becomes lighter.
bigger than car 2 when they are both still
moving at a constant speed. Thus, there 52. (D) pH is a measure of the concentration of
is no meeting point between car 1 and car hydrogen ions in a solution. The lower
2 under this condition. Even if they are the pH, the higher the concentration of
given an equal time interval to move, car the hydrogen ions. Conversely, the
1 would travel a farther distance as it has higher the pH, the higher the
faster speed than car 2. concentration of hydroxide ions in the
44. (A) Never clean an electrical appliance while
it is switched on as you could electrocute 53. (B) Crystallisation is a physical change.
yourself or get an electric shock. The Burning of paper is a permanent chemical
statements in options (B), (C) and (D) give change. A reversible change is always
safety practices with electricity that physical as a chemical change cannot be
everyone should follow. reversed.

45. (D) Radiation is the transfer of thermal 54. (A) Since acids contain ions which have been
energy through space, e.g., the heat from formed by dissociation of the acid
the Sun travels to the Earth. Some heat molecules in water, they are electrolytes.
transfer can happen without a medium. 55. (C) The rotation of the earth from west to
Some chemical reactions can be activated east (pulls) changes the north-south
by heat, and some can release heat. winds to northeast-southwest direction
Reactions that are activated by heat are and the south-north winds to southeast-
called endothermic reactions, whereas northwest direction.
reactions that release heat are called
56. (B) Calcium carbonate in the test tube reacts
exothermic reactions.
with hydrochloric acid and released
46. (D) Light is the fastest among all and carbon dioxide which extinguished the
according to scientists nothing can travel burning candle flame.
faster than light. The speed of light is 3
CaCO3 + 2HCl  CaCl2 + H 2O + CO2 
 108 m s-1 .
47. (C) An electric current can produce three 57. (C) Sulphuric acid is used in making
effects heating, lighting and magnetic. detergents, fertilisers and as a battery
48. (C) When you look at yourself in a plane
mirror, your virtual image is seen behind 58. (D) Conduction process does not form a part
the mirror. of water cycle.

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59. (A) In a chemical change, two substances 74. (D) In the given figure part labelled as S is the
react chemically to form a new substance large intestine. It absorbs water from the
with different chemical properties. undigested food.
60. (D) Volcanoes erupt on their own and not 75. (C) The transpiration in plants take place
because of a difference in air pressure. through stomata. Most of the most of the
61. (A) Formic acid is a weak organic acid. stomata are present at the lower part of
Sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids the leaf labelled as Q.
are strong inorganic acids. 76. (D) Proteins are called body building foods.
62. (C) Lightning hits tall structures, water and 77. (B) In bryophyllum reproduction takes place
metallic bodies easily. So, avoiding them by leaf buds.
will be safer. 78. (C) In crop rotation method to replenish
63. (B) In a decomposition reaction, a single nutrients different types or crops are
reactant (compound) decomposes to grown in a piece of land season after
form two or more products. season.
64. (A) Vinegar is an acidic solution as it contains 79. (D) The air passes through the nose 
citric acid. windpipe  lungs  blood.
65. (C) The kicking of a ball by the player is an 80. (B) The correct sequence is T  P  R 
example of a physical change. Q  S
66. (D) The sun warms the surface waters in the 81. (B) Potato /plant grow from the eye part of
tropical zone near earth’s equator. The the potato.
change in temperature causes movement
82. (A) The villi increases the surface area for
of air. This causes pressure changes and
absorption of food.
so tropical cyclones take place.
83. (D) For the process of photosynthesis carbon
67. (D) Statements (A), (B) and (C) are correct. A
dioxide is essential and is reduced to
pH value of 7 indicates a neutral solution.
form sugar and it occurs in the presence
68. (C) The water table does not get affected as of chlorophyll pigment.
long as we use it as much as ground water
84. (C) The given figure represents fertilisation.
is replenished by natural methods. But,
if we use more water than that can be 85. (B) Bacteria in the gut of herbivores convert
replenished, the water table will go the cellulose into glucose.
down. 86. (C) The given description is related to
69. (C) The equator gets more heat than the amphibian. Amphibians live both on land
poles. The warm air near the equator and in water. In water they breathe
rises while the cool air from the poles through skin and on land with lungs they
blows towards the equator. This have webbed toes to hop and swim.
essentially causes wind currents. 87. (D) Stigma, style and ovary constitute a pistil.
70. (B) Magnesium burns in the air to form 88. (D) During respiration absorption of oxygen
magnesium oxide with a very bright takes place by the liberation of carbon
white dazzling light and smoke. dioxide.
Biology 89. (C) The lungs are the both excreting and
71. (D) Earthworm and frog respires through respiratory in function.
90. (B) Due to the removal of phloem tissue
72. (D) In the given figure arrow labelled ‘S’ is downward movement of food is blocked
drawn wrongly. and thus cause the swelling of the stem
73. (B) The correct sequence that is followed above the girdle.
during fertilisation in plants is X, Z, W, Y

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A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2008 C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i s a t i o n


Paper Code: UN 421
Solutions for Class : 7
7. (A) A tossed coin may land with heads or tails
1. (C) Adding the same number on both the up.
sides of an equation does not affect the
equality. 8. (C) We have A + B + C = 180o
2. (C) We have (B + C) + (B + C) = 180o
S.P2 S.P2 2 (B + C) = 180o
100 + x2 100 + x2
B + C = 90o
600 SP2 So, A = 90o
 =
100  20 100 + 25
9. (A) XYZ  LMN by R.H.S. condition as YZ
S.P2 = 600  = 937.50 = MN, Y = M and XZ = LN.
10. (A) Let the principal be x. Amount
3. (A) (+)  (+) = (+) and ()  () = (+) 2
= 3x, T = T years, R = 16 %
4. (A) Part of the cake eaten = 3
5 2 10 5
 = =  50 T 
6 3 18 9  3x = x  1 +
 300 
5. (B) The median of a triangle joing its vertex
to the midpoint of its opposite side.  T
 3 = 1 + 
6. (A) From the figure,  6

AOC = 50° 6+T

(Vertically opposite angles)  3=
Given y is thrice x, we have
 T = 18 – 6 = 12 years
x + 50o + y = 180o
(Angle on a striaght line) 11. (A) 0 is identity element with respect to
addition of integers.
 x + 50° + 3 x = 180°
12. (D) Perimeter = (2a + 1) + (3a + 2) + (4a – 1)
 4 x = 130° = 92

130°  9a + 2 = 92
x= = 32.5°
92  2 90
a= = = 10
y = 3 x = 3(32.5) = 97.5° 9 9

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13. (D) Required percentage 19. (D) Total time taken by Rohit, Peter and
Santosh to walk around a circular park
p 1 2 5 
=  100% =  + + h
 3 5 12 
= 200%  20 + 24 + 25 
= h
14. (C) a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c is associative  60 
property of addition.
 69 
= h
15. (A) Alternate angles for a pair of parallel  60 
lines are equal. So, it can be used to
construct a line parallel to a given line. 69
=  60 minutes = 69 minutes
16. (A) Circumference (C)= 88 cm 60
20. (C) Total number of sweets = 6x
C2 88  88
Area (A) = = Number of sweets each child gets
4  4  22
7 6x 3 x
= =
= 616 cm2 10 5
21. (B) 1m = 100 cm  1 m2 = 10,000 cm2
A 616
Number of plants = =
11 11  10,000 sq. cm make 1 sq. m.
= 56 22. (Del) Wrongly printed equation
23. (B) 180o < 194o < 360o
17. (B) P
So, 194o is a reflex angle.
24. (D) Area of semicircle
S 84o 1 22
=  77
2 7
60 o 60 o = 77 m2

QRS = 180o – 84o = 96o
O 14 m
In QRS,
QRS = 180o – 96o – 60o
Area of AOBRQ
= 24o
(or) 3
= area of Square ABRQ
QRS = 84o – 60o = 24o 3
=  14  14
Since, the exterior angle of a triangle is 4
equal to the sum of its interior opposite = 147 m2
Total shaded area of figure
18. (B) Percentage increase in the price of petrol
= 25%  77 + 147

To compensate the expenses on petrol, = 224 m2

percentage of reduction in the travel 4 9
25. (C) +0+ = 0.409
10 1000
=  100%
= 20%

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Physics angle between the incident ray and
26. (B) The image distance is always equal to the normal is 30o and the angle between the
object distance from the plane mirror. reflected ray and horizontal plane of
plane mirror is 60o.
Size of image Image distance
Size of object = Object distance = 1 35. (D) When a substance is heated there will be
a change of state, temperature and
So, when a person moves closer to a expansion as given below:
plane mirror, the size of his image in the
mirror remains the same. (i) As the water boils, steam comes
out of the water, i.e., water
27. (C) Statements (A), (B) and (D) about speed changes its state from liquid to gas.
are correct. Speed is the rate of change Thus, heat causes change of state.
of distance with time of an object i.e., the (ii) The water becomes warmer or hot
distance travelled by an object per unit due to the sun or when heat is
time or how fast or slow an object is supplied ot it, i.e., its temperature
moving. If an object moves with more rises. Thus, heat causes an increase
speed, it covers more distance in less in temperature.
time. If an object moves with less speed,
it covers less distance. But time does not (iii) As the water heats up, some of
slow down the motion of an object it overflows, i.e., its volume
moving with more speed. increases. Thus, heat causes
28. (D) A black (dark) and dull surface absorbs 36. (B) Distance = 2.4 km
the most heat.
29. (A) Tungsten is the element that glows and Time = 12 min = h
gives out light, it is used for making the 60
filament in bulbs.  12 
Average speed =  2.4   km/h
30. (B) When an object is placed very close to the  60 
concave mirror, the image formed is 2.4  5 = 12 km/h
virtual, erect and magnified. 37. (A) The filament of an electric bulb gets
31. (A) The time period (T) of a simple pendulum heated to such a high temperature that
is directly proportional to the square root it starts glowing. This glowing filament
produces light.
of its length (l). T  l
38. (B) Heat travels from high temperature to
As the length of the pendulum increases,
lower temperature; hence heat will
the time period of the pendulum also
travel from the metal to the room. The
temperature of the metal will keep
32. (C) Oo C is the freezing point of pure water decreasing and the temperature of the
on celsius scale and 32o F is the freezing room will keep increasing until they
point of water on fahrenheit scale. reach thermal equilibrium (equal
So, Oo C is the same temperature as 32o F. temperature). This temperature will be in
33. (C) Heating elements in electric cookers and between 25o C and 80o C.
electric irons have a high melting point 39. (A) The backside of the mirror is painted
and a high electrical resistance so that with red paint to prevent the silver
the wire can become very hot for heating coating on the mirror from getting
purposes. If the heating element has a scratched.
low melting point, it will cause the
40. (D) An electric motor and an electric door-bell
heating element to melt. If the heating
both require an electromagnet in order to
element has a low electrical resistance,
work. An electric bulb glows when
it will not generate sufficient heat for
current passes through the thin, coiled,
tungsten filament to give out light but
34. (A) Figure in option (A) correctly represents does not have an electromagnet in it.
a law of reflection. The angle between
the plane mirror and normal is 90o. The

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41. (B) Time taken to boil 200 cm 3 of water Chemistry
= 8 minutes 51. (B) Due to the phenomenon of sea breeze and
Time taken to boil 75 cm 3 of water = ? land breeze taking place continuously in
coastal areas, the climate remains almost
75 the same throughout the year.
=  8 = 3 minutes
200 52. (D) If you spill acid on your fingers, you should
42. (D) A convex lens is a magnifying glass that wash your hands with plenty of water. This
magnifies small letters in a dictionary dilutes the spilt acid and washes it away.
and enables us to read clearly. Convex 53. (A) Chemical reaction does not occur when
lenses are used as magnifying glasses, in common salt is exposed to air. Coal when
camera, spectacles and microscopes etc. burnt in air combines with oxygen to form
carbon dioxide and heat is released.
43. (B) If a body travels with a uniform speed in Sodium when placed in water forms
a constant direction, it is said to be in sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas is
uniform or constant velocity. An object or released. Iron reacts with moist air to form
rider ’s velocity is constant only if its rust.
speed and direction do not change. 54. (A) An indicator is a chemical substance. It is
Therefore, constant velocity is always used to identify acidic, basic and neutral
motion along a straight line. solutions based on change in colour.
Physical state of a substance is not tested
44. (A) The most suitable metal for making with an indicator as its state is visible to
electromagnets is soft iron, which acts as us. Temperature and pressure of a
a magnet only as long as the current is substance are measured using a
flowing in the wire and loses magnetism thermometer and manometer
once the current flow is stopped. respectively but not with an indicator.
45. (A) Heat flows from a region of higher 55. (D) Options (A), (B) and (C) are the uses of
temperature to a region of lower wind that are most beneficial to mankind.
temperature. Therefore, transfer of heat 56. (A) In a displacement reaction, a more reactive
can occur when there is a difference in element displaces/replaces a less reactive
temperatures between the two bodies or element. Iron being more reactive than
regions. copper displaces copper from copper
sulphate solution.
46. (B) Number of revolutions, the spin drier
57. (D) The soil that has become acidic due to
makes in 60 seconds = 600 revolutions.
excessive use of chemical fertilizers is
Number of revolutions, the drier will treated with bases like quick lime (calcium
make in 80 seconds oxide) or slaked lime (calcium hydroxide).
If the soil is basic, organic matter is added
i.e., 1 minute 20 second to release acids and neutralise the basic
600 nature of the soil.
=  80 = 800 revolutions. 58. (D) Freezing does not purify water.
47. (B) The chemical energy stored in two cells 59. (C) In a combination reaction, two or more
is more than that in one. So, the bulb in reactants combine together to form one
the circuit that has one bulb and two cells or more products. Photosynthesis is an
example of a combination reaction as
will glow the brightest.
shown below;
48. (A) A prism is used for splitting sunlight into Sunlight
seven colours. 6CO2 + 12H 2O 
Chlorophyll C 6 H 12 O6 +
49. (B) Stopwatch is the most suitable device for 6H2O + 6O2 
measuring the time of runners in a 100 m 60. (B) The energy contained in the gaseous form
marathon. (vapour) is more than the energy
50. (B) The warm air containing carbon dioxide contained in the liquid form (water).
inside the room rises up and moves out Therefore, when vapour changes to water
it loses some heat.
through ventilators and cool fresh air
flows into the room through doors and
windows to take its place.

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61. (A) Sodium hydroxide is a base and it reacts 69. (D) The formation of a cyclone is a very
with hydrochloric acid to form sodium complex process. Factors like wind speed
chloride (salt) and water. It is a and direction, temperature and humidity
neutralization reaction. comtribute to the development of a
62. (B) Air moves from the region where the air cyclone.
pressure is high to the region where the 70. (B) The acid present in vinegar is acetic acid.
air pressure is low. Biology
63. (B) The railway tracks undergo expansion in 71. (D) Plasma in the blood transports waste
summer and contraction in winter. So, it is substances and digested food.
a reversible, physical change.
72. (A) Top layer or A – Horizon provides shelter
64. (C) Too much of acid in the human stomach for many living organisms.
causes indigestion. To relieve from this,
an antacid, milk of magnesia which 73. (B) Money plant is an autotroph.
contains magnesium hydroxide can be 74. (D) Bladderwort is an insectivorous plant.
taken. It neutralises the effect of 75. (D) Mucor and rhizopus are non-flowering
excessive acid in the stomach.
plants or fungi they reproduce from
65. (D) Breaking of a glass tumbler is an spores and live in dark places.
irreversible, physical change as the
76. (C) Sunlight is essential for photosynthesis.
broken glass pieces cannot be joined
together to form a glass tumbler again. The 77. (A) We get muscle cramps after heavy
state of glass cannot be reversed. Hence, exercise is due to the partial breakdown
it is an irreversible, physical change. of glucose to produce lactic acid.
66. (C) In summer, near the equator, the land 78. (C) We get woollen fibre from the fleece of
warms up faster and the temperature sheep.
increases when compared with the 79. (D) In the given figure the part labelled as R
temperature of water in the oceans. The
is gall bladder. It stores bile juice.
heated air on land rises up and causes the
winds to flow from the oceans towards the 80. (C) Pashmina shawls are woven from the fur
land carrying water and rain on the land of kashmiri goat.
that forms a part of water cycle. This 81. (D) Transpiration is beneficial to the plants in
process is known as monsoon. several ways such as mineral absorption,
67. (A) Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid because water absorption and regulates
it ionises completely in water. It has small temperatures.
pH value and has a high concentration of
82. (B) Exchange of gases takes place through
hydrogen ions. It does not contain
hydroxide ions as they are present in stomata by diffusion.
bases. 83. (C) Cuscuta (Dodder) is a compete parasitic
68. (D) The water table at a place goes down or plant.
depletes due to increase in population, 84. (A) In humans circulatory system transports
agriculture and industrialization. digested food and waste substance
(i) Increase in population needs more through blood vessels.
water for drinking and other 85. (C) Influenza shows symptoms of cold and flu.
purposes. Construction of more
86. (D) Pulses, legume and milk are body
houses, offices, shops, roads etc.
need lot of water. building foods.
(ii) Increase in agriculture certainly 87. (A) Oxidation of food takes place in the
demands more food production and presence of oxygen to release energy.
more water for irrigation. 88. (A) Deoxygenated blood is collected and
(iii) Increase in industrialization. Water emptied in right auricle.
is the basic need in industries. 89. (B) Carbohydrates - noodles, fats - ghee,
Increase in industries needs more Vitamins, citrus fruit, Minerals - Iodized
water for producing more goods or salt.
90. (C) Tentacles help the hydra to push food
Hence, all the three factors are responsible into its body.
for decrease of water table at a place.

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