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Dr. B.V. Raman 3 4 Planetary Afflictions &
Remedial Measures

Words of Wisdom 8 9 Extraordinary

Combinations In
Roger Federer's Hososcope
Similarities of
Vastu Shastra & Roman Architecture
12 Cover Story

A Detailed Guide On
Solar And Lunar Eclipses 14
Analyzing Poverty &
Prescribing Remedial Measures 19
Marriage Vivaha Yoga &
Horoscope Matching 21
23 The Wonders of
Nadi Astrology

Mata Jayalakshmi
The Sage’s Mother 25
Panchanga for August 2017 29
Yogo Vashishta - 20 32
This Month for You 35

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keÀes JeÊeÀe leejlec³em³e leceskeÀb JesOemeb efJevee ~~
Chief Editor and Publisher Those who know Astrology can only indicate
Bangalore Niranjan Babu in a way what will take place in future.
Who else, except the Creator Brahma,
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The Astrological eMagazine Panchanga for August 2017 29


Yogo Vashishta - 20 32

This Month for You - August 2017 35

Sunrise and Sunset Timings 40




Prof V S Kalyanraman writes about his experiences with Dr. B. V. Raman

W hen we are celebrat ing the centenary year of Dr Raman, my thoughts

go back to the late forties, when I had started reading the world-
famous The Astrological Magazine. I met Dr Raman, for the first time in
the fifties when he visited my professor, who was a regular contributor to
the magazine. It was through my professor my acquaintance with Dr Raman
bloomed and culminated as a lifelong friendship. When once he asked me
why I was not seriously getting involved in contributing to the cause of
astrology by writing articles, I told him that there were already numerous
eminent, erudite and excellent scholars doing that service. He said that no
learning must go waste and it is the solemn duty to dispense knowledge,
known to one, to the needy. When I tried to justify my stand by saying that
learning can shine only with modesty, he retorted with his rare smile, ‘not
always’. Imparting an abrupt parting command to me, he departed in a
hurry, to his heavenly abode.
Prior to and even after his demise, I have been with The Astrological
Magazine most often, behind the screen and I continue to be so with
Sri Niranjan Babu and his eMagazine.
Though professional compulsions distanced me from the South, I have never
missed to meet Dr Raman, occasionally or those annual astrological meets
organized by him, for which prompt intimation would arrive, wherever I was. Such meets helped to discuss
many subjects with friends like Sri P S Iyer, Sri Muthuswamy and others. A piquant feeling remains that such
efforts have become more conspicuous by their absence, these days.
He was keen to bring out an English edition of Dasaadyaayee for which he took my incomplete notes, when I
met him in Kerala. He was planning a work on Medical Astrology also. There must be many such incomplete
efforts of his, yet to see the light of the day. Those, on whom the responsibility has fallen now, must not to
spare any pains to carry forward his relentless efforts in collecting, collating and publishing his papers, to the
benefit of his multifarious admirers.
Babu, after a hiatus, it gives much solace to the thousands of admires of that “Gentle Colossus”, who dominated the
astrological world over seven decades.
Dr Raman’s nakshatra Satabhisha denotes a hundred physicians – as a true “Vaidayanatha” Dr B V Raman did heal
is the fruit of his labour. ‡



Jyothisha Pithamaha Dr. B.V. Raman tells us how to minimise

A ccording to tradition there were eighteen sages who propounded the science of astrology. Must outstanding
of them and the one who is directly responsible for the methods of Hindu astrology as they are practiced
today is Parasara.

Two classics – Suryasiddhanta dealing with the astronomical part of astrology and Parasara Hora dealing with
astrology proper – stand pre-eminent as the most authoritative treatises. According to these great classics,
astrology is the foremost limb of the Vedas and it is a “secret, pure and exalted science”. The Vedas are the
works of Rishis or the great seers: “The truths of the Rishis are the products of spiritual intuition. The Rishis
were able to discover the eternal truths by raising their life-spirits to the plane of immortality. Their utterances
are based not on transitory vision but on a continuous experience of resident-life and power. When the Vedas
are regarded as the highest authority, what is meant is that the more exacting of all authorities is the authority
of facts.” And astrology has originated from the Vedas.

Man’s existence here, says one of the disciples of the great Sage Kapila, the first evolutionist in the world, is
a mere repetition and reproduction of his other previous existences. His present existence is but a link in the
chain of eternal existences connecting the past with the future. In his each birth, he carries one step forward
the inceptive purpose of his creation to its goal and consummation, until he attains the one in which the past,
present and future are blended together and Time and Space are annihilated.

Astrology and Karma are therefore interrelated. The horoscope reveals the consequences of our actions which
we do not remember in this life and are untraceable in this birth. The result of our unknown action is what we
call ‘fate’ or “adrishta’.

Many people in the west seem to imagine that the theory of Karma is based on fatalism and predestined
necessity and that therefore it leaves no room for individual development. This is not a correct idea. According
to Hindu texts, when one dies, his soul (life-energy) which is enveloped in a subtle sheath and invested with
the sumtotal of good and bad Karma passes after some time into another plane leaving off his gross body as a
man casts off his worn-out clothes and puts on new ones. His reincarnation will then take place in a physical
body corresponding with the deeds done by him in his previous life. The processes of death and birth go on
until Moksha or Nirvana or final liberation. The Karma is the result of our actions and our actions are due to
our thoughts and hence it is man who creates his Karma for it is the product of his thought.

There are two main categories of Karma. The first is Sanchita or the accumulative or those that are lying latent
like seeds stocked up in a granary for fruition in future lives. The second is Prarabdha or operative – those whose
machinery has been set in motion towards their fruition in the present life. There is nothing that can stop the machinery
that has been set going and therefore it is the effects of the Prarabdha Karma that we are experiencing in our presents
lives. In other words, the horoscope indicates the Prarabdha portion of our Karma – being our destiny in this life.
can either strengthen or weaken their momentum in the desired direction by recourse to suitable remedial measures
prescribed in ancient astrological books.


Here another interesting question arises: If the horoscope be considered to be based on the net quantum of energy
merely reveals the result of our past Karma, then what possessed by the system. This quantum of energy can be
part do the planets play in this intricate game? either increased or decreased depending on whether that
The relationship between the planets and Karma
may roughly be compared to be relationship between
method which consists in the use of mantras (or regulated
a thermometer and one’s body temperature.
forms of sound vibrations), gems, herbs, etc., and the
The thermometer just records the temperature. It
internal method which consists in the regulation of energy
does not bring
within the system itself.
about the fever. Similarly planets do not cause the event
WRKDSSHQHYHQWKRXJKWKH\MXVWVKRZWKHEXUGHQRQHKDV For instance, let us consider a person born in the
to bear in life’s pilgrimage due to causes generated by him FRQVWHOODWLRQRI0DNKD WK DQGWKH$VFHQGDQWEHLQJ
in his previous lives – i.e., his past Karma. Suppose Venus $TXDULXV ZKLOH 0HUFXU\ LV SODFHG LQ 6FRUSLR 7KLV
LVD൷LFWHGE\KLVFRQMXQFWLRQZLWK6DWXUQ5DKXRU0DUV particular combination is styled as Paisacha yoga and
The interpretation that would be put this combination will LWVH൵HFWLVJURVVPHQWDOLPEDODQFHFRXSOHGZLWKYLROHQW
be that the Karma of person in his past life was such as to RXWEUHDNVRIEDGWHPSHU,IWKHDERYHFRPELQDWLRQKDVD
call for a punishment in the direction of want of happiness SHUPDQHQWLQÀXHQFHWKHPHQWDOLPEDODQFHDOVRUHPDLQV
in married life, and this is indicated by the position of DVDSHUPDQHQWRQH,QVXFKDQD൷LFWLRQWKHUHLVDFHUWDLQ
of Saturn in the 10th is to cause fall from position and DQG 0HUFXU\ 7KH H[WHQW RI VXFK GH¿FLHQF\ FDQ DOVR
ancient sages have designed mantras or certain types
6RZDQDFWUHDSDKDELW mantras pertaining to these planets. The instrument for
6RZDKDELWUHDSDFKDUDFWHU the use of these vibrations is of course the mind and what
6RZDFKDUDFWHUDQGUHDSDGHVWLQ\ is called tapassakti or the spiritual or psychic equipment
based upon direct experience of the sages, a proposition highest spiritual and moral qualities that can apply these
that is no reason why the doctrine of Karma cannot be proved very satisfactory.
$V,KDYHHDUOLHUVDLGRQH¶VHYLO.DUPDLVVDLGWRPDQLIHVW in a system is by certain yogic practices which entail the
LWVHOILQWKHIRUPRI³9\DGKLV´RUD൷LFWLRQVYL]SK\VLFDO regulation of breath as well as manipulation of certain
diseases, mental and emotional trouble or spiritual FKDNUDV RU QHUYH RU IRUFHFHQWUHV ZLWKLQ WKH V\VWHP
application of certain types of sound-vibrations and yogic WHUPSHUDPHQW VXEMHFWLQJ WKH LQGLYLGXDO WR SKDVHV RI
practices. The approach to a horoscope can be made in two intense depression. The prescribed remedy for this case
ways: one is the philosophical and the other the practical. is that the person concerned is to take to certain kinds
2JKNQUQRJKECNN[VJGCHƀKEVKQPUCTGVJGTGUWNVCPVQHQWTRCUV of yogis practices which can result in the release of the
Karma. We should therefore suffer the consequences in UHTXLUHGUHFWLI\LQJHQHUJ\TXDQWDIURPWKHV\VWHPLWVHOI
a detached manner invoking God’s grace. In the latter Colour also has a part to play in this scheme of things.
case, the horoscope is the mathematical assessment of 7KHJUHHQFRORXUDVVRFLDWHGZLWK0HUFXU\LVLQGLFDWLYH
the quantum of energy associated with an individual RIFKHHUIXOQHVVJURZWKDQGDFKLHYHPHQW$FFRUGLQJWR
system both in the biological and psychological aspects. +LQGXDVWURORJ\0HUFXU\UXOHVLQWHOOLJHQFHRUEXGGKL,W
For any individual horoscope, the destiny-pattern can KDVEHHQREVHUYHGLQSUDFWLFHWKDWLI0HUFXU\LVZLWKWKH


0RRQ¶VGHVFHQGLQJ1RGHLQFHUWDLQGHVWUXFWLYHDVWHULVPV 5. The Sun’s affliction especially in the 4th house

the concerned person’s buddhi or intelligence become in the constellation of Mars predisposes one to
stunted or perverted. cardio-vascular troubles.
$QFLHQWVDJHVKDYHDOVRGHYLVHGPXVLFDOWXQHVDVVRFLDWHG In the astrological language, the rulership of the mind
ZLWKHDFKSODQHW,WZRXOGEHXVHIXOWRUHPHPEHUWKDWWKH is assigned to the Moon and to a certain extent to
ULJKWW\SHRIPXVLFMXGLFLRXVO\DGPLQLVWHUHGLVFDSDEOHRI Mercury also. Just as the phases of the Moon are ever
relieving certain physical as well as mental ailments, after unsteady, so also are the thought-processes emanating
all, modern science tells us that both colour and sound from the mind. Therefore, if one can understand
DUHFDXVHGE\YLEUDWLRQVZKLFKRIFRXUVHGL൵HULQWKHLU carefully the significance of the lunar position in a
IUHTXHQFLHV,WLVPHQWLRQHGLQWKHFODVVLFDOWH[WVGHDOLQJ horoscope and the benefic and the malefic influences
with remedial aspects of astrology that certain types of it is subjected to, he will understand the true nature
QHUYRXVDQGPHQWDOD൷LFWLRQVFDQEHJRWULGRIE\PDNLQJ of the individual concerned, and how and why he is
the concerned person listen to the tune assigned to lacking mental peace. This should prove invaluable to
Mercury, a number of times, similarly different planets the individual concerned for he could be enabled to
are assigned rulership to different grains. If Mercury achieve peace of mind by certain mental efforts.
is afflicted and the trouble is neurosis, use of green
gram is recommended. If the Moon represents the mental content, then
The evil planetary combinations or planetary afflictions his association with a malefic, without any relieving
which require to be attended to go under the name of beneficial aspects, constitutes a definite affliction and
arishta or arishta yogas. They affect every aspect of the way it expresses itself can be discerned by the nature
human life – health, family, children, business, public of the associated planet. Supposing the conjunction is
reputation, education, career, etc. between Mars and the Moon. Mars represents anger,
hatred, vindictiveness and violence. These passions
The theory is: All such misfortunes are shown by act most severely on the physical life. The man will
the planetary positions or arishta yogas which afflict be highly impulsive. We say that a man was red with
man in various forms. The intensity of the evil can be rage, by which terms as by degrees of comparison. We
minimized if remedial measures are taken in advance. express the extent of his fury. Physiologically, we are
For your information, a few arishta are listed below: then speaking of the nervous condition of the minute
circulation of blood. ‘Red’ rage means partial paralysis
1. Lord of the 10th situated in the 6th, 8th or 12th. of minute blood vessels and ‘White’ rage means
One will not derive the fruits of his own labors. He temporary suspension of the action of the prime mover
will be looked down by other. The person himself will of the circulation itself.
possess extreme selfishness. This may be minimized if
neutralized by certain astrological remedies. Such disturbances cannot be often produced without
the occurrence of permanent organic evils of the vital
2 Lord of the 11th in the 6th, 8th or 12th subject to
organs especially of the heart and of the brain.
malefic influences in the constellation of a malefic.
There is a predisposition for squander-mania and he You will, therefore, generally find persons with Moon-
will face many financial upsets. Mars affliction suffering heart trouble or even brain
3. If the third house is afflicted, the sign or constellation being disorders. The Moon-Saturn conjunction, on the other
Scorpio or Aridra One will face the risk of food-poisoning hand, makes the native a victim of ‘imagination’, i.e.,
or accidentally consuming poison or being poisoned. The mental states induced by mental suggestion. Such a
appropriate remedy will neutralise the danger. subject, in spite of all material comforts and wealth,
would be quite ‘unhappy’. He will be a creature of
4. Mars in the 7th or with the lord of the 7th in the environment and QWVUKFGKPƀWGPEGU*GYKNNOGTGN[DGC
constellation of Venus or Mercury aspected by a Node YGCMKPUVTWOGPVQHFGUKTGGOQVKQPCPFHGGNKPIKPƀWGPEGF
or Saturn. Makes one highly over-sexed. This tendency by suggestionsand impressions from every passing thing
can be curbed by propitiating the appropriate planet. or person.


The mental set-up of the person in all its details is thus The selection of the mantra is based on the
revealed by the horoscope and the mental set-up, it horoscope concerned. Each alphabet letter
must be noted, is indicated by the thought processes. is related to a certain constellation and the
Thought is dynamic. It is both force and motion. The appropriate mantra should be chosen on the basis
ancients had discovered a definite ‘pattern action’ of the relationship between one’s birth constellation
between thought processes and the act of respiration. and the constellation ruling the alphabet.

Depending upon the nature of the planet afflicting Precious stones are also prescribed for neutralizing
the Moon (and Mercury too), the rate of thought planetary afflictions. The theory is : the individual
processes can be ascertained. When this is done, soul, due to its past karma is assailed by diseases,
the abnormal thought processes can be adjusted by misfortunes, etc. This is the work of the planetary
correcting the type of breathing. The power of the intelligences through their gross forces. They send
mind is transcendent over everything in this world. Our disease-vibrations which strike the soul in order that
whole life is one vibration. The power of music upon the trend of his injurious Karma may be lighted by
the insane is but a forceful demonstration of vibration suffering. When the periods and subperiods of afflicted
being able to assist nature in adjusting the vibrations planets operate, the appropriate gems have to be worn.
of the human mind and body which have lost their
rhythm and therefore, lack mental harmony. According to Hindu astrology, the planets ruling
the gems are: Sun –Ruby (manikyam), Moon-Pearl
When want of ‘peace of mind’ is lack of harmony in (mauktikam), Mars - coral (pravalam) Mercury-
the vibrations of the mind, and when we know that a emerald (marakatham), Jupiter-topaz(pushparagam),
definite pattern-reaction between thought processes Venus-diamond (vajram), Saturn-sapphire (neelam),
and the act of respiration exists, then it is evident that Rahu-gomedhakam and Ketucat’ eye.
by the regulation of Prana, the mind can be so tuned
as to get the requisite harmony. The gems are put to a better use also. This consists in
wearing jewels for the purpose of increasing psychic
As I have already said earlier, mantras can be used powers. If one has a weak memory, the gem ruled by
for removing the afflictions in the horoscope. Mantras Mercury, Viz., emerald. duly charged with a mantra
should not be learnt from books or accidentally can be used with much benefit. The gem should be
obtained. They should be secured by initiation from worn only on days appropriate to the planet, avoiding
a qualified teacher. the 8th and 14th lunar days.
The efficacy of a mantra is increased by frequent And finally there is the formidable science of yoga
repetition. Each planet is said to have its gross and formulating methods which can be used removing
subtle aspects. And the subtle aspect is identified with planetary afflictions. Beginning with muladhara which
the appropriate deity. Thus we have the Sun, with its is supposed to be below the spinal cord to sahasrara
mass, radiation, flares, spots, etc., holding the other – in the cerebrum, the different planets. When stress
planets by its power of gravitation. But then there is the is applied on a particular chakra by certain yogic
chaitanya or the intelligence-aspect of the Sun – a deity techniques, the afflictions caused by the planet ruling
whose orders alone, the physical body of the Sun acts. the chakra are removed.
A mantra designed by sages to establish communion
with the Sun – as a Deity – when properly used can The proof of the pudding lies in its eating. The truth of
neutralize the Sun’s affliction. remedial astrology is a fact of experience. But it may
not fit into the current theories of science. But that is
Every mantra has what is called a Sanskrit alphabet a different matter. Resorting to remedial measures
as a Bija or seed. These Bijaksharas are believed to to overcome the adverse indications in the horoscope
contain the germs of Deities. These letters and the is a common feature in India – as common as an
forms or image they throw out by frequent recitation American citizen visiting a physician or a psychiatrist
are completely free from the stigma of idolatry. for ill-health. ‡

Words of Wisdom




Read about the 9 extraordinary combinations in

Wimbledon 2017 champion Roger Federer’s Horoscope

Roger Federer – Rog as known by his fans, is a global sports icon. His effortless style has won him 19 grand
slams and over a billion fans. Nike, Rolex and many others are benefitting from his iconic status and pocket
more that what Federer earns. Federer’s formula is simple – finish the game. I have been a fan myself since
my childhood. His front hand strokes, back hand returns or stylish between the leg cross court returns have
excited me every time.

Winning the Wimbledon 2017 not only gave him his 19th Grand Slam win, but also silenced the quack
astrologers who thought he had predicted his end of career. Here are 9 interesting heavenly combinations
that make him what he is – The Roger Federer.


The rising sign is Leo at the time of birth. But does that become Lagna. I’ve always told my students that this is
perhaps the single biggest mistake. The Lagna is always the strongest of the rising sign, moon sign or sun sign.
In Federer’s horoscope, Cancer is occupied by Sun, Rahu and Mercury making it more powerful that the rising
sign Leo or the moon sign Libra. The entire chart will pivot around this sign and hence the Lagna is Cancer
and not Leo.


Rahu, Mercury and Sun in Cancer gives Extreme Will Power

The conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in the ascendant the second lord, will empower Federer with extreme
results in a sensitive mind which is seen in the form determination and willpower. He can fix his mind on
of frequent emotional outbursts. Rog underwent a goal and go great lengths to accomplish it. As a side
counseling in his junior years to overcome this note, the gemstones of Sun, Mercury and Rahu in
sensitive nature. However, the conjunction of Sun as a particular pattern is usually prescribed for certain
horoscopes who lack will.

Lagna Lord in Fourth House makes Federer very Adroit

The lord of the first house is Moon and he is well required for playing Tennis. He was very Adroit. A
placed in a quadrant and free of any aspects. The simple placement of the lagna lord in a quadrant and
Sun and the Moon in mutual quadrants gave Rog without afflictions, makes one expert or nimble in the
the ability to easily master strokes and other skills use of the hands or body. The intensity increases or
decreases based on the influences of other planets.
Aries As The Tenth House Gets Things Done

In Rog’s revised horoscope, the tenth house is Aries focus inwards and puts them to action at any given
represented by a Ram. Natives with Aries as tenth opportunity. They complete the task they set their
house have the ability to get things done. It makes them mind on irrespective of how difficult the task may be.

Mars in Punarvasu Nakshatra eliminates Road Blocks

Mars is the lord of the tenth house. Of Kshyatriya or placement of Mars in Punarvasu Nakshtra removes
warrior caste, he is in a dual sign, indicating sports as the evil effects of the twelfth house and pumps back
his career. He occupies Aries Navamsa and Punarvasu benefic results. This excellent combination has taken
Nakshatra. Punarvasu means restoring good. The Rog to great heights in his career.


Sun and Moon cause Vipareetha Dhana Yoga

The Moon as the lagna lord aspects the tenth house is in the ascendant and eleventh lord Venus is in
causing a Dhana Yoga or acquisition of immense the house of wealth. This combination goes under
wealth. The Sun, lord of the second house of wealth the name in Vipareetha Dhana Yoga and results in a
windfall of money. Feder is blessed with Money.

Saturn and Jupiter give Immense Fame and Power

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in the third house is lord and Saturn as the eighth lord in conjunction
hard to miss. Saturn becomes the lord of the seventh cause Vipareetha. Further, Saturn as lord of a quadrant
and eighth houses. Jupiter becomes the lord of the and Jupiter as the lord of a trine cause a Raja Yoga.
sixth and ninth houses. An experienced eye can easily Vipareetha and Raja Yoga in the third house give
spot the two yogas that is formed. Jupiter as the sixth immense courage, determination and phenomenal
rise of fame in the early part of his life.

Ketu in the Seventh House gives Good Luck from Spouse

Ketu’s position in the seventh is often misunderstood and this is not the case. On the other hand, a Ketu in
by the astrological world. The common interpretation the seventh brings good luck from the Wife. Mrika,
for this is poor sexual life, failure of marriage and Federer’s wife, is almost always present when Federer
misery. However, I have studied scores of horoscopes, plays, cheering for him.

Planets in the Second and Twelfth House from the Sun makes him Charitable

Planets apart from Rahu, Ketu and the Moon in the a good amount of his wealth to charity through his
2nd goes under the yoga - Vesi. If this is in the 12th, Roger Federer Foundation. As a side note, Vesi
it goes under the name of Vosi. Vesi Yoga results in Yoga, also give us clues in terms of acquisition of
good wealth, while Vosi Yoga results in charity. Federer wealth. Planets (apart from Rahu, Ketu and Moon)
has both Vesi Yoga and Vosi Yoga, collectively known influencing the 2nd from the Sun help the native
as Ubhayachari Yoga, makes his earn well and divert accumulate wealth.


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Similarities of
Vastu Shastra & Roman Architecture

architecture as an example

Indian Architecture Roman Architecture

As most of you know, Vastu dates back to the Vedas or the knowledge books of India that Anaadi ‡æċĭĉĮˆ or
that which cannot be dated. On a safe platform, we can easily date back this science of dwellings to at least
5000 years back. Vastu is said to be a Upaveda or a minor veda and is referred to as Sthapatya Veda. We
have many classical works like Brihat Samhita, Mayamata, Manasara, Samarangana Sutradhara, Viswakarma
Prakasha, Manushyalaya Chandrika and others giving us a whole lot of material with respect to this science.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a roman architect and famously known for his books on
Architecture, is referred to as ‘world’s first known engineer’. His well known book
‘The ten books of architecture’ on which most European architecture is based on,
is translated into English by Morris Hicky Morgan. This book is said to have been
published in almost all European languages – Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, German
and English. It is interesting to note that that there are certain points of similarity
between the text book of Manasara and the treatise of Vitruvius.

The Similarities
Vitruvius opens with a prayer to Ceaser, his patron, and acknowledges Ceaser’s sister and father.


The similarity of these two works is striking. Manasara temples. You’ll find the remarkable influence of beauty
describes the Chief Architect or the Sthapathi as well and architecture of the science of Vastu applied all over
versed in all the sciences including the Vedas and the world since eternity.
Shastras. He has to be learned, meritorious and of
noble descent. Vitruvius says an architect has to be Vastu is a science that speaks of the primary elements
ingenious and apt and well versed in geometry and and the metaphysical Vastu Purusha identifying a
optics. building as live energy. It is fascinating to note the
similarity in the thinking of Vitruvius in his quote
Pancha Prakara – Five Enclosures given below:
Vitruvius even speaks of the five courts of an area
"If nature has composed the human body so that in its
ringing a tone of similarity with principles of temple
proportions the separate individual elements answer
architecture that speak of Pancha Prakara or five
enclosures. Paucity of space does not permit the to the total form, then the Ancients seem to have
scribe to go into more comparative notes of similarity had reason to decide that bringing their creations to
between Manasara and Vitruvius. I encourage the full completion likewise required a correspondence
students to research in Roman, Grecian and Egyptian between the measure of individual elements and the
architecture and compare them with our palaces and appearance of the work as a whole." ‡

Astrology for Beginners A Manual of Hindu How to Judge a Horoscope

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Solar And Lunar Eclipses

| Dr. Senay Devi Yangel


Eclipses are important. The energies of eclipses manifest as new beginnings

and terminations, destruction and construction. The new Moon and the
full Moon are normal occurrences that will affect us for a short time, but
the effects of eclipses should always be taken into serious consideration.
The effect of solar and lunar Eclipse will continue their impact on our
lives every 6 to 12 months.

Dr. Senay Yangel has had her

tion at Kepler College and Dirah

Solar Eclipses occur when the Moon moves in front of the Sun and the
Earth, and the light of the Sun is cut off. The solar eclipse manifests like
the new Moon. The solar eclipse affects both individuals and the broad
masses. During the solar eclipse the life force from the Sun reflecting on
us becomes weak. Since the Sun represents authority and leaderships, a
decline in public administration and chaos reigns. The reemergence of
past issues, earthquakes, accidents and fires are among the manifestation


of solar eclipses. Solar and lunar eclipses continue their usually rules beginning and terminations. In lunar
effect on a personal and regional scale for periods up eclipses emotional outbursts, suicidal tendencies,
to 6 to 12 months. On a personal scale a solar eclipse ends of relationships, stomach complaints, bleeding
will affect us according to the house of our horoscope in surgical operations may show an increase. Eclipses
on which it occurs. can often bring forth unexpected events and surprises.
Eclipses are educative, they teach us that we have to
Lunar Eclipsesoccur when the earth moves directly
crawl before we walk, and walk before we run. On a
between the Sun and Moon and the light that the
personal scale a lunar eclipse will affect us according
Sun shines on the Moon is cut off. The effect of
to the house of our horoscope on which it occurs.
the solar eclipse is always that of the full Moon and

Eclipses Occurring While in the Womb

The Almighty Creator prepares our spiritual plan and have stability in their careers and private lives.
with the energies of the planets while we are in womb, They lack prejudice and are open to new ideas. They
starting on the 120th day and ending on the 7th month of despise oppression.
pregnancy. Within this period when our “Life Plan” is
drawn, at least one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse In one of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
occurs. Sometimes there may be more than one eclipse. Gemini: They try to be happy and to make others
These eclipses determine our responsibilities, what we happy. They are successful in communications. They
need to learn, and what we need to share with others. like to have their ideas and statements acknowledged.
If certain issues are constantly recurring in our lives They can display strong reactions in disagreements.
in the same way then it is important that we should
consider solar and lunar eclipses that occur while we Libra:Their sense of justice is highly developed. They
were in the womb. Lunar eclipses that occur while we are successful in social relationships, especially in law,
are in the womb are important indicators that help us politics and bureaucratic positions. Their materialism
to discover the emotional facets of our character that can cause issues in their private life.
we need to develop in our lives, our weaknesses and
Aquarius:They are interested in anything new, they
what we need to do to sustain spiritual balance.
follow up technological developments closely, and
Note:You can find tables that show the eclipses that live in the way they choose, placing limits on their
occurred before you were born in the tables section of relationships according to their own principles. They
this book. You should take into account the last eclipses will never be in any work or relationship that they
that occurred before you were born. don’t like.

Solar Eclipses Occurring Before Birth In one of the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
In one of the fire signs: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius
Taurus: while they obtain what they seek in a financial
Aries:The person will be a combative person defending sense through their business acumen, they may have
other people. Since this trait can be exploited by problems in the emotional filed due to the excessive
others it can lead them to trouble. Their qualities significance they place on money. Their artistic sides
of leadership are outstanding. They have forceful are considerably developed.
determined personalities.
Virgo: they have the ability to see through others by
Leo: it will provide a generous, loving, compassionate their command of deduction and analysis and are able
person who is talented in the arts. If he cannot control to recommend what is best for them. They are loved
his conceit and arrogance, than they can lead to by both family and friends because of their insight and
insatiability, egoism and a series of blunders. ability to solve problems.

Sagittarius:They are receptive persons with sacred Capricorn: they have methods they have developed
values. They are good at establishing communication and precautionary measures to deal with nearly every


circumstance. They are honest and stable. They expect Libra: Their self-aggrandizing attitude will result in
to receive as much respect as they give to others. problems with those they love. Because of their sense
ún one of the Zater signs: &ancer, Scorpio and Pisces of supremacy they cannot tolerate losing.

Cancer: they enjoy helping people resolve their Aquarius: excessive jealousy and possessiveness in
emotional and psychological with correct suggestions. their emotional relationships leads to an impasse.
Life gains meaning for them when they share their They fail to find fault in themselves and always find
feelings. a way to blame others. They should learn to control
these behaviors.
Scorpio: in dealing with other people, their decisions
are intuition based. In this way they are able to decide In one of the earth signs: 7aurus, Virgo or &apricorn
who can be their road companion, and who cannot. Taurus:They fail to standup for their rights when the
They are able to struggle unyieldingly against odds fruit of their labors is abused. They seem to have the
until victory is theirs. belief that laughter leads to tears and much money
Pisces: their tendency to give excessively to those they leads to misfortune. For this reason they suppress
love results in psychological injury and imbalance. themselves and tend to miss out on opportunities.
Their effort to direct the lives of others results in self- Virgo: These good-natured individuals can be easily
negligence and related issues. exploited by friends and associates and they can suffer
Lunar Eclipses Occurring Before Birth material and personal loses as a result. They should
control their urge to help others and not to necessarily
In one of fire signs: Aries, eo or Sagittarius take everyone’s word seriously.
Aries:Those under this sign should learn to express Capricorn: They can distance people because of their
themselves with more courage and to stand up for excessively suspicious nature. They are under the
their rights when facing injustice. They are afraid of misapprehension that they know everything. For any
making mistakes. As a result they have difficulty in display of emotion is a sign of weakness. They should
demonstrating their abilities. develop themselves by mending these defects.
Leo: Those under this sign assume different In one of the Zater signs: &ancer, Scorpio and Pisces
personalities and do not show their true personalities
in relationships because they fear they will not be Cancer: Their constant apprehension that they are not
liked. They have to learn to act with self-reliance and safe, difficulties they experience with family members
to overcome their lack of confidence in their abilities. and can result in psychological problems.

Sagittarius: Those born under this sign have to learn to Scorpio: Both their zeal and anger can be violent.
overcome their prejudice and to show more respect to They always try to come out right in any debate
others. They may suffer material and personal looses and will aggressively attack anything they consider
because of their oppression they inflict on themselves an obstacle in this regard and will later regret their
and unto others. excessive reactions.

In one of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Pisces: They are excessively vulnerable and sensitive.
They interpret every word and act as denigration and
Gemini:Their fear of being influenced by others will will withdraw into themselves. They should learn to
lead to loneliness. Their fear results in communication use their intuition in a correct manner and make this
problems and because they will not be able to express a part of their daily lives.
themselves they will lose confidence in themselves.
Eclipses And Houses
The effects of an eclipse can be either auspicious or Eclipseon the 2nd house: Financial surprises or
inauspicious according to degree and the sign of the problems can occur.
zodiac on which it takes place.
Eclipse on the 3rd house: Travel problems, issues with
Eclipse on the 1st house:Changes on a personal level close environmentand brothers can occur.
will occur.


Eclipse on the 4th house: Issues or positive developments nearly everything on earth. It reflects on liquids,
can occur in connection with past family matters. animals, plants, the soil according to the sign it is in.

Eclipseon the 5th house: They can experience What can we do during the 2.5 day journey of the Moon
developments in relation to their children and love life. from one sign of the zodiac to another?

Eclipseon the If the 6th house: Illnesses, issues in our If we know what these are and apply them, then it will
daily life and home accidents can occur. be possible to make our lives easier. What does the
Moon transit in each zodiac sign indicate?
Eclipseon the 7th house: Issues in relation to marriage
life and partnerships can surface or on the contrary In Aries: It is appropriate to start new a new job or
issues can be resolved. enterprises, and to start a new beginnings generally. It
is a good time for mouth and dental care treatments.
Eclipseon the 8th house: Government or inheritance
Surgery should be avoided. Surgery around the head
matters can come into the agenda and different sexual
area can especially result in issues.
experiences can be had. These can be a source of either
regret or gratification. In Taurus: This is a good time for successful business
investments if one seeks enduring enterprises on
Eclipseon the 9th house: Problems related to education
a solid foundation. When there is a new Moon in
or long journeys can occur. There may be surprises.
this period, it will reinforce positive liaisons for the
Eclipse on the 10th house: Unexpected changes in opposite partner in marriage and engagement. These
careers may occur. Instant fame may be acquired are days when the throat and respiratory systems are
through permanent success, or else loss of all one has. particularly sensitive.4

Eclipseon the 11th house: They may have sweet and In Gemini: It will have positive results for matters to
bitter experiences with friends and associates they do with communication. It will provide success for
share their activities. They can make new beginnings conferences, seminars, sales, marketing, and work in
with new people. scientific projects. Care should be taken for health
issues the nervous system, the motor system, the
Eclipseon the 12th house: Spiritual and psychological
respiratory system, lungs, shoulders and collarbone
problems may occur. Secret enemies may be
and surgery in these areas should be avoided.
encountered. Otherwisetheir spiritual experiences
may recognize and overcome their enemies.
In Cancer: It is a good time for dealing with and
The effects of Solar and Lunar Eclipse: úV XVXDOO\ evaluating matters in regard to the family and children.
traumatic and effective. It closes a period in our lives, It is period that is productive for resting and balancing
and opens a new one. Arid land is reflected in the life body and spirit through spiritual work such as prayer
of wisdom learned from pain to grow again. What is or mediation. Care should be taken in regard to the
barren becomes fertile, and wisdom that comes from use of alcohol and medicine.
painful experience is applied to life.
In Leo: It is a good period for expressing our wishes
Transit of Moon in a Sign and demands in business or private life. Work in any of
the arts will be fruitful It is a good time for replenishing
The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. It represents the
our energy through contact with nature. Anything to do
mother, femininity and our emotional life. In a female
with hair care will yield positive results in this period.
chart, it represents the expression of emotions and
These are days when particular care should be taken
defense. In the male chart, it represents the women in
for issues with the heart. Surgery to do with the heart
their lives, the mother, sister and the women he will
or spine should not be done in this period.
marry. The Moon is related to anything that grows and
develops. The Moon enters a new sign in approximately In Virgo:Work that requires detail and carefulness can
2.5 days. During those 2.5 days the Moon will manifest be conducted in this period. We can resolve difficult
the attributes of the sign it is in. The Moon affects matters easily through the heightened concentration


that this period provides. This is the best period for increase in this period. Surgery in organs that are ruled
controlling accounts and financial matters. Checkups by Capricorn should be avoided.
and medical examinations may be done in this period.
In Aquarius:Our creative, inventive and discovering
In Libra:Successful collaborations and long term aspects are strengthened. Important projects can be
partnerships can be made in this period. Pleasant time launched and matters requiring technique and special
can be had with friends and associates. We can share knowledge can be dealt with. The first step can be
issues with our friends. We can overcome our concerns taken in successfully getting acceptance for ideas to
through their assistance. There may be issues with the do with our work. Massages to ease the joints may be
kidneys and urinary tract. done in this period.

In Scorpio:It is the best time to cleanse our bodies In Pisces:In this period our imagination will soar. It is
and souls from our unnecessary burdens and to a pleasant and enjoyable period when and artist will
face and clear upsetting energies that reside in our add to his success. The muses will inspire him and
subconscious, so that we may discover our own help convey his thoughts into art. When the Moon is
innate grace and essential real natures. This a period Pisces, the intuition is exceptionally strong will help to
when our subconscious can be purified and spiritual guide us. We should carefully note what the intuitions
enlightenment can commence, when our concerns and have to tell us in this period. After these messages are
wishes may come to the surface and light shine on our intelligently analyzed and interpreted we may apply
path. These are days when surgery on the generative them to our daily lives with success.
organs should be avoided and care should be taken
for hygiene. ´7he loZer Zorld is ruled b\ fear and ZithdraZn from
the magnificent beaut\ and sublime harmon\ of the
In Sagittarius:It is a good period to deal with
philosophic and religious matters. These are days when
higher one” ‡
our learning abilities are high, suitable for reading,
researching, discovering different cultures and making Have you renewed
both short trips and long journeys. Muscular pains may
increase in this period. your subscription to
In Capricorn:It is a good period for purchases and The Astrological eMagazine?
dealing with real estate and property. Matters Do it Today! Now !
requiring serious attention, legal and financial matters,
purchasing can yield profitable and successful results Visit
in this period. Legal and financial matters will progress
with ease in this period and desired results will be
obtained without hindrance. Pains in the joints may

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Prescribing Remedial Measures


Italian-born Gianni Agnelli, a lawyer, industrialist, co-owner of FiatGroup

(including Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, the Chrysler Group and
telecoms).Financial and political leader.

Turin, Italy –March 12, 1921 at 2:30 am.

[Donatella Lalitha Riback

lives in New York, USA, and
is an empowered Pillai Center
teacher. She holds an advanced
certification in
Vedic Astrology. She’s a writer
and has a great passion for
Ayurveda and yoga. She’s the
author of many articles and
blogs on the Tamil Siddha
tradition, yoga
philosophy, Jyotisha and other
Vedic arts and sciences.]

The 2nd lord Saturn is placed in the 9th house Leo and is retrograde. Saturn
is a functional malefic.

Gianni’s father, a very wealthy and powerful industrialist, died in an air

crash when Gianni was only 14 years old.

Saturn is in mutual aspect with the 9th lord Sun (the father karaka), and
also makes aparivartana \ogawith the inimical Sun.

Yet this combination cangranthuge power and awesome favors from the
government. He became a senator at 70 years of age.

Tragically, Gianni’s mother died in a car crash when Gianni was in his
early 20s. Mars is Vargottama and a functional benefic. It’s the 5th and 12th


lord in the 4th house of mother and vehicles and closely workers to substitute those who were striking at Fiat
conjoined with the Moon (less than 3 degrees apart). plants—proving he could find support even among
the working classes. This marked a major come back
Mars shows Gianni’s passion for
of the struggling Fiat conglomerate.Rahu is well
luxurious and fast carsin his youth,
placed in the 11th house—especially in friendly and
along with gains through the Venus-ruled Libra. The 11th lord Venus is placed in
automotive industry.In the 1950s the 5thkona house. These wealth-producing conditions
he was in an accident and severely also made him a man of taste and style—becominga
damaged his leg, risking trendsetter and a generous patron of the arts.
amputation. Another time he
crashed his Ferrari and Saturn’s influence on his immense accumulated
miraculously survived—getting wealth can probably be seen in a simpler taste, which
away again with leg fractures (the he adopted as he got older—he drove middle-class
lagna is Dhanu, thighs, and Jupiteris closely conjoined cars(made in his factories) and his home décor
with Saturn, legs). included humble wicker chairs next to silks and
luxurious antiques. In the mid-1980’s Gianni saved
The 1st and 4thlord Jupiter rules the feet and Agnellimade his struggling company’s fortunes by introducing a
headlines wearing hiking boots even with his tuxedos
popular car with middle- and lower-class appeal—
to offset a post-accident disability.
Fiat Uno.
The lagna lordand dhana karaka Jupiter is placed in
He died on January 24, 2003 in the MahaDasha of
thebhag\a9thhouse Leo, which makes another powerful
his lagna lord Jupiter,Ketu (a functional malefic) and
dhana yoga. This shows how his executive decisions,
Saturn (lord of 2ndmaraNa house). The 8th lord Moon
optimism and farsightedness could turn around was transiting the 8thhouse from Moon lagna.
even the toughest situations in his life. The Sun is in
Aquarius—whichexplainssome surprisingly good ties Saturn guaranteed longevity to both Gianni and
between the aristocratic Gianni Agnelli (his mother hisaccumulated wealth, and he remained a very rich
was a princess)and the Italian Labor (Communist) man until the end. His economic empire lives on and
party. today his heirs “control the automaNer )iat &hr\sler
Automobiles, Zhich oZns the Abarth, Alfa Romeo,
In the mid-1980s, he made history for gathering 40,000 &hr\sler, Dodge, )errari, )iat, )iat Professional, Lancia,
0aserati, 0opar and Ram brands.” (:iNi)
Poverty Or Daridra Yogas
Given that 71 percent of the world’scurrent population If the Sun, Saturn and Mars are in the 10th house and
lives on $10 a day, listing the innumerable yogas for aren’t aspected by benefic planets, the individual will
poverty becomes nearly impossible. be poor, a servant or hold a menial job.When the 9th
and 6th lords are conjoined with Saturn, the individual
Below are some common combinations: will be born a Shudra(laborer or servant).
The money houses (2, 11, 1, 5, 9) should not be
If the lagna lord exchanges houses with the 6thlord
associated with the houses of loss (6, 8, 12). The and these planets are aspected by a malefic planet, or
associations of the planetary rulers of these houses are conjoined along with a malefic, the individual will
cause poverty. labor hard and money will be scarce.If the Nona lords
5th and 9th are placed in the 6th or 12th and receive an
A point to note is thatDaridra \oga is formed onl\ Zhen
aspect from a malefic planet, poverty yogas are formed.
the lordsof the above-mentioned houses are debilitated
or severel\ afflicted. Remedies
Poverty-inducing combinationsare formed when the Select the hora of the planet that rules your 2nd house.
lord of the 2nd house and 12th exchange their houses. (You can find some free apps online to calculate it.
continued on 22


Horoscope Matching


Every life form having taken birth has the goal of attaining salvation.
To attain salvation, one has to take a human birth which is otherwise
impossible. This concept of salvation attracts a lot of attention in
Hindu philosophy. In our Hindu Dharma, we have four Ashramas -
Brahmacharya, Gruhastha, Vaanaprastha and Sanyasa respectively.
Gruhasthashrama is of primary importance. Here one gets the satisfaction
of one’s desires. Marriage is the stepping stone into Gruhastashrama.
Marriage, in fact, is the bond of two families.
Vivaha Bhagya Yoga
Wife and husband leading their lives with love, affection and warmth
Sri M K Ramachandra, a scholar and is indicative of the lineage growing. It is therefore necessary that the
tutor of Jyothisha (who passed away marriage compatibility is done properly in the interests of both the people
few months back) had a Master’s – boy and girl.
Degree in Arts. He studied Astrology At first we have to see whether Vivaha Bhagya is there in one’s horoscope.
at the reputed Indian Council of As- Based on proper birth data, the horoscope is prepared and the following
trological Sciences founded by Dr. B. aspects are studied.
V. Raman and completed the Jyoti-
sha Praveena and Jyotisha Visharada. 1. Whether marriage is indicated
He taught at the Council for some 2. If yes, is it an early (or late) marriage
years and later set up a school of his 3. What is nature of married life – good or bad
own called Jnanavahini Prathishtana 4. Whether children are indicated
that gave Jyothisha ( and medita- 5. How is the compatibility of the respective families
tion ) coaching free of cost. He has
trained hundreds of students and 6. All these studied and reviewed come under the banner of Vivaha
has been awarded numerous titles Bhagya Yoga
such as Jyothir Marthanda, Jyotisha The study is normally done with the placement of ascendant, the seventh
Acharya and Jyotisha Vachaspathi. house, their lordships, their strengths and weaknesses and the relevant
His thirst for knowledge of Jyotisha yogas. The ascendant lord in the 7th house, the 7th lord in ascendant, 7th
was quenched by his Guru Sri Chan- lord in a kendra or kona (quadrant/trines), house of profit, benefic planets
drabhan Jois. and their strengths are studied to understand Vivaha Bhagya Yoga.
Matching of Horoscopes
It is necessary that the respective families check on each other’s general
compatibility before the horoscopes are looked into for compatibility. The
horoscopes are matched for Dwadasa Kuta compatibility and checked for
Kuja Dosha in the respective horoscopes.
Kuja (Mars) Dosha (Blemish)
The malefics Mars, Saturn Rahu and Ketu and Sun’s placement, aspects,
relationships with 7th house and 7th lord, and kalatra karaka Venus are
said to affect the 7th house significations. Mars blemish (Kuja Dosha) is


a factor that has to be considered while checking on of menstrual cycles. As the lord of the natural zodiac’s
the compatibility. 8th house, Mars is also indicative of the Mangalya bala
of a woman. 8th house Mars in a woman’s horoscope
Mars is an Agnitatva (fire predominant) planet. is not favoured.
Mars is indicative of calamities, cruelty, attacks, ill
health, accidents, arguments, quarrels, oppression, The above indicate that Mars is more oppressive than
lack of harmony affecting the relationships between all the other malefic planets. Kuja Dosha should be
the couple, etc. Mars rules man’s virility, genitals and analysed while matching horoscopes. Cancellations
blood, the signs Scorpio and Aries. should also be looked into before making any
conclusive statements. Mars’s kalabala, digbala,
In females, Mars is the Raktakaraka (significator for naisargika bala, drushtibala and sthanabala should be
blood) and rules the genitals, pains, suffering and flaws considered too.
continued from 20 Analyzing Poverty & Prescribing Remedial Measures
Remember that on Sunday at sunrise, the 1st hora is ruled For maximum effect these mantras must be recited at
by the Sun. On Monday at sunrise, the 1st hora is ruled least 1008 times.
by the Moon, and so on.) Recite the mantra for that
planet. If you don’t know the mantra, you can sincerely
pray in your words for more wealth or other boon. Thank
the planet. (Vedic astrology and the Siddhas tell us that
planets are both alive and conscious beings.)
Repeat the above in the hora of the planet that rules the
11th house in your birth chart.
Fasting on the days ruled by the planets involved in
the daridra \oga can increase awareness and reduce
malefic effects from the yoga. For this you need to
consult a qualified astrologer. Yantras—the geometric plates inscribed with planetary
Goddess Lakshmi is the ultimate archetype of wealth mantras are said to be an extremely powerful
and the most benevolent. You can invoke her with the technology. Sacred geometry vibrates and can change
mantraShreemevery day and especially on Fridays. your consciousness.We should treat these sacred
yantras as an embodiment of the planet or overlord
This is the seed mantra for Lakshmi. You can recite (the archetype, God or Goddess ruling that planet).
it for 1 hour. This will shift your consciousness. Or try
to chantit 108 times with much emotion and sincerity. You can offer light (ideally a ghee lamp), flowers,
incense and some fruits to the yantra. Then pray with
It’s advisable to add a prayer for wealth for all—perhaps utmost devotion and sincerity.
you can start by mentioning your family members and
best friends, while trying to feel compassion for the For Jupiter
countless poor in the world. On a Thursday—donate turmeric or other
As you wish well to all—your own predicaments will yellow foods to a temple or poor people. Donate
seem smaller and your prayerswill be imbued with new clothes to a priest.
more energy, becoming more effective. For Venus
Lord Vishnu is the Preserver God and can bestow
On a Friday—donate some money to a women’s
immense wealth. Recite Om NamoNara\ana\a on
or girls’ charity. Donate new clothes to poor
Wednesdays. The same guidelines for Lakshmi can be
followed for the Vishnu mantra.
I am a big fan ofhavans/homas or fire rituals—they are References:
believed to magnify our prayers and chances of obtaining 1. Brihat Jataka – Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao
what we ask for. Fire rituals to Lakshmi, Vishnu and 2. Bhrigu Sutra– An ancient Asset of India - Dr. Jitendra Vyas
Kubera are traditional remedies for wealth. 3. Astrology of the Seers – David Frawley

Praying to Jupiter (with Om GuraveNamaha)and 4. Eternal India – Astro-spiritual Musings of K N Rao-Neelam Gupta

Venus(with Om ShuNra\aNamaha) the main dhana 5. Jatakalankara – A Treasure House of Planetary Yogas- Dr. K S Charak
NaraNas, is very helpful. 6. PulippaniJothidam –Nakkirar S. Natarajan

The Wonders of
Nadi Astrology


A STROLOGY IS ONE of the branches of celestial

knowledge in which Indian stands unrivalled.
Even the ultra-modern American and European
Another work says that after 5000 Kali, the last quarter
of Dharma vanishes from the world resulting in the
increase of sins, intermingling of castes, decrease in
astrologers inspite of their much-boosted advance the divinity of Grama Deva-thas, etc. After 10000 years
in astronomy by which they are attempting to reach of Kali, there will be no Vishnu Avatars in the world.
other planets, to create artificial moons and such other
ambitious ventures, gape in wonder at our ancient Nadi On the termination of the war when the people of East
Granthas which give the correct horoscope of persons Indies were fighting for their Independence a well-
on the basis of the lines in the palm with amazing known American Magazine published a prediction
predictions regarding the past, present and future of from an ancient manuscript said to have been written
the native concerned. What is still more wonderful is before the birth of Christ, that natives of those islands
that some Nadi in the course of the reading give the will attain freedom from the white race. Needless to
horoscopes of the father, mother and brothers of the say, those predictions were proved up to the hilt.
native which actually tally with those already cast. I
have heard it said of an Iswara Nadi astrologer that he Astrologers are said to have predicted the birth and
could possess it only for a certain period, after which glory of Jesus Christ as well as Prophet Mohammed
it should be handed over to another man whose name long before their time In this connection the following
and birth place were mentioned in the Nadi itself. account of Sri Adi Sankaracharya by Mr. N. Bul
Chandani in an editorial article of “Dipavali” of
It is really amazing how the details of the world war Calcutta and reproduced in “Free India” issue dated
II had been anticipated so clearly in satya samihita, 20th July 1941 may be read with interest:
a Nadi work, which must have been written not less
than two thousand years ago: “in the years Pramadi According to the detailed account of the Deluge
corresponding to English year 1939 when the Sun contained in the Bhavishya Purana and other sacred
passes through Simha and Saturn Mesha, there will scriptures of Hinduism, the Lord would take a collosal
be destruction prevailing in all countries as a result form, stand aloft with His feet in Banares and Mecca
of a terrible war between Hunasmeaning the British, (the only two place which would survive the Deluge)
Germans and other white nations. When Saturn
getting together there all the faithful of all faiths, times
transits Mesha, Jupiter Meena and Sun Simha and
Kanya, prices of all commodities will soar high. Lucky and climes, and gather them up thence to his own
traders will become rich overnight while at the same bosom thus showing that, for a Hindu who believed
time unlucky though born rich will be reduced to abject in the Puranas, Mecca not only for general reasons
poverty. There will be no rains in several countries of broad-minded religious sympathy but in the light
resulting in famine, pestilence and suffering. In a few of this positive and categorical statement, is a sacred
countries there will be excessive rains with devastating place like Banares”.
floods. In the Rama Ravana Yuddha, only one Vimana
was used. But in this war they will fly like birds in “And on the same authority, we may mention too that
the sky. New weapons will be discovered to kill large Adi Sankara undertook a pilgrimage to Mecca in the
number of human beings. When Kali Yuga passes 5000 face of enormous difficulty caused by the ignorant
years, every new year will witness strange events”. bigotry of the fanatics of his day and that he had


therefore to use his supernatural powers, assume the Our scriptures say that all souls excepting those that
shape of a parrot to fly to Mecca (which be it noted, have attained moksha, are subjected to the cycle of
was yet to become the birth place of Mohammed last births and deaths, as a result of the Karmas done in
of the prophets but had already been singled out for countless number of lives since the beginning of a
that purpose) and performed puja there with the sacred Kalpa. sages in the Nadi Granthas.
Tulsi and holy water from The Ganges”. The above
article not only vindicates the claim of Hinduism as So in life man succeeds or fails in his undertaking
the Mother of Religions but also lends support to the according to the momentum of his past karmas. That is
statement of some North-indian scholars who assert why our sastras enjoin daily before the commencement
the existence of Alla Upanishab in Hindu scriptures of any spiritual act the performance of Sankalpa as
to which even Mahatma Gandhi once made a passing a purificatory ritual to destroy the past sins from
reference in the “Harijan” weekly. the beginning of the current Kalpa so as to render
our undertaking fruitful. It is for this reason that
Reverting to our subject, Nadi astrology seems to deal astrology is praised highly as the eye of the Vedas by
with a secret branch reflecting as it does the divine our scriptures.
process of creation, preservation and destruction that is
Even Western astrologers admire the Nadi Granthas
going on eternally in nature owing to varying planetary
of our Maha Rishis. Says Sepharial. That great English
influences that repeat themselves in a cyclic order in
astrologer: “In Indian this particular line of research
the ever-revolving wheel of time.
has long since been carried out to a condition bordering
Hindus in ancient times computed eternity in terms on perfection. It is to be found embodied in the famous
of kalpas each of which is a period containing Nadi Granthas such as Sukra Nadi and other of equal
4,320,000,000 human years. This long stretch of time is repute. In these Kadjans, which consist of original or
just a daytime to Brahma, the Creator. His night lasts copied writings executed on the palmyrah leaves by
for a similar period, so much so two Kalpas make a means of the stylus, the influence and nature of various
dina, 360 dinas make one years, 100 years constitute the degrees are given with great precision, separate phalam
longevity of Brahma. These 100 years are divided into being given for every 10th part of the degree of six
two parts each of which is called a Paratha containing minutes of space measured on the ecliptic”.
50 years of Brahma.
Our sages acquired such wonderful knowledge not by
Every Kalpa is sub-divided into manvantharas, yugas, experimental research and observation by the naked
years, months, days etc., until it is reduced to a eyes, but by their intuition born of yogic practice and
devotion to God.
breathing time called suvasas consisting of inhalation
and exhalation. According to sastras, with exhalation Our sastras prescribe two methods of attaining
proceeds creation or ‘srishti’ and with inhalation knowledge. One is by the external process by observing
takes place ‘laya’ or destruction. In other words all closely the objects of nature just as what our modern
births can take place during that minute period taken scientists do. The other is the internal way of Youga
for exhalation and deaths in that of inhalation. Our by which one directs his attention inward on the soul
sages have found out by intuition that according to
or atman by knowing which he attains the whole world
the past Karma, as many as 3,600 births with varying
of knowledge, inasmuch as the soul is only a reflection
characteristics can take place in a day at the rate of
or epitome of Parabrahma. In other words, what is
one birth for a vighatika. These basic times of births
true of macrocosm is also taking place in microcosm.
are called Nadi amass or cosmic units which reflect
the nature of prarabdha Karma of the natives born in These two methods are illustrated in the puranic
them. Of these, only a limited number of human births incidents of Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya the
(each depending upon the week day, nature of the sign two divine sons of God Siva. Once when sage Narada
and sex of the natives concerned) can take place in a presented a fruit as an offering to the God, the two
day. The detailed life-readings of these human births sons clamoured to have it; whereupon Siva held a
are chronicled by our competition declaring that
continued on 28


The Sage’s Mother

MOTHER AMONGST ALL the Kuputro -a\ate Kasmaat

human relationships is the most Kumaata Na Bhavati //
sacred, most revered perhaps the
There may be a bad child but there
most influential in shaping the
cannot be a bad mother.
physical, emotional and spiritual life
of a person. It is quite apt that the Some believe that God could not
lessons and disciplines in scriptures personally attend to the needs of
start with ‘Maatru Devo Bhava everyone, so He created Mother –
(prostrations to divine mother)’. His replica. The proudest moment
Mother is also the first teacher and in the life for every Mother is seeing
Dr.P.V. Phanishree is a disciple for many she is a role model too in her child shine colorfully in all
of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy aspects of forbearance, empathy, walks of life. The Guru (teacher)
Sachchidananda Swamiji. He is aspect of Mother plays a vital role
a medical doctor and practicing in nurturing the child’s personality.
Pediatrician, working in a
Scriptures describe Guru as the
charitable trust hospital
dispeller of darkness (ignorance); as
established by Sri Swamiji. He is
the embodiment of knowledge; as an
a flautist trained in both
Hindustani and Carnatic styles. abstract beyond the attributes of form,
He has trained in Kriya Yoga by shape and qualities; as the divine
Sri Swamiji and has been guiding light; as the trinity personified
practicing and propagating it and as having a stature more than
since 1986. He has conducted God. Mata Jayalakshmi, mother,
many national and international mentor and Guru of His Holiness Sri
seminars on the therapeutic Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji
effect of Sri Swamiji’s music and is an example of such a spiritually
Kriya Yoga. He is also a freelance accomplished divine incarnate whose
writer with several publications vision and mission is what we are
to his credit. seeing today manifesting through
care and sacrifice. Yudhisthira the Sri Swamiji. Jayalakshmi was born to
eldest of the Pandavas in a reply to Linganna and Savitramma who lived
the Yaksha’s questions says: in the sacred woods near Sangama,
the holy confluence of the three rivers
0aata Gurutaara Bhoomeh
Kaveri, Arkavati, and Gupta Gamini
Khaat Pitochchatarasthata // in Mekedatu, Kanakapura district in
Karnataka, India. The confluence is
Mother is greater than the Earth
at the center of the natural triangle
and father is higher than the sky
formed by the three hills that are
Adi Shankara addressing the divine
arranged in the shape of a Sri Chakra
mother in Soundarya Lahari quotes
(the sacred pyramid - the abode of


Mother Goddess). This automatically enriches the spiritual mentors, Karapatra Swami and Phakir Thatha
spiritual told her that her spiritual training was completed and
that lord Dattatreya the trinity incarnate would be born
ambience of this place.Jayalakshmi freely moved
to her. Jayalakshmi pondered over the responsibility
among the hills, along the rivers and in the forest
placed upon her and prepared to fully surrender to the
fearlessly merging with Mother Nature. She would
divine will. One day as usual, while she was offering the
draw mystic symbols to drive away wild elephants and
garland to lord Shiva in the Sangameshwara temple,
ferocious and venomous animals.
Datta appeared again and told her that the Brahmin
Jayalakshmi was a very talented child, with many who comes to her house before dawn of the next day
unusual skills. She would spend long hours in prayer would be her husband.
and deep contemplation. Every day she would take
Under the strangest and the most unexpected of
a holy dip in the Brahmakunda pluck the flowers of
circumstances, her wilderness home played host to
tumbi, make a garland out of it with all patience and
the scholarly priest Narasimha Sastry that very same
offer it to Sangameshwara (temple of Lord Shiva
night. That middle-aged widower got stranded in
consecrated by Sage Agastya near Sangama – Sri
the jungle along with his widowed sister Venkamma
Swamiji recently got this temple renovated). Her
while on a pilgrimage tour of South India. Driven by
companions were spiritual adepts and holy men.
destiny the two of them sought shelter for the night
She would spontaneously begin singing bhajans on at Linganna’s home. Jayalakshmi married Gandluru
Krishna or Ganapathy. Her compositions would be Narasimha Sastry and moved to Bommeparti (now
apparently simple but analysis would show that they called Jayalaksmipuram) village near Anantapur in
are lyrical masterpieces with curious patterns filled the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.
with immense spiritual wisdom and the energy of seed
A couple of years later she went home to her parents
letters (Sri Swamiji got these compositions published in
to have her first child. On May 26th 1942, in the
the book Krishnajaya. These compositions have becom
Indian year Chitrabhanu, as was her daily custom
immensely popular in the music circles in almost all
Jayalakshmi went in the predawn auspicious hour to
the states of South India). Without any formal training
the holy river Kaveri. She sat in meditation upon a
in music God knows how she could sing or compose
rock that jutted out over the flowing waters. It was in
with such versatility. Bhagavatam was her favorite
the region of Brahmakundam, a deep rocky pit that
subject. Her songs in pure kannada would narrate
was used according to legend by celestial sages for
Balakrishna’s grandeur. Her songs were so devotional
the performance of sacred fire rituals. Three things
that people would listen be spellbound and amazed.
brought Jayalakshmi back to consciousness; the
Sometimes she would rewrite a whole episode from the
bright sunlight shining upon her face, an inexplicable
Bhagavatam in the form of a verse set to a particular
fragrance that permeated the air, and the commotion
raga (musical scale) and tala (rhythm) and sing it
of people around her. When Jayalakshmi opened her
mellifluously. Ganapathy the elephant headed God
eyes the sun was shining bright. A newborn baby boy
who is a representation of the primal sound AUM was
lay in her lap smeared from head to foot with Vibhooti,
her favorite deity.
the fragrant sacred ash. He had around his neck two
Mata Jayalakshmi had two spiritual mentors Karapatra necklaces, one of rudraksha sacred beads, and the
Swami who initiated her into the Sri Vidya (secrets other of saligrama sacred stones, both strung in gold.
of worship of Mother Goddess) and Phakir Thatha, The river had risen and the waters were gently flowing
a yogi with ashtasiddhis who blessed her with the over the baby’s feet. Mata Jayalakshmi observed that
eight spiritual accomplishments. One day while in it must have rained earlier because she found that her
deep contemplation she had the divine vision and clothes were damp. Jayalakshmi’s mother Savitramma,
communication with lord Dattatreya in a cave near along with some tribal folk from the village were getting
Mekedatu. Datta’s message was that He would be born ready to take her home in a make shift carriage. As
to her as her son to propagate and establish Dharma soon as the baby reached home and was placed on his
(righteousness) in the world. A few days later her bed, his necklaces disappeared. The baby was named


Satyanarayana (childhood name of His Holiness Sri in the formal schooling, he subjected him to the most
Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji). He was born in painful punishments. He considered all the storytelling
the spiritual lineage of the celestial sage Bharadwaja. and singing that Jayalakshmi engaged in to be of no
benefit to the child. Narasimha Sastry was completely
One day the grandmother Savitramma was carrying unaware of his wife’s spiritual prowess and of the secret
home from the village well a pot of water that splashed and systematic spiritual instruction that Jayalakshmi
about as she walked. Satyanarayana was just a few was imparting to their beloved child. It was only in
months old then. He started to cry uncontrollably. his old age that Narasimha Sastry recognized and
When the sound of the splashing water stopped, the acknowledged the spiritual stature of his son, and
crying stopped. Jayalakshmi at once diagnosed the felt amazed at how blind he had been all along. He
problem. “This is not an ordinary child. This child is observed Satyanarayana perform many miracles but
a musical genius. The sound from the pot of water never took them seriously.
is a little out of tune. He is not able to tolerate that
disharmony. That is what is making him cry. This son Jayalakshmi introduced to Satyanarayana the deepest
of mine is going to enchant people all over the world spiritual truths even from his infancy. She sang to him
with waves of divine music when he grows up”, she lullabies containing the secrets of creation, explaining
exclaimed with ecstasy. Holding and cuddling the how all the energies in the cosmos worked together
child Jayalakshmi would sing for him all her versatile to keep the wheel of creation rolling in peace and
music compositions and narrate to him incidents from harmony. She told him stories about the celestials. She
scriptures. taught him the subtle essence that lies hidden in the
scriptures beneath the grab of words. She unraveled
The grandparents Linganna and Savitramma witnessed
to him the mysteries of universe. She taught him how
the toddler Satyanarayana playing fearlessly with
to gain control over his mind by controlling his breath.
cheetah cubs, cobras, and wild apes. The child daringly
She taught him the principles of how to be one with
performed feats when he was barely five such as
water when he was in water, to
manipulating a menacing cheetah to fall into a ravine to
its death. A fully pregnant cow had once been kept back be one with air when he was in air, and to be one with
in the cowshed at Linganna’s farm. Out of innocent fire while amidst fire. Satyanarayana had to practice
pity Satyanarayana took the liberty of taking the cow and perfect these skills by his own effort.
grazing along the river Kaveri that was in spate. When
the cow lost its foothold and was dragged into the raging Jayalakshmi taught Satyanarayana how to control his
waters, Satyanarayana clung to its neck and rode the astral body so that he could travel places invisibly and
rapids and finally stepped ashore safely further along with ease. She taught him Yoga postures and the art
the way along with the cow. At that spot, the celestial of ntense analysis. She would make short statements
sage Agastya bestowed upon Satyanarayana the gift of on deep spiritual topics, and would let Satyanarayana
herbal healing. The precocious Satyanarayana always develop the details. She would urge him to contemplate
displayed a stupendous capacity for memory. in silence until he found the answers himself to all the
At B o m m e p a r t i , w h i c h l a t e r w a s r e n a m e d spiritual riddles that she placed before him. “Change
Jayalakshmipuram, Satyanarayana lived next door to itself is an illusion. It has always been that. That is
a Hanuman temple. When he was barely old enough to not what you should be reflecting upon. You should
talk, Satyanarayana one day boldly accosted a buffalo meditate upon yourself. You should know yourself.
that went on a wild rampage in the village, goring and That is only way.” Young Satyanarayana spent
crushing people. He calmed it down with his stern but countless sleepless nights tossing in bed trying to figure
compassionate words reminding it about its past births, things out on his own. “There is no modification in the
crime and consequences. Although Jayalakshmi knew, eternal truth. Whatever exists is unreal. But I am not
and the maternal grandparents had an inkling of the able to understand the principle of this life force, of
precocity of the child, the severely short tempered this soul, and this life’s journey. Who am I? Who am
father Narasimha Sastry was totally blind to his child’s I? Who am I?” the question, “Who am I?” troubled
spiritual talents. Noticing Satyanarayana’s disinterest him the most.


Jayalakshmi told Satyanarayana that he was Dattatreya by your efforts.” Mata Jayalakshmi gave spiritual
and instructed him of the purpose of his human birth. initiation to Satyanarayana in the divine presence
She taught him powerful seed letter mantras that would of Lord Hanuman in the temple next door on the
place all the powers in existence in his palm. Jayalaksmi auspicious night of Shivaratri when Satyanarayana was
spelled out to him step by step, his mission on earth. eleven years old. She transferred all of her spiritual
“My son, your path is very difficult path. To help you powers to him. She gave him a piece of celestial rock
here are certain maxims - known as Prasna Ganapati which would answer all
his questions and guide him in his spiritual journey.
1. Any woman you see, see me in her. She exhorted Satyanarayana that he should put in
2. Be compassionate towards those that are less an intense effort to attain that highest spiritual state
fortunate. of Sahaja Samadhi where he can be fully alert in
3. Whatever be your circumstance, strictly abide by t conducting all worldly affairs while at the same time
he teachings of the scriptures. be completely immersed in a state of undisturbed
4. Even at the risk of your life, save a good soul. divine bliss. She placed upon him the responsibility of
performing the marriages of his two younger sisters,
5. Know that all things are the same. See no
Varalakshmi and Saraswati as part of his training in
worldly affairs. She left her body shortly thereafter.
6. Regardless of inconvenience to yourself, maintain Satyanarayana’s infant brother Kodanda Rama who
your prescribed routine. Ensure that it benefits was barely a few weeks old followed in his mother’s
others, and does not cause any inconvenience. footsteps.
7. See my presence in everything.
8. Never give up truth. Though His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda
Swamiji had accomplishments since birth, His mother
9. Learn all the intricacies of divinity and develop the
Mata Jayalakshmi played the vital role of a mentor
skill to teach others in a simple and entertaining
and facilitated the divinity in Sri Swamiji to unfold
and become obvious to millions. Indeed we should be
10. Do not declare to the world what your future greatly indebted to Mata Jayalakshmi for behaving as
incarnations will be. the medium to bring a divine incarnate amidst us, a
11. Propagate virtue and righteousness in a manner task that is impossible for anyone other than divinity
that is easily palatable. itself. She is truly the Paramaguru and divine Mother.
12. Even if it causes you suffering, make sure that (This article is a compilation from various publications
others do not suffer because of you. of Avadhoota Datta Peetham) (Suggested further
These are the twelve rules to live by. Now you are fully reading: Sri Ganapathi, Sachchidananda – Biography
initiated. After twelve more years your practice will of a Divine Incarnate Published by Avadhoota Datta
become perfect and complete. May mankind benefit Peetham, Mysore.) ‡
continued from 23 The Wonders of Nadi Astrology
whosoever went round the world and came first would with his atman quite oblivious of the external world. He
have it. Subrahmanya with his impressive personality attained the ocean of knowledge more quickly through
and brisk movement mounted his vehicle peacock and the short cut of yoga than his brother who attained the
flew round the world. In the meanwhile Ganesha with same by the external method.
pot-belly and dull appearance hit upon a clever idea by
which he went round his mother and claimed the fruit The Nadi Granthas are based on the short and secret
saying that she is the Divine Mother of all the worlds cut to astrological knowledge. The sages have found
God Siva gave the fruit to Ganesha. The inner idea out the know ledge of Kalpa, yugas, etc., by the method
under lying the incident is that Ganesha represents of Pranayama which is the basis for yoga practice.
the Great Yogi, who is ever engaged in the communion (FOR) ‡


Panchanga for August 2017
First column gives the English dates and next to it the names of the regional months and dates. The ending moments of
Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are given in the 24 hour clock extending to 30 hours.
Of the Nityayogas, Vishkumbha, Parigha, Vyatipata, Vajra, Vyaghata, Vaidhruthi, Sula, Ganda and Atiganda are generally
spurned for auspicious events and they are marked in red in the Panchanga. Vydhruti pervades from 346°40’ to 360° and
Vyatipata from 213°20’ to 226°40’ of the sum of the Nirayana longitudes of the Sun and the Moon. Vydhruti and Vyatipata
punyakaala are observed on the day when the yogas prevail for 1½ hours or more, when Sraddha is performed by the
astute. These two belong to the shannavati -96- Sraddhas ordained for a householder. Considering the astronomical
implications, the Sayana Vydhruti and Vyatipata days are also indicated in the Panchanga. The auspicious Amritayoga
and Siddhayoga and inauspicious Maranayoga and Prabalarishtayoga come under Amirtaadiyoga scheme and are different
from the Nityayogas.
The Karana is the half of the Tithi. They are mainly classified as Sthira - fixed or immovable and Chara or moveable.
The Chara Karanas are seven in number and the Sthira are only four. The fixed ones are inauspicious. They are Sakuni,
Chatushpada, Naga and Kimsatugna. The seven movable Karanas are in their order, Bava, Baalava, Kaulava, Taitila,
Gara, Vanija and Vishti (or Bhadra.) Among the movable Karanas Vishti or Bhadra is considered to be of dreadful. The
forbidden Karanas are marked in red for easy identification.
We have most of our religious observances pegged on to the Tithis. Pournamipooja Chandradarisana, Sankataharachaturthi
Vrata, Shastivrata, Ekadasi Vrata and Pradosha are specially mentioned in the Panchanga. Pournamipooja is done in the
evenings on days the full Moon is prevalent. Chandradarisana is observed on the evening on the day when the crescent
Moon appears for the first time in the west after the Amavasya. Chaturthi of the Krishnapaksha or Bahula Chaturthi of
every month is known as Sankataharachaturthi. The evenings of Sukla and Krishna Trayodasi days are specially observed
as Pradosha Vrata days.

7he important dates and festivals for Ausgust 201 are as folloZs:
01 7uesda\ 7ilaN &ommemoration Da\. 02 :ednesda\ -hulana Yaatraarambha. 03 7hursda\ -hulana Yaatraarambha Poorvahna) Pavitra ENadasi. BuNthi Ratha ENadasi.
Adi Pathinettu. Pathinettam PeruNNu. 0 )rida\ Vara 0ahaalaNshmi Vrata S.India). V\dhruti Sraddha. Pavithraroapanam Vishnu Pavithraroavasam. VaralaNshmi
Vrata. 05 Saturda\ Sani Pradosha. 06 Sunda\ Sivapavithraroavasam. 0 0onda\ -hulana Yaatrasamapana -hulana Yaatrasamapana Pradosa). RaNsha Bandhan.
Solono RaNhi Bandhan-Delhi). Bala Bhadra PooMa Odisha). Amarnath Yatra Aavani Avittam S.India). Sravani Pournima. &hoodamani Yoga. RaNhi Bandhan.
Naroli Pournima 0aharashtra). Partial Lunar Eclipse Visible in India). Pournima PooMa Saavana Vrata. +a\agriva Orupatithi. Rig UpaNarma Sarpali. 08 7uesda\
Ga\atri -apa. 0 :ednesda\ Asun\a Sana Vrata. 10 7hursda\ 7eeMri Sindhi). 11 )rida\ Bahula &haturthi. SanNashta &haturthi. 0aha SanNataharachaturthi. 12
Saturda\ RaNsha Panchami Odisha). 13 Sunda\ Shasti Vrata. Aalaashasti. 1 0onda\ Sa\ana V\atipata. Vadi 7hadri Sindhi). -anmaashtami Smarta). Gatha
Gahambar Parsi). Dasapala Vrata. GoNula Ashtami. 15 7uesda\ Independence Da\. -anmaashtami Vaishnava). Nandotsava GoNulaashtami). KrittiNa Vrata
Staanu Ashtami. Adi KrittiNa. 16 :ednesda\ Parsi NeZ Year Eve. 1 7hursda\ Parsi NeZ Year Da\ 138 Ya]deMardi Era Begins). 0anasa PooMa Ends Bengal).
Beginning of Kollam Era. Simhadi Kerala). 18 )rida\ AMa ENadasi. Par\usana Parvarambha &haturthi PaNsha ² -ain). KamiNa ENadasi. 1 Saturda\ Par\usana
Parvarambha Panchami PaNsha ² -ain). Kailash Yatra 2 Da\s). -a\anti DZadasi. Sani Pradosha. V\atipata Sraddha. 20 Sunda\ Aghora &haturdasi. 0asa
Shivaratri. 21 0onda\ Saptapuri Amavas\a Odisha). Kusotpatini. Pithori. -ain )estival. 7otal Solar Eclipse Not Visible in India). Sarva Amavas\a. 22 7uesda\
Khordad Sal Birthda\ of Prophet =arthost ² Parsi). 23 :ednesda\ 7ithi of Sri SanNara Deva Assam). &handra Darisanam. 2 7hursda\ +aritaliNa Gauri 7ritee\a.
+aritaliNa Gauri Vrata. Aavani 0u\aaNaam. 25 )rida\ Samvatsari &haturthi PaNsha ² -ain). Ganesh &haturthi. Vina\aNa &haturthi 7amil Nadu). +aritaliNa
&haturthi. Sama UpaNarma. Sindhi Ganapathi Vrata. 26 Saturda\ Sa\ana Vaidhruthi. Samvatsari Panchami PaNsha ² -ain). Rishi Panchami. 0ela Pat ² 3 da\s
-ammu Kashmir). 2 Sunda\ Sur\a Shasti Shasti Vrata. Samba Shasti Kumara Darisanam). 28 0onda\ ApariMita Saptami. AmuNthaparana Vrata. 2 7uesda\
0ahaalaNshmi Vratarambha. Radha Ashtami. Durvashtami Bengal) V\dhruti Sraddha. Durva Ashtami 0ahaalaNshmi. KedaaresZara Vrata Aarambha. 30
:ednesda\ -\estha Vrata. AduNha Navami. 31 7hursda\ GaMalaNshmi Vrata. Aavani 0oola.






Panchanga for August 2017
(Aadi/Kartaka - Avani / Simha) PANCHANGA FOR AUGUST 2017 (Lunar Sravana - Bharda Pada)



  "       # 

   %    &  ! '
( ) %  * !
 +       ", %  -.. 
  !  #

# %   
    ( . 
 1.      %   

         2)    /)   1 %  $
! -.       1.    /)
 (  % %  
% ) ! 
 !  #   
%       13)   
  .,45(  %  # 
!  % 
") %      
     !  13)

  .4 !   

",)(    )4     % )

    %  ",)( 

     ! $

)(    1..43 +/00   
+      )( 


2) )  % /643 +/00 #  
#  %
 )  !  
 17  ! /643


    %       8
! % $

 -.      3)   ,

%   ! !
# ! !  +/00 #   
# +/00
   ) ! 
 % #
9   "  !    ! 
         % 9
$  %

Panchanga for August 2017
(Aadi/Kartaka - Avani / Simha) PANCHANGA FOR AUGUST 2017 (Lunar Sravana - Bharda Pada)

 $  #


" #  
 $%&   &     "" !'   &&


 )& " *
   &&   +' " &&
 ,&  "" -  

  ,&  " *,    " 
 " &&
.( &      

 .( &   '/   ,
 ,    #011     

! &*&  %' * & 2(          
 ! &*&  %' ) (//,  * 2'
   !'    (
&&  '  
" ! &*&  %'  (//,  04 2'
 &&   +' "  
&,  -   &&
 ! &*&  %' .( (  (  &,  
 "  ( 
5     &&
 ! &*&  %' *
6 " . (   %'  !  "  
!'  " &&
 ! &*& %' +  )+  !   '   && 

 ! &*&  %' 2(   %  7
&   -    

 ! &*& " %' 2(  

 ! &*&  %' (  8,/(      !   && 
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 ! &*&  %' 9   8,/(     '   &&
' " * //+    +' ""


Yogo Vashishta - 20
knowledge heavy? Rama explains.

Discourse Delivered On August 6th, 2014

-a\a Guru Datta

Sri Ganesa\aNamaha, Sri SarasZat\aiNamaha _
SripadaVallabhaNarasimha SarasZati
Sri Guru Dattatre\a\aNamaha _
Sri Ganapati SachchidanandaSadgurubh\oNamaha _
Asato ma Sadgama\a, 7amaso ma M\otirgama\a _
0rit\or ma AmrtamGama\a, Om Santissantissantihi __


(Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, the
junior pontiff of Datta Peetham, referred as
Bala Swamiji by Datta devotees is born in a tra- -xƗWƗ-xƗQD‫ۦ‬7DWKƗ-xƝ\D‫'ۦ‬UD‫ܒ܈‬ƗGDUĞDQD'Uֈĝ\DEKnj‫ۊ‬
ditional Brahmin family on 14th January, 1977
in Mysore. The boy named Harsha Vardhana .DUWƗ+ƝWX‫ۊ‬.UL\Ɨ<DVPƗW7DVPDL-xDSW\ƗWPDQƝ1DPD‫__ۊ‬
Sharma had his Vedic education in Sri Ganapa-
thy Sachidananda Veda Patashala. He entered
the Mysore Ashram in the year 1985 and 6DUYƝ‫܈‬ƗP-ƯYDQDP7DVPDL%UDKPƗQDQGƗWPDQƝ1DPD‫__ۊ‬
studied the Sastras and the Vedas. While
serving Guru, he acquired the M.A. degree Previously, Rama’s Upadesa called JeevitaGarhana spoke about flaws in
in Sanskrit. In 1999 he received mantra ini-
tiation from His Holiness Sadguru Sri Ga- life. Rama is not blaming life itself. Atheists claim that we are born only
napathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. In 2004 once and we must enjoy it to the best. The first part is good. We must wish
he received the orders to become an ascetic
that we should not be reborn. One lifetime is sufficient. But the second part
(Sanyasa Deeksha) and was announced as the
spiritual successor of Avadoota Datta Peetham is not correct. We must recognize the negative aspects of life and not waste
on 30th May, 2004. With collosal knowl- it on chasing after pleasures.
edge of the shastras Sri Swamiji has been
interpreting Vedas in simple language to Many question the purpose of life. What is the point of education, marriage,
influence many lives. He observes Chaturma-
sya Deeksha every year.
job, family, and property? It is very difficult to find answers. We do not
In the year 2014 during the sacred period remember what happened during our first few years. We do not remember
of Chaturmasya Deeksha Sri Bala Swamiji our past lives at all. In spite of that, we strive to pursue education, marriage,
discoursed on the Yoga Vashista. These job, and begetting children. Adam and Eve were not told to be a couple. It
discourses are brought to you, as a series of
articles. Due credit is given to Smt. Hira happened naturally. A hungry person will eat. It is natural. Even if you tell
Duvvuri and Miss Madhu Gopi, both sincere someone that it is Ekadasi, he will still eat.
and dedicated devotees of Datta Peetham, for
translating and editing the discourses from Those who make an attempt to learn how to avoid being reborn and try to
telugu to english. earn eternal bliss; their lives are fulfilled. Their lives are of a high standard.
Yoga Vasishta is one of the greater spiritual
texts and is said to be the conversation be-
It is very important to follow Dharma and make life worthwhile. Like trees,
tween Lord Sri Rama and Sage Vasishta. This animals and birds, we also should not simply take birth and die. Many times
text goes into much details of the subtle intrica- trees appear to be more beneficial to the world than us. All the parts of
cies of the mind and is said to answer all ques-
tions that arise in one’s mind.) the tree are useful in countless ways. Roots are medicinal. Leaves make


compost. Wood is good for fuel and other purposes. show disinterest. They consider every such good activity
For our education trees provide paper, pencils and so as undesirable and difficult. Their interest is only in
on. We are like a few species of trees that are perhaps enjoying sensual enjoyments of the world. When the
not so useful. We waste our lives. We must learn to be mind is upset, many people overeat. That is why one
beneficial like rivers, mountains, and even donkeys or should pray before eating. If you consider food as
mules. The animals teach us to be tirelessly working, Brahman/God, food will not be abused like that. Body
like Karma Yogis. Instead we learn the wrong things is an instrument for attaining Self-Realization. It is not
from the things around us. We must live without in our control to just give up the body. The purpose of
troubling others. We must help others and ourselves this body is to cross the ocean of worldliness by using
and live a life of virtue. Those who jump in wells and it like a raft. After death also, the body needs to be
oceans are not leading proper lives. Many people are shown due respect. Proper cremation and rites have to
born but most of them do not actually count. be performed. In some countries, there is not enough
space these days for burial of dead bodies. Hence,
One person sent his son to the court to go win the case.
the old buried bodies are excavated and burned now.
He went and found that he had to wait for 3 hours
How will the relatives feel? That is why our culture has
before his turn would come. He wasted away his time
prescribed different appropriate means.
drinking tea, eating snacks, and reading the newspaper.
There was still plenty of time. Finally he went to the Now we have rockets that fly. Our ancestors flew
cinema. But it was the climax scene and he could not without need for rockets. We have no faith in our past
leave when he was supposed to leave and return to heritage. We are ignorant. We have no time to study
the courthouse. He waited till the cinema was over and learn. We look down upon our culture and applaud
and then he then ran to the court. It was too late. The foreign cultures. We are piling up so many heavy
judge had gone home. The father asked the son what weights on the body. How will the train with too many
happened, he replied that he went back to the court bogies pull them all? Those with knowledge of Truth
an hour late. The boy did so many things but not what will have no personal desires. They have the power to
he was supposed to do. That is how most people live help many others. They are free from such burdens.
their lives. They do so many things frantically keeping
themselves busy, but fail to do what it is that they took We sit down to study and are pestered with questions
this birth for. Those who seek a Sadguru and earn and doubts. The subject that will eventually help us will
spiritual wisdom are alone making a proper use of appear to us as a burden. A doctor gives pills. But the
their lives, but not those who while away their lives in patient finds it a burden and a chore to swallow the
chasing after pleasures. pills. Then the patient cannot get well soon.

A farmer takes good care of his animal (an ox or a This Yoga Vasishtha is a single big book. You want
donkey) that is too old and not useful. It cannot even something simple. Om is very simple, just one syllable
raise its body to build an appetite so that it can eat. It mantra. Chant it. If you feel it’s too much then you
lacks the energy to even receive care. It is a pitiful state. cannot be helped.
But some animals that do not lose interest in work will
Ayurveda gives small capsules now. If even a small
work in the field till they drop dead. The farmer will
tablet appears too big and you avoid even making an
entice the animal to eat, offering it its favorite food.
attempt to swallow it, you will not gain any benefit.
It refuses to eat if it loses interest in work. The farmer
Ignorant and foolish persons have no interest in
tries his best and after a few days gives up his effort.
learning and they have wandering minds. Knowledge
We lose interest in Dharma and we also live like the
appears heavy. Learning becomes a burden. Mind
aged oxen or senile donkeys. It has nothing to do with
is the cause for everything. Joy and sorrow are both
age. It is a matter of disinterest, be it for people or for
caused by the mind. One who is restless cannot utilize
animals. It is best to live in health and activity till the
his life. One who is calm can put his mind to good
end of life instead of becoming a burden to others.
use. Those who have no knowledge of Self go into
Many are averse to singing bhajans, going on a depression and commit suicide. You must love yourself.
pilgrimage, or doing an austerity. For everything they Your body is a great gift from God. Use it well.


In the jungle there is a big river. You have no choice clothes and blankets even. You have no space to sleep.
but to cross it. You have to find some logs and tie them You sleep outside in the open and become sick.
with some strong creepers. Using that raft that you
You cannot put the waters of an ocean in a pot
have built, you cross the river. After crossing it, you unless you are Sage Agastya. You do not have such
leave it there. Some kings in the olden days used to power. Sadguru has the power to give us knowledge.
burn the boat after they crossed the river to prevent Wholeness must be attained. What is the use of
enemies from following them. It is not a good practice. being fragmented? If you are of bits and pieces, then
For a wise person, life is not a burden. He happily problems will come. You have built the room. Keep it
lives enjoying the possession of his knowledge. Why tidy and enjoy it. You must teach all the children this
is knowledge heavy? Rama explains. Evil-minded science. Do not acquire too much. You will become a
persons are those who do bad deeds in the worldly nest for the birds called diseases. What is the secret of
the healthy people? Their minds are calm. Their habits
sense. But those who do not make an attempt to know
are healthy. When diseases occupy the body, the body
the Truth about life are bad persons as per Vedanta.
becomes a burden. There is no facility to gain spiritual
Even the intellect is given up after its use is over in
wisdom. The body becomes old and life is wasted.
attaining spiritual knowledge. Such people’s physical
beauty is not useful. Their long lifespan, mind, and Ponder over each of these topics. Sri Rama is
intellect, and even their obsessive determination are of prescribing so many remedies for body, mind, and
no use. Their desires are not beneficial. It is important soul. You must meditate upon these and experience
to have the desire for Truth. Many dismiss Vedanta as the benefits.
waste. For such, everything they have is a burden. Such 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 the numbers keep growing as you
is their story. If too much weight is piled on the back, keep adding each zero. Disease comes. Yoga is the
it will break. One needs to straighten one’s vision. 6 science that teaches us to purify our minds. Like the
topics represent the six senses and the six evils in man. story we heard before, the basket became clean. But
They should not become burdensome. it is important to fill the vessel with water.

Dasakantha is Ravana representing Ego and arrogance In olden days, in our childhood days, we had no cell
that lead to his ruin. Dasaratha is wise, the father of phones or computers. How easy life was then. Yes, these
Rama. He uses the ten features of the body as ten are useful. But how are we utilizing this technology?
chariots and goes towards victory. They were both Appaji (Senior Pontiff of Avadhoota Datta Peetham)
contemporaries. Rama as AtmaSvaroopa destroyed enthusiastically learns and teaches others and puts it
ignorance. Rama’s three brothers are the three Gunas. to good use. Instead of chanting God’s name, a person
Rama transcends them all. keeps checking the phone for messages.
If we are not at home, mice occupy the house. In a
In dream, a gift from God, we see many things. By the
temple also mice and rats run around, even cutting
time you wake up the king is still king and the pauper
through the concrete. Finally they will eat through us
is still a pauper, regardless of their opposite status in
also. We should not allow it.
the dream. In deep sleep you enjoy bliss. But it does
not mean that you should spend the entire life sleeping. We trust that God will take care of us. Then we lose
Keep the mind on the right track. Then the AhanNara faith and cry.
(Ego), and Eehita (desires) and everything else in life Aasheevisha… means serpents in the form of objects
will yield only happiness. of the world. They destroy us.
&hintaasoNaprasamanamaa\urvardhanamuttamam …
The restless persons lack peace. A 10-minute nap gives
in Aditya Hridayam.
us rest. Or deep breathing with focus on the breath
There are two ways to interpret the meaning:
gives immense energy. It is infinite like an ocean. We
(If you chant it,) it removes grief and sorrow and
must keep our desires under control. We expend the increases the lifespan.
entire lifetime gathering and acquiring things. Before Those who remove grief and sorrow will have an
you can enjoy them life is over. You clutter up your increased lifespan, is another interpretation.
10x10 room so much, where will you live? We hoard Jaya Guru Datta | Sri Guru Datta |
and preserve useless trash. We do not give away old Om Santissantissantihi || ‡

This Month for You

August 2017



MESHA (Aries) Krittika 1:Expenses will go up due to happy occasions

in family. If there is any litigation going on in your
Aswini, Bharani, Krittika 1 property, do not hurry up the proceedings.
Venus, Mercury and Ketu are favourable
this month. VRISHABA (Taurus)
Krittika 2, 3, 4,
An average month ahead of you, in terms of career
growth. Some of you might get caught between your
Rohini, Mrigasira 1, 2
boss and subordinates. Hectic work schedules will leave Sun till 14th, Mercury, Venus, Mars till 24th and Jupiter
you tired. Your speech will attract people. During the are in favour of you.
2nd half of the month, your work will be valued and
more recognition will come your way. Your enemies Your smart negotiating ability will fetch you more
will create problems for you at times and you will lack business. You may be asked to shoulder an important
the courage to fight them. Financial stress due to real responsibility. With your sweet talk you will win
estate is indicated. In terms of business, you will see recognition from your seniors. Avoid speculations.
positive trends in this time, but it would be better to There can be additions to properties or gold. If you
hold plans to launch something new. Take care of your are in service you may get a promotion. Those who
health. Your blood pressure may go up. Avoid travel are in communication field may face few setbacks.
especially during 1st half of the month. Those who are Yourexpenses might shoot up unexpectedly and you
in media industry can cheer in spite of overall adverse might feel a bit baffled in this area. Contractual
month.Auspicious events at home are indicated. obligations may end in conflict. Travel to a distant
Those looking for alliances will be able to meet a place can bring you some gains. Family life will have
good match. Ego issues may crop up between friends minor tensions. Yet the bond will grow stronger. Pour
spoiling the relationship. Married couple will have a more love into the relationship and spend enough
romantic month. Your kid might come up asking for time together. Your spouse health may need your
your approval of their love relationship. Students may immediate attention. If you are single, expect a
have to channelize their energies and work towards the proposal this month. Your children will shine well
goal, without deviations. both in academics and co/extra-curricular activities.
Students will get much-awaited opportunities and
Aswini:Health may give you some troubles. Try to admission in a reputed institution. Parents and teachers
concentrate on your fitness and diet. Short travels are would encourage you a lot and you may also realize
indicated. your dream of studying abroad.
Bharani: You will enjoy material prosperity. Try
not to set an over ambitious time frame for your Krittika 2, 3, 4: This is a favourable time to promote
commitments. affairs of children.


Rohini: You must be careful not to antagonize your KARKATAKA(Cancer)

superiors. Business expansion proposal can lead you
to monetary benefits. Punarvasu 4, Pushya & Aslesha
Mrigasira 1, 2: Lawsuit if any will move in your favour. Mercury and Venus are in favourable positions.
There is high chance of you going on a pilgrimage with It is going to be a great month for those who are in
family. business. You can put your efforts with whole heart to
give shape to the ideas you were planning all these days.
MITHUNA (Gemini) But do not make commitments and deals that you
can’t fulfil on time.If you are into partnership, your
Mrigasira 3, 4, Aridra & Punarvasu partner may part ways now. You are likely to be in
1, 2, 3 the good books of your boss. If you are waiting for a
senior position, expect it to happen now. Do not make
Sun from 15th, Marsfrom 25th, Venus, Saturn and big investment decisions now. Be careful with property
Rahu are in favourable positions. dealings. Short travels are on the cards. You may get
inclination towards religious matters. Women will gain
You will have a more positive atmosphere at work.
confidence, command respect and honor in society.
Career advancement in terms of pay and position is
Your spouse will be the source of your pride. You both
expected this month. You will see your responsibilities
will share a very caring & understanding relationship..
to increase suddenly and will gain good rewards by
Marriage is on the cards for those who are looking
assuming them. Your boss will support you well. Both
out for a partner.Spend more time with your children.
your expenses and income will be high this month. Do
Health of a child may be of concern to you. Students
not invest money as well do not give loans to others.
have an average month. Hard work and perseverance
Ego and self obsession will be high this month and you
can only get them the desired grades.
may put yourself first before others. Try to maintain a
balanced outlook towards life at all times. You might Punarvasu 4: Your long time secret desire will get
have to take up an unexpected travel to a foreign fulfilled now. Take up the challenge in work, you will
country. Take care of your eyes. You might suffer from come out successfully.
headaches often. Your spouse’s career growth will be Pushya: You will have a pleasant time with family and
very good. There might be some difficulty for you in friends. Your income will increase suddenly.
getting mental peace and happiness due to tensions
Aslesha:You will become more confident and active.
at home. You would spend quality time with friends.
You may meet someone who will guide you spiritually.
Your children will listen to you and will follow your
advice. Students will have a favourable time ahead of
them. By putting in some extra effortthey can easily SIMHA (Leo)
fetch good rank. Makha, Poorvaphalguni and
Mrigasira 3, 4: You might get some rare projects.Make Uttaraphalguni 1
sure that you fully utilize these opportunities and step Venus &Jupiter are in favourable positions.
up the ladder.
Passion for earning more money will make you find
new income sources.You might be transferred to
Aridra : If you were planning a job change, this month
a new place and this will prove to be challenging.
seems to bring better opportunities through your
You will overcome all problems through sheer self-
friends or ex colleagues.
determination. You might become stubborn and
Punarvasu 1, 2, 3:You will have good relations with egoistic. Try to maintain good relationship with your
everyone in the home and there will be some auspicious seniors and colleagues. Those who are appearing
functions like marriage or birth of a child will happen for interview believe in divine power also, for your
now. success. An auspicious ceremony may take place at


home. Possibility of an overseas travel is also there. Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4: Your career will take a
A long overdue holiday with family could materialize. bright turn. All your efforts will be recognised and
Married life would be full of romance and prosperity. appreciated.
Your mutual understanding will be wonderful and
Hasta:Avoid trying your luck in speculations. You
your partner would be very supportive.You will receive
will get an award or appreciation for a work you have
your share of inheritance and will feel happy.Mother’s
done in past.
health will need some attention due to hospitalization.
If you have blood pressure related problems, attend Chitta 1,2: You will feel a sigh of relief now. Income
to them. Though you will feel energetic all through will improve. You will plan your investments. Marriage
the month, do not over exert yourself. Children will is on the cards.
bring happiness and proud moments. Students have a
wonderful high achieving month on the cards. TULA (Libra)
Makha: You may have to compromise your stand
Chitta 3, 4, Swati and
on a domestic issue. It is better for the harmony of
Visakha 1, 2, 3
domestic life.
Poorvaphalguni:A longstanding enemy will turn out to Sun, Mars from 25th, Mercury, Venus till 19th and
be a good friend. There can be some gains for those Rahu are in favourable position.
in politics.
With your communication skills at peak, you climb
Uttaraphalguni 1:You could make this month a higher position at work.Those who are working in
success by challenging yourself a bit more. Try not foreign countries, have a good month ahead.Income
get stressed out. will face a sudden growth and will be steady. But
unexpected expenses will leave you frustrated. You are
KANYA (VIRGO) advised to proceed with utmost caution while taking
Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4, Hasta crucial financial decisions. Your charitable tendency
increases and you will endeavor to do good things.
and Chitta 1, 2
Watch what you are talking as your words might be
Sun till 14th, Mars till 24th, Venus from 20th, Saturn, mistaken by others. Your spouse may achieve great
and Ketu are in favourable positions. success at work around end of this month. Family life
You will receive financial assistance through your will have its share of problems. Yet you will be able to
friends. You may get income from abroad through manage them and enjoy.You will have to spend money
your foreign contacts. A sudden gain in wealth from on renovation of house or repairing your vehicle.
an unexpected source is possible. Your eye for details Also be prepared to spend more on your children’s
and unshakable acumen will earn you high positions education.Take care of your health as well your father’s.
now.Those who are awaiting transfers will get it. You will go on a pilgrimage to places you have been
Technical experts and liaison personnel will get positive waiting to visit for a long time. Your travel plans will
feedback from higher-ups. Those in communication fructify at the last minute.Students who are in research
and media field will suffer a set back now. There will field will get recognition and honor.
be celebrations in family for which you will have to Chitta 3, 4: You may get a better opportunity or you
spend money from your savings. Have to keep a watch might be given an extra charge and responsibility as
on your health, especially chest &abdomen. Do not recognition of your efforts.
go on long drives during night time. Short travels are
on the cards. One of your siblings may suffer from a Swati: Do not rush your decisions.If your father is
chronic health issue. Expansion in family is indicated. associated with you in business then you will earn a
Married life would remain cordial and peaceful, with huge profit with his help and guidance.
increasing romance and love. A promising travel with Visakha 1, 2, 3:Your managerial abilities will be
spouse is also indicated. Children will make you spend appreciated. You will gain knowledge on latest
more time and money on them. Students will have a technologies. Short travel may boost your confidence.
fairly good month now.


results matching your credentials. There may be

VRISCHIKA(Scorpio) confusion and hyperactive atmosphere at work but
Visakha 4, Anuradha & this isn’t the time to quit your job. In fact, this period
Jyestha could pave the way to a promotion if used well. You
may bag a foreign project after a tough competition.
Sun from 15th, Mercury, Venus& Jupiter are Irregular flow of funds can however make you tense
favourable this month. for which you should minimize lending and borrowing.
Your hard work and efforts towards making a new But real estate deals will fetch you better profits now.
identity will be successful around the middle of this Your reputation will grow to a newer height. Family
month. Some changes are expected on the work life will have its share of both joy and tensions, but
front. A job change cannot be negated either. Now romance will keep you going. Avoid confrontations
it’s time forpositive income trends and any efforts to with spouse. Your spouse may get a promotion or pay
acquire and earn through new sources. You might also hike now. You may develop more inclination towards
invest in your children’s name.Your financial crunches spiritual matters. Health of your children may get
vanish and you will be able to help others now. You may affected. They may get cold related problems. Students
also gain from speculations. This could be your time to will have to work hard and stay away from unwanted
shine if you are into media, writing or other creative companies. Following your teacher’s advice will get
fields. Guard yourself against injuries while you you good grades.
travel. One of your friends may turn against you and
Moola: Your need for perfection will leave you stressed
may reveal some confidential matters. You will enjoy
at times. Your courage and confidence will guide you
conjugal bliss with your partner. Attend to any health
through tough times.
issues with utmost care, as it is not a good time health
wise. Spouse will be very supportive and caring. Your Poorvashada:You may get a chance to visit foreign
children will be the source of pride. They will bring lands and will gain from the trip. Health of your spouse
happiness to the family. Students who seek admission may cause you worries.
into foreign universities will get through. However,
you need to avoid distractions and concentrate more Uttarashada 1:You will enjoy more love and
on studies. understanding. Your spouse’s achievements at work
would further spread happiness.
Visakha 4:You might have to travel for business deals.
If you are single, you are likely to meet your soulmate
MAKARA (Capricorn)
Anuradha:You will have promotion or hike after 2nd Uttarashada 2, 3 4, Sravana and
week of this month and this will help you to reduce Dhanistha 1, 2
your work stress and enjoy a good income. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in your favour.
Jyestha: This is not a good time to raise money or If you are into business, you will outshine opponents
take loans for expanding your business or buying new and gain a lot of projects and profits. Financial progress
property. is indicated this month. While income and gains would
be sufficient, some may still feel a bit pressured in
DHANUS (Sagittarius) terms of fulfilling monetary requirements.If you are
Moola, Poorvashada and into partnership business, be careful during first two
Uttarashada 1 weeks of this month. Double check all the paper work
to avoid any litigation. You will have name and fame
Venus from 20th, Rahu and Ketu are in favourable and support from your co-workers. You will also get
positions. promotion or hike in your job and few of you will get
a chance to go abroad.Some issues might flare up
Your superiors may be highly demanding at work. Do
regarding ancestral land or property. Those who are in
not antagonize them. You may not receive desired
media and communication will do very well now. You


will have a wonderful time with family and friends. But Satabhisha:You will undertake both inland and foreign
one of your family members may get sick and need travels. Your travels will be fruitful and will fetch you
to be hospitalised. Your children might have to be name and fame.
monitored tightly for their academic progress. Students
Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3:Your fortune will be rising
will do well with the support and encouragements of
their parents and teachers. during this time. Money will flow from many of your
investments. Your wealth will increase.
Uttarashada 2, 3 4: Avoid new relationships if you
are still single. If committed, then you might take the MEENA (Pisces)
relation a level up by tying the knot.

Sravana:If you are into a business in partnership, be Poorvabhadrapada 4,

careful this month as there could be ego issues with Uttarabhadrapada and Revati
partner. Avoid travelling at night.
Sun from 15th, Mars from 25th, Venus, Mercury,
Dhanistha 1, 2:You will gain from your siblings, and Jupiterand Rahu are in favourable houses.
close cousins. You will bring success to your team in all
your endeavors with good use of your intellect. Your financial situation looks good with reduced
expenses. You may clear your loans and debts now. If
KUMBHA (Aquarius) you are into business, expansion proposals will keep
you busy with good monetary benefits. Partnership
Dhanistha 3, 4, Satabhisha, and business will enjoy a wonderful growth now. You
Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3 may go for property dealings. Your colleagues and
subordinates will be very cooperative. Desist from
Sun till 14th, Mars till 24th, Mercury and Venus till forcing your opinion on others. Career growth is
19thare in favourable houses. also showing significant improvements. You may be
given extra responsibilities to shoulder with proper
Salary prospects seem promising this month. It seems
designation. Transfers are likely for some. Be careful
you will enjoy doing your work. You will get the support
while driving. Married should keep anger away or else,
and guidance of your superiors and will do well. If you
there could be issues with spouse.You may have to
are into business, this is not a good time to start any
take your spouse to hospital for sudden health issues.
new venture. Also your partner may get you into some
trouble. Avoid unnecessary arguments both at work Children may not be very attentive at their studies and
and at domestic levels. You may have some sudden may get distracted towards social media. Spend time
gains through past investments and properties. Do with them and guide them.Long travels are indicated
not invest in long term projects. Money rolls in from this month. Students will do well in sports as well in
multiple sources; including financial help from spouse. academics. You are advised not to be arrogant towards
Those who are in politics will face tough competitions. your peers and teachers as it may spoil your reputation.
Spouse will be very supportive and understanding. You
Poorvabhadrapada 4:There will be a celebration due
will enjoy a good romantic month. Your mother will
to the expansion of family, either birth of a child or
be very fond of you and will stay by your side. If your
annual medical check up is due, please do it now and someone in the family getting married.
attend to the minor health issues. Your children will
Uttarabhadrapada: Tensions and clouds in the work
do very well. You might have to take up short trips on
arena will slowly get cleared and you will enjoy a
account of their academics or co curricular activities.
progressive month.
Students will also get much-awaited opportunities and
admission in a reputed institution. Revati: If you have lent money to someone and
Dhanistha 3, 4:Health may give you some troubles. Try expected to get back now, it may get postpone by
to concentrate on your fitness and diet. couple of months.

Sunrise and Sunset Timings

for August 2017

August Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset
2017 Local times Local times Local times Local times Local times Local times
times times times times times times
All times are in local time for the respective cities