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Royal Science and Technology Park

Business Incubator Newsletter

About the Incubator Offering
Business development services,
The Business Incubator (BI) of the Royal mentoring and training, introduc-
Science and Technology Park enables tion to potential clients and techni-
creators to commercialize their innova- cal support.
tions in the fields of computer, mobile
phone, internet and electronic prod- Office space, meeting rooms, video
ucts or process through entrepreneur- conferencing facility, WIFI, office
ship. furniture, etc.

Fundraising support including

In doing so, RSTP contributes to job matching of ideas with potential
creation, diversification of the ICT investors.
sector and wealth creation in Swazi-
Registration of companies and
Chief Executive Officer of Royal trading licences.
Science and Technology Park

Mr Vumile Dlamini

Highlights: July 2017 - September 2017

In this Issue Start-ups & Products
Pre-incubation service
Ten Startups received pre-incubation
Simple Source provides custom software solutions to businesses in Swaziland.
services. During pre-incubation, the start- The customized Business Management Software (BMS) runs on windows
ups are given advice and support on how to desktop and mobile phones (Android for native applications, Windows, iOS
write a business proposal covering business Simple Source & Android for hybrid applications). Data is inputted and viewed on a
model overview, market research and analy- Windows desktop or mobile phone application. The data is saved both online
and locally so that businesses can continue to function even when the internet
sis, sales and marketing plan, human is unavailable. Data on the online database can be accessed by different
resources plan, infrastructure and amnesties, business branches and is stored securely on Microsoft's Azure Cloud Servers.
SWOT analysis, action plan and milestones
and financial projections.

Peer Learning & Support Training Ummo is a mobile application that connects people with service providers.
Incubated startups recived training on: The application enables users to access information about the service they are
•Budgeting & daily bookkeeping looking to get and knowing how long it will take to get it. The application
•Preparing financial forecasts covering helps people to queue virtually whilst they do other important things and
notifies them of every progress in real-time. After receiving the service, the
income / profit & loss projections, cash flow user can leave a service review to help the business optimize its service.
projections, breakeven analysis, balance
•Piloting a technology product & sales CodeIT (Pty) Ltd UMMO (Pty) Ltd
•Market trends analysis & Product /market Inida is a digital advertising platform housing contact and location details of
fit different service providers, making them easily accessible to the public over a
•Business plan writing mobile and web-based solution. Inida is always 100% available and can be
RSTP introduced ThinkTank sessions accessed online using an internet enabled device over a browser or mobile
application which people can have installed on their smartphones.
which take place every Wednesday after-
noons. The ThinkTank is a closed session in
which incubated startups share experiences,
problems and solutions. The sessions facili- Nodesev facilitates sharing of information at lowest possible cost by providing
tate peer learning, collaboration and co- a media product called Swaziland Data that end users can access offline or
creation amongst the incubated startups. online to get useful and detailed information on companies, Non-Government
Nertworking & Mentorship Organization, Government Departments and Sole Traders in Swaziland. This
is through using the url which can be accessed via any
RSTP organized the start-up grind to
web browser, on smartphones, tablets or computers, that can display videos
connect budding entreprenuers with and audio.
seasoned entrepreneu rs & industry
experts.The Start-up Grind is held every last Contact us
Thursday of the month


Dr. Fashoto from the University of Swaziland gave a
presentation on Introduction of Free and Open Source
Software (FOSS) during the sessions. He encouraged
start-ups to register on Free and Open Source Soft-
ware (FOSS) to take advantage of the learning oppor-
tunities offered by this tech community. He high-
lighted two types of skills that can be acquired through
participating in FOSS i.e. technical (coding, testing
and debugging, speciation and design, development
platforms) and soft skills (teamwork, communication
and cultural exposure). Developers get access to help as
early as possible from many professionals and that is Dr Fashoto during his presentation on FOSS
why many projects running on FOSS result in high
quality software, architecture and engines.

Start-up Grind
During the Start-up Grind, entrepreneurs and This helps start-up founders / teams overcome fear of
aspiring entrepreneurs get insight into starting & entrepreneurship and obstacles they face at different
running a business from successful entrepreneurs stages of the business cycle.
and industry experts.
31 August 2017
“Key legal issues for start-ups and SMEs and how to
avoid them” 29 June 2017
Mr Zweli Shabangu
(Partner at Magagula & Hlophe Attorneys)

31 August 2017
“Overcoming osbtacles in turning your idea to a business”
Mr Siboniso Ginindza
(Founder of Simple Source (PTY )Ltd)

28 September 2017
“What it takes to get funding from banks and non-bank
Start-up Grind participants
Mr Bhekizwe Maziya
(Fund Manager at Youth Enterprise Fund)

Selection Committee
The Selection Committee advices the incubator’s management on the selection
of applicants. The committee scrutinizes the efficiency of the incubator’s applica-
tion and selection process, evaluates applications for incubation and select clients
pursuant to the incubation policy. Mr. Jason Ning
Mr. Zweli Shabangu Mr. Tipho Shabalala
Partner at Magagula & Technology Advisory Entrepreneur, Managing
Hlophe Attorneys Services Manager at KPMG Director at Ning Group Holdings
Members of the Selection Committee

Upcoming Events
Ms. Xolile Mkhwanazi Mr. John Thomson Mr. Dilhan de Silva
(Chair) Entrepreneur, Director at Entrepreneur, Director at Intrepid
Fin. Director (Ret’d.) Mormond Electrical Innovations

Start-up Grind 28 OCTOBER 2017

Dynamic website development 15 NOVEMBER 2017

Ms. Nompumelelo Ndlela Mr. Mandlenkhosi Dlamini Ms. Sebenzile Dlamini 1ST Technology Innovation Forum 15 & 16 NOVEMBER
Legal Advisor, Royal Science and Entrepreneur, Director at Incubation Manager, Royal
Technology Park 2017
Sdudla Engeneering Science and Technology Park

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