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Calape, Bohol
Campus Journalism

Directions: Write what is asked in the following test items. Write your answers in complete SENTENCES on
your answer sheet.

A. Give two reasons for the following editorial topics.

1. Should physical education (P.E.) be part of the elementary education?
2. Going green! A student’s role in protecting the environment.
3. A good parent
4. The importance of press freedom
B. Give two concessions for the following editorial topics.
Issue: Should death penalty be passed into a law?
Reason #1: Death penalty does not deter crime.
Reason #2: Death penalty is expensive.
Issue: Going to college
Reason # 1: A student can live a healthier and happier life.
Reason # 2: A student may make more money.
C. If you were the editor-in-chief of RISER, what would be the topic you wanted to write? Give one
reason and one concession on your answer sheet.