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Brand Management---Question Bank (V Semester-Elective)2017

Ten Marks Questions from Five units:

1. What is Branding? Explain its main features?

2. What is Branding and explain its advantages and demerits?

3. What is branding and explain its elements?

4 Explain the branding process. What are it different stages?

5. How can branding be made successful? Discuss the evolution of branding.

6. Why there is need for Branding? What is importance of Brands?

7. What are various brand repositioning strategies? Explain with examples.

8. What are the various challenges and opportunities in front of brand manager?

9. Explain different dimensions of brand personality .Explain with examples.

10. What are the advantages of brand awareness?

11. Explain the different types of brand judgments.

12. What do you understand Brand Equity? Explain its significance.

13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brand Positioning?

14. Explain the brand portfolio management issues.

15. Explain the branding in Tourism and Hospitality.

16. Explain the role of e-communities in brand management.

Three marks Questions from All Units:

1. What are the characteristics of Brand?

2. Explain Brands vs. Products
3. Explain the elements of brand equity.
4. Explain the importance of brand image.
5. How to reinforce the brand?
6. What are the steps in brand building?
7. How to create brand-knowledge successfully?
8. Explain the types of branding strategies.
9. Explain the benefits of brand strategies.
10.Explain the benefits of brand portfolio
11.What do you mean by brand segmentation?
12.Explain the branding of agricultural commodities.
13.What are the various brand image dimensions?
14.What are the different types of brand feelings?
15.What are the various dimensions of brand personality?
16.What is brand pyramid? Explain its steps.
17.What makes reposition successful?
18.What are the different stages of brand processing?
19.How can branding be made successful?
20.Compare generic brand with that of expected brand. Give examples

Very short Questions from All units :

1. What is branding?
2Brand Life cycle?
3. Brand Loyalty?
4. Brand Name?
5. Brand Attributes?
6. Brand Equity?
7. Brand Image?
8. Brand Awareness?
9. Brand Reinforcement?
10. Brand Revitalization?
11. Brand reinforcement?
12. Brand knowledge?
13. Brand Hierarchy?
14. Brand Extension?
15. Brand Positioning?
16. Brand Building?
17. Brand Portfolio?
18. Brand values?
19. Brand Segmentation?
20. Branding in education?
21. Branding in Tourism?
22. Family Brand?
23. Brand recognition?
24. Brand planning?
25. Brand vision?