SHCIL processes the entire paperwork required with the bank.

• The service is available at any of over 100 branches of SHCIL. ADVANTAGES

Our tie ups with banks give you a wider range of banks to choose from. This leads to a wider range of specified and non-specified shares to get loan against.

The add shares team helps you with the paper formalities precedent to a loan.

You can now get a loan at a competitive interest rates and margins. This is a resultant of their tie up with a wide range of banks.

Add shares simplify long-winded loan procedures for you and facilitates early disbursements of funds.

Add shares are available at any of our branches numbering over 120.


INTRODUCTION Even after payments have been made we have to wait patiently to see those shares reflected in the DEMAT account. With the odd surprise of not seeing them at all which you cannot discount! As your depository participant SHCIL assures you safe delivery of shares every time you buy on the exchange. We have lined up a panel of reputed brokers who process your orders on priority Our positions as the clearing corporations of leading stock exchanges ensures smooth and sure credits in your account. An initial advance and timely replenishments into the purchase advance account take care of the payment for your purchases. Go through the detailed EQUIBUY procedure and you will see how EQUIBUY in a one stop shop for your share purchases. FEATURES

An EQUIBUY instruction from you gets the shares credited into your account the next day of payout. • Payment for your purchase made from a running account called purchase advance into which you remit an initial advance of Rs. 1000 and maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 250 at all times.

Choose one or more brokers from a list of 77 brokers empanelled with SHCIL. Registration with broker is not necessary if you are already registered under any of our other product schemes.

Purchase on BSE or NSE. ADVANTAGES

Buy shares with a single instruction and get an assured credit of shares into your account the next day of payout. Leave the settlement procedures and broker interaction to us. • Affect a faster turnaround of your portfolio. EQUIBUY has a very nominal charge attached to it. • An initial advance of Rs. 1000 in the purchase advance account and replenishments, as and when necessary, take care of payment for your purchases. • Choose the exchange you want to buy from- BSE or NSE. • Choose from a range of 77 SHCIL empanelled brokers to execute your purchases.

EQUIBUY from the SHCIL center closest to you. Select from 120 plus SHCIL centers across the country. PROCEDURE • If you are not already registered with one or more of our 77 empanelled brokers under any of our other product schemes, register yourself by filling up a broker registration form.

Fill up a remittance slip to open the purchase advance account by making an initial advance of Rs. 1000. • Approach any SHCIL branch and submit a purchase request slip.

Your request will be good till the end of the day. If the shares are not purchased before the end of the day your request lapses and a fresh request can be submitted the next day.

Your purchase request is transmitted to the broker as soon as you place request.

The broker executes the trade and confirms trade details to SHCIL. The payment for the shares purchased along with the service charge is made from the purchase advance account.

The shares get credited into your account the next day of payout TARIFF On Delivery Basis • 0.65% on the value of transaction on delivery basis with a minimum of Rs. 65 per client per broker settlement.


Equity funds : The equity funds have the mandate of investing primarily in equities. SHCIL is distributing schemes of 28 different mutual funds.INTRODUCTION Fund invest is a basket of financial products ranging from fixed income securities like fixed deposits. Apart from guiding our investors to pick up the right combination of investment instruments we help them in ‘after-sales’ service by acting as an interlocutor between the investor and the issuer of the securities. An effort to guide the investor to a product portfolio that best suits his risk-return profile. It is an attempt to offer financial products that that cater to the various investment needs of our esteemed clients. Applications for investments can be sourced from any of the SHCIL offices. All these funds offer a wide variety of investment option depending on the risk appetite of the investor. SHCIL is an AMFI registered mutual fund advisor (ARMFA). Balanced funds: The balanced funds have the mandate of investing both in equities as well as debt papers. . infrastructure bonds and capital gain bonds to variable income securities like initial public offers (IPOs) of equities and mutual funds. Some of the major categories are: Debt funds: The debt funds have the mandate of investing primarily in debt papers. FEATURES At present.

SHCIL is distributing capital gain bonds of rural electrification corporation. Savings bonds being sovereign in nature are absolutely safe and an attractive investment option in the current volatile market situation. where the investors get exemption from capital gain tax. These are ‘on. Initial Public Offer: IPOs offered by blue-chip corporate can be subscribed from stock holding. we are distributing IDBI SUVIDHA fixed deposits and HDFC fixed deposits. Infrastructures bonds are issued by ICICI bank and IDBI. with section 88 as the main feature.Capital gain bonds come under 54EC capital gains bonds.0% taxable bonds: These bonds are held in electronic form in an account called bond ledger account (BLA). national housing bank. At present. Bharti Tele and I-Flex.tap’ issues. The following categories can subscribe to savings bonds: Category of investor 8. Allahabad Bank. Fixed deposits: fixed deposits with high investment rating and issued by blue-chip corporate are distributed by us. Private placements: debt papers issued for private placement with structural obligations by the state and central government typically targeted for trusts and provident funds are distributed by stock holding. Subscriptions for savings bonds can be submitted at any of our branches. Issues recently distributed by us are Canara Bank. Individual capacity on joint basis. small industries development bank of India and national highway authority of India. These papers generally offer 50 to 100 basis points more than bank fixed deposits of comparable period.0% (taxable) Individual • His or her individual capacity. SHCIL has been designated as one of the receiving offices by RBI for this purpose. Bond ledger accounts can be opened and operated with RBI designated receiving offices. At present. • . (D) GOI BONDS INTRODUCTION Savings bonds are issued by RBI on behalf of government of India in the following series: 8.

HUF (Hindu Undivided Family ) • .• Individual capacity on anyone or survivor basis. On basis of a minor as father/mother/legal guardian.


• Any institution which has obtained a certificate from income tax authority for the purpose of section 80G of the income tax act.0% (taxable) Minimum investment is Rs. 1956 to be a university for the purposes of the act. 1956. 1961. University • University means a university established or incorporated by a central.Charitable Institution • Charitable institution to mean a company registered under section 25 of the Indian companies act. 1000 and there is no maximum . state or provincial Act and includes an institution declared under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act. • An institution which has obtained a certificate of registration as a charitable institution in accordance with a law in force. FEATURES The salient features of the bonds are listed below: Feature Investment limit 8.


transferable. Interest is taxable under IT Act..Interest option Tax benefits Transferability Nomination Repayment Premature encashment limit. 1957. 1961. Exempt from wealth tax under Wealth Tax Act. non tradable and cannot be used as collateral for borrowings. Payable half yearly on 1st Feb. Only sole holder or the surviving holder can nominate. 1st Aug or cumulative on maturity. Non. . Available.

This ensures smooth investing minus paperwork. E. • Easy access: you can apply for subscriptions into these bonds in any SHCIL center across the country. Obtain the application form from any of SHCIL notified centers across India. for ECS facility. • Electronic clearing services: you can avail of electronic clearing system (ECS) services. Attach a Cheque /draft/pay order in accordance with the series of subscription you want to make for the requisite amount in favor of: ‘Stock holding corporation of India ltd.0% (taxable) . A certificate of holding will be issued specifying the investment(s) made under the bond ledger account. This ensures automatic credit of benefits and redemptions when they accrue. PROCEDURE Subscription is a very simple process. No interest would accrue after maturity. ADVANTAGES Hassle free maintenance: the GOI bonds held in electronic form in an account called bond ledger account. • Dispatch: certificate of holdings are dispatched to the client through courier on realization of subscription.g. Fill up all the relevant columns provided in the application form. Not available. The date of investment will be the date of realization of the instrument(s).Repayable on expiry of 6 years from date of issue. SHCIL officials will assist you in filling up of your application form. a/c GOI 8.0% savings (taxable) bonds. a proof of the ECS account like cancelled Cheque/bankers certification authenticating the account number and MICR details. CHECKLIST Kindly attach the following documents as per the checklist below: • Document 8.

board resolutions. trust deed • Form 15H (individuals claiming exemption of TDS) • Universities – incorporation certificate under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act. SHCIL has 100 odd branches all over India to take care of all your insurance related queries and needs. • Charitable institutions. (E) INSURANCE INTRODUCTION SHCIL.• ECS mandate documents • Power of attorney documents (if appointed) • HUF declaration (for HUF investors only) • Certificate of identity – for address change and nominee claims • Minor – birth certificate. is a corporate agent of LIC for life insurance products and NIA for general insurance products.TDS exemption certificate from IT department. FEATURES • . 50000. SHCIL has a dedicated team of IRDA certified insurance advisors to provide all services relating to insurance. 1956. legal or natural guardian certificate • Form 60 or PAN for investments above Rs. a company promoted by insurance majors and financial institutions. We also provide free professional advice to clients on need base insurance.

The insurance policy is a contract and like any contract contains clauses and conditions. This is relatively easy with repair or replacement of (say) a car.An insurance policy compensates you against the financial impact that can arise following loss. but is much more difficult with the loss of life. LIC PRODUCTS Key Man KEY MAN INSURANCE Children Insurance Policy Komal Jeewan plan 159 Jeewan Kishore plan 102 Jeewan Chayya plan 103 Endowment Policy Endowment with Profits plan 14 Limited Payment Endowment • Jeewan Mitra plan 133 Jeewan Anand plan 149 Joint Life (Jeewan Saathi) Policy plan 89 Retirement plan Retirement plan NIA PRODUCTS MEDICLAIM POLICY FIRE INSURANCE PRIVATE CAR INSURANCE HOUSEHOLDER’S POLICY MEDICLAIM POLICY The insurance policy can be used to protect the insured party against expenses incurred for . Claims are settled in accordance with the conditions detailed in the policy. • The service is available at any of over 100 branches of SHCIL. • A fundamental principle of insurance is to put you in the same financial position after a loss or accident that you enjoyed before the loss. damage of destruction of your property (such as home or vehicle) or your health or life. SHCIL distributes life insurance policies of LIC and non-life insurance policies of NIA.

Of these ten. • (F) STOCK DIRECT INTRODUCTION Stock direct has changed the way you look at trading in securities. jewelry and valuables. • Security measures based on encryption and digital signature . route the order to the broker of your choice and do the necessary fund and share movements for you. From your desktop you can now send instructions for buying/selling shares. • Trade from home on the internet with floppy containing stock direct software. For more than 6 sections. • Drunken driving. A three way hands shake between leading brokers.hospitalization for Liability for third party’s injury or death. 20 % discount is offered on non tariff sections. national and international banks and SHCIL is the crux of stock direct. fund and shares transfer with SHCIL taking care of the settlement. contents. television sets and VCR’S. A few clicks will seamlessly check your funds and security positions. bicycles. If the insured party opts for cover for more than 4 sections excluding compulsory sections. a discount of 15 % is on the non tariff sections. fixtures and fittings. HOUSEHOLDER’S POLICY The householder’s insurance policy comprises of ten sections covering the insured’s building. Today stock direct is the most secure online trading platform which combines encryption technology/digital signature features. accompanied baggage as well as personal accident and public liability benefits. the insured party must opt for at least three sections and section 2 is compulsory. excluding sections 1 and 2. Stock direct – India’s first online trading platform was launched in 1999. third party property and towards the paid driver too. FEATURES • A single instruction enables you to combine your trading.

Normal ISA charges applicable as per client’s tariff scheme.50 per client per broker per settlement*.50% with a minimum of Rs. (G) PENSION FUNDS INTR ODUCTION . Security Digital signature technology based on 128 bit encryption makes your transactions 100% secure. If you do not have a DEMAT account. ADVANTAGES One Stop Shop Give a single instruction towards funds confirmation for buy orders. Media charges (one time): Rs. • Choose the exchange to trade from BSE and NSE. fill up a DEMAT account opening form and submit it at any of our branches.100 + Service tax. Service tax applicable as per GOI notifications. Cost effective No minimum value of transaction. Choice of Stock Exchanges Buy/sell shares on BSE/NSE PROCEDURE • If you already have a DEMAT account with us. Convenience Trade at home through net. fill up a conversion form to convert your DEMAT account to stock direct. order routing to your broker and fund and share movements for settlement purpose. • Register with any of our empanelled brokers by filling up the broker registration form and submit it along with the account opening/conversion make your online deals 100% secure. 1000 by way of Cheque /DD. TARIFF Brokerage 0. a running account called the purchase advance by remitting an initial advance of Rs. • Open account with SHCIL. • Open a purchase advance account with SHCIL to facilitate your fund transfers.

• Records of members maintained in electronic form to enable quick access and retrieval of data. • Employees benefit from timely release of pension orders. For both the scheme types.SHCIL offers pension fund administration services to pension fund trusts. SERVICES OF FERED BY SHCIL (1) CUSTODIAL SERVICES . SHCIL offers the entire range of services that Customized pension fund administration software to meet the unique features of the pension scheme. • Application of latest IT technology to smoothen operations and achieve speedier settlement. • Benefit from the wide network of SHCIL offices across the country. • Substantial saving in cost achievable through outsourcing. uniquely referenced with necessary supporting documents. • • System generated pension orders. The pension fund scheme administered by the trust could be a defined benefit or a defined contribution scheme. • Benefit from SHCIL’s vast and rich experience in providing back office services to the financial services industry as a whole and in the area of pension administration in a particular.

etc. a client has the flexibility of settlement of funds through a wide panel of banks having RTGS facility. Banks. CLEARING AND SETTLEMENT SERVICES POST TRADING SERVICES SHCIL has specially trained personnel handling thousands of trade instructions involving large values on sophisticated systems using digital signature on STP (straight through processing) systems. SHCIL. Foreign Institutional Investors (FII’s). Funds.INTRODUCTION SHCIL provides first-rate custodial services to India’s leading Financial Institutions. well connected to client institutions. SHCIL provides the choice of multiple STP service provides enabling competitive advantage of efficient settlements. SHCIL maintains dedicated communication channels. As a custodian. SHCIL is continuously leveraging its scale and capabilities to help its clients mitigate risk and optimize efficiencies with greater control. As a custodian entrusted with sizable assets. stock exchanges. For debt market deals SHCIL ensures timely movement of securities and funds. Funds are collected /deposited from/to client and settled with the clearing houses. For the institutional segment alone. SHCIL has a unique clearing code on the two principal stock exchanges and separate DPM units on both NSDL and CDSL. Mutual Funds. based on the deliverables and receivables received by them for each settlement. Most of the institutional trades are settled in the depository mode. ensuring smooth trade confirmations to stock exchanges. Daily verification of settlements (auction/normal) facilitates smooth reconciliation of settlements of client’s trades and mitigates systemic risk.s core competence in custodial business spans 18 years. with a dedicated pool of trained and experienced professionals working literally round the clock using state-of-the-art computer systems and world class technology. PF Trusts & Corporate. SHCIL seamlessly monitors trades and ensures failed trade management with reporting and resolution of mismatches. At SHCIL. Insurance Companies. thus maintaining process and quality leadership. This ensures smooth settlement of transactions on both exchanges/depositories. clearing houses and depositories. Indian and Foreign Venture Capital Companies. • If you would like to receive credit of shares purchased . SHCIL facilitates timely settlement of funds and securities. SETTLEMENT SERVICES Most of the institutional trades are settled through the clearing house of the stock exchanges.

• As per the latest NSDL guidelines. This booklet helps you transfer shares from your account to broker account and other accounts. CDSL is providing only for debits. bank account number. clients are requested to provide the proofs for identification and address. Hence clients may get their mobile number and SMS flag updated. bonds. NSDL has provided a sample clause in its circular number: NSDL/PI/2000/982 dated June 23. • NSDL does not have the facility to operate a beneficiary account on ‘either or survivor’ basis. debentures. YOUR ACCOUNT IS OPENED Once your account is opened. depending on his preference to receive the communications from the companies. • At the time of account opening. • SMS alerts for debits and failed trades provided by NSDL. The sample clause is as follows: “To sell or otherwise deal with or dispose-off and to purchase. client may give local address or correspondence address. You will be sent an operating kit containing: • Details of your account as recorded by SHCIL. • ‘Delivery instruction by client’ booklet allotted to your DEMAT account. The list may be provided. • Copy of the agreement entered into with SHCIL. shares. securities. annuities or other mercantile negotiable instruments which shall or may at any time belong to me or . Please provide the specimen copy of a Cheque for noting the correct 9 digit MICR code.directly into your account. • Thumb impressions should be attested by a magistrate or a notary public or a special executive magistrate. funds. mark standing instruction as ‘yes’. • Complete address of the bank branch. account type and 9 digit MICR number is mandatory. subscribe or otherwise acquire in any manner from the market or under public or rights issue or otherwise and accept the transfers of any stock. 2000. • The power of attorney should either contain a clause which gives power to sell or to deal with securities generally or a clause which gives power to operate depository account. IMPO R TANT POINTS • PAN mandatory. government and other promissory notes. you will be allotted a client identity number. • Now you are ready to operate your DP account.

• • Change in Signature . Client or the authorized bearer can visit our branch for the same. Please bring the originals with you for verification purpose. securities can be transmitted to legal documents as per depository guidelines. whether solely or jointly and whether in my own right or having any other interest of whatsoever nature and however arising and in any capacity whatsoever including those belonging to others with my name and for such purposes to sign. • If nomination has not been registered. the NRN will be communicated to the account holder(s). MAINTENANCE Change in Permanent/Correspondence Address • A request letter (format available on the site) signed by all the holders are required along with this photocopy of proof of identification and proof of new address is required. In case nomination is not registered. In the absence of NRN. we can take cognizance of nomination only if it is submitted in the prescribed format and the same ahs to be registered with the depository participant (DP) under a ‘nomination registration number’ (NRN). NOMINATION FOR DP ACCOUNTS – INDIVIDUAL(S) BENEFICIARY ACCOUNTS • As per the instructions received from the depositories.which hereafter be transferred to me. Copy of the last transaction statement received from SHCIL is also required. DP will not be able to transmit the securities in favor of the nominee only if it is registered and after duly submitting the prescribed documents. execute or endorse all instruments of transfer and other documents for any purpose whatsoever by virtue of these present”. On registration of the nomination. account holders may submit the nomination form in the prescribed format to the nearest SHCIL center.

• Over and above the documents explained above. (3)When the account has a sole holder without a nominee. Addition of P AN /MAPIN • Request letter by the client giving the PAN/MAPIN number For the occasional delivery and receipt of securities in the physical mode.e. (2)When the account has a sole holder with a nominee.. If the shares are transmitted to beneficiary account of surviving holders and this beneficiary account is in a DP other than SHCIL. Freezing Of Account An account is frozen /suspended: • Only on your instruction. • Classify the transmission case into the above categories. The new signature to be attested by the bank. SHCIL ensures prompt scrutiny. processing and lodgment of securities with the respective company/ registrar and transfer agent. See which category you fit into and follow the relevant procedure: (1)When the account has joint holders and one dies. SHCIL also ensures that delivery of physical securities to exchanges is handled strictly as per exchange regulations. The request may be submitted along with the copy of POI and the photocopy of the latest transaction statement received from SHCIL. There can be three situations in transmission of account. • By competent authority. PHYSICAL CUSTODY (VAULT) SERVICES DEATH OF BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT HOLDER(S) – TRANSMISSION OF ACCOUNT Transmission of account takes place in the event of the death of the beneficiary account holder(s). . i. the client master list from the target DP has to be submitted. with objections handling if needed. by the depository/SEBI. with the objective of final transfer to the purchaser.Request letter (format available) signed by the client.

On receipt of court order. (3 ) DEMAT De-materialization is the process of conversion of shares from physical form to the electronic mode. TRANSPOSITION CUM DEMATERIALIZATION The clients can get the securities dematerialized in the same account if the names appearing on the certificates match with the names in the DEMAT account but are in different order. • • For de-freezing pledge accounts. TRANSMISSION AND DEMATERIALIZATION . De-freezing Of Account De-freezing of an account takes place: • Only on your instruction. This can be done by submitting the certificates along with the transposition form and the dematerialization request form (DRF). your instruction has to be accompanied by bank authorization. Our dedicated DEMAT team enable you to convert your physical holdings/debentures/bonds/GSECS into electronic mode in a quick and hassle free manner.

• Submit DEMAT Request Form. • If the form is complete in all respects. You can submit the shares over the counter at any of our branches. • Scrips falling under compulsory DEM AT These scrips can be traded only in electronic form. it will reject the shares. • If your shares have been rejected by the company. the surviving holder(s) can get the name(s) of the deceased deleted from the security certificate and get the same dematerialized. Your Shares Are Dematerialized • When the company gives you credit. • Securities to the extent of the instruction are debited from free or locked-in balances and credited as pledged balances of the Pledgor so that they cannot be used for any transactions.In case of death of one or more of the joint folders. you can start dematerializing your shares. transmission form as per annexure OB and the dematerialization request form (DRF) have to be submitted by the surviving joint holder(s) along with the security certificates. the acceptance is communicated electronically to the pledgor’s DP. the DP processes the form and generates a pledge/hypothecation instruction number for the request. SHCIL will forward the shares to you on receiving them from the company. Do go through the tips given on filling up the DRF to avoid rejection. scrips can be divided as: • Scrips Eligible For DEMAT These scrips can be traded either in physical or electronic form. In case the company is not satisfied with the details furnished. (4) PLEDGE You can pledge or hypothecate your dematerialized shares against loan or credit facilities extended by a pledgee who also has an account with a DP. Notarized copy of the death certificate. Once your demat account is opened with us and you have received your client identity number. • If the pledgee accepts the request by the pledgor. • The pledgee will submit a form to its DP to accept/reject the pledge/hypothecation request. The Pledge Procedure • Pledgor fills in a form requesting the DP to pledge the shares and hands it over to the DP. Once the pledge’s DP confirms the acceptance of . Now you can sell these shares. these shares will reflect under ‘free’ column. As per SEBI.

the pledge. the pledgor cannot cancel the pledge/hypothecation order. The pledgee’s DP executes the pledge/hypothecation request as per the instructions given .

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