We Wear the Mask - Analyzing Details 1. What does the mask symbolize?

For this poem, it’s important to know that it is written about African Americans during the Civil War. They are not wearing physical masks but are “masking” their feelings. We wear “masks” to hide things. What kind of feelings are they hiding and why? Think about what’s taking place during this time period. 2. Could this poem apply to other people who are not African-American? Explain your answer. Is it possible that other groups of people would need to mask their feelings like the African Americans of this time period? If so, why? Give an example of a group that might “wear a mask” to hide their feelings and why they would hide their feelings. "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"- Analyzing Details 3. What does the "house" in stanza #5 symbolize? The following words are used to explain the house. Why would Dickinson use these particular words? What does the house physically represent based on these specific words: We paused before a House that seemed A Swelling of the Ground-The Roof was scarcely visible-The Cornice--in the Ground—Cornice is the trim part of the house on the top.

Why the words swelling of the ground? Remember the author has just been taken away by death.

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