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State Farm Auto Insurance Policy Declarations Page

• Identifies Insured
• Describes Coverage
• Policy Period: 8/24/07 - 2/23/08
• Premium: $435.08

California Coverage
• Average auto liability
A) Bodily Injury Liability
insurance premium - $391.24
• Average auto collision $100,000 Each Person
insurance premium - $391.24 $300,000 Each Accident
• Average auto comprehensive Property Damage Liability
insurance premium - $263.64
$100,000 Each Accident
• Average auto combined
insurance premium - $765.20 This coverage is often described as:

Four Ways to Accomplish Financial

Minimum Limits in California
Responsibility in California

• Bodily Injury • Coverage by a motor vehicle or automobile

liability insurance policy;
$15,000 for death or injury of
• A cash deposit of $35,000 with the Department
any one person, any one
of Motor Vehicles (DMV);
• A certificate of self-insurance issued by DMV to
$30,000 for all persons in any owners of fleets of more than 25 vehicles; or
one accident. • A surety bond for $35,000 obtained from an
• Property Damage insurance company licensed to do business in
$5,000 for any one accident. California.

Driver Responsibility in California
Coverage (Continued)
• All California drivers and owners C) Medical Payments
must have at least the statutory limits $25,000 Each Person
of minimum liability insurance or an
approved alternative way to pay for
injury or property damage they may D) Comprehensive
cause. Penalties are very severe for
non-compliance with this section of
the vehicle code. G 100) $100 Deductible Collision
H) Emergency Road Service

Coverage (Continued) Car Policy

U) Uninsured Motor Vehicle
$100,000 Each Person
$300,000 Each Accident
• Your use of your car
W) Underinsured Motor Vehicle
$100,000 Each Person
$300,000 Each Accident

When and Where Coverage
Definitions Applies
• When - Policy Period shown on the
declarations page
• You or Your - means the named insured • Where - in the U.S., its territories and
shown on the declarations page possessions or Canada and (for liability,
medical payments and physical damage
coverage only) in Mexico within 50 miles
• Your Car - means the car or the vehicle of the U.S border
described on the declarations page

Section I - Liability Liability - Additional Coverages

• Court costs
• Pays damages which an insured becomes • Interest on damages
legally liable to pay because of bodily
• Premiums or costs of bonds
injury to others and damage to property and
defends any suit against an insured • Expenses incurred by an insured
– Wages up to $100 per day
– First aid at the accident
– At their request

Liability Exclusions Liability - Example
• While charging persons for a ride
• While driving your car, you run into another
• For bodily injury to a family member car. The accident is your fault and it costs
• For damage to property owned by, rented to $7,500 to repair the other car.
or in the charge of or transported by an
• For liability assumed by the insured under
any contract or agreement

Liability - Example Medical Payments

• Pays reasonable medical expenses for

• Same accident as before, but you also injure
accidental bodily injury that occurs to you
the driver of the other car. He incurs
while occupying a vehicle covered under
$30,000 in medical bills. He sues you and
the liability section or as a pedestrian if
is awarded $120,000 for bodily injury.
struck by a motor vehicle or trailer

Medical Payments - Example Definition

• Same accident as before, except you are • Occupying - means in, on,
injured and incur $28,000 in medical bills. entering or alighting from

Medical Payments - Example Answers to Examples

• Property Damage Liability - Your policy
While getting out of your car, you trip pays $7,500.
on the curb and break your ankle. • Bodily Injury Liability - Your policy pays
Your medical bills are $4,000. $100,000.
• Medical Payments, first example - Your
policy pays $25,000.
• Medical Payments, second example - Your
policy pays $4,000.

Pays for loss to your car • Earthquake
except by collision • Windstorm
Comprehensive Includes breakage of • Hail
glass and loss caused
• Water
Collision by:
• Missiles
• Flood
• Malicious mischief or
Emergency Road • Falling objects
• Fire
Service • Theft or larceny
• Riot or civil
• Explosion • Hitting or being hit by
bird or animal

Comprehensive - Example
A 0
Comprehensive - Example B 2400
C 2500
Someone scratches the paint on your D None of the above
car with a tool. It costs $2500 to
sand and paint your car to repair the

Comprehensive - Comprehensive -
Transportation Costs Transportation Costs - Example
Your car is stolen. You immediately
Provides up to $25 per day in report the loss and rent a
transportation costs if your car is replacement for $40 per day. Six
stolen after you report the loss and days later State Farm settles your
ending when they offer to pay the claim.

Comprehensive -
Transportation Costs - Example
A 0
B 64 Collision
C 80
D 96 Pays for loss to your car caused by
E None of the above collision but only for the amount of
each such loss in excess of the

Collision - Example
Definition Your car is parked at Marketplace
while you are shopping. When you
return to your car, the rear fender is
smashed. You can’t find out who
Collision - means your car upset or ran into your car. It costs $700 to
hit or was hit by a vehicle or other repair the damage.

Clothes and Luggage -

Collision - Example
Comprehensive and Collision
A 0
B 600 Pays up to $200 in
excess of the
C 700 deductible for loss
D None of the above to your clothes and
luggage if they
were in the car at
the time of the loss.

Clothes and Luggage - Clothes and Luggage - Example
Loss must be caused by: You decide to drive to Los Angeles
• Fire for the weekend. While your car is
• Lightning parked at the Speedway, someone
• Flood breaks into your car and steals your
luggage, which contained your
• Falling objects
clothes. The luggage was worth
• Explosion $100 and the clothes were worth
• Earthquake $200.
• Theft of the entire car

Limits of Liability -
Clothes and Luggage - Example
Comprehensive and Collision
A 0 The limit of liability is the lower of:
B 100 • actual cash value
C 200 • the cost of repair or replacement
D 300
E None of the above

Emergency Road Service -
Emergency Road Service Example
Pays the cost you incur for: While driving you get a flat tire.
• up to 1 hour of labor costs at site of When you discover you don’t have
breakdown a spare, you call a service station
• towing to nearest repair location for help. They bring you a new tire
• towing out if stuck on or next to public and put it on your car. They charge
highway $100 for the new tire and $25 for
• delivery of gas, oil, loaned battery or changing your tire.
change of tire - does not pay for the cost of
these items

Emergency Road Service -

Uninsured Motor
A 0
B 25
Vehicle Coverage
C 100 Underinsured Motor
D 125 Vehicle Coverage
E None of the above

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Definition of Uninsured Motor
Pays damages for accidental bodily • A motor vehicle without insurance, with
injury an insured is legally entitled insurance limits below the legally required
to collect from the owner or driver limits in your state, or if the insurer denies
of an uninsured motor vehicle coverage or becomes insolvent
• A “hit-and-run” motor vehicle whose owner
or driver is unknown which strikes the
insured or the vehicle the insured is

Uninsured Motor Vehicle -

Deciding Fault and Amount
• Whether the insured is legally entitled to You are driving your car when you are hit
collect damages and, if so, the amount must from behind by an uninsured driver. You
be decided by agreement between the are injured and taken to the hospital for
insured and State Farm treatment. You incur $5,000 in medical
• If there is no agreement, these questions bills. You would be entitled to a bodily
will be settled by arbitration injury award of $15,000 if the other driver
had been insured.

Uninsured Motor Vehicle -
Underinsured Motor Vehicle
A 0 Same as Uninsured Motor Vehicle
B 5,000 except this applies if the at fault
C 15,000 driver has bodily injury limits less
than your Uninsured Motor Vehicle
D 20,000
coverage (100/300)
E None of the above

Underinsured Motor Vehicle - Underinsured Motor Vehicle -

Example Example
A 0
As a pedestrian you are B 20,000
hit by a driver with
C 30,000
20/40 bodily injury
limits. You are D 50,000
entitled to a $50,000 E None of the above
bodily injury award.

How Do Medical Payments and
Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Medical Payments and
Vehicle Coverages Combine? Uninsured Motor Vehicle -
4. “The uninsured motor vehicle
coverage shall be excess over and An uninsured driver going the wrong way on a
shall not pay again any medical one way street hits you while you are in your
expenses paid under the medical car. You incur $25,000 in medical bills and
payments coverage.” $20,000 in lost wages. You would be
entitled to a bodily injury award of $110,000
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if the driver had been insured.

Medical Payments and Uninsured Medical Payments and Uninsured

Motor Vehicle - Example Motor Vehicle - Example
Bodily Injury Award consists of:
A 0
25,000 medical expenses
B 25,000 20,000 lost wages
C 100,000
65,000 pain-and-suffering
D 110,000 110,000 total
E None of the above
State Farm pays
25,000 under Medical Payments
85,000 under Uninsured Motor Vehicle
110,000 total