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I originally trained as a secondary school teacher of Design Technology and PE and

have taught in a wide range of institutions including comprehensive schools, a
private school and colleges of further education. I worked for ten years in the leisure
industry and recognised the gap between academic qualifications and the needs of
industry. I formalised my experience in industry through an M.Sc. in Tourism
Management, which gave me the opportunity to research training for the leisure and
tourism industry.

Having trained as a teacher, my real interest has always been education, particularly
the value of experiential learning. I created The Learning Experience through which
I created and delivered formal classroom teaching ± in the form of accelerated
learning sessions and experiential training programmes for the leisure industry

I have been the main educational training consultant for Kingswood education
activity centres for eight years (7 UK centres and 1 French centre). During this
period I have developed the majority of their educational programmes including all
their educational excursions (see CV for details) and a Train the Trainer course as
well as courses in TEFL, ICT, Environmental field trips, The Life Skills Academy ±
Key skills.

I was solely responsible for the development of the French excursion centre for
which I have provided all the trip notes, staff training and appraisal since its inception
six years ago. In the past five years, I have developed four different TEFL courses
for three different companies (two were completely new businesses). Three of these
were summer camps and one provided a year round product. All have been very
successful, one generating over a million pounds worth of business a year

The success of these businesses is predominantly down to the fact that they are
bespoke and in each case we have managed to successfully identify the needs of
customers. In addition to creating new courses/products I was also responsible for
creating a Train the Trainers course to allow for in house training.

I am confident of my ability to promote independence and teach/train others to take

responsibility for their own learning. It has been my experience that learners respond
positively in a climate of openness and mutual respect. I follow the philosophy of
brain based learning, placing the learner at the centre of learning process. I firmly
believe that expectations shape outcomes and the primary target for any educator or
trainer is to build confidence and self esteem as these are the foundations on which
success can be built.

I believe in leading by example and I have high expectations of myself, colleagues

and the students we teach. I have acquired the social skills to inspire both
colleagues and clients and can offer your company a team player, who is capable of
delivering a wide range of courses, build effective teams, contribute to new courses
and develop appropriate mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating success.

Brendan Maitland
  £est Green House Phone 01759 304889
 2 Symons £ay Mobile: 07984 373989
YO42 2XT

    Leeds Carnegie College  !
Secondary School Teacher of Design Technology and
Physical Education

 Manchester Metropolitan University "

Tourism Management: Marketing, Decision Making and
Control, Operational Management, Human Resource
Management, Information Systems and Organisational

#  $ %$  : Employers¶ Perceptions of GNVQ

Advanced Level Leisure and Tourism.

c  Teaching DES Number: 79/44883
Four Years Full -time  ! (

Temporary posts in winter months whilst working in the USA.

(Ä Ä 
Design Technology and Physical Education GCSE and A
Level. GNVQ Leisure and Tourism and Business Studies at
Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Earlsheaton High School, Dewsbury  ! 

£hitcliffe Mount High School, Cleckheaton   )

Culford School, Bury St Edmunds  ) (

*  +   - Operations Manager  ( 

Dolphin Adventure Holidays, Haywards Heath

Planning and management of four activity centres including:

Recruitment of staff, induction and training programmes

*  +   (continued)

Tour Leader:
Trek America Adventure Holidays  "

Organisation and management of adventure camping tours

from 10 days to 9 weeks in the USA, induction and training.

%$ * ,&'   -   
Self employed Educational Training Consultant working with
educational activity centres and schools.
` £riting bespoke experiential learning programmes
including all session plans and staff training.
` £riting all Educational excursions for Kingswood¶s French
centre ± Responsibilities included all trip notes, student
workbooks and the training of all tour guides. Trips include
Paris, Rouen, Arras, Amiens, Dieppe and ££1 battlefields
` £riting and directing Camp Beaumont T.E.F.L
programmes (7 centres) ± English in Action ± delivered at
four ability levels combining classroom lessons and
excursions. Responsibilities included recruitment, all lesson
plans, staff training and student workbooks.
` Train the Trainer ± two week training courses, to train
senior staff to lead in-house training for ICT, Environmental
Field Trips and Life skills.
` Created and administered assessments and appraisals
to ensure educational products are standardised and
quality assurance is monitored.

` Life skills Academy ±An experiential learning course

targeting key skills for Key stages 2, 3, 4, and 5. Delivered
as part of a residential visit (half day or full day) and as a
one day course in-school.
` Accelerated learning and Study skills ± Delivered as a
residential one week course for key stages 2, 3 and 4. Also
delivered as a one day course in-school for GCSE and A
Level students.

Mr J Coluccio Mr S Jones
Assistant Head Teacher Operations Director
Corpus Christi Catholic College The King swood Centre
Neville Road Barn Lane
Leeds £olverhampton
LS9 OTT £V7 3A£
01132 482666 01902 847927
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