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1 Project SJK (T) Taman Sentosa, Klang 4 PPM Frequency 1M/Y

2 Asset Group/ Mechanical/ACMV/Air Cooled 5 Work Order No

Category/ Split Unit
Description 6 Date

3 Asset Label No 7 Estimate Time


Item Yes/ Remarks

Safety Precautions
A a. Carry out lock out/ tag out procedures.

b. Use appropriate PPE.

Item Checklist Yes/ Remarks


1.0 Monthly

Evaporator (Cooling Unit)

a. Inspect unit for any abnormalities. Trace the faults and
rectify as necessary.
b. Inspect and clean air filters.

c. Inspect leakage or clogging at drain pan and drain line.

Clean, flush, repair or replace as necessary.
d. Inspect refrigerant leaks at joints, fitting and piping.
Repair and top up refrigerant as necessary.
d. Inspect remote control. Replace as necessary.

a. Inspect suction and discharge pressure of condenser. If
b. trace the faults
Inspect refrigerant leaksand rectify fitting
at joints, as necessary.
and piping.
Repair and top up refrigerant as necessary.
c. Inspect all fans and motors as necessary. Repair or
d. as condensing
Inspect necessary. coil. Repair or replace as necessary.
Clean coil and comb the fins as necessary.
e. Inspect filter dryer and replace as necessary.

f. Inspect compressor units. Replace as necessary.

g. Inspect bracket/hanger. Repair or replace as necessary.

Electrical Switchboard / Control Panel

a. Inspect the condition of panel and its housing. Repair or

b. as and
Inspect necessary.
test the control wiring and circuitry.
Retighten, repair or replace as necessary.
c. Inspect the operation of selector switches. Repair or
replace as necessary.
d. Inspect the operation of auto-manual selector switches.
Repair or replace as necessary.

e. Inspect the operation of start-stop button. Repair or
replace asor
f. Inspect necessary.
replace indicating bulbs and covers.

g. Inspect the routine operation of all electrical starters,

h. Inspectcontrol
electrical all electrical
gears contactors. Clean
and ancillary and retighten
electrical all
or replace as necessary.
i. Clean or replace electrical contactors as necessary.
j. Inspect electrical fuses. Replace as necessary.

k. Inspect the condition of the conduits, supports and

wires. Replace as necessary.

2.0 Yearly

a. Chemical cleaning for all coils.

b. Inspect rubber padding. Replace as necessary.

c. Clean rust and paint with appropriate one layer of anti-

rust paint and finished with existing coloured paint.
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