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6 levels of

Memorize Stuff! Question Stuff!
What do you know about…? How would you organize____ to show ____?
Can you define, list, recall or identify…? How is ____ related to ____?
How would you describe…? How does ____ compare or contrast to ____?
Who, what, when, where, why, how What ideas justify…?
questions. Process Verbs Product Nouns
Process Verbs Product Nouns analyze, interpret, conclusion, report,
recognize, restate, test, quiz, definition, organize, compare, chart, diagram,
list, group, describe, fact, list, workbook, contrast, examine, summary, survey,
name, identify, worksheet, label, deconstruct, outline, illustration,
retrieve, find, locate reproduction investigate report, questionnaire

Explain Stuff! Justify Stuff!
How would you explain or describe…? Do you agree or disagree and why?
How would you summarize or retell…? How would you justify, rate, or evaluate?
What is the main idea…? Defend the importance of…? Based on?
What statements support…? You know, so how would you explain…?
Process Verbs Product Nouns Process Verbs Product Nouns
classify, outline, outline, explanation, support, defend, book review, survey,
explain, infer, collection, definition, prioritize, assess, opinion, collage,
interpret, compare, story problems, hypothesize, rate, media product, text,
paraphrase summary, test, critique, justify, design, debate,
journal response evaluate dependent response

Solve Stuff! Build Stuff!
What examples can you find to…? What would happen if…?
What is the situation like…? Can you propose alternative solutions?
How would you use…? How can you design, compose, invent, or
What would result if…? arrange?
Process Verbs Product Nouns Process Verbs Product Nouns
practice, do, plan, journal entries, new design, combine, product, invention,
develop, story, demonstration, formulate, adapt, advertisement,
implement, solve, timeline, simulation, construct, devise, game, poem, song,
operate, apply, teach a lesson, improve, change, research,
execute, use present produce, generalize experiment, project