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the "cái, con, người" definite article mạo từ xác định /ðə/

[sound:z_the__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_the__us_1.wav] there were three questions.

{{c1::the}} first two were relatively easy but {{c1::the}} third one was
hard.<br />there was an accident here yesterday. A car hit a tree and {{c1::the}}
driver was killed.<br />{{c1::the}} heat was getting to be too much for me.<br
/>{{c1::the}} nights are getting longer.<br /> 1
be "thì, là, tồn tại, ở" verb "động từ, trợ động từ" /bi:/
[sound:z_be__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_be__us_1.wav] He {{c1::was}} killed in the
war.<br />Where {{c1::were}} they made?<br />The house was still {{c1::being}}
built.<br />You will {{c1::be}} told what to do.<br /> 2
and và conjunction liên từ /ænd/ /ənd/ [sound:z_and__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_and__us_1.wav] "bread {{c1::and}} butter<br>a table, two chairs
{{c1::and}} a desk<br>Sue {{c1::and}} I left early.<br>Do it slowly {{c1::and}}
carefully.<br>" 3
of của preposition giới từ /əv/ [sound:z_of__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_of__us_1.wav] a friend {{c1::of}} mine<br>the love {{c1::of}} a
mother for her child<br>the role {{c1::of}} the teacher<br>Can't you throw out that
old bike {{c1::of}} Tommy's?<br> 4
a một indefinite article mạo từ /ə/ [sound:z_a__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_a__us_2.wav] {{c1::a}} m{{c1::a}}n/horse/unit<br>{{c1::a}}n
{{c1::a}}unt/egg/hour/x-r{{c1::a}}y<br>I c{{c1::a}}n only c{{c1::a}}rry two
{{c1::a}}t {{c1::a}} time.<br>There's {{c1::a}} visitor for you.<br> 5
in "trong, ở trong" preposition "phó từ, liên từ, giới từ" /ɪn/
[sound:z_in__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_in__us_1.wav] We were locked
{{c1::in}}.<br>I can't drink coffee with milk {{c1::in}}.<br>She opened the door
and went {{c1::in}}.<br>The kids were playing by the river and one of them fell
{{c1::in}}.<br> 6
have "có, sở hữu" verb động từ /hæv/ /həv/ [sound:z_have__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_have__us_1.wav] "I've finished my work.<br>He's gone home,
hasn't he?<br>‘{{c1::have}} you seen it? ’ ‘Yes, I {{c1::have}}/No, I
{{c1::have}}n't.’<br>She'll {{c1::have}} had the results by now.<br>" 8
to "tới, đến" preposition giới từ /tə/ [sound:z_to__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_to__us_1.wav] I set out {{c1::to}} buy food.<br>I am going
{{c1::to}} tell you a s{{c1::to}}ry.<br>She was determined {{c1::to}} do
well.<br>His aim was {{c1::to}} become president.<br> 9
it "cái đó, điều đó, con vật đó" pronoun đại từ /ɪt/
[sound:z_it__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_it__us_2.wav] ‘Where's your car?’
‘{{c1::it}}'s in the garage.’<br>Did you see {{c1::it}}?<br>Start a new file and
put this letter in {{c1::it}}.<br>Look! {{c1::it}}'s going up that tree.<br> 10
I "tôi,tớ, mình" pronoun đại từ /aɪ/ [sound:z_i__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_i__us_1.wav] "{{c1::I}} th{{c1::I}}nk {{c1::I}}'d better go
now.<br>He and {{c1::I}} are old fr{{c1::I}}ends.<br>When they asked me {{c1::I}}f
{{c1::I}} wanted the job, {{c1::I}} sa{{c1::I}}d yes.<br>{{c1::I}}'m not
go{{c1::I}}ng to fall, am {{c1::I}}?<br>" 11
that "đó, vật đó, cái đó" conjunction "tính từ, phó từ, liên từ" /ðət/
[sound:z_that__gb_3.wav] [sound:z_that__us_3.wav] She said
({{c1::that}}) the story was true.<br>It's possible ({{c1::that}}) he has not
received the letter.<br>The fact ({{c1::that}}) he's older than me is not
relevant.<br>She was so tired ({{c1::that}}) she couldn't think straight.<br>
for "cho, dành cho" preposition "giới từ, liên từ" /fɔ:/ /fə(r)/
[sound:z_for__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_for__us_1.wav] "There's a letter {{c1::for}}
you.<br>It's a book {{c1::for}} children.<br>We got a new table {{c1::for}} the
dining room.<br>This is the place {{c1::for}} me <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::for}}_1__23"">(= I like it very much)<br>" 13
you "anh, chị, bạn, ngươi, mày; các anh, các chị, các bạn, chúng mày"
pronoun đại từ /ju/ [sound:z_you__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_you__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::you}} said {{c1::you}} knew the way.<br>I thought she told
{{c1::you}}.<br>Can I sit next to {{c1::you}}?<br>I don't think that hairstyle is
{{c1::you}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::you}}__19"">(= it doesn't suit
{{c1::you}}r appearance or personality)<br>" 14
he "anh ấy, ông ấy" pronoun đại từ /hi/ [sound:z_he__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_he__us_1.wav] "Everyone liked my fat{{c1::he}}r—{{c1::he}} was
t{{c1::he}} perfect gentleman.<br>{{c1::he}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::he}}_1__27"">(= t{{c1::he}} man we are watching)<br>Every child needs to
know that {{c1::he}} is loved.<br>{{c1::he}} who <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::he}}_1__34"">(= anyone who)<br>" 15
with "với, cùng" preposition giới từ /wɪð/ [sound:z_with__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_with__us_1.wav] "She lives {{c1::with}} her parents.<br>I have
a client {{c1::with}} me right now.<br>a nice steak {{c1::with}} a bottle of red
wine<br>a girl {{c1::with}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::with}}__24"">(= who
has)<br>" 16
on "trên, ở trên; tiếp tục, tiếp diễn" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /ɒn/
[sound:z_on__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_on__us_1.wav] "He worked {{c1::on}} without
a break.<br>If you like a good story, read {{c1::on}}.<br>She stopped for a moment,
then walked {{c1::on}}.<br>Keep straight {{c1::on}} for the beach.<br>" 17
do làm verb động từ /də/ [sound:z_do__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_do__us_1.wav]
What are you {{c1::do}}ing this evening?<br>We will {{c1::do}} what we can to
help.<br>Are you {{c1::do}}ing anything tomorrow evening?<br>The company ought to
{{c1::do}} something about the poor service.<br> 18
say "nói, nói lên" verb động từ /seɪ/ [sound:z_say__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_say__us_1.wav] "‘Hello!’ she said.<br>‘That was marvellous,’ said
Daniel.<br>Be quiet, I have something to {{c1::say}}.<br>I didn't believe a word
she said.<br>" 19
this "cái này, điều này, việc này" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, phó từ" /ðɪs/
[sound:z_this__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_this__us_1.wav] "How long have you
been living in {{c1::this}} country?<br>Well, make up your mind. Which do you want?
{{c1::this}} one or that one?<br>I think you'll find these more comfortable than
those.<br>Is {{c1::this}} your bag?<br>" 20
they "chúng, chúng nó, họ; những cái ấy" pronoun đại từ /ðeɪ/
[sound:z_they__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_they__us_1.wav] "‘Where are John
and Liz?’ ‘{{c1::they}} went for a walk.’<br>{{c1::they}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::they}}__14"">(= the things you are carrying)<br>If anyone arrives late
{{c1::they}}'ll have to wait outside.<br>The rest, as {{c1::they}} say, is
history.<br>" 21
at "ở, tại, vào lúc" preposition giới từ /ət/ [sound:z_at__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_at__us_1.wav] {{c1::at}} the corner of the street<br>We changed
{{c1::at}} Crewe.<br>They arrived l{{c1::at}}e {{c1::at}} the
airport.<br>{{c1::at}} the roundabout take the third exit.<br> 22
but nhưng conjunction "liên từ, giới từ" /bət/ [sound:z_but__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_but__us_1.wav] "I got it wrong. It wasn't the red one {{c1::but}}
the blue one.<br>His mother won't be there, {{c1::but}} his father might.<br>It
isn't that he lied exactly, {{c1::but}} he did tend to exaggerate.<br>I'd asked
everybody {{c1::but}} only two people came.<br>" 23
we "chúng tôi, chúng ta" pronoun đại từ /wi/ [sound:z_we__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_we__us_1.wav] "{{c1::we}}'ve moved to Atlanta.<br>{{c1::we}}'d
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::we}}__19"">(= the company would)<br>Why don't
{{c1::we}} go and see it together?<br>{{c1::we}} should take more care of our
historic buildings.<br>" 24
his "của ông ấy, của anh ấy" possessive determiner "tính từ sở hữu, đại
từ" /hɪz/ [sound:z_his__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_his__us_1.wav] He took my hand in
{{c1::his}}.<br>The choice was {{c1::his}}.<br>a friend of {{c1::his}}<br> 25
from "từ, bắt đầu từ" preposition giới từ /frəm/ [sound:z_from__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_from__us_1.wav] She began to walk away {{c1::from}} him.<br>Has
the train {{c1::from}} Bristol arrived?<br>We're open {{c1::from}} 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
every day.<br>He was blind {{c1::from}} birth.<br> 26
not không adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /nɒt/ [sound:z_not__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_not__us_1.wav] She did {{c1::not}}/didn't see him.<br>It's
{{c1::not}}/It isn't raining.<br>I can't see from here.<br>He must {{c1::not}}
go.<br> 28
by "bởi, bằng" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /baɪ/ [sound:z_by__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_by__us_1.wav] "Just drive {{c1::by}}. Don't stop.<br>He hurried
{{c1::by}} without speaking to me.<br>Excuse me, I can't get {{c1::by}}.<br>Time
goes {{c1::by}} so quickly.<br>" 30
she "bà ấy, chị ấy, cô ấy" pronoun đại từ /ʃi/ [sound:z_she__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_she__us_1.wav] "‘What does your sister do?’ ‘{{c1::she}}'s a
dentist.’<br>Doesn't {{c1::she}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::she}}_1__17"">(= the
woman we are looking at)<br>" 31
or "hoăc, hay là" conjunction liên từ /ɔː(r)/ [sound:z_or__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_or__us_1.wav] "Is your sister older {{c1::or}} younger than you?
<br>Are you coming {{c1::or}} not?<br>Is it a boy {{c1::or}} a girl?<br>It can be
black, white {{c1::or}} grey.<br>" 32
as "như, như là" conjunction "giới từ, phó từ, liên từ" /əz/
[sound:z_as__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_as__us_1.wav] He sat watching her
{{c1::as}} she got ready.<br>{{c1::as}} she grew older she gained in
confidence.<br>They did {{c1::as}} I had {{c1::as}}ked.<br>Leave the papers
{{c1::as}} they are.<br> 33
what "gì, thế nào" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /wɒt/
[sound:z_what__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_what__us_1.wav] "{{c1::what}} is
your name?<br>{{c1::what}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::what}}__13"">(=
{{c1::what}} job)<br>{{c1::what}} time is it?<br>{{c1::what}} kind of music do you
like?<br>" 34
go "đi, đi đến, đi tới" verb động từ /ɡəʊ/ [sound:z_go__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_go__us_1.wav] "She went into her room and shut the door behind
her.<br>He {{c1::go}}es to work by bus.<br>I have to {{c1::go}} to Rome on
business.<br>She has {{c1::go}}ne to China <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::go}}_1__41"">(= is now in China or is on her way there)<br>" 35
their "của chúng, của họ" possessive determiner tính từ sở hữu /ðeə(r)/
[sound:z_their__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_their__us_1.wav] "{{c1::their}}
parties are always fun.<br>Which is {{c1::their}} house?<br>If anyone calls, ask
for {{c1::their}} number so I can call them back.<br>" 36
can "có thể, có kha năng; lon, can" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kən/
[sound:z_can__gb_3.wav] [sound:z_can__us_3.wav] a {{c1::can}} of beans<br>a
beer/paint {{c1::can}}<br>We drank a {{c1::can}} of Coke each.<br>an oil
{{c1::can}}<br> 37
who "ai, người nào, kẻ nào"pronoun đại từ /huː/ [sound:z_who__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_who__us_2.wav] {{c1::who}} is that woman?<br>I wonder {{c1::who}}
that letter was from.<br>{{c1::who}} are you phoning?<br>{{c1::who}}'s the money
for?<br> 38
get "được, có được, lấy được" verb động từ /ɡet/ [sound:z_get__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_get__us_1.wav] "I got a letter from Dave this morning.<br>What <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::get}}__37"">(= What presents)<br>He {{c1::get}}s <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::get}}__39"">(= earns)<br>This room {{c1::get}}s very little
sunshine.<br>" 39
if "nếu, nếu như" conjunction liên từ /ɪf/ [sound:z_if__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_if__us_1.wav] "{{c1::if}} you see him, give him this note.<br>I'll
only stay {{c1::if}} you offer me more money.<br>{{c1::if}} necessary I can come at
once.<br>You can stay for the weekend {{c1::if}} you like.<br>" 40
would sẽ (quá khứ của will) verb động từ /wʊd/ [sound:z_would__gb_3.wav]
[sound:z_would__us_3.wav] "He said he {{c1::would}} be here at eight
o'clock <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::would}}__35"">(= His words were: ‘I will be
there at eight o'clock.’)<br>She asked if I {{c1::would}} help.<br>They told me
that they probably {{c1::would}}n't come.<br>She'd look better with shorter
hair.<br>" 41
her "chị ấy, cô ấy, bà ấy" possessive determiner "tính từ sở hữu, đại từ"
/hə(r)/ [sound:z_her__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_her__us_1.wav] Meg loves
{{c1::her}} job.<br>She broke {{c1::her}} leg skiing.<br> 42
all tất ca "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, phó từ" /ɔːl/
[sound:z_all__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_all__us_1.wav] She was dressed {{c1::all}}
in white.<br>He lives {{c1::all}} alone.<br>The coffee went {{c1::all}} over my
skirt.<br>She was {{c1::all}} excited.<br> 43
my của tôi possessive determiner tính từ sở hữu /maɪ/
[sound:z_my__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_my__us_1.wav] "Where's {{c1::my}} passport?
<br>{{c1::my}} feet are cold.<br>{{c1::my}} goodness! Look at the time!<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::my}} dear/darling/love</strong><br>" 44
make "làm, chế tạo" verb động từ /meɪk/ [sound:z_make__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_make__us_1.wav] What {{c1::make}} of car does he drive?
<br>There are so many different {{c1::make}}s to choose from.<br>a Swiss
{{c1::make}} of watch<br> 45
about "về, nói về; khoang, chừng" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /əˈbaʊt/
[sound:z_about__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_about__us_1.wav] I was just
{{c1::about}} to ask you the same thing.<br>I've never done any cooking and I'm not
{{c1::about}} to start now.<br> 46
know "biết, hiểu biết" verb động từ /nəʊ/ [sound:z_know__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_know__us_1.wav] "Do you {{c1::know}} his address?<br>The cause
of the fire is not yet {{c1::know}}n.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>All I
{{c1::know}}</strong><br>I {{c1::know}} (that) people's handwriting changes as they
get older.<br>" 47
will "sẽ; ý chí, ý định" verb "động từ khuyết thiếu, danh từ" /wɪl/
[sound:z_will__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_will__us_1.wav] "to have a <span
class=""cl""><strong>strong {{c1::will}}</strong><br>to have <span
class=""cl""><strong>an iron {{c1::will}}/a {{c1::will}} of iron</strong><br>Her
decision to continue shows great strength of {{c1::will}}.<br>In spite of what
happened, he never lost <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::will}} to
live</strong><br>" 48
up "ên trên, lên" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /ʌp/
[sound:z_up__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_up__us_1.wav] "She climbed {{c1::up}} the
flight of steps.<br>The village is further {{c1::up}} the valley.<br>We live just
{{c1::up}} the road, past the post office.<br>a cruise {{c1::up}} the Rhine<br>"
one "1, một" number "đại từ, danh từ, số từ" /wʌn/
[sound:z_one__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_one__us_1.wav] "I'd like an ice cream. Are
you having {{c1::one}}, too?<br>Our car's always breaking down. But we're getting a
new {{c1::one}} soon.<br>She was wearing her new dress, the red {{c1::one}}.<br>My
favourite band? Oh, that's a hard {{c1::one}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::one}}_2__17"">(= a hard question)<br>" 51
time thời gian noun danh từ /taɪm/ [sound:z_time__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_time__us_1.wav] "The changing seasons mark the <span
class=""cl""><strong>passing of {{c1::time}}</strong><br>A visit to the museum will
take you <span class=""cl""><strong>back in {{c1::time}}</strong><br>{{c1::time}}
and space<br><span class=""cl""><strong>As {{c1::time}} went by</strong><br>"
there "ở nơi đó, tại nơi đó" adverb "phó từ, phó từ" /ðeə(r)/
[sound:z_there__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_there__us_1.wav] {{c1::there}}'s a
restaurant around the corner.<br>{{c1::there}} are two people waiting
outside.<br>Has {{c1::there}} been an accident?<br>I don't want {{c1::there}} to be
any misunderstanding.<br> 53
year năm noun danh từ /jɪə(r)/ [sound:z_year__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_year__us_1.wav] "in the {{c1::year}} 1865<br>I lost my job
earlier this {{c1::year}}.<br>Elections take place every {{c1::year}}.<br>The
museum is open <span class=""cl""><strong>all (the) {{c1::year}}
round</strong><br>" 54
so "như vậy, như thế; vì thế, vì vậy" adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /səʊ/
[sound:z_so__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_so__us_1.wav] It was still painful
{{c1::so}} I went to see a doctor.<br>Nothing more was heard from him {{c1::so}}
that we began to wonder if he was dead.<br>But I gave you a map {{c1::so}} you
wouldn't get lost!<br>She worked hard {{c1::so}} that everything would be ready in
time.<br> 55
think "nghĩ, suy nghĩ" verb động từ /θɪŋk/ [sound:z_think__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_think__us_1.wav] "Do you {{c1::think}} (that) they'll come?<br>I
thought I heard a scream.<br>I didn't {{c1::think}} you liked sports.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Am I right in {{c1::think}}ing</strong><br>" 56
when "khi, lúc; lúc nào" conjunction "liên từ, phó từ" /wen/
[sound:z_when__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_when__us_1.wav] I loved history
{{c1::when}} I was at school.<br>Call me {{c1::when}} you've finished.<br>Can you
spare five minutes {{c1::when}} it's convenient?<br>He had just drifted off to
sleep {{c1::when}} the phone rang.<br> 57
which "nào, cái nào, người nào" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /wɪtʃ/
[sound:z_which__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_which__us_1.wav] {{c1::which}} is
better exercise—swimming or tennis?<br>{{c1::which}} of the applicants has got the
job?<br>{{c1::which}} of the patients have recovered?<br>{{c1::which}} way is the
wind blowing?<br> 58
them "chúng, chúng nó, họ" pronoun đại từ /ðəm/ [sound:z_them__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_them__us_1.wav] Tell {{c1::them}} the news.<br>What are you
doing with those matches? Give {{c1::them}} to me.<br>Did you eat all of
{{c1::them}}?<br>It's {{c1::them}}.<br> 59
some "một it, một vài" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /sʌm/
[sound:z_some__gb_7.wav] [sound:z_some__us_7.wav] "{{c1::some}}
disapprove of the idea.<br>You'll find {{c1::some}} in the drawer.<br>Here are
{{c1::some}} of our suggestions.<br>All these students are good, but {{c1::some}}
work harder than others.<br>" 60
me "tôi, tao, tớ" pronoun đại từ /mi/ [sound:z_me__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_me__us_2.wav] Don't hit {{c1::me}}.<br>Excuse {{c1::me}}!<br>Give
it to {{c1::me}}.<br>You're taller than {{c1::me}}.<br> 61
people "người (số nhiều), mọi người" noun danh từ /ˈpiːpl/
[sound:z_people__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_people__us_1.wav] At least ten
{{c1::people}} were killed in the crash.<br>There were a lot of {{c1::people}} at
the party.<br>Many young {{c1::people}} are out of work.<br>He doesn't care what
{{c1::people}} think of him.<br> 62
take "lấy, nhận, cầm theo, đưa đi" verb động từ /teɪk/
[sound:z_take__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_take__us_1.wav] "I forgot to
{{c1::take}} my bag with me when I got off the bus.<br>{{c1::take}} this to the
bank for me, would you?<br>Shall I {{c1::take}} a gift to my host family?<br>Shall
I {{c1::take}} my host family a gift?<br>" 63
out "ngoài, ở ngoài" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /aʊt/
[sound:z_out__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_out__us_1.wav] "She ran {{c1::out}} into the
corridor.<br>She shook the bag and some coins fell {{c1::out}}.<br>I got
{{c1::out}} of bed.<br>He opened the box and <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::out}}
jumped</strong><br>" 64
into "vào, vào trong" preposition giới từ /ˈɪntə/ [sound:z_into__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_into__us_1.wav] Come {{c1::into}} the house.<br>She dived
{{c1::into}} the water.<br>He threw the letter {{c1::into}} the fire.<br>She turned
and walked off {{c1::into}} the night.<br> 65
just "đúng, vừa đủ; vừa mới, chỉ" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /dʒʌst/
[sound:z_just__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_just__us_1.wav] "This jacket is
{{c1::just}} my size.<br>This gadget is <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::just}} the
thing</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::just}} my
luck</strong><br>You're <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::just}} in
time</strong><br>" 66
see "nhìn, quan sát" verb động từ /siː/ [sound:z_see__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_see__us_1.wav] "She looked for him but couldn't {{c1::see}} him in
the crowd.<br>I looked out of the window but saw nothing.<br>The opera was the
place to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::see}} and be {{c1::see}}n</strong><br>He
could {{c1::see}} (that) she had been crying.<br>" 67
him "hắn, ông ấy, anh ấy" pronoun đại từ /hɪm/ [sound:z_him__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_him__us_1.wav] When did you see {{c1::him}}?<br>He took the children
with {{c1::him}}.<br>I'm taller than {{c1::him}}.<br>It's {{c1::him}}.<br> 68
your "của anh, của chị, của mày; của các anh, của các chị, của chúng mày"
possessive determiner tính từ sở hữu /jɔː(r)/ [sound:z_your__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_your__us_1.wav] "I like {{c1::your}} dress.<br>Excuse me, is
this {{c1::your}} seat?<br>The bank is on {{c1::your}} right.<br>Dentists advise
you to have {{c1::your}} teeth checked every six months.<br>" 69
come "đến, tới, tới nơi" verb động từ /kʌm/ [sound:z_come__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_come__us_1.wav] He came into the room and shut the door.<br>She
{{c1::come}}s to work by bus.<br>My son is coming home soon.<br>{{c1::come}} here!
<br> 70
could có thể (quá khứ của can) verb động từ /kəd/
[sound:z_could__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_could__us_1.wav] "She said that she
{{c1::could}}n't come.<br>I {{c1::could}}n't hear what they were saying.<br>Sorry,
I {{c1::could}}n't get any more.<br>{{c1::could}} I use your phone, please?<br>"
now "bây giờ, hiện giờ, hiện nay" adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /naʊ/
[sound:z_now__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_now__us_1.wav] {{c1::now}} that the kids
have left home we've got a lot of extra space.<br> 72
than hơn conjunction "liên từ, giới từ" /ðən/ [sound:z_than__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_than__us_1.wav] I'm older {{c1::than}} her.<br>There was more
whisky in it {{c1::than}} soda.<br>He loves me more {{c1::than}} you do.<br>It was
much better {{c1::than}} I'd expected.<br> 73
like "thích, yêu thích; như, giống như" preposition "động từ, liên từ, giới từ"
/laɪk/ [sound:z_like__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_like__us_1.wav] "No
one sings the blues {{c1::like}} she did.<br>It didn't turn out {{c1::like}} I
intended.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::like}} I said</strong><br>She acts
{{c1::like}} she owns the place.<br>" 74
other "khác, cái khác" adjective "đại từ, giới từ, tính từ" /ˈʌðə(r)/
[sound:z_other__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_other__us_1.wav] "Mr Harris and Mrs
Bate and three {{c1::other}} teachers were there.<br>Are there any {{c1::other}}
questions?<br>I can't see you now— <span class=""cl""><strong>some {{c1::other}}
time</strong><br>Two buildings were destroyed and many {{c1::other}}s damaged in
the blast.<br>" 75
how "thế nào, như thế nào, làm sao" adverb phó từ /haʊ/
[sound:z_how__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_how__us_1.wav] "{{c1::how}} does it work?
<br>He did not know {{c1::how}} he ought to behave.<br>I'll s{{c1::how}} you
{{c1::how}} to load the software.<br>‘Her behaviour was very odd.’ ‘ <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::how}} so?</strong><br>" 76
then "sau đó; khi đó, lúc đó" adverb phó từ /ðen/
[sound:z_then__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_then__us_1.wav] "Life was harder
{{c1::then}} because neither of us had a job.<br>Things were very different <span
class=""cl""><strong>back {{c1::then}}</strong><br>She grew up in Zimbabwe, or
Rhodesia as it {{c1::then}} was.<br>I saw them at Christmas but haven't heard a
thing <span class=""cl""><strong>since {{c1::then}}</strong><br>" 77
its "của cái đó, của điều đó, của con vật đó" possessive determiner tính từ sở
hữu /ɪts/ [sound:z_its__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_its__us_1.wav] Turn the box on
{{c1::its}} side.<br>Have you any idea of {{c1::its}} value?<br>The dog had hurt
{{c1::its}} paw.<br>The baby threw {{c1::its}} food on the floor.<br> 78
our "của chúng ta, của chúng tôi" possessive determiner tính từ sở hữu
/ɑː(r)/ [sound:z_our__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_our__us_1.wav] "{{c1::our}}
daughter/dog/house<br>We showed them some of {{c1::our}} photos.<br>{{c1::our}}
main export is rice.<br>And now, over to {{c1::our}} Rome correspondent…<br>"
two "2, hai" number số từ /tuː/ [sound:z_two__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_two__us_1.wav] May I borrow it for a day or {{c1::two}}?<br>He broke
the bar of chocolate in {{c1::two}} and gave me half.<br>People arrived in
{{c1::two}}s and threes.<br>You can't put all the blame on him. It takes
{{c1::two}} to make a marriage.<br> 80
more "hơn, nhiều hơn" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /mɔː(r)/
[sound:z_more__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_more__us_1.wav] She was far
{{c1::more}} intelligent than her sister.<br>He read the letter {{c1::more}}
carefully the second time.<br>I like her {{c1::more}} than her husband.<br>a course
for {{c1::more}} advanced students<br> 81
these những cái này "determiner, adjective" tính từ
[sound:z_these__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_these__us_1.wav] 82
want "muốn, mong muốn" verb động từ /wɒnt/ [sound:z_want__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_want__us_1.wav] "Do you {{c1::want}} some more tea?<br>She's
always {{c1::want}}ed a large family.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>All I
{{c1::want}} is</strong><br>Thanks for the present—it's <span
class=""cl""><strong>just what I {{c1::want}}ed</strong><br>" 83
way "con đường, phương pháp, cách" noun "danh từ, phó từ" /weɪ/
[sound:z_way__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_way__us_1.wav] "She finished the race <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::way}} ahead</strong><br>I must be going home; it's <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::way}} past</strong><br>The price is <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::way}} above</strong><br>They live <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::way}} out</strong><br>" 84
look nhìn; cái nhìn verb "động từ, danh từ" /lʊk/ [sound:z_look__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_look__us_1.wav] "Here, <span class=""cl""><strong>have a
{{c1::look}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>Take a
{{c1::look}}</strong><br>Make sure you get a <span class=""cl""><strong>good
{{c1::look}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>One {{c1::look}}</strong><br>"
first "thứ nhất, đầu tiên, trước hết" "number, adjective" "tính từ, số từ,
phó từ" /fɜːst/ [sound:z_first__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_first__us_1.wav]
"I was the {{c1::first}} in my family to go to college.<br>Sheila and Jim
were the {{c1::first}} to arrive.<br>I'd be <span class=""cl""><strong>the
{{c1::first}} to admit</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>The {{c1::first}} I
heard about</strong><br>" 86
also "cũng, cũng vậy, cũng thế" adverb phó từ /ˈɔːlsəʊ/
[sound:z_also__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_also__us_1.wav] "She's fluent in
French and German. She {{c1::also}} speaks a little Italian.<br>rubella, <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::also}} known as</strong><br>I didn't like it that much.
{{c1::also}}, it was much too expensive.<br>Jake's father had {{c1::also}} been a
doctor <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::also}}__16"">(= both Jake and his father were
doctors)<br>" 87
new "mới, mới mẻ" adjective tính từ /njuː/ [sound:z_new__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_new__us_1.wav] Have you read her {{c1::new}} novel?<br>{{c1::new}}
ways of doing things<br>This idea isn't {{c1::new}}.<br>The latest model has over
100 {{c1::new}} features.<br> 88
because "bởi vì, vì" conjunction "liên từ, giới từ" /bɪˈkɒz/
[sound:z_because__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_because__us_1.wav] "I did it
{{c1::because}} he told me to.<br>Just {{c1::because}} I don't complain, people
think I'm satisfied.<br>They are here {{c1::because}} of us.<br>He walked slowly
{{c1::because}} of his bad leg.<br>" 89
day "ngày, ban ngày" noun danh từ /deɪ/ [sound:z_day__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_day__us_1.wav] "I saw Tom three {{c1::day}}s ago.<br>‘What
{{c1::day}} is it to{{c1::day}}?’ ‘Mon{{c1::day}}.’<br>We're going away <span
class=""cl""><strong>in a few {{c1::day}}s/in a few {{c1::day}}s'
time</strong><br>They left <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::day}} before
yester{{c1::day}}</strong><br>" 90
use "sử dụng, dùng" verb "động từ, danh từ" /juːs/
[sound:z_use__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_use__us_2.wav] "A ban was imposed on the
{{c1::use}} of chemical weapons.<br>The software is designed for {{c1::use}} in
schools.<br>I'm not sure that this is the most valuable {{c1::use}} of my
time.<br>The chapel was built in the 12th century and is still <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::use}}</strong><br>" 92
no không negative article "đại từ, tính từ, thán từ" /nəʊ/
[sound:z_no__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_no__us_1.wav] {{c1::no}} student is to
leave the room.<br>There were {{c1::no}} letters this morning.<br>There's
{{c1::no}} bread left.<br>{{c1::no}} two days are the same.<br> 93
man con người; đàn ông noun danh từ /mæn/ [sound:z_man__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_man__us_1.wav] "a good-looking young {{c1::man}}<br>the
relationships between men and women<br>the damage caused by {{c1::man}} to the
environment<br><span class=""cl""><strong>early/modern/Prehistoric
{{c1::man}}</strong><br>" 94
find "tìm, tìm thấy" verb động từ /faɪnd/ [sound:z_find__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_find__us_1.wav] Look what I've found!<br>We've found a great
new restaurant near the office.<br>A whale was found washed up on the shore.<br>Can
you {{c1::find}} my bag for me?<br> 95
here "đây, ở đây" adverb phó từ /hɪə(r)/ [sound:z_here__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_here__us_1.wav] I live {{c1::here}}.<br>Put the box
{{c1::here}}.<br>Let's get out of {{c1::here}}.<br>Come over {{c1::here}}.<br>
thing "cái, đồ, vật" noun danh từ /θɪŋ/ [sound:z_thing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_thing__us_1.wav] "Can you pass me that {{c1::thing}} over there?
<br>She's very fond of sweet {{c1::thing}}s <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::thing}}__18"">(= sweet foods)<br>He's just bought one of those exercise
{{c1::thing}}s.<br>Turn that {{c1::thing}} off while I'm talking to you!<br>"
give "cho, biếu, tăng" verb động từ /ɡɪv/ [sound:z_give__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_give__us_1.wav] {{c1::give}} the letter to your mother when
you've read it.<br>She gave her ticket to the woman at the check-in
desk.<br>{{c1::give}} your mother the letter.<br>They were all {{c1::give}}n a box
to carry.<br> 98
many nhiều "determiner, adjective" tính từ /ˈmeni/ [sound:z_many__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_many__us_1.wav] We don't have very {{c1::many}} copies
left.<br>You can't have one each. We haven't got {{c1::many}}.<br>{{c1::many}}
people feel that the law should be changed.<br>{{c1::many}} of those present
disagreed.<br> 99
well "tốt, giỏi" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /wel/ [sound:z_well__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_well__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::well}},
{{c1::well}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::well}}, really!
</strong><br>{{c1::well}}, thank goodness that's over!<br>{{c1::well}}, it can't be
helped.<br>" 100
only "duy nhất, chỉ" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /ˈəʊnli/
[sound:z_only__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_only__us_1.wav] "There are
{{c1::only}} a limited number of tickets available.<br>The bar is for <span
class=""cl""><strong>members {{c1::only}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>You {{c1::only}} have to</strong><br>{{c1::only}} five people
turned up.<br>" 101
those "những cái đó, những cái kia" "determiner, adjective" tính từ
[sound:z_those__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_those__us_1.wav] 102
tell "nói (với ai), kể cho" verb động từ /tel/ [sound:z_tell__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tell__us_1.wav] "He told the news to everybody he saw.<br>He
told everybody he saw the news.<br>Did she {{c1::tell}} you her name?<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>What did I {{c1::tell}} you</strong><br>" 103
very "rất, lắm" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /ˈveri/ [sound:z_very__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_very__us_1.wav] {{c1::very}} small<br>{{c1::very}}
quickly<br>{{c1::very}} few people know that.<br>Thanks {{c1::very}} much.<br>
even "ngay ca, thậm chí" adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /ˈiːvn/
[sound:z_even__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_even__us_1.wav] You need an
{{c1::even}} surface to work on.<br>an {{c1::even}} temperature all
year<br>Children do not learn at an {{c1::even}} pace.<br>Our scores are now
{{c1::even}}.<br> 107
back "lưng, sau, về phía sau, trở lại" adverb "danh từ, động từ, phó từ"
/bæk/ [sound:z_back__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_back__us_1.wav] "He
{{c1::back}}ed against the wall, terrified.<br>to {{c1::back}} out of a parking
space<br>If you can't drive in forwards, try {{c1::back}}ing it in.<br>Her parents
{{c1::back}}ed her in her choice of career.<br>" 108
any "một người, vật nào đó; bất cứ, bất kể" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ,
phó từ" /ˈeni/ [sound:z_any__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_any__us_1.wav] He wasn't
{{c1::any}} good at French.<br>I can't run {{c1::any}} faster.<br>Is your father
feeling {{c1::any}} better?<br>I don't want {{c1::any}} more.<br> 109
good "tốt, hay" adjective tính từ /ɡʊd/ [sound:z_good__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_good__us_1.wav] "the difference between {{c1::good}} and
evil<br>Is religion always a force for {{c1::good}}?<br>a gathering of the great
and the {{c1::good}}<br>Cuts have been made <span class=""cl""><strong>for the
{{c1::good}} of the company</strong><br>" 110
woman "đàn bà, phụ nữ" noun danh từ /ˈwʊmən/ [sound:z_woman__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_woman__us_1.wav] "men, women and children<br>a 24-year-old
{{c1::woman}}<br>I prefer to see a {{c1::woman}} doctor.<br>women drivers<br>"
through "qua, xuyên qua" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /θruː/
[sound:z_through__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_through__us_1.wav] Put the coffee in
the filter and let the water run {{c1::through}}.<br>The tyre's flat—the nail has
gone right {{c1::through}}.<br>The onlookers stood aside to let the paramedics
{{c1::through}}.<br>The flood was too deep to drive {{c1::through}}.<br> 112
us "chúng tôi, chúng ta" pronoun đại từ /əs/ [sound:z_us__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_us__us_2.wav] "She gave {{c1::us}} a picture as a wedding
present.<br>We'll take the dog with {{c1::us}}.<br>Hello, it's {{c1::us}} back
again.<br>Give {{c1::us}} the newspaper, will you?<br>" 113
life "sự sống, cuộc sống, đời sống" noun danh từ /laɪf/
[sound:z_life__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_life__us_1.wav] "{{c1::life}} and
death<br>The body was cold and showed <span class=""cl""><strong>no signs of
{{c1::life}}</strong><br>My father died last year—I wish I could bring him <span
class=""cl""><strong>back to {{c1::life}}</strong><br>In spring the countryside
bursts into {{c1::life}}.<br>" 114
child "đứa bé, đứa trẻ (số ít)" noun danh từ /tʃaɪld/
[sound:z_child__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_child__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::child}}
of three/a three-year-old {{c1::child}}<br>men, women and {{c1::child}}ren<br>an
unborn {{c1::child}}<br>not suitable for young {{c1::child}}ren<br>" 115
work "làm việc; công việc, tác phâm, san phâm" verb "động từ, danh từ" /wɜːk/
[sound:z_work__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_work__us_1.wav] "She had been
<span class=""cl""><strong>out of {{c1::work}}</strong><br>They are <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::work}}</strong><br>He <span
class=""cl""><strong>started {{c1::work}}</strong><br>It is difficult to find
{{c1::work}} in the present economic climate.<br>" 117
down xuống adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /daʊn/ [sound:z_down__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_down__us_1.wav] The stone rolled {{c1::down}} the
hill.<br>Tears ran {{c1::down}} her face.<br>Her hair hung {{c1::down}} her back to
her waist.<br>He lives just {{c1::down}} the street.<br> 118
after "sau, đằng sau, sau khi" preposition "giới từ, liên từ" /ˈɑːftə(r)/
[sound:z_after__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_after__us_1.wav] "That was in
1996.<span class=""cl""><strong>Soon {{c1::after}}</strong><br>I could come next
week, or the week {{c1::after}}.<br>And they all <span class=""cl""><strong>lived
happily ever {{c1::after}}</strong><br>" 120
should nên (làm gì) verb động từ /ʃəd/ [sound:z_should__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_should__us_2.wav] "You {{c1::should}}n't drink and drive.<br>He
{{c1::should}} have been more careful.<br>A present for me? You <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::should}}n't have</strong><br>You {{c1::should}} stop
worrying about it<br>" 121
call "gọi, gọi điện;cuộc gọi" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kɔːl/
[sound:z_call__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_call__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>get/have/receive a {{c1::call}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>give somebody/to make a {{c1::call}}</strong><br>Were there
any {{c1::call}}s for me while I was out?<br>I'll <span
class=""cl""><strong>take</strong><br>" 122
world thế giới noun danh từ /wɜːld/ [sound:z_world__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_world__us_1.wav] "to sail <span class=""cl""><strong>around the
{{c1::world}}</strong><br>travelling <span class=""cl""><strong>(all over) the
{{c1::world}}</strong><br>a map of the {{c1::world}}<br>French is spoken in many
<span class=""cl""><strong>parts of the {{c1::world}}</strong><br>" 123
over "vượt qua, quá, ở trên, trên khắp" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /
ˈəʊvə(r)/ [sound:z_over__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_over__us_1.wav] She put a
blanket {{c1::over}} the sleeping child.<br>He wore an {{c1::over}}coat
{{c1::over}} his suit.<br>She put her hand {{c1::over}} her mouth to stop herself
from screaming.<br>They held a large umbrella {{c1::over}} her.<br> 124
school "trường học; đàn cá, bầy cá" noun danh từ /skuːl/
[sound:z_school__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_school__us_1.wav] "My brother and I
went to the same {{c1::school}}.<br>Which {{c1::school}} do they attend?<br>I'm
going to the {{c1::school}} today to talk to Kim's teacher.<br>We need more money
for roads, hospitals and {{c1::school}}s.<br>" 125
still "vẫn, vẫn còn; tuy nhiên; im, yên, tĩnh" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /stɪl/
[sound:z_still__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_still__us_1.wav] "{{c1::still}}
water<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Keep {{c1::still}}</strong><br>The kids found
it hard to <span class=""cl""><strong>stay {{c1::still}}</strong><br>Can't you
<span class=""cl""><strong>sit {{c1::still}}</strong><br>" 126
try "thử, cố gắng" verb động từ /traɪ/ [sound:z_try__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_try__us_1.wav] I don't know if I can come but I'll
{{c1::try}}.<br>What are you {{c1::try}}ing to do?<br>I tried hard not to
laugh.<br>You haven't even tried to find it.<br> 127
last "lần cuối, sau cùng" "determiner, adjective" "động từ, phó từ, tính từ"
/lɑːst/ [sound:z_last__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_last__us_1.wav] We
caught the {{c1::last}} bus home.<br>It's the {{c1::last}} house on the
left.<br>She was {{c1::last}} to arrive.<br>{{c1::last}}
night/Tuesday/month/summer/year<br> 130
ask hỏi verb động từ /ɑːsk/ [sound:z_ask__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ask__us_1.wav] "How old are you—if you don't <span
class=""cl""><strong>mind me/my {{c1::ask}}ing</strong><br>He {{c1::ask}}ed about
her family.<br>Can I <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::ask}} a
question</strong><br>Did you {{c1::ask}} the price?<br>" 131
need "cần, cần thiết" verb "động từ, danh từ" /niːd/
[sound:z_need__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_need__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>satisfy/meet/identify a {{c1::need}}</strong><br>There is an
urgent {{c1::need}} for qualified teachers.<br>We will contact you again if the
{{c1::need}} arises.<br>The house is <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::need}}
of</strong><br>" 132
too "quá, rất; cũng, cũng thế" adverb phó từ /tuː/
[sound:z_too__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_too__us_1.wav] "He's <span
class=""cl""><strong>far {{c1::too}}</strong><br>This is {{c1::too}} large a
helping for me/This helping is {{c1::too}} large for me.<br>Is it {{c1::too}} much
to ask for a little quiet?<br>The dress was {{c1::too}} tight for me.<br>" 133
feel cam thấy verb "động từ, danh từ" /fiːl/ [sound:z_feel__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_feel__us_1.wav] The heat made him {{c1::feel}} faint.<br>She
sounded more confident than she felt.<br>I was {{c1::feel}}ing guilty.<br>You'll
{{c1::feel}} better after a good night's sleep.<br> 134
three "3, ba" number số từ /θriː/ [sound:z_three__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_three__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word: {{c1::three}}
state "trạng thái; quốc gia, bang; nói rõ, tuyên bố" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/steɪt/ [sound:z_state__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_state__us_1.wav] "He
has already {{c1::state}}d his intention to run for election.<br>The facts are
clearly {{c1::state}}d in the report.<br>There is no need to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::state}} the obvious</strong><br>{{c1::state}} clearly
how many tickets you require.<br>" 137
never "không bao giờ, không khi nào" adverb phó từ /ˈnevə(r)/
[sound:z_never__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_never__us_1.wav] You {{c1::never}}
help me.<br>He has {{c1::never}} been abroad.<br>‘Would you vote for him?’
‘{{c1::never}}.’<br>‘I work for a company called Orion Technology.’ ‘{{c1::never}}
heard of them.’<br> 138
become "trở thành, trở nên" verb động từ /bɪˈkʌm/
[sound:z_become__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_become__us_1.wav] It was becoming
more and more difficult to live on his salary.<br>It soon became apparent that no
one was going to come.<br>She was becoming confused.<br>She became queen in
1952.<br> 139
between "giữa, ở giữa" preposition giới từ /bɪˈtwiːn/
[sound:z_between__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_between__us_1.wav] The house was near
a park but there was a road in {{c1::between}}.<br>I see her most weekends but not
very often in {{c1::between}}.<br> 140
high "cao, ở mức độ cao" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /haɪ/
[sound:z_high__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_high__us_1.wav] "An eagle circled
{{c1::high}} overhead.<br>I can't jump any {{c1::high}}er.<br>She never got very
{{c1::high}} in the company.<br>His desk was <span class=""cl""><strong>piled
{{c1::high}}</strong><br>" 141
really "thực, thực sự" adverb phó từ /ˈriːəli/
[sound:z_really__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_really__us_1.wav] What do you
{{c1::really}} think about it?<br>Tell me what {{c1::really}} happened.<br>They are
not {{c1::really}} my aunt and uncle.<br>I can't believe I am {{c1::really}} going
to meet the princess.<br> 142
something "một điều gì đó, một cái gì đó" pronoun đại từ /ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
[sound:z_something__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_something__us_1.wav] "We stopped for
{{c1::something}} to eat.<br>Give me <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::something}}
to do</strong><br>There's {{c1::something}} wrong with the TV.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>There's {{c1::something}} about</strong><br>" 143
most "nhiều nhất; nhất, hơn ca" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /məʊst/
[sound:z_most__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_most__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::most}}
boring/beautiful part<br>It was the people with the least money who gave
{{c1::most}} generously.<br>What did you enjoy (the) {{c1::most}}?<br>It was what
she wanted <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::most}} of all</strong><br>" 144
another "khác, cái khác" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, đại từ" /əˈnʌðə(r)/
[sound:z_another__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_another__us_1.wav] "Would you like
{{c1::another}} drink?<br>‘Finished?’ ‘No, I've got {{c1::another}} three questions
to do.’<br>We've still got {{c1::another}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::another}}__13"">(= a further)<br>‘It's a bill.’ ‘Oh no, not
{{c1::another}}!’<br>" 145
much "nhiều, lắm" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, phó từ" /mʌtʃ/
[sound:z_much__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_much__us_1.wav] "Thank you <span
class=""cl""><strong>very {{c1::much}}</strong><br>I would very {{c1::much}} like
to see you again.<br>He isn't in the office {{c1::much}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::much}}_2__17"">(= often)<br>You worry <span class=""cl""><strong>too
{{c1::much}}</strong><br>" 146
family gia đình noun danh từ /ˈfæməli/ [sound:z_family__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_family__us_1.wav] {{c1::family}} life<br>your {{c1::family}}
background<br>{{c1::family}} ties/connections<br>It's a {{c1::family}}
tradition.<br> 147
own "của chính mình, tự mình; có, sở hữu" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ,
động từ" /əʊn/ [sound:z_own__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_own__us_1.wav] Do you {{c1::own}}
your house or do you rent it?<br>I don't {{c1::own}} anything of any value.<br>Most
of the apartments are privately {{c1::own}}ed.<br>an American-{{c1::own}}ed
company<br> 148
leave "bỏ đi, rời đi, để lại" verb "động từ, danh từ" /liːv/
[sound:z_leave__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_leave__us_1.wav] "Come on, it's
time we left.<br>The plane {{c1::leave}}s for Dallas at 12.35.<br>I hate leaving
home.<br>The plane {{c1::leave}}s Heathrow at 12.35.<br>" 150
put "đăt, để, cho vào" verb động từ /pʊt/ [sound:z_put__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_put__us_1.wav] "{{c1::put}} the cases down there, please.<br>Did you
{{c1::put}} sugar in my coffee?<br>{{c1::put}} your hand up if you need more
paper.<br>He {{c1::put}} his fist through a glass door.<br>" 151
old "già, cũ" adjective tính từ /əʊld/ [sound:z_old__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_old__us_1.wav] "The baby was only a few hours {{c1::old}}.<br>In
those days most people left school when they were only fifteen years
{{c1::old}}.<br>At thirty years {{c1::old}}, he was already earning £40000 a
year.<br>two fourteen-year-{{c1::old}} boys<br>" 152
while "trong lúc, trong khi; một lúc, chốc, lát" conjunction "liên từ, danh
từ" /waɪl/ [sound:z_while__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_while__us_1.wav] "They
chatted <span class=""cl""><strong>for a {{c1::while}}</strong><br>I'll be back in
<span class=""cl""><strong>a little {{c1::while}}</strong><br>I haven't seen him
for <span class=""cl""><strong>quite a {{c1::while}}</strong><br>They walked back
together, talking <span class=""cl""><strong>all the {{c1::while}}</strong><br>"
mean "nghĩa, có nghĩa là" verb "danh từ, tính từ, động từ" /miːn/
[sound:z_mean__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mean__us_1.wav] "What does this
sentence {{c1::mean}}?<br><span class=""cl""><strong>What is {{c1::mean}}t
by</strong><br>Does the name ‘Jos Vos’ <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mean}}
anything to you</strong><br>The flashing light {{c1::mean}}s (that) you must
stop.<br>" 154
keep "giữ, giữ lại" verb động từ /kiːp/ [sound:z_keep__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_keep__us_1.wav] "We huddled together to {{c1::keep}}
warm.<br>The notice said ‘{{c1::keep}} off <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::keep}}_1__30"">(= Do not walk on)<br>{{c1::keep}} left along the
wall.<br>She kept the children amused for hours.<br>" 156
student sinh viên noun danh từ /ˈstjuːdnt/ [sound:z_student__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_student__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>medical/science,
etc. {{c1::student}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>graduate/postgraduate/research {{c1::student}}</strong><br>an
<span class=""cl""><strong>overseas {{c1::student}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::student}} teacher/nurse</strong><br>" 157
why "tại sao, vì sao" adverb phó từ /waɪ/ [sound:z_why__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_why__us_1.wav] "{{c1::why}} were you late?<br>Tell me {{c1::why}}
you did it.<br>‘I would like you to go.’ ‘ <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::why}}
me?</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::why}} oh {{c1::why}}</strong><br>"
let "cho phép, để cho" verb động từ /let/ [sound:z_let__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_let__us_1.wav] {{c1::let}} them splash around in the pool for a
while.<br>Don't {{c1::let}} her upset you.<br>{{c1::let}} your body relax.<br>He'd
eat chocolate all day long if I {{c1::let}} him.<br> 159
great "to, lớn, vĩ đại" adjective tính từ /ɡreɪt/
[sound:z_great__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_great__us_1.wav] "A {{c1::great}}
crowd had gathered.<br>People were arriving in {{c1::great}} numbers.<br>The <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::great}} majority of</strong><br>He must have fallen from
a {{c1::great}} height.<br>" 160
same "giống nhau, như nhau, vẫn vậy" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /seɪm/
[sound:z_same__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_same__us_1.wav] "We treat boys
exactly <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::same}} as</strong><br>He gave me five
dollars, <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::same}} as usual</strong><br>" 161
big "to, lớn" adjective tính từ /bɪɡ/ [sound:z_big__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_big__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::big}} man/house/increase<br>This shirt isn't
{{c1::big}} enough.<br>It's the world's {{c1::big}}gest computer company.<br>He had
this <span class=""cl""><strong>great {{c1::big}}</strong><br>" 162
group nhóm noun danh từ /ɡruːp/ [sound:z_group__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_group__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::group}} of girls/trees/houses<br>A
{{c1::group}} of us is/are going to the theatre this evening.<br>Students stood
around <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::group}}s</strong><br>The residents
formed a community action {{c1::group}}.<br>" 163
begin "bắt đầu, khởi đầu" verb động từ /bɪˈɡɪn/
[sound:z_begin__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_begin__us_1.wav] Shall I
{{c1::begin}}?<br>Let's {{c1::begin}} at page 9.<br>She began by thanking us all
for coming.<br>We began work on the project in May.<br> 164
seem "có vẻ như, dường như" verb động từ /siːm/ [sound:z_seem__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_seem__us_1.wav] You {{c1::seem}} happy.<br>Do whatever
{{c1::seem}}s best to you.<br>He {{c1::seem}}s a nice man.<br>It {{c1::seem}}ed
like a good idea at the time.<br> 165
country "quốc gia, đất nước" noun danh từ /ˈkʌntri/
[sound:z_country__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_country__us_1.wav] "European
countries<br>leading industrial countries<br>She didn't know what life in a <span
class=""cl""><strong>foreign {{c1::country}}</strong><br>It's good to meet people
from <span class=""cl""><strong>different parts of the
{{c1::country}}</strong><br>" 166
help giúp đỡ; sự giúp đỡ verb "động từ, danh từ" /help/
[sound:z_help__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_help__us_1.wav] "Thank you for all
your {{c1::help}}.<br>Do you need any {{c1::help}} with that?<br>Can I be <span
class=""cl""><strong>of any {{c1::help}}</strong><br>None of this would have been
possible without their {{c1::help}}.<br>" 167
talk "nói chuyện, trò chuyện; cuộc trò chuyện" verb "động từ, danh từ" /tɔːk/
[sound:z_talk__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_talk__us_1.wav] "I <span
class=""cl""><strong>had a</strong><br>We need to have a serious {{c1::talk}} about
money matters.<br>I had to have a heart-to-heart {{c1::talk}} with her.<br>She
looked worried so we had a {{c1::talk}}.<br>" 168
where "đâu, ở đâu; nơi mà" conjunction "liên từ, phó từ" /weə(r)/
[sound:z_where__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_where__us_1.wav] "{{c1::where}} do
you live?<br>I wonder {{c1::where}} they will take us to.<br>{{c1::where}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::where}}_1__13"">(= at what point)<br>{{c1::where}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::where}}_1__15"">(= in what book, newspaper, etc.)<br>"
turn "quay, xoay, rẽ; vòng quay, phiên, lượt" verb "động từ, danh từ" /tɜːn/
[sound:z_turn__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_turn__us_1.wav] "Give the handle a
few {{c1::turn}}s.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Make a left/right
{{c1::turn}}</strong><br>a lane full of <span class=""cl""><strong>twists and
{{c1::turn}}s</strong><br>When it's your {{c1::turn}}, take another card.<br>"
problem "vấn đề, bài toán" noun danh từ /ˈprɒbləm/
[sound:z_problem__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_problem__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>big/major/serious {{c1::problem}}s</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>health/family, etc. {{c1::problem}}s</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>financial/practical/technical {{c1::problem}}s</strong><br>to
<span class=""cl""><strong>address/tackle/solve a {{c1::problem}}</strong><br>"
every "mỗi, mọi" "determiner, adjective" mạo từ /ˈevri/
[sound:z_every__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_every__us_1.wav] She knows
{{c1::every}} student in the school.<br>I could hear {{c1::every}} word they
said.<br>We enjoyed {{c1::every}} minute of our stay.<br>{{c1::every}} day seemed
the same to him.<br> 172
start "bắt đầu, khởi động; sự khởi đầu" verb "động từ, danh từ" /stɑːt/
[sound:z_start__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_start__us_1.wav] "a perfect
{{c1::start}} to the day<br>Things didn't look too hopeful at the {{c1::start}} of
the year.<br>If we don't hurry, we'll miss the {{c1::start}} of the game.<br>The
meeting <span class=""cl""><strong>got off to a good/bad
{{c1::start}}</strong><br>" 173
hand "tay, bàn tay; trao tay, truyền cho" noun "danh từ, động từ" /hænd/
[sound:z_hand__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hand__us_1.wav] She {{c1::hand}}ed
the letter to me.<br>She {{c1::hand}}ed me the letter.<br>Nobody's going to
{{c1::hand}} you success on a plate.<br>You've got to {{c1::hand}} it to her—she's
a great cook.<br> 174
might "có thể, có lẽ (quá khứ của may)" verb động từ /maɪt/
[sound:z_might__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_might__us_2.wav] "He said he
{{c1::might}} come tomorrow.<br>He {{c1::might}} get there in time, but I can't be
sure.<br>I know Vicky doesn't like the job, but I {{c1::might}}n't find it too
bad.<br>The pills {{c1::might}} have helped him, if only he'd taken them
regularly.<br>" 175
show "cho xem, thể hiện ra; buôi biểu diễn, buôi trưng bày" verb "động từ,
danh từ" /ʃəʊ/ [sound:z_show__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_show__us_1.wav] "to go
to a {{c1::show}}<br>a one-woman/-man {{c1::show}}<br>to put on/stage a
{{c1::show}}<br>She's the <span class=""cl""><strong>star of the
{{c1::show}}</strong><br>" 177
part "phần, bộ phận" noun "phó từ, giới từ, danh từ" /pɑːt/
[sound:z_part__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_part__us_1.wav] "We spent
{{c1::part}} of the time in the museum.<br>{{c1::part}} of the building was
destroyed in the fire.<br>Voters are given <span class=""cl""><strong>only
{{c1::part}} of the story</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::part}} of
me</strong><br>" 178
against "chống lại, phan lại, tựa vào" preposition giới từ /əˈɡenst/
[sound:z_against__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_against__us_1.wav] the fight
{{c1::against}} terrorism<br>We're playing {{c1::against}} the league champions
next week.<br>We were rowing {{c1::against}} the current.<br>That's {{c1::against}}
the law.<br> 180
place "nơi, địa điểm" noun "danh từ, động từ" /pleɪs/
[sound:z_place__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_place__us_1.wav] "He {{c1::place}}d
his hand on her shoulder.<br>A bomb had been {{c1::place}}d under the seat.<br>The
parking areas in the town are few, but strategically {{c1::place}}d.<br>to
{{c1::place}} somebody in command<br>" 181
such "như thế, như vậy, như là" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, giới từ"
/sʌtʃ/ [sound:z_such__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_such__us_1.wav] "They
had been invited to a Hindu wedding and were not sure what happened on {{c1::such}}
occasions.<br>He said he didn't have time or made <span class=""cl""><strong>some
{{c1::such}}</strong><br>She longed to find somebody who understood her problems,
and in him she thought she had found {{c1::such}} a person.<br>We were second-class
citizens and they treated us <span class=""cl""><strong>as
{{c1::such}}</strong><br>" 183
again "lại, nữa, lần nữa" adverb phó từ /əˈɡen/
[sound:z_again__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_again__us_1.wav] "Could you say it
{{c1::again}}, please?<br>When will I see you {{c1::again}}?<br>This must never
happen {{c1::again}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Once
{{c1::again}}</strong><br>" 184
few "ít,vài" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /fjuː/
[sound:z_few__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_few__us_1.wav] "Very {{c1::few}} of his
books are worth reading.<br>You can pass with <span class=""cl""><strong>as
{{c1::few}} as</strong><br>{{c1::few}} will argue with this conclusion.<br>I
recognized a {{c1::few}} of the other people.<br>" 185
case "trường hợp, hoàn canh; vỏ, hộp" noun "danh từ, liên từ" /keɪs/
[sound:z_case__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_case__us_1.wav] "In some
{{c1::case}}s people have had to wait several weeks for an appointment.<br>The
company only dismisses its employees in {{c1::case}}s of gross misconduct.<br>It's
a <span class=""cl""><strong>classic {{c1::case}}</strong><br>If that is the
{{c1::case}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::case}}_1__32"">(= if the situation
described is true)<br>" 186
week "tuần, tuần lễ" noun danh từ /wiːk/ [sound:z_week__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_week__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>last/this/next
{{c1::week}}</strong><br>It rained all {{c1::week}}.<br>What <span
class=""cl""><strong>day of the {{c1::week}}</strong><br>He comes to see us <span
class=""cl""><strong>once a {{c1::week}}</strong><br>" 188
company công ty noun danh từ /ˈkʌmpəni/ [sound:z_company__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_company__us_1.wav] the largest computer {{c1::company}} in the
world<br>the National Bus {{c1::company}}<br>She joined the {{c1::company}} in
2009.<br>{{c1::company}} profits were 5% lower than last year.<br> 189
system "hệ thống, chế độ" noun danh từ /ˈsɪstəm/
[sound:z_system__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_system__us_1.wav] the British
educational {{c1::system}}<br>a new {{c1::system}} for assessing personal tax
bills<br>a {{c1::system}} of government<br>a transport {{c1::system}}<br> 191
each mỗi "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, đại từ" /iːtʃ/
[sound:z_each__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_each__us_1.wav] "{{c1::each}}
answer is worth 20 points.<br>{{c1::each}} of the answers is worth 20
points.<br>The answers are worth 20 points {{c1::each}}.<br>‘Red or blue?’ ‘I'll
take one of {{c1::each}}, please.’<br>" 192
right "bên phai; đúng, có lý; quyền, quyền lợi" adverb "danh từ, tính từ, phó
từ" /raɪt/ [sound:z_right__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_right__us_1.wav] "She
doesn't understand the difference between {{c1::right}} and wrong.<br>You <span
class=""cl""><strong>did {{c1::right}}</strong><br>They both had some {{c1::right}}
on their side.<br>He wouldn't apologize. He knew he was <span
class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::right}}</strong><br>" 193
program chương trình; lập trìnhnoun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈprəʊɡræm/
[sound:z_program__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_program__us_1.wav] "In this class,
students will learn how to {{c1::program}}.<br>The computer is {{c1::program}}med
to warn users before information is deleted.<br>" 194
hear nghe verb động từ /hɪə(r)/ [sound:z_hear__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hear__us_1.wav] I can't {{c1::hear}} very well.<br>She
{{c1::hear}}d footsteps behind her.<br>I couldn't {{c1::hear}} anything.<br>He
could {{c1::hear}} a dog barking.<br> 195
question "câu hỏi; hỏi, chất vấn" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈkwestʃən/
[sound:z_question__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_question__us_1.wav] She was arrested
and {{c1::question}}ed about the fire.<br>The students were {{c1::question}}ed on
the books they had been studying.<br>Over half of those {{c1::question}}ed said
they rarely took any exercise.<br>I just accepted what he told me. I never thought
to {{c1::question}} it.<br> 197
during "suốt, trong suốt, trong thời gian" preposition giới từ /ˈdjʊərɪŋ/
[sound:z_during__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_during__us_1.wav] {{c1::during}} the
1990s<br>There are extra flights to Colorado {{c1::during}} the winter.<br>Please
remain seated {{c1::during}} the performance.<br>He was taken to the hospital
{{c1::during}} the night.<br> 198
play "chơi, đùa, đóng kịch; cuộc chơi, vở kịch" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/pleɪ/ [sound:z_play__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_play__us_1.wav] "the
happy sounds of children <span class=""cl""><strong>at {{c1::play}}</strong><br>the
importance of learning through {{c1::play}}<br>a {{c1::play}} area<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>put on</strong><br>" 200
government "chính phủ, chính quyền; sự cai trị" noun danh từ /ˈɡʌvənmənt/
[sound:z_government__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_government__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>lead/form a {{c1::government}}</strong><br>the last
Conservative {{c1::government}}<br>the {{c1::government}} of the day<br>Foreign
{{c1::government}}s have been consulted about this decision.<br>" 201
run "chạy, vận hành, điều hành; sự chạy" verb "động từ, danh từ" /rʌn/
[sound:z_run__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_run__us_1.wav] "I go for a {{c1::run}} every
morning.<br>a five-mile {{c1::run}}<br>Catching sight of her he <span
class=""cl""><strong>broke into a {{c1::run}}</strong><br>I decided <span
class=""cl""><strong>to make a {{c1::run}} for it</strong><br>" 202
small "nhỏ, bé" adjective tính từ /smɔːl/ [sound:z_small__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_small__us_1.wav] a {{c1::small}} house/town/car/man<br>A much
{{c1::small}}er number of students passed than I had expected.<br>They're having a
relatively {{c1::small}} wedding.<br>That dress is too {{c1::small}} for you.<br>
number "số, số lượng" noun danh từ /ˈnʌmbə(r)/
[sound:z_number__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_number__us_1.wav] "Think of a
{{c1::number}} and multiply it by two.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>high/low
{{c1::number}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>even
{{c1::number}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>odd
{{c1::number}}s</strong><br>" 204
off "tắt, hết, rời, tách ra" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /ɒf/
[sound:z_off__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_off__us_1.wav] I fell {{c1::off}} the
ladder.<br>Keep {{c1::off}} the grass!<br>an island {{c1::off}} the coast of
Spain<br>They were still 100 metres {{c1::off}} the summit.<br> 205
always luôn luôn adverb phó từ /ˈɔːlweɪz/
[sound:z_always__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_always__us_1.wav] There's
{{c1::always}} somebody at home in the evenings.<br>{{c1::always}} lock your
car.<br>She {{c1::always}} arrives at 7.30.<br>The children {{c1::always}} seem to
be hungry.<br> 206
move "di chuyển, chuyển động; sự di chuyển" verb "động từ, danh từ" /muːv/
[sound:z_move__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_move__us_1.wav] "This latest
{{c1::move}} by the government has aroused fierce opposition.<br>The management
have made no {{c1::move}} to settle the strike.<br>Getting a job in marketing was a
good <span class=""cl""><strong>career {{c1::move}}</strong><br>Don't <span
class=""cl""><strong>make a {{c1::move}}</strong><br>" 207
night "đêm, tối" noun danh từ /naɪt/ [sound:z_night__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_night__us_1.wav] "These animals only come out <span
class=""cl""><strong>at {{c1::night}}</strong><br>They sleep by day and hunt <span
class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::night}}</strong><br>The accident happened on Friday
{{c1::night}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::night}} of</strong><br>"
live "sống; trực tiếp, thật, còn sống" verb "động từ, tính từ" /lɪv/ /laɪv/
[sound:z_live__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_live__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::live}}
in a house<br>Where do you {{c1::live}}?<br>She needs to find <span
class=""cl""><strong>somewhere to {{c1::live}}</strong><br>We used to {{c1::live}}
in London.<br>" 210
Mr "Ông, ngài" noun danh từ /ˈmɪstə(r)/ [sound:z_mr__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mr__us_1.wav] "{{c1::Mr}} Brown<br>{{c1::Mr}} John
Brown<br>{{c1::Mr}} and {{c1::Mr}}s Brown<br>Thank you, {{c1::Mr}} Chairman.<br>"
point "mũi nhọn, điểm; chỉ, trỏ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /pɔɪnt/
[sound:z_point__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_point__us_1.wav] "‘What's your
name?’ he asked, {{c1::point}}ing at the child with his pen.<br>‘That's my mother,’
she said, {{c1::point}}ing at a photo on the wall.<br>He {{c1::point}}ed to the
spot where the house used to stand.<br>She {{c1::point}}ed in my direction.<br>"
believe "tin, tin tưởng" verb động từ /bɪˈliːv/
[sound:z_believe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_believe__us_1.wav] "I don't
{{c1::believe}} you!<br>The man claimed to be a social worker and the old woman
{{c1::believe}}d him.<br>{{c1::believe}} me, she's not right for you.<br>I
{{c1::believe}}d his lies for years.<br>" 213
hold "cầm, nắm, giữ" verb động từ /həʊld/ [sound:z_hold__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hold__us_1.wav] "His {{c1::hold}} on her arm tightened.<br>She
tried to <span class=""cl""><strong>keep {{c1::hold}} of</strong><br>Make sure
you've got a steady {{c1::hold}} on the camera.<br>The wrestler put his opponent
into a head {{c1::hold}}.<br>" 214
today "hôm nay, ngày nay" adverb danh từ /təˈdeɪ/
[sound:z_today__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_today__us_1.wav] {{c1::today}} is
her tenth birthday.<br>The review is in {{c1::today}}'s paper.<br>I'm leaving a
week from {{c1::today}}.<br>{{c1::today}}'s young people<br> 215
bring "mang, cầm , đưa ra" verb động từ /brɪŋ/
[sound:z_bring__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bring__us_1.wav] Don't forget to
{{c1::bring}} your books with you.<br>She brought her boyfriend to the
party.<br>{{c1::bring}} a present for Helen.<br>{{c1::bring}} Helen a present.<br>
happen "xay ra, xay đến" verb động từ /ˈhæpən/
[sound:z_happen__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_happen__us_1.wav] "You'll never
guess what's {{c1::happen}}ed!<br>Accidents like this {{c1::happen}} all the
time.<br>Let's see what {{c1::happen}}s next week.<br>I'll be there <span
class=""cl""><strong>whatever {{c1::happen}}s</strong><br>"217
next "gần, bên cạnh; lần sau, tiếp theo" number "tính từ, giới từ"
/nekst/ [sound:z_next__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_next__us_1.wav] "One
moment he wasn't there, the {{c1::next}} he was.<br>the week <span
class=""cl""><strong>after {{c1::next}}</strong><br>" 218
without "không có, thiếu" preposition giới từ /wɪˈðaʊt/
[sound:z_without__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_without__us_1.wav] They had gone two
days {{c1::without}} food.<br>He found the place {{c1::without}} difficulty.<br>She
spoke {{c1::without}} much enthusiasm.<br>Don't go {{c1::without}} me.<br> 219
before "trước, trước đây, đằng trước" preposition "liên từ, phó từ, giới
từ" /bɪˈfɔː(r)/ [sound:z_before__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_before__us_1.wav] "You
should have told me so {{c1::before}}.<br>It had been fine the week {{c1::before}}
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::before}}_3__11"">(= the previous week)<br>That had
happened long {{c1::before}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::before}}_3__13"">(= a
long time earlier)<br>I think we've met {{c1::before}}.<br>" 220
large "rộng, lớn, to" adjective tính từ /lɑːdʒ/
[sound:z_large__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_large__us_1.wav] a {{c1::large}}
area/family/house/car/appetite<br>a {{c1::large}} number of people<br>very
{{c1::large}} sums of money<br>He's a very {{c1::large}} child for his age.<br>
million triệu (1.000.000) number số từ /ˈmɪljən/
[sound:z_million__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_million__us_1.wav] "a population of
half a {{c1::million}}<br>tens of {{c1::million}}s of dollars<br>It must be worth a
{{c1::million}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::million}}__19"">(= pounds, dollars,
etc.)<br>I still have a {{c1::million}} things to do.<br>" 223
must "phai, cần, nên làm" verb động từ /məst/ [sound:z_must__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_must__us_1.wav] "All visitors {{c1::must}} report to
reception.<br>Cars {{c1::must}} not park in front of the entrance <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::must}}_1__29"">(= it is not allowed)<br>I {{c1::must}} ask
you not to do that again.<br>You {{c1::must}}n't say things like that.<br>" 224
home "nhà; ở tại nhà, nước mình" noun "danh từ, phó từ" /həʊm/
[sound:z_home__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_home__us_1.wav] "Come on, it's
time to <span class=""cl""><strong>go {{c1::home}}</strong><br>What time did you
<span class=""cl""><strong>get {{c1::home}}</strong><br>The trip has been
exhausting and I'll be glad to <span class=""cl""><strong>be
{{c1::home}}</strong><br>After a month, they went <span class=""cl""><strong>back
{{c1::home}}</strong><br>" 225
under "dưới, ở dưới; ở phía dưới, về phía dưới" preposition "giới từ, phó từ"
/ˈʌndə(r)/ [sound:z_under__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_under__us_1.wav] He
pulled up the covers and crawled {{c1::under}}.<br>She took a deep breath and
stayed {{c1::under}} for more than a minute.<br>The boat was going {{c1::under}}
fast.<br>prices of ten dollars and {{c1::under}}<br> 226
water nước noun danh từ /ˈwɔːtə(r)/ [sound:z_water__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_water__us_1.wav] "a glass of {{c1::water}}<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>drinking {{c1::water}}</strong><br>{{c1::water}}
pollution<br><span class=""cl""><strong>clean/dirty {{c1::water}}</strong><br>"
room "phòng, buồng" noun danh từ /ruːm/ [sound:z_room__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_room__us_1.wav] "He walked out of the {{c1::room}} and slammed
the door.<br>They were in <span class=""cl""><strong>the next
{{c1::room}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>dining/living/sitting
{{c1::room}}</strong><br>They had to sit in the waiting {{c1::room}} for an
hour.<br>" 228
write viết verb động từ /raɪt/ [sound:z_write__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_write__us_1.wav] "In some countries children don't start
learning to <span class=""cl""><strong>read and {{c1::write}}</strong><br>Please
{{c1::write}} in pen on both sides of the paper.<br>I haven't got anything to
{{c1::write}} with.<br>{{c1::write}} your name at the top of the paper.<br>" 229
mother mẹ noun danh từ /ˈmʌðə(r)/ [sound:z_mother__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mother__us_1.wav] "I want to buy a present for my {{c1::mother}}
and father.<br>the relationship between {{c1::mother}} and baby<br>She's the
{{c1::mother}} of twins.<br>a {{c1::mother}} of three <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::mother}}_1__19"">(= with three children)<br>" 230
area "diện tích, bề măt" noun danh từ /ˈeəriə/ [sound:z_area__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_area__us_1.wav] "mountainous/desert
{{c1::area}}s<br>rural/urban/inner-city {{c1::area}}s<br>There is heavy traffic in
the downtown {{c1::area}} tonight.<br>She knows the <span
class=""cl""><strong>local {{c1::area}}</strong><br>" 231
national "(thuộc) quốc gia, dân tộc" adjective tính từ /ˈnæʃnəl/
[sound:z_national__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_national__us_1.wav] {{c1::national}}
and local newspapers<br>{{c1::national}} and inter{{c1::national}}
news<br>{{c1::national}} and regional politics<br>a {{c1::national}} election<br>
money tiền noun danh từ /ˈmʌni/ [sound:z_money__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_money__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>borrow/save/spend/earn {{c1::money}}</strong><br>How much
{{c1::money}} is there in my account?<br>The {{c1::money}} is much better in my new
job.<br>If the item is not satisfactory, you will get your {{c1::money}} back.<br>"
story "chuyện, câu chuyện" noun danh từ /ˈstɔːri/
[sound:z_story__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_story__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>adventure/detective/love, etc. stories</strong><br>a
{{c1::story}} about time travel<br>Shall I <span class=""cl""><strong>tell you a
{{c1::story}}</strong><br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>read</strong><br>" 234
young "trẻ, trẻ tuôi, thanh niên" adjective tính từ /jʌŋ/
[sound:z_young__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_young__us_1.wav] "It's a movie that
will appeal to the {{c1::young}}.<br>It's a book for <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::young}} and old alike</strong><br>a mother bird feeding
her {{c1::young}}<br>" 235
fact "việc, sự việc, sự kiện" noun danh từ /fækt/
[sound:z_fact__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fact__us_1.wav] "I could no longer
ignore the {{c1::fact}} that he was deeply unhappy.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Despite the {{c1::fact}} that</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Due to the {{c1::fact}} that</strong><br>She was happy <span
class=""cl""><strong>apart from the {{c1::fact}} that</strong><br>" 236
month tháng noun danh từ /mʌnθ/ [sound:z_month__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_month__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::month}} of August<br>We're moving
house <span class=""cl""><strong>next {{c1::month}}</strong><br>She earns $1000
<span class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::month}}</strong><br>The rent is £300 <span
class=""cl""><strong>per {{c1::month}}</strong><br>" 237
different "khác, khác biệt, khác nhau" adjective tính từ /ˈdɪfrənt/
[sound:z_different__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_different__us_1.wav] American English
is significantly {{c1::different}} from British English.<br>It's very
{{c1::different}} to what I'm used to.<br>He saw he was no {{c1::different}} than
anybody else.<br>It's {{c1::different}} now than it was a year ago.<br> 238
study "sự học tập, sự nghiên cứu; học tập, nghiên cứu" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /ˈstʌdi/ [sound:z_study__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_study__us_1.wav] "How
long have you been {{c1::study}}ing English?<br>Don't disturb Jane, she's
{{c1::study}}ing for her exams.<br>My brother studied at the Royal College of
Art.<br>a composer who studied under Nadia Boulanger <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::study}}_2__33"">(= was taught by Nadia Boulanger)<br>" 241
book sách; ghi chép noun danh từ /bʊk/ [sound:z_book__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_book__us_1.wav] "{{c1::book}} early to avoid
disappointment.<br>She {{c1::book}}ed a flight to Chicago.<br>The performance is
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::book}}ed up</strong><br>I'm sorry—we're <span
class=""cl""><strong>fully {{c1::book}}ed</strong><br>" 242
eye mắt noun danh từ /aɪ/ [sound:z_eye__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_eye__us_1.wav]
"The suspect has dark hair and green {{c1::eye}}s.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>close/open</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>drop/lower</strong><br>There were tears in his
{{c1::eye}}s.<br>" 243
job "việc, việc làm" noun danh từ /dʒɒb/ [sound:z_job__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_job__us_2.wav] "He's trying to <span class=""cl""><strong>get a
{{c1::job}}</strong><br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>took a
{{c1::job}}</strong><br>His brother's just <span class=""cl""><strong>lost his
{{c1::job}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>summer/holiday/Saturday/vacation {{c1::job}}</strong><br>"
word "từ, từ ngữ, lời nói" noun danh từ /wɜːd/ [sound:z_word__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_word__us_1.wav] "Do not write more than 200
{{c1::word}}s.<br>Do you know the {{c1::word}}s to this song?<br>What's the Spanish
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::word}} for</strong><br>He was a true friend <span
class=""cl""><strong>in all senses of the {{c1::word}}</strong><br>" 245
though "dù, dù cho, măc dù; măc dù, tuy nhiên, tuy vậy" conjunction "liên
từ, phó từ" /ðəʊ/ [sound:z_though__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_though__us_1.wav] "Our
team lost. It was a good game {{c1::though}}.<br>‘Have you ever been to Australia?’
‘No. I'd like to, {{c1::though}}.’<br>" 246
business "việc buôn bán, làm ăn, kinh doanh" noun danh từ /ˈbɪznəs/
[sound:z_business__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_business__us_1.wav] "{{c1::business}}
contacts/affairs/interests<br>a {{c1::business}} investment<br>It's been a pleasure
to <span class=""cl""><strong>do {{c1::business}} with</strong><br>She has set up
<span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::business}}</strong><br>" 247
issue "vấn đề, sự phát sinh; phát hành, đưa ra" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈɪʃuː/ [sound:z_issue__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_issue__us_1.wav] "They
{{c1::issue}}d a joint statement denying the charges.<br>The police have
{{c1::issue}}d an appeal for witnesses.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::issue}} passports/visas/tickets</strong><br>New members
will be {{c1::issue}}d with a temporary identity card.<br>"248
side "măt, măt phẳng" noun danh từ /saɪd/ [sound:z_side__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_side__us_1.wav] They drive on the left-hand {{c1::side}} of the
road in Japan.<br>the right {{c1::side}} of the brain<br>satellite links to the
other {{c1::side}} of the world<br>She was on the far {{c1::side}} of the room.<br>
kind "loại, giống; tử tế, có lòng tốt" noun "danh từ, phó từ" /kaɪnd/
[sound:z_kind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_kind__us_1.wav] a very
{{c1::kind}} and helpful person<br>a {{c1::kind}} heart/face<br>a {{c1::kind}}
action/gesture/comment<br>You've been very {{c1::kind}}.<br> 250
head "cái đầu (người, thú); chỉ huy, lãnh đại, dẫn đầu" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /hed/ [sound:z_head__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_head__us_1.wav] Where are we
{{c1::head}}ing?<br>Where are you two {{c1::head}}ed?<br>Let's {{c1::head}} back
home.<br>She {{c1::head}}ed for the door.<br> 252
far xa adverb "tính từ, liên từ, phó từ" /fɑː(r)/
[sound:z_far__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_far__us_1.wav] "I saw her on the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::far}} side</strong><br>at the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::far}} end</strong><br>They made for an empty table in
the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::far}} corner</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::far}} north</strong><br>" 253
black đen; màu đen adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /blæk/
[sound:z_black__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_black__us_1.wav] the {{c1::black}}
of the night sky<br>Everyone at the funeral was dressed in {{c1::black}}.<br>The
company has managed to stay in the {{c1::black}} for the year ending December
31.<br>a film made in {{c1::black}} and white<br> 254
long "dài, xa; lâu" adjective "phó từ, tính từ" /lɒŋ/
[sound:z_long__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_long__us_1.wav] "Have you been
here {{c1::long}}?<br>Stay as {{c1::long}} as you like.<br>The party went on
{{c1::long}} into the night.<br>This may <span class=""cl""><strong>take
{{c1::long}}er</strong><br>" 255
both ca hai "determiner, adjective" "tính từ, phó từ" /bəʊθ/
[sound:z_both__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_both__us_1.wav] {{c1::both}} women
were French.<br>{{c1::both}} the women were French.<br>{{c1::both}} of the women
were French.<br>I talked to the women. {{c1::both}} of them were French/They were
{{c1::both}} French.<br> 256
little "nhỏ, bé, chút ít; không nhiều; một chút" adjective "phó từ, tính từ"
/ˈlɪtl/ [sound:z_little__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_little__us_1.wav] "He is
{{c1::little}} known as an artist.<br>I slept very {{c1::little}} last
night.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::little}} did I know</strong><br>She
seemed a {{c1::little}} afraid of going inside.<br>" 257
house "nhà, căn nhà, toàn nhà" noun "danh từ, động từ" /haʊs/
[sound:z_house__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_house__us_1.wav] "He went into the
{{c1::house}}.<br>a two-bedroom {{c1::house}}<br>Let's have the party <span
class=""cl""><strong>at my {{c1::house}}</strong><br>{{c1::house}} prices<br>"
yes "vâng, phai, có chứ" interjection thán từ /jes/
[sound:z_yes__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_yes__us_2.wav] I need a simple {{c1::yes}}
or no to my questions.<br>There will be two ballot boxes—one for {{c1::yes}}ses and
one for noes.<br>I'll put you down as a {{c1::yes}}.<br> 259
since "từ, từ khi, từ lúc đó; từ đó, từ lúc ấy" conjunction "giới từ, phó từ,
liên từ" /sɪns/ [sound:z_since__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_since__us_1.wav]
"He left home two weeks ago and we haven't heard from him
{{c1::since}}.<br>The original building has <span class=""cl""><strong>long
{{c1::since}}</strong><br>We were divorced two years ago and she has {{c1::since}}
remarried.<br>" 261
provide "chuân bị đầy đủ, dự phòng; cung cấp, chu cấp" verb động từ /prə
ˈvaɪd/ [sound:z_provide__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_provide__us_1.wav] The hospital
has a commitment to {{c1::provide}} the best possible medical care.<br>The report
was not expected to {{c1::provide}} any answers.<br>Please answer questions in the
space {{c1::provide}}d.<br>We are here to {{c1::provide}} a service for the
public.<br> 263
service "sự phục vụ, sự hầu hạ"noun danh từ /ˈsɜːvɪs/
[sound:z_service__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_service__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>ambulance/bus/telephone, etc. {{c1::service}}</strong><br>The
government aims to improve <span class=""cl""><strong>public
{{c1::service}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>Essential
{{c1::service}}s</strong><br>the prison {{c1::service}}<br>" 264
around "xung quanh, vòng quanh" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /ə
ˈraʊnd/ [sound:z_around__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_around__us_1.wav] The house is
built {{c1::around}} a central courtyard.<br>He put his arms {{c1::around}}
her.<br>Our house is just {{c1::around}} the corner.<br>The bus came {{c1::around}}
the bend.<br> 265
friend người bạn noun danh từ /frend/ [sound:z_friend__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_friend__us_1.wav] "This is my {{c1::friend}} Tom.<br>Is he <span
class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::friend}} of yours</strong><br>She's an <span
class=""cl""><strong>old {{c1::friend}}</strong><br>He's one of my <span
class=""cl""><strong>best {{c1::friend}}s</strong><br>" 266
important "quan trọng, hệ trọng" adjective tính từ /ɪmˈpɔːtnt/
[sound:z_important__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_important__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::important}} decision/factor<br>I have an {{c1::important}} announcement to
make.<br>Money played an {{c1::important}} role in his life.<br>Listening is an
{{c1::important}} part of the job.<br> 267
father "cha, bố" noun danh từ /ˈfɑːðə(r)/ [sound:z_father__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_father__us_1.wav] "Ben's a wonderful {{c1::father}}.<br>You've
been <span class=""cl""><strong>like a {{c1::father}}</strong><br>Our new boss is a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::father}} of three</strong><br>He was a wonderful
{{c1::father}} to both his natural and adopted children.<br>" 268
sit ngồi. sit down: ngồi xuống verb động từ /sɪt/ [sound:z_sit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sit__us_1.wav] She sat and stared at the letter in front of
her.<br>May I {{c1::sit}} here?<br>Just {{c1::sit}} still!<br>He went and sat
beside her.<br> 269
away "xa, xa cách, rời xa, đi xa" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /əˈweɪ/
[sound:z_away__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_away__us_1.wav] The beach is a
mile {{c1::away}}.<br>Christmas is still months {{c1::away}}.<br>The station is a
few minutes' walk {{c1::away}} from here.<br>Go {{c1::away}}!<br> 270
power "kha năng, tài năng, năng lực; sức mạnh, nội lực; quyền lực" noun danh
từ /ˈpaʊə(r)/ [sound:z_power__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_power__us_1.wav] "The
aim is to give people more {{c1::power}} over their own lives.<br>He has the
{{c1::power}} to make things very unpleasant for us.<br>to have somebody <span
class=""cl""><strong>in your {{c1::power}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>take/seize/lose {{c1::power}}</strong><br>" 272
hour giờ noun danh từ /ˈaʊə(r)/ [sound:z_hour__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hour__us_1.wav] "It will take about an {{c1::hour}} to get
there.<br>The interview lasted half an {{c1::hour}}.<br>It was a three-{{c1::hour}}
exam.<br>I waited <span class=""cl""><strong>for an {{c1::hour}}</strong><br>"
game trò chơi noun danh từ /ɡeɪm/ [sound:z_game__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_game__us_1.wav] "card {{c1::game}}s<br>board {{c1::game}}s<br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::game}} of chance/skill</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>ball {{c1::game}}s</strong><br>" 274
often "thường, hay, thường xuyên" adverb phó từ /ˈɒfn/
[sound:z_often__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_often__us_1.wav] "We {{c1::often}}
go there.<br>I've {{c1::often}} wondered what happened to him.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>How {{c1::often}}</strong><br>I see her quite
{{c1::often}}.<br>" 275
yet "còn, hãy cỏn, còn nữa; như mà, xong, tuy thế, tuy nhiên" adverb phó
từ /jet/ [sound:z_yet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_yet__us_1.wav] "It's a small car,
{{c1::yet}} it's surprisingly spacious.<br>He has a good job, and {{c1::yet}} he
never seems to have any money.<br>" 276
line "dây, đường, tuyến" noun "danh từ, động từ" /laɪn/
[sound:z_line__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_line__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>straight/wavy/dotted/diagonal {{c1::line}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>vertical/horizontal {{c1::line}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>parallel {{c1::line}}s</strong><br>Draw a thick black
{{c1::line}} across the page.<br>" 277
political "về chính trị, về chính phủ, có tính chính trị" adjective tính từ
/pəˈlɪtɪkl/ [sound:z_political__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_political__us_1.wav] "a
monarch without {{c1::political}} power<br>He was a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::political}} prisoner</strong><br>a {{c1::political}}
debate/party/leader<br>What are your {{c1::political}} sympathies?<br>" 278
end "giới hạn, sự kết thúc; kết thúc, chấm dứt. in the end cuối cùng, về sau"
noun "danh từ, động từ" /end/ [sound:z_end__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_end__us_1.wav] The road {{c1::end}}s here.<br>How does the story
{{c1::end}}?<br>The speaker {{c1::end}}ed by suggesting some topics for
discussion.<br>Her note {{c1::end}}ed with the words: ‘See you soon.’<br> 279
ever "từng, từ trước tới giờ" adverb phó từ /ˈevə(r)/
[sound:z_ever__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ever__us_1.wav] "Nothing
{{c1::ever}} happens here.<br>Don't you {{c1::ever}} get tired?<br>If you're
{{c1::ever}} in Miami, come and see us.<br>‘Have you {{c1::ever}} thought of
changing your job?’ ‘No, n{{c1::ever}}/No I haven't.’<br>" 281
stand "đứng, sự đứng. stand up: đứng đậy" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/stænd/ [sound:z_stand__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stand__us_1.wav] "to
take a firm {{c1::stand}} on something<br>He was criticized for his tough
{{c1::stand}} on immigration.<br>We must <span class=""cl""><strong>make a
{{c1::stand}} against</strong><br>the rebels' desperate last {{c1::stand}}<br>"
bad "xấu, tồi. go bad bân thỉu, thối, hỏng" adjective tính từ /bæd/
[sound:z_bad__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bad__us_1.wav] {{c1::bad}}
news/weather/dreams/habits<br>I'm having a really {{c1::bad}} day.<br>It was the
worst experience of her life.<br>Smoking gives you {{c1::bad}} breath.<br> 283
lose "mất, thua, lạc" verb động từ /luːz/ [sound:z_lose__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lose__us_1.wav] "I've lost my keys.<br>The tickets seem to have
<span class=""cl""><strong>got lost</strong><br>She lost her husband in the
crowd.<br>She lost a leg in a car crash.<br>" 284
however "tuy nhiên, tuy vậy, dù thế nào" adverb phó từ /haʊˈevə(r)/
[sound:z_however__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_however__us_1.wav] "He wanted to take
no risks, {{c1::however}} small.<br>She has the window open, {{c1::however}} cold
it is outside.<br>{{c1::however}} carefully I explained, she still didn't
understand.<br>{{c1::however}} you look at it, it's going to cost a lot.<br>"
member "thành viên, hội viên" noun danh từ /ˈmembə(r)/
[sound:z_member__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_member__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::member}} of staff/society/the
family</strong><br>characteristics common to all {{c1::member}}s of the
species<br><span class=""cl""><strong>party/union {{c1::member}}s</strong><br>a
meeting of <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::member}} countries/states</strong><br>"
pay "tra, thanh toán, nộp; tiền lương" verb "động từ, danh từ" /peɪ/
[sound:z_pay__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pay__us_1.wav] "Her job is hard work, but
the {{c1::pay}} is good.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pay}}
increase</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pay}} rise</strong><br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pay}} raise</strong><br>" 287
law luật noun danh từ /lɔː/ [sound:z_law__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_law__us_1.wav]
"If they entered the building they would be <span
class=""cl""><strong>breaking the {{c1::law}}</strong><br>In Sweden it is <span
class=""cl""><strong>against the {{c1::law}}</strong><br>Defence attorneys can use
any means <span class=""cl""><strong>within the {{c1::law}}</strong><br>British
schools are now required <span class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::law}}</strong><br>"
meet "găp, găp gỡ" verb động từ /miːt/ [sound:z_meet__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_meet__us_1.wav] Maybe we'll {{c1::meet}} again some
time.<br>Did you {{c1::meet}} anyone in town?<br>The committee {{c1::meet}}s on
Fridays.<br>The Prime Minister met other European leaders for talks.<br> 289
car xe hơi noun danh từ /kɑː(r)/ [sound:z_car__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_car__us_1.wav] "Paula got into the {{c1::car}} and drove
off.<br>‘How did you come?’ ‘ <span class=""cl""><strong>By
{{c1::car}}</strong><br>Are you going <span class=""cl""><strong>in the
{{c1::car}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::car}}
driver/manufacturer/dealer</strong><br>" 290
city thành phố noun danh từ /ˈsɪti/ [sound:z_city__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_city__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::city}} centre<br>one of the world's
most beautiful cities<br>a major {{c1::city}}<br>the country's <span
class=""cl""><strong>capital {{c1::city}}</strong><br>" 291
almost "hầu như, gần như" adverb phó từ /ˈɔːlməʊst/
[sound:z_almost__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_almost__us_1.wav] I like
{{c1::almost}} all of them.<br>It's a mistake they {{c1::almost}} always
make.<br>The story is {{c1::almost}} certainly false.<br>It's {{c1::almost}} time
to go.<br> 292
include "bao gồm, tính ca" verb động từ /ɪnˈkluːd/
[sound:z_include__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_include__us_1.wav] The tour
{{c1::include}}d a visit to the Science Museum.<br>Does the price {{c1::include}}
tax?<br>Your duties {{c1::include}} typing letters and answering the
telephone.<br>You should {{c1::include}} some examples in your essay.<br> 293
continue "tiếp tục, làm tiếp" verb động từ /kənˈtɪnjuː/
[sound:z_xcontinue__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontinue__us_1.wav] The exhibition
{{c1::continue}}s until 25 July.<br>The trial is expected to {{c1::continue}} for
three months.<br>The rain will {{c1::continue}} into the evening.<br>The rain
{{c1::continue}}d to fall all afternoon.<br> 294
set "bộ, bọn, đám, lũ; đăt để, bố trí" verb "động từ, danh từ" /set/
[sound:z_set__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_set__us_1.wav] a {{c1::set}} of six
chairs<br>a complete {{c1::set}} of her novels<br>a {{c1::set}} of false teeth<br>a
new {{c1::set}} of rules to learn<br> 295
later "chậm hơn, sau, sau đó" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /ˈleɪtə(r)/
[sound:z_later__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_later__us_1.wav] This is discussed
in more detail in a {{c1::later}} chapter.<br>The match has been postponed to a
{{c1::later}} date.<br>the {{c1::later}} part of the seventeenth century<br>She
found happiness in her {{c1::later}} years.<br> 296
community "dân chúng, nhân dân" noun danh từ /kəˈmjuːnəti/
[sound:z_community__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_community__us_1.wav] "The <span
class=""cl""><strong>local {{c1::community}}</strong><br>health workers based in
the {{c1::community}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::community}}__21"">(= working
with people in a local area)<br><span class=""cl""><strong>the international
{{c1::community}}</strong><br>good {{c1::community}} relations with the police<br>"
name "tên; đăt tên, gọi tên" noun "danh từ, động từ" /neɪm/
[sound:z_name__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_name__us_1.wav] "He was
{{c1::name}}d after his father <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::name}}_2__22"">(=
given his father's first {{c1::name}})<br>the diesel engine, {{c1::name}}d after
its inventor Rudolf Diesel<br>They {{c1::name}}d their son John.<br>The victim has
not yet been {{c1::name}}d.<br>" 299
once "một lần; khi mà, ngay khi, một khi" adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /wʌns/
[sound:z_once__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_once__us_1.wav] We didn't know how
we would cope {{c1::once}} the money had gone.<br>The water is fine {{c1::once}}
you're in!<br> 301
white trắng; màu trắng adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /waɪt/
[sound:z_white__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_white__us_1.wav] the pure
{{c1::white}} of the newly painted walls<br>She was dressed all in
{{c1::white}}.<br>Would you like red or {{c1::white}}?<br>a very dry
{{c1::white}}<br> 302
least tối thiểu; ít nhất adverb phó từ /liːst/
[sound:z_least__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_least__us_1.wav] "He always turns
up just when you {{c1::least}} expect him.<br>She chose the {{c1::least}} expensive
of the hotels.<br>I never hid the truth, <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::least}}
of all</strong><br>It'll cost at {{c1::least}} 500 dollars.<br>" 303
president "hiệu trưởng, chủ tịnh, tông thống" noun danh từ /ˈprezɪdənt/
[sound:z_president__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_president__us_1.wav] "Several
{{c1::president}}s attended the funeral.<br>the {{c1::president}} of the United
States<br>{{c1::president}} Obama is due to visit the country next month.<br>Do you
have any comment, Mr {{c1::president}}?<br>" 304
learn "học, nghiên cứu" verb động từ /lɜːn/ [sound:z_learn__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_learn__us_1.wav] to {{c1::learn}} a language/a musical
instrument/a skill<br>I {{c1::learn}}ed a lot from my father.<br>You can
{{c1::learn}} a great deal just from watching other players.<br>She's very keen to
{{c1::learn}} about Japanese culture.<br> 305
real "thực, thực tế, có thật" adjective tính từ /rɪəl/
[sound:z_real__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_real__us_1.wav] "It wasn't a
ghost; it was a {{c1::real}} person.<br>pictures of animals, both {{c1::real}} and
mythological<br>In the movies guns kill people instantly, but it's not like that
<span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::real}} life</strong><br>Politicians seem to be
out of touch with <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::real}} world</strong><br>"
change "thấy đôi, sự thấy đôi, sự biến đôi" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/tʃeɪndʒ/ [sound:z_change__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_change__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::change}} in the weather<br>important {{c1::change}}s to the tax
system<br>There was <span class=""cl""><strong>no {{c1::change}}</strong><br>She is
someone who hates {{c1::change}}.<br>" 307
team "đội, nhóm" noun danh từ /tiːm/ [sound:z_team__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_team__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>football/baseball, etc. {{c1::team}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::team}} event</strong><br>Whose {{c1::team}} are you in?
<br>Whose {{c1::team}} are you on?<br>" 308
minute phút noun danh từ /ˈmɪnɪt/ [sound:z_minute__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_minute__us_1.wav] It's four {{c1::minute}}s to six.<br>I'll be
back in a few {{c1::minute}}s.<br>Boil the rice for 20 {{c1::minute}}s.<br>a ten-
{{c1::minute}} bus ride<br> 309
several "vài, một vài, một số" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /ˈsevrəl/
[sound:z_several__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_several__us_1.wav] {{c1::several}}
letters arrived this morning.<br>He's written {{c1::several}} books about
India.<br>{{c1::several}} more people than usual came to the meeting.<br>If you're
looking for a photo of Alice you'll find {{c1::several}} in here.<br> 311
idea "ý tưởng, quan niệm" noun danh từ /aɪˈdɪə/ [sound:z_idea__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_idea__us_1.wav] "It would be <span class=""cl""><strong>a good
{{c1::idea}}</strong><br>I like the {{c1::idea}} of living on a boat.<br>He already
had an {{c1::idea}} for his next novel.<br>Her family expected her to go to
college, but she had <span class=""cl""><strong>other {{c1::idea}}s</strong><br>"
kid con dê non noun "danh từ, động từ" /kɪd/ [sound:z_kid__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_kid__us_1.wav] "A bunch of {{c1::kid}}s were hanging around
outside.<br>a {{c1::kid}} of 15<br>She's a bright {{c1::kid}}.<br>How are the
{{c1::kid}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::kid}}_1__21"">(= your children)<br>"
body "thân thể, thân xác" noun danh từ /ˈbɒdi/ [sound:z_body__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_body__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>human/female/male/naked {{c1::body}}</strong><br>parts of the
{{c1::body}}<br>His whole {{c1::body}} was trembling.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::body}} fat/weight/temperature/size/heat</strong><br>"
information thông tin noun danh từ /ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃn/
[sound:z_information__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_information__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>piece of {{c1::information}}</strong><br>a source of
{{c1::information}}<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>collect/gather/obtain/receive
{{c1::information}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>provide/give/pass on
{{c1::information}}</strong><br>" 315
nothing "không gì, không cái gì" pronoun đại từ /ˈnʌθɪŋ/
[sound:z_nothing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nothing__us_1.wav] "There was
{{c1::nothing}} in her bag.<br>There's {{c1::nothing}} you can do to help.<br>The
doctor said there was {{c1::nothing}} wrong with me.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::nothing}} else</strong><br>" 316
ago trước đây adverb phó từ /əˈɡəʊ/ [sound:z_ago__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ago__us_1.wav] two weeks/months/years {{c1::ago}}<br>The letter came
a few days {{c1::ago}}.<br>She was here just a minute {{c1::ago}}.<br>a short/long
time {{c1::ago}}<br> 317
lead "lãnh đạo, dẫn dắt; sự lãnh đạo, sự hướng dẫn"verb "động từ, danh từ"
/liːd/ [sound:z_lead__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lead__us_1.wav] "If
you {{c1::lead}}, I'll follow.<br>He led us out into the grounds.<br>The
receptionist <span class=""cl""><strong>led the way</strong><br>She led the horse
back into the stable.<br>" 319
social có tính xã hội adjective tính từ /ˈsəʊʃl/
[sound:z_social__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_social__us_1.wav] "{{c1::social}}
issues/problems/reforms<br>a call for {{c1::social}} and economic change<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::social}} class/background</strong><br>{{c1::social}}
advancement <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::social}}_1__24"">(= improving your
position in society)<br>" 320
understand "hiểu, nhận thức" verb động từ /ˌʌndəˈstænd/
[sound:z_understand__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_understand__us_1.wav] Can
you {{c1::understand}} French?<br>Do you {{c1::understand}} the instructions?
<br>She didn't {{c1::understand}} the form she was signing.<br>I'm not sure that I
{{c1::understand}}. Go over it again.<br> 321
whether có..không; có... chăng; không biết có.. không conjunction liên từ
/ˈweðə(r)/ [sound:z_whether__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_whether__us_1.wav] "He
seemed undecided <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::whether}}</strong><br>It remains
to be seen <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::whether}} or not</strong><br>I asked
him <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::whether}}</strong><br>I'll see {{c1::whether}}
she's at home <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::whether}}__19"">(= or not at home)<br>"
watch "nhìn, theo dõi, quan sát; sự canh gác, sự canh phòng" verb "động từ,
danh từ" /wɒtʃ/ [sound:z_watch__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_watch__us_1.wav]
"She kept looking anxiously at her {{c1::watch}}.<br>My {{c1::watch}} is
fast/slow.<br>The police have <span class=""cl""><strong>mounted a
{{c1::watch}}</strong><br>I'll <span class=""cl""><strong>keep
{{c1::watch}}</strong><br>" 324
together "cùng nhau, cùng với nhau" adverb phó từ /təˈɡeðə(r)/
[sound:z_together__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_together__us_1.wav] "We grew up
{{c1::together}}.<br>{{c1::together}} they climbed the dark stairs.<br>Get all the
ingredients {{c1::together}} before you start cooking.<br>Stay <span
class=""cl""><strong>close {{c1::together}}</strong><br>" 325
follow "đi theo sau, theo, tiếp theo" verb động từ /ˈfɒləʊ/
[sound:z_follow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_follow__us_1.wav] He
{{c1::follow}}ed her into the house.<br>{{c1::follow}} me please. I'll show you the
way.<br>I think we're being {{c1::follow}}ed.<br>She {{c1::follow}}ed her mother
into the medical profession.<br> 326
parent "cha mẹ, phụ huynh" noun danh từ /ˈpeərənt/
[sound:z_parent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_parent__us_1.wav] He's still living
with his {{c1::parent}}s.<br>her adoptive {{c1::parent}}s<br>Sue and Ben have
recently become {{c1::parent}}s.<br>It can be difficult to be a good
{{c1::parent}}.<br> 328
stop "dừng, ngưng, nghỉ, thôi; sự dừng, sự ngưng, sự đỗ lại" verb "động từ,
danh từ" /stɒp/ [sound:z_stop__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stop__us_1.wav]
"The trip included an overnight {{c1::stop}} in Brussels.<br>She <span
class=""cl""><strong>brought</strong><br>Work has temporarily <span
class=""cl""><strong>come to a {{c1::stop}}</strong><br>It is time to <span
class=""cl""><strong>put a {{c1::stop}} to</strong><br>" 330
face "măt, thể diện; đương đầu, đối phó, đối măt" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/feɪs/ [sound:z_face__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_face__us_1.wav] She
turned and {{c1::face}}d him.<br>Most of the rooms {{c1::face}} the sea.<br>The
terrace {{c1::face}}s south.<br>a north-facing wall<br> 331
anything "việc gì, vật gì; bất cứ việc gì, vật gì" pronoun đại từ /
ˈeniθɪŋ/ [sound:z_anything__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_anything__us_1.wav] "Would you
like {{c1::anything}} else?<br>There's never {{c1::anything}} worth watching on
TV.<br>If you remember {{c1::anything}} at all, please let us know.<br>We hope to
prevent {{c1::anything}} unpleasant from happening.<br>" 332
create "sáng tạo, tạo nên" verb động từ /kriˈeɪt/
[sound:z_create__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_create__us_1.wav] Scientists
disagree about how the universe was {{c1::create}}d.<br>The main purpose of
industry is to {{c1::create}} wealth.<br>The government plans to {{c1::create}}
more jobs for young people.<br>{{c1::create}} a new directory and put all your
files into it.<br> 333
public "công cộng, công chúng" adjective "danh từ, phó từ, tính từ" /
ˈpʌblɪk/ [sound:z_public__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_public__us_1.wav] "The palace
is now <span class=""cl""><strong>open to the {{c1::public}}.</strong><br>There
have been many complaints from <span class=""cl""><strong>members of the
{{c1::public}}</strong><br>The {{c1::public}} has/have a right to know what is
contained in the report.<br>the theatre-going {{c1::public}}<br>" 334
already "đã, rồi, đã… rồi" adverb phó từ /ɔːlˈredi/
[sound:z_already__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_already__us_1.wav] "‘Lunch?’ ‘No
thanks, I've {{c1::already}} eaten.’<br>We got there early but Mike had
{{c1::already}} left.<br>Is it 10 o'clock {{c1::already}}?<br>You're not leaving
{{c1::already}}, are you?<br>" 335
speak nói verb động từ /spiːk/ [sound:z_speak__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_speak__us_1.wav] "I've spoken to the manager about it.<br>The
President refused to {{c1::speak}} to the waiting journalists.<br>‘Can I
{{c1::speak}} to Susan?’ ‘{{c1::speak}}ing.’ <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::speak}}_1__33"">(= at the beginning of a telephone conversation)<br>‘Do
you know him?’ ‘Not to {{c1::speak}} to.’ <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::speak}}_1__35"">(= only by sight)<br>" 336
read đọc verb động từ /riːd/ [sound:z_read__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_read__us_1.wav] She's still learning to {{c1::read}}.<br>Some
children can {{c1::read}} and write before they go to school.<br>I can't
{{c1::read}} your writing.<br>Can you {{c1::read}} music?<br> 338
level "trình độ, cấp, vị trí; bằng, ngang bằng" noun "danh từ, tính từ" /
ˈlevl/ [sound:z_level__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_level__us_1.wav] "Pitch the
tent on {{c1::level}} ground.<br>Add a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::level}}
tablespoon</strong><br>Are these pictures {{c1::level}}?<br>This latest rise is
intended to keep wages {{c1::level}} with inflation.<br>" 339
allow "cho phép, để cho" verb động từ /əˈlaʊ/
[sound:z_allow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_allow__us_1.wav] "His parents won't
{{c1::allow}} him to stay out late.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>is not
{{c1::allow}}ed to</strong><br>They shouldn't be {{c1::allow}}ed to get away with
it.<br>He {{c1::allow}}ed his mind to wander.<br>" 340
add "cộng, thêm vào" verb động từ /æd/ [sound:z_add__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_add__us_2.wav] "Next {{c1::add}} the flour.<br>The juice contains no
{{c1::add}}ed sugar.<br>The plan has the {{c1::add}}ed <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::add}}_1__20"">(= extra)<br>A new wing was {{c1::add}}ed to the
building.<br>" 341
office "cơ quấn, văn phòng, bộ" noun danh từ /ˈɒfɪs/
[sound:z_office__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_office__us_1.wav] "The company is
moving to new {{c1::office}}s on the other side of town.<br>Are you going to the
{{c1::office}} today?<br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::office}}
job</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::office}} workers</strong><br>"
spend "tiêu, xài" verb động từ /spend/ [sound:z_spend__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_spend__us_1.wav] I've spent all my money already.<br>She spent
£100 on a new dress.<br>The company has spent thousands of pounds updating their
computer systems.<br>I just can't seem to stop {{c1::spend}}ing.<br> 343
door "cửa, cửa ra vào" noun danh từ /dɔː(r)/ [sound:z_door__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_door__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>knock on the
{{c1::door}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>open/shut/close/slam/lock/bolt</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>answer the {{c1::door}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>front/back {{c1::door}}</strong><br>" 344
health "sức khỏe, thể chất, sự lành mạnh" noun danh từ /helθ/
[sound:z_health__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_health__us_1.wav] "Exhaust fumes are
bad for your {{c1::health}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>to be in
poor/good/excellent/the best of {{c1::health}}</strong><br>Smoking can seriously
<span class=""cl""><strong>damage your {{c1::health}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>mental {{c1::health}}</strong><br>" 345
person "con người, người" noun danh từ /ˈpɜːsn/
[sound:z_person__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_person__us_1.wav] What sort of
{{c1::person}} would do a thing like that?<br>He's a fascinating
{{c1::person}}.<br>What is she like as a {{c1::person}}?<br>He's just the
{{c1::person}} we need for the job.<br> 346
art "nghệ thuật, mỹ thuật" noun danh từ /ɑːt/ [sound:z_art__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_art__us_1.wav] "modern/contemporary/American {{c1::art}}<br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::art}} critic/historian/lover</strong><br>Can we call
television {{c1::art}}?<br>stolen <span class=""cl""><strong>works of
{{c1::art}}</strong><br>" 347
sure "chắc chắn, xác thực. make sure chắc chắn, làm cho chắc chắn" adjective
"tính từ, phó từ" /ʃʊə(r)/ [sound:z_sure__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sure__us_1.wav] "‘Will you open the wine?’ ‘{{c1::sure}}, where
is it?’<br>Did it hurt? {{c1::sure}} it hurt.<br>{{c1::sure}}, no problem.<br>Boy,
it {{c1::sure}} is hot.<br>" 348
war chiến tranh noun danh từ /wɔː(r)/ [sound:z_war__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_war__us_1.wav] "the Second World {{c1::war}}<br>the threat of (a)
nuclear {{c1::war}}<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>win/lose a/the
{{c1::war}}</strong><br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::war}}
between</strong><br>" 350
history "lịch sử, sử học" noun danh từ /ˈhɪstri/
[sound:z_history__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_history__us_1.wav] "a turning point
in human {{c1::history}}<br>one of the worst disasters in <span
class=""cl""><strong>recent {{c1::history}}</strong><br>a people with no <span
class=""cl""><strong>sense of {{c1::history}}</strong><br>Many people throughout
{{c1::history}} have dreamt of a world without war.<br>" 351
party "tiệc, buôi liên hoan; đang" noun danh từ /ˈpɑːti/
[sound:z_party__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_party__us_1.wav] "the Democratic
and Republican Parties in the United States<br>She belongs to the Labour
{{c1::party}}.<br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>ruling/opposition
{{c1::party}}</strong><br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::party}}
leader/manifesto/policy</strong><br>" 352
within "trong vòng, trong khoang (thời gian, khoang cách)" preposition "giới
từ, phó từ" /wɪˈðɪn/ [sound:z_within__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_within__us_1.wav]
"You should receive a reply {{c1::within}} seven days.<br>The ambulance
arrived <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::within}} some minutes.</strong><br>Two
elections were held <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::within}} the space
of</strong><br>a house {{c1::within}} a mile of the station<br>" 353
grow "mọc, mọc lên. grow up lớn lên, trưởng thành" verb động từ /ɡrəʊ/
[sound:z_grow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_grow__us_1.wav] The company
profits grew by 5% last year.<br>Fears are {{c1::grow}}ing for the safety of a
teenager who disappeared a week ago.<br>There is {{c1::grow}}ing opposition to the
latest proposals.<br>Shortage of water is a {{c1::grow}}ing problem.<br> 354
result "kết qua; bởi, do.. mà ra, kết qua là..." noun "danh từ, động từ"
/rɪˈzʌlt/ [sound:z_result__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_result__us_1.wav] "job
losses {{c1::result}}ing from changes in production<br>When water levels rise,
flooding {{c1::result}}s.<br>It was a large explosion and the {{c1::result}}ing
damage was extensive.<br>The cyclone has {{c1::result}}ed in many thousands of
deaths.<br>" 355
open "mở, ngỏ, cởi mở" verb "động từ, tính từ" /ˈəʊpən/
[sound:z_open__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_open__us_1.wav] Mr Chen
{{c1::open}}ed the car door for his wife.<br>The door {{c1::open}}ed and Alan
walked in.<br>The doors of the bus {{c1::open}} automatically.<br>Shall I
{{c1::open}} another bottle?<br> 356
morning buôi sáng noun danh từ /ˈmɔːnɪŋ/ [sound:z_morning__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_morning__us_1.wav] "They left for Spain early this
{{c1::morning}}.<br>See you <span class=""cl""><strong>tomorrow
{{c1::morning}}</strong><br>I prefer coffee <span class=""cl""><strong>in the
{{c1::morning}}</strong><br>She woke every {{c1::morning}} at the same time.<br>"
walk "đi, đi bộ; sự đi bộ, sự đi dạo" verb "động từ, danh từ" /wɔːk/
[sound:z_walk__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_walk__us_1.wav] "Let's <span
class=""cl""><strong>go for a {{c1::walk}}</strong><br>I like to have a
{{c1::walk}} in the evenings.<br>She's <span class=""cl""><strong>taken the dog for
a {{c1::walk}}</strong><br>He set out on the long {{c1::walk}} home.<br>" 359
reason "lý do, lý lẽ" noun danh từ /ˈriːzn/
[sound:z_reason__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reason__us_1.wav] "I'd like to know
the {{c1::reason}} why you're so late.<br>Give me <span class=""cl""><strong>one
good {{c1::reason}}</strong><br>We aren't going for the <span
class=""cl""><strong>simple {{c1::reason}}</strong><br>She gave no {{c1::reason}}s
for her decision.<br>" 360
low "thấp, bé, lùn" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /ləʊ/ [sound:z_low__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_low__us_1.wav] to crouch/bend {{c1::low}}<br>a plane flying
{{c1::low}} over the town<br>{{c1::low}}-flying aircraft<br>The sun sank
{{c1::low}}er towards the horizon.<br> 361
win "chiếm, đọat, thu được"verb "động từ, danh từ" /wɪn/
[sound:z_win__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_win__us_1.wav] "Which team won?<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::win}} at cards/chess, etc.</strong><br>France won by six
goals to two against Denmark.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::win}} an
election/a game/a war, etc.</strong><br>" 362
research sự nghiên cứu noun "danh từ, động từ" /rɪˈsɜːtʃ/
[sound:z_research__gb_3.wav] [sound:z_research__us_3.wav] "They're
{{c1::research}}ing into ways of improving people's diet.<br>to {{c1::research}} a
problem/topic/market<br>She's in New York {{c1::research}}ing her new book <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::research}}_2__21"">(= finding facts and information to put
in it)<br>We have to {{c1::research}} how the product will actually be used.<br>"
girl con gái noun danh từ /ɡɜːl/ [sound:z_girl__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_girl__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>baby
{{c1::girl}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>little
{{c1::girl}}</strong><br>Hello, {{c1::girl}}s and boys!<br>Our youngest
{{c1::girl}} is at college.<br>" 364
guy "bù nhìn, anh chàng, gã" noun danh từ /ɡaɪ/ [sound:z_guy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_guy__us_1.wav] "a big/nice/tough {{c1::guy}}<br>a Dutch
{{c1::guy}}<br>At the end of the film the bad {{c1::guy}} gets shot.<br>Come on,
you {{c1::guy}}s, let's get going!<br>" 365
early sớm adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /ˈɜːli/ [sound:z_early__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_early__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::early}} in
the week/year/season/morning</strong><br>The best rooms go to those who book
earliest.<br>We arrived {{c1::early}} the next day.<br>We meet the hero quite
{{c1::early}} in the film.<br>" 366
food "đồ ăn, thức, món ăn" noun danh từ /fuːd/ [sound:z_food__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_food__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>a shortage of
{{c1::food}}/{{c1::food}} shortages</strong><br>{{c1::food}} and drink<br>the
{{c1::food}} industry<br>Do you like Italian {{c1::food}}?<br>" 367
moment "chốc, lát" noun danh từ /ˈməʊmənt/ [sound:z_moment__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_moment__us_1.wav] "Could you <span class=""cl""><strong>wait a
{{c1::moment}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>One {{c1::moment}},
please</strong><br>He thought <span class=""cl""><strong>for a
{{c1::moment}}</strong><br>I'll be back <span class=""cl""><strong>in a
{{c1::moment}}</strong><br>" 369
himself "chính nó, chính hắn, chính ông ta, chính anh ta" pronoun đại
từ /hɪmˈself/ [sound:z_himself__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_himself__us_1.wav] He
introduced {{c1::himself}}.<br>Peter ought to be ashamed of {{c1::himself}}.<br>The
doctor said so {{c1::himself}}.<br>Did you see the manager {{c1::himself}}?<br>
air "không khí, bầu không khí, không gian" noun danh từ /eə(r)/
[sound:z_air__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_air__us_1.wav] "{{c1::air}}
pollution<br>Let's go out for some <span class=""cl""><strong>fresh
{{c1::air}}</strong><br>I need to put some {{c1::air}} in my tyres.<br>currents of
warm {{c1::air}}<br>" 371
teacher giáo viên noun danh từ /ˈtiːtʃə(r)/
[sound:z_teacher__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_teacher__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>history/science, etc. {{c1::teacher}}</strong><br>primary
school {{c1::teacher}}s<br>There is a growing need for qualified {{c1::teacher}}s
of Business English.<br>" 372
force "sức mạnh; ép buộc, cưỡng ép" noun "danh từ, động từ" /fɔːs/
[sound:z_force__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_force__us_1.wav] "The President was
{{c1::force}}d into resigning.<br>The President was {{c1::force}}d to resign.<br>I
<span class=""cl""><strong>was {{c1::force}}d to</strong><br>She {{c1::force}}d
herself to be polite to them.<br>" 373
offer "biếu, tăng, cho; sự tra giá" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈɒfə(r)/
[sound:z_offer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_offer__us_1.wav] "Thank you for
your kind {{c1::offer}} of help.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>accept/refuse/decline an {{c1::offer}}</strong><br>I took him
up on his {{c1::offer}} of a loan.<br>You can't just turn down {{c1::offer}}s of
work like that.<br>" 374
enough đủ adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /ɪˈnʌf/
[sound:z_enough__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enough__us_1.wav] I hadn't trained
{{c1::enough}} for the game.<br>This house isn't big {{c1::enough}} for
us.<br>She's old {{c1::enough}} to decide for herself.<br>We didn't leave early
{{c1::enough}}.<br> 375
education "sự giáo dục, sự rèn luyện (kỹ năng)" noun danh từ /ˌedʒu
ˈkeɪʃn/ [sound:z_education__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_education__us_1.wav]
primary/elementary {{c1::education}}<br>secondary
{{c1::education}}<br>further/higher/post-secondary {{c1::education}}<br>students in
full-time {{c1::education}}<br> 377
across "qua, ngang qua" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /əˈkrɒs/
[sound:z_across__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_across__us_1.wav] He walked
{{c1::across}} the field.<br>I drew a line {{c1::across}} the page.<br>A grin
spread {{c1::across}} her face.<br>Where's the nearest bridge {{c1::across}} the
river?<br> 378
although "măc dù, dẫu cho" conjunction liên từ /ɔːlˈðəʊ/
[sound:z_although__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_although__us_1.wav] "{{c1::although}}
the sun was shining, it wasn't very warm.<br>{{c1::although}} small, the kitchen is
well designed.<br>I felt he was wrong, {{c1::although}} I didn't say so at the
time.<br>" 379
remember "nhớ, nhớ lại" verb động từ /rɪˈmembə(r)/
[sound:z_remember__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_remember__us_1.wav] "This is Carla. Do
you {{c1::remember}} her?<br>I don't {{c1::remember}} my first day at school.<br>He
still {{c1::remember}}ed her as the lively teenager he'd known years
before.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>As far as I can
{{c1::remember}}</strong><br>" 380
foot "chân, bàn chân" noun danh từ /fʊt/ [sound:z_foot__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_foot__us_1.wav] "My feet are aching.<br>to get/rise <span
class=""cl""><strong>to your feet</strong><br>I've been <span
class=""cl""><strong>on my feet</strong><br>We came <span class=""cl""><strong>on
{{c1::foot}}</strong><br>" 381
second "thứ hai, ở vị trí thứ 2, thứ nhì; người về nhì" number "số
từ, danh từ" /ˈsekənd/ [sound:z_second__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_second__us_1.wav] "This is the {{c1::second}} time it's
happened.<br>Italy scored a {{c1::second}} goal just after half-time.<br>the
{{c1::second}} of June/June 2nd<br>He was the {{c1::second}} to arrive.<br>She can
run 100 metres in just over 11 {{c1::second}}s.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>For
several {{c1::second}}s</strong><br>The light flashes <span
class=""cl""><strong>every 5 {{c1::second}}s</strong><br>The water flows at about
1.5 metres <span class=""cl""><strong>per {{c1::second}}</strong><br>" 382
boy "con trai, thiếu niên" noun danh từ /bɔɪ/ [sound:z_boy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_boy__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>little/small/young
{{c1::boy}}</strong><br>I used to play here as a {{c1::boy}}.<br>The older
{{c1::boy}}s at school used to tease him.<br>Now she's a teenager, she's starting
to be interested in {{c1::boy}}s.<br>" 383
maybe "có thể, có lẽ" adverb phó từ /ˈmeɪbi/
[sound:z_maybe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_maybe__us_1.wav] "{{c1::maybe}}
he'll come, {{c1::maybe}} he won't.<br>‘Are you going to sell your house?’
‘{{c1::maybe}}.’<br>It will cost two, {{c1::maybe}} three hundred pounds.<br>We go
there {{c1::maybe}} once or twice a month.<br>" 384
able "có năng lực, có tài" adjective tính từ /ˈeɪbl/
[sound:z_able__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_able__us_1.wav] You must be
{{c1::able}} to speak French for this job.<br>A viral illness left her barely
{{c1::able}} to walk.<br>I didn't feel {{c1::able}} to disagree with him.<br>Will
you be {{c1::able}} to come?<br> 386
age tuôi noun "danh từ, động từ" /eɪdʒ/ [sound:z_age__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_age__us_1.wav] "He left school <span class=""cl""><strong>at the
{{c1::age}} of</strong><br>She needs more friends of her own
{{c1::age}}.<br>children from 5–10 <span class=""cl""><strong>years of
{{c1::age}}</strong><br>Young people of all {{c1::age}}s go there to meet.<br>"
policy chính sách noun danh từ /ˈpɒləsi/ [sound:z_policy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_policy__us_1.wav] "the present government's {{c1::policy}} on
education<br>The company has <span class=""cl""><strong>adopted a</strong><br>We
have tried to <span class=""cl""><strong>pursue a {{c1::policy}}</strong><br>US
<span class=""cl""><strong>foreign/domestic {{c1::policy}}</strong><br>" 389
everything "mọi vật, mọi thứ" pronoun đại từ /ˈevriθɪŋ/
[sound:z_everything__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_everything__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::everything}} had gone.<br>When we confronted him, he denied
{{c1::everything}}.<br>Take this bag, and leave <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::everything}} else</strong><br>She seemed to <span
class=""cl""><strong>have {{c1::everything}}</strong><br>" 390
love "tình yêu, lòng yêu thương; yêu, thích" verb "động từ, danh từ" /lʌv/
[sound:z_love__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_love__us_1.wav] "I {{c1::love}}
you.<br>If you {{c1::love}} each other, why not get married?<br>Her much-
{{c1::love}}d brother lay dying of AIDS.<br>He had become a well-{{c1::love}}d
member of staff.<br>" 391
process "quá trình, sự tiến triển, quy trình; chế biến, gia công, xử lý" noun
"danh từ, động từ" /ˈprəʊses/ [sound:z_process__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_process__us_1.wav] a consultation {{c1::process}}<br>to begin the
difficult {{c1::process}} of reforming the education system<br>I'm afraid getting
things changed will be a slow {{c1::process}}.<br>mental {{c1::process}}es<br>
music "nhạc, âm nhạc" noun danh từ /ˈmjuːzɪk/ [sound:z_music__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_music__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>pop/dance/classical/church {{c1::music}}</strong><br>to listen
to {{c1::music}}<br>She could hear {{c1::music}} playing somewhere.<br>It was a
charming <span class=""cl""><strong>piece of {{c1::music}}</strong><br>" 393
including "bao gồm, kể ca" preposition giới từ /ɪnˈkluːdɪŋ/
[sound:z_including__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_including__us_1.wav] "I've got three
days' holiday {{c1::including}} New Year's Day.<br>Six people were killed in the
riot, {{c1::including}} a policeman.<br>It's £7.50, <span class=""cl""><strong>not
{{c1::including}}</strong><br>" 394
consider "cân nhắc, xem xét; để ý, quan tâm, lưu ý đến" verb động từ /kən
ˈsɪdə(r)/ [sound:z_xconsider__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconsider__us_1.wav] I'd like
some time to {{c1::consider}}.<br>She {{c1::consider}}ed her options.<br>Let us
{{c1::consider}} the facts.<br>He was {{c1::consider}}ing an appeal.<br> 395
appear "xuất hiện, hiện ra, trình diện" verb động từ /əˈpɪə(r)/
[sound:z_appear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_appear__us_1.wav] "She didn't
{{c1::appear}} at all surprised at the news.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It
{{c1::appear}}s</strong><br>He {{c1::appear}}s a perfectly normal person.<br>She
{{c1::appear}}ed to be in her late thirties.<br>" 396
actually "thực ra thì, thực sự" adverb phó từ /ˈæktʃuəli/
[sound:z_actually__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_actually__us_1.wav] What did she
{{c1::actually}} say?<br>It's not {{c1::actually}} raining now.<br>That's the only
reason I'm {{c1::actually}} going.<br>There are lots of people there who can
{{c1::actually}} help you.<br> 397
buy mua verb động từ /baɪ/ [sound:z_buy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_buy__us_1.wav]
"Where did you {{c1::buy}} that dress?<br>If you're thinking of getting a new
car, now is a good time to {{c1::buy}}.<br>I bought it from a friend for £10.<br>He
bought me a new coat.<br>" 398
probably hầu như chắc chắn adverb phó từ /ˈprɒbəbli/
[sound:z_probably__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_probably__us_1.wav] You're
{{c1::probably}} right.<br>It'll {{c1::probably}} be OK.<br>It was the best known
and {{c1::probably}} the most popular of her songs.<br>‘Is he going to be there?’
‘{{c1::probably}}.’<br> 399
human "(thuộc) con người, loài người" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /
ˈhjuːmən/ [sound:z_human__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_human__us_1.wav] Dogs can
hear much better than {{c1::human}}s.<br>That is no way to treat another
{{c1::human}} being.<br> 400
wait chờ đợi verb động từ /weɪt/ [sound:z_wait__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wait__us_1.wav] She rang the bell and {{c1::wait}}ed.<br>The
President agreed to speak to the {{c1::wait}}ing journalists.<br>Have you been
{{c1::wait}}ing long?<br>I've been {{c1::wait}}ing (for) twenty minutes.<br> 401
serve "phục vụ, phụng sự" verb động từ /sɜːv/
[sound:z_serve__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_serve__us_1.wav] Breakfast is
{{c1::serve}}d between 7 and 10 a.m.<br>Pour the sauce over the pasta and
{{c1::serve}} immediately.<br>Shall I {{c1::serve}}?<br>{{c1::serve}} the lamb with
new potatoes and green beans.<br> 402
market "chợ, thị trường" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈmɑːkɪt/
[sound:z_market__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_market__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>fruit/flower/antiques {{c1::market}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>an indoor/a street {{c1::market}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::market}} stalls/traders</strong><br>We buy our fruit and
vegetables <span class=""cl""><strong>at the {{c1::market}}</strong><br>" 403
die "chết, tư trần, hy sinh" verb động từ /daɪ/ [sound:z_die__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_die__us_1.wav] "Her husband {{c1::die}}d suddenly last week.<br>That
plant's {{c1::die}}d.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::die}}
of/from</strong><br>He {{c1::die}}d for his beliefs.<br>" 404
send "gửi, phái đi" verb động từ /send/ [sound:z_send__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_send__us_1.wav] to {{c1::send}} a
letter/package/cheque/fax/email<br>She sent the letter by airmail.<br>to
{{c1::send}} something by post<br>to {{c1::send}} something by mail<br> 405
expect "chờ đợi, mong ngóng; liệu trước" verb động từ /ɪkˈspekt/
[sound:z_expect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_expect__us_1.wav] We are
{{c1::expect}}ing a rise in food prices this month.<br>Don't {{c1::expect}}
sympathy from me!<br>That's not the sort of behaviour I {{c1::expect}} of you!
<br>You can't {{c1::expect}} to learn a foreign language in a few months.<br>
sense "giác quan, tri giác, cam giác" noun "danh từ, động từ" /sens/
[sound:z_sense__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sense__us_1.wav] "the five
{{c1::sense}}s<br>Dogs have a keen <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::sense}}_1__20"">(=
strong)<br><span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::sense}} organs</strong><br>I could
hardly believe the evidence of my own {{c1::sense}}s <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::sense}}_1__26"">(= what I could see, hear, etc.)<br>" 408
build xây dựng verb động từ /bɪld/ [sound:z_build__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_build__us_1.wav] They have permission to {{c1::build}} 200 new
houses.<br>Robins {{c1::build}} nests almost anywhere.<br>They're going to
{{c1::build}} on the site of the old power station.<br>a house built of stone<br>
stay "ở lại, lưu lại; sự ở lại, sự lưu lại" verb "động từ, danh từ" /steɪ/
[sound:z_stay__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stay__us_1.wav] "I enjoyed my
{{c1::stay}} in Prague.<br>an overnight {{c1::stay}}<br>to grant a {{c1::stay}} of
execution<br>There will be no {{c1::stay}} of execution and few mourners for this
concrete tower block, due to be demolished next month.<br>"410
fall "rơi, ngã, sự rơi, ngã. fall over ngã lộn nhào, bị đô" verb "động từ,
danh từ" /fɔːl/ [sound:z_fall__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fall__us_1.wav]
I had a bad {{c1::fall}} and broke my arm.<br>She was killed in a
{{c1::fall}} from a horse.<br>a heavy {{c1::fall}} of snow<br>a rock
{{c1::fall}}<br> 411
oh "chao, ôi chao, chà, này.." interjection thán từ /əʊ/
[sound:z_oh__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_oh__us_1.wav] "‘I saw Ben yesterday.’
‘{{c1::oh}} yes, how is he?’<br>{{c1::oh}} dear! What's happened now?<br>You can't
come tonight? {{c1::oh}} well, see you next week then.<br>‘Emma has a new job.’
‘{{c1::oh}}, has she?’<br>" 412
nation "dân tộc, quốc gia" noun danh từ /ˈneɪʃn/
[sound:z_nation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nation__us_1.wav] "an independent
{{c1::nation}}<br>the African {{c1::nation}}s<br>The entire {{c1::nation}}, it
seemed, was watching TV.<br>Citizenship is about the sense of
{{c1::nation}}hood.<br>" 413
plan "ban đồ, kế hoạch; vẽ ban đồ, lập kế hoạch, dự kiến" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /plæn/ [sound:z_plan__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plan__us_1.wav] "to
{{c1::plan}} a trip<br>Everything <span class=""cl""><strong>went</strong><br>We
{{c1::plan}}ned the day down to the last detail.<br>A meeting has been
{{c1::plan}}ned for early next year.<br>" 414
cut "cắt, chăt; sự cắt" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kʌt/
[sound:z_cut__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cut__us_1.wav] "{{c1::cut}}s and bruises on
the face<br>Blood poured from the deep {{c1::cut}} on his arm.<br>Using sharp
scissors, make a small {{c1::cut}} in the material.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>price/tax/job {{c1::cut}}s</strong><br>" 415
college "trường cấo đẳng, trường đại học" noun danh từ /ˈkɒlɪdʒ/
[sound:z_college__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_college__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::college}}
of further education <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::college}}__17"">(= providing
education and training for people over 16)<br>a secretarial {{c1::college}}<br>the
Royal {{c1::college}} of Art<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::college}}
course/library/student</strong><br>" 416
interest "sự thích thú, sự quan tâm, chú ý; làm quan tâm, làm chú ý" noun
danh từ /ˈɪntrəst/ [sound:z_interest__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_interest__us_1.wav] "Politics doesn't {{c1::interest}} me.<br>The
museum has something to {{c1::interest}} everyone, young and old.<br>She has always
{{c1::interest}}ed herself in charity work.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It may
{{c1::interest}} you to</strong><br>" 417
death "sự chết, cái chết" noun danh từ /deθ/ [sound:z_death__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_death__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>sudden/violent/peaceful, etc. {{c1::death}}</strong><br>the
anniversary of his wife's {{c1::death}}<br>an increase in {{c1::death}}s from
cancer<br>He died a slow and painful {{c1::death}}.<br>" 418
course "tiến trình, quá trình diễn tiến; sân chạy đua. of course dĩ nhiên,
loạt; khoá; đợt; lớp" adverb "phó từ, danh từ" /kɔːs/
[sound:z_course__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_course__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>French/chemistry, etc. {{c1::course}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>take/do a {{c1::course}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>go on a</strong><br>The college <span
class=""cl""><strong>runs</strong><br>" 419
experience "kinh nghiệm; trai qua, nếm mùi" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ɪk
ˈspɪəriəns/ [sound:z_experience__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_experience__us_1.wav]
The country {{c1::experience}}d a foreign currency shortage for several
months.<br>Everyone {{c1::experience}}s these problems at some time in their
lives.<br>to {{c1::experience}} pain/pleasure/unhappiness<br>I {{c1::experience}}d
a moment of panic as I boarded the plane.<br> 421
behind "sau, ở đằng sau" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /bɪˈhaɪnd/
[sound:z_behind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_behind__us_1.wav] She rode off down
the road with the dog running {{c1::behind}}.<br>The others are a long way
{{c1::behind}}.<br>He was shot from {{c1::behind}} as he ran away.<br>I had fallen
so far {{c1::behind}} that it seemed pointless trying to catch up.<br> 422
reach "đến, đi đến, tới" verb "động từ, danh từ" /riːtʃ/
[sound:z_reach__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reach__us_1.wav] They didn't
{{c1::reach}} the border until after dark.<br>The beach can only be {{c1::reach}}ed
by boat.<br>I hope this letter {{c1::reach}}es you.<br>The rumours eventually
{{c1::reach}}ed the President.<br> 423
local "địa phương, bộ phận, cục bộ" adjective tính từ /ˈləʊkl/
[sound:z_local__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_local__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::local}}
farmer<br>A {{c1::local}} man was accused of the murder.<br>Our children go to the
{{c1::local}} school.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::local}}
newspaper</strong><br>" 424
kill "giết, tiêu diệt" verb động từ /kɪl/ [sound:z_kill__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_kill__us_1.wav] Cancer {{c1::kill}}s thousands of people every
year.<br>Three people were {{c1::kill}}ed in the crash.<br>He tried to {{c1::kill}}
himself with sleeping pills.<br>I bought a spray to {{c1::kill}} the weeds.<br>
remain "còn lại, vẫn còn như cũ, giữ nguyên" verb động từ /rɪˈmeɪn/
[sound:z_remain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_remain__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::remain}}
silent/standing/seated/motionless<br>Train fares are likely to {{c1::remain}}
unchanged.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It {{c1::remain}}s</strong><br>Despite
threats of strike action, the management {{c1::remain}} hopeful that an agreement
can be reached.<br>" 427
effect "hiệu ứng, hiệu qua, kết qua" noun danh từ /ɪˈfekt/
[sound:z_effect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_effect__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::effect}} of heat on metal<br><span class=""cl""><strong>dramatic/long-term
{{c1::effect}}s</strong><br>to learn to distinguish between <span
class=""cl""><strong>cause and {{c1::effect}}</strong><br>the beneficial
{{c1::effect}}s of exercise<br>" 428
yeah "vâng, ừ (từ cam thán)"interjection thán từ /jeə/
[sound:z_yeah__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_yeah__us_1.wav] "‘We're off to
France soon.’ ‘Oh {{c1::yeah}}? When's that?’<br>‘I'm going to be rich one day.’
‘Oh {{c1::yeah}}?’ <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::yeah}}__20"">(= I don't believe
you.)<br>‘You'll be fine.’ ‘{{c1::yeah}}, right.’<br>" 430
suggest "đề nghị, đề xuất; gợi" verb động từ /səˈdʒest/
[sound:z_suggest__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_suggest__us_1.wav] "May I
{{c1::suggest}} a white wine with this dish, Sir?<br>A solution immediately
{{c1::suggest}}ed itself to me <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::suggest}}__23"">(= I
immediately thought of a solution)<br>I {{c1::suggest}} (that) we go out to
eat.<br>I {{c1::suggest}}ed going in my car.<br>" 431
class lớp học noun danh từ /klɑːs/ [sound:z_class__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_class__us_1.wav] "We were in the same {{c1::class}} at
school.<br>She is the youngest in her {{c1::class}}.<br>He came <span
{{c1::class}}=""cl""><strong>top of the {{c1::class}}</strong><br>The whole
{{c1::class}} was/were told to stay behind after school.<br>" 432
control "sự điều khiển, quyền hành, quyền lực, quyền chỉ huy" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /kənˈtrəʊl/ [sound:z_xcontrol__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_xcontrol__us_1.wav] By the age of 21 he {{c1::control}}led the
company.<br>The whole territory is now {{c1::control}}led by the army.<br>Can't you
{{c1::control}} your children?<br>a multi-national company based in Britain but
{{c1::control}}led from South Africa<br> 433
raise "nâng lên, đưa lên, ngâng lên" verb động từ /reɪz/
[sound:z_raise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_raise__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::raise}} 434
care "sự chăm sóc, chăm nom; chăm sóc" noun "danh từ, động từ" /keə(r)/
[sound:z_care__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_care__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>I don't {{c1::care}}</strong><br>He threatened to fire me,
<span class=""cl""><strong>as if I {{c1::care}}d</strong><br>She {{c1::care}}s
deeply about environmental issues.<br>I don't {{c1::care}} what he thinks.<br>"
perhaps "có thể, có lẽ" adverb phó từ /pəˈhæps/
[sound:z_perhaps__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_perhaps__us_1.wav] ‘Are you going to
come?’ ‘{{c1::perhaps}}. I'll see how I feel.’<br>{{c1::perhaps}} he's
forgotten.<br>This is {{c1::perhaps}} his best novel to date.<br>a change which
could affect {{c1::perhaps}} 20% of the population<br> 436
late "trễ, muộn" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /leɪt/ [sound:z_late__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_late__us_1.wav] I got up {{c1::late}}.<br>Can I stay up
{{c1::late}} tonight?<br>She has to work {{c1::late}} tomorrow.<br>The big stores
are open {{c1::late}}r on Thursdays.<br> 438
hard "cứng, rắn, hà khắc; hết sức cố gắng, tích cực" adjective "tính từ,
phó từ" /hɑːd/ [sound:z_hard__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hard__us_1.wav]
"to <span class=""cl""><strong>work {{c1::hard}}</strong><br>You must <span
class=""cl""><strong>try {{c1::hard}}er</strong><br>She <span
class=""cl""><strong>tried her {{c1::hard}}est</strong><br>Don't hit it so
{{c1::hard}}!<br>" 439
field "cánh đồng; lĩnh vực, khía cạnh" noun danh từ /fiːld/
[sound:z_field__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_field__us_1.wav] People were
working in the {{c1::fields}}.<br>a ploughed {{c1::field}}<br>a {{c1::field}} of
wheat<br>We camped in a {{c1::field}} near the village.<br>440
else "khác, nữa; nếu không" adverb phó từ /els/ [sound:z_else__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_else__us_1.wav] "What {{c1::else}} did he say?<br>I don't want
anything {{c1::else}}, thanks.<br>I'm taking a few clothes and some books, not much
{{c1::else}}.<br>Ask somebody {{c1::else}} to help you.<br>" 441
pass "qua, vượt qua, ngang qua" verb "động từ, danh từ" /pɑːs/
[sound:z_pass__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pass__us_1.wav] Several people
were {{c1::pass}}ing but nobody offered to help.<br>I hailed a {{c1::pass}}ing
taxi.<br>The road was so narrow that cars were unable to {{c1::pass}}.<br>to
{{c1::pass}} a barrier/sentry/checkpoint<br> 442
former "trước, cũ, xưa, nguyên" "determiner, adjective" tính từ /
ˈfɔːmə(r)/ [sound:z_former__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_former__us_1.wav] "in
{{c1::former}} times<br>the countries of the {{c1::former}} Soviet Union<br>This
beautiful old building has been restored to <span class=""cl""><strong>its
{{c1::former}} glory</strong><br>the {{c1::former}} world champion<br>" 443
sell bán verb động từ /sel/ [sound:z_sell__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sell__us_1.wav] "I sold my car to James for £800.<br>I sold
James my car for £800.<br>They <span class=""cl""><strong>sold</strong><br>We
offered them a good price but they wouldn't {{c1::sell}}.<br>" 444
major "lớn, nhiều hơn, trọng đại, chủ yếu" adjective "tính từ, danh từ"
/ˈmeɪdʒə(r)/ [sound:z_major__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_major__us_1.wav]
a {{c1::major}} road<br>{{c1::major}} international companies<br>to play a
{{c1::major}} role in something<br>We have encountered {{c1::major}} problems.<br>
sometimes "thỉnh thoang, đôi khi" adverb phó từ /ˈsʌmtaɪmz/
[sound:z_sometimes__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sometimes__us_1.wav] {{c1::sometimes}}
I go by car.<br>He {{c1::sometimes}} writes to me.<br>I like to be on my own
{{c1::sometimes}}.<br> 446
require "đòi hỏi, yêu cầu, quy định" verb động từ /rɪˈkwaɪə(r)/
[sound:z_require__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_require__us_1.wav] "These pets
{{c1::require}} a lot of care and attention.<br>Deciphering the code
{{c1::require}}s an expert.<br>This condition {{c1::require}}s urgent
treatment.<br>Do you {{c1::require}} anything else? <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::require}}__22"">(= in a shop/store, for example)<br>" 447
along "dọc theo, theo; theo chiều dài, suốt theo" preposition "giới từ, phó từ"
/əˈlɒŋ/ [sound:z_along__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_along__us_1.wav] "I was
just walking {{c1::along}} singing to myself.<br>He pointed out various landmarks
as we drove {{c1::along}}.<br>We're going for a swim. Why don't you come
{{c1::along}}?<br>I'll be {{c1::along}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::along}}_2__21"">(= I'll join you)<br>" 448
development "sự phát triển, sự trình bày, sự bày tỏ" noun danh từ /dɪ
ˈveləpmənt/ [sound:z_development__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_development__us_1.wav]
a baby's {{c1::development}} in the womb<br>the {{c1::development}} of basic
skills such as literacy and numeracy<br>career {{c1::development}}<br>the
{{c1::development}} of vaccines against tropical diseases<br> 449
themselves "tự chúng, tự họ, tự" pronoun đại từ /ðəmˈselvz/
[sound:z_themselves__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_themselves__us_1.wav] They
seemed to be enjoying {{c1::themselves}}.<br>The children were arguing amongst
{{c1::themselves}}.<br>They've bought {{c1::themselves}} a new car.<br>They
{{c1::themselves}} had had a similar experience.<br> 450
report "báo cáo, tường trình; ban báo cáo, ban tường trình" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /rɪˈpɔːt/ [sound:z_report__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_report__us_1.wav] "Are these newspaper {{c1::report}}s true?
<br>And now over to Jim Muir, for a {{c1::report}} on the South African
election.<br>a weather {{c1::report}}<br>a police/medical {{c1::report}}<br>"
role "vai (diễn), vai trò" noun danh từ /rəʊl/ [sound:z_role__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_role__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::role}} of the teacher in the
classroom<br>She refused to take on the traditional woman's {{c1::role}}.<br>In
many marriages there has been a complete <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::role}}
reversal</strong><br>It is one of the greatest {{c1::role}}s she has played.<br>"
economic (thuộc) kinh tế adjective tính từ /ˌiːkəˈnɒmɪk/
[sound:z_economic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_economic__us_1.wav] "social,
{{c1::economic}} and political issues<br><span
growth/cooperation/development/reform</strong><br>the government's {{c1::economic}}
policy<br>{{c1::economic}} history<br>" 454
effort "sự cố gắng, sự nỗ lực" noun danh từ /ˈefət/
[sound:z_effort__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_effort__us_1.wav] "You should <span
class=""cl""><strong>put</strong><br>A lot of {{c1::effort}} has gone into making
this event a success.<br>The company has invested a great deal of time and
{{c1::effort}} in setting up new training schemes.<br>It's a long climb to the top,
but well worth the {{c1::effort}}.<br>" 455
decide "quyết định, giai quyết, phân xử" verb động từ /dɪˈsaɪd/
[sound:z_decide__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_decide__us_1.wav] It's up to you to
{{c1::decide}}.<br>I can't tell you what to do—you'll have to {{c1::decide}} for
yourself.<br>It was difficult to {{c1::decide}} between the two candidates.<br>They
{{c1::decided}} against taking legal action.<br> 457
rate "tỷ lệ, tốc độ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /reɪt/
[sound:z_rate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rate__us_1.wav] "The university is
<span class=""cl""><strong>highly {{c1::rate}}d</strong><br>They {{c1::rate}}d him
highly as a colleague.<br>Voters continue to {{c1::rate}} education high on their
list of priorities.<br>The show was {{c1::rate}}d (as) a success by critics and
audiences.<br>" 458
strong "khỏe, mạnh, bền, vững, chắc chắn" adjective tính từ /strɒŋ/
[sound:z_strong__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_strong__us_1.wav] "{{c1::strong}}
muscles<br>She wasn't a {{c1::strong}} swimmer <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::strong}}__29"">(= she could not swim well)<br>He's {{c1::strong}} enough
to lift a car!<br>Stay indoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is
{{c1::strong}}est.<br>" 459
possible "có thể, có thể thực hiện" adjective tính từ /ˈpɒsəbl/
[sound:z_possible__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_possible__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>It is {{c1::possible}} to</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Would it be {{c1::possible}} for</strong><br>This wouldn't
have been {{c1::possible}} without you.<br>Try to avoid losing your temper <span
class=""cl""><strong>if at all {{c1::possible}}</strong><br>" 460
heart "tim, trái tim" noun danh từ /hɑːt/ [sound:z_heart__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_heart__us_1.wav] "The patient's {{c1::heart}} stopped beating
for a few seconds.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::heart}}
trouble/failure</strong><br>to have a weak {{c1::heart}}<br>I could feel my
{{c1::heart}} pounding in my chest <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::heart}}__21"">(=
because of excitement, etc.)<br>" 461
drug "thuốc, dược phâm; ma túy" noun danh từ /drʌɡ/
[sound:z_drug__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_drug__us_1.wav] "He does not smoke
or <span class=""cl""><strong>take {{c1::drug}}s</strong><br>teenagers
experimenting with {{c1::drug}}s<br>I found out Steve was <span
class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::drug}}s</strong><br>{{c1::drug}} and alcohol
abuse<br>" 462
leader "người lãnh đạo, lãnh tụ" noun danh từ /ˈliːdə(r)/
[sound:z_leader__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_leader__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>political/spiritual, etc. {{c1::leader}}</strong><br>the
{{c1::leader}} of the party<br>union {{c1::leader}}s<br>He was not a <span
class=""cl""><strong>natural {{c1::leader}}</strong><br>" 464
light "ánh sáng; nhẹ, nhẹ nhàng; đốt, thắp sáng" noun "tính từ, động từ, danh
từ" /laɪt/ [sound:z_light__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_light__us_1.wav] She
lit a candle.<br>The candles were lit.<br>I put a {{c1::light}}ed match to the
letter and watched it burn.<br>Steve took out a cigarette and lit it.<br> 465
voice "tiếng, giọng nói" noun danh từ /vɔɪs/
[sound:z_voice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_voice__us_1.wav] "I could hear
{{c1::voice}}s in the next room.<br>He recognized Sarah's {{c1::voice}}.<br>to
speak <span class=""cl""><strong>in a deep/soft/loud/quiet, etc.
{{c1::voice}}</strong><br>‘I promise,’ she said in a <span
class=""cl""><strong>small {{c1::voice}}</strong><br>" 466
wife vợ noun danh từ /waɪf/ [sound:z_wife__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wife__us_1.wav] the doctor's {{c1::wife}}<br>She's his second
{{c1::wife}}.<br>an increase in the number of working wives<br> 467
whole "bình an vô sự, không suy suyển, không hư hỏng; toàn bộ, tất ca, toàn thể"
adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /həʊl/ [sound:z_whole__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_whole__us_1.wav] Four quarters make a {{c1::whole}}.<br>The
subjects of the curriculum form a coherent {{c1::whole}}.<br>The effects will last
for the {{c1::whole}} of his life.<br>The festival will be great for our city and
for the country as a {{c1::whole}}.<br> 468
police "canh sát, công an" noun danh từ /pəˈliːs/
[sound:z_police__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_police__us_1.wav] "A man was
arrested by the {{c1::police}} and held for questioning.<br>Get out of the house or
<span class=""cl""><strong>I'll call the {{c1::police}}</strong><br>{{c1::police}}
suspect a local gang.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::police}}
car</strong><br>" 469
mind "tâm trí, tinh thần, trí tuệ; chú ý, để ý, chăm sóc, quan tâm" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /maɪnd/ [sound:z_mind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mind__us_1.wav]
I don't {{c1::mind}} the cold—it's the rain I don't like.<br>I hope you don't
{{c1::mind}} the noise.<br>He wouldn't have {{c1::mind}}ed so much if she'd told
him the truth.<br>Did she {{c1::mind}} about not getting the job?<br> 470
finally "cuối cùng, sau cùng" adverb phó từ /ˈfaɪnəli/
[sound:z_finally__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_finally__us_1.wav] The performance
{{c1::finally}} started half an hour late.<br>The law was {{c1::finally}} passed in
May 2009.<br>I {{c1::finally}} managed to get her attention.<br>Are you
{{c1::finally}} going to tell me why I'm here?<br> 471
pull "lôi, kéo, giật; sự lôi kéo, sự giật" verb động từ /pʊl/
[sound:z_pull__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pull__us_1.wav] I gave the door a
sharp {{c1::pull}} and it opened.<br>One last {{c1::pull}} on the rope should do
it.<br>the earth's gravitational {{c1::pull}}<br>The tides depend on the
{{c1::pull}} of the moon.<br> 472
return "trở lại, trở về; sự trở lại, sự trở về" verb "động từ, danh
từ" /rɪˈtɜːn/ [sound:z_return__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_return__us_1.wav] "He
was met by his brother <span class=""cl""><strong>on his
{{c1::return}}</strong><br>I saw the play on its {{c1::return}} to Broadway.<br>on
the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::return}} flight/journey/trip</strong><br>We
would appreciate the prompt {{c1::return}} of books to the library.<br>" 473
free "miễn phí, tự do, giai phóng, tra tự do" adjective "tính từ, động từ"
/friː/ [sound:z_free__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_free__us_1.wav]
Children under five travel {{c1::free}}.<br>The wagon broke {{c1::free}} from
the train.<br>Does she know that you're making {{c1::free}} with her belongings?
<br> 474
military "(thuộc) quân đội, quân sự" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /
ˈmɪlətri/ [sound:z_military__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_military__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::military}} training/intelligence</strong><br>a
{{c1::military}} coup<br>{{c1::military}} uniform<br>We may have to take
{{c1::military}} action.<br>" 475
price "giá, giá ca" noun danh từ /praɪs/ [sound:z_price__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_price__us_1.wav] "Boat for sale, {{c1::price}}
£2000<br>house/retail/oil/share {{c1::prices}}<br>to charge a <span
class=""cl""><strong>high/reasonable/low {{c1::price}}</strong><br>The
{{c1::price}} of cigarettes is set to rise again.<br>" 476
less "nhỏ bé, ít hơn; số lượng ít hơn" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /les/
[sound:z_less__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_less__us_1.wav] "{{c1::less}}
expensive/likely/intelligent<br>{{c1::less}} often/enthusiastically<br>I read much
{{c1::less}} now than I used to.<br>The receptionist was <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::less}} than</strong><br>" 478
decision "sự quyết định, sự giai quyết, sự phân xử" noun danh từ /dɪ
ˈsɪʒn/ [sound:z_decision__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_decision__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>make a {{c1::decision}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>take a {{c1::decision}}</strong><br>We need a {{c1::decision}}
on this by next week.<br>Who <span class=""cl""><strong>took the
{{c1::decision}}</strong><br>" 480
explain "giai nghĩa, giai thích" verb động từ /ɪkˈspleɪn/
[sound:z_explain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_explain__us_1.wav] "First, I'll
{{c1::explain}} the rules of the game.<br>It was difficult to {{c1::explain}} the
problem to beginners.<br>‘Let me {{c1::explain}}!’ he added helpfully.<br>I
{{c1::explain}}ed that an ambulance would be coming soon.<br>" 481
son con trai noun danh từ /sʌn/ [sound:z_son__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_son__us_1.wav] "We have two {{c1::son}}s and a daughter.<br>They
have three grown-up {{c1::son}}s.<br>He's the {{c1::son}} of an Oxford
professor.<br>Maine &amp; {{c1::son}}s, Grocers <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::son}}__18"">(= the name of a company on a sign)<br>" 482
hope hy vọng; nguồn hy vọng verb "động từ, danh từ" /həʊp/
[sound:z_hope__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hope__us_1.wav] "There is now
{{c1::hope}} of a cure.<br>{{c1::hope}}s for the missing men are fading.<br>There
is <span class=""cl""><strong>little {{c1::hope}} that</strong><br>They have <span
class=""cl""><strong>given up {{c1::hope}}</strong><br>" 483
develop "phát triển, mở rộng; trình bày, bày tỏ" verb động từ /dɪˈveləp/
[sound:z_develop__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_develop__us_1.wav] The child is
{{c1::develop}}ing normally.<br>The place has rapidly {{c1::develop}}ed from a
small fishing community into a thriving tourist resort.<br>She {{c1::develop}}ed
the company from nothing.<br>The company {{c1::develop}}s and markets new
software.<br> 485
view "sự nhìn, tầm nhìn; nhìn thấy, xem, quan sát" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/vjuː/ [sound:z_view__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_view__us_1.wav] "When
the car was first built, the design was {{c1::view}}ed as highly original.<br>How
do you {{c1::view}} your position within the company?<br>She {{c1::view}}ed him
with suspicion.<br>You should {{c1::view}} their offer with a great deal of
caution.<br>" 486
relationship "mối quan hệ, mối liên lạc" noun danh từ /rɪˈleɪʃnʃɪp/
[sound:z_relationship__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relationship__us_1.wav] "The
{{c1::relationship}} between the police and the local community has
improved.<br>She has a very <span class=""cl""><strong>close
{{c1::relationship}}</strong><br>I have established a good <span
class=""cl""><strong>working {{c1::relationship}}</strong><br>a master-servant
{{c1::relationship}}<br>" 487
carry "mang, vác, khuân chở" verb động từ /ˈkæri/
[sound:z_carry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_carry__us_1.wav] He was
{{c1::carry}}ing a suitcase.<br>She carried her baby in her arms.<br>The injured
were carried away on stretchers.<br>a train {{c1::carry}}ing commuters to work<br>
town "thị trấn, thị xã" noun danh từ /taʊn/ [sound:z_town__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_town__us_1.wav] a university {{c1::town}}<br>They live in a
rough part of {{c1::town}}.<br>The nearest {{c1::town}} is ten miles away.<br>We
spent a month in the French {{c1::town}} of Le Puy.<br> 489
road "con đường, đường phố" noun danh từ /rəʊd/ [sound:z_road__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_road__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>main/major/minor
{{c1::road}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>country/mountain
{{c1::road}}</strong><br>They live just <span class=""cl""><strong>along/up/down
the {{c1::road}}</strong><br>The house is on a very busy {{c1::road}}.<br>" 490
drive "lái , đua xe; cuộc đua xe (điều khiển)" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/draɪv/ [sound:z_drive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_drive__us_1.wav] "Let's
<span class=""cl""><strong>go for a {{c1::drive}}</strong><br>a {{c1::drive}}
through the mountains<br>It's a three-hour {{c1::drive}} to London.<br>the
{{c1::drive}} shaft<br>" 491
arm "cánh tay; vũ trang, trang bị (vũ khí)" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ɑːm/
[sound:z_arm__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_arm__us_1.wav] The country was
{{c1::arm}}ing against the enemy.<br>The men {{c1::arm}}ed themselves with sticks
and stones.<br>She had {{c1::arm}}ed herself for the meeting with all the latest
statistics.<br> 492
federal (thuộc) liên bang adjective tính từ /ˈfedərəl/
[sound:z_federal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_federal__us_1.wav] a {{c1::federal}}
republic<br>a {{c1::federal}} law<br>state and {{c1::federal}} income
taxes<br>{{c1::federal}}ly funded health care<br> 494
break "bẻ gẫy, đập vỡ; sự gãy, sự vỡ" verb "động từ, danh từ" /breɪk/
[sound:z_break__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_break__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>coffee/lunch/tea {{c1::break}}</strong><br>Let's <span
class=""cl""><strong>take a {{c1::break}}</strong><br>a {{c1::break}} for
lunch<br>She worked all day without a {{c1::break}}.<br>" 495
difference sự khác nhau noun danh từ /ˈdɪfrəns/
[sound:z_difference__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_difference__us_1.wav] "There
are no significant {{c1::difference}}s between the education systems of the two
countries.<br>He was studying the complex similarities and {{c1::difference}}s
between humans and animals.<br>There's no {{c1::difference}} in the results.<br>I
can never <span class=""cl""><strong>tell the {{c1::difference}}</strong><br>"
thank cám ơn verb động từ /θæŋk/ [sound:z_thank__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_thank__us_1.wav] "I must write and {{c1::thank}} Mary for the
present.<br>In his speech, he {{c1::thank}}ed everyone for all their hard
work.<br>She said goodbye and {{c1::thank}}ed us for coming.<br>There's no need to
{{c1::thank}} me—I enjoyed doing it.<br>" 498
receive "nhận, lĩnh, thu" verb động từ /rɪˈsiːv/
[sound:z_receive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_receive__us_1.wav] to {{c1::receive}}
a letter/present/phone call<br>to {{c1::receive}} information/payment/thanks<br>He
{{c1::receive}}d an award for bravery from the police service.<br>We
{{c1::receive}}d a warm welcome from our hosts.<br> 499
value "giá trị; định giá, coi trọng" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈvæljuː/
[sound:z_value__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_value__us_1.wav] I really
{{c1::value}} him as a friend.<br>The area is {{c1::valued}} for its
vineyards.<br>a {{c1::valued}} member of staff<br>They don't seem to {{c1::value}}
honesty very highly.<br> 500
international quốc tế adjective tính từ /ˌɪntəˈnæʃnəl/
[sound:z_international__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_international__us_1.wav]
{{c1::international}} trade/law/sport<br>an {{c1::international}}
airport/school/company<br>{{c1::international}} relations<br>a pianist with an
{{c1::international}} reputation<br> 501
building "sự xây dựng, công trình xây dựng; tòa nhà" noun danh từ /
ˈbɪldɪŋ/ [sound:z_building__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_building__us_1.wav]
tall/old/historic {{c1::building}}s<br>the {{c1::building}} of the
school<br>There's {{c1::building}} work going on next door.<br>the {{c1::building}}
trade<br> 502
action "hành động, hành vi, tác động. Take action: hành động" noun danh
từ /ˈækʃn/ [sound:z_action__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_action__us_1.wav] "The
time has come for {{c1::action}} if these beautiful animals are to
survive.<br>Firefighters <span class=""cl""><strong>took
{{c1::action}}</strong><br>What is the best <span class=""cl""><strong>course of
{{c1::action}}</strong><br>She began to explain her <span class=""cl""><strong>plan
of {{c1::action}}</strong><br>" 503
full "đầy, đầy đủ" adjective tính từ /fʊl/ [sound:z_full__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_full__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::full}} bottle of wine<br>She could
only nod, because her mouth was {{c1::full}}.<br>My suitcase was {{c1::full}} of
books.<br>There were cardboard boxes <span class=""cl""><strong>stuffed
{{c1::full}} of</strong><br>" 504
model "mẫu, kiểu mẫu" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈmɒdl/
[sound:z_model__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_model__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>working {{c1::model}}</strong><br>a {{c1::model}}
aeroplane<br>The architect had produced a <span class=""cl""><strong>scale
{{c1::model}}</strong><br>The latest {{c1::model}}s will be on display at the motor
show.<br>" 505
join "gia nhập, tham gia; nối, chắp, ghép" verb động từ /dʒɔɪn/
[sound:z_join__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_join__us_1.wav] {{c1::join}} one
section of pipe to the next.<br>The island is {{c1::join}}ed to the mainland by a
bridge.<br>{{c1::join}} the two sections of pipe together.<br>Draw a line
{{c1::join}}ing (up) all the crosses.<br> 506
season mùa noun danh từ /ˈsiːzn/ [sound:z_season__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_season__us_1.wav] "the changing {{c1::season}}s<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>cricket/hunting/shooting, etc. {{c1::season}}</strong><br>He
scored his first goal of the {{c1::season}} on Saturday.<br>The female changes
colour during the <span class=""cl""><strong>breeding {{c1::season}}</strong><br>"
society xã hội noun danh từ /səˈsaɪəti/ [sound:z_society__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_society__us_1.wav] policies that will benefit {{c1::society}} as a
whole<br>Racism exists at all levels of {{c1::society}}.<br>They carried out
research into the roles of men and women in today's {{c1::society}}<br>modern
industrial societies<br> 508
tax thuế; đánh thuế noun danh từ /tæks/ [sound:z_tax__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tax__us_1.wav] Any interest payments are {{c1::tax}}ed as part of
your income.<br>His declared aim was to {{c1::tax}} the rich.<br>The car is
{{c1::tax}}ed until July.<br>The questions did not {{c1::tax}} me.<br> 510
director "giám đốc, người điều khiển, chỉ huy" noun danh từ /də
ˈrektə(r)/ [sound:z_director__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_director__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>managing {{c1::director}}</strong><br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>executive/non-executive {{c1::director}}</strong><br>He's on
<span class=""cl""><strong>the board of {{c1::director}}s</strong><br>the musical
{{c1::director}}<br>" 511
position "vị trí, chỗ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /pəˈzɪʃn/
[sound:z_position__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_position__us_1.wav] "From his
{{c1::position}} on the cliff top, he had a good view of the harbour.<br>Where
would be the best {{c1::position}} for the lights?<br>These plants will grow well
in a sheltered {{c1::position}}.<br>The hotel stands in an elevated
{{c1::position}} looking out over the lake.<br>" 513
player người chơi 1 trò chơi nào đó (nhạc cụ) noun danh từ /ˈpleɪə(r)/
[sound:z_player__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_player__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>tennis/rugby/chess, etc. {{c1::player}}</strong><br>a game for
four {{c1::player}}s<br>a midfield {{c1::player}}<br>We've lost two key
{{c1::player}}s through injury.<br>" 514
agree "đồng ý, tán thành" verb động từ /əˈɡriː/
[sound:z_agree__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_agree__us_1.wav] "When he said
that, I had to {{c1::agree}}.<br>‘That's true’, she {{c1::agree}}d.<br>He
{{c1::agree}}d with them about the need for change.<br>I {{c1::agree}} with her
analysis of the situation.<br>" 515
especially "đăc biệt là, nhất là" adverb phó từ /ɪˈspeʃəli/
[sound:z_especially__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_especially__us_1.wav] "The
car is quite small, {{c1::especially}} if you have children.<br>Teenagers are very
fashion conscious, {{c1::especially}} girls.<br>I love Rome, {{c1::especially}} in
the spring.<br>I made it {{c1::especially}} for you.<br>" 516
record "ban ghi, sự ghi, ban thu, sự thu; thu, ghi chép" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /rɪˈkɔːd/ [sound:z_record__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_record__us_2.wav]
Her childhood is {{c1::record}}ed in the diaries of those years.<br>You
should {{c1::record}} all your expenses during your trip.<br>His job is to
{{c1::record}} how politicians vote on major issues.<br>She {{c1::record}}ed in her
diary that they crossed the Equator on 15 June.<br> 517
pick "cuốc (đất); đào, khoét (lỗ). pick sth up cuốc, vỡ, xé" verb động từ
/pɪk/ [sound:z_pick__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pick__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::pick}} a number from one to twenty.<br>She {{c1::pick}}ed the best
cake for herself.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pick}}ed his
words</strong><br>Have I {{c1::pick}}ed a bad time to talk to you?<br>" 518
wear "măc, mang, đeo" verb động từ /weə(r)/ [sound:z_wear__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wear__us_1.wav] She was {{c1::wear}}ing a new coat.<br>Do I
have to {{c1::wear}} a tie?<br>Was she {{c1::wear}}ing a seat belt?<br>He wore
glasses.<br> 519
paper giấy noun danh từ /ˈpeɪpə(r)/ [sound:z_paper__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_paper__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>a piece/sheet of
{{c1::paper}}</strong><br>a package wrapped in brown {{c1::paper}}<br>recycled
{{c1::paper}}<br>She wrote her name and address on <span class=""cl""><strong>a
slip</strong><br>" 520
special "đăc biệt, riêng biệt" adjective tính từ /ˈspeʃl/
[sound:z_special__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_special__us_1.wav] "The school will
only allow this in {{c1::special}} circumstances.<br>Some of the officials have
{{c1::special}} privileges.<br>There is <span class=""cl""><strong>something
{{c1::special}}</strong><br>This type of wood needs {{c1::special}} treatment.<br>"
space "khoang trống, khoang cách, không gian" noun danh từ /speɪs/
[sound:z_space__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_space__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>floor/office/shelf, etc. {{c1::space}}</strong><br>We must
make good use of the available {{c1::space}}.<br>That desk <span
class=""cl""><strong>takes up</strong><br>There is very little <span
class=""cl""><strong>storage {{c1::space}}</strong><br>" 522
ground "măt đất, bãi đất" noun danh từ /ɡraʊnd/
[sound:z_ground__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_ground__us_2.wav] "I found her lying
<span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::ground}}</strong><br>He lost his balance
and fell <span class=""cl""><strong>to the {{c1::ground}}</strong><br>2 metres
<span class=""cl""><strong>above/below {{c1::ground}}</strong><br>Most of the
monkeys' food is found <span class=""cl""><strong>at {{c1::ground}}
level</strong><br>" 523
form "hình thể, hình dạng, hình thức; làm thành, được tạo thành" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /fɔːm/ [sound:z_form__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_form__us_1.wav]
"Flowers appeared, but fruits failed to {{c1::form}}.<br>Storm clouds are
{{c1::form}}ing on the horizon.<br>These hills were {{c1::form}}ed by
glaciation.<br>A plan {{c1::form}}ed in my head.<br>" 524
support "sự ủng hộ; hỗ trợ, ủng hộ" verb "động từ, danh từ" /səˈpɔːt/
[sound:z_support__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_support__us_1.wav] "There is strong
public {{c1::support}} for the change.<br>Can I rely on your {{c1::support}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::support}}_2__21"">(= will you vote for me)<br>Only a few
people spoke <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::support}} of</strong><br>Local
businesses have provided <span class=""cl""><strong>financial
{{c1::support}}</strong><br>" 525
event "sự việc, sự kiện" noun danh từ /ɪˈvent/
[sound:z_event__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_event__us_1.wav] "The election was
the main {{c1::event}} of 2008.<br>In the light of later {{c1::event}}s the
decision was proved right.<br>The decisions we take now may influence <span
class=""cl""><strong>the course of {{c1::event}}s</strong><br>He found that the
report he had written had been <span class=""cl""><strong>overtaken by
{{c1::event}}s</strong><br>" 526
official "(thuộc) chính quyền, văn phòng; viên chức, công chức" noun "danh
từ, tính từ" /əˈfɪʃl/ [sound:z_official__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_official__us_1.wav] a bank/company/court/government
{{c1::official}}<br>a senior {{c1::official}} in the State Department<br>Palace
{{c1::official}}s are refusing to comment on the royal divorce.<br> 527
whose của ai "determiner, adjective" tính từ /huːz/
[sound:z_whose__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_whose__us_1.wav] {{c1::whose}}
house is that?<br>I wonder {{c1::whose}} this is.<br>He's a man {{c1::whose}}
opinion I respect.<br>It's the house {{c1::whose}} door is painted red.<br> 528
matter "chất, vật chất; có ý nghĩa, có tính chất quan trọng" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /ˈmætə(r)/ [sound:z_matter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_matter__us_1.wav]
"The children {{c1::matter}} more to her than anything else in the
world.<br>‘What did you say?’ ‘Oh, it doesn't {{c1::matter}}’ <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::matter}}_2__20"">(= it is not important enough to repeat)<br>‘I'm afraid
I forgot that book again.’ ‘It doesn't {{c1::matter}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::matter}}_2__22"">(= it is not important enough to worry about)<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>What does it {{c1::matter}}</strong><br>" 529
couple "đôi, căp; đôi vợ chồng, căp nam nữ. a couple một căp, một đôi" noun
danh từ /ˈkʌpl/ [sound:z_couple__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_couple__us_1.wav] I saw a {{c1::couple}} of men get out.<br>a
{{c1::couple}} of minutes<br>We went there a {{c1::couple}} of years ago.<br>I've
seen her a {{c1::couple}} of times before.<br> 532
project "đề án, dự án, kế hoạch; dự kiến, kế hoạch" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /prəˈdʒekt/ [sound:z_project__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_project__us_2.wav] The
next edition of the book is {{c1::project}}ed for publication in March.<br>The
{{c1::project}}ed housing development will go ahead next year.<br>A growth rate of
4% is {{c1::project}}ed for next year.<br>The unemployment rate has been
{{c1::project}}ed to fall.<br> 535
hit "đánh, đấm, ném trúng; đòn, cú đấm" verb "động từ, danh từ" /hɪt/
[sound:z_hit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hit__us_1.wav] "Give it a good
{{c1::hit}}.<br>He made the winning {{c1::hit}}.<br>The bomber scored a <span
class=""cl""><strong>direct {{c1::hit}}</strong><br>The aircraft suffered seven
{{c1::hit}}s in the raid.<br>" 536
base "cơ sở, cơ ban, nền móng; đăt tên, đăt cơ sở trên cái gì. based on dựa
trên" verb "động từ, danh từ" /beɪs/ [sound:z_base__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_base__us_1.wav] They decided to {{c1::base}} the new company in
York.<br>We're going to {{c1::base}} ourselves in Tokyo and make trips from
there.<br>What are you basing this theory on?<br> 537
activity "sự tích cực, sự hoạt động, sự nhanh nhẹn, sự linh lợi" noun danh
từ /ækˈtɪvəti/ [sound:z_activity__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_activity__us_1.wav]
"economic {{c1::activity}}<br>The streets were noisy and full of
{{c1::activity}}.<br>Muscles contract and relax during physical
{{c1::activity}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>leisure/outdoor/classroom
activities</strong><br>" 538
star "ngôi sao, hình sao; đóng vai (trong phim)" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/stɑː(r)/ [sound:z_star__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_star__us_1.wav] "She
{{c1::star}}red opposite Cary Grant in ‘Bringing up Baby’.<br>No one has yet been
chosen for the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::star}}ring role</strong><br>a movie
{{c1::star}}ring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan<br>The studio wants to
{{c1::star}} her in a sequel to last year's hit.<br>" 539
table cái bàn noun danh từ /ˈteɪbl/ [sound:z_table__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_table__us_1.wav] "a kitchen {{c1::table}}<br>A {{c1::table}} for
two, please <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::table}}_1__19"">(= in a
restaurant)<br>I'd like to <span class=""cl""><strong>book a
{{c1::table}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>set the
{{c1::table}}</strong><br>" 540
court "sân, sân (tennis...), tòa án, quan tòa, phiên tòa" noun danh từ /kɔːt/
[sound:z_court__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_court__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>civil/criminal {{c1::court}}s</strong><br>Her lawyer made a
statement outside the {{c1::court}}.<br>She will appear <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::court}}</strong><br>They <span
class=""cl""><strong>took</strong><br>" 542
produce "san xuất, chế tạo" verb động từ /prəˈdjuːs/
[sound:z_produce__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_produce__us_1.wav] a factory that
{{c1::produce}}s microchips<br>The region {{c1::produce}}s over 50% of the
country's wheat.<br>These shrubs {{c1::produce}} bright red berries.<br>Our cat
{{c1::produce}}d kittens last week.<br> 543
eat ăn verb động từ /iːt/ [sound:z_eat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_eat__us_1.wav]
"I was too nervous to {{c1::eat}}.<br>She doesn't {{c1::eat}} sensibly <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::eat}}__31"">(= doesn't {{c1::eat}} food that is good for
her)<br>I don't {{c1::eat}} m{{c1::eat}}.<br>Would you like something to
{{c1::eat}}?<br>" 544
teach "dạy, dạy học, chỉ bao" verb động từ /tiːtʃ/
[sound:z_teach__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_teach__us_1.wav] "She
{{c1::teach}}es at our local school.<br>He taught for several years before becoming
a writer.<br>I'll be {{c1::teach}}ing history and sociology next term.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::teach}} school</strong><br>" 546
oil dầu noun danh từ /ɔɪl/ [sound:z_oil__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_oil__us_1.wav]
"drilling for {{c1::oil}}<br>engine {{c1::oil}}<br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::oil}} lamp/heater</strong><br>Put some {{c1::oil}} in
the car.<br>" 547
half "một nửa, phần chia đôi, nửa giờ; nửa" "determiner, adjective" "tính từ,
danh từ" /hɑːf/ [sound:z_half__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_half__us_1.wav]
The glass was {{c1::half}} full.<br>The chicken was only {{c1::half}}
cooked.<br>{{c1::half}}-closed eyes<br>I'm {{c1::half}} inclined to agree.<br>
situation "hoàn canh, địa thế, vị trí" noun danh từ /ˌsɪtʃuˈeɪʃn/
[sound:z_situation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_situation__us_1.wav] "to be <span
class=""cl""><strong>in a</strong><br>You could get into <span
class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::situation}} where</strong><br>We have all been in
similar embarrassing {{c1::situation}}s.<br>the present <span
class=""cl""><strong>economic/financial/political, etc.
{{c1::situation}}</strong><br>" 549
easy "dễ dàng, dễ tính, ung dung" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /ˈiːzi/
[sound:z_easy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_easy__us_1.wav] "an {{c1::easy}}
exam/job<br>He didn't <span class=""cl""><strong>make it
{{c1::easy}}</strong><br>Their house isn't the easiest place to get
to.<br>vegetables that are {{c1::easy}} to grow<br>" 550
cost "giá, chi phí; tra giá, phai tra" noun "danh từ, động từ" /kɒst/
[sound:z_cost__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cost__us_1.wav] How much did it
{{c1::cost}}?<br>I didn't get it because it {{c1::cost}} too much.<br>Tickets
{{c1::cost}} ten dollars each.<br>Calls to the helpline {{c1::cost}} 38p per
minute.<br> 551
industry "công nghiệp, kỹ nghệ" noun danh từ /ˈɪndəstri/
[sound:z_industry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_industry__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>heavy/light {{c1::industry}}</strong><br>the needs of British
{{c1::industry}}<br>She got a job <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::industry}}</strong><br>the steel {{c1::industry}}<br>" 552
figure "hình dáng, nhân vật; hình dung, miêu ta" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈfɪɡə(r)/ [sound:z_figure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_figure__us_1.wav] "My
feelings about the matter didn't seem to {{c1::figure}} at all.<br>Do I still
{{c1::figure}} in your plans?<br>The question of the peace settlement is likely to
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::figure}} prominently</strong><br>It did not
{{c1::figure}} high on her list of priorities.<br>" 553
image "anh, hình anh" noun danh từ /ˈɪmɪdʒ/ [sound:z_image__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_image__us_1.wav] His public {{c1::image}} is very different from
the real person.<br>The advertisements are intended to improve the company's
{{c1::image}}.<br>{{c1::image}} is very important in the music
world.<br>stereotyped {{c1::image}}s of women in children's books<br> 556
itself "chính cái đó, chính điều đó, chính con vật đó" pronoun đại từ
/ɪtˈself/ [sound:z_itself__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_itself__us_1.wav] The
cat was washing {{c1::itself}}.<br>Does the computer turn {{c1::itself}} off?
<br>The company has got {{c1::itself}} into difficulties.<br>There's no need for
the team to feel proud of {{c1::itself}}.<br> 557
either "mỗi, một; cũng phai thế" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /ˈaɪðə(r)/
[sound:z_either__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_either__us_1.wav] "Pete can't go and
I can't {{c1::either}}.<br>‘I don't like it.’ ‘Me {{c1::either}}.’ <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::either}}_2__17"">(= N{{c1::either}} do I)<br>I know a good
Italian restaurant. It's not far from here, {{c1::either}}.<br>Well, I think she's
{{c1::either}} Czech or Slovak.<br>" 559
data "số liệu, dữ liệu" noun danh từ /ˈdeɪtə/ [sound:z_data__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_data__us_1.wav] "This {{c1::data}} was collected from 69
countries.<br>the analysis/interpretation of the {{c1::data}}<br>raw {{c1::data}}
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::data}}__20"">(= that has not been
analysed)<br>demographical/historical/personal {{c1::data}}<br>" 560
cover "bao bọc, che phủ; vỏ, vỏ bọc" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈkʌvə(r)/
[sound:z_cover__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cover__us_1.wav] "a cushion
{{c1::cover}}<br>a plastic waterproof {{c1::cover}} for the stroller<br>Everyone
ran <span class=""cl""><strong>for {{c1::cover}}</strong><br>The climbers <span
class=""cl""><strong>took {{c1::cover}}</strong><br>" 561
quite "khá là, hoàn toàn" adverb phó từ /kwaɪt/
[sound:z_quite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_quite__us_1.wav] "{{c1::quite}}
big/good/cold/warm/interesting<br>He plays {{c1::quite}} well.<br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::quite}} like</strong><br>{{c1::quite}}
delicious/amazing/empty/perfect<br>" 562
picture "bức vẽ, bức họa" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈpɪktʃə(r)/
[sound:z_picture__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_picture__us_1.wav] "A {{c1::picture}}
of flowers hung on the wall.<br>The children were <span
class=""cl""><strong>drawing {{c1::picture}}s</strong><br>She wanted a famous
artist to <span class=""cl""><strong>paint her {{c1::picture}}</strong><br>a book
with lots of {{c1::picture}}s in it<br>" 563
clear "lau chùi, quét dọn" adjective "tính từ, động từ" /klɪə(r)/
[sound:z_clear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_clear__us_1.wav] Stand
{{c1::clear}} of the train doors.<br>He injured his arm as he jumped {{c1::clear}}
of the car.<br>By lap two Walker was two metres {{c1::clear}} of the rest of the
runners.<br>She could see {{c1::clear}} down the highway into the town.<br> 564
practice "thực hành, thực tiễn" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈpræktɪs/
[sound:z_practice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_practice__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::practice}} the piano every day<br>The team is practicing for their big game
on Friday.<br>They {{c1::practice}}d the dance until it was perfect.<br>She's
practicing medicine in Philadelphia.<br> 565
piece "manh, mâu; đồng tiền" noun danh từ /piːs/
[sound:z_piece__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_piece__us_1.wav] a {{c1::piece}} of
string/wood<br>She wrote something on a small {{c1::piece}} of paper.<br>a large
{{c1::piece}} of land<br>a {{c1::piece}} of cake/cheese/meat<br> 566
land "đất, đất canh tác, đất đai" noun "danh từ, động từ" /lænd/
[sound:z_land__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_land__us_1.wav] The plane
{{c1::land}}ed safely.<br>A fly {{c1::land}}ed on his nose.<br>The pilot
{{c1::land}}ed the plane safely.<br>We shall be {{c1::land}}ing shortly. Please
fasten your seatbelts.<br> 567
recent "gần đây, mới đây" adjective tính từ /ˈriːsnt/
[sound:z_recent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_recent__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::recent}}
development/discovery/event<br>his most {{c1::recent}} visit to Poland<br>There
have been many changes <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::recent}}
years</strong><br>" 568
describe "diễn ta, miêu ta, mô ta" verb động từ /dɪˈskraɪb/
[sound:z_describe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_describe__us_1.wav] "Can you
{{c1::describe}} him to me?<br>The current political situation in Vietnam is
{{c1::describe}}d in chapter 8.<br>The man was {{c1::describe}}d as tall and dark,
and aged about 20.<br>Jim was {{c1::describe}}d by his colleagues as
‘unusual’.<br>" 569
product san phâm noun danh từ /ˈprɒdʌkt/ [sound:z_product__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_product__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>dairy/meat/pharmaceutical, etc.
{{c1::product}}s</strong><br>investment in <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::product}} development</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>launch a new {{c1::product}}</strong><br>We need new
{{c1::product}} to sell <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::product}}__23"">(= a new
range of {{c1::product}}s)<br>" 570
wall "tường, vách" noun danh từ /wɔːl/ [sound:z_wall__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wall__us_1.wav] "The fields were divided by stone
{{c1::wall}}s.<br>He sat on the {{c1::wall}} and watched the others playing.<br>I'm
going to paint the {{c1::wall}}s white and the ceiling pink.<br>Hang the picture
<span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::wall}}</strong><br>" 572
patient "bệnh nhân; kiên nhẫn, nhẫn nại, bền chí" noun "danh từ, tính từ"
/ˈpeɪʃnt/ [sound:z_patient__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_patient__us_1.wav] She's
very {{c1::patient}} with young children.<br>You'll just have to be {{c1::patient}}
and wait till I'm finished.<br>She sat {{c1::patient}}ly waiting for her turn.<br>
worker người lao động noun danh từ /ˈwɜːkə(r)/
[sound:z_worker__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worker__us_1.wav]
"farm/factory/office {{c1::worker}}s<br>rescue/aid/research
{{c1::worker}}s<br><span class=""cl""><strong>temporary/part-time/casual
{{c1::worker}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>manual/skilled/unskilled
{{c1::worker}}s</strong><br>" 574
news "tin, tin tức" noun danh từ /njuːz/ [sound:z_news__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_news__us_1.wav] What's the latest {{c1::news}}?<br>Have you
heard the {{c1::news}}? Pat's leaving!<br>That's great {{c1::news}}.<br>Tell me all
your {{c1::news}}.<br> 575
test "bài kiểm tra, sự thử nghiệm, xét nghiệm; kiểm tra, xét nghiệm, thử nghiệm"
noun "danh từ, động từ" /test/ [sound:z_test__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_test__us_1.wav] "Children are {{c1::test}}ed on core subjects
at ages 7, 11 and 14.<br>We {{c1::test}} your English before deciding which class
to put you in.<br>Schools use various methods of {{c1::test}}ing.<br>students who
{{c1::test}}ed well in reading<br>" 576
movie phim xi nê noun danh từ /ˈmuːvi/ [sound:z_movie__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_movie__us_1.wav] "to make a horror {{c1::movie}}<br>Have you
seen the latest Miyazaki {{c1::movie}}?<br>a famous <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::movie}} director/star</strong><br>Let's go to the
{{c1::movie}}s.<br>" 577
certain "chắc chắn, cái gì đó, ai đó" adjective tính từ /ˈsɜːtn/
[sound:z_certain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_certain__us_1.wav] The climbers face
{{c1::certain}} death if the rescue today is unsuccessful.<br>It is {{c1::certain}}
that they will agree.<br>She looks {{c1::certain}} to win an Oscar.<br>They are
{{c1::certain}} to agree.<br> 578
north "phía bắc, phương bắc" noun danh từ /nɔːθ/
[sound:z_north__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_north__us_1.wav] The house faces
{{c1::north}}.<br>They live ten miles {{c1::north}} of Boston.<br>The estimated
value is {{c1::north}} of $5.4 billion.<br>The shares had already been trading
{{c1::north}} of £30.<br> 579
personal "cá nhân, tư, riêng tư"adjective tính từ /ˈpɜːsənl/
[sound:z_personal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_personal__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::personal}} details</strong><br>Of course, this is just a
{{c1::personal}} opinion.<br>Coogan has run a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::personal}} best</strong><br>" 581
simply "một cách dễ dàng, gian dị" adverb phó từ /ˈsɪmpli/
[sound:z_simply__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_simply__us_1.wav] "{{c1::simply}}
add hot water and stir.<br>The runway is {{c1::simply}} a strip of grass.<br>Fame
is often <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::simply}} a matter of</strong><br>You can
enjoy all the water sports, or {{c1::simply}} lie on the beach.<br>" 584
third thứ 3 (số thứ tự) number số từ /θɜːd/
[sound:z_third__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_third__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::third}} 585
technology "kỹ thuật học, công nghệ học" noun danh từ /tekˈnɒlədʒi/
[sound:z_technology__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_technology__us_1.wav]
science and {{c1::technology}}<br>recent advances in medical
{{c1::technology}}<br>to make use of the most modern technologies<br>The company
has invested in the latest {{c1::technology}}.<br> 586
catch "bắt lấy, nắm lấy, tóm lấy, chộp lấy" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kætʃ/
[sound:z_catch__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_catch__us_1.wav] "She managed to
{{c1::catch}} the keys as they fell.<br />‘Throw me over that towel, will you?’
‘OK. {{c1::catch}}!’<br />The dog caught the stick in its mouth.<br />The roof was
leaking and I had to use a bucket to {{c1::catch}} the drips.<br />" 587
step "bước; bước, bước đi" noun "danh từ, động từ" /step/
[sound:z_step__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_step__us_1.wav] "a baby's first
{{c1::step}}s<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>took a {{c1::step}}</strong><br>We
heard {{c1::step}}s outside.<br>He walked with a quick light {{c1::step}}.<br>"
computer máy tính noun danh từ /kəmˈpjuːtə(r)/
[sound:z_computer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_computer__us_1.wav] "a personal
{{c1::computer}}<br>Our sales information is processed by {{c1::computer}}.<br>a
{{c1::computer}} program<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::computer}}
software/hardware/graphics</strong><br>" 590
type "loại, kiểu, mẫu; phân loại, xếp loại" noun danh từ /taɪp/
[sound:z_type__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_type__us_1.wav] "How fast can you
{{c1::type}}?<br>typing errors<br>This letter will need to be {{c1::type}}d (out)
again.<br>{{c1::type}} (in) the filename, then press ‘Return’.<br>" 591
attention sự chú ý noun danh từ /əˈtenʃn/ [sound:z_attention__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_attention__us_1.wav] "the report's {{c1::attention}} to detail<br>He
turned his {{c1::attention}} back to the road again.<br>Small children have a very
short <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::attention}} span</strong><br>Please <span
class=""cl""><strong>pay {{c1::attention}}</strong><br>" 592
draw "vẽ, kéo" verb động từ /drɔː/ [sound:z_draw__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_draw__us_1.wav] "You {{c1::draw}} beautifully.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::draw}} a picture/diagram/graph</strong><br>She drew a
house.<br>He drew a circle in the sand with a stick.<br>" 593
film "phim, được dựng thành phim" noun danh từ /fɪlm/
[sound:z_film__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_film__us_1.wav] They are
{{c1::film}}ing in Moscow right now.<br>It took them six weeks to {{c1::film}} the
documentary.<br>The show was {{c1::film}}ed on location in New York.<br>Two young
boys were {{c1::film}}ed stealing CDs on the security video.<br> 594
tree cây noun danh từ /triː/ [sound:z_tree__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tree__us_1.wav] "an oak {{c1::tree}}<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>plant a {{c1::tree}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>chop/cut down a {{c1::tree}}</strong><br>They followed a path
through the {{c1::tree}}s.<br>" 596
source nguồn noun danh từ /sɔːs/ [sound:z_source__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_source__us_1.wav] "renewable <span class=""cl""><strong>energy
{{c1::source}}s</strong><br>Your local library will be a useful <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::source}} of</strong><br>What is their main
{{c1::source}} of income?<br>The tiny window was the only {{c1::source}} of
light.<br>" 597
red đỏ; màu đỏ adjective tính từ /red/ [sound:z_red__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_red__us_1.wav] "She often wears {{c1::red}}.<br>the {{c1::red}}s and
browns of the woods in the fall <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::red}}_2__19"">(= of
the leaves)<br>I've marked the corrections in {{c1::red}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::red}}_2__21"">(= in {{c1::red}} ink)<br>The traffic lights were on
{{c1::red}}.<br>" 598
nearly "gần, sắp, suýt" adverb phó từ /ˈnɪəli/
[sound:z_nearly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nearly__us_1.wav] The bottle's
{{c1::nearly}} empty.<br>I've worked here for {{c1::nearly}} two years.<br>It's
{{c1::nearly}} time to leave.<br>The audience was {{c1::nearly}} all men.<br>
organization "tô chức, cơ quan; sự tô chức" noun danh từ /ˌɔːɡənaɪ
ˈzeɪʃn/ [sound:z_organization__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_organization__us_1.wav]
to work for a business/political/voluntary {{c1::organization}}<br>the World
Health {{c1::organization}}<br>He's the president of a large international
{{c1::organization}}.<br>I leave most of the {{c1::organization}} of these
conferences to my assistant.<br> 600
choose "chọn, lựa chọn" verb động từ /tʃuːz/
[sound:z_choose__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_choose__us_1.wav] "You
{{c1::choose}}, I can't decide.<br>There are plenty of restaurants to
{{c1::choose}} from.<br>She had to {{c1::choose}} between staying in the UK or
going home.<br>Sarah chose her words carefully.<br>" 601
cause "nguyên nhân, nguyên do; gây ra, gây nên" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kɔːz/
[sound:z_cause__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cause__us_1.wav] "Do they know what
{{c1::cause}}d the fire?<br>Are you <span class=""cl""><strong>causing
trouble</strong><br>Doctors say her condition is causing some concern.<br>deaths
{{c1::cause}}d by dangerous driving<br>" 602
hair tóc noun danh từ /heə(r)/ [sound:z_hair__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hair__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>fair/dark
{{c1::hair}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>straight/curly/wavy
{{c1::hair}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>comb/brush</strong><br>She
often wears her {{c1::hair}} loose.<br>" 603
century thế kỷ noun danh từ /ˈsentʃəri/ [sound:z_century__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_century__us_1.wav] "the 20th {{c1::century}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::century}}__22"">(= AD 1901–2000 or 1900–1999)<br>eighteenth-
{{c1::century}} writers<br>By the close of this {{c1::century}} another two billion
people will have been born.<br>" 606
evidence "điều hiển nhiên, điều rõ ràng" noun danh từ /ˈevɪdəns/
[sound:z_evidence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_evidence__us_1.wav] "There is
convincing {{c1::evidence}} of a link between exposure to sun and skin
cancer.<br>The room bore {{c1::evidence}} of a struggle.<br>We found further
scientific {{c1::evidence}} for this theory.<br>There is <span
class=""cl""><strong>not a shred of {{c1::evidence}}</strong><br>" 607
window cửa sô noun danh từ /ˈwɪndəʊ/ [sound:z_window__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_window__us_1.wav] "She <span class=""cl""><strong>looked out of
the {{c1::window}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>open/close the
{{c1::window}}</strong><br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>bedroom/car/kitchen, etc.
{{c1::window}}</strong><br>a broken {{c1::window}}<br>" 608
difficult "khó, khó khăn, gay go" adjective tính từ /ˈdɪfɪkəlt/
[sound:z_difficult__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_difficult__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::difficult}} problem/task/exam<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's
{{c1::difficult}}</strong><br>It's really {{c1::difficult}} to read your
writing.<br>Your writing is really {{c1::difficult}} to read.<br>" 609
listen "nghe, lắng nghe" verb động từ /ˈlɪsn/
[sound:z_listen__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_listen__us_1.wav] "{{c1::listen}}!
What's that noise? Can you hear it?<br>Sorry, I wasn't really
{{c1::listen}}ing.<br>He had been {{c1::listen}}ing at the door.<br>to
{{c1::listen}} to music<br>" 610
soon "sớm, không lâu nữa" adverb "phó từ, liên từ" /suːn/
[sound:z_soon__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_soon__us_1.wav] "We'll be home
{{c1::soon}}./We'll {{c1::soon}} be home.<br>She sold the house <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::soon}} after</strong><br>I {{c1::soon}} realized the
mistake.<br>It {{c1::soon}} became clear that the programme was a failure.<br>"
culture "văn hóa, sự mở mang, sự giáo dục" noun danh từ /ˈkʌltʃə(r)/
[sound:z_culture__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_culture__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>European/Islamic/African/American, etc.
{{c1::culture}}</strong><br>working-class {{c1::culture}}<br>The children are
taught to respect different {{c1::culture}}s.<br>the effect of technology on
traditional {{c1::culture}}s<br>" 612
chance "sự may rủi, sự tình cờ, ngẫu nhiên" noun danh từ /tʃɑːns/
[sound:z_chance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_chance__us_1.wav] "Is there any
{{c1::chance}} of getting tickets for tonight?<br>She has only <span
class=""cl""><strong>a slim {{c1::chance}}</strong><br>There's a <span
class=""cl""><strong>slight {{c1::chance}}</strong><br>There is <span
class=""cl""><strong>no {{c1::chance}}</strong><br>" 614
brother "anh, em trai" noun danh từ /ˈbrʌðə(r)/
[sound:z_brother__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_brother__us_1.wav] "We're
{{c1::brother}}s.<br>He's my {{c1::brother}}.<br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>older/younger {{c1::brother}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>twin {{c1::brother}}</strong><br>" 615
energy "năng lượng, nghị lực, sinh lực" noun danh từ /ˈenədʒi/
[sound:z_energy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_energy__us_1.wav] "It's a waste of
time and {{c1::energy}}.<br>She's always <span class=""cl""><strong>full of
{{c1::energy}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>nervous
{{c1::energy}}</strong><br>She put all her energies into her work.<br>" 616
period "kỳ, thời kỳ, thời gian; thời đại" noun danh từ /ˈpɪəriəd/
[sound:z_period__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_period__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::period}}
of consultation/mourning/uncertainty<br>The factory will be closed down over a 2-
year {{c1::period}}/a {{c1::period}} of two years.<br>This compares with a 4%
increase for the same {{c1::period}} last year.<br>This offer is available for a
<span class=""cl""><strong>limited {{c1::period}}</strong><br>" 617
summer mùa hè noun danh từ /ˈsʌmə(r)/ [sound:z_summer__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_summer__us_1.wav] "We're going away <span class=""cl""><strong>in
the {{c1::summer}}</strong><br>It's very hot here <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::summer}}</strong><br>in the {{c1::summer}} of 2009<br>late/early
{{c1::summer}}<br>" 619
realize "thực hiện, thực hành; thấy rõ, hiểu rõ, nhận thức rõ (việc gì...)"
verb động từ /ˈriːəlaɪz/ [sound:z_realize__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_realize__us_1.wav] "I didn't {{c1::realize}} (that) you were so
unhappy.<br>The moment I saw her, I {{c1::realize}}d something was wrong.<br>I
don't think you {{c1::realize}} how important this is to her.<br>I hope you
{{c1::realize}} the seriousness of this crime.<br>" 621
available "có thể dùng được, có giá trị, hiệu lực" adjective tính từ /ə
ˈveɪləbl/ [sound:z_available__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_available__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::available}} resources/facilities<br><span
{{c1::available}}</strong><br>Tickets are {{c1::available}} free of charge from the
school.<br>When will the information be <span class=""cl""><strong>made
{{c1::available}}</strong><br>" 623
plant "thực vật, sự mọc lên; trồng, gieo" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/plɑːnt/ [sound:z_plant__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plant__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::plant}} and harvest rice<br>{{c1::plant}} these shrubs in full sun.<br>a
densely {{c1::plant}}ed orange grove<br>The field had been ploughed and
{{c1::plant}}ed with corn.<br> 624
likely "có thể đúng, có thể xay ra, có kha năng; có thể, chắc vậy" adjective
"tính từ, phó từ" /ˈlaɪkli/ [sound:z_likely__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_likely__us_1.wav] "the most {{c1::likely}} outcome<br>Tickets are
{{c1::likely}} to be expensive.<br>It's <span class=""cl""><strong>more than
{{c1::likely}} that</strong><br>They might refuse to let us do it, but it's <span
class=""cl""><strong>hardly {{c1::likely}}</strong><br>" 625
opportunity "cơ hội, thời cơ" noun danh từ /ˌɒpəˈtjuːnəti/
[sound:z_opportunity__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_opportunity__us_1.wav] You'll
have the {{c1::opportunity}} to ask any questions at the end.<br>This is the
perfect {{c1::opportunity}} to make a new start.<br>There was no
{{c1::opportunity}} for further discussion.<br>There'll be plenty of
{{c1::opportunity}} for relaxing once the work is done.<br>626
term "giới hạn, kỳ hạn, khóa, kỳ học" noun danh từ /tɜːm/
[sound:z_term__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_term__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>technical/legal/scientific, etc. {{c1::term}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::term}} of abuse<br>‘Register’ is the {{c1::term}} commonly used to describe
different levels of formality in language.<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>spring/summer/autumn/fall {{c1::term}}</strong><br>" 627
short "ngắn, cụt" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /ʃɔːt/
[sound:z_short__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_short__us_1.wav] He had
{{c1::short}} curly hair.<br>a {{c1::short}} walk<br>a {{c1::short}} skirt<br>She
was {{c1::short}} and dumpy.<br> 628
letter "thư; chữ cái, mẫu tự" noun danh từ /ˈletə(r)/
[sound:z_letter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_letter__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>business/thank-you, etc. {{c1::letter}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::letter}} of</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>post a {{c1::letter}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>mail a {{c1::letter}}</strong><br>" 629
condition "điều kiện, tình canh, tình thế" noun danh từ /kənˈdɪʃn/
[sound:z_xcondition__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcondition__us_1.wav] "to be
<span class=""cl""><strong>in bad/good/excellent {{c1::condition}}</strong><br>a
used car in perfect {{c1::condition}}<br>The house is in a generally poor
{{c1::condition}}.<br>He is overweight and <span class=""cl""><strong>out of
{{c1::condition}}</strong><br>" 630
choice sự lựa chọn noun danh từ /tʃɔɪs/ [sound:z_choice__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_choice__us_1.wav] "women forced to make a {{c1::choice}} between
family and career<br>We are faced with a difficult {{c1::choice}}.<br>We aim to
help students make more informed career {{c1::choice}}s.<br>Resources are finite,
and {{c1::choice}}s have to be made between competing priorities and needs.<br>"
single "đơn, đơn độc, đơn lẻ" adjective tính từ /ˈsɪŋɡl/
[sound:z_single__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_single__us_1.wav] How much is a
{{c1::single}} to York?<br>The band releases its new {{c1::single}} next
week.<br>{{c1::single}}s are available from £50 per night.<br>They organize parties
for {{c1::single}}s.<br> 633
rule "quy tắc, điều lệ, luật lệ; cai trị, chỉ huy, điều khiển" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /ruːl/ [sound:z_rule__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rule__us_1.wav]
"At that time John {{c1::rule}}d England.<br>The family {{c1::rule}}d
London's gangland in the sixties.<br>Eighty million years ago, dinosaurs
{{c1::rule}}d the earth.<br>Charles I {{c1::rule}}d for eleven years.<br>" 634
daughter con gái noun danh từ /ˈdɔːtə(r)/ [sound:z_daughter__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_daughter__us_1.wav] We have two sons and a
{{c1::daughter}}.<br>They have three grown-up {{c1::daughter}}s.<br>She's the
{{c1::daughter}} of an Oxford professor.<br>one of the town's most famous
{{c1::daughter}}s<br> 635
south "phương Nam, hướng Nam; ở phía Nam; hướng về phía Nam" noun danh từ
/saʊθ/ [sound:z_south__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_south__us_1.wav] This
room faces {{c1::south}}.<br>They live ten miles {{c1::south}} of Bristol.<br>The
drug is achieving revenues just {{c1::south}} of $1 billion per
quarter.<br>Interest rates will end somewhere {{c1::south}} of 6.5%.<br> 637
husband người chồng noun danh từ /ˈhʌzbənd/ [sound:z_husband__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_husband__us_1.wav] "This is my {{c1::husband}}, Steve.<br>They
lived together as {{c1::husband}} and wife <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::husband}}_1__23"">(= as if they were married)<br>a {{c1::husband}}-and-
wife team<br>" 638
floor "sàn, tầng (nhà)" noun danh từ /flɔː(r)/ [sound:z_floor__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_floor__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>wooden/concrete/marble, etc. {{c1::floor}}</strong><br>ceramic
{{c1::floor}} tiles<br>The body was lying on the kitchen {{c1::floor}}.<br>The
furniture and {{c1::floor}} coverings date from the 1920s.<br>" 640
campaign "chiến dịch, cuộc vận động" noun danh từ /kæmˈpeɪn/
[sound:z_campaign__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_campaign__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>conduct a {{c1::campaign}}</strong><br>a {{c1::campaign}}
against ageism in the workplace<br>the {{c1::campaign}} for parliamentary
reform<br>an anti-smoking {{c1::campaign}}<br>" 641
material "nguyên vật liệu; vật chất, hữu hình" noun danh từ /məˈtɪəriəl/
[sound:z_material__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_material__us_1.wav] {{c1::material}}
comforts<br>changes in your {{c1::material}} circumstances<br>the {{c1::material}}
world<br>{{c1::material}} evidence<br> 642
population "dân cư, dân số; mật độ dân số" noun danh từ /ˌpɒpjuˈleɪʃn/
[sound:z_population__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_population__us_1.wav] One
third of the world's {{c1::population}} consumes/consume two thirds of the world's
resources.<br>The entire {{c1::population}} of the town was at the
meeting.<br>countries with ageing {{c1::population}}s<br>Muslims make up 55% of the
{{c1::population}}.<br> 643
economy "sự tiết kiệm, sự quan lý kinh tế" noun danh từ /ɪˈkɒnəmi/
[sound:z_economy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_economy__us_1.wav] "The
{{c1::economy}} is in recession.<br>the world {{c1::economy}}<br>a market
{{c1::economy}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::economy}}__22"">(= one in which the
price is fixed according to both cost and demand)<br>Ireland was one of the
fastest-growing economies in Western Europe in the 1990s.<br>" 646
medical (thuộc) y học adjective tính từ /ˈmedɪkl/
[sound:z_medical__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_medical__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::medical}} advances/care/research</strong><br>her <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::medical}} condition/history/records</strong><br>the
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::medical}} profession</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::medical}} student/school</strong><br>" 647
hospital "bệnh viện, nhà thương"noun danh từ /ˈhɒspɪtl/
[sound:z_hospital__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hospital__us_1.wav] "He had to go
<span class=""cl""><strong>to {{c1::hospital}}</strong><br>He had to go <span
class=""cl""><strong>to the {{c1::hospital}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>be admitted to (the) {{c1::hospital}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>be discharged from (the) {{c1::hospital}}</strong><br>" 648
church nhà thờ noun danh từ /tʃɜːtʃ/ [sound:z_church__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_church__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::church}} tower<br>The procession moved
into the {{c1::church}}.<br>{{c1::church}} services<br>How often do you <span
class=""cl""><strong>go to {{c1::church}}</strong><br>" 649
close "đóng kín, chật chội, che đậy" verb "tính từ, phó từ, động từ"
/kləʊz/ [sound:z_close__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_close__us_1.wav] Would
anyone mind if I {{c1::close}}d the window?<br>She {{c1::close}}d the gate behind
her.<br>It's dark now—let's {{c1::close}} the curtains.<br>I {{c1::close}}d my eyes
against the bright light.<br> 650
risk "sự liều, mạo hiểm; liều" noun "danh từ, động từ" /rɪsk/
[sound:z_risk__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_risk__us_1.wav] He {{c1::risk}}ed
his life to save her.<br>She was {{c1::risk}}ing her own and her children's
health.<br>He {{c1::risk}}ed all his money on a game of cards.<br>They were willing
to {{c1::risk}} everything for their liberty.<br> 652
current "hiện hành, phô biến, hiện nấy; dòng (nước), luống (gió)" adjective
tính từ /ˈkʌrənt/ [sound:z_current__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_current__us_1.wav] "He swam to the shore against a <span
class=""cl""><strong>strong {{c1::current}}</strong><br>Birds use warm air
{{c1::current}}s to help their flight.<br>a 15 amp electrical
{{c1::current}}<br>Ministers are worried by this {{c1::current}} of anti-government
feeling.<br>" 653
fire lửa; đốt cháy. set fire to: đốt cháy cái gì noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈfaɪə(r)/ [sound:z_fire__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fire__us_1.wav] The
officer ordered his men to {{c1::fire}}.<br>Soldiers {{c1::fire}}d on the
crowd.<br>They ran away as soon as the first shot was {{c1::fire}}d.<br>He
{{c1::fire}}d the gun into the air.<br> 654
future tương lai noun "danh từ, tính từ" /ˈfjuːtʃə(r)/
[sound:z_future__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_future__us_1.wav] {{c1::future}}
generations<br>at a {{c1::future}} date<br>{{c1::future}} developments in computer
software<br>He met his {{c1::future}} wife at law school.<br> 655
wrong "sai. go wrong mắc lỗi, sai lầm" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /rɒŋ/
[sound:z_wrong__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wrong__us_1.wav] "My name is spelt
{{c1::wrong}}.<br>The program won't load. What am I <span
class=""cl""><strong>doing {{c1::wrong}}</strong><br>I was trying to apologize but
it <span class=""cl""><strong>came out {{c1::wrong}}</strong><br>‘I thought you
were going out.’ ‘Well you must have <span class=""cl""><strong>thought
{{c1::wrong}}</strong><br>" 656
involve "bao gồm, bao hàm; thu hút, dồn tâm trí. involved in để hết tâm trí
vào" verb động từ /ɪnˈvɒlv/ [sound:z_involve__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_involve__us_1.wav] Any investment {{c1::involve}}s an element of
risk.<br>Many of the crimes {{c1::involve}}d drugs.<br>The test will
{{c1::involve}} answering questions about a photograph.<br>The job {{c1::involve}}s
me travelling all over the country.<br> 657
increase "tăng, tăng thêm; sự tăng, sự tăng thêm" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/ˈɪŋkriːs/ [sound:z_increase__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_increase__us_2.wav] "an
{{c1::increase}} in spending<br>an {{c1::increase}} of 2p in the pound on income
tax<br>an {{c1::increase}} of nearly 20%<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>significant/substantial {{c1::increase}}</strong><br>" 660
security "sự an toàn, sự an ninh" noun danh từ /sɪˈkjʊərəti/
[sound:z_security__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_security__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>national {{c1::security}}</strong><br>airport
{{c1::security}}<br>They carried out <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::security}}
checks</strong><br>The visit took place amidst <span class=""cl""><strong>tight
{{c1::security}}</strong><br>" 661
bank bờ (sông…); ngân hàng noun danh từ /bæŋk/ [sound:z_bank__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bank__us_1.wav] "My salary is paid directly into my
{{c1::bank}}.<br>I need to go to the {{c1::bank}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::bank}}_1__19"">(= the local office of a {{c1::bank}})<br>a {{c1::bank}}
loan<br>a {{c1::bank}} manager<br>" 662
myself "tự tôi, chính tôi" pronoun đại từ /maɪˈself/
[sound:z_myself__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_myself__us_1.wav] "I cut
{{c1::myself}} on a knife.<br>I wrote a message to {{c1::myself}}.<br>I found
{{c1::myself}} unable to speak.<br>I haven't been feeling {{c1::myself}} recently
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::myself}}__16"">(= I have not felt well)<br>" 663
certainly "chắc chắn, nhất định" adverb phó từ /ˈsɜːtnli/
[sound:z_certainly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_certainly__us_1.wav] "Without
treatment, she will almost {{c1::certainly}} die.<br>{{c1::certainly}}, the early
years are crucial to a child's development.<br>I'm {{c1::certainly}} never going
there again.<br>She was {{c1::certainly}} attractive but you couldn't call her
beautiful.<br>" 664
west "phía Tây, theo phía tây, về hướng tây" noun danh từ /west/
[sound:z_west__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_west__us_1.wav] This room faces
{{c1::west}}.<br> 665
sport thể thao noun danh từ /spɔːt/ [sound:z_sport__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sport__us_1.wav] There are excellent facilities for
{{c1::sport}} and recreation.<br>I'm not interested in {{c1::sport}}.<br>the use of
drugs in {{c1::sport}}<br>What's your favourite {{c1::sport}}?<br> 666
board "tấm ván; lát ván, lót ván. on board trên tàu thủy" noun danh từ /bɔːd/
[sound:z_board__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_board__us_1.wav] Passengers are
waiting to {{c1::board}}.<br>The ship was {{c1::board}}ed by customs
officials.<br>Flight BA193 for Paris is now {{c1::board}}ing at Gate 37.<br>She
always had one or two students {{c1::board}}ing with her.<br> 667
seek "tìm, tìm kiếm, theo đuôi" verb động từ /siːk/
[sound:z_seek__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_seek__us_1.wav] "Drivers are
advised to {{c1::seek}} alternative routes.<br>They sought in vain for somewhere to
shelter.<br>to {{c1::seek}} funding for a project<br>Highly qualified secretary
{{c1::seek}}s employment. <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::seek}}__37"">(= in an
advertisement)<br>" 668
per cho mỗi preposition giới từ /pə(r)/ [sound:z_per__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_per__us_1.wav] "Rooms cost £50 {{c1::per}} {{c1::per}}son,
{{c1::per}} night.<br>60 miles {{c1::per}} hour<br>This country has a higher crime
rate {{c1::per}} 100000 of the population than most other European
countries.<br>The work was carried out as {{c1::per}} instructions.<br>" 669
subject "chủ đề, đề tài; chủ ngữ" noun "danh từ, giới từ" /ˈsʌbdʒɪkt/
[sound:z_subject__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_subject__us_1.wav] "an unpleasant
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::subject}} of conversation</strong><br>books on
many different {{c1::subject}}s<br>a magazine article <span class=""cl""><strong>on
the {{c1::subject}} of</strong><br>I have nothing more to say on the
{{c1::subject}}.<br>" 670
officer "viên chức, canh sát, sĩ quan" noun danh từ /ˈɒfɪsə(r)/
[sound:z_officer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_officer__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>army/airforce/naval, etc. {{c1::officer}}s</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>commissioned/non-commissioned {{c1::officer}}</strong><br>The
matter was passed on to me, as your <span class=""cl""><strong>commanding
{{c1::officer}}</strong><br>an environmental health {{c1::officer}}<br>" 671
private "cá nhân, riêng" adjective tính từ /ˈpraɪvət/
[sound:z_private__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_private__us_1.wav] {{c1::private}}
(John) Smith<br>Is there somewhere we can discuss this in {{c1::private}}?<br>
rest "sự nghỉ ngơi, lúc nghỉ; nghỉ, nghỉ ngơi. the rest vật, cái còn lại, những
người, cái khác" noun "danh từ, động từ" /rest/ [sound:z_rest__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_rest__us_1.wav] "The doctor told me to {{c1::rest}}.<br>I can
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rest}} easy</strong><br>He <span
class=""cl""><strong>won't {{c1::rest}}</strong><br>{{c1::rest}} your eyes every
half an hour.<br>" 673
deal "phân phát, phân phối; sự giao dịch, thỏa thuận mua bán. deal with giai
quyết" verb "động từ, danh từ" /diːl/ [sound:z_deal__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_deal__us_1.wav] "They spent a great {{c1::deal}} of
money.<br>It took a great {{c1::deal}} of time.<br>I'm feeling a good {{c1::deal}}
better.<br>We see them a great {{c1::deal}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::deal}}_2__23"">(= often)<br>" 675
performance "sự làm, sự thực hiện, sự thi hành, sự biểu diễn" noun danh từ
/pəˈfɔːməns/ [sound:z_performance__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_performance__us_1.wav] The {{c1::performance}} starts at
seven.<br>an evening {{c1::performance}}<br>a {{c1::performance}} of Ravel's String
Quartet<br>Please refrain from talking during the {{c1::performance}}.<br> 676
fight "đấu tranh, chiến đấu; sự đấu tranh, cuộc chiến đấu" verb "động từ, danh
từ" /faɪt/ [sound:z_fight__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fight__us_1.wav] "He
<span class=""cl""><strong>got into a {{c1::fight}}</strong><br>I had a
{{c1::fight}} with the ticket machine, which was being temperamental.<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>street/gang {{c1::fight}}</strong><br>A <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fight}} broke out</strong><br>" 677
throw "ném, vứt, quăng. throw sth away: ném đi, vứt đi, liệng đi" verb động
từ /θrəʊ/ [sound:z_throw__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_throw__us_1.wav] "Stop
{{c1::throw}}ing stones at the window!<br>She threw the ball up and caught it
again.<br>They had a competition to see who could {{c1::throw}} the
furthest.<br>Don't {{c1::throw}} it to him, give it to him!<br>" 678
top "chóp, đỉnh; đứng đầu, trên hết" noun "tính từ, động từ, danh từ" /tɒp/
[sound:z_top__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_top__us_1.wav] He lives on the {{c1::top}}
floor.<br>She kept her passport in the {{c1::top}} drawer.<br>He's one of the
{{c1::top}} players in the country.<br>She got the {{c1::top}} job.<br> 679
quickly nhanh adverb phó từ /ˈkwɪkli/ [sound:z_quickly__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_quickly__us_1.wav] "She walked {{c1::quickly}} away.<br>We'll
repair it as {{c1::quickly}} as possible.<br>The last few weeks have <span
class=""cl""><strong>gone {{c1::quickly}}</strong><br>He replied to my letter very
{{c1::quickly}}.<br>" 680
past "quá khứ, dĩ vãng; quá, qua" adjective "danh từ, giới từ, tính từ"
/pɑːst/ [sound:z_past__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_past__us_1.wav] I
called out to him as he ran {{c1::past}}.<br>A week went {{c1::past}} and nothing
had changed.<br> 681
goal "mục đích, bàn thắng, khung thành" noun danh từ /ɡəʊl/
[sound:z_goal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_goal__us_1.wav] "He headed the
ball into an open {{c1::goal}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::goal}}__15"">(= one
that had nobody defending it)<br>Who is <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::goal}}</strong><br>The <span class=""cl""><strong>winning
{{c1::goal}}</strong><br>Liverpool won by three {{c1::goal}}s to one.<br>" 682
bed cái giường noun danh từ /bed/ [sound:z_bed__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_bed__us_2.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>single/double
{{c1::bed}}</strong><br>She lay <span class=""cl""><strong>on the
{{c1::bed}}</strong><br>He lay <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::bed}}</strong><br>I'm tired—I'm <span class=""cl""><strong>going to
{{c1::bed}}</strong><br>" 684
order "thứ, bậc; ra lệnh. in order to hợp lệ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /
ˈɔːdə(r)/ [sound:z_order__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_order__us_1.wav] The company
was {{c1::order}}ed to pay compensation to its former employees.<br>The officer
{{c1::order}}ed them to fire.<br>They were {{c1::order}}ed out of the class for
fighting.<br>The government has {{c1::order}}ed an investigation into the
accident.<br> 685
author tác gia noun danh từ /ˈɔːθə(r)/ [sound:z_author__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_author__us_1.wav] Who is your favourite {{c1::author}}?<br>He is
the {{c1::author}} of three books on art.<br>best-selling {{c1::author}} Paul
Theroux<br>Who's the {{c1::author}}?<br> 686
fill "làm đấy, lấp kín" verb động từ /fɪl/ [sound:z_fill__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fill__us_1.wav] "Please {{c1::fill}} this glass for me.<br>to
{{c1::fill}} a vacuum/void<br>The school is <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fill}}ed to capacity</strong><br>Smoke {{c1::fill}}ed
the room.<br>" 687
represent "miêu ta, hình dung; đại diện, thay măt" verb động từ /ˌreprɪ
ˈzent/ [sound:z_represent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_represent__us_1.wav] "The
competition attracted over 500 contestants {{c1::represent}}ing 8 different
countries.<br>Local businesses are well {{c1::represent}}ed on the committee <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::represent}}__21"">(= there are a lot of people from them on
the committee)<br>The opening speech was by Bob Alan {{c1::represent}}ing Amnesty
International.<br>The President was {{c1::represent}}ed at the ceremony by the
Vice-President.<br>" 688
focus "tập trung; trung tâm, trọng tâm" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈfəʊkəs/
[sound:z_focus__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_focus__us_1.wav] "It was the main
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::focus}} of attention</strong><br>His comments
provided a {{c1::focus}} for debate.<br>We shall maintain our {{c1::focus}} on the
needs of the customer.<br>In today's lecture the {{c1::focus}} will be on tax
structures within the European Union.<br>" 689
foreign "(thuộc) nước ngoài, tư nước ngoài, ở nước ngoài" adjective tính
từ /ˈfɒrən/ [sound:z_foreign__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_foreign__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::foreign}} accent/language/student<br>a {{c1::foreign}}-owned
company<br>{{c1::foreign}} holidays<br>You could tell she was {{c1::foreign}} by
the way she dressed.<br> 690
drop "chay nhỏ giọt, rơi, rớt; giọt (nước, máu...)"verb "động từ, danh từ"
/drɒp/ [sound:z_drop__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_drop__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::drop}}s of rain<br>a {{c1::drop}} of blood<br>Mix a few {{c1::drop}}s
of milk into the cake mixture.<br>Could I have a {{c1::drop}} more milk in my
coffee, please?<br>" 691
blood "máu, huyết; sự tàn sát, chem giết" noun danh từ /blʌd/
[sound:z_blood__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_blood__us_1.wav] "He lost a lot of
{{c1::blood}} in the accident.<br>{{c1::blood}} was pouring out of a cut on her
head.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>give {{c1::blood}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>draw {{c1::blood}}</strong><br>" 693
upon "trên, ở trên" preposition giới từ /əˈpɒn/ [sound:z_upon__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_upon__us_1.wav] The decision was based {{c1::upon}} two
considerations.<br>mile {{c1::upon}} mile of dusty road<br>thousands {{c1::upon}}
thousands of letters<br>The summer season was almost {{c1::upon}} them again.<br>
agency "tác dụng, lực; môi giới, trung gian" noun danh từ /ˈeɪdʒənsi/
[sound:z_agency__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_agency__us_1.wav] "an <span
class=""cl""><strong>advertising/employment {{c1::agency}}</strong><br>You can book
at your local <span class=""cl""><strong>travel
{{c1::agency}}</strong><br>international <span class=""cl""><strong>aid
agencies</strong><br>the Central Intelligence {{c1::agency}} (CIA)<br>" 695
push xô đây; sự xô đây verb động từ /pʊʃ/ [sound:z_push__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_push__us_1.wav] "She gave him a gentle {{c1::push}}.<br>The car
won't start. Can you give it a {{c1::push}}?<br><span class=""cl""><strong>At the
{{c1::push}} of a button</strong><br>a final {{c1::push}} against the enemy<br>"
nature "tự nhiên, thiên nhiên" noun danh từ /ˈneɪtʃə(r)/
[sound:z_nature__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nature__us_1.wav] "the beauties of
{{c1::nature}}<br>man-made substances not found in {{c1::nature}}<br>{{c1::nature}}
conservation<br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>forces/laws of
{{c1::nature}}</strong><br>" 697
recently "gần đây, mới đây" adverb phó từ /ˈriːsntli/
[sound:z_recently__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_recently__us_1.wav] "We received a
letter from him {{c1::recently}}.<br>Until {{c1::recently}} they were living in
York.<br>I haven't seen them {{c1::recently}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::recently}}__13"">(= it is some time since I saw them)<br>Have you used
it {{c1::recently}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::recently}}__15"">(= in the recent
past)<br>" 700
store "cửa hàng, kho hàng; tích trữ, cho vào kho" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/stɔː(r)/ [sound:z_store__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_store__us_1.wav]
animals storing up food for the winter<br>You can {{c1::store}} coffee beans
in the freezer to keep them fresh.<br>He hoped the electronic equipment was safely
{{c1::store}}d away.<br>Thousands of pieces of data are {{c1::store}}d in a
computer's memory.<br> 701
reduce "giam, giam bớt" verb động từ /rɪˈdjuːs/
[sound:z_reduce__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reduce__us_1.wav] "{{c1::reduce}}
speed now <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::reduce}}__18"">(= on a sign)<br>Giving up
smoking {{c1::reduce}}s the risk of heart disease.<br>Costs have been
{{c1::reduce}}d by 20% over the past year.<br>The number of employees was
{{c1::reduce}}d from 40 to 25.<br>" 702
sound âm thanh; nghe noun "danh từ, động từ" /saʊnd/
[sound:z_sound__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sound__us_1.wav] "His voice
{{c1::sound}}ed strange on the phone.<br>She didn't {{c1::sound}} surprised when I
told her the news.<br>His explanation {{c1::sound}}s reasonable to me.<br>Leo <span
class=""cl""><strong>made it {{c1::sound}}</strong><br>" 703
note "lời ghi, lời ghi chép; ghi chú, ghi chép" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/nəʊt/ [sound:z_note__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_note__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::note}} the fine early Baroque altar inside the chapel.<br>Please
{{c1::note}} (that) the office will be closed on Monday.<br>{{c1::note}} how these
animals sometimes walk with their tails up in the air.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>It should be {{c1::note}}d that</strong><br>" 704
fine "tốt, giỏi" adjective tính từ /faɪn/ [sound:z_fine__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fine__us_1.wav] She was {{c1::fine}}d for speeding.<br>The
company was {{c1::fine}}d £20000 for breaching safety regulations.<br> 705
near "gần, cận; ở gần" preposition "tính từ, phó từ, giới từ" /nɪə(r)/
[sound:z_near__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_near__us_1.wav] "Do you live
{{c1::near}} here?<br>Go and sit {{c1::near}}er (to) the fire.<br>My birthday is
very {{c1::near}} Christmas.<br>I'll think about it <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::near}}er (to) the time</strong><br>" 707
movement "sự chuyển động, sự hoạt động; cử động, động tác" noun danh từ
/ˈmuːvmənt/ [sound:z_movement__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_movement__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>hand/eye {{c1::movement}}s</strong><br>She observed the gentle
{{c1::movement}} of his chest as he breathed.<br>Loose clothing gives you greater
freedom of {{c1::movement}}.<br>Power comes from the forward {{c1::movement}} of
the entire body.<br>" 708
page trang (sách) noun danh từ /peɪdʒ/ [sound:z_page__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_page__us_1.wav] "Turn to {{c1::page}} 64.<br>Someone has torn a
{{c1::page}} out of this book.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>blank/new
{{c1::page}}</strong><br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>sports/financial
{{c1::page}}s</strong><br>" 709
enter "đi vào, gia nhập" verb động từ /ˈentə(r)/
[sound:z_enter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enter__us_1.wav] "Knock before you
{{c1::enter}}.<br>{{c1::enter}} Hamlet <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::enter}}__23"">(= for example as stage directions in the text of a
play)<br>Someone {{c1::enter}}ed the room behind me.<br>Where did the bullet
{{c1::enter}} the body?<br>" 710
share "đóng góp, tham gia, chia sẻ; phần đóng góp, phần tham gia, phần chia sẻ"
verb "động từ, danh từ" /ʃeə(r)/ [sound:z_share__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_share__us_1.wav] "How much was your {{c1::share}} of the
winnings?<br>Next year we hope to have a bigger {{c1::share}} of the market.<br>I'm
looking for a <span class=""cl""><strong>flat {{c1::share}}</strong><br>We all did
our {{c1::share}}.<br>" 711
common "công, công cộng, thông thường, phô biến. in common sự chung, của
chung" adjective tính từ /ˈkɒmən/ [sound:z_common__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_common__us_1.wav] We went for a walk on the
{{c1::common}}.<br>Wimbledon {{c1::common}}<br>The {{c1::common}}s is next to the
gym.<br>Tim and I have nothing in {{c1::common}}./I have nothing in {{c1::common}}
with Tim.<br> 713
poor nghèo adjective tính từ /pɔː(r)/ [sound:z_poor__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_poor__us_1.wav] They were too {{c1::poor}} to buy shoes for the
kids.<br>We aim to help the {{c1::poor}}est families.<br>It's among the
{{c1::poor}}er countries of the world.<br>They provided food and shelter for the
{{c1::poor}}.<br> 714
natural "(thuộc) tự nhiên, thiên nhiên" adjective tính từ /ˈnætʃrəl/
[sound:z_natural__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_natural__us_1.wav] "{{c1::natural}}
disasters<br><span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::natural}} world</strong><br>a
country's <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::natural}} resources</strong><br>wildlife
in its {{c1::natural}} habitat<br>" 716
race "loài, chủng, giống; cuộc đua; đua" noun "danh từ, động từ" /reɪs/
[sound:z_race__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_race__us_1.wav] Who will he be
racing against in the next round?<br>They {{c1::race}}d to a thrilling victory in
the relay.<br>She'll be racing for the senior team next year.<br>We {{c1::race}}d
each other back to the car.<br> 717
concern "liên quan, dính líu tới; sự liên quan, sự dính líu tới" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /kənˈsɜːn/ [sound:z_xconcern__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_xconcern__us_1.wav] "There is growing {{c1::concern}} about
violence on television.<br>In the meeting, voters raised {{c1::concern}}s about
health care.<br>Don't hesitate to ask if you have any queries or {{c1::concern}}s
about this work.<br>She hasn't been seen for four days and there is {{c1::concern}}
for her safety.<br>" 718
series "loạt, dãy, chuỗi" noun danh từ /ˈsɪəriːz/
[sound:z_series__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_series__us_1.wav] "The incident
sparked off a whole <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::series}} of
events</strong><br>the latest in a {{c1::series}} of articles on the nature of
modern society<br>The movie consisted of a {{c1::series}} of flashbacks.<br>The
first episode of the new {{c1::series}} is on Saturday.<br>" 719
significant "nhiều ý nghĩa, quan trọng, đáng kể" adjective tính từ /sɪɡ
ˈnɪfɪkənt/ [sound:z_significant__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_significant__us_1.wav]
"a highly {{c1::significant}} discovery<br>The results of the experiment are
not <span class=""cl""><strong>statistically {{c1::significant}}</strong><br>There
are no {{c1::significant}} differences between the two groups of students.<br>Your
work has shown a {{c1::significant}} improvement.<br>" 720
similar "giống như, tương tự như" adjective tính từ /ˈsɪmələ(r)/
[sound:z_similar__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_similar__us_1.wav] We have very
{{c1::similar}} interests.<br>My teaching style is {{c1::similar}} to that of most
other teachers.<br>The two houses are {{c1::similar}} in size.<br>The brothers look
very {{c1::similar}}.<br> 721
hot "nóng, nóng bức" adjective tính từ /hɒt/ [sound:z_hot__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hot__us_1.wav] "Do you like this {{c1::hot}} weather?<br>It's
{{c1::hot}} today, isn't it?<br>It was {{c1::hot}} and getting
{{c1::hot}}ter.<br>It was the {{c1::hot}}test July on record.<br>" 722
language ngôn ngữ noun danh từ /ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ/ [sound:z_language__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_language__us_1.wav] "the Japanese {{c1::language}}<br>It takes a
long time to learn to <span class=""cl""><strong>speak a
{{c1::language}}</strong><br>Italian is my <span class=""cl""><strong>first
{{c1::language}}</strong><br>All the children must learn a <span
class=""cl""><strong>foreign {{c1::language}}</strong><br>"723
usually thường thường adverb phó từ /ˈjuːʒuəli/
[sound:z_usually__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_usually__us_1.wav] I'm
{{c1::usually}} home by 6 o'clock.<br>We {{c1::usually}} go by car.<br>How long
does the journey {{c1::usually}} take?<br> 725
response "sự tra lời, câu tra lời, sự hưởng ứng, sự đáp lại" noun "danh
từ, giới từ" /rɪˈspɒns/ [sound:z_response__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_response__us_1.wav] "She made no {{c1::response}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>In {{c1::response}} to</strong><br>I received an encouraging
{{c1::response}} to my advertisement.<br>The news provoked an angry
{{c1::response}}.<br>" 726
dead "chết, tắt" adjective tính từ /ded/ [sound:z_dead__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dead__us_1.wav] My mother's {{c1::dead}}; she died in
1987.<br>a {{c1::dead}} person/animal<br>{{c1::dead}} leaves/wood/skin<br>He was
shot {{c1::dead}} by a gunman outside his home.<br> 727
rise "dậy, đứng lên,(măt trời) mọc" verb "động từ, danh từ" /raɪz/
[sound:z_rise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rise__us_1.wav] "Smoke was rising
from the chimney.<br>The river has {{c1::rise}}n (by) several metres.<br>He was
accustomed to rising <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::rise}}_2__43"">(= getting out of
bed)<br>They rose from the table.<br>" 728
animal "động vật, thú vật" noun danh từ /ˈænɪml/
[sound:z_animal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_animal__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::animal}}s and birds of South America<br>a small furry {{c1::animal}}<br>Fish
oils are less saturated than {{c1::animal}} fats.<br>domestic {{c1::animal}}s such
as dogs and cats<br> 729
factor nhân tố noun danh từ /ˈfæktə(r)/ [sound:z_factor__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_factor__us_1.wav] "economic {{c1::factor}}s<br>The closure of the
mine was the <span class=""cl""><strong>single most important</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>key/crucial/deciding {{c1::factor}}</strong><br>The result
will depend on a number of different {{c1::factor}}s<br>" 730
decade "thập kỷ, bộ mười, nhóm mười" noun danh từ /ˈdekeɪd/
[sound:z_decade__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_decade__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::decade}} 731
article "bài báo, đề mục" noun danh từ /ˈɑːtɪkl/
[sound:z_article__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_article__us_1.wav] Have you seen that
{{c1::article}} about young fashion designers?<br>{{c1::article}} 10 of the
European Convention guarantees free speech.<br>{{c1::article}}s of
clothing<br>toilet {{c1::article}}s such as soap and shampoo<br> 732
shoot "vụt qua, chạy qua, ném, phóng, bắn; đâm ra, trồi ra" verb động từ /ʃuːt/
[sound:z_shoot__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shoot__us_1.wav] "Don't
{{c1::shoot}}—I surrender.<br>troops {{c1::shoot}}ing at the enemy<br>The police
rarely <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::shoot}} to kill</strong><br>He shot an
arrow from his bow.<br>" 733
east "hướng đông, ở phía đông" noun danh từ /iːst/
[sound:z_east__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_east__us_1.wav] The house faces
{{c1::east}}.<br> 734
save "cứu, lưu" verb động từ /seɪv/ [sound:z_save__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_save__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::save}}
somebody's life</strong><br>Doctors were unable to {{c1::save}} her.<br>He's trying
to {{c1::save}} their marriage.<br>She needs to win the next two games to
{{c1::save}} the match.<br>" 735
artist nghệ sĩ noun danh từ /ˈɑːtɪst/ [sound:z_artist__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_artist__us_1.wav] an exhibition of work by contemporary British
{{c1::artist}}s<br>a graphic {{c1::artist}}<br>a make-up {{c1::artist}}<br>Police
have issued an {{c1::artist}}'s impression of her attacker.<br> 737
scene "canh, phong canh" noun danh từ /siːn/
[sound:z_scene__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_scene__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::scene}} of the
accident/attack/crime</strong><br>Firefighters <span class=""cl""><strong>were on
the {{c1::scene}}</strong><br>Italy was the {{c1::scene}} of many demonstrations at
that time.<br>The team's victory produced {{c1::scene}}s of joy all over the
country.<br>" 739
stock "kho sự trữ, hàng dự trữ, vốn" noun danh từ /stɒk/
[sound:z_stock__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stock__us_1.wav] "We have a fast
turnover of {{c1::stock}}.<br>That particular model is not currently <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::stock}}</strong><br>I'm afraid we're temporarily
<span class=""cl""><strong>out of {{c1::stock}}</strong><br>We don't carry a large
{{c1::stock}} of pine furniture.<br>" 740
career "nghề nghiệp, sự nghiệp" noun danh từ /kəˈrɪə(r)/
[sound:z_career__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_career__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::career}} in</strong><br>a teaching
{{c1::career}}<br>What made you decide on a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::career}} as</strong><br>She has been concentrating on
her {{c1::career}}.<br>" 741
despite "dù, măc dù, bất chấp" preposition giới từ /dɪˈspaɪt/
[sound:z_despite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_despite__us_1.wav] "Her voice was
shaking {{c1::despite}} all her efforts to control it.<br>{{c1::despite}} applying
for hundreds of jobs, he is still out of work.<br>She was good at physics <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::despite}} the fact that</strong><br>He had to laugh
{{c1::despite}} himself.<br>" 742
central "trung tâm, ở giữa, trung ương" adjective tính từ /ˈsentrəl/
[sound:z_central__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_central__us_1.wav] "The
{{c1::central}} issue is that of widespread racism.<br>She has been a
{{c1::central}} figure in the campaign.<br>Prevention also plays a {{c1::central}}
role in traditional medicine.<br>Reducing inflation is <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::central}} to</strong><br>" 743
eight "8, số tám" number số từ /eɪt/ [sound:z_eight__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_eight__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word: {{c1::eight}}
thus "như vậy, như thế, do đó" adverb phó từ /ðʌs/
[sound:z_thus__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thus__us_1.wav] "Many scholars
have argued {{c1::thus}}.<br>The universities have expanded, {{c1::thus}} allowing
many more people the chance of higher education.<br>He is the eldest son and
{{c1::thus}} heir to the title.<br>We do not own the building. {{c1::thus}}, it
would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it.<br>" 745
treatment "sự đối xử, sự cư xử" noun danh từ /ˈtriːtmənt/
[sound:z_treatment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_treatment__us_1.wav] "He is receiving
{{c1::treatment}} for shock.<br>She is <span
class=""cl""><strong>responding</strong><br>to require <span
class=""cl""><strong>hospital/medical {{c1::treatment}}</strong><br>There are
various {{c1::treatment}}s available for this condition.<br>" 746
beyond "ở xa, phía bên kia, vượt quá" preposition "giới từ, phó từ"
/bɪˈjɒnd/ [sound:z_beyond__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_beyond__us_1.wav]
"Snowdon and the mountains {{c1::beyond}} were covered in snow.<br>The
immediate future is clear, but it's hard to tell what lies {{c1::beyond}}.<br>the
year 2010 and {{c1::beyond}}<br>" 747
happy "vui sướng, hạnh phúc" adjective tính từ /ˈhæpi/
[sound:z_happy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_happy__us_1.wav] a {{c1::happy}}
smile/face<br>You don't look very {{c1::happy}} today.<br>We are {{c1::happy}} to
announce the engagement of our daughter.<br>I'm very {{c1::happy}} for you.<br>
exactly "chính xác, đúng đắn" adverb phó từ /ɪɡˈzæktli/
[sound:z_exactly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_exactly__us_1.wav] I know
{{c1::exactly}} how she felt.<br>Do {{c1::exactly}} as I tell you.<br>It happened
almost {{c1::exactly}} a year ago.<br>It's {{c1::exactly}} nine o'clock.<br> 749
protect "bao vệ, che chở" verb động từ /prəˈtekt/
[sound:z_protect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_protect__us_1.wav] Troops have been
sent to {{c1::protect}} aid workers against attack.<br>They huddled together to
{{c1::protect}} themselves from the wind.<br>Our aim is to {{c1::protect}} the jobs
of our members.<br>Each company is fighting to {{c1::protect}} its own commercial
interests.<br> 750
approach "đến gần, lại gần, tiếp cận; sự đến gần, sự tiếp cận" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /əˈprəʊtʃ/ [sound:z_approach__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_approach__us_1.wav] She took the wrong {{c1::approach}} in her
dealings with them.<br>The school has decided to adopt a different {{c1::approach}}
to discipline.<br>She hadn't heard his {{c1::approach}} and jumped as the door
opened.<br>the {{c1::approach}} of spring<br> 751
lie "nằm, trai dài, nói dối; lời nói dối" verb "động từ, danh từ" /laɪ/
[sound:z_lie__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_lie__us_2.wav] "You could see from his face
that he was {{c1::lying}}.<br>Don't {{c1::lie}} to me!<br>She {{c1::lie}}s about
her age.<br>The camera cannot {{c1::lie}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::lie}}_3__31"">(= give a false impression)<br>" 752
size cỡ. đã được định cỡ noun danh từ /saɪz/ [sound:z_size__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_size__us_1.wav] "an area <span class=""cl""><strong>the
{{c1::size}} of</strong><br>They complained about the {{c1::size}} of their gas
bill.<br>Dogs come <span class=""cl""><strong>in all shapes and
{{c1::size}}s</strong><br>The facilities are excellent for a town that
{{c1::size}}.<br>" 753
dog chó noun danh từ /dɒɡ/ [sound:z_dog__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dog__us_1.wav]
I took the {{c1::dog}} for a walk.<br>I could hear a {{c1::dog}}
barking.<br>{{c1::dog}} food<br>guard {{c1::dog}}s<br> 754
fund "kho, quỹ; tài trợ, tiền bạc, để tiền vào công quỹ" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /fʌnd/ [sound:z_fund__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fund__us_1.wav] a
dance festival {{c1::fund}}ed by the Arts Council<br>The museum is privately
{{c1::fund}}ed.<br>a government-{{c1::fund}}ed programme<br> 755
serious "nghiêm trọng, nghiêm túc, đứng đắn" adjective tính từ /
ˈsɪəriəs/ [sound:z_serious__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_serious__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::serious}} illness/problem/offence</strong><br>to cause
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::serious}} injury/damage</strong><br>They pose a
{{c1::serious}} threat to security.<br>The consequences could be
{{c1::serious}}.<br>" 756
occur "xay ra, xay đến, xuất hiện" verb động từ /əˈkɜː(r)/
[sound:z_occur__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_occur__us_1.wav] When exactly did
the incident {{c1::occur}}?<br>Something unexpected {{c1::occur}}red.<br>Sugar
{{c1::occur}}s naturally in fruit.<br>The idea {{c1::occur}}red to him in a
dream.<br> 757
media phương tiện truyền thông đại chúng noun danh từ /ˈmiːdiə/
[sound:z_media__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_media__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>news/broadcasting/national {{c1::media}}</strong><br>The trial
was fully reported in the {{c1::media}}.<br>The {{c1::media}} was/were accused of
influencing the final decision.<br>Any event attended by the actor received
widespread <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::media}} coverage</strong><br>" 758
ready sẵn sàng adjective tính từ /ˈredi/ [sound:z_ready__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ready__us_1.wav] "Are you nearly {{c1::ready}}?<br>‘Shall we
go?’ ‘I'm <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::ready}} when you are</strong><br>I'm
just <span class=""cl""><strong>getting</strong><br>I was twenty years old and
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::ready}} for anything</strong><br>" 759
sign "dấu, dấu hiệu, kí hiệu; đánh dấu, viết ký hiệu" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /saɪn/ [sound:z_sign__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sign__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::sign}} here, please.<br>{{c1::sign}} your name here, please.<br>You
haven't {{c1::sign}}ed the letter.<br>to {{c1::sign}} a cheque<br>" 760
thought "sự suy nghĩ, kha năng suy nghĩ; ý nghĩ, tư tưởng, tư duy" noun
danh từ /θɔːt/ [sound:z_thought__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_thought__us_2.wav] "I don't like the {{c1::thought}} of you
walking home alone.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>The very {{c1::thought}}
of</strong><br>She was struck by the sudden {{c1::thought}} that he might already
have left.<br>I've just <span class=""cl""><strong>had a
{{c1::thought}}</strong><br>" 761
list "danh sách; liệt kê, cho vào danh sách" noun "danh từ, động từ" /lɪst/
[sound:z_list__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_list__us_1.wav] We were asked to
{{c1::list}} our ten favourite songs.<br>Towns in the guide are {{c1::list}}ed
alphabetically.<br>The koala is {{c1::list}}ed among Australia's endangered
animals.<br>soldiers {{c1::list}}ed as missing<br> 762
individual "riêng, riêng biệt; cá nhân" noun "danh từ, tính từ" /ˌɪndɪ
ˈvɪdʒuəl/ [sound:z_individual__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_individual__us_1.wav]
"The competition is open to both teams and {{c1::individual}}s.<br>Treatment
depends on the {{c1::individual}} involved.<br>donations from private
{{c1::individual}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::individual}}_2__16"">(= ordinary
people rather than companies, etc.)<br>The school's reputation was ruined by the
bad behaviour of a few {{c1::individual}}s.<br>" 763
simple "đơn, đơn gian, dễ dàng" adjective tính từ /ˈsɪmpl/
[sound:z_simple__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_simple__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::simple}}
solution<br>The answer is really quite {{c1::simple}}.<br>This machine is very
{{c1::simple}} to use.<br>We lost because we played badly. It's <span
class=""cl""><strong>as {{c1::simple}} as that</strong><br>" 764
quality "chất lượng, phâm chất"noun danh từ /ˈkwɒləti/
[sound:z_quality__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_quality__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>be of good/poor/top {{c1::quality}}</strong><br>goods of a
<span class=""cl""><strong>high {{c1::quality}}</strong><br>high-{{c1::quality}}
goods<br>a decline in water {{c1::quality}}<br>" 765
pressure "sức ép, áp lực, áp suất" noun danh từ /ˈpreʃə(r)/
[sound:z_pressure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pressure__us_1.wav] "The nurse applied
{{c1::pressure}} to his arm to stop the bleeding.<br>The barriers gave way under
the {{c1::pressure}} of the crowd.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>air/water
{{c1::pressure}}</strong><br>Check the <span class=""cl""><strong>tyre
{{c1::pressure}}</strong><br>" 766
accept "chấp nhận, chấp thuận" verb động từ /əkˈsept/
[sound:z_accept__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_accept__us_1.wav] He asked me to
marry him and I {{c1::accept}}ed.<br>Please {{c1::accept}} our sincere
apologies.<br>It was pouring with rain so I {{c1::accept}}ed his offer of a
lift.<br>She's decided not to {{c1::accept}} the job.<br> 767
answer sự tra lời; tra lời noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈɑːnsə(r)/
[sound:z_answer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_answer__us_1.wav] "I repeated the
question, but she didn't {{c1::answer}}.<br>He {{c1::answer}}ed as truthfully as he
could.<br>You haven't <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::answer}}ed my
question</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::answer}} a letter/an
advertisement</strong><br>" 768
resource "tài nguyên; kế sách, thủ đoạn" noun danh từ /rɪˈsɔːs/
[sound:z_resource__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_resource__us_1.wav] "the exploitation
of minerals and other <span class=""cl""><strong>natural
{{c1::resource}}s</strong><br>We do not have the {{c1::resource}}s <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::resource}}_1__22"">(= money)<br>We must make the most
efficient use of the available financial {{c1::resource}}s.<br>We agreed to <span
class=""cl""><strong>pool our {{c1::resource}}s</strong><br>" 770
identify "nhận biết, nhận ra, nhận dạng" verb động từ /aɪˈdentɪfaɪ/
[sound:z_identify__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_identify__us_1.wav] "The bodies were
identified as those of two suspected drug dealers.<br>She was able to
{{c1::identify}} her attacker.<br>Passengers were asked to {{c1::identify}} their
own suitcases before they were put on the plane.<br>Many of those arrested refused
to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::identify}} themselves</strong><br>" 771
left bên trái; về phía trái adjective tính từ /left/
[sound:z_left__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_left__us_2.wav] "She was sitting
<span class=""cl""><strong>on my {{c1::left}}</strong><br>Twist your body to the
{{c1::left}}, then to the right.<br>Take the next road <span
class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::left}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>To
the {{c1::left}} of</strong><br>" 772
meeting "buôi mít tinh, buôi họp" noun danh từ /ˈmiːtɪŋ/
[sound:z_meeting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_meeting__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>have/hold/call/attend a {{c1::meeting}}</strong><br>The
{{c1::meeting}} will be held in the school hall.<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>committee/staff {{c1::meeting}}</strong><br>What time is the
{{c1::meeting}}?<br>" 773
determine "xác định, định rõ; quyết định" verb động từ /dɪˈtɜːmɪn/
[sound:z_determine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_determine__us_1.wav] "An inquiry was
set up to {{c1::determine}} the cause of the accident.<br>We set out to
{{c1::determine}} exactly what happened that night.<br>It was {{c1::determine}}d
that she had died of natural causes.<br>Age and experience will be <span
class=""cl""><strong>determining factors</strong><br>" 774
prepare "sửa soạn, chuân bị" verb động từ /prɪˈpeə(r)/
[sound:z_prepare__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_prepare__us_1.wav] to {{c1::prepare}}
a report<br>A hotel room is being {{c1::prepare}}d for them.<br>The college
{{c1::prepare}}s students for a career in business.<br>I had no time to
{{c1::prepare}}.<br> 775
disease "căn bệnh, bệnh tật" noun danh từ /dɪˈziːz/
[sound:z_disease__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disease__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>heart/liver/kidney, etc. {{c1::disease}}</strong><br>health
measures to prevent the <span class=""cl""><strong>spread of
{{c1::disease}}</strong><br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>infectious/contagious
{{c1::disease}}</strong><br>It is not known what causes the {{c1::disease}}.<br>"
whatever "bất cứ thứ gì, cái gì cũng được" "determiner, adjective" tính từ
/wɒtˈevə(r)/ [sound:z_whatever__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_whatever__us_1.wav]
"Take {{c1::whatever}} action is needed.<br>Do {{c1::whatever}} you
like.<br>{{c1::whatever}} decision he made I would support it.<br>You have our
support, {{c1::whatever}} you decide.<br>" 777
success "sự thành công, sự thành đạt" noun danh từ /səkˈses/
[sound:z_success__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_success__us_1.wav] "What's the secret
of your {{c1::success}}?<br>I didn't <span class=""cl""><strong>have much
{{c1::success}} in</strong><br>They didn't have much {{c1::success}} in
life.<br>Confidence is <span class=""cl""><strong>the key to
{{c1::success}}</strong><br>" 778
argue "tranh cãi, bàn luận, thuyết phục" verb động từ /ˈɑːɡjuː/
[sound:z_argue__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_argue__us_1.wav] My brothers are
always arguing.<br>He's offering to pay so who am I to {{c1::argue}}?<br>We're
always arguing with each other about money.<br>I don't want to {{c1::argue}} with
you—just do it!<br> 779
cup "tách, chén" noun danh từ /kʌp/ [sound:z_cup__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cup__us_1.wav] a tea{{c1::cup}}<br>a coffee {{c1::cup}}<br>a
{{c1::cup}} and saucer<br>a paper {{c1::cup}}<br> 780
particularly "một cách đăc biệt, cá biệt, riêng biệt" adverb phó từ
/pəˈtɪkjələli/ [sound:z_particularly__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_particularly__us_1.wav] "{{c1::particularly}}
good/important/useful<br>Traffic is bad, {{c1::particularly}} in the city
centre.<br>I enjoyed the play, {{c1::particularly}} the second half.<br>The lecture
was <span class=""cl""><strong>not {{c1::particularly}}</strong><br>" 781
amount "số lượng, số nhiều; lên tới (money)" noun danh từ /əˈmaʊnt/
[sound:z_amount__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amount__us_1.wav] "His earnings are
said to {{c1::amount}} to £300000 per annum.<br>They gave me some help in the
beginning but it <span class=""cl""><strong>did not {{c1::amount}} to
much</strong><br>Her answer {{c1::amount}}ed to a complete refusal.<br>Their
actions {{c1::amount}} to a breach of contract.<br>" 782
ability "kha năng, năng lực" noun danh từ /əˈbɪləti/
[sound:z_ability__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ability__us_1.wav] The system has the
{{c1::ability}} to run more than one program at the same time.<br>Everyone has the
right to good medical care regardless of their {{c1::ability}} to pay.<br>A gentle
form of exercise will increase your {{c1::ability}} to relax.<br>Almost everyone
has some musical {{c1::ability}}.<br> 783
staff nhân viên noun danh từ /stɑːf/ [sound:z_staff__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_staff__us_1.wav] "medical {{c1::staff}}<br>teaching
{{c1::staff}}<br>We have 20 part-time <span class=""cl""><strong>members of
{{c1::staff}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::staff}}
members</strong><br>" 784
recognize "nhận ra, nhận diện; công nhận, thưa nhận" verb động từ /
ˈrekəɡnaɪz/ [sound:z_recognize__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_recognize__us_1.wav] I
{{c1::recognize}}d him as soon as he came in the room.<br>Do you {{c1::recognize}}
this tune?<br>I {{c1::recognize}}d her by her red hair.<br>They {{c1::recognize}}d
the need to take the problem seriously.<br> 785
indicate "chỉ, cho biết; biểu thị, trình bày ngắn gọn" verb động từ /
ˈɪndɪkeɪt/ [sound:z_indicate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_indicate__us_1.wav] Record
profits in the retail market {{c1::indicate}} a boom in the economy.<br>A yellowing
of the skin {{c1::indicate}}s jaundice.<br>The article claims that an increase in
crime {{c1::indicate}}s a decline in moral standards.<br>Research {{c1::indicate}}s
that eating habits are changing fast.<br> 786
character "tính cách, đăc tính, nhân vật" noun danh từ /ˈkærəktə(r)/
[sound:z_character__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_character__us_1.wav] "to have a <span
class=""cl""><strong>strong/weak {{c1::character}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::character}} traits/defects</strong><br>The book gives a
fascinating insight into Mrs Obama's {{c1::character}}.<br>Generosity is part of
the American {{c1::character}}.<br>" 787
growth "sự lớn lên, sự phát triển" noun danh từ /ɡrəʊθ/
[sound:z_growth__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_growth__us_1.wav] "Lack of water
will stunt the plant's {{c1::growth}}.<br>Remove dead leaves to encourage new
{{c1::growth}}.<br>a concern with personal <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::growth}}__18"">(= mental and emotional)<br>{{c1::growth}} hormones <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::growth}}__20"">(= designed to make somebody/something grow
faster)<br>" 788
loss "sự mất, sự thua" noun danh từ /lɒs/ [sound:z_loss__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_loss__us_1.wav] "I want to report the {{c1::loss}} of a
package.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::loss}} of blood</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>weight {{c1::loss}}</strong><br>The closure of the factory
will lead to a number of <span class=""cl""><strong>job
{{c1::loss}}es</strong><br>" 789
degree "mức độ, trình độ; bằng cấp; độ" noun danh từ /dɪˈɡriː/
[sound:z_degree__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_degree__us_1.wav] "an angle of
ninety {{c1::degree}}s (90°)<br>Water freezes at 32 {{c1::degree}}s Fahrenheit
(32°F) or zero/nought {{c1::degree}}s Celsius (0°C).<br>Her job demands a high
{{c1::degree}} of skill.<br>I agree with you <span class=""cl""><strong>to a
certain {{c1::degree}}</strong><br>" 790
wonder "ngạc nhiên, lấy làm lạ, kinh ngạc" verb "động từ, danh từ" /
ˈwʌndə(r)/ [sound:z_wonder__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wonder__us_1.wav] I
{{c1::wonder}} who she is.<br>I {{c1::wonder}} why he left his job.<br>I was just
beginning to {{c1::wonder}} where you were.<br>‘Why do you want to know?’ ‘No
particular reason. I was just {{c1::wonder}}ing.’<br> 791
attack "sự tấn công, sự công kích; tấn công, công kích" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /əˈtæk/ [sound:z_attack__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attack__us_1.wav]
Most dogs will not {{c1::attack}} unless provoked.<br>A woman was
{{c1::attack}}ed and robbed by a gang of youths.<br>The man {{c1::attack}}ed him
with a knife.<br>The guerrillas {{c1::attack}} at night.<br> 792
herself "chính nó, chính cô ta, chính chị ta, chính bà ta" pronoun đại
từ /hɜːˈself/ [sound:z_herself__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_herself__us_1.wav] She
hurt {{c1::herself}}.<br>She must be very proud of {{c1::herself}}.<br>She told me
the news {{c1::herself}}.<br>Jane {{c1::herself}} was at the meeting.<br> 793
region "vùng, miền" noun danh từ /ˈriːdʒən/
[sound:z_region__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_region__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>Arctic/tropical/desert, etc. {{c1::region}}s</strong><br>one
of the most densely populated {{c1::region}}s of North America<br>the Basque
{{c1::region}} of Spain<br>People in the {{c1::region}}s should not have to travel
to London to fly to the United States.<br>" 794
television ti vi noun danh từ /ˈtelɪvɪʒn/ [sound:z_television__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_television__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>colour
{{c1::television}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>widescreen
{{c1::television}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>plasma screen
{{c1::television}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>turn the
{{c1::television}} on/off</strong><br>" 795
box "hộp, thùng" noun danh từ /bɒks/ [sound:z_box__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_box__us_1.wav] She kept all the letters in a {{c1::box}}.<br>a money
{{c1::box}}<br>cardboard {{c1::box}}es<br>a tool{{c1::box}}<br> 796
training "sự dạy dỗ, sự huấn luyện, sự đào tạo" noun danh từ /ˈtreɪnɪŋ/
[sound:z_training__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_training__us_1.wav] "staff
{{c1::training}}<br>Few candidates had received any {{c1::training}} in
management.<br>a {{c1::training}} course<br>to be <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::training}}</strong><br>" 798
pretty "khá, vưa phai; xinh, xinh xắn;, đẹp" adverb "phó từ, tính từ"
/ˈprɪti/ [sound:z_pretty__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pretty__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::pretty}} face<br>a {{c1::pretty}} little girl<br>You look so {{c1::pretty}}
in that dress!<br>{{c1::pretty}} clothes<br> 799
trade "thương mại, buôn bán; buôn bán, trao đôi" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/treɪd/ [sound:z_trade__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_trade__us_1.wav] "The
firm openly {{c1::trade}}d in arms.<br>Early explorers {{c1::trade}}d directly with
the Indians.<br>trading partners <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::trade}}_2__21"">(=
countries that you {{c1::trade}} with)<br>Our products are now {{c1::trade}}d
worldwide.<br>" 800
election "sự bầu cử, cuộc tuyển cử" noun danh từ /ɪˈlekʃn/
[sound:z_election__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_election__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::election}} campaigns/results</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>win/lose an {{c1::election}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>fight an {{c1::election}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>vote in an {{c1::election}}</strong><br>" 802
physical "vật chất; (thuộc) cơ thể, thân thể" adjective tính từ /
ˈfɪzɪkl/ [sound:z_physical__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_physical__us_1.wav]
{{c1::physical}} fitness<br>{{c1::physical}} appearance<br>The ordeal has
affected both her mental and {{c1::physical}} health.<br>He tends to avoid all
{{c1::physical}} contact.<br> 804
lay "xếp, đăt, bố trí" verb động từ /leɪ/ [sound:z_lay__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lay__us_1.wav] She laid the baby down gently on the bed.<br>He laid
a hand on my arm.<br>The horse laid back its ears.<br>Relatives laid wreaths on the
grave.<br> 805
general "chung, chung chung; tông" adjective "phó từ, danh từ, tính từ"
/ˈdʒenrəl/ [sound:z_general__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_general__us_1.wav] "The
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::general}} opinion</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::general}} belief/consensus</strong><br>books of <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::general}} interest</strong><br>The bad weather has been
fairly {{c1::general}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::general}}_1__23"">(= has
affected most areas)<br>" 806
feeling "sự cam thấy, cam giác" noun danh từ /ˈfiːlɪŋ/
[sound:z_feeling__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_feeling__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::feeling}} of hunger/excitement/sadness,
etc.</strong><br>guilty {{c1::feeling}}s<br>I've got a tight {{c1::feeling}} in my
stomach.<br>‘I really resent the way he treated me.’ ‘ <span class=""cl""><strong>I
know the {{c1::feeling}}</strong><br>" 807
standard "tiêu chuân, chuân, mãu; làm tiêu chuân, phù hợp với tiêu chuân" noun
"danh từ, tính từ" /ˈstændəd/ [sound:z_standard__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_standard__us_1.wav] "A {{c1::standard}} letter was sent to all
candidates.<br>Televisions are a {{c1::standard}} feature in most hotel
rooms.<br>the {{c1::standard}} rate of tax <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::standard}}_2__18"">(= paid by everyone)<br>It is <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::standard}} practice</strong><br>" 808
bill "hóa đơn, giấy bạc" noun danh từ /bɪl/ [sound:z_bill__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bill__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>telephone/electricity/gas {{c1::bill}}</strong><br>We <span
class=""cl""><strong>ran up a</strong><br>She always <span
class=""cl""><strong>pays</strong><br>I'll be sending you the {{c1::bill}} for the
dry-cleaning!<br>" 809
message "tin nhắn, thư tín, điện thông báo, thông điệp" noun danh từ
/ˈmesɪdʒ/ [sound:z_message__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_message__us_1.wav] "There
were no {{c1::message}}s for me at the hotel.<br>We've had an urgent
{{c1::message}} saying that your father's ill.<br>Jenny's not here at the
moment.<span class=""cl""><strong>Can I take a {{c1::message}}?</strong><br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>left a {{c1::message}}</strong><br>" 810
fail "sai, thất bại" verb động từ /feɪl/ [sound:z_fail__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fail__us_1.wav] Many diets {{c1::fail}} because they are
boring.<br>a {{c1::fail}}ing school<br>I {{c1::fail}}ed in my attempt to persuade
her.<br>She {{c1::fail}}ed to get into art college.<br> 811
outside "bề ngoài, bên ngoài, ở ngoài" preposition "phó từ, tính từ, giới
từ" /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ [sound:z_outside__gb_4.wav] [sound:z_outside__us_4.wav] I'm
seeing a patient—please wait {{c1::outside}}.<br>The house is painted green
{{c1::outside}}.<br>It's warm enough to eat {{c1::outside}}.<br>Go {{c1::outside}}
and see if it's raining.<br> 812
analysis sự phân tích noun danh từ /əˈnæləsɪs/
[sound:z_analysis__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_analysis__us_1.wav] "statistical
{{c1::analysis}}<br>The book is an {{c1::analysis}} of poverty and its
causes.<br>At the meeting they presented a detailed {{c1::analysis}} of twelve
schools in a London borough.<br>The blood samples are sent to the laboratory <span
class=""cl""><strong>for {{c1::analysis}}</strong><br>" 814
benefit "lợi, lợi ích; giúp ích, làm lợi cho" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈbenɪfɪt/ [sound:z_benefit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_benefit__us_1.wav] "We
should spend the money on something that will {{c1::benefit}} everyone.<br>Who
exactly <span class=""cl""><strong>stands to {{c1::benefit}}</strong><br>Most crime
victims {{c1::benefit}} greatly by talking about their experiences.<br>" 815
sex "giới, giống" noun danh từ /seks/ [sound:z_sex__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sex__us_1.wav] "How can you tell what {{c1::sex}} a fish is?<br>a
process that allows couples to choose the {{c1::sex}} of their baby<br>Please
indicate your {{c1::sex}} and date of birth below.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::sex}} discrimination</strong><br>" 817
forward "ở phía trước, tiến về phía trước" adverb phó từ /
ˈfɔːwəd/ [sound:z_forward__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_forward__us_1.wav] "The door
opened, blocking his <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::forward}}
movement</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::forward}}
pass</strong><br>the {{c1::forward}} cabins<br>A bolt may have fallen off the
plane's {{c1::forward}} door.<br>" 818
lawyer luật sư noun danh từ /ˈlɔːjə(r)/ [sound:z_lawyer__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lawyer__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word:
{{c1::lawyer}} 819
present "có măt, hiện diện; hiện nay, hiện thời; bày tỏ, giới thiệu, trình
bày" verb "tính từ, danh từ, động từ" /prɪˈzent/ [sound:z_present__gb_3.wav]
[sound:z_present__us_3.wav] "The local MP will start the race and
{{c1::present}} the prizes.<br>On his retirement, colleagues {{c1::present}}ed him
with a set of golf clubs.<br>The sword was {{c1::present}}ed by the family to the
museum.<br>The committee will {{c1::present}} its final report to Parliament in
June.<br>" 820
section "mục, phần, khu vực" noun danh từ /ˈsekʃn/
[sound:z_section__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_section__us_1.wav] That
{{c1::section}} of the road is still closed.<br>The library has a large biology
{{c1::section}}.<br>the tail {{c1::section}} of the plane<br>The shed comes in
{{c1::section}}s that you assemble yourself.<br> 821
environmental thuộc về môi trường adjective tính từ /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmentl/
[sound:z_environmental__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_environmental__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::environmental}} impact of pollution<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::environmental}} issues/problems</strong><br>an <span
group/movement</strong><br>{{c1::environmental}} damage<br>" 822
glass "kính, thủy tinh, cái cốc, ly" noun danh từ /ɡlɑːs/
[sound:z_glass__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_glass__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>sheet/pane of {{c1::glass}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>frosted/toughened {{c1::glass}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::glass}} bottle/dish/roof</strong><br>I cut myself on a
piece of <span class=""cl""><strong>broken {{c1::glass}}</strong><br>" 823
skill "kỹ năng, kỹ sao" noun danh từ /skɪl/ [sound:z_skill__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_skill__us_1.wav] The job requires {{c1::skill}} and an eye for
detail.<br>What made him remarkable as a photographer was his {{c1::skill}} in
capturing the moment.<br>We need people with practical {{c1::skill}}s like
carpentry.<br>management {{c1::skill}}s<br> 825
sister "chị, em gái" noun danh từ /ˈsɪstə(r)/
[sound:z_sister__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sister__us_1.wav] "She's my
{{c1::sister}}.<br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>older/younger
{{c1::sister}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>big/little/kid
{{c1::sister}}</strong><br>We're {{c1::sister}}s.<br>" 826
professor "giáo sư, giang viên" noun danh từ /prəˈfesə(r)/
[sound:z_professor__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_professor__us_1.wav] {{c1::professor}}
(Ann) Williams<br>a chemistry {{c1::professor}}<br>to be appointed
{{c1::professor}} of French at Cambridge<br>He was made (a) {{c1::professor}} at
the age of 40.<br> 828
operation "sự hoạt động, quá trình hoạt động" noun danh từ /ˌɒpəˈreɪʃn/
[sound:z_operation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_operation__us_1.wav] "Will I need to
<span class=""cl""><strong>have an {{c1::operation}}</strong><br>He underwent a
three-hour heart {{c1::operation}}.<br>an {{c1::operation}} on her lung to remove a
tumour<br>Doctors <span class=""cl""><strong>performed an</strong><br>" 829
financial thuộc (tài chính) adjective tính từ /faɪˈnænʃl/
[sound:z_financial__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_financial__us_1.wav] "{{c1::financial}}
services<br>to give {{c1::financial}} advice<br>to be in <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::financial}} difficulties</strong><br>an independent
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::financial}} adviser</strong><br>" 830
crime "tội, tội ác, tội phạm" noun danh từ /kraɪm/
[sound:z_crime__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_crime__us_1.wav] "an increase in
violent {{c1::crime}}<br>the fight against {{c1::crime}}<br>Stores spend more and
more on <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::crime}} prevention</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>petty/serious {{c1::crime}}</strong><br>" 831
stage "tầng, bệ, sân khấu, giai đoạn" noun danh từ /steɪdʒ/
[sound:z_stage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stage__us_1.wav] "This technology
is still in its <span class=""cl""><strong>early {{c1::stage}}s</strong><br>The
children are at different {{c1::stage}}s of development.<br>The product is at the
design {{c1::stage}}.<br>People tend to work hard <span class=""cl""><strong>at
this {{c1::stage}}</strong><br>" 832
compare "so sánh, đối chiếu" verb động từ /kəmˈpeə(r)/
[sound:z_compare__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_compare__us_1.wav] "It is interesting
to {{c1::compare}} their situation and ours.<br>We {{c1::compare}}d the two reports
carefully.<br>We carefully {{c1::compare}}d the first report with the second.<br>My
own problems seem insignificant <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::compare}}d
with</strong><br>" 834
authority "uy quyền, quyền lực" noun danh từ /ɔːˈθɒrəti/
[sound:z_authority__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_authority__us_1.wav] "in a position of
{{c1::authority}}<br>She now <span class=""cl""><strong>has {{c1::authority}}
over</strong><br>Nothing will be done because no one <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::authority}}</strong><br>Only the manager has the {{c1::authority}} to sign
cheques.<br>" 835
miss "lỡ, trượt; sự trượt, sự thiếu vắng" verb động từ /mɪs/
[sound:z_miss__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_miss__us_1.wav] "That's all, thank
you, {{c1::miss}} Lipman.<br>{{c1::miss}} Brighton<br>the {{c1::miss}} World
contest<br>Will that be all, {{c1::miss}}?<br>" 836
design "sự thiết kế, kế hoạch, đề cương. phác thao; phác họa, thiết kế" noun
"danh từ, động từ" /dɪˈzaɪn/ [sound:z_design__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_design__us_1.wav] to {{c1::design}} a car/a dress/an office<br>a
badly {{c1::design}}ed kitchen<br>He {{c1::design}}ed and built his own
house.<br>They asked me to {{c1::design}} a poster for the campaign.<br> 837
sort "thứ, hạng, loại; sắp xếp, phân loại" noun "danh từ, động từ" /sɔːt/
[sound:z_sort__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sort__us_1.wav] "{{c1::sort}}ing
the mail<br>The computer {{c1::sort}}s the words into alphabetical
order.<br>Rubbish can easily be separated and {{c1::sort}}ed into plastics, glass
and paper.<br>Women and children {{c1::sort}}ed the ore from the rock.<br>" 838
act "hành động, hành vi, cử chỉ, đối xử" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ækt/
[sound:z_act__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_act__us_2.wav] It is vital that we
{{c1::act}} to stop the destruction of the rainforests.<br>The girl's life was
saved because the doctors {{c1::act}}ed so promptly.<br>He claims he {{c1::act}}ed
in self-defence.<br>John's been {{c1::act}}ing very strangely lately.<br> 840
ten "10, mười" number số từ /ten/ [sound:z_ten__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ten__us_1.wav] "Not brilliant, Robyn, but I'll give you {{c1::ten}}
out of {{c1::ten}} for effort.<br>{{c1::ten}} to one he'll be late.<br>" 841
knowledge "sự hiểu biết, tri thức, kiến thức" noun danh từ /ˈnɒlɪdʒ/
[sound:z_knowledge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_knowledge__us_1.wav]
"practical/medical/scientific {{c1::knowledge}}<br>He has a wide
{{c1::knowledge}} of painting and music.<br>There is a lack of {{c1::knowledge}}
about the tax system.<br>She sent the letter <span class=""cl""><strong>without my
{{c1::knowledge}}</strong><br>" 842
gun súng noun danh từ /ɡʌn/ [sound:z_gun__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gun__us_1.wav]
"to <span class=""cl""><strong>fire a {{c1::gun}}</strong><br>a toy
{{c1::gun}}<br>anti-aircraft {{c1::gun}}s<br>Look out, he's got a {{c1::gun}}!<br>"
station "trạm, điểm, đồn" noun danh từ /ˈsteɪʃn/
[sound:z_station__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_station__us_1.wav] "I get off at the
next {{c1::station}}.<br>the main {{c1::station}}<br>Penn {{c1::station}}<br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>train {{c1::station}}</strong><br>" 844
blue "xanh, màu xanh" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /bluː/
[sound:z_blue__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_blue__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>bright/dark/light/pale {{c1::blue}}</strong><br>The room was
decorated in vibrant {{c1::blue}}s and yellows.<br>She was dressed in
{{c1::blue}}.<br>He's an Oxford rugby {{c1::blue}}.<br>" 845
strategy chiến lược noun danh từ /ˈstrætədʒi/
[sound:z_strategy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_strategy__us_1.wav] the government's
economic {{c1::strategy}}<br>to develop a {{c1::strategy}} for dealing with
unemployment<br>It's all part of an overall {{c1::strategy}} to gain
promotion.<br>marketing {{c1::strategy}}<br> 847
clearly "rõ ràng, sáng sủa" adverb phó từ /ˈklɪəli/
[sound:z_clearly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_clearly__us_1.wav] "Please speak
{{c1::clearly}} after the tone.<br>It's difficult to see anything {{c1::clearly}}
in this mirror.<br>She explained everything very
{{c1::clearly}}.<br>{{c1::clearly}}, this will cost a lot more than we
realized.<br>" 849
discuss "thao luận, tranh luận" verb động từ /dɪˈskʌs/
[sound:z_discuss__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_discuss__us_1.wav] Have you
{{c1::discuss}}ed the problem with anyone?<br>I'm not prepared to {{c1::discuss}}
this on the phone.<br>They met to {{c1::discuss}} the possibility of working
together.<br>We need to {{c1::discuss}} when we should go.<br> 850
indeed "thật vậy, qua thật" adverb phó từ /ɪnˈdiːd/
[sound:z_indeed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_indeed__us_1.wav] "‘Was he very
angry?’ ‘{{c1::indeed}} he was.’<br>‘Do you agree?’ ‘{{c1::indeed}} I do/Yes,
{{c1::indeed}}.’<br>‘You said you'd help?’ ‘I did {{c1::indeed}}—yes.’<br>It is
{{c1::indeed}} a remarkable achievement.<br>" 851
truth sự thật noun danh từ /truːθ/ [sound:z_truth__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_truth__us_1.wav] "Do you think she's <span
class=""cl""><strong>telling the {{c1::truth}}</strong><br>We are determined to get
at <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::truth}}__25"">(= discover)<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>The {{c1::truth}} (of the matter) is</strong><br>I don't think
you are telling me <span class=""cl""><strong>the whole {{c1::truth}}</strong><br>"
song bài hát noun danh từ /sɒŋ/ [sound:z_song__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_song__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>folk/love/pop,
etc. {{c1::song}}</strong><br>We <span class=""cl""><strong>sang a
{{c1::song}}</strong><br>She taught us the words of a French {{c1::song}}.<br>The
story is told through {{c1::song}} and dance.<br>" 854
example "thí dụ, ví dụ" noun danh từ /ɪɡˈzɑːmpl/
[sound:z_example__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_example__us_1.wav] Can you give me an
{{c1::example}} of what you mean?<br>This dictionary has many {{c1::example}}s of
how words are used.<br>Just to give you an {{c1::example}} of his generosity—he
gave me his old car and wouldn't take any money for it.<br>It is important to cite
{{c1::example}}s to support your argument.<br> 855
check kiểm tra; sự kiểm tra verb "động từ, danh từ" /tʃek/
[sound:z_check__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_check__us_1.wav] Could you give the
tyres a {{c1::check}}?<br>a health {{c1::check}}<br>The drugs were found in their
car during a routine {{c1::check}} by police.<br>a {{c1::check}} for spelling
mistakes<br> 857
environment "môi trường, hoàn canh xung quanh" noun danh từ /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/
[sound:z_environment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_environment__us_1.wav] "a
pleasant <span class=""cl""><strong>working/learning
{{c1::environment}}</strong><br>An unhappy <span class=""cl""><strong>home
{{c1::environment}}</strong><br>They have created an {{c1::environment}} in which
productivity should flourish.<br>the political {{c1::environment}}<br>" 858
leg "chân (người, thú, bà(n)..)" noun danh từ /leɡ/ [sound:z_leg__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_leg__us_1.wav] "Sit on the floor, stretching your {{c1::leg}}s out
in front of you.<br>I broke my {{c1::leg}} playing football.<br>How many
{{c1::leg}}s does a centipede have?<br><span class=""cl""><strong>front/back
{{c1::leg}}s</strong><br>" 859
dark "tối, tối tăm; bóng tối, ám muội" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /dɑːk/
[sound:z_dark__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dark__us_1.wav] "All the lights
went out and we were left <span class=""cl""><strong>in the
{{c1::dark}}</strong><br>Are the children afraid of the {{c1::dark}}?<br>animals
that can see in the {{c1::dark}}<br>patterns of light and {{c1::dark}}<br>" 860
various "khác nhau, thuộc về nhiều loại" adjective tính từ /ˈveəriəs/
[sound:z_various__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_various__us_1.wav] Tents come in
{{c1::various}} shapes and sizes.<br>She took the job for {{c1::various}}
reasons.<br>There are {{c1::various}} ways of doing this.<br>a large and
{{c1::various}} country<br> 862
rather "khá là, hơi; thà...còn hơn, thích...hơn" adverb "giới từ,
liên từ, phó từ" /ˈrɑːðə(r)/ [sound:z_rather__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_rather__us_1.wav] The instructions were {{c1::rather}}
complicated.<br>She fell and hurt her leg {{c1::rather}} badly.<br>I didn't fail
the exam; in fact I did {{c1::rather}} well!<br>It was a {{c1::rather}} difficult
question.<br> 863
laugh cười; tiếng cười verb "động từ, danh từ" /lɑːf/
[sound:z_laugh__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_laugh__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>give a {{c1::laugh}}</strong><br>a short/nervous/hearty
{{c1::laugh}}<br>His first joke <span class=""cl""><strong>got the biggest
{{c1::laugh}}</strong><br>Come to the karaoke night—it should be a good
{{c1::laugh}}.<br>" 864
guess "đoán, phỏng đoán; sự đoán, sự ước chưng" verb động từ /ɡes/
[sound:z_guess__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_guess__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>have/make a {{c1::guess}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>take a {{c1::guess}}</strong><br>Go on! Have a {{c1::guess}}!
<br>The article is based on {{c1::guess}}es about what might happen in the
future.<br>" 865
executive "sự thi hành, chấp hành; (thuộc) sự thi hành, chấp hành" noun danh
từ /ɪɡˈzekjətɪv/ [sound:z_executive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_executive__us_1.wav]
"She has an {{c1::executive}} position in a finance company.<br><span
decisions/duties/jobs/positions</strong><br>the {{c1::executive}} dining
room<br>{{c1::executive}} authority<br>" 866
prove "chứng tỏ, chứng minh" verb động từ /pruːv/
[sound:z_prove__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_prove__us_1.wav] "They hope this
new evidence will {{c1::prove}} her innocence.<br>‘I know you're lying.’
‘{{c1::prove}} it!’<br>He felt he needed to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::prove}} his point</strong><br>Are you just doing this to
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::prove}} a point</strong><br>" 869
hang "treo, mắc" verb động từ /hæŋ/ [sound:z_hang__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hang__us_1.wav] {{c1::hang}} your coat on the hook.<br>Shall I
{{c1::hang}} your coat up?<br>Have you hung out the washing?<br>Have you hung the
wash?<br> 870
entire "toàn thể, toàn bộ" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈtaɪə(r)/
[sound:z_entire__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_entire__us_1.wav] The {{c1::entire}}
village was destroyed.<br>I wasted an {{c1::entire}} day on it.<br>I have never in
my {{c1::entire}} life heard such nonsense!<br>The disease threatens to wipe out
the {{c1::entire}} population.<br> 871
rock đá noun "danh từ, động từ" /rɒk/ [sound:z_rock__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_rock__us_1.wav] "They drilled through several layers of
{{c1::rock}} to reach the oil.<br>a cave with striking <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rock}} formations</strong><br>The tunnel was blasted out
of solid {{c1::rock}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>volcanic/igneous/sedimentary,
etc. {{c1::rock}}s</strong><br>" 872
forget quên verb động từ /fəˈɡet/ [sound:z_forget__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_forget__us_1.wav] "I'd completely forgotten about the money he
owed me.<br>Before I {{c1::forget}}, there was a call from Italy for you.<br>I
never {{c1::forget}} a face.<br>Who could {{c1::forget}} his speech at last year's
party?<br>" 875
claim "đòi hỏi, yêu sách; sự đòi hỏi, sự yêu sách, sự thỉnh cầu" verb "động từ,
danh từ" /kleɪm/ [sound:z_claim__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_claim__us_1.wav]
"The singer has denied the magazine's {{c1::claim}} that she is leaving the
band.<br>a report examining {{c1::claim}}s of corrupt links between
politicians<br>They had no {{c1::claim}} on the land.<br>She has more {{c1::claim}}
to the book's success than anybody <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::claim}}_2__30"">(=
she deserves to be praised for it)<br>" 877
remove "dời đi, di chuyển" verb động từ /rɪˈmuːv/
[sound:z_remove__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_remove__us_1.wav] Illegally parked
vehicles will be {{c1::remove}}d.<br>He {{c1::remove}}d his hand from her
shoulder.<br>Three children were {{c1::remove}}d from the school for persistent bad
behaviour.<br>{{c1::remove}} the pan from the heat and continue to stir the
sauce.<br> 879
manager "người quan lý, giám đốc" noun danh từ /ˈmænɪdʒə(r)/
[sound:z_manager__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_manager__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>bank/hotel {{c1::manager}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>sales/marketing/personnel {{c1::manager}}</strong><br>a
meeting of area {{c1::manager}}s<br>the new {{c1::manager}} of Italy<br>" 880
enjoy "thưởng thức, thích thú cái gì, được hưởng, có được" verb động từ
/ɪnˈdʒɔɪ/ [sound:z_enjoy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enjoy__us_1.wav] "We
thoroughly {{c1::enjoy}}ed our time in New York.<br>Thanks for a great evening. I
really <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::enjoy}}ed it</strong><br>I {{c1::enjoy}}
playing tennis and squash.<br>They all {{c1::enjoy}}ed themselves at the
party.<br>" 884
network "mạng lưới, hệ thống" noun danh từ /ˈnetwɜːk/
[sound:z_network__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_network__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>rail/road/canal {{c1::network}}</strong><br>a {{c1::network}}
of veins<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>communications/distribution
{{c1::network}}</strong><br>a {{c1::network}} of friends<br>" 885
legal hợp pháp adjective tính từ /ˈliːɡl/ [sound:z_legal__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_legal__us_1.wav] "the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::legal}}
profession/system</strong><br>to take/seek <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::legal}}
advice</strong><br>a {{c1::legal}} adviser<br>{{c1::legal}} costs<br>" 886
religious "(thuộc) tôn giáo, có tính tôn giáo" adjective tính từ /rɪ
ˈlɪdʒəs/ [sound:z_religious__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_religious__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::religious}} beliefs/faith</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::religious}} education</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::religious}} instruction</strong><br>{{c1::religious}}
groups<br>" 887
cold "lạnh; sự lạnh lẽo, trời lạnh, bệnh cam lạnh" adjective "tính từ, danh
từ" /kəʊld/ [sound:z_cold__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cold__us_1.wav] "He
shivered with {{c1::cold}}.<br>Don't stand outside <span class=""cl""><strong>in
the {{c1::cold}}</strong><br>She doesn't seem to <span class=""cl""><strong>feel
the {{c1::cold}}</strong><br>You'll <span class=""cl""><strong>catch your death of
{{c1::cold}}</strong><br>" 888
final "cuối cùng, trận đấu chung kết" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /
ˈfaɪnl/ [sound:z_final__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_final__us_1.wav] "She reached
the {{c1::final}} of the 100m hurdles.<br>The players met in last year's
{{c1::final}}.<br>the 2010 World Cup {{c1::final}}s <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::final}}_2__17"">(= the last few games in the competition)<br>They will
now go through to the {{c1::final}}.<br>" 890
main "chính, chủ yếu, trọng yếu" adjective tính từ /meɪn/
[sound:z_main__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_main__us_1.wav] "Be careful
crossing the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::main}} road</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::main}} course</strong><br>We have our {{c1::main}} meal
at lunchtime.<br>Reception is in the {{c1::main}} building.<br>" 891
science "khoa học, khoa học tự nhiên" noun danh từ /ˈsaɪəns/
[sound:z_science__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_science__us_1.wav] "new developments
in {{c1::science}} and technology<br>the advance of modern {{c1::science}}<br>the
laws of {{c1::science}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::science}}
students/teachers/courses</strong><br>" 892
green xanh lá cây adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /ɡriːn/
[sound:z_green__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_green__us_1.wav] the {{c1::green}}
of the countryside in spring<br>The room was decorated in a combination of
{{c1::green}}s and blues.<br>She was dressed all in {{c1::green}}.<br>Eat up your
{{c1::green}}s.<br> 893
memory "bộ nhớ, trí nhớ, kỉ niệm. in memory of: sự tưởng nhớ" noun danh
từ /ˈmeməri/ [sound:z_memory__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_memory__us_1.wav] "I
have a bad {{c1::memory}} for names.<br>People have <span
class=""cl""><strong>short memories</strong><br>He had a <span
class=""cl""><strong>long {{c1::memory}}</strong><br>She can recite the whole poem
<span class=""cl""><strong>from {{c1::memory}}</strong><br>" 894
card "thẻ, thiếp" noun danh từ /kɑːd/ [sound:z_card__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_card__us_1.wav] a piece of {{c1::card}}<br>The model of the
building was made of {{c1::card}}.<br>a membership {{c1::card}}<br>an appointment
{{c1::card}}<br> 895
above "ở trên, bên trên, trở lên" preposition "giới từ, phó từ" /əˈbʌv/
[sound:z_above__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_above__us_1.wav] "Put it on the
shelf {{c1::above}}.<br>Seen from {{c1::above}} the cars looked tiny.<br>They were
acting on instructions from {{c1::above}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::above}}_2__13"">(= from somebody in a higher position of
authority)<br>increases of 5% and {{c1::above}}<br>" 896
seat "ghế, chỗ ngồi" noun "danh từ, động từ" /siːt/
[sound:z_seat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_seat__us_1.wav] "She sat back in
her {{c1::seat}}.<br>He put his shopping on the {{c1::seat}} behind him.<br>Please
<span class=""cl""><strong>take a {{c1::seat}}</strong><br>Ladies and gentlemen,
please <span class=""cl""><strong>take your {{c1::seat}}s</strong><br>" 897
cell "ô, ngăn" noun danh từ /sel/ [sound:z_cell__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cell__us_1.wav] blood {{c1::cell}}s<br>the nucleus of a
{{c1::cell}}<br>a photoelectric {{c1::cell}}<br>a terrorist {{c1::cell}}<br> 898
establish "thiết lập, thành lập, củng cố, xác minh" verb động từ /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/
[sound:z_establish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_establish__us_1.wav] The committee was
{{c1::establish}}ed in 1912.<br>The new treaty {{c1::establish}}es a free trade
zone.<br>Let's {{c1::establish}} some ground rules.<br>The school has
{{c1::establish}}ed a successful relationship with the local community.<br> 899
nice "đẹp, thú vị, dễ chịu" adjective tính từ /naɪs/
[sound:z_nice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nice__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::nice}}
day/smile/place<br>{{c1::nice}} weather<br>Did you <span class=""cl""><strong>have
a {{c1::nice}} time</strong><br>You look very {{c1::nice}}.<br>" 900
trial "sự thử nghiệm, cuộc thử nghiệm" noun danh từ /ˈtraɪəl/
[sound:z_trial__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_trial__us_1.wav] "a murder
{{c1::trial}}<br>He's <span class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::trial}}</strong><br>She
will <span class=""cl""><strong>stand {{c1::trial}}/go on
{{c1::trial}}</strong><br>The men were arrested but not <span
class=""cl""><strong>brought to {{c1::trial}}</strong><br>"901
expert "chuyên gia, chuyên viên; thành thạo, chuyên nghiệp" noun danh từ
/ˈekspɜːt/ [sound:z_expert__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_expert__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>seek {{c1::expert}} advice/an {{c1::expert}}
opinion</strong><br>an {{c1::expert}} driver<br>We need some {{c1::expert}}
help.<br>They are all {{c1::expert}} in this field.<br>" 902
spring mùa xuân noun "danh từ, động từ" /sprɪŋ/
[sound:z_spring__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spring__us_1.wav] "He turned off the
alarm and sprang out of bed.<br>Everyone <span class=""cl""><strong>sprang to their
feet</strong><br>The cat crouched ready to {{c1::spring}}.<br>The attacker sprang
out at her from a doorway.<br>" 904
firm "hãng, công ty; chắc, kiên quyết, vũng vàng, mạnh mẽ" noun "danh từ, tính
từ" /fɜːm/ [sound:z_firm__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_firm__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::firm}} bed/mattress<br>These peaches are still {{c1::firm}}.<br>It was good
to feel the {{c1::firm}} ground underfoot after hours of trudging through flooded
fields.<br>Bake the cakes until they are {{c1::firm}} to the touch.<br> 905
radio "sóng vô tuyến, radio" noun danh từ /ˈreɪdiəʊ/
[sound:z_radio__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_radio__us_1.wav] "The interview was
broadcast <span class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::radio}}</strong><br>The play was
written specially for {{c1::radio}}.<br>I <span class=""cl""><strong>listen to the
{{c1::radio}}</strong><br>Did you hear the interview with him <span
class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::radio}}</strong><br>" 907
visit "đi thăm hỏi, đến chơi, tham quan; sự đi thăm, sự thăm viếng" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /ˈvɪzɪt/ [sound:z_visit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_visit__us_1.wav] "It's my first {{c1::visit}} to New
York.<br>They're on an <span class=""cl""><strong>exchange
{{c1::visit}}</strong><br>If you have time, <span class=""cl""><strong>pay a
{{c1::visit}} to</strong><br>We had a {{c1::visit}} from the police last
night.<br>" 908
management "sự quan lý, sự điều khiển" noun danh từ /ˈmænɪdʒmənt/
[sound:z_management__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_management__us_1.wav] "a
career in {{c1::management}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>hotel/project
{{c1::management}}</strong><br>a {{c1::management}} training course<br>The report
blames bad {{c1::management}}.<br>" 909
avoid "tránh, tránh xa" verb động từ /əˈvɔɪd/ [sound:z_avoid__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_avoid__us_1.wav] "The accident could have been
{{c1::avoid}}ed.<br>They <span class=""cl""><strong>narrowly
{{c1::avoid}}ed</strong><br>The name was changed to {{c1::avoid}} confusion with
another firm.<br>They built a wall to {{c1::avoid}} soil being washed away.<br>"
imagine "tưởng tượng, hình dung; tưởng rằng, cho rằng" verb động từ
/ɪˈmædʒɪn/ [sound:z_imagine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_imagine__us_1.wav] The
house was just as she had {{c1::imagine}}d it.<br>I can't {{c1::imagine}} life
without the children now.<br>Close your eyes and {{c1::imagine}} (that) you are in
a forest.<br>Can you {{c1::imagine}} what it must be like to lose your job after 20
years?<br> 912
huge "to lớn, không lồ" adjective tính từ /hjuːdʒ/
[sound:z_huge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_huge__us_1.wav] a {{c1::huge}}
crowd<br>He gazed up at her with {{c1::huge}} brown eyes.<br>{{c1::huge}}
debts<br>{{c1::huge}} amounts of data<br> 914
ball qua bóng noun danh từ /bɔːl/ [sound:z_ball__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ball__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>golf/tennis/cricket {{c1::ball}}</strong><br>Bounce the
{{c1::ball}} and try and hit it over the net.<br>The sun was a huge {{c1::ball}} of
fire low on the horizon.<br>a {{c1::ball}} of string<br>" 915
finish "kết thúc, hoàn thành; sự kết thúc, phần cuối" verb "động từ, danh
từ" /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ [sound:z_finish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_finish__us_1.wav] "a
dramatic {{c1::finish}} to the race<br>It was <span class=""cl""><strong>a close
{{c1::finish}}</strong><br>They won in the end but it was a <span
class=""cl""><strong>tight {{c1::finish}}</strong><br>The story was a lie <span
class=""cl""><strong>from start to {{c1::finish}}</strong><br>" 918
yourself "tự anh, tự chị, chính anh, chính mày, tự mày, tự mình" pronoun
đại từ /jɔːˈself/ [sound:z_yourself__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_yourself__us_1.wav] "Have you hurt {{c1::yourself}}?<br>You don't
seem quite {{c1::yourself}} today <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::yourself}}__36"">(=
you do not seem well or do not seem as happy as usual)<br>Enjoy yourselves!<br>Do
it {{c1::yourself}}—I don't have time.<br>" 919
theory "lý thuyết, học thuyết" noun danh từ /ˈθɪəri/
[sound:z_theory__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_theory__us_1.wav] "According to the
{{c1::theory}} of relativity, nothing can travel faster than light.<br>The debate
is centred around two conflicting theories.<br>the {{c1::theory}} and practice of
language teaching<br>literary {{c1::theory}}<br>" 921
impact "sự va chạm, sự tác động, anh hưởng" noun danh từ /ˈɪmpækt/
[sound:z_impact__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_impact__us_1.wav] the environmental
{{c1::impact}} of tourism<br>The report assesses the {{c1::impact}} of AIDS on the
gay community.<br>Her speech made a profound {{c1::impact}} on
everyone.<br>Businesses are beginning to feel the full {{c1::impact}} of the
recession.<br> 922
respond "hưởng ứng, phan ứng lại, tra lời" verb động từ /rɪˈspɒnd/
[sound:z_respond__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_respond__us_1.wav] "I asked him his
name, but he didn't {{c1::respond}}.<br>She never {{c1::respond}}ed to my
letter.<br>More than fifty people {{c1::respond}}ed to the advertisement.<br>‘I'm
not sure,’ she {{c1::respond}}ed.<br>" 923
statement "sự bày tỏ, sự phát biểu; sự tuyên bố, sự trình bày" noun danh
từ /ˈsteɪtmənt/ [sound:z_statement__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_statement__us_1.wav]
Are the following {{c1::statement}}s true or false?<br>Your {{c1::statement}}
is misleading.<br>Is that a {{c1::statement}} or a question?<br>The play makes a
strong political {{c1::statement}}.<br> 924
maintain "giữ gìn, duy trì, bao vệ" verb động từ /meɪnˈteɪn/
[sound:z_maintain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_maintain__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::maintain}} law and order/standards/a
balance</strong><br>The two countries have always {{c1::maintain}}ed close
relations.<br>She {{c1::maintain}}ed a dignified silence.<br>to {{c1::maintain}}
prices <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::maintain}}__25"">(= prevent them falling or
rising)<br>" 925
charge "nhiệm vụ, trách nhiệm, tiền phai tra, sự buộc tội; giao nhiệm vụ, lấy
tiền, buộc tội, sạc (pin)" noun "động từ, giới từ, danh từ" /tʃɑːdʒ/
[sound:z_charge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_charge__us_1.wav] What did they
{{c1::charge}} for the repairs?<br>The restaurant {{c1::charge}}d £20 for
dinner.<br>They're {{c1::charging}} £3 for the catalogue.<br>We won't
{{c1::charge}} you for delivery.<br> 926
popular "có tính đại chúng, (thuộc) nhân dân; được nhiều người ưa chuộng"
adjective tính từ /ˈpɒpjələ(r)/ [sound:z_popular__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_popular__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>hugely/immensely
{{c1::popular}}</strong><br>This is one of our most {{c1::popular}}
designs.<br>Skiing has become very {{c1::popular}} recently.<br>These policies are
unlikely to <span class=""cl""><strong>prove {{c1::popular}}</strong><br>" 927
traditional "theo truyền thống, theo lối cô" adjective tính từ /trəˈdɪʃənl/
[sound:z_traditional__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_traditional__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::traditional}} dress<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's
{{c1::traditional}}</strong><br>{{c1::traditional}} values<br>{{c1::traditional}}
methods of teaching<br>" 928
onto "về phía trên, lên trên" preposition giới từ /ˈɒntə/
[sound:z_onto__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_onto__us_1.wav] Move the books
{{c1::onto}} the second shelf.<br>She stepped down from the train {{c1::onto}} the
platform.<br>The window looked out {{c1::onto}} the terrace.<br>She knew the police
would be {{c1::onto}} them.<br> 929
reveal "bộc lộ, biểu lộ, tiết lộ; phát hiện, khám phá" verb động từ /rɪ
ˈviːl/ [sound:z_reveal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reveal__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::reveal}} a secret<br>Details of the murder were {{c1::reveal}}ed by the local
paper.<br>The doctors did not {{c1::reveal}} the truth to him.<br>Salted peanuts
were recently {{c1::reveal}}ed as the nation's favourite snack.<br> 930
direction "sự điều khiển, sự chỉ huy" noun danh từ /dəˈrekʃn/
[sound:z_direction__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_direction__us_1.wav] "Tom went off
<span class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::direction}} of</strong><br>She glanced
<span class=""cl""><strong>in his {{c1::direction}}</strong><br>The aircraft was
flying in a northerly {{c1::direction}}.<br>The road was blocked in both
{{c1::direction}}s.<br>" 931
weapon vũ khí noun danh từ /ˈwepən/ [sound:z_weapon__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_weapon__us_1.wav] "nuclear {{c1::weapon}}s<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>lethal/deadly {{c1::weapon}}</strong><br>The police still
haven't found the <span class=""cl""><strong>murder {{c1::weapon}}</strong><br>He
was charged with carrying an <span class=""cl""><strong>offensive
{{c1::weapon}}</strong><br>" 932
employee "người lao động, người làm công" noun danh từ /ɪmˈplɔɪiː/
[sound:z_employee__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_employee__us_1.wav] "The firm has over
500 {{c1::employee}}s.<br>government {{c1::employee}}s<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::employee}} rights/relations</strong><br>" 933
cultural (thuộc) văn hóa adjective tính từ /ˈkʌltʃərəl/
[sound:z_cultural__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cultural__us_1.wav] "{{c1::cultural}}
differences between the two communities<br>economic, social and {{c1::cultural}}
factors<br>a {{c1::cultural}} event<br>Europe's {{c1::cultural}} heritage<br>"
contain "bao hàm, chứa đựng, bao gồm" verb động từ /kənˈteɪn/
[sound:z_xcontain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontain__us_1.wav] "This drink
doesn't {{c1::contain}} any alcohol.<br>Her statement {{c1::contain}}ed one or two
inaccuracies.<br>a brown envelope {{c1::contain}}ing dollar bills<br>The bottle
{{c1::contain}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::contain}}__22"">(= can hold)<br>"
peace "hòa bình, sự hòa thuận" noun danh từ /piːs/
[sound:z_peace__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_peace__us_1.wav] "war and
{{c1::peace}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::peace}}
talks/negotiations</strong><br>The negotiators are trying to <span
class=""cl""><strong>make {{c1::peace}}</strong><br>A UN force has been sent to
<span class=""cl""><strong>keep the {{c1::peace}}</strong><br>" 936
pain "sự đau đớn, sự đau khô" noun danh từ /peɪn/
[sound:z_pain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pain__us_1.wav] "a cry of
{{c1::pain}}<br>She was clearly <span class=""cl""><strong>in</strong><br>He felt a
sharp {{c1::pain}} in his knee.<br>patients suffering from acute back
{{c1::pain}}<br>" 940
apply "áp dụng, ứng dụng; xin việc, ứng tuyển" verb động từ /əˈplaɪ/
[sound:z_apply__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_apply__us_1.wav] "You should <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::apply}} in person/by letter</strong><br>to {{c1::apply}}
for a job/passport/grant<br>to {{c1::apply}} to a company/university<br>He has
{{c1::applied}} to join the army.<br>" 941
measure "đo, đo lường; sự đo lường, đơn vị đo lường" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /ˈmeʒə(r)/ [sound:z_measure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_measure__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>safety/security/austerity {{c1::measure}}s</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>a temporary/an emergency {{c1::measure}}</strong><br>We must
take <span class=""cl""><strong>preventive {{c1::measure}}s</strong><br>The
government is introducing tougher {{c1::measure}}s to combat crime.<br>" 943
wide "rộng, rộng lớn" adjective tính từ /waɪd/ [sound:z_wide__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wide__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::wide}} river<br>Sam has a {{c1::wide}}
mouth.<br>a jacket with {{c1::wide}} lapels<br>Her face broke into a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::wide}} grin</strong><br>" 944
shake "rung, lắc, giũ; sự rung, sự lắc, sự giũ" verb động từ /ʃeɪk/
[sound:z_shake__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shake__us_1.wav] "Give the bottle a
good {{c1::shake}} before opening.<br>He dismissed the idea with a firm
{{c1::shake}} of his head <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::shake}}_2__22"">(= turning
it from side to side to mean ‘no’)<br>She gave him a {{c1::shake}} to wake
him.<br>I always <span class=""cl""><strong>get the {{c1::shake}}s</strong><br>"
fly "bay; sự bay, quãng đường bay" verb "động từ, danh từ" /flaɪ/
[sound:z_fly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fly__us_1.wav] A {{c1::fly}} was buzzing
against the window.<br>Flies rose in thick black swarms.<br>{{c1::fly}}
fishing<br>Your {{c1::fly}} is undone!<br> 946
interview phỏng vấn; cuộc phỏng vấn noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈɪntəvjuː/
[sound:z_interview__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_interview__us_1.wav] Which post are you
being {{c1::interview}}ed for?<br>We {{c1::interview}}ed ten people for the
job.<br>The website gives you tips on {{c1::interview}}ing for colleges.<br>If you
don't {{c1::interview}} well you are unlikely to get the job.<br> 947
manage "quan lý, trông nom, điều khiển, xoay xở, giai quyết" verb động
từ /ˈmænɪdʒ/ [sound:z_manage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_manage__us_1.wav] "In
spite of his disappointment, he {{c1::manage}}d a weak smile.<br>I don't know
exactly how we'll <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::manage}} it</strong><br>Can you
{{c1::manage}} another piece of cake? <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::manage}}__24"">(= eat one)<br>We {{c1::manage}}d to get to the airport
in time.<br>" 948
chair ghế noun danh từ /tʃeə(r)/ [sound:z_chair__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_chair__us_1.wav] "a table and {{c1::chair}}s<br>Sit on your
{{c1::chair}}!<br>an old man asleep in a {{c1::chair}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::chair}}_1__19"">(= an <span
class=""ndv"">arm{{c1::chair}}<br>dining/kitchen {{c1::chair}}s<br>" 949
fish "cá, món cá; câu cá, bắt cá" noun "danh từ, động từ" /fɪʃ/
[sound:z_fish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fish__us_1.wav] The trawler was
{{c1::fish}}ing off the coast of Iceland.<br>You can {{c1::fish}} for trout in this
stream.<br>Let's go {{c1::fish}}ing this weekend.<br>They {{c1::fish}}ed the loch
for salmon.<br> 950
particular "riêng biệt, cá biệt, đăc biệt" adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /pə
ˈtɪkjələ(r)/ [sound:z_particular__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_particular__us_1.wav] There is one {{c1::particular}} patient
I'd like you to see.<br>Is there a {{c1::particular}} type of book he enjoys?<br>We
must pay {{c1::particular}} attention to this point.<br>These documents are of
{{c1::particular}} interest.<br> 951
camera máy anh noun danh từ /ˈkæmərə/ [sound:z_camera__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_camera__us_1.wav] "Just point the {{c1::camera}} and press the
button.<br>{{c1::camera}}s started clicking as soon as she stepped out of the
car.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>TV/video {{c1::camera}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::camera}} crew<br>" 952
structure "kết cấu, cấu trúc" noun danh từ /ˈstrʌktʃə(r)/
[sound:z_structure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_structure__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::structure}} of the building<br>changes in the social and economic
{{c1::structure}} of society<br>the grammatical {{c1::structure}}s of a
language<br>a salary {{c1::structure}}<br> 953
politics "họat động chính trị, đời sống chính trị, quan điểm chính trị" noun
danh từ /ˈpɒlətɪks/ [sound:z_politics__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_politics__us_1.wav] "party {{c1::politics}}<br>local
{{c1::politics}}<br>He's thinking of <span class=""cl""><strong>going into
{{c1::politics}}</strong><br>a major figure in British {{c1::politics}}<br>" 954
perform "biểu diễn; làm, thực hiện" verb động từ /pəˈfɔːm/
[sound:z_perform__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_perform__us_1.wav] to {{c1::perform}}
an experiment/a miracle/a ceremony<br>She {{c1::perform}}s an important role in our
organization.<br>This operation has never been {{c1::perform}}ed in this
country.<br>A computer can {{c1::perform}} many tasks at once.<br> 955
bit "miếng, manh. a bit một chút, một tí" noun "danh từ, phó từ" /bɪt/
[sound:z_bit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bit__us_1.wav] "These trousers are a
{{c1::bit}} tight.<br>‘Are you tired?’ ‘Yes, I am a {{c1::bit}}.’<br>It costs a
{{c1::bit}} more than I wanted to spend.<br>I can lend you fifty pounds, if you
want. That should help a {{c1::bit}}.<br>" 956
weight trọng lượng noun danh từ /weɪt/ [sound:z_weight__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_weight__us_1.wav] "It is about 76 kilos <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::weight}}</strong><br>Bananas are sold by
{{c1::weight}}.<br>In the wild, this fish can reach a {{c1::weight}} of
5lbs.<br>She is trying to <span class=""cl""><strong>lose
{{c1::weight}}</strong><br>" 957
suddenly "thình lình, đột ngột" adverb phó từ /ˈsʌdənli/
[sound:z_suddenly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_suddenly__us_1.wav] ‘Listen!’ said
Doyle {{c1::suddenly}}.<br>I {{c1::suddenly}} realized what I had to do.<br>It all
happened so {{c1::suddenly}}.<br> 958
discover "khám phá, phát hiện ra, nhận ra" verb động từ /dɪˈskʌvə(r)/
[sound:z_discover__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_discover__us_1.wav] Cook is credited
with {{c1::discover}}ing Hawaii.<br>Scientists around the world are working to
{{c1::discover}} a cure for AIDS.<br>Police {{c1::discover}}ed a large stash of
drugs while searching the house.<br>We {{c1::discover}}ed this beach while we were
sailing around the island.<br> 959
candidate "người ứng cử, thí sinh, người dự thi" noun danh từ /ˈkændɪdət/
[sound:z_candidate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_candidate__us_1.wav] one of the leading
{{c1::candidate}}s for the presidency<br>a presidential {{c1::candidate}}<br>He
stood as a {{c1::candidate}} in the local elections.<br>There were a large number
of {{c1::candidate}}s for the job.<br> 960
production "sự san xuất, chế tạo" noun danh từ /prəˈdʌkʃn/
[sound:z_production__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_production__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>wheat/oil/car, etc. {{c1::production}}</strong><br>land
available for <span class=""cl""><strong>food {{c1::production}}</strong><br>The
new model will be <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::production}}</strong><br>{{c1::production}} of the new aircraft will start
next year.<br>" 962
treat "đối xử, đối đãi, cư xử" verb động từ /triːt/
[sound:z_treat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_treat__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::treat}} people with respect/consideration/suspicion,
etc.</strong><br>{{c1::treat}} your keyboard with care and it should last for
years.<br>My parents still {{c1::treat}} me like a child.<br>He was {{c1::treat}}ed
as a hero on his release from prison.<br>" 963
trip "cuộc dạo chơi, cuộc du ngoạn; đi dạo, du ngoạn" noun danh từ /trɪp/
[sound:z_trip__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_trip__us_1.wav] She
{{c1::trip}}ped and fell.<br>Someone will {{c1::trip}} over that cable.<br>I was
{{c1::trip}}ping over my words in my excitement to tell them the news.<br>Be
careful you don't {{c1::trip}} up on the step.<br> 964
evening "buôi chiều, tối" noun danh từ /ˈiːvnɪŋ/
[sound:z_evening__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_evening__us_1.wav] "I'll see you
tomorrow {{c1::evening}}.<br>Come over on Thursday {{c1::evening}}.<br>What do you
usually do <span class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::evening}}</strong><br>She's
going to her sister's <span class=""cl""><strong>for the
{{c1::evening}}</strong><br>" 965
affect "làm anh hưởng, tác động đến" verb động từ /əˈfekt/
[sound:z_affect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_affect__us_1.wav] How will these
changes {{c1::affect}} us?<br>Your opinion will not {{c1::affect}} my
decision.<br>The south of the country was worst {{c1::affect}}ed by the
drought.<br>The condition {{c1::affect}}s one in five women.<br> 966
inside "măt trong, phía, phần trong; ở trong, nội bộ" preposition "phó từ,
danh từ, giới từ" /ˌɪnˈsaɪd/ [sound:z_inside__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_inside__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::inside}} pages of a newspaper<br>an
{{c1::inside}} pocket<br>I was driving in the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::inside}} lane</strong><br>{{c1::inside}}
information<br>" 967
conference "hội nghị, sự bàn bạc" noun danh từ /ˈkɒnfərəns/
[sound:z_xconference__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconference__us_1.wav] "The
hotel is used for exhibitions, {{c1::conference}}s and social events.<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::conference}} room/centre/hall</strong><br>She is
attending a three-day {{c1::conference}} on AIDS education.<br>The
{{c1::conference}} will be held in Glasgow.<br>" 968
unit đơn vị noun danh từ /ˈjuːnɪt/ [sound:z_unit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_unit__us_1.wav] "The cell is the {{c1::unit}} of which all
living organisms are composed.<br>The <span class=""cl""><strong>basic
{{c1::unit}}</strong><br>The game's selling price was $15 per
{{c1::unit}}.<br>What's the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::unit}}
cost</strong><br>" 969
style "phong cách, kiểu, mẫu, loại" noun danh từ /staɪl/
[sound:z_style__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_style__us_1.wav] a {{c1::style}} of
management<br>a management {{c1::style}}<br>furniture to suit your {{c1::style}} of
living<br>a study of different teaching {{c1::style}}s<br> 971
adult "người lớn, người trưởng thành; trưởng thành" noun danh từ /
ˈædʌlt/ [sound:z_adult__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_adult__us_1.wav] "preparing
young people for {{c1::adult}} life<br>the {{c1::adult}}
population<br>{{c1::adult}} monkeys<br>When my parents split up, it was all very
{{c1::adult}} and open.<br>" 972
worry "lo lắng, suy nghĩ; sự lo lắng, suy nghĩ" verb "động từ, danh từ" /
ˈwʌri/ [sound:z_worry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worry__us_1.wav] "The threat
of losing their jobs is a constant source of {{c1::worry}} to them.<br>A heart
attack can be brought on by stress and {{c1::worry}}.<br>to be frantic <span
class=""cl""><strong>with {{c1::worry}}</strong><br>family/financial worries<br>"
range "dãy, hàng, loại; phạm vi, trình độ" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/reɪndʒ/ [sound:z_range__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_range__us_1.wav] "The
hotel offers <span class=""cl""><strong>a wide {{c1::range}} of</strong><br>There
is <span class=""cl""><strong>a full {{c1::range}} of</strong><br>This material is
available in a huge {{c1::range}} of colours.<br>Most of the students are in the
17-20 <span class=""cl""><strong>age {{c1::range}}.</strong><br>" 974
mention "nói đến, đề cập" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈmenʃn/
[sound:z_mention__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mention__us_1.wav] "Nobody
{{c1::mention}}ed anything to me about it.<br>Sorry, I won't {{c1::mention}} it
again.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Now that you {{c1::mention}}
it</strong><br>His name has been {{c1::mention}}ed as a future MP.<br>" 975
deep "sâu, khó lường, bí ân"adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /diːp/
[sound:z_deep__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_deep__us_1.wav] Dig
{{c1::deep}}er!<br>The miners were trapped {{c1::deep}} underground.<br>whales that
feed {{c1::deep}} beneath the waves<br>He gazed {{c1::deep}} into her eyes.<br>
edge "lưỡi, cạnh sắc" noun danh từ /edʒ/ [sound:z_edge__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_edge__us_1.wav] "He stood <span class=""cl""><strong>on the
{{c1::edge}} of</strong><br>a big house <span class=""cl""><strong>on/at the
{{c1::edge}} of town</strong><br>Don't put that glass so near the {{c1::edge}} of
the table.<br>I sat down at the water's {{c1::edge}}.<br>" 980
specific "đăc trưng, riêng biệt" adjective tính từ /spəˈsɪfɪk/
[sound:z_specific__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_specific__us_1.wav] "I gave you
{{c1::specific}} instructions.<br>‘I'd like your help tomorrow.’ ‘Can you <span
class=""cl""><strong>be more {{c1::specific}}</strong><br>children's television
programmes aimed at a {{c1::specific}} age group<br>The money was collected for a
{{c1::specific}} purpose.<br>" 982
writer người viết noun danh từ /ˈraɪtə(r)/ [sound:z_writer__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_writer__us_1.wav] "{{c1::writer}}s of poetry<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>travel/cookery, etc. {{c1::writer}}</strong><br>the
{{c1::writer}} of this letter<br>a messy {{c1::writer}}<br>" 983
trouble "điều lo lắng, điều muộn phiền" noun "danh từ, động từ" /
ˈtrʌbl/ [sound:z_trouble__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_trouble__us_1.wav] "We <span
class=""cl""><strong>have {{c1::trouble}}</strong><br>He could <span
class=""cl""><strong>make {{c1::trouble}} for me</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>The {{c1::trouble}} with you is</strong><br>We've never <span
class=""cl""><strong>had</strong><br>" 984
necessary "cần, cần thiết, thiết yếu" adjective tính từ /ˈnesəsəri/
[sound:z_necessary__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_necessary__us_1.wav] "It may be
{{c1::necessary}} to buy a new one.<br>It doesn't seem {{c1::necessary}} for us to
meet.<br>Only use your car when absolutely {{c1::necessary}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>If {{c1::necessary}}</strong><br>" 985
throughout "khắp, suốt" preposition giới từ /θruːˈaʊt/
[sound:z_throughout__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_throughout__us_1.wav] They
export their products to markets {{c1::throughout}} the world.<br>The museum is
open daily {{c1::throughout}} the year.<br>The house was painted white
{{c1::throughout}}.<br>The ceremony lasted two hours and we had to stand
{{c1::throughout}}.<br> 986
challenge "sự thử thách, sự thách thức; thách thức, thử thách" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /ˈtʃælɪndʒ/ [sound:z_challenge__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_challenge__us_1.wav] The story was completely untrue and was
successfully {{c1::challenge}}d in court.<br>She does not like anyone challenging
her authority.<br>This discovery {{c1::challenge}}s traditional beliefs.<br>Mike
{{c1::challenge}}d me to a game of chess.<br> 987
fear "sự sợ hãi, e sợ; sợ, lo ngại" noun "danh từ, động từ" /fɪə(r)/
[sound:z_fear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fear__us_1.wav] "All his employees
{{c1::fear}} him.<br>to {{c1::fear}} death/persecution/the unknown<br>Everyone
{{c1::fear}}ed the coming war.<br>Don't worry, you have <span
class=""cl""><strong>nothing to {{c1::fear}} from</strong><br>" 988
shoulder vai noun danh từ /ˈʃəʊldə(r)/ [sound:z_shoulder__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_shoulder__us_1.wav] "He slung the bag over his
{{c1::shoulder}}.<br>She tapped him on the {{c1::shoulder}}.<br>He looked back over
his {{c1::shoulder}}.<br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>shrugged her
{{c1::shoulder}}s</strong><br>" 989
institution "sự thành lập, lập; cơ quan, trụ sở" noun danh từ /ˌɪnstɪ
ˈtjuːʃn/ [sound:z_institution__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_institution__us_1.wav]
"an <span class=""cl""><strong>educational/financial, etc.
{{c1::institution}}</strong><br>the Smithsonian {{c1::institution}}<br>a mental
{{c1::institution}}<br>We want this to be like a home, not an
{{c1::institution}}.<br>" 990
middle "giữa, ở giữa" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /ˈmɪdl/
[sound:z_middle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_middle__us_1.wav] Pens are kept in
the {{c1::middle}} drawer.<br>She's the {{c1::middle}} child of three.<br>He was
very successful in his {{c1::middle}} forties.<br>a {{c1::middle}}-sized room<br>
sea biển noun danh từ /siː/ [sound:z_sea__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sea__us_1.wav]
"to travel <span class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::sea}}</strong><br>a cottage
<span class=""cl""><strong>by the {{c1::sea}}</strong><br>The waste was dumped
<span class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::sea}}</strong><br>The wreck is lying at the
bottom of the {{c1::sea}}.<br>" 992
dream "giấc mơ, mơ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /driːm/
[sound:z_dream__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dream__us_1.wav] Did I talk in my
sleep? I must have been {{c1::dream}}ing.<br>I {{c1::dream}}t about you last
night.<br>Did it really happen or did I just {{c1::dream}} it?<br>I {{c1::dream}}t
(that) I got the job.<br> 993
bar quán bán rượu noun danh từ /bɑː(r)/ [sound:z_bar__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bar__us_1.wav] "We met at a {{c1::bar}} called the Flamingo.<br>the
island's only <span class=""cl""><strong>licensed {{c1::bar}}</strong><br>a
cocktail {{c1::bar}}<br>The hotel has a restaurant, {{c1::bar}} and swimming
pool.<br>" 994
beautiful đẹp adjective tính từ /ˈbjuːtɪfl/ [sound:z_beautiful__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_beautiful__us_1.wav] a {{c1::beautiful}}
countryside/weather/music<br>She looked stunningly {{c1::beautiful}} that
night.<br>What a {{c1::beautiful}} thing to say!<br> 995
property "tài san, của cai; đất đấi, nhà cửa, bất động san" noun danh từ
/ˈprɒpəti/ [sound:z_property__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_property__us_1.wav] This
building is government {{c1::property}}.<br>Be careful not to damage other people's
{{c1::property}}.<br>The price of {{c1::property}} has risen
enormously.<br>{{c1::property}} prices<br> 996
instead để thay thế. instead of thay cho adverb "phó từ, giới từ"
/ɪnˈsted/ [sound:z_instead__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_instead__us_1.wav] "Lee
was ill so I went {{c1::instead}}.<br>He didn't reply. {{c1::instead}}, he turned
on his heel and left the room.<br>She said nothing, preferring {{c1::instead}} to
save her comments till later.<br>" 997
improve "cai thiện, cái tiến, mở mang" verb động từ /ɪmˈpruːv/
[sound:z_improve__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_improve__us_1.wav] "His quality of
life has {{c1::improve}}d dramatically since the operation.<br>The doctor says she
should continue to {{c1::improve}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::improve}}__19"">(=
after an illness)<br>I hope my French will {{c1::improve}} when I go to
France.<br>to {{c1::improve}} standards<br>" 998
stuff "chất liệu, chất" noun "danh từ, động từ" /stʌf/
[sound:z_stuff__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stuff__us_1.wav] What's all that
sticky {{c1::stuff}} on the carpet?<br>The chairs were covered in some sort of
plastic {{c1::stuff}}.<br>This wine is good {{c1::stuff}}.<br>I don't know how you
can eat that {{c1::stuff}}!<br> 999
detail "chi tiết. in detail: tường tận, tỉ mỉ" noun danh từ /ˈdiːteɪl/
[sound:z_detail__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_detail__us_1.wav] "an expedition
planned down to the last {{c1::detail}}<br>He stood still, absorbing every
{{c1::detail}} of the street.<br>Tell me the main points now; leave <span
class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::detail}}s</strong><br>This issue will be discussed
<span class=""cl""><strong>in</strong><br>" 1000
method "phương pháp, cách thức" noun danh từ /ˈmeθəd/
[sound:z_method__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_method__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>reliable/effective/scientific {{c1::method}}</strong><br>a new
{{c1::method}} of solving the problem<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>traditional/alternative {{c1::method}}s</strong><br>the best
{{c1::method}} for arriving at an accurate prediction of the costs<br>" 1001
thickly dày; dày đăc; thành lớp dày adverb phó từ /ˈθɪkli/
[sound:z_thickly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thickly__us_1.wav] "{{c1::thickly}}
sliced bread<br>Apply the paint {{c1::thickly}} in even strokes.<br>‘Just leave me
alone,’ he said {{c1::thickly}}.<br>" 1001
bitterly "đắng, đắng cay, chua xót" adverb phó từ /ˈbɪtəli/
[sound:z_bitterly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bitterly__us_1.wav] "She wept
{{c1::bitterly}}.<br>They complained {{c1::bitterly}}.<br>The development was
{{c1::bitterly}} opposed by the local community.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::bitterly}} disappointed/ashamed</strong><br>" 1002
DVD đĩa DVD noun danh từ /ˌdiː viː ˈdiː/ [sound:z_dvd__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dvd__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::DVD}}-ROM drive<br>Is it available <span
class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::DVD}}</strong><br>" 1002
racing cuộc đua noun danh từ /ˈreɪsɪŋ/ [sound:z_racing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_racing__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::racing}} stable<br>one of the
{{c1::racing}} world's most popular characters<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>motor/yacht/greyhound, etc. {{c1::racing}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::racing}} driver<br>" 1003
magazine tạp chí noun danh từ /ˌmæɡəˈziːn/
[sound:z_magazine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_magazine__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>weekly/monthly {{c1::magazine}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::magazine}} article/interview</strong><br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>online {{c1::magazine}}</strong><br>Her designer clothes were
from the pages of a glossy fashion {{c1::magazine}}.<br>" 1004
purely "hoàn toàn, chỉ là" adverb phó từ /ˈpjʊəli/
[sound:z_purely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_purely__us_1.wav] "I saw the letter
{{c1::purely}} by chance.<br>The charity is run on a {{c1::purely}} voluntary
basis.<br>She took the job <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::purely}} and
simply</strong><br>The drapes are {{c1::purely}} decorative.<br>" 1004
hotel khách sạn noun danh từ /həʊˈtel/ [sound:z_hotel__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hotel__us_1.wav] "We stayed at/in a {{c1::hotel}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hotel}} rooms/guests</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>two-star/five-star, etc. {{c1::hotel}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>luxury {{c1::hotel}}</strong><br>" 1005
cent đồng xu (bằng 1/100 đô la) noun danh từ /sent/
[sound:z_cent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cent__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::cent}} 1006
confine "giam giữ, hạn chế" verb động từ /kənˈfaɪn/
[sound:z_xconfine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconfine__us_1.wav] "The work will not
be {{c1::confine}}d to the Glasgow area.<br>I will <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::confine}} myself</strong><br>Keep the dog
{{c1::confine}}d in a suitable travelling cage.<br>Here the river is
{{c1::confine}}d in a narrow channel.<br>" 1006
soldier "lính, quân nhân" noun danh từ /ˈsəʊldʒə(r)/
[sound:z_soldier__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_soldier__us_1.wav] {{c1::soldier}}s
in uniform<br>{{c1::soldier}}s on duty<br> 1006
reflect "phan chiếu, phan hồi, phan ánh" verb động từ /rɪˈflekt/
[sound:z_reflect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reflect__us_1.wav] "His face was
{{c1::reflect}}ed in the mirror.<br>She could see herself {{c1::reflect}}ed in his
eyes.<br>The windows {{c1::reflect}}ed the bright afternoon sunlight.<br>When the
sun's rays hit the earth, a lot of the heat is {{c1::reflect}}ed back into
space.<br>" 1007
deliberate "thận trọng, có tính toán, chủ tâm, có suy nghĩ cân nhắc" adjective
tính từ /dɪˈlɪbərət/ [sound:z_deliberate__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_deliberate__us_1.wav] a {{c1::deliberate}} act of
vandalism<br>The speech was a {{c1::deliberate}} attempt to embarrass the
government.<br>She spoke in a slow and {{c1::deliberate}} way.<br> 1008
heavy "năng, năng nề" adjective tính từ /ˈhevi/
[sound:z_heavy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_heavy__us_1.wav] "She was
struggling with a {{c1::heavy}} suitcase.<br>My brother is much heavier than
me.<br>He tried to push the {{c1::heavy}} door open.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>How {{c1::heavy}}</strong><br>" 1008
pupil học sinh noun danh từ /ˈpjuːpl/ [sound:z_pupil__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_pupil__us_1.wav] How many {{c1::pupil}}s does the school have?
<br>She now teaches only private {{c1::pupil}}s.<br>The painting is by a
{{c1::pupil}} of Rembrandt.<br>Her {{c1::pupil}}s were dilated.<br> 1008
alcoholic rượu; người nghiện rượu noun danh từ /ˌælkəˈhɒlɪk/
[sound:z_alcoholic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alcoholic__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::alcoholic}} 1009
sew "may, khâu" verb động từ /səʊ/ [sound:z_sew__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sew__us_1.wav] My mother taught me how to {{c1::sew}}.<br>to
{{c1::sew}} by hand/machine<br>to {{c1::sew}} a seam<br>She {{c1::sew}}s all her
own clothes.<br> 1009
sexual "giới tính, các vấn đề sinh lý" adjective tính từ /ˈsekʃuəl/
[sound:z_sexual__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sexual__us_1.wav] "{{c1::sexual}}
behaviour<br>They were not having a {{c1::sexual}} relationship at the time.<br>Her
interest in him is purely {{c1::sexual}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::sexual}} orientation</strong><br>" 1009
cheaply "rẻ, rẻ tiền" adverb phó từ /ˈtʃiːpli/
[sound:z_cheaply__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cheaply__us_1.wav] I'm sure I could
buy this more {{c1::cheaply}} somewhere else.<br>a {{c1::cheaply}} made
movie<br>You can live very {{c1::cheaply}} in Italy.<br> 1010
satisfying "đem lại sự thỏa mãn, làm thỏa mãn, làm vưa ý" adjective tính từ
/ˈsætɪsfaɪɪŋ/ [sound:z_satisfying__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_satisfying__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::satisfying}} meal<br>a
{{c1::satisfying}} experience<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's {{c1::satisfying}}
to</strong><br>" 1010
bag "bao, túi, căp xách" noun danh từ /bæɡ/ [sound:z_bag__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bag__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>plastic/polythene/paper
{{c1::bag}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>laundry/mail
{{c1::bag}}</strong><br>a black plastic <span
class=""cl""><strong>rubbish/gar{{c1::bag}}e {{c1::bag}}</strong><br>a shopping
{{c1::bag}}<br>" 1011
imaginary "tưởng tượng, ao" adjective tính từ /ɪˈmædʒɪnəri/
[sound:z_imaginary__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_imaginary__us_1.wav] "{{c1::imaginary}}
fears<br>The equator is an {{c1::imaginary}} line around the middle of the
earth.<br>I had an {{c1::imaginary}} friend when I was a child.<br>We must listen
to their problems, real or {{c1::imaginary}}.<br>" 1011
inability "sự bất lực, bất tài" noun danh từ /ˌɪnəˈbɪləti/
[sound:z_inability__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_inability__us_1.wav] the government's
{{c1::inability}} to provide basic services<br>Some families go without medical
treatment because of their {{c1::inability}} to pay.<br> 1011
heat "hơi nóng, sức nóng" noun "danh từ, động từ" /hiːt/
[sound:z_heat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_heat__us_1.wav] {{c1::heat}} the
oil and add the onions.<br>The system produced enough energy to {{c1::heat}}
several thousand homes.<br>The oven takes a while to {{c1::heat}} up.<br>The
election contest is {{c1::heat}}ing up.<br> 1012
amazed "kinh ngạc, sửng sốt" adjective tính từ /əˈmeɪzd/
[sound:z_amazed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amazed__us_1.wav] an {{c1::amazed}}
silence<br>I was {{c1::amazed}} at her knowledge of French literature.<br>We were
{{c1::amazed}} by his generosity.<br>I was banging so loudly I'm {{c1::amazed}}
(that) they didn't hear me.<br> 1014
damp "âm, âm ướt, âm thấp" adjective tính từ /dæmp/
[sound:z_damp__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_damp__us_1.wav] The cottage was
cold and {{c1::damp}}.<br>It feels {{c1::damp}} in here.<br>{{c1::damp}}
clothes<br>Wipe the surface with a {{c1::damp}} cloth.<br> 1014
disappointing "làm chán ngán, làm thất vọng" adjective tính từ /ˌdɪsə
ˈpɔɪntɪŋ/ [sound:z_disappointing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disappointing__us_1.wav]
a {{c1::disappointing}} result/performance<br>The outcome of the court case
was {{c1::disappointing}} for the family involved.<br>The team has had a
{{c1::disappointing}} start to the season.<br>The room was {{c1::disappointing}}ly
small.<br> 1014
marriage "sự cưới xin, sự kết hôn, lễ cưới" noun danh từ /ˈmærɪdʒ/
[sound:z_marriage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_marriage__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>happy/unhappy {{c1::marriage}}</strong><br>All of her
children's {{c1::marriage}}s ended in divorce.<br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>arranged {{c1::marriage}}</strong><br>She has two children by
a previous {{c1::marriage}}.<br>" 1014
tough "chắc, bền, dai" adjective tính từ /tʌf/ [sound:z_tough__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tough__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::tough}} childhood<br>It was a
{{c1::tough}} decision to make.<br>She's been having <span class=""cl""><strong>a
{{c1::tough}} time of it</strong><br>He faces the {{c1::tough}}est test of his
leadership so far.<br>" 1015
sing "hát, ca hát" verb động từ /sɪŋ/ [sound:z_sing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sing__us_1.wav] "She usually {{c1::sing}}s in the shower.<br>I
just can't {{c1::sing}} in tune!<br>He was dancing around and <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::sing}}ing at the top of his voice</strong><br>He was
{{c1::sing}}ing softly to the baby.<br>" 1016
specially "đăc biệt, riêng biệt" adverb phó từ /ˈspeʃəli/
[sound:z_specially__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_specially__us_1.wav] The ring was
{{c1::specially}} made for her.<br>a {{c1::specially}} designed diet plan<br>We
came {{c1::specially}} to see you.<br>It will be hard to work today—
{{c1::specially}} when it's so warm and sunny outside.<br> 1016
bandage dai băng; băng bó verb động từ /ˈbændɪdʒ/
[sound:z_bandage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bandage__us_1.wav] Don't
{{c1::bandage}} the wound too tightly.<br>His injured leg was all {{c1::bandage}}d
up.<br> 1017
surface "măt, bề măt" noun danh từ /ˈsɜːfɪs/
[sound:z_surface__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_surface__us_1.wav] "an uneven road
{{c1::surface}}<br>We'll need a flat {{c1::surface}} to play the game on.<br>Teeth
have a hard {{c1::surface}} layer called enamel.<br>a broad leaf with a large <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::surface}} area</strong><br>" 1017
purpose "mục đích, ý định. on purpose cố tình, cố ý, có chủ tâm" noun danh
từ /ˈpɜːpəs/ [sound:z_purpose__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_purpose__us_1.wav] "Our
campaign's main {{c1::purpose}} is to raise money.<br>The {{c1::purpose}} of the
book is to provide a complete guide to the university.<br>A meeting was called
<span class=""cl""><strong>for the {{c1::purpose}} of</strong><br>The experiments
<span class=""cl""><strong>serve no useful {{c1::purpose}}</strong><br>" 1018
revise "đọc lại, xem lại, sửa lại, ôn lại" verb động từ /rɪˈvaɪz/
[sound:z_revise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_revise__us_1.wav] I can see I will
have to {{c1::revise}} my opinions of his abilities now.<br>The government may need
to {{c1::revise}} its policy in the light of this report.<br>a {{c1::revise}}d
edition of a textbook<br>I'll prepare a {{c1::revise}}d estimate for you.<br>
exist "tồn tại, sống" verb động từ /ɪɡˈzɪst/ [sound:z_exist__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_exist__us_1.wav] "Does life {{c1::exist}} on other planets?
<br>The problem only {{c1::exist}}s in your head, Jane.<br>Few of these monkeys
still {{c1::exist}} in the wild.<br>On his retirement the post will <span
class=""cl""><strong>cease to {{c1::exist}}</strong><br>" 1019
pattern "mẫu, khuôn mẫu" noun danh từ /ˈpætn/
[sound:z_pattern__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pattern__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>changing {{c1::pattern}}s</strong><br>an irregular sleeping
{{c1::pattern}}<br>The murders all seem to <span class=""cl""><strong>follow a
(similar) {{c1::pattern}}</strong><br>This system <span class=""cl""><strong>sets
the {{c1::pattern}}</strong><br>" 1020
spider con nhện noun danh từ /ˈspaɪdə(r)/
[sound:z_spider__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spider__us_1.wav] She stared in
horror at the hairy black {{c1::spider}}.<br> 1020
offend "xúc phạm, làm bực mình, làm khó chịu" verb động từ /əˈfend/
[sound:z_offend__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_offend__us_1.wav] They'll be
{{c1::offend}}ed if you don't go to their wedding.<br>Neil did not mean to
{{c1::offend}} anybody with his joke.<br>She managed to {{c1::offend}} her
boyfriend's parents as soon as she opened her mouth.<br>A TV interviewer must be
careful not to {{c1::offend}}.<br> 1021
whom "ai, người nào; người mà" pronoun đại từ /huːm/
[sound:z_whom__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_whom__us_1.wav] "{{c1::whom}} did
they invite?<br>To {{c1::whom}} should I write?<br>The author {{c1::whom}} you
criticized in your review has written a reply.<br>Her mother, in {{c1::whom}} she
confided, said she would support her unconditionally.<br>" 1021
awkward "vụng về, lung túng, khó xử" adjective tính từ /ˈɔːkwəd/
[sound:z_awkward__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_awkward__us_1.wav] There was an
{{c1::awkward}} silence.<br>I felt {{c1::awkward}} because they obviously wanted to
be alone.<br>Don't ask {{c1::awkward}} questions.<br>You've put me in an
{{c1::awkward}} position.<br> 1022
skin "da, vỏ" noun danh từ /skɪn/ [sound:z_skin__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_skin__us_1.wav] "to have <span
class=""cl""><strong>dark/fair/olive, etc. {{c1::skin}}</strong><br>The snake sheds
its {{c1::skin}} once a year.<br>cosmetics for sensitive
{{c1::skin}}s<br>{{c1::skin}} cancer<br>" 1022
agent "đại lý, tác nhân" noun danh từ /ˈeɪdʒənt/
[sound:z_agent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_agent__us_1.wav] "an insurance
{{c1::agent}}<br>Our {{c1::agent}} in New York deals with all US sales.<br>If
you're going to rent out your house while you're abroad, you'll need someone to act
as your {{c1::agent}} here.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>theatrical/literary
{{c1::agent}}</strong><br>" 1023
owner "người chủ, chủ nhân" noun danh từ /ˈəʊnə(r)/
[sound:z_owner__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_owner__us_1.wav] "a dog/factory
{{c1::owner}}<br>The painting has been returned to its <span
class=""cl""><strong>rightful {{c1::owner}}</strong><br>He's now the <span
class=""cl""><strong>proud {{c1::owner}}</strong><br>Would the {{c1::owner}} of the
black Mercedes parked in front of the gates please report to reception.<br>" 1024
machine "máy, máy móc" noun danh từ /məˈʃiːn/
[sound:z_machine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_machine__us_1.wav] "{{c1::machine}}s
have replaced human labour in many industries.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>operate/run a {{c1::machine}}</strong><br>How does this
{{c1::machine}} work?<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>washing/sewing
{{c1::machine}}</strong><br>" 1025
gas "khí, hơi đốt" noun danh từ /ɡæs/ [sound:z_gas__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_gas__us_1.wav] "Air is a mixture of {{c1::gas}}es.<br>CFC
{{c1::gas}}es<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::gas}}
bottle/cylinder</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::gas}}
cooker/fire/furnace/oven/ring/stove</strong><br>" 1026
gradual "dần dần, từng bước một" adjective tính từ /ˈɡrædʒuəl/
[sound:z_gradual__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gradual__us_1.wav] a {{c1::gradual}}
change in the climate<br>Recovery from the disease is very {{c1::gradual}}.<br>
ahead "trước, về phía trước" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /əˈhed/
[sound:z_ahead__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ahead__us_1.wav] I'll run
{{c1::ahead}} and warn them.<br>The road {{c1::ahead}} was blocked.<br>We've got a
lot of hard work {{c1::ahead}}.<br>This will create problems in the months
{{c1::ahead}}.<br> 1028
generation "sự sinh ra, sự phát sinh ra; thế hệ, đời" noun danh từ /
ˌdʒenəˈreɪʃn/ [sound:z_generation__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_generation__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>younger/older {{c1::generation}}</strong><br>My
{{c1::generation}} have grown up without the experience of a world war.<br>I often
wonder what <span class=""cl""><strong>future {{c1::generation}}s</strong><br>a
{{c1::generation}} ago<br>" 1029
cheerful "vui mưng, phấn khởi, hồ hởi" adjective tính từ /ˈtʃɪəfl/
[sound:z_cheerful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cheerful__us_1.wav] "You're not your
usual {{c1::cheerful}} self today.<br>He felt bright and {{c1::cheerful}} and full
of energy.<br>You're in a {{c1::cheerful}} mood.<br>a {{c1::cheerful}}, hard-
working employee<br>" 1030
commercial "buôn bán, thương mại" adjective tính từ /kəˈmɜːʃl/
[sound:z_commercial__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_commercial__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::commercial}} heart of the city<br>She is developing the {{c1::commercial}}
side of the organization.<br>a {{c1::commercial}} vehicle <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::commercial}}_1__17"">(= one that is used for carrying goods or
passengers who pay)<br>The movie was not a {{c1::commercial}} success <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::commercial}}_1__22"">(= did not make money)<br>" 1030
tablet "tấm, ban, thẻ phiến" noun danh từ /ˈtæblət/
[sound:z_tablet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tablet__us_1.wav] vitamin
{{c1::tablet}}s<br>Take two {{c1::tablet}}s with water before meals.<br>water
purification {{c1::tablet}}s<br>The school has a memorial {{c1::tablet}} engraved
with the name of the founder.<br> 1030
theatre "rạp hát, nhà hát" noun danh từ /ˈθɪətə(r)/
[sound:z_theatre__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_theatre__us_1.wav] "Broadway
{{c1::theatre}}s<br>an open-air {{c1::theatre}}<br>How often do you <span
class=""cl""><strong>go to the {{c1::theatre}}</strong><br>an evening of live music
and {{c1::theatre}}<br>" 1030
address "địa chỉ, đề địa chỉ" verb "động từ, danh từ" /əˈdres/
[sound:z_address__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_address__us_2.wav] "The letter was
correctly {{c1::address}}ed, but delivered to the wrong house.<br>{{c1::address}}
your application to the Personnel Manager.<br>to {{c1::address}} a meeting<br>The
President has been asked to {{c1::address}} the assembly.<br>" 1031
lord "Chúa, vua" noun danh từ /lɔːd/ [sound:z_lord__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lord__us_1.wav] {{c1::lord}} Beaverbrook<br>the {{c1::lord}}
Chancellor<br>the {{c1::lord}} Mayor<br>{{c1::lord}} Justice Slade<br> 1031
sewing "sự khâu, sự may vá" noun danh từ /ˈsəʊɪŋ/
[sound:z_sewing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sewing__us_1.wav] knitting and
{{c1::sewing}}<br>a {{c1::sewing}} basket<br>a pile of {{c1::sewing}}<br> 1031
unusually "cực kỳ, khác thường" adverb phó từ /ʌnˈjuːʒuəli/
[sound:z_unusually__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unusually__us_1.wav] "{{c1::unusually}}
high levels of radiation<br>an {{c1::unusually}} cold winter<br>The turnout was
{{c1::unusually}} low.<br>{{c1::unusually}} for him, he wore a tie.<br>" 1031
cancer bệnh ung thư noun danh từ /ˈkænsə(r)/
[sound:z_cancer__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_cancer__us_2.wav] lung/breast
{{c1::cancer}}<br>{{c1::cancer}} of the bowel/stomach<br>Most skin {{c1::cancer}}s
are completely curable.<br>The {{c1::cancer}} has spread to his stomach.<br> 1032
depress "làm chán nan, làm phiền muộn; làm suy giam" verb động từ /dɪ
ˈpres/ [sound:z_depress__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_depress__us_1.wav] "Wet weather
always {{c1::depress}}es me.<br>It {{c1::depress}}es me to see so many young girls
smoking.<br>The recession has {{c1::depress}}ed the housing market.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::depress}} wages/prices</strong><br>" 1032
downward "xuống, đi xuống" adjective tính từ /ˈdaʊnwəd/
[sound:z_downward__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_downward__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::downward}} slope of a hill<br>the {{c1::downward}} trend in inflation<br>She
was trapped in a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::downward}} spiral</strong><br>The
business was on a {{c1::downward}} path, finally closing in 2008.<br>" 1032
item "tin tức; khoa(n)., mó(n).., tiết mục" noun danh từ /ˈaɪtəm/
[sound:z_item__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_item__us_1.wav] What's the next
{{c1::item}} on the agenda?<br>Can I pay for each {{c1::item}} separately?<br>The
computer was my largest single {{c1::item}} of expenditure.<br>A windproof jacket
is an essential {{c1::item}} of clothing for hillwalking.<br> 1034
according to "theo, y theo" preposition giới từ /əˈkɔːdɪŋ tə/
[sound:z_according_to_1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_according_to_1_us_1.wav]
"{{c1::according to}} Mick, it's a great movie.<br>You've been absent six
times {{c1::according to}} our records.<br>The work was done {{c1::according to}}
her instructions.<br>Everything <span class=""cl""><strong>went {{c1::according
to}} plan</strong><br>" 1035
reality "sự thật, thực tế, thực tại" noun danh từ /riˈæləti/
[sound:z_reality__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reality__us_1.wav] "She refuses to
<span class=""cl""><strong>face {{c1::reality}}</strong><br>You're <span
class=""cl""><strong>out of touch with {{c1::reality}}.</strong><br>The
{{c1::reality}} is that there is not enough money to pay for this project.<br>They
seemed to have the perfect marriage but the {{c1::reality}} was very
different.<br>" 1035
coach huấn luyện viên noun "danh từ, động từ" /kəʊtʃ/
[sound:z_coach__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_coach__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>basketball/football/tennis, etc.
{{c1::coach}}</strong><br>Italy's national {{c1::coach}}<br>a maths
{{c1::coach}}<br>They went to Italy on a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::coach}}
tour</strong><br>" 1036
Mrs Cô noun danh từ /ˈmɪsɪz/ [sound:z_mrs__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mrs__us_1.wav] {{c1::Mrs}} Hill<br>{{c1::Mrs}} Susan Hill<br>Mr and
{{c1::Mrs}} Hill<br> 1038
swelling "sự sưng lên, sự phồng ra" noun danh từ /ˈswelɪŋ/
[sound:z_swelling__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_swelling__us_1.wav] Use ice to reduce
the {{c1::swelling}}.<br>The fall left her with a painful {{c1::swelling}} above
her eye.<br> 1039
yard "sân, thước Anh (bằng 0, 914 mét)" noun danh từ /jɑːd/
[sound:z_yard__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_yard__us_1.wav] the prison
{{c1::yard}}<br>The children were playing in the {{c1::yard}} at the front of the
school.<br>a boat {{c1::yard}}<br> 1039
beat "tiếng đập, sự đập; đánh đập, đấm" verb "động từ, danh từ" /biːt/
[sound:z_beat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_beat__us_1.wav] several loud
{{c1::beat}}s on the drum<br>His heart missed a {{c1::beat}} when he saw
her.<br>the steady {{c1::beat}} of the drums<br>This type of music has a strong
{{c1::beat}} to it.<br> 1040
customs "thuế nhập khâu, hai quan" noun danh từ /ˈkʌstəmz/
[sound:z_customs__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_customs__us_1.wav] The
{{c1::customs}} have seized large quantities of smuggled heroin.<br>a
{{c1::customs}} officer<br>to go through {{c1::customs}} and passport control<br>to
pay {{c1::customs}} on something<br> 1040
violence "sự ác liệt, sự dữ dội; bạo lực" noun danh từ /ˈvaɪələns/
[sound:z_violence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_violence__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>crimes/acts/threats of {{c1::violence}}</strong><br>He
condemned the protesters' <span class=""cl""><strong>use of
{{c1::violence}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>domestic
{{c1::violence}}</strong><br>Why do they always have to <span
class=""cl""><strong>resort to {{c1::violence}}</strong><br>" 1041
total "tông cộng, toàn bộ; tông số, toàn bộ số lượng" adjective "tính từ,
danh từ" /ˈtəʊtl/ [sound:z_total__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_total__us_1.wav]
the {{c1::total}} profit<br>This brought the {{c1::total}} number of
accidents so far this year to 113.<br>The club has a {{c1::total}} membership of
300.<br>The room was in {{c1::total}} darkness.<br> 1042
tend "có xu hướng, hướng tới, trông nom, chăm sóc" verb động từ /tend/
[sound:z_tend__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tend__us_1.wav] "Women
{{c1::tend}} to live longer than men.<br>When I'm tired, I {{c1::tend}} to make
mistakes.<br>It {{c1::tend}}s to get very cold here in the winter.<br>People <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::tend}} to think</strong><br>" 1043
investment "sự đầu tư, vốn đầu tư" noun danh từ /ɪnˈvestmənt/
[sound:z_investment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_investment__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>encourage</strong><br>{{c1::investment}} income<br>This
country needs {{c1::investment}} in education.<br>a minimum {{c1::investment}} of
$10000<br>" 1044
ton "tấn; nhiều, vô số" noun danh từ /tʌn/ [sound:z_ton__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ton__us_1.wav] What have you got in this bag? It weighs a
{{c1::ton}}!<br>They've got {{c1::ton}}s of money.<br>I've still got {{c1::ton}}s
to do.<br>He was caught doing a {{c1::ton}}.<br> 1044
advertise "thông báo, quang cáo" verb động từ /ˈædvətaɪz/
[sound:z_advertise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_advertise__us_1.wav] "If you want to
attract more customers, try {{c1::advertising}} in the local paper.<br>The cruise
was {{c1::advertise}}d as the ‘journey of a lifetime’.<br>I bought the camera and
case as {{c1::advertise}}d in the catalogue.<br>We are currently
{{c1::advertising}} for a new sales manager.<br>" 1045
afterwards "sau này, về sau, rồi thì, sau đây" adverb phó từ /ˈɑːftəwədz/
[sound:z_afterwards__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_afterwards__us_1.wav]
{{c1::afterwards}} she was sorry for what she'd said.<br>Let's go out now and
eat {{c1::afterwards}}.<br>Shortly {{c1::afterwards}} he met her again.<br> 1045
discussion "sự thao luận, sự tranh luận" noun danh từ /dɪˈskʌʃn/
[sound:z_discussion__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_discussion__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>topic/subject for {{c1::discussion}}</strong><br>After
considerable {{c1::discussion}}, they decided to accept our offer.<br>The plans
have been <span class=""cl""><strong>under
{{c1::discussion}}</strong><br>{{c1::discussion}}s are still taking place between
the two leaders.<br>" 1045
inch "insơ (đơn vị đo chiều dài Anh bằng 2, 54 cm)" noun danh từ /ɪntʃ/
[sound:z_inch__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_inch__us_1.wav] 1.14
{{c1::inch}}es of rain fell last night.<br>She's a few {{c1::inch}}es taller than
me.<br>a fat envelope about half an {{c1::inch}} thick<br>Since I started jogging
I've lost three and a half {{c1::inch}}es from my waistline.<br> 1045
sting "châm, chích, đốt; ngòi, vòi (ong, muỗi), nọc (rắn); sự châm, chích.." noun
danh từ /stɪŋ/ [sound:z_sting__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sting__us_1.wav] the {{c1::sting}} of a bee<br>The scorpion has
a {{c1::sting}} in its tail.<br>A wasp or bee {{c1::sting}} is painful but not
necessarily serious.<br>the {{c1::sting}} of salt in a wound<br> 1045
crisp giòn adjective tính từ /krɪsp/ [sound:z_crisp__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_crisp__us_1.wav] "Bake until the pastry is golden and
{{c1::crisp}}.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::crisp}}
apple/lettuce</strong><br>a {{c1::crisp}} new $5 bill<br>a {{c1::crisp}} white
shirt<br>" 1046
finger ngón tay noun danh từ /ˈfɪŋɡə(r)/ [sound:z_finger__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_finger__us_1.wav] "She <span class=""cl""><strong>ran her
{{c1::finger}}s</strong><br>Hold the material between {{c1::finger}} and
thumb.<br>He was about to speak but she raised a {{c1::finger}} to her lips.<br>The
old man wagged his {{c1::finger}} at the youths.<br>" 1046
garden vườn noun danh từ /ˈɡɑːdn/ [sound:z_garden__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_garden__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>front/back
{{c1::garden}}</strong><br>children playing in the {{c1::garden}}<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::garden}} flowers/plants</strong><br>out in the
{{c1::garden}}<br>" 1047
pint "Panh (đơn vị (đo lường) ở Anh bằng 0, 58 lít; ở Mỹ bằng 0, 473 lít); panh,
lít (bia, sữa) a pint of beer + một panh bia" noun danh từ /paɪnt/
[sound:z_pint__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pint__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pint}} of beer/milk</strong><br>We'd better get a couple
of extra {{c1::pint}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::pint}}__18"">(= of
milk)<br>Add half a {{c1::pint}} of cream.<br>Do you want to <span
class=""cl""><strong>go for a {{c1::pint}}</strong><br>" 1047
notice "chú ý, để ý, nhận biết" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈnəʊtɪs/
[sound:z_notice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_notice__us_1.wav] People were making
fun of him but he didn't seem to {{c1::notice}}.<br>The first thing I
{{c1::notice}}d about the room was the smell.<br>I couldn't help noticing (that)
she was wearing a wig.<br>Did you {{c1::notice}} how Rachel kept looking at her
watch?<br> 1048
practise "thực hành, tập luyện" verb động từ /ˈpræktɪs/
[sound:z_practise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_practise__us_1.wav] You need to
{{c1::practise}} every day.<br>She's practising for her piano exam.<br>I've been
practising my serve for weeks.<br>He usually wants to {{c1::practise}} his English
on me.<br> 1048
collection "sự sưu tập, sự tụ họp" noun danh từ /kəˈlekʃn/
[sound:z_collection__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_collection__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>stamp/coin, etc. {{c1::collection}}</strong><br>The
painting comes from his private {{c1::collection}}.<br>There was a
{{c1::collection}} of books and shoes on the floor.<br>There is always a strange
{{c1::collection}} of runners in the London Marathon.<br>" 1049
contrasting tương phan adjective tính từ /kənˈtrɑːstɪŋ/
[sound:z_xcontrasting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontrasting__us_1.wav]
"bright, {{c1::contrasting}} colours<br>The book explores {{c1::contrasting}}
views of the poet's early work.<br>" 1049
modern "hiện đại, tân tiến" adjective tính từ /ˈmɒdn/
[sound:z_modern__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_modern__us_1.wav] the {{c1::modern}}
industrial world<br>{{c1::modern}} European history<br>{{c1::modern}}
Greek<br>Stress is a major problem of {{c1::modern}} life.<br> 1050
absent "vắng măt, nghỉ" adjective tính từ /ˈæbsənt/
[sound:z_absent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_absent__us_1.wav] to be
{{c1::absent}} from work<br>Love was totally {{c1::absent}} from his
childhood.<br>an {{c1::absent}} expression<br> 1051
task "nhiệm vụ, nghĩa vụ, bài tập, công tác, công việc" noun danh từ
/tɑːsk/ [sound:z_task__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_task__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>perform/carry out/complete/undertake a
{{c1::task}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>a daunting/an impossible/a
formidable/an unenviable, etc. {{c1::task}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>thankless {{c1::task}}</strong><br>Our first {{c1::task}} is
to set up a communications system.<br>" 1051
violently "mãnh liệt, dữ dội" adverb phó từ /ˈvaɪələntli/
[sound:z_violently__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_violently__us_1.wav] She shook her head
{{c1::violently}}.<br>to shiver {{c1::violently}}<br>He was {{c1::violently}}
sick.<br>They are {{c1::violently}} opposed to the idea.<br> 1051
partner "đối tác, cộng sự, người đồng hành, bạn đời" noun danh từ /
ˈpɑːtnə(r)/ [sound:z_partner__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_partner__us_1.wav] "Come to the
New Year disco and bring your {{c1::partner}}!<br>a marriage {{c1::partner}}<br>a
{{c1::partner}} in a law firm<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>junior/senior
{{c1::partner}}</strong><br>" 1052
embarrass "lúng túng, làm ngượng nghịu; làm rắc rối, gây khó khăn" verb động
từ /ɪmˈbærəs/ [sound:z_embarrass__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_embarrass__us_1.wav] Her
questions about my private life {{c1::embarrass}}ed me.<br>I didn't want to
{{c1::embarrass}} him by kissing him in front of his friends.<br>It
{{c1::embarrass}}ed her to meet strange men in the corridor at night.<br>The speech
was deliberately designed to {{c1::embarrass}} the prime minister.<br> 1053
positive "khẳng định, xác thực, rõ ràng, tích cực, lạc quan" adjective tính
từ /ˈpɒzətɪv/ [sound:z_positive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_positive__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::positive}} attitude/outlook</strong><br>the power
of {{c1::positive}} thought<br>She tried to be more {{c1::positive}} about her new
job.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>On the {{c1::positive}} side</strong><br>"
civil (thuộc) công dân adjective tính từ /ˈsɪvl/
[sound:z_civil__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_civil__us_1.wav] "{{c1::civil}}
unrest <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::civil}}__12"">(= that is caused by groups of
people within a country)<br>a {{c1::civil}} marriage ceremony<br>a {{c1::civil}}
court<br>The less time I have to spend being {{c1::civil}} to him the better!<br>"
kitchen bếp noun danh từ /ˈkɪtʃɪn/ [sound:z_kitchen__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_kitchen__us_1.wav] She's in the {{c1::kitchen}}.<br>We ate at the
{{c1::kitchen}} table.<br>We seem to take everything but the {{c1::kitchen}} sink
when we go camping.<br> 1055
unsteady "không chắc, không ôn định" adjective tính từ /ʌnˈstedi/
[sound:z_unsteady__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unsteady__us_1.wav] "She is still a
little <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::unsteady}} on her feet</strong><br>an
{{c1::unsteady}} hand<br>She walked unsteadily towards me.<br>‘I had to see you,’
he said unsteadily.<br>" 1055
consumer người tiêu dùng noun danh từ /kənˈsjuːmə(r)/
[sound:z_xconsumer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconsumer__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::consumer}} demand/choice/rights</strong><br>Health-
conscious {{c1::consumer}}s want more information about the food they buy.<br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::consumer}} society</strong><br>providers and
{{c1::consumer}}s of public services<br>" 1056
shot "đạn, viên đạn" noun danh từ /ʃɒt/ [sound:z_shot__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_shot__us_2.wav] "The man fired several {{c1::shot}}s from his
pistol.<br>Someone <span class=""cl""><strong>took a {{c1::shot}} at</strong><br>We
heard some {{c1::shot}}s in the distance.<br>This statement was <span
class=""cl""><strong>the opening {{c1::shot}}</strong><br>"1057
spoil "cướp, cướp đọat" verb động từ /spɔɪl/
[sound:z_spoil__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spoil__us_1.wav] "Our camping trip
was {{c1::spoil}}t by bad weather.<br>Don't let him {{c1::spoil}} your
evening.<br>The tall buildings have {{c1::spoil}}ed the view.<br>Don't eat too many
nuts—you'll <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::spoil}} your appetite</strong><br>"
budget ngân sách noun danh từ /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ [sound:z_budget__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_budget__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>monthly/an
annual/a family {{c1::budget}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>education/defence {{c1::budget}}</strong><br>an advertising
{{c1::budget}} of $2 million<br>a big-{{c1::budget}} movie<br>" 1058
clever "lanh lợi, thông minh. tài giỏi, khéo léo" adjective tính từ
/ˈklevə(r)/ [sound:z_clever__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_clever__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::clever}} child<br>{{c1::clever}} girl!<br>How {{c1::clever}} of you to work
it out!<br>He's <span class=""cl""><strong>too {{c1::clever}} by half</strong><br>"
wish "ước, mong muốn; sự mong ước, lòng mong muốn" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/wɪʃ/ [sound:z_wish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wish__us_1.wav] "She
expressed a {{c1::wish}} to be alone.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>had no
{{c1::wish}} to</strong><br>His dearest {{c1::wish}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::wish}}_2__21"">(= what he wants most of all)<br>I can understand her
{{c1::wish}} for secrecy.<br>" 1059
beak mỏ chim noun danh từ /biːk/ [sound:z_beak__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_beak__us_1.wav] The gull held the fish in its {{c1::beak}}.<br>
painting "sự sơn; bức họa, bức tranh" noun danh từ /ˈpeɪntɪŋ/
[sound:z_painting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_painting__us_1.wav] a collection of
{{c1::painting}}s by American artists<br>cave {{c1::painting}}s<br>Her hobbies
include music and {{c1::painting}}.<br>{{c1::painting}} and decorating<br> 1060
castle "thành trì, thành quách" noun danh từ /ˈkɑːsl/
[sound:z_castle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_castle__us_1.wav] "Windsor
{{c1::castle}}<br>a medieval {{c1::castle}}<br>As a child he would wander round the
boatyards, building {{c1::castle}}s in the air about owning a boat one day.<br>"
chemist nhà hóa học noun danh từ /ˈkemɪst/ [sound:z_chemist__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_chemist__us_1.wav] You can obtain the product from all good
{{c1::chemist}}s.<br>Take this prescription to the {{c1::chemist}}'s.<br>I'll get
it at the {{c1::chemist}}'s.<br>a {{c1::chemist}}'s/{{c1::chemist}} shop<br> 1061
hollow "rỗng, trống rỗng" adjective tính từ /ˈhɒləʊ/
[sound:z_hollow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hollow__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::hollow}}
ball/centre/tube<br>The tree trunk was {{c1::hollow}} inside.<br>Her stomach felt
{{c1::hollow}} with fear.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hollow}}
eyes/cheeks</strong><br>" 1061
scientist nhà khoa học noun danh từ /ˈsaɪəntɪst/
[sound:z_scientist__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_scientist__us_1.wav] a research
{{c1::scientist}}<br>nuclear {{c1::scientist}}s<br>{{c1::scientist}}s and
engineers<br>the cartoon figure of the mad {{c1::scientist}} working in his
laboratory<br> 1061
plug "nút (thùng, chậu, bồ(n)..), cái phíc cắm" verb động từ /plʌɡ/
[sound:z_plug__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plug__us_1.wav] "He
{{c1::plug}}ged the hole in the pipe with an old rag.<br>A cheaper range of
products was introduced to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::plug}} the
gap</strong><br>She came on the show to {{c1::plug}} her latest album.<br>Is the
printer {{c1::plug}}ged in?<br>" 1062
safe "an toàn, chắc chắn, đáng tin" adjective tính từ /seɪf/
[sound:z_safe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_safe__us_1.wav] "The children are
quite {{c1::safe}} here.<br>She didn't <span class=""cl""><strong>feel
{{c1::safe}}</strong><br>Will the car be {{c1::safe}} parked in the road?<br>They
aimed to make the country {{c1::safe}} from terrorist attacks.<br>" 1062
agreement "sự đồng ý, tán thành; hiệp định, hợp đồng" noun danh từ /ə
ˈɡriːmənt/ [sound:z_agreement__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_agreement__us_1.wav] "an
international peace {{c1::agreement}}<br>The {{c1::agreement}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::agreement}}__16"">(= the document recording the
{{c1::agreement}})<br>They have a free trade {{c1::agreement}} with
Australia.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>An {{c1::agreement}}</strong><br>" 1063
unfortunate "không may, rủi ro, bất hạnh" adjective tính từ /ʌnˈfɔːtʃənət/
[sound:z_unfortunate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unfortunate__us_1.wav] He was
{{c1::unfortunate}} to lose in the final round.<br>It was an {{c1::unfortunate}}
accident.<br>The {{c1::unfortunate}} animal was locked inside the house for a
week.<br>She described the decision as ‘{{c1::unfortunate}}’.<br> 1063
capital "thủ đô, tiền vốn; chủ yếu, chính yếu, cơ ban" noun danh từ /
ˈkæpɪtl/ [sound:z_capital__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_capital__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::capital}} offence<br>English is written with a {{c1::capital}} ‘E’.<br>He was
romantic with a {{c1::capital}} R.<br> 1064
keyboard bàn phím noun danh từ /ˈkiːbɔːd/ [sound:z_keyboard__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_keyboard__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word:
{{c1::keyboard}} 1064
mouth miệng noun danh từ /maʊθ/ [sound:z_mouth__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mouth__us_1.wav] "She <span class=""cl""><strong>opened her
{{c1::mouth}}</strong><br>His {{c1::mouth}} twisted into a wry smile.<br>Their
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mouth}}s fell open</strong><br>Don't <span
class=""cl""><strong>talk with your {{c1::mouth}} full</strong><br>" 1065
nor cũng không conjunction liên từ /nɔː(r)/ [sound:z_nor__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_nor__us_1.wav] "She seemed neither surprised {{c1::nor}}
worried.<br>He wasn't there on Monday. {{c1::nor}} on Tuesday, for that
matter.<br>Not a building {{c1::nor}} a tree was left standing.<br>She doesn't like
them and {{c1::nor}} does Jeff.<br>" 1066
metre mét noun danh từ /ˈmiːtə(r)/ [sound:z_metre__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_metre__us_1.wav] She came second in the 200
{{c1::metre}}s.<br>the 4×100 {{c1::metre}}(s) relay<br> 1067
victim nạn nhân noun danh từ /ˈvɪktɪm/ [sound:z_victim__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_victim__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>murder/rape, etc.
{{c1::victim}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>accident/earthquake/famine,
etc. {{c1::victim}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>AIDS/cancer/stroke,
etc. {{c1::victim}}s</strong><br>{{c1::victim}}s of crime<br>" 1067
entertain "giai trí, tiêu khiển, tiếp đón, chiêu đãi" verb động từ /ˌentə
ˈteɪn/ [sound:z_entertain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_entertain__us_1.wav] The job
involves a lot of {{c1::entertain}}ing.<br>Barbecues are a favourite way of
{{c1::entertain}}ing friends.<br>He {{c1::entertain}}ed us for hours with his
stories and jokes.<br>The aim of the series is both to {{c1::entertain}} and
inform.<br> 1068
newspaper báo noun danh từ /ˈnjuːzpeɪpə(r)/ [sound:z_newspaper__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_newspaper__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>daily/weekly
{{c1::newspaper}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>local/national
{{c1::newspaper}}</strong><br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>online
{{c1::newspaper}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::newspaper}}
article</strong><br>" 1068
spice gia vị noun danh từ /spaɪs/ [sound:z_spice__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_spice__us_1.wav] common {{c1::spice}}s such as ginger and
cinnamon<br>a {{c1::spice}} jar<br>We need an exciting trip to add some
{{c1::spice}} to our lives.<br> 1068
indoor trong nhà adjective tính từ /ˈɪndɔː(r)/
[sound:z_indoor__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_indoor__us_1.wav] an {{c1::indoor}}
swimming pool<br>{{c1::indoor}} games<br>the world {{c1::indoor}} 200 metres
champion<br> 1069
breed "nuôi dưỡng, chăm sóc, giáo dục; sinh đẻ; nòi giống" noun danh từ
/briːd/ [sound:z_breed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_breed__us_1.wav]
"Labradors and other large {{c1::breed}}s of dog<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::breed}} of cattle/sheep</strong><br>He represents a new
{{c1::breed}} of politician.<br>Players as skilful as this are <span
class=""cl""><strong>a rare {{c1::breed}}</strong><br>" 1070
threat "sự đe dọa, lời đe dọa"noun danh từ /θret/
[sound:z_threat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_threat__us_1.wav] "to make
{{c1::threat}}s against somebody<br>She is prepared to <span
class=""cl""><strong>carry out her {{c1::threat}}</strong><br>He received <span
class=""cl""><strong>death {{c1::threat}}s</strong><br>crimes involving violence or
the {{c1::threat}} of violence<br>" 1070
grammar văn phạm noun danh từ /ˈɡræmə(r)/ [sound:z_grammar__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_grammar__us_1.wav] the basic rules of {{c1::grammar}}<br>English
{{c1::grammar}}<br>His {{c1::grammar}} is appalling.<br>bad {{c1::grammar}}<br>
responsibility "trách nhiệm, sự chịu trách nhiệm" noun danh từ /rɪˌspɒnsə
ˈbɪləti/ [sound:z_responsibility__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_responsibility__us_1.wav]
We are recruiting a sales manager with {{c1::responsibility}} for the
European market.<br>They have {{c1::responsibility}} for ensuring that the rules
are enforced.<br>The {{c1::responsibility}} for doing this rests with the
department managers.<br>It is their {{c1::responsibility}} to ensure that the rules
are enforced.<br> 1071
worship "cầu nguyện, thờ, thờ phụng, tôn thờ" verb động từ /ˈwɜːʃɪp/
[sound:z_worship__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worship__us_1.wav] "We
{{c1::worship}} at St Mary's.<br>He {{c1::worship}}ped at the local mosque.<br>She
{{c1::worship}}s her children.<br>He {{c1::worship}}ped her from afar <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::worship}}_2__37"">(= he loved her but did not tell her his
feelings)<br>" 1071
smile "cười, mỉm cười; nụ cười, vẻ tươi cười" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/smaɪl/ [sound:z_smile__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_smile__us_1.wav] "‘Oh,
hello,’ he said, <span class=""cl""><strong>with a {{c1::smile}}</strong><br>She
<span class=""cl""><strong>gave a</strong><br>He had a big {{c1::smile}} on his
face.<br>I'm going to <span class=""cl""><strong>wipe that {{c1::smile}} off your
face</strong><br>" 1072
attorney người được ủy quyền noun danh từ /əˈtɜːni/
[sound:z_attorney__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attorney__us_1.wav] She was made her
father's {{c1::attorney}} when he became ill.<br> 1073
gram gam (đơn vị đo khối lượng) noun danh từ /ɡræm/
[sound:z_gram__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gram__us_1.wav] 200 {{c1::grams}}
of meat<br> 1073
kilometre Kilômet noun danh từ /ˈkɪləmiːtə(r)/
[sound:z_kilometre__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_kilometre__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::kilometre}} 1073
score "điểm số, ban thắng, tỷ số; đạt được, thành công, cho điểm" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /skɔː(r)/ [sound:z_score__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_score__us_1.wav] "Fraser {{c1::score}}d again in the second
half.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::score}} a
goal/try/touchdown/victory</strong><br>Who's going to {{c1::score}}?<br>She
{{c1::score}}d 98% in the French test.<br>" 1074
account "tài khoan, kế toán; tính toán, tính đến" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/əˈkaʊnt/ [sound:z_account__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_account__us_1.wav] "In
English law a person is {{c1::account}}ed innocent until they are proved
guilty.<br>The event was {{c1::account}}ed a success.<br>She thinks he's wonderful—
oh well, there's no {{c1::account}}ing for taste.<br>The poor weather may have
{{c1::account}}ed for the small crowd.<br>" 1075
pants "quần lót, quần đùi dài" noun danh từ /pænts/
[sound:z_pants__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pants__us_1.wav] a pair of
{{c1::pants}}<br>a new pair of {{c1::pants}}<br>ski {{c1::pants}}<br>Their new CD
is absolute {{c1::pants}}!<br> 1075
interesting "làm thích thú, làm quan tâm, làm chú ý" adjective tính từ /
ˈɪntrəstɪŋ/ [sound:z_interesting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_interesting__us_1.wav]
an {{c1::interesting}} question/point/example<br>{{c1::interesting}}
people/places/work<br>It would be {{c1::interesting}} to know what he really
believed.<br>It is particularly {{c1::interesting}} to compare the two
versions.<br> 1076
printing "sự in, thuật in, kỹ sao in" noun danh từ /ˈprɪntɪŋ/
[sound:z_printing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_printing__us_1.wav] the invention of
{{c1::printing}}<br>the {{c1::printing}} trade<br>colour
{{c1::printing}}<br>production and {{c1::printing}} costs<br> 1076
audience "thính, khan gia" noun danh từ /ˈɔːdiəns/
[sound:z_audience__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_audience__us_1.wav] "The
{{c1::audience}} was/were clapping for 10 minutes.<br>an {{c1::audience}} of
10000<br>The debate was televised in front of a <span class=""cl""><strong>live
{{c1::audience}}</strong><br>An {{c1::audience}} of millions watched the wedding on
TV.<br>" 1078
folding gấp lại được adjective tính từ /ˈfəʊldɪŋ/
[sound:z_folding__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_folding__us_1.wav] a {{c1::folding}}
chair<br>a foldaway bed<br> 1079
occupied "đang được sử dụng, bị chiếm mất, bận rộn" adjective tính từ
/ˈɒkjupaɪd/ [sound:z_occupied__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_occupied__us_1.wav] "Only
half of the rooms are {{c1::occupied}} at the moment.<br>He's fully
{{c1::occupied}} looking after three small children.<br>Only half her time is
{{c1::occupied}} with politics.<br>The most important thing is to <span
class=""cl""><strong>keep yourself {{c1::occupied}}</strong><br>" 1079
rich "giàu, giàu có" adjective tính từ /rɪtʃ/ [sound:z_rich__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_rich__us_1.wav] "one of the {{c1::rich}}est women in the
world<br>Nobody gets {{c1::rich}} from writing nowadays.<br>to be <span
class=""cl""><strong>filthy/stinking</strong><br>It's a favourite resort for the
{{c1::rich}} and famous.<br>" 1079
certificate "giấy chứng nhận, bằng, chứng chỉ" noun danh từ /səˈtɪfɪkət/
[sound:z_certificate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_certificate__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>birth/marriage/death {{c1::certificate}}</strong><br>a
Postgraduate {{c1::certificate}} in Education <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::certificate}}_1__21"">(= a British qualification for teachers)<br>"
dinner "bữa trưa, chiều" noun danh từ /ˈdɪnə(r)/
[sound:z_dinner__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dinner__us_1.wav] "It's time for
{{c1::dinner}}.<br>When do you <span class=""cl""><strong>have
{{c1::dinner}}</strong><br>What time do you serve {{c1::dinner}}?<br>Let's invite
them to {{c1::dinner}} tomorrow.<br>" 1080
vote "phiếu bầu; bỏ phiếu, bình chọn" noun "danh từ, động từ" /vəʊt/
[sound:z_vote__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_vote__us_1.wav] "Did you
{{c1::vote}} for or against her?<br>How did you {{c1::vote}} at the last election?
<br>Over 60% of members {{c1::vote}}d in favour of <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::vote}}_2__22"">(= for)<br>We'll listen to the arguments on both sides
and then {{c1::vote}} on it.<br>" 1082
grandson cháu trai noun danh từ /ˈɡrænsʌn/ [sound:z_grandson__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_grandson__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word:
{{c1::grandson}} 1083
rented "được thuê, được mướn" adjective tính từ /ˈrentɪd/
[sound:z_rented__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rented__us_1.wav] a {{c1::rented}}
studio<br> 1083
sideways "ngang, từ một bên; sang bên" adverb phó từ /ˈsaɪdweɪz/
[sound:z_sideways__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sideways__us_1.wav] "He looked
{{c1::sideways}} at her.<br>The truck skidded {{c1::sideways}} across the
road.<br>He has been moved {{c1::sideways}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::sideways}}__13"">(= moved to another job at the same level as before,
not higher or lower)<br>She sat {{c1::sideways}} on the chair.<br>" 1083
western "về phía tây, của phía tây" adjective tính từ /ˈwestən/
[sound:z_western__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_western__us_1.wav] {{c1::western}}
Spain<br>{{c1::western}} Europe<br>the {{c1::western}} slopes of the
mountain<br>{{c1::western}} art<br> 1083
grand daughter cháu gái noun danh từ /ˈɡrændɔːtə(r)/
[sound:z_granddaughter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_granddaughter__us_1.wav] There
is no example for the word: {{c1::grand daughter}} 1084
relate "kể lại, thuật lại; liên hệ, liên quan" verb động từ /rɪˈleɪt/
[sound:z_relate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relate__us_1.wav] "I found it
difficult to {{c1::relate}} the two ideas in my mind.<br>In the future, pay
increases will be {{c1::relate}}d to productivity.<br>She {{c1::relate}}s her
childhood experiences in the first chapters.<br>He {{c1::relate}}d the facts of the
case to journalists.<br>" 1084
taxi xe tắc xi noun danh từ /ˈtæksi/ [sound:z_taxi__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_taxi__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::taxi}}
driver/ride</strong><br>We'd better <span class=""cl""><strong>take a
{{c1::taxi}}</strong><br>I came home <span class=""cl""><strong>by
{{c1::taxi}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>order/hail/call a
{{c1::taxi}}</strong><br>" 1084
labour lao động; công việc noun danh từ /ˈleɪbə(r)/
[sound:z_labour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_labour__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>manual {{c1::labour}}</strong><br>The price will include the
{{c1::labour}} and materials.<br>The company wants to keep down <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::labour}} costs</strong><br>The workers voted to <span
class=""cl""><strong>withdraw their {{c1::labour}}</strong><br>" 1085
swearing "lời thề, lời nguyền rủa, lời thề hứa" noun danh từ /ˈsweərɪŋ/
[sound:z_swearing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_swearing__us_1.wav] I was shocked at
the {{c1::swearing}}.<br> 1085
travel "đi lại, đi du lịch, di chuyển; sự đi, những chuyến đi" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /ˈtrævl/ [sound:z_travel__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_travel__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>air/rail/space,
etc. {{c1::travel}}</strong><br>{{c1::travel}} expenses<br>The job involves a
considerable amount of <span class=""cl""><strong>foreign
{{c1::travel}}</strong><br>the {{c1::travel}} industry<br>"1085
debate "cuộc tranh luận, cuộc tranh cãi; tranh luận, bàn cãi" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /dɪˈbeɪt/ [sound:z_debate__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_debate__us_1.wav] "Politicians will be debating the bill later
this week.<br>The question of the origin of the universe is still <span
class=""cl""><strong>hotly {{c1::debate}}d</strong><br>The committee will
{{c1::debate}} whether to lower the age of club membership to 16.<br>She
{{c1::debate}}d with herself for a while, and then picked up the phone.<br>" 1086
prevent "ngăn can, ngăn chăn, ngăn ngưa" verb động từ /prɪˈvent/
[sound:z_prevent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_prevent__us_1.wav] The accident could
have been {{c1::prevent}}ed.<br>The government took steps to {{c1::prevent}} a
scandal.<br>He is {{c1::prevent}}ed by law from holding a licence.<br>Nothing would
{{c1::prevent}} him from speaking out against injustice.<br> 1087
citizen người thành thị noun danh từ /ˈsɪtɪzn/
[sound:z_citizen__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_citizen__us_1.wav] "She's Italian by
birth but is now an Australian {{c1::citizen}}.<br>British {{c1::citizen}}s living
in other parts of the European Union<br>the {{c1::citizen}}s of Budapest<br>When
you're old, people treat you like a <span class=""cl""><strong>second-class
{{c1::citizen}}</strong><br>" 1088
majority "phần lớn, đa số, ưu thế" noun danh từ /məˈdʒɒrəti/
[sound:z_majority__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_majority__us_1.wav] "The
{{c1::majority}} of people interviewed prefer TV to radio.<br>The {{c1::majority}}
was/were in favour of banning smoking.<br>This treatment is not available in the
<span class=""cl""><strong>vast {{c1::majority}}</strong><br>a {{c1::majority}}
decision <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::majority}}__25"">(= one that is decided by
what most people want)<br>" 1089
neighbour hàng xóm noun danh từ /ˈneɪbə(r)/ [sound:z_neighbour__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_neighbour__us_1.wav] "We've had a lot of support from all our <span
class=""cl""><strong>friends and {{c1::neighbour}}s</strong><br>Our <span
class=""cl""><strong>next-door {{c1::neighbour}}s</strong><br>What is Britain's
nearest {{c1::neighbour}}?<br>Stand quietly, children, and try not to talk to your
{{c1::neighbour}}.<br>" 1089
none "không ai, không người, vật gì" pronoun đại từ /nʌn/
[sound:z_none__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_none__us_1.wav] {{c1::none}} of
these pens works/work.<br>We have three sons but {{c1::none}} of them lives/live
nearby.<br>We saw several houses but {{c1::none}} we really liked.<br>Tickets for
Friday? Sorry we've got {{c1::none}} left.<br> 1090
suitcase va li noun danh từ /ˈsuːtkeɪs/ [sound:z_suitcase__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_suitcase__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>pack/unpack a
{{c1::suitcase}}</strong><br>" 1090
fancy "sự tưởng tượng, tưởng tượng, đẹp mắt, phô trương, quái lạ" "adjective,
noun" "tính từ, động từ, danh từ" /ˈfænsi/ [sound:z_fancy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fancy__us_1.wav] "a kitchen full of {{c1::fancy}}
gadgets<br>They added a lot of {{c1::fancy}} footwork to the dance.<br>He's always
using {{c1::fancy}} legal words.<br>{{c1::fancy}} goods <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::fancy}}_3__32"">(= things sold as gifts or for decoration)<br>" 1091
front "măt trước; đằng trước, về phía trước" preposition "tính từ, danh từ, giới
từ" /frʌnt/ [sound:z_front__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_front__us_1.wav]
{{c1::front}} teeth<br>the {{c1::front}} wheels of the car<br>We had seats in
the {{c1::front}} row.<br>an animal's {{c1::front}} legs<br> 1091
accommodation "sự thích nghi, sự điều tiết, sự làm cho phù hợp" noun danh
từ /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃn/ [sound:z_accommodation__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_accommodation__us_1.wav] "<span
{{c1::accommodation}}</strong><br>Hotel {{c1::accommodation}} is included in the
price of your holiday.<br>The building plans include much needed new office
{{c1::accommodation}}.<br>First-class {{c1::accommodation}} is available on all
flights.<br>" 1092
born được sinh ra verb động từ /bɔːn/ [sound:z_born__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_born__us_1.wav] I was {{c1::born}} in 1976.<br>He was
{{c1::born}} in a small village in northern Spain.<br>She was {{c1::born}} with a
weak heart.<br>She was {{c1::born}} into a very musical family.<br> 1092
admit "nhận vào, thu nhận; thừa nhận, thú nhận" verb động từ /ədˈmɪt/
[sound:z_admit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_admit__us_1.wav] "It was a stupid
thing to do, I {{c1::admit}}.<br>‘I'm very nervous,’ she {{c1::admit}}ted
reluctantly.<br>Don't be afraid to {{c1::admit}} to your mistakes.<br>She
{{c1::admit}}s to being strict with her children.<br>" 1093
cupboard 1 loại tủ có ngăn noun danh từ /ˈkʌbəd/
[sound:z_cupboard__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cupboard__us_1.wav] kitchen
{{c1::cupboard}}s<br>built-in {{c1::cupboard}}s<br>They are seeking more funds but
the {{c1::cupboard}} is bare.<br> 1093
May "có thể, có lẽ" noun danh từ /meɪ/ [sound:z_may__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_may__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word: {{c1::May}} 1094
licence "giấy phép, bằng, chứng chỉ" noun danh từ /ˈlaɪsns/
[sound:z_licence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_licence__us_1.wav] "a driving
{{c1::licence}}<br>a {{c1::licence}} for the software<br>Is there a {{c1::licence}}
fee?<br>James lost his {{c1::licence}} for six months <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::licence}}__24"">(= had his {{c1::licence}} taken away by the police as a
punishment)<br>" 1094
senior "nhiều tuôi hơn, dành cho trẻ em trên 11t; người lớn tuôi hơn, sinh
viên năm cuối trường trung học, cấo đẳng" adjective "tính từ, danh từ"
/ˈsiːniə(r)/ [sound:z_senior__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_senior__us_1.wav]
She was ten years his {{c1::senior}}.<br>My brother is my {{c1::senior}} by
two years.<br>She felt unappreciated both by her colleagues and her
{{c1::senior}}s.<br>tennis coaching for juniors and {{c1::senior}}s<br> 1094
assume "mang, khoác, có, lấy (cái vẻ, tính chất…)" verb động từ /ə
ˈsjuːm/ [sound:z_assume__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_assume__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>It is reasonable to {{c1::assume}} (that)</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Let us {{c1::assume}}</strong><br>She would, he
{{c1::assume}}d, be home at the usual time.<br>It is generally {{c1::assume}}d that
stress is caused by too much work.<br>" 1095
wind "quấn lại, cuộn lại. wind sth up: lên dây, quấn, giai quyết" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /wɪnd/ [sound:z_wind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wind__us_1.wav]
"<span class=""cl""><strong>strong/high {{c1::wind}}s</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>gale-force {{c1::wind}}s</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>light {{c1::wind}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>north/south/east/west {{c1::wind}}</strong><br>" 1096
countryside "miền quê, miền nông thôn" noun danh từ /ˈkʌntrisaɪd/
[sound:z_countryside__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_countryside__us_1.wav] The
surrounding {{c1::countryside}} is windswept and rocky.<br>magnificent views over
open {{c1::countryside}}<br>Everyone should enjoy the right of access to the
{{c1::countryside}}.<br> 1096
key "chìa khóa, khóa, thuộc (khóa)" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /kiː/
[sound:z_key__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_key__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::key}} issue/factor/point</strong><br>He was a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::key}} figure</strong><br>She played a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::key}} role</strong><br>‘Caution’ is the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::key}} word</strong><br>" 1097
professional "(thuộc) nghề, nghề nghiệp; chuyên nghiệp" adjective "tính
từ, danh từ" /prəˈfeʃənl/ [sound:z_professional__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_professional__us_1.wav] the terms that doctors and other health
{{c1::professional}}s use<br>You need a {{c1::professional}} to sort out your
finances.<br>a top golf {{c1::professional}}<br>This was clearly a job for a real
{{c1::professional}}.<br> 1098
railway đường sắt noun danh từ /ˈreɪlweɪ/ [sound:z_railway__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_railway__us_1.wav] "The {{c1::railway}} is still under
construction.<br>a disused {{c1::railway}}<br>Her father worked on the
{{c1::railway}}s.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::railway}}
station/worker/company</strong><br>" 1098
twisted "được xoắn, được cuộn" adjective tính từ /ˈtwɪstɪd/
[sound:z_twisted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_twisted__us_1.wav] "After the crash
the car was a mass of {{c1::twisted}} metal.<br>a {{c1::twisted}} ankle <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::twisted}}__12"">(= injured by being turned suddenly)<br>She
gave a small {{c1::twisted}} smile.<br>a gnarled and {{c1::twisted}} tree<br>"
fast nhanh adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /fɑːst/ [sound:z_fast__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fast__us_1.wav] Don't drive so {{c1::fast}}!<br>How
{{c1::fast}} were you going?<br>I can't go any {{c1::fast}}er.<br>The water was
rising {{c1::fast}}.<br> 1100
alone "cô đơn, một mình" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /əˈləʊn/
[sound:z_alone__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alone__us_1.wav] "I don't like
going out {{c1::alone}} at night.<br>He lives {{c1::alone}}.<br>Finally the two of
us were <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::alone}} together</strong><br>She was
sitting <span class=""cl""><strong>all {{c1::alone}}</strong><br>" 1101
customer khách hàng noun danh từ /ˈkʌstəmə(r)/
[sound:z_customer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_customer__us_1.wav] "one of the shop's
<span class=""cl""><strong>best/biggest {{c1::customer}}s</strong><br>They know me—
I'm a <span class=""cl""><strong>regular {{c1::customer}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::customer}} service</strong><br>The firm has excellent
{{c1::customer}} relations.<br>" 1102
lacking "ngu đần, ngây ngô" adjective tính từ /ˈlækɪŋ/
[sound:z_lacking__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lacking__us_1.wav] "She's not usually
{{c1::lacking}} in confidence.<br>The book is completely {{c1::lacking}} in
originality.<br>He was taken on as a teacher but was <span
class=""cl""><strong>found {{c1::lacking}}</strong><br>I feel there is something
{{c1::lacking}} in my life.<br>" 1102
suffer "chịu đựng, chịu thiệt hại, đấu khô" verb động từ /ˈsʌfə(r)/
[sound:z_suffer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_suffer__us_1.wav] I hate to see
animals {{c1::suffer}}ing.<br>He {{c1::suffer}}s from asthma.<br>road accident
victims {{c1::suffer}}ing from shock<br>Many companies are {{c1::suffer}}ing from a
shortage of skilled staff.<br> 1103
tonne tấn noun danh từ /tʌn/ [sound:z_tonne__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tonne__us_1.wav] a record grain harvest of 236m
{{c1::tonne}}s<br>a 17-{{c1::tonne}} truck<br> 1103
sailor thủy thủ noun danh từ /ˈseɪlə(r)/ [sound:z_sailor__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sailor__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word:
{{c1::sailor}} 1104
speech "sự nói, kha năng nói, lời nói, cách nói, bài nói" noun danh từ
/spiːtʃ/ [sound:z_speech__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_speech__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>give/make/deliver a {{c1::speech}}</strong><br>He made
the announcement <span class=""cl""><strong>in a {{c1::speech}}</strong><br>Several
people made {{c1::speech}}es at the wedding.<br>I seemed to have lost the <span
class=""cl""><strong>power of {{c1::speech}}</strong><br>" 1104
divorced đã ly dị adjective tính từ /dɪˈvɔːst/
[sound:z_divorced__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_divorced__us_1.wav] "Many
{{c1::divorced}} men remarry and have second families.<br>My parents are
{{c1::divorced}}.<br>Are they going to <span class=""cl""><strong>get
{{c1::divorced}}</strong><br>He seems completely {{c1::divorced}} from
reality.<br>" 1105
successful "thành công, thành đạt" adjective tính từ /səkˈsesfl/
[sound:z_successful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_successful__us_1.wav] They
were {{c1::successful}} in winning the contract.<br>I wasn't very
{{c1::successful}} at keeping the news secret.<br>We congratulated them on the
{{c1::successful}} completion of the project.<br>The play was very
{{c1::successful}} on Broadway.<br> 1105
option sự lựa chọn noun danh từ /ˈɒpʃn/ [sound:z_option__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_option__us_1.wav] "As I see it, we have two {{c1::option}}s…
<br>There are various {{c1::option}}s open to you.<br>We are currently studying all
the {{c1::option}}s available.<br>Going to college was not an {{c1::option}} for
me.<br>" 1106
enthusiastic "hăng hái, say mê, nhiệt tình" adjective tính từ /ɪn
ˌθjuːziˈæstɪk/ [sound:z_enthusiastic__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_enthusiastic__us_1.wav] an {{c1::enthusiastic}} supporter<br>an
{{c1::enthusiastic}} welcome<br>You don't sound very {{c1::enthusiastic}} about the
idea.<br>She was even less {{c1::enthusiastic}} about going to Spain.<br> 1107
amuse "làm cho vui, thích, làm buồn cười" verb động từ /əˈmjuːz/
[sound:z_amuse__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amuse__us_1.wav] My funny drawings
{{c1::amuse}}d the kids.<br>This will {{c1::amuse}} you.<br>It {{c1::amuse}}d him
to think that they were probably talking about him at that very moment.<br>She
suggested several ideas to help Laura {{c1::amuse}} the twins.<br> 1108
fry "rán, chiên; thịt rán" verb động từ /fraɪ/ [sound:z_fry__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fry__us_1.wav] fried fish<br>the smell of bacon
{{c1::fry}}ing<br>You'll {{c1::fry}} on the beach if you're not careful.<br> 1108
southern thuộc phương Nam adjective tính từ /ˈsʌðən/
[sound:z_southern__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_southern__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::southern}} slopes of the mountains<br>{{c1::southern}} Spain<br>a
{{c1::southern}} accent<br> 1108
fresh "tươi, tươi tắn" adjective tính từ /freʃ/
[sound:z_fresh__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fresh__us_1.wav] Is this milk
{{c1::fresh}}?<br>{{c1::fresh}} bread/flowers<br>Eat plenty of {{c1::fresh}} fruit
and vegetables.<br>vegetables {{c1::fresh}} from the garden<br> 1109
confusing "khó hiểu, gây bối rối" adjective tính từ /kənˈfjuːzɪŋ/
[sound:z_xconfusing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconfusing__us_1.wav] The
instructions on the box are very {{c1::confusing}}.<br>a very {{c1::confusing}}
experience<br> 1110
eventually cuối cùng adverb phó từ /ɪˈventʃuəli/
[sound:z_eventually__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_eventually__us_1.wav] Our
flight {{c1::eventually}} left five hours late.<br>I'll get round to mending it
{{c1::eventually}}.<br>She hopes to get a job on the local newspaper and
{{c1::eventually}} work for ‘The Times’.<br> 1110
noisy "ồn ào, huyên náo" adjective tính từ /ˈnɔɪzi/
[sound:z_noisy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_noisy__us_1.wav] "{{c1::noisy}}
children/traffic/crowds<br>a {{c1::noisy}} protest <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::noisy}}__20"">(= when people shout)<br>The engine is very {{c1::noisy}}
at high speed.<br>They are a small but {{c1::noisy}} pressure group <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::noisy}}__23"">(= they try to attract attention to their
ideas by frequent discussion and argument)<br>" 1110
forest rừng noun danh từ /ˈfɒrɪst/ [sound:z_forest__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_forest__us_1.wav] a tropical {{c1::forest}}<br>a {{c1::forest}}
fire<br>Thousands of hectares of {{c1::forest}} are destroyed each year.<br>a
{{c1::forest}} of television aerials<br> 1112
video video noun danh từ /ˈvɪdiəʊ/ [sound:z_video__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_video__us_1.wav] "The movie will be released <span
class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::video}}</strong><br>Do we have a <span
class=""cl""><strong>blank {{c1::video}}</strong><br>A wedding is the perfect
subject for {{c1::video}}.<br>the use of {{c1::video}} in schools<br>" 1113
global "toàn cầu, toàn thể" adjective tính từ /ˈɡləʊbl/
[sound:z_global__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_global__us_1.wav] {{c1::global}}
issues<br>The commission is calling for a {{c1::global}} ban on whaling.<br>the
company's domestic and {{c1::global}} markets<br>We need to take a more
{{c1::global}} approach to the problem.<br> 1114
singing "sự hát, tiếng hát" noun danh từ /ˈsɪŋɪŋ/
[sound:z_singing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_singing__us_1.wav] the beautiful
{{c1::singing}} of birds<br>choral {{c1::singing}}<br>There was {{c1::singing}} and
dancing all night.<br>a {{c1::singing}} teacher<br> 1114
excite "kích thích, kích động" verb động từ /ɪkˈsaɪt/
[sound:z_excite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_excite__us_1.wav] "The prospect of a
year in India greatly {{c1::excite}}d her.<br>Try not to {{c1::excite}} your baby
too much before bedtime.<br>Don't {{c1::excite}} yourself <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::excite}}__23"">(= keep calm)<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::excite}} attention/criticism/curiosity</strong><br>"
promptly "mau lẹ, ngay lập tức" adverb phó từ /ˈprɒmptli/
[sound:z_promptly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_promptly__us_1.wav] She deals with all
the correspondence {{c1::promptly}} and efficiently.<br>They arrived
{{c1::promptly}} at two o'clock.<br>She read the letter and {{c1::promptly}} burst
into tears.<br> 1116
reform "cai cách, cai thiện, cai tạo; sự cai cách, sự cai thiện, cai tạo"
noun danh từ /rɪˈfɔːm/ [sound:z_reform__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_reform__us_1.wav] "a government committed to
{{c1::reform}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>economic/electoral/constitutional,
etc. {{c1::reform}}</strong><br>the {{c1::reform}} of the educational
system<br>{{c1::reform}}s in education<br>" 1116
access "lối, cửa, đường vào" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈækses/
[sound:z_access__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_access__us_1.wav] "The police <span
class=""cl""><strong>gained {{c1::access}}</strong><br>There is easy {{c1::access}}
by road.<br>The only {{c1::access}} to the farmhouse is across the
fields.<br>Disabled visitors are welcome; there is good wheelchair {{c1::access}}
to most facilities.<br>" 1117
amused vui thích adjective tính từ /əˈmjuːzd/
[sound:z_amused__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amused__us_1.wav] "There was an
{{c1::amused}} look on the President's face.<br>Janet was <span
class=""cl""><strong>not {{c1::amused}}</strong><br>We were all {{c1::amused}} at
his stories.<br>He was {{c1::amused}} to see how seriously she took the game.<br>"
harmless "không có hại, vô hại" adjective tính từ /ˈhɑːmləs/
[sound:z_harmless__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_harmless__us_1.wav] "The bacteria is
{{c1::harmless}} to humans.<br>It's just a bit of {{c1::harmless}} fun.<br>The
missile fell {{c1::harmless}}ly into the sea.<br>His interest in guns started
{{c1::harmless}}ly enough, but later it became an obsession.<br>" 1117
restaurant "nhà hàng ăn, hiệu ăn" noun danh từ /ˈrestrɒnt/
[sound:z_restaurant__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_restaurant__us_1.wav] an
Italian {{c1::restaurant}}<br>We had a meal in a {{c1::restaurant}}.<br>We went out
to a {{c1::restaurant}} to celebrate.<br>a {{c1::restaurant}} owner<br> 1118
stripe "sọc, vằn, viền" noun danh từ /straɪp/
[sound:z_stripe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stripe__us_1.wav] "a zebra's black
and white {{c1::stripe}}s<br>a white tablecloth with red {{c1::stripe}}s<br>a
uniform with a sergeant's {{c1::stripe}}s on the sleeve<br>politicians <span
class=""cl""><strong>of every {{c1::stripe}}</strong><br>" 1118
judge "xét xử, phân xử; quan tòa, thâm phán" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/dʒʌdʒ/ [sound:z_judge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_judge__us_1.wav] "As
far as I can {{c1::judge}}, all of them are to blame.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Judging by</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>To
{{c1::judge}} from</strong><br>Schools should not be {{c1::judge}}d only on exam
results.<br>" 1119
matching "tính địch thù, thi đấu" adjective tính từ /ˈmætʃɪŋ/
[sound:z_matching__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_matching__us_1.wav] a pine table with
four {{c1::matching}} chairs<br> 1120
publish "công bố, ban bố, xuất ban" verb động từ /ˈpʌblɪʃ/
[sound:z_publish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_publish__us_1.wav] The first edition
was {{c1::publish}}ed in 2007.<br>He works for a company that {{c1::publish}}es
reference books.<br>Most of our titles are also {{c1::publish}}ed on CD-
ROM.<br>Pictures of the suspect were {{c1::publish}}ed in all the daily papers.<br>
hatred "lòng căm thì, sự căm ghét" noun danh từ /ˈheɪtrɪd/
[sound:z_hatred__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hatred__us_1.wav] He looked at me
with intense {{c1::hatred}}.<br>There was fear and {{c1::hatred}} in his
voice.<br>She felt nothing but {{c1::hatred}} for her attacker.<br>a profound
{{c1::hatred}} of war<br> 1122
relation "mối quan hệ, sự liên quan, liên lạc" noun danh từ /rɪˈleɪʃn/
[sound:z_relation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relation__us_1.wav] "<span
{{c1::relation}}s</strong><br>US-Chinese {{c1::relation}}s<br>teacher-pupil
{{c1::relation}}s<br>{{c1::relation}}s with neighbouring countries are under strain
at present.<br>" 1122
release "làm nhẹ, bớt, tha, phóng thích, phát hành; sự giai thoát, thoát khỏi,
sự tha, phóng thích, sự phát hành" verb "động từ, danh từ" /rɪˈliːs/
[sound:z_release__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_release__us_1.wav] "The government
has been working to secure the {{c1::release}} of the hostages.<br>She can expect
an early {{c1::release}} from prison.<br>The new software is planned for
{{c1::release}} in April.<br>The movie <span class=""cl""><strong>goes
on</strong><br>" 1124
cough "ho, sự ho, tiếng hoa" noun danh từ /kɒf/ [sound:z_cough__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cough__us_1.wav] "She gave a little {{c1::cough}} to attract my
attention.<br>to have a <span class=""cl""><strong>dry/persistent/hacking
{{c1::cough}}</strong><br>My cold's better, but I can't seem to shake off this
{{c1::cough}}.<br>" 1125
bird chim noun danh từ /bɜːd/ [sound:z_bird__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bird__us_1.wav] a {{c1::bird}}'s nest with two eggs in it<br>a
species of {{c1::bird}}<br>The area has a wealth of {{c1::bird}} life.<br>More than
a third of Britain's {{c1::bird}} species need urgent protection.<br> 1126
opinion "ý kiến, quan điểm" noun danh từ /əˈpɪnjən/
[sound:z_opinion__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_opinion__us_1.wav] "We were invited
to <span class=""cl""><strong>give our {{c1::opinion}}s</strong><br>I've recently
changed my {{c1::opinion}} of her.<br>Everyone <span class=""cl""><strong>had an
{{c1::opinion}}</strong><br>The chairman <span class=""cl""><strong>expressed the
{{c1::opinion}}</strong><br>" 1127
credit "lòng tin, tín dụng, tiền gửi ngân hàng" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈkredɪt/ [sound:z_credit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_credit__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>get/refuse {{c1::credit}}</strong><br>We bought the
dishwasher <span class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::credit}}</strong><br>to offer <span
class=""cl""><strong>interest-free {{c1::credit}}</strong><br>a {{c1::credit}}
agreement<br>" 1128
lively "sống động, sinh động" adjective tính từ /ˈlaɪvli/
[sound:z_lively__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lively__us_1.wav] an intelligent and
{{c1::lively}} young woman<br>a {{c1::lively}} and enquiring mind<br>He showed a
{{c1::lively}} interest in politics.<br>Her eyes were bright and
{{c1::lively}}.<br> 1128
critical "phê bình, phê phán; khó tính" adjective tính từ /ˈkrɪtɪkl/
[sound:z_critical__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_critical__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::critical}} comment/report</strong><br>The supervisor is
always very {{c1::critical}}.<br>Tom's parents were highly {{c1::critical}} of the
school.<br>a {{c1::critical}} factor in the election campaign<br>" 1129
corner "góc (tường, nhà, phố...)" noun danh từ /ˈkɔːnə(r)/
[sound:z_corner__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_corner__us_1.wav] the four
{{c1::corner}}s of a square<br>Write your address in the top right-hand
{{c1::corner}} of the letter.<br>I hit my knee on the {{c1::corner}} of the
table.<br>A smile lifted the {{c1::corner}} of his mouth.<br> 1130
concerned "có liên quan, có dính líu" adjective tính từ /kənˈsɜːnd/
[sound:z_xconcerned__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconcerned__us_1.wav]
{{c1::concerned}} parents held a meeting.<br>The President is deeply
{{c1::concerned}} about this issue.<br>He didn't seem in the least
{{c1::concerned}} for her safety.<br>She was {{c1::concerned}} that she might miss
the turning and get lost.<br> 1131
recall "gọi về, triệu hồi; nhắc lại, gợi lại" verb động từ /rɪˈkɔːl/
[sound:z_recall__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_recall__us_1.wav] "She could not
{{c1::recall}} his name.<br>If I {{c1::recall}} correctly, he lives in Luton.<br>I
can't {{c1::recall}} meeting her before.<br>He {{c1::recall}}ed that she always
came home late on Wednesdays.<br>" 1132
version ban dịch sang một ngôn ngữ khác noun danh từ /ˈvɜːʃn/
[sound:z_version__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_version__us_1.wav] "There are two
{{c1::version}}s of the game, a long one and a short one.<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>latest {{c1::version}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>de luxe/luxury {{c1::version}}</strong><br>She gave us her
{{c1::version}} of what had happened that day.<br>" 1133
stare nhìm chằm chằm; sự nhìn chằm chằm verb động từ /steə(r)/
[sound:z_stare__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stare__us_1.wav] She gave him a
blank {{c1::stare}}.<br>He fixed the interviewer with a penetrating
{{c1::stare}}.<br> 1134
underground "dưới măt đất, ngầm dưới đất; ngầm" adverb phó từ /ˌʌndə
ˈɡraʊnd/ [sound:z_underground__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_underground__us_2.wav]
"Rescuers found victims trapped several feet {{c1::underground}}.<br>toxic
waste buried deep {{c1::underground}}<br>a network of pipelines running
{{c1::underground}}<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>went
{{c1::underground}}</strong><br>" 1134
safety "sự an toàn, sự chắc chăn" noun danh từ /ˈseɪfti/
[sound:z_safety__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_safety__us_1.wav] "a place where
children can play <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::safety}}</strong><br>The
police are concerned for the {{c1::safety}} of the 12-year-old boy who has been
missing for three days.<br>He was kept in custody <span class=""cl""><strong>for
his own {{c1::safety}}</strong><br>I'm worried about the {{c1::safety}} of the
treatment.<br>" 1135
effective "có kết qua, có hiệu lực" adjective tính từ /ɪˈfektɪv/
[sound:z_effective__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_effective__us_1.wav] Long prison
sentences can be a very {{c1::effective}} deterrent for offenders.<br>Aspirin is a
simple but highly {{c1::effective}} treatment.<br>drugs that are {{c1::effective}}
against cancer<br>Some people believe that violence is an {{c1::effective}} way of
protesting.<br> 1136
traveller "người đi, lữ khách" noun danh từ /ˈtrævələ(r)/
[sound:z_traveller__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_traveller__us_1.wav] She is a frequent
{{c1::traveller}} to Belgium.<br>He passed the time chatting with fellow
{{c1::traveller}}s.<br>New Age {{c1::traveller}}s<br> 1137
encouragement "sự cô vũ, động viên, khuyến khích" noun danh từ /ɪn
ˈkʌrɪdʒmənt/ [sound:z_encouragement__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_encouragement__us_1.wav] a few words of
{{c1::encouragement}}<br>He needs all the support and {{c1::encouragement}} he can
get.<br>With a little {{c1::encouragement}} from his parents he should do
well.<br>She was given every {{c1::encouragement}} to try something new.<br> 1138
original "nguyên gốc, đầu tiên; nguyên ban, ban gốc" adjective tính từ
/əˈrɪdʒənl/ [sound:z_original__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_original__us_1.wav] "This
painting is a copy; the {{c1::original}} is in Madrid.<br>Send out the photocopies
and keep the {{c1::original}}.<br>At that price, you could have bought an
{{c1::original}}!<br>I studied Italian so that I would be able to read Dante in the
{{c1::original}}.<br>" 1138
parallel "song song, tương đương" adjective tính từ /ˈpærəlel/
[sound:z_parallel__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_parallel__us_1.wav] {{c1::parallel}}
lines<br>The road and the canal are {{c1::parallel}} to each other.<br>a
{{c1::parallel}} case<br>{{c1::parallel}} trends<br> 1138
unpleasant "không dễ chịu, khó chịu, khó ưa" adjective tính từ /ʌnˈpleznt/
[sound:z_unpleasant__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unpleasant__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::unpleasant}} experience<br>The minerals in the water made it
{{c1::unpleasant}} to drink.<br>He was very {{c1::unpleasant}} to me.<br>She said
some very {{c1::unpleasant}} things about you.<br> 1138
cycling sự đi xe đạp noun danh từ /ˈsaɪklɪŋ/
[sound:z_cycling__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cycling__us_1.wav] to go
{{c1::cycling}}<br>{{c1::cycling}} is Europe's second most popular
sport.<br>{{c1::cycling}} shorts<br> 1139
baggage hành lý noun danh từ /ˈbæɡɪdʒ/ [sound:z_baggage__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_baggage__us_1.wav] "excess {{c1::baggage}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::baggage}}__18"">(= weighing more than the limit allowed on a
plane)<br>{{c1::baggage}} handlers <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::baggage}}__20"">(=
people employed to load and unload {{c1::baggage}} at airports)<br>We loaded our
{{c1::baggage}} into the car.<br>She was carrying a lot of <span
class=""cl""><strong>emotional {{c1::baggage}}</strong><br>" 1140
aged "già, già đi, ở độ tuôi .." adjective tính từ /eɪdʒd/
[sound:z_aged__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_aged__us_1.wav] They have two
children {{c1::aged}} six and nine.<br>volunteers {{c1::aged}} between 25 and
40<br>my {{c1::aged}} aunt<br>services for the sick and the {{c1::aged}}<br> 1141
confused "bối rối, lúng túng" adjective tính từ /kənˈfjuːzd/
[sound:z_xconfused__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconfused__us_1.wav] People are
{{c1::confused}} about all the different labels on food these days.<br>He was
depressed and in a {{c1::confused}} state of mind.<br>I'm {{c1::confused}}—say all
that again.<br>The children gave a {{c1::confused}} account of what had
happened.<br> 1141
income "lợi tức, thu nhập" noun danh từ /ˈɪnkʌm/
[sound:z_income__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_income__us_1.wav] "people <span
class=""cl""><strong>on high/low {{c1::income}}s</strong><br>a weekly <span
class=""cl""><strong>disposable {{c1::income}}</strong><br>a rise in <span
class=""cl""><strong>national {{c1::income}}</strong><br>They receive a proportion
of their {{c1::income}} from the sale of goods and services.<br>" 1141
irritate "làm phát cáu, chọc tức" verb động từ /ˈɪrɪteɪt/
[sound:z_irritate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_irritate__us_1.wav] The way she puts
on that accent really {{c1::irritate}}s me.<br>Some drugs can {{c1::irritate}} the
lining of the stomach.<br>I found her extremely irritating<br>an irritating
habit<br> 1141
surname "họ, tên gia đình" noun danh từ /ˈsɜːneɪm/
[sound:z_surname__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_surname__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::surname}} 1141
directly "trực tiếp, thẳng" adverb phó từ /dəˈrektli/
[sound:z_directly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_directly__us_1.wav] He drove her
{{c1::directly}} to her hotel.<br>She looked {{c1::directly}} at us.<br>He's
{{c1::directly}} responsible to the boss.<br>We have not been {{c1::directly}}
affected by the cuts.<br> 1142
offence "sự vi phạm, sự phạm tội" noun danh từ /əˈfens/
[sound:z_offence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_offence__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>criminal/serious/minor/sexual, etc.
{{c1::offence}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>a first
{{c1::offence}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>a capital
{{c1::offence}}</strong><br>He was not aware that he had <span
class=""cl""><strong>committed an {{c1::offence}}</strong><br>" 1142
hurt "làm bị thương, gây thiệt hại" verb động từ /hɜːt/
[sound:z_hurt__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hurt__us_1.wav] "None of the
passengers were <span class=""cl""><strong>badly {{c1::hurt}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hurt}} look/expression</strong><br>She was <span
class=""cl""><strong>deeply {{c1::hurt}}</strong><br>Martha's {{c1::hurt}} pride
showed in her eyes.<br>" 1143
immediately ngay lập tức adverb phó từ /ɪˈmiːdiətli/
[sound:z_immediately__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_immediately__us_1.wav] She
answered almost {{c1::immediately}}.<br>The point of my question may not be
{{c1::immediately}} apparent.<br>Turn right {{c1::immediately}} after the
church.<br>the years {{c1::immediately}} before the war<br>1145
track "phần của đĩa; đường mòn, đường đua" noun "danh từ, động từ" /træk/
[sound:z_track__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_track__us_1.wav] "a muddy
{{c1::track}} through the forest<br>We followed the bear's {{c1::track}}s in the
snow.<br>tyre {{c1::track}}s<br><span class=""cl""><strong>railway/railroad
{{c1::track}}s</strong><br>" 1146
basic "cơ ban, cơ sở" adjective tính từ /ˈbeɪsɪk/
[sound:z_basic__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_basic__us_2.wav] {{c1::basic}}
information/facts/ideas<br>the {{c1::basic}} principles of law<br>Drums are
{{c1::basic}} to African music.<br>The campsite provided only {{c1::basic}}
facilities.<br> 1147
smoking sự hút thuốc noun danh từ /ˈsməʊkɪŋ/
[sound:z_smoking__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_smoking__us_1.wav] "No
{{c1::smoking}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::smoking}}__12"">(= for example, on a
notice)<br>Would you like {{c1::smoking}} or non-{{c1::smoking}}? <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::smoking}}__14"">(= for example, in a
restaurant)<br>{{c1::smoking}} is not allowed in this theatre.<br>He's trying to
<span class=""cl""><strong>give up {{c1::smoking}}</strong><br>" 1147
threatening "sự đe dọa, sự hăm dọa"adjective tính từ /ˈθretnɪŋ/
[sound:z_threatening__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_threatening__us_1.wav]
{{c1::threatening}} letters<br>{{c1::threatening}} behaviour<br>The house
seemed less {{c1::threatening}} in the cold light of day.<br>The sky was dark and
{{c1::threatening}}.<br> 1147
strike "đánh, đập, tấn công bất ngờ; cuộc bãi công, cú va đập" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /straɪk/ [sound:z_strike__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_strike__us_1.wav] "the train drivers' {{c1::strike}}<br>a
{{c1::strike}} by teachers<br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>unofficial/a one-day
{{c1::strike}}</strong><br>Air traffic controllers are threatening to <span
class=""cl""><strong>come out on/go on {{c1::strike}}</strong><br>" 1148
upsetting "tính đánh đô, làm đô" adjective tính từ /ʌpˈsetɪŋ/
[sound:z_upsetting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_upsetting__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::upsetting}} experience<br>She finds the divorce too {{c1::upsetting}} to talk
about.<br> 1148
sky "trời, bầu trời" noun danh từ /skaɪ/ [sound:z_sky__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sky__us_1.wav] What's that in the {{c1::sky}}?<br>The {{c1::sky}}
suddenly went dark and it started to rain.<br>the night {{c1::sky}}<br>a cloudless
{{c1::sky}}<br> 1150
freedom "sự tự do, nền tự do" noun danh từ /ˈfriːdəm/
[sound:z_freedom__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_freedom__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::freedom}} of
speech/thought/expression/worship</strong><br>a threat to <span
class=""cl""><strong>press/academic, etc. {{c1::freedom}}</strong><br>rights and
{{c1::freedom}}s guaranteed by the constitution<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::freedom}} of action/choice</strong><br>" 1151
absolutely "tuyệt đối, hoàn toàn" adverb phó từ /ˈæbsəluːtli/
[sound:z_absolutely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_absolutely__us_1.wav] You're
{{c1::absolutely}} right.<br>He made it {{c1::absolutely}} clear.<br>I'm not
{{c1::absolutely}} certain I posted it.<br>It was {{c1::absolutely}} pouring with
rain.<br> 1152
rubbish "vật vô giá trị, bỏ đi, rác rưởi" noun danh từ /ˈrʌbɪʃ/
[sound:z_rubbish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rubbish__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rubbish}} bag/bin</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rubbish}} dump/heap/tip</strong><br>The streets were
littered with {{c1::rubbish}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>garden/household
{{c1::rubbish}}</strong><br>" 1152
plane "măt phẳng, măt bằng, máy bay" noun danh từ /pleɪn/
[sound:z_plane__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plane__us_1.wav] "She left <span
class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::plane}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::plane}} crash</strong><br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>caught the</strong><br>The <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::plane}} took off</strong><br>" 1153
salty "chứa vị muối, có muối, măn" adjective tính từ /ˈsɔːlti/
[sound:z_salty__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_salty__us_1.wav] {{c1::salty}}
food<br>{{c1::salty}} sea air<br>She has a {{c1::salty}} sense of humour.<br>She
could taste the saltiness of her tears.<br> 1153
crown "vương miện, vua, ngai vàng" noun danh từ /kraʊn/
[sound:z_crown__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_crown__us_1.wav] "land owned by the
{{c1::crown}}<br>a Minister of the {{c1::crown}}<br>Who's appearing for the
{{c1::crown}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::crown}}_1__26"">(= bringing a criminal
charge against somebody on behalf of the state)<br>She refused the {{c1::crown}}
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::crown}}_1__32"">(= refused to become queen)<br>"
farming "công việc trồng trọt, đồng áng" noun danh từ /ˈfɑːmɪŋ/
[sound:z_farming__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_farming__us_1.wav] "to take up
{{c1::farming}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>sheep/fish, etc.
{{c1::farming}}</strong><br>organic {{c1::farming}}<br>modern {{c1::farming}}
methods<br>" 1154
achieve "đạt được, dành được" verb động từ /əˈtʃiːv/
[sound:z_achieve__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_achieve__us_1.wav] He had finally
{{c1::achieve}}d success.<br>They could not {{c1::achieve}} their target of less
than 3% inflation.<br>I haven't {{c1::achieve}}d very much today.<br>All you've
{{c1::achieve}}d is to upset my parents.<br> 1155
bored buồn chán adjective tính từ /bɔːd/ [sound:z_bored__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bored__us_1.wav] "There was a {{c1::bored}} expression on her
face.<br>The children quickly <span class=""cl""><strong>got
{{c1::bored}}</strong><br>" 1155
downstairs "ở dưới nhà, ở tầng dưới; xống gác; tầng dưới" noun danh từ
/ˌdaʊnˈsteəz/ [sound:z_downstairs__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_downstairs__us_1.wav] We're painting the
{{c1::downstairs}}.<br> 1156
object "vật, vật thể, đối tượng; phan đối,chống lại" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /əbˈdʒekt/ [sound:z_object__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_object__us_3.wav] "Many
local people {{c1::object}} to the building of the new airport.<br>If nobody
{{c1::object}}s, we'll postpone the meeting till next week.<br>I really
{{c1::object}} to being charged for parking.<br>He {{c1::object}}ed that the police
had arrested him without sufficient evidence.<br>" 1156
attitude "thái độ, quan điểm" noun danh từ /ˈætɪtjuːd/
[sound:z_attitude__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attitude__us_1.wav] "changes in public
{{c1::attitude}}s to marriage<br>the government's {{c1::attitude}} towards single
parents<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>have a good/bad/positive/negative
{{c1::attitude}} towards somebody/something</strong><br>Youth is simply an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::attitude}} of mind</strong><br>"1157
fetch "tìm về, đem về; làm bực mình; làm say mê, quyến rũ" verb động từ /fetʃ/
[sound:z_fetch__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fetch__us_1.wav] to {{c1::fetch}}
help / a doctor<br>The inhabitants have to walk a mile to {{c1::fetch}}
water.<br>She's gone to {{c1::fetch}} the kids from school.<br>Could you
{{c1::fetch}} me my bag?<br> 1157
coloured "mang màu sắc, có màu sắc" adjective tính từ /ˈkʌləd/
[sound:z_coloured__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_coloured__us_1.wav] brightly
{{c1::coloured}} balloons<br>{{c1::coloured}} lights<br>She was wearing a cream-
{{c1::coloured}} suit.<br> 1158
machinery "máy móc, thiết bị" noun danh từ /məˈʃiːnəri/
[sound:z_machinery__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_machinery__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>agricultural/industrial {{c1::machinery}}</strong><br>a piece
of {{c1::machinery}}<br>a clock with all its {{c1::machinery}} hanging out<br>the
{{c1::machinery}} of government<br>" 1158
skilful "tài giỏi, khéo tay" adjective tính từ /ˈskɪlfl/
[sound:z_skilful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_skilful__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::skilful}}
player/performer/teacher<br>Thanks to her {{c1::skilful}} handling of the affair,
the problem was averted.<br>" 1158
disappoint "không làm thỏa ước nguyện, ý mong đợi; thất ước, làm thất bại" verb
động từ /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt/ [sound:z_disappoint__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_disappoint__us_1.wav] "Her decision to cancel the concert is
bound to {{c1::disappoint}} her fans.<br>I hate to {{c1::disappoint}} you, but I'm
just not interested.<br>The movie had {{c1::disappoint}}ed her <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::disappoint}}__22"">(= it wasn't as good as she had expected)<br>His
latest novel does not {{c1::disappoint}}.<br>" 1159
concept khái niệm noun danh từ /ˈkɒnsept/ [sound:z_xconcept__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_xconcept__us_1.wav] the {{c1::concept}} of social
class<br>{{c1::concept}}s such as ‘civilization’ and ‘government’<br>He can't grasp
the basic {{c1::concept}}s of mathematics.<br>the {{c1::concept}} that everyone
should have equality of opportunity<br> 1160
grey "xám, hoa râm (tóc)" noun danh từ /ɡreɪ/ [sound:z_grey__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_grey__us_1.wav] the dull {{c1::grey}} of the sky<br>dressed in
{{c1::grey}}<br>She's riding the {{c1::grey}}.<br> 1160
client khách hàng noun danh từ /ˈklaɪənt/ [sound:z_client__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_client__us_1.wav] a lawyer with many famous {{c1::client}}s<br>to
act on behalf of a {{c1::client}}<br>Social workers must always consider the best
interests of their {{c1::client}}s.<br> 1161
dishonest "bất lương, không thành thật" adjective tính từ /dɪsˈɒnɪst/
[sound:z_dishonest__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dishonest__us_1.wav] "Beware of
{{c1::dishonest}} traders in the tourist areas.<br>I don't like him, and it would
be {{c1::dishonest}} of me to pretend otherwise.<br>He was accused of
{{c1::dishonest}}ly obtaining property.<br>Five civil servants were dismissed for
{{c1::dishonest}}y and misconduct.<br>" 1161
powerful "hùng mạnh, hùng cường"adjective tính từ /ˈpaʊəfl/
[sound:z_powerful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_powerful__us_1.wav] "an <span
class=""cl""><strong>immensely {{c1::powerful}}</strong><br>one of the most
{{c1::powerful}} directors in Hollywood<br>a rich and {{c1::powerful}} man<br>Only
the intervention of {{c1::powerful}} friends obtained her release.<br>" 1162
perfect hoàn hao adjective tính từ /ˈpɜːfɪkt/
[sound:z_perfect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_perfect__us_1.wav] "in
{{c1::perfect}} condition<br>a {{c1::perfect}} set of teeth<br>Well I'm sorry—but
<span class=""cl""><strong>nobody's {{c1::perfect}}</strong><br>She speaks
{{c1::perfect}} English.<br>" 1163
therefore "bởi vậy, cho nên, vì thế" adverb phó từ /ˈðeəfɔː(r)/
[sound:z_therefore__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_therefore__us_1.wav] "He's only 17 and
{{c1::therefore}} not eligible to vote.<br>There is still much to discuss. We
shall, {{c1::therefore}}, return to this item at our next meeting.<br>" 1165
conduct "điều khiển, chỉ đạo, chỉ huy; sự điều khiển, chỉ huy" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /ˈkɒndʌkt/ [sound:z_xconduct__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_xconduct__us_2.wav] The sport has a strict code of
{{c1::conduct}}.<br>improving standards of training and professional
{{c1::conduct}}<br>There was growing criticism of the government's {{c1::conduct}}
of the war.<br> 1166
announce "thông báo, báo tin, truyền tin" verb động từ
[sound:z_announce__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_announce__us_1.wav] They haven't
formally {{c1::announce}}d their engagement yet.<br />A ring at the doorbell
{{c1::announce}}d Jack's arrival.<br />The government yesterday {{c1::announce}}d
to the media plans to create a million new jobs.<br />We are pleased to
{{c1::announce}} that all five candidates were successful.<br /> 1167
broadly "rộng, rộng rãi" adverb phó từ /ˈbrɔːdli/
[sound:z_broadly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_broadly__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::broadly}} speaking</strong><br><span
similar/comparable/equivalent/consistent</strong><br>" 1167
shocking "gây sốc, gây kích động" adjective tính từ /ˈʃɒkɪŋ/
[sound:z_shocking__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shocking__us_1.wav] {{c1::shocking}}
behaviour<br>{{c1::shocking}} news<br>It is {{c1::shocking}} that they involved
children in the crime.<br>a {{c1::shocking}} waste of money<br> 1167
congratulation "sự chúc mừng, lời chúc mừng" noun danh từ /kənˌɡrætʃu
ˈleɪʃn/ [sound:z_xcongratulation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcongratulation__us_1.wav]
"to <span class=""cl""><strong>offer/send</strong><br>‘We're getting
married!’ ‘{{c1::congratulation}}s!’<br>{{c1::congratulation}}s on your exam
results!<br>a letter of {{c1::congratulation}}<br>" 1168
conversation "cuộc đàm thoại, cuộc trò chuyện" noun danh từ /ˌkɒnvə
ˈseɪʃn/ [sound:z_xconversation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconversation__us_1.wav]
"a telephone {{c1::conversation}}<br>I had a long {{c1::conversation}} with
her the other day.<br>The main <span class=""cl""><strong>topic of
{{c1::conversation}}</strong><br>Don was <span class=""cl""><strong>deep in
{{c1::conversation}}</strong><br>" 1168
abandoned "bị bỏ rơi, bị ruồng bỏ" adjective tính từ /əˈbændənd/
[sound:z_abandoned__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_abandoned__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::abandoned}} car/house<br>The child was found {{c1::abandoned}} but
unharmed.<br>There was an {{c1::abandoned}} supermarket trolley in the middle of
the road.<br> 1169
examine "thâm tra, khám xét, hỏi han (thí sinh)" verb động từ /ɪɡˈzæmɪn/
[sound:z_examine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_examine__us_1.wav] These ideas will
be {{c1::examine}}d in more detail in Chapter 10.<br>It is necessary to
{{c1::examine}} how the proposals can be carried out.<br>The doctor
{{c1::examine}}d her but could find nothing wrong.<br>The goods were
{{c1::examine}}d for damage on arrival.<br> 1169
touch "sờ, mó, tiếp xúc; sự sờ, sự mó, sự tiếp xúc" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/tʌtʃ/ [sound:z_touch__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_touch__us_1.wav] "the
sense of {{c1::touch}}<br>The gentle {{c1::touch}} of his hand on her shoulder made
her jump.<br>All this information is readily available <span
class=""cl""><strong>at the {{c1::touch}} of a button</strong><br>This type of
engraving requires a delicate {{c1::touch}}.<br>" 1170
embarrassment "sự lúng túng, sự bối rối" noun danh từ /ɪmˈbærəsmənt/
[sound:z_embarrassment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_embarrassment__us_1.wav] "I
nearly died of {{c1::embarrassment}} when he said that.<br>I'm glad you offered—it
saved me the {{c1::embarrassment}} of having to ask.<br>Much <span
class=""cl""><strong>to her {{c1::embarrassment}}</strong><br>Her resignation will
be a severe {{c1::embarrassment}} to the party.<br>" 1171
please "làm vui lòng, làm vừa ý; làm ơn, xin mời, hãy..." adverb "phó
từ, động từ" /pliːz/ [sound:z_please__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_please__us_1.wav] "You can't {{c1::please}} everybody.<br>He's a
difficult man to {{c1::please}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>There's</strong><br>I did it to {{c1::please}} my
parents.<br>" 1171
rounded bị làm thành tròn; phát triển đầy đủ adjective tính từ /
ˈraʊndɪd/ [sound:z_rounded__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rounded__us_1.wav] a surface
with {{c1::rounded}} edges<br>{{c1::rounded}} shoulders<br>a smooth {{c1::rounded}}
taste<br>a fully {{c1::rounded}} education<br> 1171
attend "dự, có măt" verb động từ /əˈtend/
[sound:z_attend__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attend__us_1.wav] We'd like as many
people as possible to {{c1::attend}}.<br>The meeting was {{c1::attend}}ed by 90% of
shareholders.<br>to {{c1::attend}} a wedding/funeral<br>Our children {{c1::attend}}
the same school.<br> 1172
completely "hoàn thành, đầy đủ, trọn vẹn" adverb phó từ /kəm
ˈpliːtli/ [sound:z_completely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_completely__us_1.wav]
{{c1::completely}} different<br>{{c1::completely}} and utterly broke<br>I've
{{c1::completely}} forgotten her name.<br>The explosion {{c1::completely}}
destroyed the building.<br> 1173
swollen "sưng phồng, phình căng" adjective tính từ /ˈswəʊlən/
[sound:z_swollen__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_swollen__us_2.wav] {{c1::swollen}}
glands<br>Her eyes were red and {{c1::swollen}} from crying.<br> 1173
variety "sự đa dạng, trạng thái khác nhau" noun danh từ /vəˈraɪəti/
[sound:z_variety__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_variety__us_1.wav] "There is <span
class=""cl""><strong>a wide {{c1::variety}} of</strong><br>He resigned for a
{{c1::variety}} of reasons.<br>This tool can be used in a {{c1::variety}} of
ways.<br>I was impressed by the {{c1::variety}} of dishes on offer.<br>" 1175
have to "phai (bắt buộc, có bôn phận phai)" modal verb động từ khuyết thiếu
/ˈhæv tə/ [sound:z_have_to_1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_have_to_1_us_1.wav]
"Sorry, I've got to go.<br>Did she {{c1::have to}} pay a fine?<br>You don't
{{c1::have to}} knock—just walk in.<br>I haven't got to leave till seven.<br>"
injured "bị tôn thương, bị xúc phạm" adjective tính từ /ˈɪndʒəd/
[sound:z_injured__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_injured__us_1.wav] "an
{{c1::injured}} leg<br>Luckily, she isn't {{c1::injured}}.<br>Carter is playing in
place of the {{c1::injured}} O'Reilly.<br>Ambulances took the {{c1::injured}} to a
nearby hospital.<br>" 1176
interruption "sự gián đoạn, sự ngắt lời" noun danh từ /ˌɪntəˈrʌpʃn/
[sound:z_interruption__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_interruption__us_1.wav] "The
birth of her son was a minor {{c1::interruption}} to her career.<br>an
{{c1::interruption}} to the power supply<br>I managed to work for two hours <span
class=""cl""><strong>without {{c1::interruption}}</strong><br>He ignored her
{{c1::interruption}}s.<br>" 1176
publishing "công việc, nghề xuất ban" noun danh từ /ˈpʌblɪʃɪŋ/
[sound:z_publishing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_publishing__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::publishing}} house <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::publishing}}__12"">(=
company)<br>a job in {{c1::publishing}}<br>" 1176
sleep ngủ; giấc ngủ verb "động từ, danh từ" /sliːp/
[sound:z_sleep__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sleep__us_1.wav] "I need to <span
class=""cl""><strong>get some {{c1::sleep}}</strong><br>I didn't <span
class=""cl""><strong>get much {{c1::sleep}}</strong><br>Can you give me something
to help me <span class=""cl""><strong>get to {{c1::sleep}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Go to {{c1::sleep}}</strong><br>" 1176
investigation "sự điều tra, nghiên cứu" noun danh từ /ɪnˌvestɪˈɡeɪʃn/
[sound:z_investigation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_investigation__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>criminal/murder/police
{{c1::investigation}}</strong><br>She is still <span class=""cl""><strong>under
{{c1::investigation}}</strong><br>The police have completed their
{{c1::investigation}}s into the accident.<br>an {{c1::investigation}} into the
spending habits of teenagers<br>" 1179
nuclear (thuộc) hạt nhân adjective tính từ /ˈnjuːkliə(r)/
[sound:z_nuclear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nuclear__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::nuclear}}
power station<br>the {{c1::nuclear}} industry<br>{{c1::nuclear}}-powered
submarines<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::nuclear}}
weapon/bomb/missile</strong><br>" 1180
allied "liên minh, đồng minh, thông gia" adjective tính từ /ˈælaɪd/
[sound:z_allied__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_allied__us_3.wav] "Italy joined the
war on the {{c1::allied}} side in 1915.<br>Many civilians died as a result of
{{c1::allied}} bombing.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::allied}}
forces/troops</strong><br>medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and other {{c1::allied}}
professions<br>" 1182
press "sự ép, sự nén, sự ấn; ép, nén, bóp, ấn" noun "danh từ, động từ" /pres/
[sound:z_press__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_press__us_1.wav] She
{{c1::press}}ed her face against the window.<br>He {{c1::press}}ed a handkerchief
to his nose.<br>She {{c1::press}}ed her lips together.<br>His body was
{{c1::press}}ing against hers.<br> 1182
timetable "thời khóa biểu, thời gian biểu" noun danh từ /ˈtaɪmteɪbl/
[sound:z_timetable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_timetable__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>bus/train {{c1::timetable}}</strong><br>We have a new
{{c1::timetable}} each term <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::timetable}}_1__23"">(=
showing the times of each class in school)<br>Sport is no longer so important in
the school {{c1::timetable}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::timetable}}_1__25"">(=
all the subjects that are taught at schools)<br>I have a busy {{c1::timetable}}
this week <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::timetable}}_1__32"">(= I have planned to do
many things)<br>" 1182
conflict "xung đột, va chạm; sự xung đột, sự va chạm" noun danh từ /kən
ˈflɪkt/ [sound:z_xconflict__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_xconflict__us_2.wav] "<span
emotions/interests/loyalties</strong><br>These results {{c1::conflict}} with
earlier findings.<br>Reports {{c1::conflict}}ed on how much of the aid was reaching
the famine victims.<br>" 1183
spirit "tinh thần, tâm hồn, linh hồn" noun danh từ /ˈspɪrɪt/
[sound:z_spirit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spirit__us_1.wav] "the power of the
human {{c1::spirit}} to overcome difficulties<br>to be in <span
class=""cl""><strong>high/low {{c1::spirit}}s</strong><br>You must try and <span
class=""cl""><strong>keep your {{c1::spirit}}s up</strong><br>My <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::spirit}}s sank</strong><br>" 1184
replace thay thế verb động từ /rɪˈpleɪs/ [sound:z_replace__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_replace__us_1.wav] The new design will eventually {{c1::replace}}
all existing models.<br>Teachers will never be {{c1::replace}}d by computers in the
classroom.<br>These measures in no way {{c1::replace}} the need for regular safety
checks.<br>He will be difficult to {{c1::replace}} when he leaves.<br> 1186
encourage "động viên, ủng hộ, giúp đỡ, làm cấn đam, mạnh dạn" verb động từ
/ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒ/ [sound:z_encourage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_encourage__us_1.wav] My
parents have always {{c1::encourage}}d me in my choice of career.<br>We were
greatly {{c1::encourage}}d by the positive response of the public.<br>Banks
actively {{c1::encourage}} people to borrow money.<br>They claim that some computer
games {{c1::encourage}} violent behaviour in young children.<br> 1188
argument lý lẽ noun danh từ /ˈɑːɡjumənt/ [sound:z_argument__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_argument__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>win/lose an
{{c1::argument}}</strong><br>After some heated {{c1::argument}} a decision was
finally taken.<br>We <span class=""cl""><strong>had an
{{c1::argument}}</strong><br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>got into an
{{c1::argument}} with</strong><br>" 1189
ruined "bị đô nát, bị hỏng, bị phá san" adjective tính từ /ˈruːɪnd/
[sound:z_ruined__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ruined__us_1.wav] a {{c1::ruined}}
castle<br> 1190
tidy "sạch sẽ, ngăn nắp, gọn gàng; làm cho sạch sẽ, gọn gàng, ngăn nắp" verb
động từ /ˈtaɪdi/ [sound:z_tidy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tidy__us_1.wav]
"I spent all morning cleaning and {{c1::tidy}}ing.<br>When you cook, could
you please {{c1::tidy}} up after yourself.<br>to {{c1::tidy}} (up) a room<br>Can
you {{c1::tidy}} away your clothes, please?<br>" 1190
convenient "tiện lợi, thuận lợi, thích hợp" adjective tính từ /kən
ˈviːniənt/ [sound:z_xconvenient__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconvenient__us_1.wav]
It is very {{c1::convenient}} to pay by credit card.<br>You'll find these
meals quick and {{c1::convenient}} to prepare.<br>Fruit is a {{c1::convenient}}
source of vitamins and energy.<br>A bicycle is often more {{c1::convenient}} than a
car in towns.<br> 1191
disadvantage "sự bất lợi, sự thiệt hại" noun danh từ /ˌdɪsədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/
[sound:z_disadvantage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disadvantage__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>serious/severe/considerable
{{c1::disadvantage}}</strong><br>One <span class=""cl""><strong>major
{{c1::disadvantage}}</strong><br>There are {{c1::disadvantage}}s to the
plan.<br>What's the <span class=""cl""><strong>main
{{c1::disadvantage}}</strong><br>" 1191
camp "trại, chỗ cắm trại; cắm trại, hạ trại" noun danh từ /kæmp/
[sound:z_camp__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_camp__us_1.wav] I {{c1::camp}}ed
overnight in a field.<br>They go {{c1::camp}}ing in France every year.<br>I'm
{{c1::camp}}ing out at a friend's apartment at the moment.<br>Dozens of reporters
{{c1::camp}}ed out on her doorstep.<br> 1192
brain "óc não; đầu óc, trí não" noun danh từ /breɪn/
[sound:z_brain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_brain__us_1.wav] damage to the
{{c1::brain}}<br>{{c1::brain}} cells<br>She died of a {{c1::brain}} tumour.<br>a
device to measure {{c1::brain}} activity during sleep<br> 1193
immoral "trái đạo đức, luân lý; xấu xa" adjective tính từ /ɪˈmɒrəl/
[sound:z_immoral__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_immoral__us_1.wav] "It's
{{c1::immoral}} to steal.<br>There's nothing {{c1::immoral}} about wanting to earn
more money.<br>an {{c1::immoral}} act/life/person<br>They were charged with living
off <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::immoral}} earnings</strong><br>" 1193
feature "nét đăt biệt, điểm đăc trưng; mô ta nét đăc biệt, đăc trưng của…"
noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈfiːtʃə(r)/ [sound:z_feature__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_feature__us_1.wav] The film {{c1::feature}}s Cary Grant as a
professor.<br>The latest model {{c1::feature}}s alloy wheels and an electronic
alarm.<br>Many of the hotels {{c1::feature}}d in the brochure offer special deals
for weekend breaks.<br>Olive oil and garlic {{c1::feature}} prominently in his
recipes.<br> 1194
afternoon buôi chiều noun danh từ /ˌɑːftəˈnuːn/
[sound:z_afternoon__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_afternoon__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>this/yesterday/tomorrow {{c1::afternoon}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>In the {{c1::afternoon}}</strong><br>She studies art two
{{c1::afternoon}}s a week.<br>Are you ready for this {{c1::afternoon}}'s meeting?
<br>" 1195
favourite được ưa thích; người (vật) được ưa thích noun danh từ /
ˈfeɪvərɪt/ [sound:z_favourite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_favourite__us_1.wav] "These
biscuits are great {{c1::favourite}}s with the children.<br>This song is a <span
class=""cl""><strong>particular {{c1::favourite}}</strong><br>The band played all
my <span class=""cl""><strong>old {{c1::favourite}}s</strong><br>Which one's your
{{c1::favourite}}?<br>" 1195
disapproving phan đối adjective tính từ /ˌdɪsəˈpruːvɪŋ/
[sound:z_disapproving__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disapproving__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::disapproving}} glance/tone/look</strong><br>She
sounded {{c1::disapproving}} as we discussed my plans.<br>He looked
{{c1::disapproving}}ly at the row of empty wine bottles.<br>" 1196
trousers quần tây noun danh từ /ˈtraʊzəz/ [sound:z_trousers__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_trousers__us_1.wav] "a pair of grey {{c1::trousers}}<br>I was still
<span class=""cl""><strong>in short {{c1::trousers}}</strong><br>He dropped his
{{c1::trousers}}.<br>trouser pockets<br>" 1196
harmful "gây tai hại, có hại" adjective tính từ /ˈhɑːmfl/
[sound:z_harmful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_harmful__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::harmful}} effects of alcohol<br>the sun's {{c1::harmful}} ultra-violet
rays<br>Many household products are potentially {{c1::harmful}}.<br>Fruit juices
can be {{c1::harmful}} to children's teeth.<br> 1197
weekend cuối tuần noun danh từ /ˌwiːkˈend/ [sound:z_weekend__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_weekend__us_1.wav] "Are you doing anything <span
class=""cl""><strong>over the {{c1::weekend}}</strong><br>Have a good
{{c1::weekend}}!<br>It happened <span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::weekend}}
of</strong><br>The office is closed <span class=""cl""><strong>at the
{{c1::weekend}}</strong><br>" 1197
dozen tá (12) number số từ /ˈdʌzn/ [sound:z_dozen__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dozen__us_1.wav] "Give me a {{c1::dozen}}, please.<br>two
{{c1::dozen}} eggs<br>three {{c1::dozen}} red roses<br>several {{c1::dozen}}/a few
{{c1::dozen}} people<br>" 1198
possibility "kha năng, triển vọng" noun danh từ /ˌpɒsəˈbɪləti/
[sound:z_possibility__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_possibility__us_1.wav] "There
is now no {{c1::possibility}} that she will make a full recovery.<br>He refused to
rule out the {{c1::possibility}} of a tax increase.<br>It is not <span
class=""cl""><strong>beyond the bounds of
{{c1::possibility}}</strong><br>Bankruptcy is a real {{c1::possibility}} if sales
don't improve.<br>" 1199
favour "thiện ý, sự quý mến; sự đồng ý; sự chiếu cố. in favour/favor (of):
ủng hộ cái gì (to be in favour of something )" noun danh từ /ˈfeɪvə(r)/
[sound:z_favour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_favour__us_1.wav] "Could you <span
class=""cl""><strong>do me a {{c1::favour}}</strong><br>Can I <span
class=""cl""><strong>ask a {{c1::favour}}</strong><br>I would never ask for any
{{c1::favour}}s from her.<br>I'm going <span class=""cl""><strong>as a
{{c1::favour}}</strong><br>" 1200
sympathetic "đồng cam, đáng mến, dễ thương" adjective tính từ /ˌsɪmpə
ˈθetɪk/ [sound:z_sympathetic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sympathetic__us_1.wav]
"a {{c1::sympathetic}} listener<br>I did not feel at all {{c1::sympathetic}}
towards Kate.<br>I'm here if you need a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::sympathetic}} ear</strong><br>a {{c1::sympathetic}}
response<br>" 1200
underwater "ở dưới măt nước, dưới măt nước" adjective tính từ /ˌʌndə
ˈwɔːtə(r)/ [sound:z_underwater__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_underwater__us_1.wav]
{{c1::underwater}} creatures<br>an {{c1::underwater}} camera<br>Take a deep
breath and see how long you can stay {{c1::underwater}}.<br> 1200
insurance sự bao hiểm noun danh từ /ɪnˈʃʊərəns/
[sound:z_insurance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_insurance__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>life/car/travel/household, etc.
{{c1::insurance}}</strong><br>to have adequate <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::insurance}} cover</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>take out {{c1::insurance}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::insurance}} premiums</strong><br>" 1201
admiration "sự khâm phục, thán phục" noun danh từ /ˌædməˈreɪʃn/
[sound:z_admiration__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_admiration__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>watch/gaze in {{c1::admiration}}</strong><br>I have
great {{c1::admiration}} for her as a writer.<br>" 1202
department "cục, sở, ty, ban, khoa; gian hàng, khu bày hàng" noun danh từ
/dɪˈpɑːtmənt/ [sound:z_department__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_department__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::department}} of Trade and
Industry<br>the Treasury {{c1::department}}<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>government/university, etc. {{c1::department}}</strong><br>the
<span class=""cl""><strong>marketing/sales, etc. {{c1::department}}</strong><br>"
battle "trận đánh, chiến thuật" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈbætl/
[sound:z_battle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_battle__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::battle}} of Waterloo<br>to be killed <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::battle}}</strong><br>a gun {{c1::battle}}<br>to go into {{c1::battle}}<br>"
cracked "rạn, nứt" adjective tính từ /krækt/
[sound:z_cracked__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cracked__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::cracked}}
mirror/mug<br>He suffered {{c1::cracked}} ribs and bruising.<br>She passed her
tongue over her {{c1::cracked}} lips and tried to speak.<br>‘I'm just fine,’ she
said in a {{c1::cracked}} voice.<br>" 1203
beginning "phần đầu, thời gian đầu, sự khởi đầu" noun danh từ /bɪˈɡɪnɪŋ/
[sound:z_beginning__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_beginning__us_1.wav] "We're going to
Japan <span class=""cl""><strong>at the {{c1::beginning}} of</strong><br>She's been
working there <span class=""cl""><strong>since the {{c1::beginning}}
of</strong><br>We missed the {{c1::beginning}} of the movie.<br>Let's start again
<span class=""cl""><strong>from the {{c1::beginning}}</strong><br>" 1204
polite "lễ phép, lịch sự" adjective tính từ /pəˈlaɪt/
[sound:z_polite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_polite__us_1.wav] "Please be
{{c1::polite}} to our guests.<br>We were all too {{c1::polite}} to object.<br>I
don't know how to make <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::polite}}
conversation</strong><br>The performance was greeted with {{c1::polite}}
applause.<br>" 1204
unreasonable vô lý adjective tính từ /ʌnˈriːznəbl/
[sound:z_unreasonable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unreasonable__us_1.wav] "The
job was beginning to make {{c1::unreasonable}} demands on his free time.<br>The
fees they charge are not {{c1::unreasonable}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It
would be {{c1::unreasonable}} to</strong><br>He was being totally
{{c1::unreasonable}} about it.<br>" 1204
date "ngày, kỳ, kỳ hạn, thời kỳ, thời đại; đề ngày tháng, ghi niên hiệu" noun
"danh từ, động từ" /deɪt/ [sound:z_date__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_date__us_1.wav] Thank you for your letter {{c1::date}}d 24th
March.<br>The forms should be {{c1::date}}d and signed and sent back
immediately.<br>The skeleton has been {{c1::date}}d at about 2000 BC.<br>She
designs classic clothes which do not {{c1::date}}.<br> 1205
annoy "chọc tức, làm bực mình; làm phiền, quẫy nhiễu" verb động từ /ə
ˈnɔɪ/ [sound:z_annoy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_annoy__us_1.wav] "His constant
joking was beginning to {{c1::annoy}} her.<br>It really {{c1::annoy}}s me when
people forget to say thank you.<br>I'm sure she does it just to {{c1::annoy}}
me.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It {{c1::annoy}}s me to</strong><br>" 1206
generally "nói chung, đại thể. in general: nói chung, đại khái" adverb phó
từ /ˈdʒenrəli/ [sound:z_generally__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_generally__us_1.wav] The
plan was {{c1::generally}} welcomed.<br>It is now {{c1::generally}} accepted that…
<br>The new drug will be {{c1::generally}} available from January.<br>He was a
{{c1::generally}} unpopular choice for captain.<br> 1206
washing "sự tắm rửa, sự giăt" noun danh từ /ˈwɒʃɪŋ/
[sound:z_washing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_washing__us_1.wav] "a gentle shampoo
for frequent {{c1::washing}}<br>I <span class=""cl""><strong>do the
{{c1::washing}}</strong><br>a pile of dirty {{c1::washing}}<br>Would you <span
class=""cl""><strong>hang the {{c1::washing}} out</strong><br>" 1208
justified "hợp lý, được chứng minh là đúng" adjective tính từ /
ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪd/ [sound:z_justified__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_justified__us_1.wav] She
felt fully {{c1::justified}} in asking for her money back.<br>His fears proved
{{c1::justified}}.<br> 1209
sorry "xin lỗi, lấy làm tiếc, lấy làm buồn" adjective tính từ /ˈsɒri/
[sound:z_sorry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sorry__us_1.wav] "{{c1::sorry}} I'm
late!<br>Did I stand on your foot? {{c1::sorry}}!<br>{{c1::sorry}} to bother you,
but could I speak to you for a moment?<br>{{c1::sorry}}, we don't allow dogs in the
house.<br>" 1209
crisis "sự khủng hoang, cơn khủng hoang" noun danh từ /ˈkraɪsɪs/
[sound:z_crisis__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_crisis__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>political/financial {{c1::crisis}}</strong><br>the
government's latest <span class=""cl""><strong>economic
{{c1::crisis}}</strong><br>The business is still <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::crisis}}</strong><br>The Labour Party was facing an <span
class=""cl""><strong>identity {{c1::crisis}}</strong><br>" 1210
complete "hoàn thành, xong" verb "động từ, tính từ" /kəmˈpliːt/
[sound:z_complete__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_complete__us_1.wav] She's just
{{c1::complete}}d a master's degree in Law.<br>The project should be
{{c1::complete}}d within a year.<br>2000 shoppers {{c1::complete}}d our
questionnaire.<br>I only need one more card to {{c1::complete}} the set.<br> 1211
transparent "trong suốt; dễ hiểu, sáng sủa" adjective tính từ /træns
ˈpærənt/ [sound:z_transparent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_transparent__us_1.wav]
"The insect's wings are almost {{c1::transparent}}.<br>a man of
{{c1::transparent}} honesty<br>a {{c1::transparent}} attempt to buy votes<br>Am I
that {{c1::transparent}}? <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::transparent}}__24"">(= are
my intentions that obvious?)<br>" 1211
fan người hâm mộ noun danh từ /fæn/ [sound:z_fan__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fan__us_1.wav] "movie {{c1::fan}}s<br>crowds of football
{{c1::fan}}s<br>a big {{c1::fan}} of Madonna<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fan}} mail</strong><br>" 1212
knitted "được đan, được thêu" adjective tính từ /ˈnɪtɪd/
[sound:z_knitted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_knitted__us_1.wav] {{c1::knitted}}
gloves<br>a white knit dress<br>a hand-{{c1::knitted}} sweater<br>a cotton-knit
shirt<br> 1213
stick "dán, dính, mắc kẹt; gậy, que, thanh" verb "động từ, danh từ" /stɪk/
[sound:z_stick__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stick__us_1.wav] "We collected dry
{{c1::stick}}s to start a fire.<br>The boys were throwing {{c1::stick}}s and stones
at the dog.<br>Her arms and legs were like {{c1::stick}}s <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::stick}}_2__22"">(= very thin)<br>The old lady leant on her {{c1::stick}}
as she talked.<br>" 1213
define định nghĩa verb động từ /dɪˈfaɪn/ [sound:z_define__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_define__us_1.wav] "The term ‘mental illness’ is difficult to
{{c1::define}}.<br>Life imprisonment is {{c1::define}}d as 60 years under state
law.<br>We need to {{c1::define}} the task ahead very clearly.<br>The difficulty of
a problem was <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::define}}d in terms of</strong><br>"
website không gian liên tới với Internet noun danh từ /ˈwebsaɪt/
[sound:z_website__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_website__us_1.wav] "I found this
information <span class=""cl""><strong>on their {{c1::website}}</strong><br>For
current prices please <span class=""cl""><strong>visit our
{{c1::website}}</strong><br>" 1214
wool len noun danh từ /wʊl/ [sound:z_wool__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wool__us_1.wav] a ball of {{c1::wool}}<br>This scarf is 100%
{{c1::wool}}.<br>pure new {{c1::wool}}<br>a {{c1::wool}} blanket<br> 1214
easily dễ dàng adverb phó từ /ˈiːzəli/
[sound:z_easily__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_easily__us_1.wav] I can
{{c1::easily}} finish it tonight.<br>The museum is {{c1::easily}} accessible by
car.<br>Learning languages doesn't come {{c1::easily}} to him.<br>Are you sure you
locked the gate? You could {{c1::easily}} have forgotten.<br> 1215
re- "(tiền tố) lại, lần nữa" prefix tiền tố /riː/
[sound:z_re__1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_re__1_us_1.wav]
{{c1::reapply}}<br>{{c1::reincarnation}}<br>{{c1::reassuring}}<br> 1215
clap "vỗ, vỗ tay; tiếng nô, tiếng vỗ tay" noun danh từ /klæp/
[sound:z_clap__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_clap__us_1.wav] "Give him a
{{c1::clap}}! <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::clap}}_2__17"">(= to praise somebody at
the end of a performance)<br>a {{c1::clap}} of thunder<br>"1216
indirect gián tiếp adjective tính từ /ˌɪndəˈrekt/
[sound:z_indirect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_indirect__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::indirect}} effects</strong><br>to find something out by
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::indirect}} methods</strong><br>The building
collapsed as an <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::indirect}}
result</strong><br>There would be some benefit, however {{c1::indirect}}, to the
state.<br>" 1216
mistaken "sai lầm, hiểu lầm" adjective tính từ /mɪˈsteɪkən/
[sound:z_mistaken__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_mistaken__us_2.wav] "You are
completely {{c1::mistaken}} about Jane.<br>Unless I'm very much {{c1::mistaken}},
that's Paul's wife over there.<br>I thought I saw someone I knew, but I must have
been {{c1::mistaken}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mistaken}}
views/ideas</strong><br>" 1216
triangle hình tam giác noun danh từ /ˈtraɪæŋɡl/
[sound:z_triangle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_triangle__us_1.wav] a right-angled
{{c1::triangle}}<br>a right {{c1::triangle}}<br>Cut the sandwiches into
{{c1::triangle}}s.<br>a love {{c1::triangle}}<br> 1216
hole "lỗ, lỗ trống; hang" noun danh từ /həʊl/ [sound:z_hole__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hole__us_1.wav] "He <span class=""cl""><strong>dug
a</strong><br>The bomb blew a huge {{c1::hole}} in the ground.<br>Water had
collected in the {{c1::hole}}s in the road.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>drill/bore/punch/kick a {{c1::hole}}</strong><br>" 1217
impatient "thiếu kiên nhẫn, nóng vội" adjective tính từ /ɪmˈpeɪʃnt/
[sound:z_impatient__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_impatient__us_1.wav] I'd been waiting
for twenty minutes and I was getting {{c1::impatient}}.<br>Try not to be too
{{c1::impatient}} with her.<br>Sarah was becoming increasingly {{c1::impatient}} at
their lack of interest.<br>An {{c1::impatient}} driver behind me sounded his
horn.<br> 1217
irritated "tức giận, cáu tiết" adjective tính từ /ˈɪrɪteɪtɪd/
[sound:z_irritated__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_irritated__us_1.wav] She was getting
more and more {{c1::irritated}} at his comments.<br> 1217
element "yếu tố, nguyên tố" noun danh từ /ˈelɪmənt/
[sound:z_element__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_element__us_1.wav] "Cost was <span
class=""cl""><strong>a key {{c1::element}}</strong><br>The story has all the
{{c1::element}}s of a soap opera.<br>Customer relations is an important
{{c1::element}} of the job.<br>We need to preserve the {{c1::element}} of
surprise.<br>" 1218
vision "sự nhìn, thị lực" noun danh từ /ˈvɪʒn/
[sound:z_vision__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_vision__us_1.wav] "to have <span
{{c1::vision}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>20–20
{{c1::vision}}</strong><br>Cats have good <span class=""cl""><strong>night
{{c1::vision}}</strong><br>The couple moved outside her <span
class=""cl""><strong>field of {{c1::vision}}</strong><br>" 1219
status "tình trạng, trạng thái" noun danh từ /ˈsteɪtəs/
[sound:z_status__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_status__us_1.wav] They were granted
refugee {{c1::status}}.<br>The party was denied legal {{c1::status}}.<br>low
{{c1::status}} jobs<br>to have a high social {{c1::status}}<br> 1220
normal "thường, bình thường; tình trạng bình thường" adjective tính từ
/ˈnɔːml/ [sound:z_normal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_normal__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>above/below {{c1::normal}}</strong><br>Things soon returned
<span class=""cl""><strong>to {{c1::normal}}</strong><br>" 1221
honour "danh dự, thanh danh, lòng kính trọng" noun danh từ /ˈɒnə(r)/
[sound:z_honour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_honour__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>guest of {{c1::honour}}</strong><br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>seat/place of {{c1::honour}}</strong><br>They stood in silence
as a mark of {{c1::honour}} to her.<br>It was a great {{c1::honour}} to be invited
here today.<br>" 1222
reproduce "tái san xuất, tái tạo" verb động từ /ˌriːprəˈdjuːs/
[sound:z_reproduce__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reproduce__us_1.wav] It is illegal to
{{c1::reproduce}} these worksheets without permission from the publisher.<br>The
photocopier {{c1::reproduce}}s colours very well.<br>This material can be
{{c1::reproduce}}d without payment.<br>The results are {{c1::reproduce}}d in Table
2.<br> 1222
unkind "không tốt, độc ác, tàn nhẫn" adjective tính từ /ˌʌnˈkaɪnd/
[sound:z_unkind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unkind__us_1.wav] an {{c1::unkind}}
remark<br>He was never actually {{c1::unkind}} to them.<br>It would be
{{c1::unkind}} to go without him.<br>She never said anything {{c1::unkind}} about
anyone.<br> 1222
intended "có ý định, có dụng ý" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈtendɪd/
[sound:z_intended__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_intended__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::intended}} purpose<br>the {{c1::intended}} audience<br>The bullet missed its
{{c1::intended}} target.<br>The book is {{c1::intended}} for children.<br> 1223
providing "với điều kiện là, miễn là" conjunction liên từ /prəˈvaɪdɪŋ/
[sound:z_providing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_providing__us_1.wav] "We can have a
picnic tomorrow, {{c1::providing}} that it doesn't rain." 1223
sensible "có óc xét đoán; hiểu, nhận biết được" adjective tính từ /
ˈsensəbl/ [sound:z_sensible__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sensible__us_1.wav] "She's a
{{c1::sensible}} sort of person.<br>I think that's a very {{c1::sensible}}
idea.<br>Say something {{c1::sensible}}.<br>I think <span class=""cl""><strong>the
{{c1::sensible}} thing</strong><br>" 1223
ship "tàu, tàu thủy" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ʃɪp/ [sound:z_ship__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ship__us_1.wav] "There are two restaurants <span
class=""cl""><strong>on board {{c1::ship}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>sailing/cargo/cruise {{c1::ship}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::ship}}'s captain/crew/company/cook</strong><br>Raw
materials and labour come <span class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::ship}}</strong><br>"
bore "buồn chán, buồn tẻ" verb động từ /bɔː(r)/ [sound:z_bore__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bore__us_1.wav] "I'm not boring you, am I?<br>Has he been
boring you with his stories about his trip?<br>The drill is strong enough to
{{c1::bore}} through solid rock.<br>to {{c1::bore}} a hole in something<br>" 1224
solution "sự giai quyết, giai pháp" noun danh từ /səˈluːʃn/
[sound:z_solution__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_solution__us_1.wav] "Attempts to <span
class=""cl""><strong>find a {{c1::solution}}</strong><br>There's no simple
{{c1::solution}} to this problem.<br>Do you have a better {{c1::solution}}?<br>The
{{c1::solution}} to last week's quiz is on page 81.<br>" 1224
jewellery "nữ trang, kim hoàn" noun danh từ /ˈdʒuːəlri/
[sound:z_jewellery__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_jewellery__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>silver/gold {{c1::jewellery}}</strong><br>She has some lovely
<span class=""cl""><strong>pieces of {{c1::jewellery}}</strong><br>" 1225
pleasing mang lại niềm vui thích; dễ chịu adjective tính từ /ˈpliːzɪŋ/
[sound:z_pleasing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pleasing__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::pleasing}} design<br>The new building was <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pleasing}} to the eye</strong><br>She had a
{{c1::pleasing}}ly direct manner.<br>" 1225
remains "đồ thưa, cái còn lại" noun danh từ /rɪˈmeɪnz/
[sound:z_remains__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_remains__us_1.wav] "She fed the
{{c1::remains}} of her lunch to the dog.<br>prehistoric {{c1::remains}}<br>the
{{c1::remains}} of a Roman fort<br>They had discovered <span
class=""cl""><strong>human {{c1::remains}}</strong><br>" 1225
stone đá noun danh từ /stəʊn/ [sound:z_stone__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_stone__us_1.wav] Most of the houses are built of
{{c1::stone}}.<br>{{c1::stone}} walls<br>a {{c1::stone}} floor<br>a flight of
{{c1::stone}} steps<br> 1225
slowly "một cách chậm chạp, chậm dần" adverb phó từ /ˈsləʊli/
[sound:z_slowly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_slowly__us_1.wav] to move
{{c1::slowly}}<br>Please could you speak more {{c1::slowly}}?<br>The boat chugged
{{c1::slowly}} along.<br>He found that life moved {{c1::slowly}} in the
countryside.<br> 1226
scale "vay (cá..), tỷ lệ" noun danh từ /skeɪl/
[sound:z_scale__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_scale__us_1.wav] "They entertain
<span class=""cl""><strong>on a large {{c1::scale}}</strong><br>Here was corruption
<span class=""cl""><strong>on a grand {{c1::scale}}</strong><br>On a global
{{c1::scale}}, 77% of energy is created from fossil fuels.<br>to achieve <span
class=""cl""><strong>economies of {{c1::scale}}</strong><br>" 1227
sincere "thật thà, thẳng thắng, chân thành" adjective tính từ /sɪnˈsɪə(r)/
[sound:z_sincere__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sincere__us_1.wav] a {{c1::sincere}}
attempt to resolve the problem<br>{{c1::sincere}} regret<br>Please accept our
{{c1::sincere}} thanks.<br>a {{c1::sincere}} apology<br> 1227
unlucky "không găp may, bất hạnh" adjective tính từ /ʌnˈlʌki/
[sound:z_unlucky__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unlucky__us_1.wav] "He was very
{{c1::unlucky}} not to win.<br>If you're <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::unlucky}}
enough to</strong><br>By some {{c1::unlucky}} chance, her name was left off the
list.<br>Some people think it's {{c1::unlucky}} to walk under a ladder.<br>" 1227
striped "có sọc, có vằn" adjective tính từ /straɪpt/
[sound:z_striped__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_striped__us_1.wav] a {{c1::striped}}
shirt<br>a blue and white {{c1::striped}} jacket<br> 1228
complicate "làm phức tạp, rắc rối" verb động từ /ˈkɒmplɪkeɪt/
[sound:z_complicate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_complicate__us_1.wav] "I do
not wish to {{c1::complicate}} the task more than is necessary.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>To {{c1::complicate}} matters</strong><br>The issue <span
class=""cl""><strong>is {{c1::complicate}}d by the fact that</strong><br>" 1229
university trường đại học noun danh từ /ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsəti/
[sound:z_university__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_university__us_1.wav] Is
there a {{c1::university}} in this town?<br>Ohio State {{c1::university}}<br>the
{{c1::university}} of York<br>York {{c1::university}}<br> 1229
introduce giới thiệu verb động từ /ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs/
[sound:z_introduce__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_introduce__us_1.wav] Can I
{{c1::introduce}} my wife?<br>He {{c1::introduce}}d me to a Greek girl at the
party.<br>She was {{c1::introduce}}d to me as a well-known novelist.<br>We've
already been {{c1::introduce}}d.<br> 1230
parliament "nghi viện, quốc hội" noun danh từ /ˈpɑːləmənt/
[sound:z_parliament__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_parliament__us_1.wav] "The
German {{c1::parliament}} is called the ‘Bundestag’.<br>a Member of
{{c1::parliament}}<br>The issue was debated <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::parliament}}</strong><br>an Act of {{c1::parliament}}<br>" 1230
underwear quần lót noun danh từ /ˈʌndəweə(r)/
[sound:z_underwear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_underwear__us_1.wav] She packed one
change of {{c1::underwear}}.<br> 1230
driver người lái xe noun danh từ /ˈdraɪvə(r)/
[sound:z_driver__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_driver__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>bus/train/ambulance/taxi {{c1::driver}}</strong><br>She
climbed into the {{c1::driver}}'s seat.<br>The accident was the other
{{c1::driver}}'s fault.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>learner
{{c1::driver}}</strong><br>" 1231
luggage hành lý noun danh từ /ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/ [sound:z_luggage__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_luggage__us_1.wav] There's room for one more piece of
{{c1::luggage}}.<br>You stay there with the {{c1::luggage}} while I find a cab.<br>
attempt "sự cố gắng, sự thử; cố gắng, thử" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ə
ˈtempt/ [sound:z_attempt__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attempt__us_1.wav] "I will
{{c1::attempt}} to answer all your questions.<br>Do not {{c1::attempt}} to repair
this yourself.<br>The prisoners {{c1::attempted}} an escape, but failed.<br>"
educated "được giáo dục, được đào tạo" adjective tính từ /
ˈedʒukeɪtɪd/ [sound:z_educated__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_educated__us_1.wav]
privately {{c1::educated}} children<br>a British-{{c1::educated}}
lawyer<br>He's a Princeton-{{c1::educated}} Texan.<br>an {{c1::educated}} and
articulate person<br> 1233
park "công viên, vườn hoa; khoanh vùng thành công viên" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /pɑːk/ [sound:z_park__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_park__us_1.wav] You
can't {{c1::park}} here.<br>You can't {{c1::park}} the car here.<br>He's
{{c1::park}}ed very badly.<br>a badly {{c1::park}}ed truck<br> 1233
spot "dấu, đốm, vết" noun "danh từ, động từ" /spɒt/
[sound:z_spot__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spot__us_1.wav] "Which has
{{c1::spot}}s, the leopard or the tiger?<br>The male bird has a red {{c1::spot}} on
its beak.<br>She was wearing a black skirt with white {{c1::spot}}s.<br>His jacket
was covered with {{c1::spot}}s of mud.<br>" 1234
lack sự thiếu; thiếu noun "danh từ, động từ" /læk/ [sound:z_lack__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lack__us_1.wav] "Some houses still {{c1::lack}} basic amenities
such as bathrooms.<br>He {{c1::lack}}s confidence.<br>She has the determination
that her brother {{c1::lack}}s.<br>As the only child of wealthy parents, he
{{c1::lack}}ed for nothing.<br>" 1235
ice "băng, nước đá" noun danh từ /aɪs/ [sound:z_ice__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ice__us_1.wav] "There was {{c1::ice}} on the windows.<br>The lake
was covered with a <span class=""cl""><strong>sheet of {{c1::ice}}</strong><br>My
hands are as cold as {{c1::ice}}.<br>The dancers came out onto the
{{c1::ice}}.<br>" 1236
boat "tàu, thuyền" noun danh từ /bəʊt/ [sound:z_boat__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_boat__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>rowing/sailing
{{c1::boat}}</strong><br>a fishing {{c1::boat}}<br>You can take a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::boat}} trip</strong><br>‘How are you going to France?’
‘We're going <span class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::boat}}</strong><br>" 1237
relaxed "thanh than, thoai mái" adjective tính từ /rɪˈlækst/
[sound:z_relaxed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relaxed__us_1.wav] "He appeared
{{c1::relaxed}} and confident before the match.<br>She had a very {{c1::relaxed}}
manner.<br>I'm feeling more {{c1::relaxed}} about the future now.<br>a family-run
hotel with a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::relaxed}} atmosphere</strong><br>"
sour "chua, có vị giấm" adjective tính từ /ˈsaʊə(r)/
[sound:z_sour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sour__us_1.wav] "{{c1::sour}}
apples<br>a {{c1::sour}} flavour<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>turn/go
{{c1::sour}}</strong><br>a {{c1::sour}} smell<br>" 1237
drink đồ uống; uống verb "động từ, danh từ" /drɪŋk/
[sound:z_drink__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_drink__us_1.wav] "What would you
like to {{c1::drink}}?<br>In hot weather, {{c1::drink}} plenty of water.<br>I don't
{{c1::drink}} coffee.<br>He was {{c1::drink}}ing straight from the bottle.<br>"
TRUE "đúng đắn, thực sự" adjective tính từ [sound:z_true__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_true__us_1.wav] "Indicate whether the following statements are
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::true}} or false</strong><br>Is it {{c1::true}}
she's leaving?<br>Can you prove that what you say is {{c1::true}}?<br>All the
rumours turned out to be {{c1::true}}.<br>" 1238
advertisement quang cáo noun danh từ /ədˈvɜːtɪsmənt/
[sound:z_advertisement__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_advertisement__us_1.wav] Put an
{{c1::advertisement}} in the local paper to sell your car.<br>Dirty streets and
homelessness are no {{c1::advertisement}} for a prosperous society.<br>We are
employing an assistant to help with the {{c1::advertisement}} of the group's
activities.<br> 1239
enjoyable "thú vị, thích thú" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈdʒɔɪəbl/
[sound:z_enjoyable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enjoyable__us_1.wav] "an
{{c1::enjoyable}} weekend/experience<br><span
{{c1::enjoyable}}</strong><br>The evening passed enjoyably.<br>" 1239
sun măt trời noun danh từ /sʌn/ [sound:z_sun__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sun__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::sun}}'s rays<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>rising/setting {{c1::sun}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>The {{c1::sun}} was shining</strong><br>The {{c1::sun}} was
just setting.<br>" 1239
distance "khoang cách, tầm xa" noun danh từ /ˈdɪstəns/
[sound:z_distance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_distance__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>short/long {{c1::distance}}</strong><br>the {{c1::distance}}
of the earth from the sun<br><span class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::distance}}
of</strong><br>What's the {{c1::distance}} between New York City and Boston/from
New York City to Boston?<br>" 1241
forecast "sự dự đoán, dự báo; dự đoán, dự báo" verb động từ /ˈfɔːkɑːst/
[sound:z_forecast__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_forecast__us_1.wav] Experts are
{{c1::forecast}}ing a recovery in the economy.<br>Snow is {{c1::forecast}} for
tomorrow.<br>It is difficult to {{c1::forecast}} the demand for the new train
service.<br>Temperatures were {{c1::forecast}} to reach 40°C.<br> 1242
wood gỗ noun danh từ /wʊd/ [sound:z_wood__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wood__us_1.wav] "He chopped some {{c1::wood}} for the
fire.<br>a plank of {{c1::wood}}<br>All the furniture was made <span
class=""cl""><strong>of {{c1::wood}}</strong><br>a {{c1::wood}} floor<br>" 1242
handle "cầm, sờ mó; tay cầm, móc quai" verb "động từ, danh từ" /
ˈhændl/ [sound:z_handle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_handle__us_1.wav] She turned
the {{c1::handle}} and opened the door.<br>the {{c1::handle}} of a knife<br>a broom
{{c1::handle}}<br>The {{c1::handle}}'s broken off this jug.<br> 1243
tyre lốp xe noun danh từ /ˈtaɪə(r)/ [sound:z_tyre__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tyre__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>front
{{c1::tyre}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>back/rear
{{c1::tyre}}</strong><br>to pump up a {{c1::tyre}}<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>flat/burst/punctured {{c1::tyre}}</strong><br>" 1243
truck "sự trao đôi, sự đôi chác" noun danh từ /trʌk/
[sound:z_truck__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_truck__us_1.wav] a {{c1::truck}}
driver<br>a cattle {{c1::truck}}<br>a delivery/garbage/farm {{c1::truck}}<br>We in
this party will have no {{c1::truck}} with illegal organizations.<br> 1244
unload "cất gánh năng, dỡ hàng" verb động từ /ˌʌnˈləʊd/
[sound:z_unload__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unload__us_1.wav] "Everyone helped
to {{c1::unload}} the luggage from the car.<br>This isn't a suitable place to
{{c1::unload}} the van.<br>The truck driver was waiting to {{c1::unload}}.<br>It's
his problem, not something he should {{c1::unload}} onto you.<br>" 1245
alphabet "bang chữ cái, bước đầu, điều cơ ban" noun danh từ /ˈælfəbet/
[sound:z_alphabet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alphabet__us_1.wav] Alpha is the first
letter of the Greek {{c1::alphabet}}.<br> 1246
mountain núi noun danh từ /ˈmaʊntən/ [sound:z_mountain__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mountain__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>chain/range of
{{c1::mountain}}s</strong><br>to climb a {{c1::mountain}}<br>We spent a week
walking <span class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::mountain}}s</strong><br>to enjoy
the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mountain}} air/scenery</strong><br>" 1246
curved cong adjective tính từ /kɜːvd/ [sound:z_curved__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_curved__us_1.wav] a {{c1::curved}} path/roof/blade<br> 1247
rightly "đúng, phai, có lý" adverb phó từ /ˈraɪtli/
[sound:z_rightly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rightly__us_1.wav] "The school was
{{c1::rightly}} proud of the excellent exam results.<br>He was proud of his
beautiful house, <span class=""cl""><strong>and {{c1::rightly}}
so</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>Quite {{c1::rightly}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rightly}} or wrongly</strong><br>" 1247
survey "quan sát tông thể, khao sát, nghiên cứu tông quát" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /səˈveɪ/ [sound:z_survey__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_survey__us_2.wav]
The next morning we {{c1::survey}}ed the damage caused by the fire.<br>He
{{c1::survey}}ed himself in the mirror before going out.<br>She opened her eyes and
{{c1::survey}}ed her surroundings.<br>This chapter briefly {{c1::survey}}s the
current state of European politics.<br> 1247
tradition truyền thống noun danh từ /trəˈdɪʃn/
[sound:z_tradition__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tradition__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>religious/cultural, etc. {{c1::tradition}}s</strong><br>This
region is <span class=""cl""><strong>steeped in {{c1::tradition}}</strong><br>The
company has a <span class=""cl""><strong>long {{c1::tradition}}</strong><br>The
British are said to love {{c1::tradition}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::tradition}}__22"">(= to want to do things in the way they have always
been done)<br>" 1249
unconscious "bất tỉnh, không có ý thức, không biết rõ" adjective tính từ
/ʌnˈkɒnʃəs/ [sound:z_unconscious__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_unconscious__us_1.wav] "She was <span
class=""cl""><strong>knocked {{c1::unconscious}}</strong><br>They found him lying
{{c1::unconscious}} on the floor.<br>{{c1::unconscious}} desires<br>The brochure is
full of {{c1::unconscious}} humour.<br>" 1249
winter mùa đông noun danh từ /ˈwɪntə(r)/ [sound:z_winter__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_winter__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>mild/severe/hard
{{c1::winter}}</strong><br>Our house can be very cold <span class=""cl""><strong>in
(the) {{c1::winter}}</strong><br>They worked on the building all through the
{{c1::winter}}.<br>We went to New Zealand last {{c1::winter}}.<br>" 1250
flavour "vị, mùi; cho gia vị, làm tăng thêm mùi vị" verb động từ /
ˈfleɪvə(r)/ [sound:z_flavour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_flavour__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::flavour}} 1251
village "làng, xã" noun danh từ /ˈvɪlɪdʒ/ [sound:z_village__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_village__us_1.wav] "We visited towns and {{c1::village}}s all over
Spain.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>fishing/mountain/seaside
{{c1::village}}</strong><br>the {{c1::village}} shop<br>Her books are about
{{c1::village}} life.<br>" 1251
worrying "gây lo lắng, gây lo nghĩ" adjective tính từ /ˈwʌriɪŋ/
[sound:z_worrying__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worrying__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::worrying}} development<br>It must be {{c1::worrying}} for you not to know
where he is.<br>It is particularly {{c1::worrying}} that nobody seems to be in
charge.<br>It's been a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::worrying}}
time</strong><br>" 1252
refuse "từ chối, khước từ" verb động từ /rɪˈfjuːz/
[sound:z_refuse__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_refuse__us_1.wav] "Go on, ask her;
she can hardly {{c1::refuse}}.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>flatly
{{c1::refuse}}d</strong><br>She {{c1::refuse}}d to accept that there was a
problem.<br>I politely {{c1::refuse}}d their invitation.<br>" 1253
roll "cuốn, cuộn, sự lăn tròn; lăn, cuốn, quấn, cuộn" verb "động từ, danh
từ" /rəʊl/ [sound:z_roll__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_roll__us_1.wav] The
ball {{c1::roll}}ed down the hill.<br>We watched the waves {{c1::roll}}ing onto the
beach.<br>Tears {{c1::roll}}ed down her cheeks.<br>Delivery men were
{{c1::roll}}ing barrels across the yard.<br> 1255
communication "sự giao tiếp, liên lạc, sự truyền đạt, truyền tin" noun danh
từ /kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃn/ [sound:z_communication__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_communication__us_1.wav] "Speech is the fastest method of
{{c1::communication}} between people.<br>All channels of {{c1::communication}} need
to be kept open.<br>Doctors do not always have good <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::communication}} skills</strong><br>non-verbal
{{c1::communication}}<br>" 1256
ink mực noun danh từ /ɪŋk/ [sound:z_ink__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ink__us_1.wav]
"written <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::ink}}</strong><br>a pen and
{{c1::ink}} drawing<br>different coloured {{c1::ink}}s<br>"1256
rob "cướp, lấy trộm" verb động từ /rɒb/ [sound:z_rob__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_rob__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::rob}} a
bank</strong><br>The tomb had been {{c1::rob}}bed of its treasures.<br>The gang had
{{c1::rob}}bed and killed the drugstore owner.<br>You can't trust them. They'll
{{c1::rob}} you blind as soon as your back is turned.<br>" 1256
backwards "ngược, ngược lại, về phía sau, thụt lùi lại" adverb phó từ
/ˈbækwədz/ [sound:z_backwards__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_backwards__us_1.wav] I lost
my balance and fell {{c1::backwards}}.<br>He took a step
{{c1::backwards}}.<br>‘Ambulance’ is written {{c1::backwards}} so you can read it
in the mirror.<br>In the movie they take a journey {{c1::backwards}} through
time.<br> 1257
refusal "sự từ chối, sự khước từ" noun danh từ /rɪˈfjuːzl/
[sound:z_refusal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_refusal__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::refusal}} of a request/an invitation/an offer<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>blunt/flat/curt {{c1::refusal}}</strong><br>His
{{c1::refusal}} to discuss the matter is very annoying.<br>" 1258
screen "màn che, màn anh, màn hình; phim anh nói chung" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /skriːn/ [sound:z_screen__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_screen__us_1.wav]
a computer {{c1::screen}}<br>a monitor with a 21 inch {{c1::screen}}<br>They
were staring at the television {{c1::screen}}.<br>Move your cursor to the top of
the {{c1::screen}}.<br> 1258
autumn mùa thu (US: mùa thu là fall) noun danh từ /ˈɔːtəm/
[sound:z_autumn__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_autumn__us_1.wav] "in the
{{c1::autumn}} of 2010<br>in <span class=""cl""><strong>early/late
{{c1::autumn}}</strong><br>the {{c1::autumn}} term <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::autumn}}__23"">(= for example at a school or college in
Britain)<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::autumn}} colours/leaves</strong><br>"
gain "lợi, lợi ích; giành được, kiếm được, đạt tới" verb "động từ, danh
từ" /ɡeɪn/ [sound:z_gain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gain__us_1.wav] a
£3000 {{c1::gain}} from our investment<br>Regular exercise helps prevent weight
{{c1::gain}}.<br>The party had a net {{c1::gain}} of nine seats on the local
council.<br>efficiency {{c1::gain}}s<br> 1259
resident "người sinh sống, cư dân, khách trọ; cư trú, thường trú" noun danh
từ /ˈrezɪdənt/ [sound:z_resident__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_resident__us_1.wav] "the
town's {{c1::resident}} population <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::resident}}_2__13"">(= not tourists or visitors)<br>to be
{{c1::resident}} abroad/in the US<br>Tom's our <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::resident}} expert</strong><br>" 1260
hide "trốn, ân nấp; che giấu" verb động từ /haɪd/
[sound:z_hide__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hide__us_1.wav] "He hid the letter
in a drawer.<br>I keep my private papers hidden.<br>They hid me from the police in
their attic.<br>Quick, {{c1::hide}}!<br>" 1261
gold vàng; bằng vàng noun danh từ /ɡəʊld/ [sound:z_gold__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_gold__us_1.wav] The company name was spelled out in
{{c1::gold}} letters.<br> 1262
poison "chất độc, thuốc độc; đánh thuốc độc, tâm thuốc độc" verb động từ
/ˈpɔɪzn/ [sound:z_poison__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_poison__us_1.wav] "In
the last chapter, she {{c1::poison}}s herself with arsenic.<br>Thousands are at
risk of being {{c1::poison}}ed by fumes from faulty heaters.<br>a {{c1::poison}}ed
arrow<br>Someone had been {{c1::poison}}ing his food.<br>" 1262
sailing sự đi thuyền noun danh từ /ˈseɪlɪŋ/
[sound:z_sailing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sailing__us_1.wav] to go
{{c1::sailing}}<br>a {{c1::sailing}} club<br>There are six {{c1::sailing}}s a
day.<br>What time is the next {{c1::sailing}}?<br> 1262
sticky "dính; sánh; bầy nhầy, nhớp nháp" adjective tính từ /ˈstɪki/
[sound:z_sticky__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sticky__us_1.wav] "{{c1::sticky}}
fingers covered in jam<br>Stir in the milk to make a soft but not {{c1::sticky}}
dough.<br>a {{c1::sticky}}, humid afternoon<br>She felt hot and {{c1::sticky}}
after six hours on the bus.<br>" 1262
club "câu lạc bộ; gậy, dùi cui" noun danh từ /klʌb/
[sound:z_club__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_club__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>golf/tennis, etc. {{c1::club}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>chess/film/movie, etc. {{c1::club}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>join/belong</strong><br>The {{c1::club}} has/have voted to
admit new members.<br>" 1263
curl "quăn, xoắn, uốn quăn, làm xoắn; sự uốn quăn" noun danh từ /kɜːl/
[sound:z_curl__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_curl__us_1.wav] Her hair was a
mass of {{c1::curl}}s.<br>The baby had dark eyes and dark {{c1::curl}}s.<br>His
hair had a natural {{c1::curl}}.<br>a {{c1::curl}} of smoke<br> 1263
disgusting "ghê tởm, kinh tởm" adjective tính từ /dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ/
[sound:z_disgusting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disgusting__us_1.wav] "The
kitchen was in a {{c1::disgusting}} state when she left.<br>What a
{{c1::disgusting}} smell!<br>I think it's {{c1::disgusting}} that they're closing
the local hospital.<br>His language is {{c1::disgusting}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::disgusting}}__24"">(= he uses a lot of offensive words)<br>" 1263
farm trang trại noun danh từ /fɑːm/ [sound:z_farm__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_farm__us_1.wav] "a 200-hectare {{c1::farm}}<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::farm}} worker/labourer</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::farm}} buildings/machinery</strong><br>to live/work
<span class=""cl""><strong>on a {{c1::farm}}</strong><br>" 1265
ruler "người cai trị, người trị vì; thước kẻ" noun danh từ /ˈruːlə(r)/
[sound:z_ruler__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ruler__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::ruler}} 1265
potential "tiềm năng; kha năng, tiềm lực" adjective "tính từ, danh từ"
/pəˈtenʃl/ [sound:z_potential__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_potential__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::potential}} for change<br>The European marketplace offers excellent
{{c1::potential}} for increasing sales.<br>All children should be encouraged to
<span class=""cl""><strong>realize their full {{c1::potential}}</strong><br>She has
great {{c1::potential}} as an artist.<br>" 1266
enjoyment "sự thích thú, sự có được, được hưởng" noun danh từ /ɪn
ˈdʒɔɪmənt/ [sound:z_enjoyment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enjoyment__us_1.wav] He spoiled
my {{c1::enjoyment}} of the game by talking all through it.<br>The rules are there
to ensure everyone's safety and {{c1::enjoyment}}.<br>Children seem to have lost
their {{c1::enjoyment}} in reading.<br>I get a lot of {{c1::enjoyment}} from my
grandchildren.<br> 1270
presence "sự hiện diện, sự có măt" noun danh từ /ˈprezns/
[sound:z_presence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_presence__us_1.wav] He hardly seemed
to notice my {{c1::presence}}.<br>Her {{c1::presence}} during the crisis had a
calming effect.<br>Your {{c1::presence}} is requested at the meeting.<br>The test
can identify the {{c1::presence}} of abnormalities in the unborn child.<br> 1270
gamble đánh bạc; cuộc đánh bạc noun danh từ /ˈɡæmbl/
[sound:z_gamble__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gamble__us_1.wav] "She knew she was
<span class=""cl""><strong>taking a {{c1::gamble}}</strong><br>They invested money
in the company right at the start and <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::gamble}}
paid off</strong><br>It was the biggest {{c1::gamble}} of his political
career.<br>" 1271
independent độc lập adjective tính từ /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/
[sound:z_independent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_independent__us_1.wav]
"Mozambique became {{c1::independent}} in 1975.<br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::independent}} inquiry/witness</strong><br>She went to a
lawyer for some <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::independent}}
advice</strong><br>The police force should be {{c1::independent}} of direct
government control.<br>" 1271
CD đĩa CD noun danh từ /ˌsiː ˈdiː/ [sound:z_cd__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cd__us_1.wav] "His albums are available <span
class=""cl""><strong>on {{c1::CD}}</strong><br>" 1272
district "huyện, quận" noun danh từ /ˈdɪstrɪkt/
[sound:z_district__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_district__us_1.wav] "the City of
London's financial {{c1::district}}<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>tax/postal
{{c1::district}}</strong><br>a school {{c1::district}}<br>congressional
{{c1::district}}s<br>" 1272
shape "hình, hình dạng, hình thù" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ʃeɪp/
[sound:z_shape__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shape__us_1.wav] {{c1::shape}} the
dough into a ball.<br>This tool is used for shaping wood.<br>His ideas had been
{{c1::shape}}d by his experiences during the war.<br>She had a leading role in
shaping party policy.<br> 1273
spicy có gia vị adjective tính từ /ˈspaɪsi/ [sound:z_spicy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_spicy__us_1.wav] {{c1::spicy}} chicken wings<br>{{c1::spicy}}
stories about the sex lives of the stars<br>the spiciness of the food<br> 1273
tin thiếc noun danh từ /tɪn/ [sound:z_tin__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tin__us_1.wav]
"a {{c1::tin}} mine<br>a {{c1::tin}} box<br>a {{c1::tin}} of beans<br>Next,
add two {{c1::tin}}s of tomatoes.<br>" 1273
reader "người đọc, độc gia" noun danh từ /ˈriːdə(r)/
[sound:z_reader__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reader__us_1.wav] "an avid
{{c1::reader}} of science fiction<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>fast/slow
{{c1::reader}}</strong><br>The {{c1::reader}} is left to draw his or her own
conclusions.<br>{{c1::reader}}s' letters<br>" 1274
underneath "dưới, bên dưới" preposition giới từ /ˌʌndəˈniːθ/
[sound:z_underneath__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_underneath__us_1.wav] "The
coin rolled {{c1::underneath}} the piano.<br>This jacket's too big, even with a
sweater {{c1::underneath}}.<br>{{c1::underneath}} her cool exterior she was really
very frightened.<br>He seems bad-tempered, but he's very soft-hearted
{{c1::underneath}}.<br>" 1274
Ms "Bà, Cô" noun danh từ /mɪz/ [sound:z_ms__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_ms__us_2.wav] {{c1::Ms}} Murphy<br>{{c1::Ms}} Jean Murphy<br> 1275
contract "hợp đồng, sự ký hợp đồng; ký kết" noun danh từ /kənˈtrækt/
[sound:z_xcontract__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_xcontract__us_2.wav] Glass
{{c1::contract}}s as it cools.<br>The universe is expanding rather than
{{c1::contract}}ing.<br>a {{c1::contract}}ing market<br>The heart muscles
{{c1::contract}} to expel the blood.<br> 1276
climbing sự leo trèo noun danh từ /ˈklaɪmɪŋ/ [sound:z_climbing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_climbing__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>go
{{c1::climbing}}</strong><br>a {{c1::climbing}} accident<br>" 1277
crowd đám đông noun "danh từ, động từ" /kraʊd/
[sound:z_crowd__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_crowd__us_1.wav] He pushed his way
through the {{c1::crowd}}.<br>A small {{c1::crowd}} had gathered outside the
church.<br>Police had to break up the {{c1::crowd}}.<br>{{c1::crowd}}s of people
poured into the street.<br> 1277
indoors ở trong nhà adverb phó từ /ˌɪnˈdɔːz/
[sound:z_indoors__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_indoors__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>go/stay {{c1::indoors}}</strong><br>Many herbs can be grown
{{c1::indoors}}.<br>" 1278
express "diễn ta, biểu lộ, bày tỏ; nhanh, tốc hành" verb động từ /ɪk
ˈspres/ [sound:z_express__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_express__us_1.wav] "an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::express}} bus/coach/train</strong><br>{{c1::express}}
delivery services<br>{{c1::express}} mail<br>an air {{c1::express}} company<br>"
apartment "căn phòng, căn buồng" noun danh từ /əˈpɑːtmənt/
[sound:z_apartment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_apartment__us_1.wav] self-catering
holiday {{c1::apartment}}s<br>You can visit the whole palace except for the private
{{c1::apartment}}s.<br> 1280
willing "bằng lòng, vui lòng, muốn" adjective tính từ /ˈwɪlɪŋ/
[sound:z_willing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_willing__us_1.wav] "They keep a list
of people (who are) {{c1::willing}} to work nights.<br>I'm <span
class=""cl""><strong>perfectly {{c1::willing}}</strong><br>Would you be
{{c1::willing}} to help me with my essay?<br>Unemployment can be defined as the
number of people who are <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::willing}} and
able</strong><br>" 1281
gambling trò cờ bạc noun danh từ /ˈɡæmblɪŋ/ [sound:z_gambling__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_gambling__us_1.wav] heavy {{c1::gambling}} debts<br> 1282
strength "sức mạnh, sức khỏe" noun danh từ /streŋθ/
[sound:z_strength__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_strength__us_1.wav] He pushed against
the rock with all his {{c1::strength}}.<br>It may take a few weeks for you to build
up your {{c1::strength}} again.<br>He had a physical {{c1::strength}} that matched
his outward appearance.<br>She didn't have the {{c1::strength}} to walk any
further.<br> 1282
previous "vội vàng, hấp tấp; trước (vd. ngày hôm trước), ưu tiên" adjective
tính từ /ˈpriːviəs/ [sound:z_previous__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_previous__us_1.wav] No {{c1::previous}} experience is necessary for
this job.<br>The car has only had one {{c1::previous}} owner.<br>She is his
daughter from a {{c1::previous}} marriage.<br>I was unable to attend because of a
{{c1::previous}} engagement.<br> 1283
band "băng, đai, nẹp" noun danh từ /bænd/ [sound:z_band__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_band__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>rock/jazz
{{c1::band}}</strong><br>She's a singer with a {{c1::band}}.<br>a military
{{c1::band}}<br>a {{c1::band}} of outlaws<br>" 1284
obviously "một cách rõ ràng, có thể thấy được" adverb phó từ /
ˈɒbviəsli/ [sound:z_obviously__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_obviously__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::obviously}}, we don't want to spend too much money.<br>Diet and
exercise are {{c1::obviously}} important.<br>He was {{c1::obviously}}
drunk.<br>They're {{c1::obviously}} not coming.<br>" 1285
horse ngựa noun danh từ /hɔːs/ [sound:z_horse__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_horse__us_1.wav] "He mounted his {{c1::horse}} and rode
off.<br>a {{c1::horse}} and cart<br>He lost a lot of money on the {{c1::horse}}s
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::horse}}_1__38"">(= by gambling on races)<br>The
women's competition was a two {{c1::horse}} race between last year's winners Surrey
and the previous champions Essex.<br>" 1286
wildly "dại, hoang" adverb phó từ /ˈwaɪldli/
[sound:z_wildly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wildly__us_1.wav] She looked
{{c1::wildly}} around for an escape.<br>His heart was beating
{{c1::wildly}}.<br>Interest rates have been fluctuating {{c1::wildly}}.<br>The
story had been {{c1::wildly}} exaggerated.<br> 1286
interested "có thích thú, có quan tâm, có chú ý" adjective tính từ /
ˈɪntrəstɪd/ [sound:z_interested__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_interested__us_1.wav]
I'm very {{c1::interested}} in history.<br>Anyone {{c1::interested}} in
joining the club should contact us at the address below.<br>We would be
{{c1::interested}} to hear your views on this subject.<br>an {{c1::interested}}
audience<br> 1287
devoted "hiến cho, dâng cho, dành cho; hết lòng, nhiệt tình" adjective tính
từ /dɪˈvəʊtɪd/ [sound:z_devoted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_devoted__us_1.wav] They
are {{c1::devoted}} to their children.<br>a {{c1::devoted}} son/friend/fan<br>
jam "mứt, sự mắc kẹt, sự kẹt (máy...)" noun danh từ /dʒæm/
[sound:z_jam__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_jam__us_1.wav] strawberry
{{c1::jam}}<br>recipes for {{c1::jam}}s and preserves<br>a {{c1::jam}}
doughnut<br>The bus was delayed in a five-mile {{c1::jam}}.<br> 1288
prince hoàn tử noun danh từ /prɪns/ [sound:z_prince__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_prince__us_1.wav] the royal {{c1::prince}}s<br>the {{c1::prince}}
of Wales<br>{{c1::prince}} Albert of Monaco<br>the {{c1::prince}} of comedy<br>
target "bia, mục tiêu, đích" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈtɑːɡɪt/
[sound:z_target__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_target__us_1.wav] "business goals
and {{c1::target}}s<br>attainment {{c1::target}}s<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Set
yourself {{c1::target}}s</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>meet/achieve a
{{c1::target}}</strong><br>" 1288
impressed "được ghi, khắc, in sâu vào" adjective tính từ /ɪmˈprest/
[sound:z_impressed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_impressed__us_1.wav] "I must admit I am
{{c1::impressed}}.<br>We were all {{c1::impressed}} by her enthusiasm.<br>She was
<span class=""cl""><strong>suitably {{c1::impressed}}</strong><br>" 1289
knitting việc đan; hàng dệt kim noun danh từ /ˈnɪtɪŋ/
[sound:z_knitting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_knitting__us_1.wav] Where's my
{{c1::knitting}}?<br> 1289
prison nhà tù noun danh từ /ˈprɪzn/ [sound:z_prison__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_prison__us_1.wav] "He was <span class=""cl""><strong>sent to
{{c1::prison}}</strong><br>She is <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::prison}}</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>be released from
{{c1::prison}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>maximum-security
{{c1::prison}}</strong><br>" 1289
probable "có thể, có kha năng" adjective tính từ /ˈprɒbəbl/
[sound:z_probable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_probable__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::probable}} cause/explanation/outcome<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>highly/quite/most {{c1::probable}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>It is {{c1::probable}} that</strong><br>" 1290
ride "đi, cưỡi (ngựa); sự đi, đường đi" verb "động từ, danh từ" /raɪd/
[sound:z_ride__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ride__us_1.wav] "a train
{{c1::ride}} through beautiful countryside<br>It's a ten-minute bus {{c1::ride}}
from here to town.<br>Steve <span class=""cl""><strong>gave me a
{{c1::ride}}</strong><br>We <span class=""cl""><strong>went for a
{{c1::ride}}</strong><br>" 1290
guard "cái chắn, người bao vệ; bao vệ, gác, canh giữ" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /ɡɑːd/ [sound:z_guard__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_guard__us_1.wav] The
dog was {{c1::guard}}ing its owner's luggage.<br>political leaders {{c1::guard}}ed
by the police<br>You can't get in; the whole place is {{c1::guard}}ed.<br>a closely
{{c1::guard}}ed secret<br> 1291
annoyed "bị khó chịu, bực mình, bị quấy rầy" adjective tính từ /ə
ˈnɔɪd/ [sound:z_annoyed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_annoyed__us_1.wav] "He was
beginning to get very {{c1::annoyed}} with me about my carelessness.<br>I was <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::annoyed}} with myself</strong><br>I bet she was
{{c1::annoyed}} at having to write it out again.<br>I was {{c1::annoyed}} that they
hadn't turned up.<br>" 1292
demand "sự đòi hỏi, sự yêu cầu; đòi hỏi, yêu cầu" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /dɪˈmɑːnd/ [sound:z_demand__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_demand__us_1.wav] She
{{c1::demand}}ed an immediate explanation.<br>The UN has {{c1::demand}}ed that all
troops be withdrawn.<br>They are {{c1::demand}}ing that all troops should be
withdrawn.<br>I {{c1::demand}} to see the manager.<br> 1293
Wednesday thứ 4 noun danh từ /ˈwenzdeɪ/ [sound:z_wednesday__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wednesday__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word:
{{c1::Wednesday}} 1293
waiter "bồi bàn, người phục vụ" noun danh từ /ˈweɪtə(r)/
[sound:z_waiter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_waiter__us_1.wav] "I'll ask the
{{c1::waitress}} for the bill.<br>waiter}}, could you bring me some water?<br>"
centre "điểm giữa, trung tâm, trung ương" noun danh từ /ˈsentə(r)/
[sound:z_centre__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_centre__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::centre}} of a circle<br>a long table in the {{c1::centre}} of the
room<br>chocolates with soft {{c1::centre}}s<br>in the <span
class=""cl""><strong>town/city {{c1::centre}}</strong><br>"1295
deliver "cứu khỏi, thoát khỏi, bày tỏ, giãi bày" verb động từ /dɪˈlɪvə(r)/
[sound:z_deliver__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_deliver__us_1.wav] Do you have your
milk {{c1::deliver}}ed?<br>Leaflets have been {{c1::deliver}}ed to every
household.<br>We promise to {{c1::deliver}} within 48 hours.<br>She is due to
{{c1::deliver}} a lecture on genetic engineering.<br> 1295
September tháng 9 noun danh từ /sepˈtembə(r)/
[sound:z_september__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_september__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::September}} 1295
pronounce phát âm verb động từ [sound:z_pronounce__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_pronounce__us_1.wav] "Very few people can {{c1::pronounce}} my name
correctly.<br />The ‘b’ in lamb is not {{c1::pronounce}}d.<br />to
{{c1::pronounce}} an opinion<br />The judge will <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pronounce}} sentence</strong><br /></span>" 1296
text "nguyên văn, ban văn, chủ đề, đề" noun danh từ /tekst/
[sound:z_text__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_text__us_1.wav] My job is to lay
out the {{c1::text}} and graphics on the page.<br>a computer that can process
{{c1::text}}<br>printed {{c1::text}}<br>Highlight the area of {{c1::text}} on
screen and press the ‘delete’ key.<br> 1296
cooker "lò, bếp, nồi nấu" noun danh từ /ˈkʊkə(r)/
[sound:z_cooker__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cooker__us_1.wav] a gas
{{c1::cooker}}<br>an electric {{c1::cooker}}<br> 1298
tool "dụng cụ, đồ dùng" noun danh từ /tuːl/ [sound:z_tool__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tool__us_1.wav] "garden {{c1::tool}}s<br>a cutting
{{c1::tool}}<br>power {{c1::tool}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::tool}}_1__18"">(=
using electricity)<br>Always select the right {{c1::tool}} for the job.<br>" 1298
frightened "hoang sợ, khiếp sợ" adjective tính từ /ˈfraɪtnd/
[sound:z_frightened__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_frightened__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::frightened}} child<br>Don't be {{c1::frightened}}.<br>He sounded
{{c1::frightened}}.<br>What are you {{c1::frightened}} of?<br> 1299
niece cháu gái noun danh từ /niːs/ [sound:z_niece__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_niece__us_1.wav] There is no example for the word: {{c1::niece}}
wild "dại, hoang" adjective tính từ /waɪld/ [sound:z_wild__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wild__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::wild}}
animals/flowers</strong><br>a {{c1::wild}} rabbit<br>{{c1::wild}}
strawberries<br>The plants <span class=""cl""><strong>grow
{{c1::wild}}</strong><br>" 1299
entertaining giai trí adjective tính từ /ˌentəˈteɪnɪŋ/
[sound:z_entertaining__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_entertaining__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::entertaining}} speech/evening<br>I found the talk both informative and
{{c1::entertaining}}.<br>She was always so funny and {{c1::entertaining}}.<br>
vehicle xe cộ noun danh từ /ˈviːəkl/ [sound:z_vehicle__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_vehicle__us_1.wav] "motor {{c1::vehicle}}s <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::vehicle}}__16"">(= cars, buses, lorries/trucks, etc.)<br>Are you the
driver of this {{c1::vehicle}}?<br>rows of parked {{c1::vehicle}}s<br>Art may be
used as a {{c1::vehicle}} for propaganda.<br>" 1300
observe "quan sát, theo dõi" verb động từ /əbˈzɜːv/
[sound:z_observe__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_observe__us_1.wav] "Have you
{{c1::observe}}d any changes lately?<br>All the characters in the novel are closely
{{c1::observe}}d <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::observe}}__20"">(= seem like people
in real life)<br>I want you to {{c1::observe}} all the details.<br>The police
{{c1::observe}}d a man enter the bank.<br>" 1301
wallet cái ví noun danh từ /ˈwɒlɪt/ [sound:z_wallet__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wallet__us_1.wav] a document {{c1::wallet}}<br> 1301
flight "sự bỏ chạy, rút chạy; sự bay, chuyến bay" noun danh từ
/flaɪt/ [sound:z_flight__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_flight__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>smooth/comfortable/bumpy
{{c1::flight}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>a domestic/an international
{{c1::flight}}</strong><br>a hot-air balloon {{c1::flight}}<br>We met on a
{{c1::flight}} from London to Paris.<br>" 1302
amusing "vui thích, gây cười" adjective tính từ /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/
[sound:z_amusing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amusing__us_1.wav] an {{c1::amusing}}
story/game/incident<br>She writes very {{c1::amusing}} letters.<br>I didn't find
the joke at all {{c1::amusing}}.<br>The film {{c1::amusing}}ly pokes fun at the
media.<br> 1303
shiny "sáng chói, bóng" adjective tính từ /ˈʃaɪni/
[sound:z_shiny__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shiny__us_1.wav] {{c1::shiny}}
black hair<br>His face was red and {{c1::shiny}}.<br>{{c1::shiny}} new
stuff/software<br> 1303
facility "tiện nghi, cơ sở vật chất, năng khiếu" noun danh từ /fəˈsɪləti/
[sound:z_facility__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_facility__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>sports/leisure facilities</strong><br>conference
facilities<br><span class=""cl""><strong>shopping/banking/cooking
facilities</strong><br>The hotel has special facilities for welcoming disabled
people.<br>" 1304
diagram biểu đồ noun danh từ /ˈdaɪəɡræm/ [sound:z_diagram__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_diagram__us_1.wav] a {{c1::diagram}} of the wiring system<br>The
results are shown in {{c1::diagram}} 2.<br> 1305
understanding "trí tuệ, sự hiểu biết" noun danh từ /ˌʌndəˈstændɪŋ/
[sound:z_understanding__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_understanding__us_1.wav] "The
committee has little or no {{c1::understanding}} of the problem.<br>The existence
of God is beyond human {{c1::understanding}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::understanding}}_1__18"">(= humans cannot know whether God exists or
not)<br>Most of the students have a sound {{c1::understanding}} of English
grammar.<br>We finally <span class=""cl""><strong>came to an
{{c1::understanding}}</strong><br>" 1305
average "trung bình, số trung bình, mức trung bình" adjective "danh từ,
động từ, tính từ" /ˈævərɪdʒ/ [sound:z_average__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_average__us_1.wav] "The {{c1::average}} of 4, 5 and 9 is
6.<br>Parents spend <span class=""cl""><strong>an {{c1::average}} of</strong><br>If
I get an A on this essay, that will bring my {{c1::average}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::average}}_2__21"">(= {{c1::average}} mark/grade)<br>Temperatures are
<span class=""cl""><strong>above/below {{c1::average}}</strong><br>" 1306
emerge "nôi lên, hiện ra; nôi bật lên" verb động từ /iˈmɜːdʒ/
[sound:z_emerge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_emerge__us_1.wav] The swimmer
{{c1::emerge}}d from the lake.<br>She finally {{c1::emerge}}d from her room at
noon.<br>He {{c1::emerge}}d from the shadows.<br>We {{c1::emerge}}d into bright
sunlight.<br> 1307
nicely "thú vị, dễ chịu" adverb phó từ /ˈnaɪsli/
[sound:z_nicely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nicely__us_1.wav] "The room was
{{c1::nicely}} furnished.<br>The plants are <span class=""cl""><strong>coming along
{{c1::nicely}}</strong><br>If you ask her {{c1::nicely}} she might say yes.<br>His
novels {{c1::nicely}} describe life in Britain between the wars.<br>" 1307
advantage "sự thuận lợi, lợi ích, lợi thế. take advantage of lợi dụng" noun
danh từ /ədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/ [sound:z_advantage__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_advantage__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>big/great/definite {{c1::advantage}}</strong><br>an unfair
{{c1::advantage}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::advantage}}_1__20"">(= something
that benefits you, but not your opponents)<br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>had
the {{c1::advantage}} of</strong><br>You will <span class=""cl""><strong>be at an
{{c1::advantage}}</strong><br>" 1308
faithful "trung thành, chung thủy, trung thực" adjective tính từ /
ˈfeɪθfl/ [sound:z_faithful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_faithful__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::faithful}} servant/friend/dog</strong><br>She was
rewarded for her 40 years' {{c1::faithful}} service with the company.<br>I have
been a {{c1::faithful}} reader of your newspaper for many years.<br>He <span
class=""cl""><strong>remained {{c1::faithful}}</strong><br>" 1308
non- không prefix tiền tố /nɒn/ [sound:z_non__1_gb_1.wav]

making<br> 1308
quick nhanh adjective tính từ /kwɪk/ [sound:z_quick__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_quick__us_1.wav] She gave him a {{c1::quick}} glance.<br>These
cakes are very {{c1::quick}} and easy to make.<br>Would you like a {{c1::quick}}
drink?<br>The doctor said she'd make a {{c1::quick}} recovery.<br> 1309
frighten "làm sợ, làm hoang sợ" verb động từ /ˈfraɪtn/
[sound:z_frighten__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_frighten__us_1.wav] "Sorry, I didn't
mean to {{c1::frighten}} you.<br>She's not easily {{c1::frighten}}ed.<br>She <span
class=""cl""><strong>doesn't {{c1::frighten}} easily</strong><br>He threatened the
intruders with a gun and {{c1::frighten}}ed them off.<br>" 1311
pronunciation sự phát âm noun danh từ /prəˌnʌnsiˈeɪʃn/
[sound:z_pronunciation__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pronunciation__us_1.wav] a
guide to English {{c1::pronunciation}}<br>There is more than one
{{c1::pronunciation}} of ‘garage’.<br>Your {{c1::pronunciation}} is excellent.<br>
earn "kiếm (tiền), giành (phần thưởng)" verb động từ /ɜːn/
[sound:z_earn__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_earn__us_1.wav] "He {{c1::earn}}s
about $40000 a year.<br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::earn}}ed a
living</strong><br>She must <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::earn}} a
fortune</strong><br>All the children are {{c1::earn}}ing now.<br>" 1312
pound pao - đơn vị đo lường noun "danh từ, động từ" /paʊnd/
[sound:z_pound__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pound__us_1.wav] a ten-
{{c1::pound}} note<br>a {{c1::pound}} coin<br>I've spent £25 on food today.<br>What
would you do if you won a million {{c1::pound}}s?<br> 1313
backward "về phía sau, lùi lại" adjective tính từ /ˈbækwəd/
[sound:z_backward__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_backward__us_1.wav] "She strode past
him <span class=""cl""><strong>without a {{c1::backward}} glance</strong><br>She
felt that going back to live in her home town would be a {{c1::backward}}
step.<br>a {{c1::backward}} part of the country, with no paved roads and no
electricity<br>a {{c1::backward}} child<br>" 1314
basis "nền tang, cơ sở" noun danh từ /ˈbeɪsɪs/ [sound:z_basis__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_basis__us_1.wav] "She was chosen for the job <span
class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::basis}} of</strong><br>Some movies have been
banned <span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::basis}} that</strong><br>on a <span
{{c1::basis}}</strong><br>on a <span class=""cl""><strong>daily/day-to-day/weekly
{{c1::basis}}</strong><br>" 1314
bright "sáng, sáng chói" adjective tính từ /braɪt/
[sound:z_bright__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bright__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::bright}} light/sunshine</strong><br>a {{c1::bright}}
room<br>Her eyes were {{c1::bright}} with tears.<br>a {{c1::bright}} morning <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::bright}}_1__23"">(= with the sun shining)<br>" 1315
satisfied "cam thấy hài lòng, vưa ý, thoa mãn" adjective tính từ /
ˈsætɪsfaɪd/ [sound:z_satisfied__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_satisfied__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::satisfied}} smile<br>a {{c1::satisfied}} customer<br>She's never
{{c1::satisfied}} with what she's got.<br>I'm {{c1::satisfied}} that they are
telling the truth.<br> 1315
operate "hoạt động, điều khiển" verb động từ /ˈɒpəreɪt/
[sound:z_operate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_operate__us_1.wav] Most domestic
freezers {{c1::operate}} at below −18 °C.<br>Solar panels can only {{c1::operate}}
in sunlight.<br>Some people can only {{c1::operate}} well under pressure.<br>What
skills are needed to {{c1::operate}} this machinery?<br> 1316
disgusted "chán ghét, phẫn nộ" adjective tính từ /dɪsˈɡʌstɪd/
[sound:z_disgusted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disgusted__us_1.wav] "I was
{{c1::disgusted}} at/by the sight.<br>I was {{c1::disgusted}} with myself for
eating so much.<br>He was {{c1::disgusted}} to see such awful living
conditions.<br>‘This champagne is warm!’, he said {{c1::disgusted}}ly.<br>" 1317
enquiry "sự điều tra, sự thâm vấn" noun danh từ /ɪnˈkwaɪəri/
[sound:z_enquiry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enquiry__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>murder {{c1::enquiry}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>public {{c1::enquiry}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>hold/order an {{c1::enquiry}}</strong><br>a telephone
{{c1::enquiry}}<br>" 1317
guest "khách, khách mời" noun danh từ /ɡest/
[sound:z_guest__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_guest__us_1.wav] "We have
{{c1::guest}}s staying this weekend.<br>more than 100 wedding {{c1::guest}}s<br>I
went to the theatre club as Helen's {{c1::guest}}.<br>He was the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::guest}} of honour</strong><br>" 1317
hairdresser thợ làm tóc noun danh từ /ˈheədresə(r)/
[sound:z_hairdresser__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hairdresser__us_1.wav] There
is no example for the word: {{c1::hairdresser}} 1317
sample "mẫu, hàng mẫu" noun danh từ /ˈsɑːmpl/
[sound:z_sample__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sample__us_1.wav] "The interviews
were given to a <span class=""cl""><strong>random {{c1::sample}}</strong><br>The
survey covers a <span class=""cl""><strong>representative
{{c1::sample}}</strong><br>a {{c1::sample}} survey<br>a blood {{c1::sample}}<br>"
contribute "đóng góp, ghóp phần" verb động từ /kənˈtrɪbjuːt/
[sound:z_xcontribute__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontribute__us_1.wav] We
{{c1::contribute}}d £5000 to the earthquake fund.<br>Would you like to
{{c1::contribute}} to our collection?<br>Do you wish to {{c1::contribute}}?
<br>Medical negligence was said to have {{c1::contribute}}d to her death.<br>
tiny "bé tí, nhỏ xíu" adjective tính từ /ˈtaɪni/ [sound:z_tiny__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tiny__us_1.wav] a {{c1::tiny}} baby<br>Only a {{c1::tiny}}
minority hold such extreme views.<br> 1320
block "khối, tang (đá); làm ngăn can, ngăn chăn" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/blɒk/ [sound:z_block__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_block__us_1.wav] "After
today's heavy snow, many roads are still {{c1::block}}ed.<br>a {{c1::block}}ed
sink<br>One of the guards moved to {{c1::block}} her path.<br>An ugly new building
{{c1::block}}ed the view from the window.<br>" 1321
protection "sự bao vệ, sự che chở" noun danh từ /prəˈtekʃn/
[sound:z_protection__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_protection__us_1.wav] "Wear
clothes that provide adequate {{c1::protection}} against the wind and rain.<br>He
asked to be put <span class=""cl""><strong>under</strong><br>the conservation and
{{c1::protection}} of the environment<br><span class=""cl""><strong>data
{{c1::protection}}</strong><br>" 1322
Sunday Chủ nhật noun danh từ /ˈsʌndeɪ/ [sound:z_sunday__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sunday__us_1.wav] I put on my {{c1::Sunday}} best for the
occasion.<br> 1322
settle "giai quyết, dàn xếp, hòa giai, đăt, bố trí" verb động từ /
ˈsetl/ [sound:z_settle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_settle__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::settle}} a dispute/an argument/a matter</strong><br>It's
time you <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::settle}}d your differences</strong><br>I
want this thing {{c1::settle}}d.<br>There is pressure on the unions to
{{c1::settle}}.<br>" 1323
feed "cho ăn, nuôi" verb động từ /fiːd/ [sound:z_feed__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_feed__us_1.wav] "Have you fed the cat yet?<br>The baby can't
{{c1::feed}} itself yet <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::feed}}_1__28"">(= can't put
food into its own mouth)<br>The cattle are fed (on) barley.<br>The barley is fed to
the cattle.<br>" 1324
wrapping "vật bao bọc, vật quấn quanh" noun danh từ /ˈræpɪŋ/
[sound:z_wrapping__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wrapping__us_1.wav] "She tore the
cellophane {{c1::wrapping}} off the box.<br>shrink {{c1::wrapping}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::wrapping}}__18"">(= plastic designed to <span
class=""ndv"">shrink<br>The painting was still in its {{c1::wrapping}}s.<br>"
collect "sưu tập, tập trung lại" verb động từ /kəˈlekt/
[sound:z_collect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_collect__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::collect}} data/evidence/information</strong><br>We're
{{c1::collect}}ing signatures for a petition.<br>Samples were {{c1::collect}}ed
from over 200 patients.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::collect}}
stamps/postcards, etc.</strong><br>" 1325
additional "thêm vào, tăng thêm" adjective tính từ /əˈdɪʃənl/
[sound:z_additional__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_additional__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::additional}} resources/funds/security<br>The government provided an
{{c1::additional}} £25 million to expand the service.<br>{{c1::additional}}ly, the
bus service will run on Sundays, every two hours.<br>" 1326
alarmed báo động adjective tính từ /əˈlɑːmd/
[sound:z_alarmed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alarmed__us_1.wav] She was
{{c1::alarmed}} at the prospect of travelling alone.<br>This door is
{{c1::alarmed}}.<br> 1328
highly "tốt, cao; hết sức, ở mức độ cao" adverb phó từ /ˈhaɪli/
[sound:z_highly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_highly__us_1.wav] "{{c1::highly}}
competitive/critical/sensitive<br>It is <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::highly}}
unlikely</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::highly}}
trained/educated</strong><br>" 1328
kindly "tử tế, tốt bụng" adverb phó từ /ˈkaɪndli/
[sound:z_kindly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_kindly__us_1.wav] She spoke
{{c1::kindly}} to them.<br>He has {{c1::kindly}} agreed to help.<br>{{c1::kindly}}
leave me alone!<br>Visitors are {{c1::kindly}} requested to sign the book.<br>
identity "cá tính, nét nhận dạng; tính đồng nhất, giống hệt" noun danh từ
/aɪˈdentəti/ [sound:z_identity__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_identity__us_1.wav]
"The police are trying to discover the {{c1::identity}} of the
killer.<br>Their identities were kept secret.<br>She is innocent; it was <span
class=""cl""><strong>a case of mistaken {{c1::identity}}</strong><br>Do you have
any proof of {{c1::identity}}?<br>" 1329
passport hộ chiếu noun danh từ /ˈpɑːspɔːt/ [sound:z_passport__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_passport__us_1.wav] "a valid {{c1::passport}}<br>a South African
{{c1::passport}}<br>I was stopped as I went through <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::passport}} control</strong><br>a {{c1::passport}}
photo<br>" 1329
attempted "cố gắng, thử" adjective tính từ /əˈtemptɪd/
[sound:z_attempted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attempted__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::attempted}} rape/murder/robbery</strong><br>We were
shocked by his {{c1::attempted}} suicide.<br>" 1330
careless "sơ suất, cầu tha" adjective tính từ /ˈkeələs/
[sound:z_careless__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_careless__us_1.wav] "It was
{{c1::careless}} of me to leave the door open.<br>Don't be so <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::careless}} about/with</strong><br>a {{c1::careless}}
worker/driver<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::careless}}
mistake/error</strong><br>" 1330
title "đầu đề, tiêu đề; tước vị, tư cách" noun danh từ /ˈtaɪtl/
[sound:z_title__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_title__us_1.wav] "His poems were
published under the {{c1::title}} of ‘Love and Reason’.<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::title}} track</strong><br>She has sung the {{c1::title}}
role in ‘Carmen’ <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::title}}_1__21"">(= the role of
Carmen in that <span class=""ndv"">opera<br>The company publishes twenty new
{{c1::title}}s a year.<br>" 1330
goodbye tạm biệt; lời chào tạm biệt noun danh từ /ˌɡʊdˈbaɪ/
[sound:z_goodbye__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_goodbye__us_1.wav] "{{c1::goodbye}}!
It was great to meet you.<br>She didn't even <span class=""cl""><strong>say
{{c1::goodbye}}</strong><br>Say {{c1::goodbye}} to Mary for me.<br>We <span
class=""cl""><strong>waved</strong><br>" 1331
mostly "hầu hết, chủ yếu là" adverb phó từ /ˈməʊstli/
[sound:z_mostly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mostly__us_1.wav] The sauce is
{{c1::mostly}} cream.<br>We're {{c1::mostly}} out on Sundays.<br> 1331
lesson bài học noun danh từ /ˈlesn/ [sound:z_lesson__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lesson__us_1.wav] "She gives piano {{c1::lesson}}s.<br>All new
students are given <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::lesson}}s in/on</strong><br>I'm
<span class=""cl""><strong>having/taking</strong><br>Our first {{c1::lesson}} on
Tuesdays is French.<br>" 1332
alternatively như một sự lựa chọn adverb phó từ /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪvli/
[sound:z_alternatively__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alternatively__us_1.wav] "The
agency will make travel arrangements for you. {{c1::alternatively}}, you can
organize your own transport.<br>" 1333
faith "sự tin tưởng, tin cậy; niềm tin, vật đam bao" noun danh từ /feɪθ/
[sound:z_faith__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_faith__us_1.wav] "I have great
{{c1::faith}} in you—I know you'll do well.<br>We've <span
class=""cl""><strong>lost {{c1::faith}} in</strong><br>Her friend's kindness has
<span class=""cl""><strong>restored her {{c1::faith}} in</strong><br>He has <span
class=""cl""><strong>blind {{c1::faith}}</strong><br>" 1333
river sông noun danh từ /ˈrɪvə(r)/ [sound:z_river__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_river__us_1.wav] "the {{c1::river}} Thames<br>the Hudson
{{c1::river}}<br>on the banks of the {{c1::river}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::river}}__17"">(= the ground at the side of a {{c1::river}})<br>to travel
<span class=""cl""><strong>up/down {{c1::river}}</strong><br>" 1334
unsuccessful "không thành công, thất bại" adjective tính từ /ˌʌnsək
ˈsesfl/ [sound:z_unsuccessful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unsuccessful__us_1.wav]
His efforts to get a job proved {{c1::unsuccessful}}.<br>They were
{{c1::unsuccessful}} in meeting their objectives for the year.<br>She made several
{{c1::unsuccessful}} attempts to see him.<br> 1334
infected "bị nhiễm, bị đầu độc" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈfektɪd/
[sound:z_infected__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_infected__us_1.wav] The wound from the
dog bite had become {{c1::infected}}.<br>an {{c1::infected}} water supply<br>an
{{c1::infected}} PC<br> 1335
promote "thăng chức, thăng cấp" verb động từ /prəˈməʊt/
[sound:z_promote__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_promote__us_1.wav] policies to
{{c1::promote}} economic growth<br>a campaign to {{c1::promote}} awareness of
environmental issues<br>The band has gone on tour to {{c1::promote}} their new
album.<br>The area is being {{c1::promote}}d as a tourist destination.<br> 1335
living "sống, đang sống" noun "danh từ, tính từ" /ˈlɪvɪŋ/
[sound:z_living__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_living__us_1.wav] "all <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::living}} things</strong><br>{{c1::living}}
organisms<br>the finest {{c1::living}} pianist<br>{{c1::living}} languages <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::living}}_1__21"">(= those still spoken)<br>" 1336
mum mẹ noun danh từ /mʌm/ [sound:z_mum__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mum__us_1.wav]
"My {{c1::mum}} says I can't go.<br>Happy Birthday, {{c1::mum}}.<br>A lot of
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mum}}s and dads</strong><br>" 1336
burnt "bị đốt, bị cháy, khê; rám nắng, sạm (da)" adjective tính từ
/bɜːnt/ [sound:z_burnt__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_burnt__us_2.wav]
{{c1::burnt}} toast<br>Your hand looks badly {{c1::burnt}}.<br> 1337
finished "hoàn tất, hoàn thành" adjective tính từ /ˈfɪnɪʃt/
[sound:z_finished__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_finished__us_1.wav] "I won't be
{{c1::finished}} for another hour.<br>I'm not {{c1::finished}} with you yet.<br>If
the newspapers find out, he's {{c1::finished}} in politics.<br>Their marriage was
{{c1::finished}}.<br>" 1337
count "đếm, tính" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kaʊnt/
[sound:z_count__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_count__us_1.wav] Billy can't
{{c1::count}} yet.<br>She can {{c1::count}} up to 10 in Italian.<br>to
{{c1::count}} from 1 to 10<br>The diet is based on {{c1::count}}ing calories.<br>
attached gắn bó adjective tính từ /əˈtætʃt/
[sound:z_attached__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_attached__us_1.wav] I've never seen
two people so {{c1::attached}} to each other.<br>We've grown very {{c1::attached}}
to this house.<br>The research unit is {{c1::attached}} to the
university.<br>Please complete the {{c1::attached}} application form.<br> 1339
comfortably "dễ chịu, thoai mái, tiện nghi, ấm cúng" adverb phó từ /
ˈkʌmftəbli/ [sound:z_comfortably__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_comfortably__us_1.wav]
"All the rooms were {{c1::comfortably}} furnished.<br>If you're all sitting
{{c1::comfortably}}, then I'll begin.<br>You should be able to live
{{c1::comfortably}} on your allowance.<br>He can {{c1::comfortably}} afford the
extra expense.<br>" 1339
unless "trừ phi, trừ khi, nếu không" conjunction liên từ /ənˈles/
[sound:z_unless__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unless__us_1.wav] "You won't get
paid for time off {{c1::unless}} you have a doctor's note.<br>I won't tell them—not
{{c1::unless}} you say I can.<br>{{c1::unless}} I'm mistaken, she was back at work
yesterday.<br>He hasn't got any hobbies—{{c1::unless}} you call watching TV a
hobby.<br>" 1339
infectious "lây, nhiễm" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈfekʃəs/
[sound:z_infectious__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_infectious__us_1.wav] Flu is
highly {{c1::infectious}}.<br>{{c1::infectious}} laughter<br>I'm still
{{c1::infectious}}.<br>to laugh {{c1::infectious}}ly<br> 1340
marry "kết hôn, cưới (vợ), lấy (chồng)" verb động từ /ˈmæri/
[sound:z_marry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_marry__us_1.wav] "She married a
German.<br>He was 36 when he married Viv.<br>He never married.<br>I guess I'm <span
class=""cl""><strong>not the {{c1::marry}}ing kind</strong><br>" 1340
repeated "được nhắc lại, được lăp lại" adjective tính từ /rɪˈpiːtɪd/
[sound:z_repeated__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_repeated__us_1.wav] {{c1::repeated}}
absences from work<br>The marriage failed despite {{c1::repeated}} attempts to save
it.<br>The victim had been stabbed {{c1::repeated}}ly in the chest.<br> 1340
tomorrow vào ngày mai; ngày mai adverb phó từ /təˈmɒrəʊ/
[sound:z_tomorrow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tomorrow__us_2.wav] "Today is Tuesday,
so {{c1::tomorrow}} is Wednesday.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::tomorrow}}
afternoon/morning/night/evening</strong><br>I'll see you <span
class=""cl""><strong>the day after {{c1::tomorrow}}</strong><br>The announcement
will appear in {{c1::tomorrow}}'s newspapers.<br>" 1341
poisonous "độc, có chất độc, gây chết, bệnh" adjective tính từ /ˈpɔɪzənəs/
[sound:z_poisonous__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_poisonous__us_1.wav] {{c1::poisonous}}
chemicals/plants<br>This gas is highly {{c1::poisonous}}.<br>The leaves of certain
trees are {{c1::poisonous}} to cattle.<br>{{c1::poisonous}} snakes<br> 1342
technique "kỹ thuật, kỹ năng" noun danh từ /tekˈniːk/
[sound:z_technique__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_technique__us_1.wav] The artist
combines different {{c1::technique}}s in the same painting.<br>marketing
{{c1::technique}}s<br>Teachers learn various {{c1::technique}}s for dealing with
problem students.<br>Her {{c1::technique}} has improved a lot over the past
season.<br> 1342
knot "cái nơ; điểm nút, điểm trung tâm" noun danh từ /nɒt/
[sound:z_knot__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_knot__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>tie a {{c1::knot}}</strong><br>Tie the two ropes together with
a {{c1::knot}}.<br>hair full of {{c1::knot}}s and tangles <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::knot}}_1__23"">(= twisted in a way that is difficult to <span
class=""ndv"">comb<br>Sailors had to know lots of different {{c1::knot}}s.<br>"
path đường mòn; hướng đi noun danh từ /pɑːθ/ [sound:z_path__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_path__us_1.wav] "a concrete {{c1::path}}<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>garden {{c1::path}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Follow the {{c1::path}}</strong><br>to walk along a
{{c1::path}}<br>" 1343
amaze "làm ngạc nhiên, làm sửng sốt" verb động từ /əˈmeɪz/
[sound:z_amaze__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_amaze__us_1.wav] "Just the size of
the place {{c1::amaze}}d her.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It never ceases to
{{c1::amaze}} me</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>What {{c1::amaze}}s me
is</strong><br>It {{c1::amaze}}d her that he could be so calm at such a time.<br>"
ear tai noun danh từ /ɪə(r)/ [sound:z_ear__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ear__us_1.wav] "an {{c1::ear}} infection<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>inner/outer {{c1::ear}}</strong><br>She whispered something in
his {{c1::ear}}.<br>He put his hands over his {{c1::ear}}s.<br>" 1344
tiring "sự mệt mỏi, sự mệt nhọc" adjective tính từ /ˈtaɪərɪŋ/
[sound:z_tiring__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tiring__us_1.wav] It had been a long
{{c1::tiring}} day.<br>Shopping can be very {{c1::tiring}}.<br> 1344
FALSE "sai, gia mạo" adjective tính từ [sound:z_false__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_false__us_1.wav] A whale is a fish. True or {{c1::false}}?<br
/>Predictions of an early improvement in the housing market proved
{{c1::false}}.<br />She gave {{c1::false}} information to the insurance company.<br
/>He used a {{c1::false}} name to get the job.<br /> 1344
shop "cửa hàng; đi mua hàng, đi chợ" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ʃɒp/
[sound:z_shop__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shop__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::shop}}
for food<br>He likes to {{c1::shop}} at the local market.<br>She was determined to
go out and <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::shop}} till she
dropped</strong><br>There should be plenty of time to go {{c1::shop}}ping before we
leave New York.<br>" 1345
spoken nói theo 1 cách nào đó adjective tính từ /ˈspəʊkən/
[sound:z_spoken__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_spoken__us_2.wav] {{c1::spoken}}
English<br>The {{c1::spoken}} language differs considerably from the written
language.<br>{{c1::spoken}} commands<br>a quietly {{c1::spoken}} man<br> 1346
photocopy ban sao chụp; sao chụp verb động từ /ˈfəʊtəʊkɒpi/
[sound:z_photocopy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_photocopy__us_1.wav] a photocopied
letter<br>Can you get these photocopied for me by 5 o'clock?<br>I seem to have
spent most of the day {{c1::photocopy}}ing.<br>The comments in pencil haven't
photocopied very well.<br> 1348
principle "cơ ban, chủ yếu; nguyên lý, nguyên tắc" noun danh từ /ˈprɪnsəpl/
[sound:z_principle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_principle__us_1.wav] "He has high moral
{{c1::principle}}s.<br>I refuse to lie about it; <span class=""cl""><strong>it's
against my {{c1::principle}}s</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>Stick to your
{{c1::principle}}s</strong><br>She refuses to allow her family to help her as <span
class=""cl""><strong>a matter of {{c1::principle}}</strong><br>" 1348
survive "sống lâu hơn, tiếp tục sống, sống sót" verb động từ /səˈvaɪv/
[sound:z_survive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_survive__us_1.wav] "She was the last
surviving member of the family.<br>Of the six people injured in the crash, only two
{{c1::survive}}d.<br>The children had to {{c1::survive}} by begging and
stealing.<br>‘How are you these days?’ ‘Oh, surviving.’<br>" 1349
camping sự cắm trại noun danh từ /ˈkæmpɪŋ/ [sound:z_camping__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_camping__us_1.wav] "Do you <span class=""cl""><strong>go
{{c1::camping}}</strong><br>a {{c1::camping}} trip<br>{{c1::camping}}
equipment<br>" 1350
confined "hạn chế, giới hạn" adjective tính từ /kənˈfaɪnd/
[sound:z_xconfined__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconfined__us_1.wav] It is cruel to
keep animals in {{c1::confined}} spaces.<br> 1350
humorous "hài hước, hóm hỉnh" adjective tính từ /ˈhjuːmərəs/
[sound:z_humorous__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_humorous__us_1.wav] He gave a
{{c1::humorous}} account of their trip to Spain.<br>a {{c1::humorous}} look at the
world of fashion<br>He had a wide mouth and {{c1::humorous}} grey eyes.<br>The poem
{{c1::humorous}}ly describes local characters and traditions.<br> 1350
lift "giơ lên, nhấc lên; sự nâng, sự nhấc lên" verb động từ /lɪft/
[sound:z_lift__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lift__us_1.wav] "It's on the sixth
floor—let's <span class=""cl""><strong>take the {{c1::lift}}</strong><br>I'll <span
class=""cl""><strong>give you a {{c1::lift}}</strong><br>Could I have a
{{c1::lift}} into town?<br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>hitched a
{{c1::lift}}</strong><br>" 1350
border "bờ, mép, vỉa, lề (đường)" noun danh từ /ˈbɔːdə(r)/
[sound:z_border__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_border__us_1.wav] "a national park
on the {{c1::border}} between Kenya and Tanzania<br>Denmark's {{c1::border}} with
Germany<br>in the US, near the Canadian {{c1::border}}<br>Nevada's northern
{{c1::border}}<br>" 1351
nephew "cháu trai (con anh, chị, em)" noun danh từ /ˈnefjuː/
[sound:z_nephew__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nephew__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::nephew}} 1351
upward "lên, hướng lên, đi lên" adjective tính từ /ˈʌpwəd/
[sound:z_upward__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_upward__us_1.wav] an {{c1::upward}}
gaze<br>an {{c1::upward}} movement in property prices<br>an {{c1::upward}} trend in
the rate of unemployment<br> 1351
competition "sự cạnh tranh, cuộc thi, cuộc thi đau" noun danh từ /ˌkɒmpə
ˈtɪʃn/ [sound:z_competition__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_competition__us_1.wav]
"There is now intense {{c1::competition}} between schools to attract
students.<br>We are <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::competition}}
with</strong><br>We won the contract in the face of <span
class=""cl""><strong>stiff {{c1::competition}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>music/photo, etc. {{c1::competition}}</strong><br>" 1352
dollar đô la Mỹ noun danh từ /ˈdɒlə(r)/ [sound:z_dollar__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dollar__us_1.wav] You will be paid in American
{{c1::dollar}}s.<br>Do you have a {{c1::dollar}}?<br>a {{c1::dollar}} bill<br>The
{{c1::dollar}} closed two cents down.<br> 1353
jump "nhay; sự nhay, bước nhay" verb "động từ, danh từ" /dʒʌmp/
[sound:z_jump__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_jump__us_1.wav] a {{c1::jump}} of
over six metres<br />The story takes a {{c1::jump}} back in time.<br />Somehow he
survived the {{c1::jump}} from the third floor of the building.<br />to do a
parachute {{c1::jump}}<br /> 1353
sincerely một cách chân thành adverb phó từ /sɪnˈsɪəli/
[sound:z_sincerely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sincerely__us_1.wav] I
{{c1::sincerely}} believe that this is the right decision.<br>‘I won't let you
down.’ ‘I {{c1::sincerely}} hope not.’<br> 1353
biscuit bánh quy noun danh từ /ˈbɪskɪt/ [sound:z_biscuit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_biscuit__us_1.wav] "a packet of chocolate {{c1::biscuit}}s<br>a
selection of cheese {{c1::biscuit}}s<br>The cake has a {{c1::biscuit}} base <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::biscuit}}__18"">(= one made from crushed
{{c1::biscuit}}s).<br>You've done some stupid things before, but this really takes
the {{c1::biscuit}}!<br>" 1354
gather "tập hợp; hái, lượm, thu thập" verb động từ /ˈɡæðə(r)/
[sound:z_gather__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gather__us_1.wav] "A crowd soon
{{c1::gather}}ed.<br>His supporters {{c1::gather}}ed in the main square.<br>Can you
all <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::gather}} round</strong><br>The whole family
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::gather}}ed together</strong><br>" 1354
limit "giới hạn, ranh giới; giới hạn, hạn chế" verb "động từ, danh từ" /
ˈlɪmɪt/ [sound:z_limit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_limit__us_1.wav] measures to
{{c1::limit}} carbon dioxide emissions from cars<br>The amount of money you have to
spend will {{c1::limit}} your choice.<br>Families are {{c1::limit}}ed to four free
tickets each.<br>I've {{c1::limit}}ed myself to 1000 calories a day to try and lose
weight.<br> 1355
fit "hợp, vưa; thích hợp, xứng đáng" verb "động từ, tính từ" /fɪt/
[sound:z_fit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fit__us_1.wav] "Top athletes have to be very
{{c1::fit}}.<br>He won't be {{c1::fit}} to play in the match on Saturday.<br>She
tries to <span class=""cl""><strong>keep {{c1::fit}}</strong><br>He's had a bad
cold and isn't {{c1::fit}} enough for work yet.<br>" 1356
atom nguyên tử noun danh từ /ˈætəm/ [sound:z_atom__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_atom__us_1.wav] the splitting of the {{c1::atom}}<br>Two
{{c1::atom}}s of hydrogen combine with one {{c1::atom}} of oxygen to form a
molecule of water.<br> 1357
defence "cái để bao vệ, vật để chống đỡ, sự che chở" noun danh từ /dɪ
ˈfens/ [sound:z_defence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_defence__us_1.wav] "soldiers
who died <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::defence}} of</strong><br>When her
brother was criticized she <span class=""cl""><strong>leapt to his
{{c1::defence}}</strong><br>What points can be raised in {{c1::defence}} of this
argument?<br>I have to say <span class=""cl""><strong>in her
{{c1::defence}}</strong><br>" 1357
cry "khóc, kêu la; sự khóc, tiếng khóc, sự kêu la" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/kraɪ/ [sound:z_cry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cry__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>give a {{c1::cry}} of anguish/despair/relief/surprise/terror,
etc.</strong><br>With a {{c1::cry}} of ‘Stop thief!’ he ran after the boy.<br>Her
answer was greeted with cries of outrage.<br>the {{c1::cry}} of gulls circling
overhead<br>" 1358
equipment "trang, thiết bị" noun danh từ /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/
[sound:z_equipment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_equipment__us_1.wav] "a useful <span
class=""cl""><strong>piece of {{c1::equipment}}</strong><br>office
{{c1::equipment}}<br>new {{c1::equipment}} for the sports club<br>The
{{c1::equipment}} of the photographic studio was expensive.<br>" 1359
opposing "tính đối kháng, đối chọi" adjective tính từ /əˈpəʊzɪŋ/
[sound:z_opposing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_opposing__us_1.wav] a player from the
{{c1::opposing}} side<br>It is time for {{c1::opposing}} factions to unite and work
towards a common goal.<br>This behaviour is based on a conflict between two
{{c1::opposing}} forces within the individual.<br> 1359
worth "đáng giá, có giá trị" preposition "giới từ, danh từ" /wɜːθ/
[sound:z_worth__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worth__us_1.wav] "Our house is
{{c1::worth}} about £100000.<br>How much is this painting {{c1::worth}}?<br>to be
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::worth}} a bomb/packet/fortune</strong><br>It isn't
{{c1::worth}} much.<br>" 1360
associate "kết giao, liên kết, kết hợp, cho cộng tác. associated with liên kết
với" verb "danh từ, tính từ, động từ" /əˈsəʊʃieɪt/
[sound:z_associate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_associate__us_1.wav] "I always
{{c1::associate}} the smell of baking with my childhood.<br>He is closely
{{c1::associate}}d in the public mind with horror movies.<br>Most people
immediately {{c1::associate}} addictions with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.<br>You
wouldn't normally {{c1::associate}} these two writers—their styles are completely
different.<br>" 1361
substitute "người, vật thay thế; thay thế" "noun, verb" "danh từ, động
từ" /ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt/ [sound:z_substitute__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_substitute__us_1.wav] "Nothing can {{c1::substitute}} for the
advice your doctor is able to give you.<br>Margarine can be {{c1::substitute}}d for
butter in this recipe.<br>Butter can be {{c1::substitute}}d with margarine in this
recipe.<br>Beckham was {{c1::substitute}}d in the second half after a knee injury
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::substitute}}_2__24"">(= somebody else played instead
of Beckham in the second half)<br>" 1362
awfully "tàn khốc, khủng khiếp" adverb phó từ /ˈɔːfli/
[sound:z_awfully__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_awfully__us_1.wav] I'm
{{c1::awfully}} sorry about that problem the other day.<br>That name sounds
{{c1::awfully}} familiar.<br>I'm not {{c1::awfully}} keen on fish.<br> 1363
warm "ấm, ấm áp; làm cho nóng, hâm nóng" adjective "tính từ, động từ" /wɔːm/
[sound:z_warm__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_warm__us_1.wav] I'll {{c1::warm}}
up some milk.<br>Come in and {{c1::warm}} yourself by the fire.<br>The alcohol
{{c1::warm}}ed and relaxed him.<br>As the climate {{c1::warm}}s (up) the ice caps
will melt.<br> 1363
aspect "vẻ bề ngoài, diện mạo" noun danh từ /ˈæspekt/
[sound:z_aspect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_aspect__us_1.wav] The book aims to
cover all {{c1::aspect}}s of city life.<br>the most important {{c1::aspect}} of the
debate<br>She felt she had looked at the problem from every {{c1::aspect}}.<br>This
was one {{c1::aspect}} of her character he hadn't seen before.<br> 1364
drugstore "hiệu thuốc, cửa hàng dược phâm" noun danh từ /ˈdrʌɡstɔː(r)/
[sound:z_drugstore__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_drugstore__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::drugstore}} 1364
euro đơn vị tiền tệ của liên minh châu Âu noun danh từ /ˈjʊərəʊ/
[sound:z_euro__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_euro__us_2.wav] The price is given
in dollars or {{c1::euro}}s.<br>I paid five {{c1::euro}}s for it.<br>10 million
{{c1::euro}}<br>a 30-million-{{c1::euro}} deal<br> 1364
insist "cứ nhất định, cứ khăng khăng" verb động từ /ɪnˈsɪst/
[sound:z_insist__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_insist__us_1.wav] "I didn't really
want to go but he {{c1::insist}}ed.<br>Stay and have lunch. I {{c1::insist}}!
<br>‘Please come with us.’ ‘Very well then, <span class=""cl""><strong>if you
{{c1::insist}}</strong><br>She {{c1::insist}}ed on his/him wearing a suit.<br>"
rudely "bất lịch sự, thô lỗ; thô sơ, đơn gian" adverb phó từ /
ˈruːdli/ [sound:z_rudely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rudely__us_1.wav] They brushed
{{c1::rudely}} past us.<br>‘What do you want?’ she asked {{c1::rudely}}.<br>He
waved her {{c1::rudely}} away.<br>I was {{c1::rudely}} awakened by the phone
ringing.<br> 1366
ambulance "xe cứu thương, xe cấp cứu" noun danh từ /ˈæmbjələns/
[sound:z_ambulance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ambulance__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::ambulance}} service<br>{{c1::ambulance}} staff<br>Call an {{c1::ambulance}}!
<br> 1367
failure "sự thất bại, người thất bại" noun danh từ /ˈfeɪljə(r)/
[sound:z_failure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_failure__us_1.wav] "The success or
{{c1::failure}} of the plan depends on you.<br>The attempt was <span
class=""cl""><strong>doomed to {{c1::failure}}</strong><br>All my efforts <span
class=""cl""><strong>ended in {{c1::failure}}</strong><br>the problems of economic
{{c1::failure}} and increasing unemployment<br>" 1367
hammer búa noun danh từ /ˈhæmə(r)/ [sound:z_hammer__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hammer__us_1.wav] "The decision is a {{c1::hammer}} blow for the
steel industry.<br>a gentle tap with a {{c1::hammer}}<br>He struck her on the head
with a {{c1::hammer}}.<br>to come/go <span class=""cl""><strong>under the
{{c1::hammer}}</strong><br>" 1367
mile dăm (đo lường) noun danh từ /maɪl/ [sound:z_mile__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_mile__us_1.wav] a 20-{{c1::mile}} drive to work<br>an area of
four square {{c1::mile}}s<br>a {{c1::mile}}-long procession<br>The nearest bank is
about half a {{c1::mile}} down the road.<br> 1367
annoying "làm bực mình, làm phiền, quấy nhiễu" adjective tính từ /ə
ˈnɔɪɪŋ/ [sound:z_annoying__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_annoying__us_1.wav] This
interruption is very {{c1::annoying}}.<br>Her most {{c1::annoying}} habit was
eating with her mouth open.<br> 1368
annual "hàng năm, từng năm" adjective tính từ /ˈænjuəl/
[sound:z_annual__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_annual__us_1.wav] "an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::annual}} meeting/event/report</strong><br>an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::annual}} income/subscription/budget</strong><br>an
average {{c1::annual}} growth rate of 8%<br>{{c1::annual}} rainfall<br>" 1368
deserted "hoang vắng, bị bỏ lại, không người ở" adjective tính từ /dɪ
ˈzɜːtɪd/ [sound:z_deserted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_deserted__us_1.wav]
{{c1::deserted}} streets<br>The office was completely {{c1::deserted}}.<br>a
{{c1::deserted}} village<br>{{c1::deserted}} wives<br> 1368
beautifully "tốt đẹp, đáng hài lòng" adverb phó từ /ˈbjuːtɪfli/
[sound:z_beautifully__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_beautifully__us_1.wav] She
sings {{c1::beautifully}}.<br>a {{c1::beautifully}} decorated house<br>It's all
working out {{c1::beautifully}}.<br>My leg has healed {{c1::beautifully}}.<br>
comment "lời bình luận, lời chú giai; bình luận, phê bình, chú thích, dẫn
giai" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈkɒment/ [sound:z_comment__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_comment__us_1.wav] I don't feel I can {{c1::comment}} on their
decision.<br>He refused to {{c1::comment}} until after the trial.<br>We were just
{{c1::comment}}ing on how well you look.<br>A spokesperson {{c1::comment}}ed that
levels of carbon dioxide were very high.<br> 1371
responsible "chịu trách nhiệm về, chịu trách nhiệm trước ai, gì" adjective tính
từ /rɪˈspɒnsəbl/ [sound:z_responsible__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_responsible__us_1.wav] "Mike is {{c1::responsible}} for
designing the entire project.<br>Even where parents no longer live together, they
each continue to be {{c1::responsible}} for their children.<br>Who's
{{c1::responsible}} for this mess?<br>Everything will be done to bring those
{{c1::responsible}} to justice.<br>" 1372
affair "việc, sự việc" noun danh từ /əˈfeə(r)/
[sound:z_affair__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_affair__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>world/international/business {{c1::affair}}s</strong><br>an
expert on foreign {{c1::affair}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::affair}}__20"">(=
political events in other countries)<br>{{c1::affair}}s of state<br>The newspapers
exaggerated the whole {{c1::affair}} wildly.<br>" 1373
ashamed "ngượng, xấu hô" adjective tính từ /əˈʃeɪmd/
[sound:z_ashamed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ashamed__us_1.wav] "She was deeply
{{c1::ashamed}} of her behaviour at the party.<br>Mental illness is <span
class=""cl""><strong>nothing to be {{c1::ashamed}} of</strong><br>His daughter
looked such a mess that he was {{c1::ashamed}} of her.<br>You should be
{{c1::ashamed}} of yourself for telling such lies.<br>" 1374
revision "sự xem lại, sự đọc lại, sự sửa lại, sự ôn lại" noun danh từ
/rɪˈvɪʒn/ [sound:z_revision__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_revision__us_1.wav] He
made some minor {{c1::revision}}s to the report before printing it out.<br>a system
in need of {{c1::revision}}<br>a {{c1::revision}} of trading standards<br>Their
educational policies are due for {{c1::revision}}.<br> 1374
procedure thủ tục noun danh từ /prəˈsiːdʒə(r)/
[sound:z_procedure__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_procedure__us_1.wav] "maintenance
{{c1::procedure}}s<br><span class=""cl""><strong>emergency/safety/disciplinary
{{c1::procedure}}s</strong><br>to follow <span
class=""cl""><strong>normal/standard/accepted {{c1::procedure}}</strong><br>Making
a complaint is quite a simple {{c1::procedure}}.<br>" 1376
covered "có mái che, kín đáo" adjective tính từ /ˈkʌvəd/
[sound:z_covered__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_covered__us_1.wav] His face was
{{c1::covered}} in blood.<br>The walls were {{c1::covered}} with pictures.<br>a
{{c1::covered}} area of the stadium with seats<br> 1377
regular "thường xuyên, đều đăn"adjective tính từ /ˈreɡjələ(r)/
[sound:z_regular__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_regular__us_1.wav] "{{c1::regular}}
breathing<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::regular}}
pulse/heartbeat</strong><br>A light flashed <span class=""cl""><strong>at
{{c1::regular}} intervals</strong><br>There is a {{c1::regular}} bus service to the
airport.<br>" 1377
delighted "vui mừng, hài lòng" adjective tính từ /dɪˈlaɪtɪd/
[sound:z_delighted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_delighted__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::delighted}} smile<br>I'd be absolutely {{c1::delighted}} to come.<br>‘Can you
stay for dinner?’ ‘I'd be {{c1::delighted}} (to)!’<br>I was {{c1::delighted}} that
you could stay.<br> 1378
finely "đẹp đẽ, tế nhị, cao thượng" adverb phó từ /ˈfaɪnli/
[sound:z_finely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_finely__us_1.wav] {{c1::finely}}
chopped herbs<br>a {{c1::finely}} furnished room<br>a {{c1::finely}} tuned
engine<br>The match was {{c1::finely}} balanced throughout.<br> 1378
spread "trai, căng ra, bày ra; truyền bá" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/spred/ [sound:z_spread__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_spread__us_1.wav] to
prevent the {{c1::spread}} of disease<br>to encourage the {{c1::spread}} of
information<br>Shut doors to delay the {{c1::spread}} of fire.<br>the
{{c1::spread}} of a city into the surrounding areas<br> 1378
thorough "cân thận, kỹ lưỡng" adjective tính từ /ˈθʌrə/
[sound:z_thorough__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thorough__us_1.wav] a {{c1::thorough}}
knowledge of the subject<br>The police carried out a {{c1::thorough}}
investigation.<br>She's very {{c1::thorough}} and conscientious.<br>He was
determined to be {{c1::thorough}} in his research.<br> 1379
proudly "một cách tự hào, một cách hãnh diện" adverb phó từ /
ˈpraʊdli/ [sound:z_proudly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_proudly__us_1.wav] She
{{c1::proudly}} displayed her prize.<br>The Matterhorn rose {{c1::proudly}} in the
background.<br> 1380
restricted "bị hạn chế, có giới hạn; vùng cấm" adjective tính từ /rɪ
ˈstrɪktɪd/ [sound:z_restricted__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_restricted__us_1.wav]
a {{c1::restricted}} space<br>a {{c1::restricted}} range of foods<br>In those
days women led fairly {{c1::restricted}} lives.<br>Her vision is {{c1::restricted}}
in one eye.<br> 1381
soft "mềm, dẻo" adjective tính từ /sɒft/ [sound:z_soft__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_soft__us_1.wav] {{c1::soft}} margarine<br>{{c1::soft}} feather
pillows<br>The grass was {{c1::soft}} and springy.<br>{{c1::soft}} rocks such as
limestone<br> 1381
bargain "sự măc ca, sự giao kèo mua bán" noun danh từ /ˈbɑːɡən/
[sound:z_bargain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bargain__us_1.wav] "I picked up a few
good {{c1::bargain}}s in the sale.<br>The car was a {{c1::bargain}} at that
price.<br>{{c1::bargain}} prices<br>He and his partner had <span
class=""cl""><strong>made a {{c1::bargain}}</strong><br>" 1382
ignore "phớt lờ, tỏ ra không biết đến" verb động từ /ɪɡˈnɔː(r)/
[sound:z_ignore__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ignore__us_1.wav] He {{c1::ignore}}d
all the ‘No Smoking’ signs and lit up a cigarette.<br>I made a suggestion but they
chose to {{c1::ignore}} it.<br>We cannot afford to {{c1::ignore}} their
advice.<br>She deliberately {{c1::ignore}}d my question and changed the
subject.<br> 1382
Monday thứ hai (ngày trong tuần) noun danh từ /ˈmʌndeɪ/
[sound:z_monday__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_monday__us_1.wav] "It's
{{c1::Monday}} today, isn't it?<br>She started work <span class=""cl""><strong>last
{{c1::Monday}}</strong><br>Are you busy <span class=""cl""><strong>next
{{c1::Monday}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::Monday}}
morning/afternoon/evening</strong><br>" 1382
qualified "đủ tư cách, điều kiện, kha năng" adjective tính từ /ˈkwɒlɪfaɪd/
[sound:z_qualified__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_qualified__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::qualified}} accountant/teacher, etc.</strong><br>to be
<span class=""cl""><strong>highly/suitably/fully
{{c1::qualified}}</strong><br>She's extremely <span class=""cl""><strong>well
{{c1::qualified}}</strong><br>I don't know much about it, so I don't feel
{{c1::qualified}} to comment.<br>" 1382
egg trứng noun danh từ /eɡ/ [sound:z_egg__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_egg__us_1.wav]
"The female sits on the {{c1::egg}}s until they hatch.<br>The fish lay
thousands of {{c1::egg}}s at one time.<br>crocodile {{c1::egg}}s<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>boiled {{c1::egg}}</strong><br>" 1383
outdoors "ở ngoài trời, ở ngoài nhà" "adverb, noun" "phó từ, danh từ" /ˌaʊt
ˈdɔːz/ [sound:z_outdoors__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_outdoors__us_1.wav] The rain
prevented them from eating {{c1::outdoors}}.<br>The seeds may be sown
{{c1::outdoors}} in the spring.<br> 1383
knit "đan, thêu" verb động từ /nɪt/ [sound:z_knit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_knit__us_1.wav] "I {{c1::knit}}ted this cardigan
myself.<br>Lucy was sitting on the sofa, {{c1::knit}}ting.<br>She's
{{c1::knit}}ting the baby a shawl.<br>{{c1::knit}} one row, purl one row.<br>"
belief "lòng tin, đức tin, sự tin tưởng" noun danh từ /bɪˈliːf/
[sound:z_belief__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_belief__us_1.wav] "I admire his
passionate {{c1::belief}} in what he is doing.<br>{{c1::belief}} in
God/democracy<br>The incident has shaken my {{c1::belief}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::belief}}__18"">(= made me have less confidence)<br>She acted <span
class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::belief}} that</strong><br>" 1385
programme chương trình verb động từ /ˈprəʊɡræm/
[sound:z_programme__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_programme__us_1.wav] The final section
of road is {{c1::programme}}d for completion next month.<br>Human beings are
genetically {{c1::programme}}d to learn certain kinds of language.<br>She
{{c1::programme}}d the VCR to come on at eight.<br> 1385
unemployed "thất nghiệp; không dùng, không sử dụng được" adjective tính từ
/ˌʌnɪmˈplɔɪd/ [sound:z_unemployed__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_unemployed__us_1.wav] "How long have you been
{{c1::unemployed}}?<br>an {{c1::unemployed}} builder<br>an increase in the number
of people registered as {{c1::unemployed}}<br>a programme to get the <span
class=""cl""><strong>long-term {{c1::unemployed}}</strong><br>" 1385
bent "khiếu, sở thích, khuynh hướng" adjective tính từ /bent/
[sound:z_bent__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_bent__us_2.wav] "a piece of
{{c1::bent}} wire<br>Do this exercise with your knees {{c1::bent}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::bent}}_1__18"">(= not with your legs straight)<br>a small
{{c1::bent}} old woman<br>He was <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::bent}}
double</strong><br>" 1386
demonstrate "chứng minh, trình bày, giai thích" verb động từ /ˈdemənstreɪt/
[sound:z_demonstrate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_demonstrate__us_1.wav] These
results {{c1::demonstrate}} convincingly that our campaign is working.<br>Let me
{{c1::demonstrate}} to you some of the difficulties we are facing.<br>His sudden
departure had {{c1::demonstrate}}d how unreliable he was.<br>The theories were
{{c1::demonstrate}}d to be false.<br> 1386
murder "tội giết người, tội ám sát; giết người, ám sát" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /ˈmɜːdə(r)/ [sound:z_murder__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_murder__us_1.wav]
"He denies {{c1::murder}}ing his wife's lover.<br>The {{c1::murder}}ed woman
was well known in the area.<br>Critics accused him of {{c1::murder}}ing the English
language <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::murder}}_2__25"">(= writing or speaking it
very badly)<br>I could {{c1::murder}} a beer.<br>" 1388
gift quà tăng noun danh từ /ɡɪft/ [sound:z_gift__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_gift__us_1.wav] "The watch was a {{c1::gift}} from my
mother.<br>Thank you for your generous {{c1::gift}}.<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>free {{c1::gift}}</strong><br>the {{c1::gift}} of life<br>"
midday "trưa, buôi trưa" noun danh từ /ˌmɪdˈdeɪ/
[sound:z_midday__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_midday__us_1.wav] The train arrives
at {{c1::midday}}.<br>a {{c1::midday}} meal<br>the heat of the {{c1::midday}}
sun<br> 1389
packaging bao bì noun danh từ /ˈpækɪdʒɪŋ/ [sound:z_packaging__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_packaging__us_1.wav] Attractive {{c1::packaging}} can help to sell
products.<br>His company offers a flexible {{c1::packaging}} service for the food
industry.<br> 1390
religion tôn giáo noun danh từ /rɪˈlɪdʒən/ [sound:z_religion__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_religion__us_1.wav] "Is there always a conflict between science and
{{c1::religion}}?<br>the Jewish {{c1::religion}}<br>Christianity, Islam and other
world {{c1::religion}}s<br>The law states that everyone has the right to practise
their own {{c1::religion}}.<br>" 1390
review "sự xem lại, sự xét lại; làm lại, xem xét lại" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /rɪˈvjuː/ [sound:z_review__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_review__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::review}} the evidence<br>The government will {{c1::review}} the situation
later in the year.<br>Staff performance is {{c1::review}}ed annually.<br>to
{{c1::review}} your failures and triumphs<br> 1391
united "liên minh, đoàn kết, chung, thống nhất" adjective tính từ /ju
ˈnaɪtɪd/ [sound:z_united__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_united__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::united}} States of America<br>efforts to build a {{c1::united}} Europe<br>We
need to become a more {{c1::united}} team.<br>They are {{c1::united}} in their
opposition to the plan.<br> 1392
editor "người thu thập và xuất ban, chủ bút" noun danh từ /ˈedɪtə(r)/
[sound:z_editor__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_editor__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::editor}} of the Washington Post<br>the <span
class=""cl""><strong>sports/financial/fashion, etc. {{c1::editor}}</strong><br>our
economics {{c1::editor}}<br>She's the {{c1::editor}} of a new collection of ghost
stories.<br>" 1392
engage "hứa hẹn, cam kết, đính ước" verb động từ /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒ/
[sound:z_engage__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_engage__us_1.wav] It is a movie that
{{c1::engage}}s both the mind and the eye.<br>Their pleas failed to {{c1::engage}}
any sympathy.<br>He is currently {{c1::engage}}d as a consultant.<br>We will have
to {{c1::engage}} the services of a translator.<br> 1394
kindness "sự tử tế, lòng tốt" noun danh từ /ˈkaɪndnəs/
[sound:z_kindness__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_kindness__us_1.wav] to treat somebody
with {{c1::kindness}} and consideration<br>I can never repay your many
{{c1::kindness}}es to me.<br> 1394
coffee cà phê noun danh từ /ˈkɒfi/ [sound:z_coffee__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_coffee__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>decaffeinated/instant {{c1::coffee}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>ground/real {{c1::coffee}}</strong><br>a jar of
{{c1::coffee}}<br>a blend of Brazilian and Colombian {{c1::coffee}}s<br>" 1395
document "văn kiện, tài liệu, tư liệu" noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈdɒkjumənt/
[sound:z_document__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_document__us_1.wav] legal
{{c1::document}}s<br>travel {{c1::document}}s<br>Copies of the relevant
{{c1::document}}s must be filed at court.<br>One of the {{c1::document}}s leaked to
the press was a memorandum written by the head of the security police.<br> 1396
speed "tốc độ, vận tốc" noun "danh từ, động từ" /spiːd/
[sound:z_speed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_speed__us_1.wav] The car sped along
the road towards the village.<br>He sped away on his bike.<br>They sped off to get
help.<br>The cab {{c1::speed}}ed them into the centre of the city.<br> 1397
cross "cây Thánh Giá, nỗi thống khô; sự băng qua; băng qua, vượt qua" verb "động
từ, danh từ" /krɒs/ [sound:z_cross__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cross__us_1.wav] "I waved and she {{c1::cross}}ed over <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::cross}}_2__21"">(= {{c1::cross}}ed the road towards
me)<br>We {{c1::cross}}ed from Dover to Calais.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::cross}} a/the road</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::cross}} the sea/mountains</strong><br>" 1398
betting sự đánh cuộc noun danh từ /ˈbetɪŋ/
[sound:z_betting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_betting__us_1.wav] illegal
{{c1::betting}}<br>What's the {{c1::betting}} that he gets his own way?<br>The
{{c1::betting}} is that he'll get his own way.<br> 1399
influence "sự anh hưởng, sự tác dụng; anh hưởng, tác động" noun "danh từ,
động từ" /ˈɪnfluəns/ [sound:z_influence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_influence__us_1.wav]
"His writings have {{c1::influence}}d the lives of millions.<br>to be <span
class=""cl""><strong>strongly {{c1::influence}}d</strong><br>Don't let me
{{c1::influence}} you either way.<br>The government refuses to be
{{c1::influence}}d by public opinion.<br>" 1399
anyway "thế nào cũng được, dù sao đi nữa" adverb phó từ /ˈeniweɪ/
[sound:z_anyway__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_anyway__us_1.wav] "It's too
expensive and {{c1::anyway}} the colour doesn't suit you.<br>It's too late now,
{{c1::anyway}}.<br>The water was cold but I took a shower {{c1::anyway}}.<br>I'm
afraid we can't come, but thanks for the invitation {{c1::anyway}}.<br>" 1400
theirs "của chúng, của chúng nó, của họ" pronoun đại từ /ðeəz/
[sound:z_theirs__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_theirs__us_1.wav] {{c1::theirs}} are
the children with very fair hair.<br>It's a favourite game of {{c1::theirs}}.<br>
threaten "dọa, đe dọa" verb động từ /ˈθretn/
[sound:z_threaten__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_threaten__us_1.wav] They broke my
windows and {{c1::threaten}}ed me.<br>The attacker {{c1::threaten}}ed them with a
gun.<br>He was {{c1::threaten}}ed with dismissal if he continued to turn up late
for work.<br>The {{c1::threaten}}ed strike has been called off.<br> 1401
undo "tháo, gỡ; xóa bỏ, hủy bỏ" verb động từ /ʌnˈduː/
[sound:z_undo__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_undo__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::undo}} a button/knot/zip, etc.</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::undo}} a jacket/shirt, etc.</strong><br>I undid the
package and took out the books.<br>He undid most of the good work of the previous
manager.<br>" 1401
commit "giao, gửi, ủy nhiệm, ủy thác; tống giam, bỏ tù" verb động từ
/kəˈmɪt/ [sound:z_commit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_commit__us_1.wav] "to
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::commit}} murder/adultery</strong><br>Most crimes
are {{c1::commit}}ted by young men.<br>appalling crimes {{c1::commit}}ted against
innocent children<br>The President is {{c1::commit}}ted to reforming health
care.<br>" 1402
disapproval "sự phan đôi, sự không tán thành" noun danh từ /ˌdɪsəˈpruːvl/
[sound:z_disapproval__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disapproval__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::disapproval}} of his methods<br>to show/express
{{c1::disapproval}}<br>He shook his head <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::disapproval}}</strong><br>She looked at my clothes <span
class=""cl""><strong>with {{c1::disapproval}}</strong><br>"1403
female thuộc giống cái; giống cái adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /
ˈfiːmeɪl/ [sound:z_female__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_female__us_1.wav] More
{{c1::female}}s than males are employed in the factory.<br>1403
alarming "làm lo sợ, làm hốt hoang, làm sợ hãi" adjective tính từ /ə
ˈlɑːmɪŋ/ [sound:z_alarming__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alarming__us_1.wav] "an
{{c1::alarming}} increase in crime<br>The rainforests are disappearing <span
class=""cl""><strong>at an {{c1::alarming}} rate</strong><br>Prices have risen
{{c1::alarming}}ly.<br>" 1404
youth "tuôi trẻ, tuôi xuân, tuôi thanh niên, tuôi niên thiếu" noun danh từ
/juːθ/ [sound:z_youth__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_youth__us_1.wav] He had
been a talented musician in his {{c1::youth}}.<br>She regrets that she spent her
{{c1::youth}} travelling and not studying.<br>She brings to the job a rare
combination of {{c1::youth}} and experience.<br>His {{c1::youth}} gives him an
advantage over the other runners.<br> 1404
suited "hợp, phù hợp, thích hợp với" adjective tính từ /ˈsuːtɪd/
[sound:z_suited__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_suited__us_1.wav] "She was <span
class=""cl""><strong>ideally {{c1::suited}}</strong><br>This diet is {{c1::suited}}
to anyone who wants to lose weight fast.<br>This was a job to which he seemed well
{{c1::suited}}.<br>He is not really {{c1::suited}} for a teaching career.<br>"
wave "sóng, gợn nước; gợn sóng, uốn thành sóng" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/weɪv/ [sound:z_wave__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wave__us_1.wav] The
people on the bus {{c1::wave}}d and we {{c1::wave}}d back.<br>Why did you
{{c1::wave}} at him?<br>A man in the water was shouting and waving his arms around
frantically.<br>She {{c1::wave}}d her hand dismissively at the housekeeper.<br>
wrongly "một cách bất công, không đúng" adverb phó từ /ˈrɒŋli/
[sound:z_wrongly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wrongly__us_1.wav] "She was
{{c1::wrongly}} accused of stealing.<br>He assumed, {{c1::wrongly}}, that she did
not care.<br>The sentence had been {{c1::wrongly}} translated.<br>They knew they
had acted {{c1::wrongly}}.<br>" 1405
afraid "sợ, sợ hãi, hoang sợ" adjective tính từ /əˈfreɪd/
[sound:z_afraid__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_afraid__us_1.wav] Don't be
{{c1::afraid}}.<br>It's all over. There's nothing to be {{c1::afraid}} of
now.<br>Are you {{c1::afraid}} of spiders?<br>I started to feel {{c1::afraid}} of
going out alone at night.<br> 1407
embarrassing "làm lúng túng, ngăn trở" adjective tính từ /ɪmˈbærəsɪŋ/
[sound:z_embarrassing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_embarrassing__us_1.wav] "an
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::embarrassing}}
mistake/question/situation</strong><br>It can be {{c1::embarrassing}} for children
to tell complete strangers about such incidents.<br>It was so {{c1::embarrassing}}
having to sing in public.<br>The report is likely to prove highly
{{c1::embarrassing}} to the government.<br>" 1407
institute "viện, học viện" noun danh từ /ˈɪnstɪtjuːt/
[sound:z_institute__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_institute__us_1.wav] a research
{{c1::institute}}<br>the {{c1::institute}} of Chartered
Accountants<br>{{c1::institute}}s of higher education<br> 1407
quarter "1/4, 15 phút" noun danh từ /ˈkwɔːtə(r)/
[sound:z_quarter__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_quarter__us_1.wav] a {{c1::quarter}}
of a mile<br>The programme lasted an hour and a {{c1::quarter}}.<br>Cut the apple
into {{c1::quarter}}s.<br>The theatre was about three {{c1::quarter}}s full.<br>
background phía sau; nền noun danh từ /ˈbækɡraʊnd/
[sound:z_background__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_background__us_1.wav] "a
person's <span class=""cl""><strong>family/social/cultural/educational/class
{{c1::background}}</strong><br>The job would suit someone with a business
{{c1::background}}.<br>In spite of their very different {{c1::background}}s, they
immediately became friends.<br>the historical {{c1::background}} to the war<br>"
self- "tự ban thân mình, cái tôi" prefix tiền tố /self/
[sound:z_self__1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_self__1_us_1.wav]
unwilling "không muốn, không có ý định" adjective tính từ /ʌnˈwɪlɪŋ/
[sound:z_unwilling__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unwilling__us_1.wav] "They are
{{c1::unwilling}} to invest any more money in the project.<br>She was unable, or
{{c1::unwilling}}, to give me any further details.<br>an {{c1::unwilling}}
hero<br>He became the {{c1::unwilling}} object of her attention.<br>" 1409
frightening "kinh khủng, khủng khiếp" adjective tính từ /ˈfraɪtnɪŋ/
[sound:z_frightening__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_frightening__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::frightening}} experience/prospect/thought<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's
{{c1::frightening}}</strong><br>The noise was {{c1::frightening}}.<br>The battle
scenes were {{c1::frightening}}ly realistic.<br>" 1410
printer "máy in, thợ in" noun danh từ /ˈprɪntə(r)/
[sound:z_printer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_printer__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>colour/laser {{c1::printer}}</strong><br>" 1410
broad rộng adjective tính từ /brɔːd/ [sound:z_broad__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_broad__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::broad}}
street/avenue/river<br>{{c1::broad}} shoulders<br>He is tall, {{c1::broad}} and
muscular.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::broad}} smile/grin</strong><br>"
wonderful "phi thường, khác thường, kỳ diệu, tuyệt vời" adjective tính từ
/ˈwʌndəfl/ [sound:z_wonderful__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wonderful__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::wonderful}} surprise<br>We had a {{c1::wonderful}} time last night.<br>You've
all been <span class=""cl""><strong>absolutely {{c1::wonderful}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>It's {{c1::wonderful}}</strong><br>" 1412
deny "từ chối, phan đối, phủ nhận" verb động từ /dɪˈnaɪ/
[sound:z_deny__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_deny__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::deny}} a
claim/a charge/an accusation<br>The spokesman refused either to confirm or
{{c1::deny}} the reports.<br>She denied (that) there had been any cover-
up.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>There's no {{c1::deny}}ing</strong><br>" 1413
apparently "nhìn bên ngoài, hình như" adverb phó từ /əˈpærəntli/
[sound:z_apparently__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_apparently__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::apparently}} they are getting divorced soon.<br>I thought she had
retired, but {{c1::apparently}} she hasn't.<br>He paused, {{c1::apparently}} lost
in thought.<br>" 1414
slightly "manh khanh, mỏng manh, yếu ớt" adverb phó từ /ˈslaɪtli/
[sound:z_slightly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_slightly__us_1.wav] a {{c1::slightly}}
different version<br>We took a {{c1::slightly}} more direct route.<br>I knew her
{{c1::slightly}}.<br>‘Are you worried?’ ‘Only {{c1::slightly}}.’<br> 1415
loosely lỏng lẻo adverb phó từ /ˈluːsli/
[sound:z_loosely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_loosely__us_1.wav] She fastened the
belt {{c1::loosely}} around her waist.<br>Hold the rope {{c1::loosely}} between
your finger and thumb.<br>to use a term {{c1::loosely}}<br>The play is
{{c1::loosely}} based on his childhood in Russia.<br> 1416
reaction sự phan ứng; sự phan tác dụng noun danh từ /riˈækʃn/
[sound:z_reaction__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reaction__us_1.wav] "What was his
{{c1::reaction}} to the news?<br>My <span class=""cl""><strong>immediate
{{c1::reaction}}</strong><br>A spokesman said the changes were not <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::reaction}} to</strong><br>There has been a <span
class=""cl""><strong>mixed {{c1::reaction}}</strong><br>" 1416
twice hai lần adverb phó từ /twaɪs/ [sound:z_twice__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_twice__us_1.wav] "I don't know him well; I've only met him
{{c1::twice}}.<br>They go there <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::twice}} a
week/month/year</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::twice}}-
monthly/yearly</strong><br>an area {{c1::twice}} the size of Wales<br>" 1417
suit "bộ com lê, trang phục; thích hợp, quen, hợp với" noun "danh từ, động
từ" /suːt/ [sound:z_suit__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_suit__us_1.wav]
"Choose a computer to {{c1::suit}} your particular needs.<br>If we met at 2,
would that {{c1::suit}} you?<br>If you want to go by bus, that <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::suit}}s me fine</strong><br>He can be very helpful, but
only when it {{c1::suit}}s him.<br>" 1418
untidy "lộn xộn, không gọn gàng, không ngăn nắp" adjective tính từ /ʌn
ˈtaɪdi/ [sound:z_untidy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_untidy__us_1.wav] an
{{c1::untidy}} desk<br>{{c1::untidy}} hair<br>Why do you have to be so
{{c1::untidy}}?<br>Her hair fell untidily about her shoulders.<br> 1419
disagreement "sự bất đồng, sự không đồng ý, sự khác nhau" noun danh từ
/ˌdɪsəˈɡriːmənt/ [sound:z_disagreement__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_disagreement__us_1.wav] {{c1::disagreement}} arose about exactly
how to plan the show.<br>{{c1::disagreement}} on the method to be used<br>There's
no room for {{c1::disagreement}} on this point.<br>There is considerable
{{c1::disagreement}} over the safety of the treatment.<br> 1420
blow nở hoa; sự nở hoa verb "động từ, danh từ" /bləʊ/
[sound:z_blow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_blow__us_1.wav] "She received a
severe {{c1::blow}} on the head.<br>He was knocked out by a single {{c1::blow}} to
the head.<br>The two men were <span class=""cl""><strong>exchanging
{{c1::blow}}s</strong><br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>landed a
{{c1::blow}}</strong><br>" 1421
construction sự xây dựng noun danh từ /kənˈstrʌkʃn/
[sound:z_xconstruction__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconstruction__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::construction}} industry<br>road {{c1::construction}}<br>Work has begun on the
{{c1::construction}} of the new airport.<br>Our new offices are still <span
class=""cl""><strong>under {{c1::construction}}</strong><br>" 1422
controlled "được điều khiển, được kiểm tra" adjective tính từ /kənˈtrəʊld/
[sound:z_xcontrolled__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontrolled__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::controlled}} explosion<br>a {{c1::controlled}} environment<br>He played very
{{c1::controlled}} football.<br>{{c1::controlled}} airspace<br> 1422
thirsty "khát, cam thấy khát" adjective tính từ /ˈθɜːsti/
[sound:z_thirsty__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thirsty__us_1.wav] "We were hungry
and {{c1::thirsty}}.<br>Digging is <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::thirsty}}
work</strong><br>He is {{c1::thirsty}} for power.<br>Paul drank thirstily.<br>"
criterion "tiêu chuân, tiêu chí" noun danh từ /kraɪˈtɪəriən/
[sound:z_criterion__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_criterion__us_1.wav] The main
{{c1::criterion}} is value for money.<br>What criteria are used for assessing a
student's ability?<br> 1423
strangely "lạ, xa lạ, chưa quen" adverb phó từ /ˈstreɪndʒli/
[sound:z_strangely__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_strangely__us_1.wav] "She's been acting
very {{c1::strangely}} lately.<br>The house was {{c1::strangely}}
quiet.<br>{{c1::strangely}} shaped rocks<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::strangely}} enough</strong><br>"1423
intelligence "sự hiểu biết, trí thông minh" noun danh từ /ɪn
ˈtelɪdʒəns/ [sound:z_intelligence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_intelligence__us_1.wav]
"a person of <span class=""cl""><strong>high/average/low
{{c1::intelligence}}</strong><br>He didn't even have the {{c1::intelligence}} to
call for an ambulance.<br>{{c1::intelligence}} reports<br>the US Central
{{c1::intelligence}} Agency<br>" 1424
a.m. buôi sáng (trước 12h trưa) abbreviation từ viết tắt /ˌeɪ ˈem/
[sound:z_a_m__1_gb_1_abbr.wav] [sound:z_a_m__1_us_1_abbr.wav] It
starts at 10 {{c1::a.m.}}<br> 1425
cinema "rạp xi nê, rạp chiếu bóng" noun danh từ /ˈsɪnəmə/
[sound:z_cinema__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cinema__us_1.wav] the local
{{c1::cinema}}<br>I used to go to the {{c1::cinema}} every week.<br>one of the
great successes of British {{c1::cinema}}<br> 1425
destroy "phá hoại, phá huỷ, tiêu diệt" verb động từ /dɪˈstrɔɪ/
[sound:z_destroy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_destroy__us_1.wav] The building was
completely {{c1::destroy}}ed by fire.<br>They've {{c1::destroy}}ed all the
evidence.<br>Heat gradually {{c1::destroy}}s vitamin C.<br>You have
{{c1::destroy}}ed my hopes of happiness.<br> 1425
cook "nấu ăn, người nấu ăn" verb "động từ, danh từ" /kʊk/
[sound:z_cook__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cook__us_1.wav] "John is a very
good {{c1::cook}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::cook}}_2__15"">(= he {{c1::cook}}s
well)<br>Who was the {{c1::cook}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::cook}}_2__17"">(=
who {{c1::cook}}ed the food)<br>She was employed as a {{c1::cook}} in a hotel.<br>"
shaped có hình dáng được chỉ rõ adjective tính từ /ʃeɪpt/
[sound:z_shaped__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shaped__us_1.wav] "a huge balloon
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::shaped}} like</strong><br>almond-{{c1::shaped}}
eyes<br>an L-{{c1::shaped}} room<br>" 1426
connection "sự kết nối, sự giao kết" noun danh từ /kəˈnekʃn/
[sound:z_xconnection__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconnection__us_1.wav]
"Scientists have established a {{c1::connection}} between cholesterol levels
and heart disease.<br>His resignation must have some {{c1::connection}} with the
recent scandal.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>direct/close/strong
{{c1::connection}}</strong><br>How did you <span class=""cl""><strong>make the
{{c1::connection}}</strong><br>" 1427
uncontrolled "không bị điều khiển, mất kiểm soát" adjective tính từ
/ˌʌnkənˈtrəʊld/ [sound:z_uncontrolled__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_uncontrolled__us_1.wav] {{c1::uncontrolled}} anger<br>The
thoughts rushed into my mind {{c1::uncontrolled}}.<br>the {{c1::uncontrolled}}
growth of cities<br>{{c1::uncontrolled}} dumping of toxic wastes<br> 1427
burn "đốt, đốt cháy, thắp, nung, thiêu" verb động từ /bɜːn/
[sound:z_burn__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_burn__us_1.wav] A welcoming fire
was {{c1::burn}}ing in the fireplace.<br>Fires were {{c1::burn}}ing all over the
city.<br>By nightfall the whole city was {{c1::burn}}ing.<br>Two children were
rescued from the {{c1::burn}}ing car.<br> 1429
cardboard "bìa cứng, các tông" noun danh từ /ˈkɑːdbɔːd/
[sound:z_cardboard__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cardboard__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::cardboard}} box<br>a piece of {{c1::cardboard}}<br>a model made out of
{{c1::cardboard}}<br> 1430
shoe giày noun danh từ /ʃuː/ [sound:z_shoe__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_shoe__us_1.wav] a pair of {{c1::shoe}}s<br>He took his
{{c1::shoe}}s and socks off.<br>What's your {{c1::shoe}} size?<br>a {{c1::shoe}}
brush<br> 1430
unacceptable không chấp nhận được adjective tính từ /ˌʌnəkˈseptəbl/
[sound:z_unacceptable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unacceptable__us_1.wav] Such
behaviour is totally {{c1::unacceptable}} in a civilized society.<br>Noise from the
factory has reached an {{c1::unacceptable}} level.<br>unacceptably high levels of
unemployment<br> 1431
dressed cách ăn măc adjective tính từ /drest/
[sound:z_dressed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dressed__us_1.wav] "Hurry up and
<span class=""cl""><strong>get {{c1::dressed}}</strong><br>fully
{{c1::dressed}}<br>I can't go to the door—I'm not {{c1::dressed}} yet.<br>smartly
{{c1::dressed}}<br>" 1432
dull "chậm hiểu, ngu đần" adjective tính từ /dʌl/ [sound:z_dull__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dull__us_1.wav] "Life in a small town could be deadly
{{c1::dull}}.<br>The countryside was flat, {{c1::dull}} and uninteresting.<br>The
first half of the game was pretty {{c1::dull}}.<br>There's <span
class=""cl""><strong>never a {{c1::dull}} moment</strong><br>" 1432
grade "điểm, điểm số; phân loại, xếp loại" noun danh từ /ɡreɪd/
[sound:z_grade__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_grade__us_1.wav] The containers are
{{c1::grade}}d according to size.<br>Eggs are {{c1::grade}}d from small to extra
large.<br>Responses were {{c1::grade}}d from 1 (very satisfied) to 5 (not at all
satisfied).<br>Ten beaches were {{c1::grade}}d as acceptable.<br> 1432
used to đã quen dùng modal verb động từ khuyết thiếu /ˈjuːst tə/
[sound:z_used_to_1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_used_to_1_us_1.wav] "I {{c1::used to}}
live in London.<br>We {{c1::used to}} go sailing on the lake in summer.<br>I didn't
use to like him much when we were at school.<br>You {{c1::used to}} see a lot of
her, didn't you?<br>" 1432
context "văn canh, khung canh, phạm vi" noun danh từ /ˈkɒntekst/
[sound:z_xcontext__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontext__us_1.wav] "This speech needs
to be set <span class=""cl""><strong>in the {{c1::context}} of</strong><br>His
decision can only be understood <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::context}}</strong><br>Such databases are being used in a wide range of
{{c1::context}}s.<br>You should be able to guess the meaning of the word from the
{{c1::context}}.<br>" 1433
horizontal "(thuộc) chân trời, ở chân trời; ngang, nằm ngang (trục hoành)"
adjective tính từ /ˌhɒrɪˈzɒntl/ [sound:z_horizontal__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_horizontal__us_1.wav] "{{c1::horizontal}} lines<br>I was so
tired, I just wanted to be {{c1::horizontal}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::horizontal}}_1__13"">(= lying down)<br>Cut the cake in half
{{c1::horizontal}}ly and spread jam on one half.<br>" 1433
committee ủy ban noun danh từ /kəˈmɪti/ [sound:z_committee__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_committee__us_1.wav] She's on the management
{{c1::committee}}.<br>The {{c1::committee}} has/have decided to close the
restaurant.<br>a {{c1::committee}} member/a member of the {{c1::committee}}<br>a
{{c1::committee}} meeting<br> 1434
petrol xăng dầu noun danh từ /ˈpetrəl/ [sound:z_petrol__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_petrol__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>fill</strong><br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>run out of
{{c1::petrol}}</strong><br>the <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::petrol}}
tank</strong><br>an increase in {{c1::petrol}} prices<br>" 1434
decoration "sự trang hoàng, đồ trang trí" noun danh từ /ˌdekəˈreɪʃn/
[sound:z_decoration__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_decoration__us_1.wav]
Christmas {{c1::decoration}}s<br>a table {{c1::decoration}}<br>the elaborate
{{c1::decoration}} on the carved wooden door<br>a Chinese theme in the interior
{{c1::decoration}}<br> 1436
mistake "sai lầm, lỗi lầm; nhầm lẫn, hiểu lầm" noun danh từ /mɪˈsteɪk/
[sound:z_mistake__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mistake__us_1.wav] "I admit that I
{{c1::mistook}} his intentions.<br>He had certainly changed, but nobody could
{{c1::mistake}} his voice.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>There was no
{{c1::mistaking}}</strong><br>I {{c1::mistook}} her offer as a threat.<br>" 1436
sadness "sự buồn rầu, sự buồn bã" noun danh từ /ˈsædnəs/
[sound:z_sadness__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sadness__us_1.wav] memories tinged
with {{c1::sadness}}<br>I felt a deep {{c1::sadness}}.<br>It is with great
{{c1::sadness}} that we report the death of James Banks yesterday.<br>our joys and
{{c1::sadness}}es<br> 1436
location "vị trí, địa điểm, sự định vị" noun danh từ /ləʊˈkeɪʃn/
[sound:z_location__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_location__us_1.wav] "a honeymoon in a
secret {{c1::location}}<br>What is the exact {{c1::location}} of the ship?<br>A
mountain in the Rockies became the {{c1::location}} for a film about
Everest.<br>The movie was shot entirely <span class=""cl""><strong>on
{{c1::location}}</strong><br>" 1439
shave "cạo (râu), bào, đẽo (gỗ)" verb động từ /ʃeɪv/
[sound:z_shave__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shave__us_1.wav] Mike cut himself
shaving.<br>The nurse washed and {{c1::shave}}d him.<br>a {{c1::shave}}d
head<br>The firm had {{c1::shave}}d profit margins.<br> 1439
clothes quần áo noun danh từ /kləʊðz/ [sound:z_clothes__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_clothes__us_1.wav] "I bought some new {{c1::clothes}} for the
trip.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>put on/take off your
{{c1::clothes}}</strong><br>Bring <span class=""cl""><strong>a change of
{{c1::clothes}}</strong><br>She has no <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::clothes}}
sense</strong><br>" 1440
fridge tủ lạnh noun danh từ /frɪdʒ/ [sound:z_fridge__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fridge__us_1.wav] This dessert can be served straight from the
{{c1::fridge}}.<br> 1440
quiet "lăng, yên lăng, yên tĩnh" adjective tính từ /ˈkwaɪət/
[sound:z_quiet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_quiet__us_1.wav] "her {{c1::quiet}}
voice<br>a {{c1::quiet}}er, more efficient engine<br>Could you keep the kids
{{c1::quiet}} while I'm on the phone?<br>He <span
class=""cl""><strong>went</strong><br>" 1442
dress "quần áo, măc (quần áo), ăn măc" verb "động từ, danh từ" /dres/
[sound:z_dress__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dress__us_1.wav] "I {{c1::dress}}ed
quickly.<br>She {{c1::dress}}ed the children in their best clothes.<br>Get up and
<span class=""cl""><strong>get {{c1::dress}}ed</strong><br>The children spend hours
{{c1::dress}}ing and un{{c1::dress}}ing their dolls.<br>" 1443
manufacture "san xuất, chế tạo" verb động từ /ˌmænjuˈfæktʃə(r)/
[sound:z_manufacture__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_manufacture__us_1.wav]
{{c1::manufacture}}d goods<br>a news story {{c1::manufacture}}d by an
unscrupulous journalist<br>Vitamins cannot be {{c1::manufacture}}d by our
bodies.<br>Plants use the sun's light to {{c1::manufacture}} their food.<br> 1443
humour "sự hài hước, sự hóm hỉnh" noun danh từ /ˈhjuːmə(r)/
[sound:z_humour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_humour__us_1.wav] "a story full of
gentle {{c1::humour}}<br>She ignored his feeble attempt at {{c1::humour}}.<br>They
failed to see the {{c1::humour}} of the situation.<br>I can't stand people with no
<span class=""cl""><strong>sense of {{c1::humour}}</strong><br>" 1444
packet gói nhỏ noun danh từ /ˈpækɪt/ [sound:z_packet__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_packet__us_1.wav] a {{c1::packet}} of
biscuits/cigarettes/crisps<br>A {{c1::packet}} of photographs arrived with the
mail.<br>a {{c1::packet}} of instant cocoa mix<br>That car must have cost a
{{c1::packet}}.<br> 1444
premises biệt thự noun danh từ /ˈpremɪsɪz/ [sound:z_premises__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_premises__us_1.wav] "<span
{{c1::premises}}</strong><br>The company is looking for larger
{{c1::premises}}.<br>No alcohol may be consumed <span class=""cl""><strong>on the
{{c1::premises}}</strong><br>Police were called to escort her <span
class=""cl""><strong>off the {{c1::premises}}</strong><br>"1444
promise "hứa, lời hứa" verb "động từ, danh từ" /ˈprɒmɪs/
[sound:z_promise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_promise__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>make/keep/break a {{c1::promise}}</strong><br>She kept her
{{c1::promise}} to visit her aunt regularly.<br>The government failed to keep its
{{c1::promise}} of lower taxes.<br>Do I have your {{c1::promise}} that you won't
tell anyone about this?<br>" 1444
aware "biết, nhận thức, nhận thức thấy" adjective tính từ /əˈweə(r)/
[sound:z_aware__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_aware__us_1.wav] "As you're
{{c1::aware}}, this is not a new problem.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>As far as
I'm {{c1::aware}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>acutely/painfully</strong><br>I don't think people are really
{{c1::aware}} of just how much it costs.<br>" 1445
dentist nha sĩ noun danh từ /ˈdentɪst/ [sound:z_dentist__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_dentist__us_1.wav] an appointment at the {{c1::dentist}}'s<br>
upwards "lên, hướng lên, đi lên, về phía trên" adverb phó từ /
ˈʌpwədz/ [sound:z_upwards__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_upwards__us_1.wav] A flight of
steps led {{c1::upwards}} to the front door.<br>Place your hands on the table with
the palms facing {{c1::upwards}}.<br>The corners of her mouth curved
{{c1::upwards}} in amusement.<br>Bad weather forced the price of fruit
{{c1::upwards}}.<br> 1445
curb "kiềm chế, nén lại, hạn chế" noun danh từ /kɜːb/
[sound:z_curb__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_curb__us_1.wav] "{{c1::curb}}s on
government spending<br>The bus mounted the {{c1::curb}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::curb}}_2__24"">(= went onto the <span class=""ndv"">sidewalk<br>" 1447
function "chức năng; họat động, chạy (máy)" noun "danh từ, động từ" /
ˈfʌŋkʃn/ [sound:z_function__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_function__us_1.wav] "Despite the
power cuts, the hospital continued to {{c1::function}} normally.<br>We now have a
{{c1::function}}ing shower.<br>Many children can't {{c1::function}} effectively in
large classes.<br>The sofa also {{c1::function}}s as a bed.<br>" 1449
unimportant "không quan trọng, không trọng đại" adjective tính từ /ˌʌnɪm
ˈpɔːtnt/ [sound:z_unimportant__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unimportant__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::unimportant}} details<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>relatively/comparatively {{c1::unimportant}}</strong><br>They
dismissed the problem as {{c1::unimportant}}.<br>This consideration was not
{{c1::unimportant}}.<br>" 1449
bone xương noun danh từ /bəʊn/ [sound:z_bone__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bone__us_1.wav] He survived the accident with no broken
{{c1::bone}}s.<br>This fish has a lot of {{c1::bone}}s in it.<br>The dog was
gnawing at a {{c1::bone}}.<br>She had a beautiful face with very good {{c1::bone}}
structure.<br> 1450
covering "sự bao bọc, sự che phủ, cái bao, bọc" noun danh từ /ˈkʌvərɪŋ/
[sound:z_covering__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_covering__us_1.wav] "a thick
{{c1::covering}} of snow on the ground<br><span class=""cl""><strong>floor/wall
{{c1::covering}}s</strong><br>He pulled the plastic {{c1::covering}} off the dead
body.<br>" 1450
active "tích cực hoạt động, nhanh nhẹn" adjective tính từ /ˈæktɪv/
[sound:z_active__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_active__us_1.wav] "Although he's
nearly 80, he is still very {{c1::active}}.<br>Before our modern age, people had a
more physical and {{c1::active}} lifestyle.<br>They were both politically
{{c1::active}}.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::active}}
involvement/participation/support/resistance</strong><br>" 1451
ending "sự kết thúc, sự chấm dứt; phần cuối, kết cục" noun danh từ /
ˈendɪŋ/ [sound:z_ending__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ending__us_1.wav] "His stories
usually have a <span class=""cl""><strong>happy {{c1::ending}}</strong><br>the
anniversary of the {{c1::ending}} of the Pacific War<br>It was the perfect
{{c1::ending}} to the perfect day.<br>verb {{c1::ending}}s<br>" 1451
extend "giơ, duỗi ra (tay, châ(n).); kéo dài (thời gia(n).), dành cho, gửi
lời" verb động từ /ɪkˈstend/ [sound:z_extend__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_extend__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::extend}} a fence/road/house<br>There
are plans to {{c1::extend}} the no-smoking area.<br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::extend}} a deadline/visa</strong><br>The show has been
{{c1::extend}}ed for another six weeks.<br>" 1452
prepared đã được chuân bị adjective tính từ /prɪˈpeəd/
[sound:z_prepared__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_prepared__us_1.wav] I was not
{{c1::prepared}} for all the problems it caused.<br>We'll be better
{{c1::prepared}} next time.<br>When they set out they were well
{{c1::prepared}}.<br>We are not {{c1::prepared}} to accept these conditions.<br>
chief "trọng yếu, chính yếu; thủ lĩnh, lãnh tụ, người đứng đầu, xếp" adjective
"tính từ, danh từ" /tʃiːf/ [sound:z_chief__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_chief__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>army/industry/police {{c1::chief}}s</strong><br>{{c1::chief}}
Buthelezi<br>{{c1::chief}} Crazy Horse<br>" 1453
reckon "tính toán, ước chừng; cho là, đoán chừng" verb động từ /
ˈrekən/ [sound:z_reckon__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reckon__us_1.wav] "I
{{c1::reckon}} (that) I'm going to get that job.<br>I {{c1::reckon}} the height of
the building to be 70 feet.<br>‘They'll never find out.’ ‘ <span
class=""cl""><strong>You {{c1::reckon}}?</strong><br>" 1453
multiply "nhân lên, làm tăng lên nhiều lần; sinh sôi nay nở" verb động từ
/ˈmʌltɪplaɪ/ [sound:z_multiply__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_multiply__us_1.wav]
"The children are already learning to {{c1::multiply}} and divide.<br>2
multiplied by 4 is/equals/makes 8 <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::multiply}}__26"">(2×4 = 8)<br>{{c1::multiply}} 2 and 6 together and you
get 12.<br>Our problems have multiplied since last year.<br>" 1454
ought to "phai, nên, hẳn là" modal verb động từ khuyết thiếu /ˈɔːt tə/
[sound:z_ought_to_1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ought_to_1_us_1.wav] "They {{c1::ought
to}} apologize.<br>‘Ought I to write to say thank you?’ ‘Yes, I think you ought
(to).’<br>They {{c1::ought to}} have apologized <span class=""gl"" id=""ought-
to__25"">(= but they didn't)<br>Such things ought not to be allowed.<br>" 1454
combine "kết hợp, phối hợp" verb động từ /kəmˈbaɪn/
[sound:z_combine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_combine__us_1.wav] Hydrogen and
oxygen {{c1::combine}} to form water.<br>Hydrogen {{c1::combine}}s with oxygen to
form water.<br>Several factors had {{c1::combine}}d to ruin our
plans.<br>{{c1::combine}} all the ingredients in a bowl.<br> 1455
sore "đau, nhức" adjective tính từ /sɔː(r)/ [sound:z_sore__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sore__us_1.wav] "to have a {{c1::sore}} throat<br>His feet were
{{c1::sore}} after the walk.<br>My stomach is still {{c1::sore}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::sore}}_1__19"">(= painful)<br>an ointment to reduce {{c1::sore}}ness and
swelling<br>" 1456
wine "rượu, đồ uống" noun danh từ /waɪn/ [sound:z_wine__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_wine__us_1.wav] "a bottle of {{c1::wine}}<br>a glass of <span
class=""cl""><strong>dry/sweet {{c1::wine}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>red/rosé/white {{c1::wine}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>sparkling {{c1::wine}}</strong><br>" 1456
senate "thượng nghi viện, ban giám hiệu" noun danh từ /ˈsenət/
[sound:z_senate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_senate__us_1.wav] a member of the
{{c1::senate}}<br>a {{c1::senate}} committee<br>the {{c1::senate}} of Loughborough
University<br> 1457
below "ở dưới, dưới thấp, phía dưới" adverb "phó từ, giới từ" /bɪ
ˈləʊ/ [sound:z_below__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_below__us_1.wav] "They live on the
floor {{c1::below}}.<br>I could still see the airport buildings far
{{c1::below}}.<br>See {{c1::below}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::below}}_2__13"">(= at the bottom of the page)<br>The passengers who felt
seasick stayed {{c1::below}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::below}}_2__15"">(= on a
lower <span class=""ndv"">deck<br>" 1457
cool mát mẻ; làm mát adjective "tính từ, động từ" /kuːl/
[sound:z_cool__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_cool__us_1.wav] Glass contracts as
it {{c1::cool}}s.<br>Melt the chocolate and allow it to {{c1::cool}}
slightly.<br>The cylinder is {{c1::cool}}ed by a jet of water.<br>The evening
breeze {{c1::cool}}ed her face.<br> 1458
insulting "lăng mạ, xỉ nhục" adjective tính từ /ɪnˈsʌltɪŋ/
[sound:z_insulting__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_insulting__us_1.wav] {{c1::insulting}}
remarks<br>She was really {{c1::insulting}} to me.<br> 1458
whistle "sự huýt sáo, sự thôi còi; huýt sáo, thôi còi" verb động từ /
ˈwɪsl/ [sound:z_whistle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_whistle__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::whistle}} a tune<br>He {{c1::whistle}}d in amazement.<br>The crowd booed and
{{c1::whistle}}d as the player came onto the field.<br>She {{c1::whistle}}d to the
dog to come back.<br> 1458
unfriendly "không thân thiện, không có thiện cam" adjective tính từ /ʌn
ˈfrendli/ [sound:z_unfriendly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unfriendly__us_1.wav]
"an {{c1::unfriendly}} atmosphere<br>There's no need to be so
{{c1::unfriendly}} towards them.<br>the use of <span
class=""cl""><strong>environmentally {{c1::unfriendly}}</strong><br>" 1459
obey "vâng lời, tuân theo, tuân lệnh" verb động từ /əˈbeɪ/
[sound:z_obey__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_obey__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::obey}} a command/an order/rules/the law</strong><br>He
had always {{c1::obey}}ed his parents without question.<br>I tried to run but my
legs just wouldn't {{c1::obey}} me.<br>‘Sit down!’ Meekly, she {{c1::obey}}ed.<br>"
polish "nước bóng, nước láng; đánh bóng, làm cho láng" verb động từ
/ˈpɒlɪʃ/ [sound:z_polish__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_polish__us_1.wav]
{{c1::polish}} shoes regularly to protect the leather.<br>The gemstones are
cut and {{c1::polish}}ed by master craftsmen.<br>He {{c1::polish}}ed his glasses
with a handkerchief.<br>She {{c1::polish}}ed the apple on her sleeve.<br> 1460
approximate "giống với, giống hệt với" adjective tính từ /əˈprɒksɪmət/
[sound:z_approximate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_approximate__us_1.wav] "an
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::approximate}} number/total/cost</strong><br>The
cost given is only {{c1::approximate}}.<br>Use these figures as an
{{c1::approximate}} guide in your calculations.<br>" 1462
jelly thạch noun danh từ /ˈdʒeli/ [sound:z_jelly__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_jelly__us_1.wav] {{c1::jelly}} and ice cream<br>a raspberry
{{c1::jelly}}<br>chicken in {{c1::jelly}}<br>blackcurrant {{c1::jelly}}<br> 1462
bus xe buýt noun danh từ /bʌs/ [sound:z_bus__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bus__us_1.wav] "Shall we walk or go <span class=""cl""><strong>by
{{c1::bus}}</strong><br>A regular {{c1::bus}} service connects the train station
with the town centre.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::bus}}
company/driver</strong><br>a school {{c1::bus}}<br>" 1463
separately "không cùng nhau, thành người riêng, vật riêng" adverb phó
từ /ˈseprətli/ [sound:z_separately__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_separately__us_1.wav] They were photographed {{c1::separately}}
and then as a group.<br>Last year's figures are shown {{c1::separately}}.<br>That
matter will be considered {{c1::separately}} from the main agenda.<br>Husband and
wife are assessed {{c1::separately}} for tax.<br> 1463
determined "đã được xác định, đã được xác định rõ" adjective tính từ /dɪ
ˈtɜːmɪnd/ [sound:z_determined__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_determined__us_1.wav]
I'm {{c1::determined}} to succeed.<br>a {{c1::determined}} effort to stop
smoking<br>The proposal had been dropped in the face of {{c1::determined}}
opposition.<br> 1464
hell địa ngục noun danh từ /hel/ [sound:z_hell__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hell__us_1.wav] "The last three months have been
{{c1::hell}}.<br>He went <span class=""cl""><strong>through
{{c1::hell}}</strong><br>Her parents made her life {{c1::hell}}.<br>Being totally
alone is my idea of <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hell}} on earth</strong><br>"
rude "bất lịch sự, thô lỗ; thô sơ, đơn gian" adjective tính từ /ruːd/
[sound:z_rude__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rude__us_1.wav] a {{c1::rude}}
comment<br>The man was downright {{c1::rude}} to us.<br>Why are you so {{c1::rude}}
to your mother?<br>She was very {{c1::rude}} about my driving.<br> 1464
surroundings "vùng xung quanh, môi trường xung quanh" noun danh từ /sə
ˈraʊndɪŋz/ [sound:z_surroundings__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_surroundings__us_1.wav]
to work in pleasant {{c1::surroundings}}<br>The buildings have been designed
to blend in with their {{c1::surroundings}}.<br> 1464
dangerous nguy hiểm adjective tính từ /ˈdeɪndʒərəs/
[sound:z_dangerous__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dangerous__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::dangerous}} road/illness/sport<br>{{c1::dangerous}} levels of carbon
monoxide<br>The prisoners who escaped are violent and {{c1::dangerous}}.<br>The
situation is <span class=""cl""><strong>highly {{c1::dangerous}}</strong><br>"
insult "lăng mạ, xỉ nhục; lời lăng mạ, sự xỉ nhục" noun danh từ /
ˈɪnsʌlt/ [sound:z_insult__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_insult__us_2.wav] "The crowd
were shouting {{c1::insult}}s at the police.<br>His comments were seen as an
{{c1::insult}} to the president.<br>The questions were an <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::insult}} to our intelligence</strong><br>" 1465
remind "nhắc nhở, gợi nhớ" verb động từ /rɪˈmaɪnd/
[sound:z_remind__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_remind__us_1.wav] "I'm sorry, I've
forgotten your name. Can you {{c1::remind}} me?<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>That</strong><br>‘You need to finish that essay.’ ‘ <span
class=""cl""><strong>Don't {{c1::remind}} me</strong><br>‘Don't forget the camera.’
‘{{c1::remind}} me about it nearer the time.’<br>" 1466
moral "(thuộc) đạo đức, luân lý, phâm hạnh; có đạo đức" adjective tính từ
/ˈmɒrəl/ [sound:z_moral__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_moral__us_1.wav] "a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::moral}}
issue/dilemma/question</strong><br>traditional {{c1::moral}} values<br>a decline in
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::moral}} standards</strong><br>{{c1::moral}}
philosophy<br>" 1467
category "hạng, loại; phạm trù" noun danh từ /ˈkætəɡəri/
[sound:z_category__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_category__us_1.wav] "Students over 25
<span class=""cl""><strong>fall into a</strong><br>The results can be divided into
three <span class=""cl""><strong>main categories</strong><br>" 1469
engaged "đã đính ước, đã hứa hôn; đã có người" adjective tính từ /ɪn
ˈɡeɪdʒd/ [sound:z_engaged__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_engaged__us_1.wav] "They are
{{c1::engaged}} in talks with the Irish government.<br>They were {{c1::engaged}} in
conversation.<br>He is now {{c1::engaged}} on his second novel.<br>I can't come to
dinner on Tuesday—I'm <span class=""cl""><strong>otherwise
{{c1::engaged}}</strong><br>" 1469
relatively "có liên quan, có quan hệ" adverb phó từ /ˈrelətɪvli/
[sound:z_relatively__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relatively__us_1.wav] "I
found the test {{c1::relatively}} easy.<br>We had {{c1::relatively}} few
applications for the job.<br>Lack of exercise is also a risk factor for heart
disease but it's {{c1::relatively}} small when compared with the
others.<br>{{c1::relatively}} speaking, these jobs provide good salaries.<br>"
mid- "(tiền tố) một nửa, ở giữa" prefix tiền tố /mɪd/
[sound:z_mid__1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mid__1_us_1.wav]
{{c1::mid-}}morning coffee<br>She's in her {{c1::mid-}}thirties.<br> 1471
victory chiến thắng noun danh từ /ˈvɪktəri/ [sound:z_victory__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_victory__us_1.wav] "the team's 3–2 {{c1::victory}} against
Poland<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>win a {{c1::victory}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>decisive/narrow {{c1::victory}}</strong><br>an election
{{c1::victory}}<br>" 1471
congress "đại hội, hội nghị, Quốc hội" noun danh từ /ˈkɒŋɡres/
[sound:z_xcongress__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcongress__us_1.wav] an international
{{c1::congress}} of trades unions<br>{{c1::congress}} will vote on the proposals
tomorrow.<br>the African National {{c1::congress}}<br> 1472
academic "thuộc học viện, có tính hàn lâm, học thuật" adjective tính từ
/ˌækəˈdemɪk/ [sound:z_academic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_academic__us_1.wav]
The students return in October for the start of the new {{c1::academic}}
year.<br>high/low {{c1::academic}} standards<br>an {{c1::academic}} career<br>The
enrolment criteria are geographical rather than {{c1::academic}}.<br> 1473
exaggerated "cường điệu, phòng đại"adjective tính từ /ɪɡˈzædʒəreɪtɪd/
[sound:z_exaggerated__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_exaggerated__us_1.wav] "to
make <span class=""cl""><strong>greatly/grossly/wildly
{{c1::exaggerated}}</strong><br>She has an {{c1::exaggerated}} sense of her own
importance.<br>an {{c1::exaggerated}} laugh<br>He looked at me with
{{c1::exaggerated}} surprise.<br>" 1474
unnecessary "không cần thiết, không mong muốn" adjective tính từ /ʌn
ˈnesəsəri/ [sound:z_unnecessary__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_unnecessary__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::unnecessary}} expense<br>They were found guilty of causing
{{c1::unnecessary}} suffering to animals.<br>All this fuss is <span
class=""cl""><strong>totally {{c1::unnecessary}}</strong><br>That last comment was
a little {{c1::unnecessary}}, wasn't it?<br>" 1474
approving "tán thành, đồng ý, chấp thuận" adjective tính từ /əˈpruːvɪŋ/
[sound:z_approving__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_approving__us_1.wav] He gave me an
{{c1::approving}} nod.<br>She looked at him {{c1::approving}}ly and smiled.<br>
Internet liên mạng noun danh từ /ˈɪntənet/ [sound:z_internet__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_internet__us_1.wav] "I looked it up <span class=""cl""><strong>on
the {{c1::Internet}}</strong><br>You can buy our goods <span
class=""cl""><strong>over the {{c1::Internet}}</strong><br>All the rooms have <span
class=""cl""><strong>access to the {{c1::Internet}}/{{c1::Internet}}
access</strong><br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::Internet}} service
provider</strong><br>" 1475
noticeable "đáng chú ý, đáng để ý" adjective tính từ /ˈnəʊtɪsəbl/
[sound:z_noticeable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_noticeable__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::noticeable}} improvement<br>Her scars are hardly {{c1::noticeable}}
now.<br>This effect is particularly {{c1::noticeable}} in younger
patients.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It was {{c1::noticeable}}
that</strong><br>" 1475
healthy "khỏe mạnh, lành mạnh" adjective tính từ /ˈhelθi/
[sound:z_healthy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_healthy__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::healthy}}
child/animal/tree<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Keep {{c1::healthy}}</strong><br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::healthy}} diet/climate/lifestyle</strong><br>to
have a {{c1::healthy}} appetite<br>" 1476
pointed "nhọn, có đầu nhọn" adjective tính từ /ˈpɔɪntɪd/
[sound:z_pointed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pointed__us_1.wav] a {{c1::pointed}}
chin<br>{{c1::pointed}} teeth<br>the {{c1::pointed}} arches used in medieval
buildings<br>a {{c1::pointed}} instrument<br> 1476
negative phủ định adjective tính từ /ˈneɡətɪv/
[sound:z_negative__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_negative__us_1.wav] "The crisis had a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::negative}} effect on</strong><br>The whole
experience was definitely more positive than {{c1::negative}}.<br>Scientists have a
fairly <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::negative}} attitude</strong><br>‘He
probably won't show up.’ ‘Don't be so {{c1::negative}}.’<br>" 1478
following "tiếp theo, theo sau, sau đây; sau, tiếp theo" adjective tính từ
/ˈfɒləʊɪŋ/ [sound:z_following__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_following__us_1.wav] He
took charge of the family business {{c1::following}} his father's death.<br> 1479
historical "lịch sử, thuộc lịch sử" adjective tính từ /hɪˈstɒrɪkl/
[sound:z_historical__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_historical__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::historical}} background to the war<br>You must place these events in their
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::historical}} context</strong><br>an essay on the
{{c1::historical}} development of the novel<br>Women are not allowed to enter the
monastery for {{c1::historical}} reasons.<br>" 1480
medicine "y học, y khoa; thuốc" noun danh từ /ˈmedsn/
[sound:z_medicine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_medicine__us_1.wav] "advances in
modern {{c1::medicine}}<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>study/practise
{{c1::medicine}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>alternative
{{c1::medicine}}</strong><br>" 1481
tour "cuộc đo du lịch, cuộc đi dạo, chuyến du lịch; đi du lịch" noun danh từ
/tʊə(r)/ [sound:z_tour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tour__us_1.wav] He
{{c1::tour}}ed America with his one-man show.<br>She {{c1::tour}}ed the country
promoting her book.<br>We spent four weeks {{c1::tour}}ing around Europe.<br>
depend "phụ thuộc, tùy thuộc; dựa vào, ỷ vào, trông mong vào" verb động
từ /dɪˈpend/ [sound:z_depend__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_depend__us_1.wav]
"Starting salary varies from £26000 to £30500, {{c1::depend}}ing on
experience.<br>He either resigned or was sacked, {{c1::depend}}ing on who you talk
to.<br>‘Is he coming?’ ‘That {{c1::depend}}s. He may not have the time.’<br>I don't
know if we can help—it all {{c1::depend}}s.<br>" 1483
gallon "Galông 1gl = 4, 54 lít ở Anh, 3, 78 lít ở Mỹ" noun danh từ /
ˈɡælən/ [sound:z_gallon__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_gallon__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::gallon}} 1484
receipt công thức; đơn thuốc noun danh từ /rɪˈsiːt/
[sound:z_receipt__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_receipt__us_1.wav] "Can I have a
{{c1::receipt}}, please?<br>to make out <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::receipt}}__22"">(= write)<br>to acknowledge {{c1::receipt}} of a
letter<br>The goods will be dispatched <span class=""cl""><strong>on
{{c1::receipt}} of</strong><br>" 1485
grab "túm lấy, vồ, chộp lấy" verb động từ /ɡræb/ [sound:z_grab__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_grab__us_1.wav] "She {{c1::grab}}bed the child's hand and
ran.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::grab}}bed hold of</strong><br>He
{{c1::grab}}bed her around the throat and squeezed.<br>Someone {{c1::grab}}bed me
from behind.<br>" 1486
litre lít noun danh từ /ˈliːtə(r)/ [sound:z_litre__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_litre__us_1.wav] 3 {{c1::litre}}s of water<br>a {{c1::litre}}
bottle of wine<br>a car with a 3.5 {{c1::litre}} engine<br>1486
direct "trực tiếp, thẳng; hướng dẫn, điều khiển, hướng tới" adjective
"tính từ, động từ" /dəˈrekt/ [sound:z_direct__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_direct__us_1.wav] The machine {{c1::direct}}s a powerful beam at
the affected part of the body.<br>Was that remark {{c1::direct}}ed at me?<br>There
are three main issues that we need to {{c1::direct}} our attention to.<br>Most of
his anger was {{c1::direct}}ed against himself.<br> 1487
penny đồng xu noun danh từ /ˈpeni/ [sound:z_penny__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_penny__us_1.wav] "He had a few pennies in his pocket.<br>That
will be 45 pence, please.<br>They cost 20p each.<br>We collected £700 and every
{{c1::penny}} went to charity.<br>" 1487
classroom "lớp học, phòng học" noun danh từ /ˈklɑːsruːm/
[sound:z_classroom__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_classroom__us_1.wav] {{c1::classroom}}
activities<br>the use of computers in the {{c1::classroom}}<br> 1488
flu bệnh cúm noun danh từ /fluː/ [sound:z_flu__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_flu__us_1.wav] The whole family has the {{c1::flu}}.<br>She's got
{{c1::flu}}.<br> 1488
separated ly thân adjective tính từ /ˈsepəreɪtɪd/
[sound:z_separated__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_separated__us_1.wav] Her parents are
{{c1::separated}} but not divorced.<br>He's been {{c1::separated}} from his wife
for a year.<br> 1488
contact "sự liên lạc, sự giao thiệp; tiếp xúc" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈkɒntækt/ [sound:z_xcontact__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xcontact__us_1.wav] I've
been trying to {{c1::contact}} you all day.<br>Witnesses to the accident are asked
to {{c1::contact}} the police.<br>I'll be {{c1::contact}}able on this number:…<br>
stamp tem; dán tem verb động từ /stæmp/ [sound:z_stamp__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_stamp__us_1.wav] "I tried <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::stamp}}ing my feet</strong><br>Sam <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::stamp}}ed his foot</strong><br>He {{c1::stamp}}ed the
snow off his boots.<br>The audience were {{c1::stamp}}ing and cheering.<br>" 1489
justice sự công bằng noun danh từ /ˈdʒʌstɪs/
[sound:z_justice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_justice__us_1.wav] "laws based on the
principles of {{c1::justice}}<br>They are demanding equal rights and
{{c1::justice}}.<br>Who can deny the {{c1::justice}} of their cause?<br>He
demanded, not without {{c1::justice}}, that he should be allowed to express his
views.<br>" 1490
means "của cai, tài san, phương tiện. by means: of bằng phương tiện" noun danh
từ /miːnz/ [sound:z_means__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_means__us_1.wav]
"Television is an effective {{c1::means}} of communication.<br>Is there any
{{c1::means}} of contacting him?<br>Have you any <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::means}} of identification</strong><br>We needed to get
to London but we had no <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::means}} of
transport</strong><br>" 1490
daily hàng ngày adjective "tính từ, phó từ" /ˈdeɪli/
[sound:z_daily__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_daily__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::daily}}
routine/visit/newspaper<br>events affecting the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::daily}} lives</strong><br>Invoices are signed <span
class=""cl""><strong>on a {{c1::daily}} basis</strong><br>They charge a
{{c1::daily}} rate.<br>" 1492
excluding "ngoài ra, trư ra" preposition giới từ /ɪkˈskluːdɪŋ/
[sound:z_excluding__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_excluding__us_1.wav] "Lunch costs £10
per person, {{c1::excluding}} drinks.<br>" 1493
fair "hợp lý, công bằng; thuận lợi" adjective tính từ /feə(r)/
[sound:z_fair__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fair__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::fair}}
deal/wage/price/question<br>The punishment was very {{c1::fair}}.<br>In the end, a
draw was a {{c1::fair}} result.<br>I give you {{c1::fair}} warning, I'm not always
this generous.<br>" 1493
pair "đôi, căp" noun danh từ /peə(r)/ [sound:z_pair__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_pair__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::pair}} of
gloves/shoes/earrings, etc.</strong><br>a huge {{c1::pair}} of eyes<br>The vase is
one of a <span class=""cl""><strong>matching {{c1::pair}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::pair}} of aces/kings <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::pair}}_1__24"">(= two
playing cards that have the same value)<br>" 1494
famous nôi tiếng adjective tính từ /ˈfeɪməs/
[sound:z_famous__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_famous__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::famous}}
artist/hotel<br>the most {{c1::famous}} lake in Italy<br>One day, I'll be <span
class=""cl""><strong>rich and {{c1::famous}}</strong><br>So this is the
{{c1::famous}} dress! <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::famous}}__15"">(= the one we
have heard a lot about but have not seen)<br>" 1495
exercise "bài tập, sự thi hành, sự thực hiện; làm, thi hành, thực hiện" noun
"danh từ, động từ" /ˈeksəsaɪz/ [sound:z_exercise__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_exercise__us_1.wav] When she appeared in court she
{{c1::exercise}}d her right to remain silent.<br>He was a man who {{c1::exercise}}d
considerable influence over people.<br>an hour's class of exercising to
music<br>How often do you {{c1::exercise}}?<br> 1496
knee đầu gối noun danh từ /niː/ [sound:z_knee__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_knee__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::knee}} injury<br>I grazed my
{{c1::knee}} when I fell.<br>He <span class=""cl""><strong>went down on one
{{c1::knee}}</strong><br>She was <span class=""cl""><strong>on her
{{c1::knee}}s</strong><br>" 1497
flower "hoa, bông, đóa, cây hoa" noun danh từ /ˈflaʊə(r)/
[sound:z_flower__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_flower__us_1.wav] "The plant has a
beautiful bright red {{c1::flower}}.<br>The roses are <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::flower}}</strong><br>The crocuses are late <span class=""cl""><strong>coming
into {{c1::flower}}</strong><br>a garden full of {{c1::flower}}s<br>" 1498
varied "thuộc nhiều loại khác nhau, những vẻ đa dạng" adjective tính từ
/ˈveərid/ [sound:z_varied__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_varied__us_1.wav]
{{c1::varied}} opinions<br>a wide and {{c1::varied}} selection of
cheeses<br>He led a full and {{c1::varied}} life.<br>I've had a {{c1::varied}}
career.<br> 1498
tape "băng, băng ghi âm; dai, dây" noun danh từ /teɪp/
[sound:z_tape__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_tape__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>blank {{c1::tape}}</strong><br>I lent her my Bob Marley
{{c1::tape}}s.<br>Police seized various books and {{c1::tape}}s.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>adhesive/sticky {{c1::tape}}</strong><br>" 1499
hire "thuê, cho thuê (nhà...); sự thuê, sự cho thuê" verb động từ /
ˈhaɪə(r)/ [sound:z_hire__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_hire__us_1.wav] "bicycles
<span class=""cl""><strong>for {{c1::hire}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hire}} car</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>car
{{c1::hire}}</strong><br>The price includes the {{c1::hire}} of the hall.<br>"
lump "cục, tang, miếng; cái bướu" noun danh từ /lʌmp/
[sound:z_lump__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lump__us_1.wav] a {{c1::lump}} of
coal/cheese/wood<br>This sauce has {{c1::lump}}s in it.<br>One {{c1::lump}} or two?
<br>He was unhurt apart from a {{c1::lump}} on his head.<br> 1500
familiar "thân thiết, quen thộc" adjective tính từ /fəˈmɪliə(r)/
[sound:z_familiar__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_familiar__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>look/sound/taste {{c1::familiar}}</strong><br>He's a
{{c1::familiar}} figure in the neighbourhood.<br>Something about her voice was
vaguely {{c1::familiar}}.<br>I couldn't see any {{c1::familiar}} faces in the
room.<br>" 1501
neighbourhood "hàng xóm, làng giềng" noun danh từ /ˈneɪbəhʊd/
[sound:z_neighbourhood__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_neighbourhood__us_1.wav] We
grew up in the same {{c1::neighbourhood}}.<br>a poor/quiet/residential
{{c1::neighbourhood}}<br>Manhattan is divided into distinct neighborhoods.<br>the
{{c1::neighbourhood}} police<br> 1502
supply "sự cung cấp, nguồn cung cấp; cung cấp, đáp ứng, tiếp tế" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /səˈplaɪ/ [sound:z_supply__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_supply__us_1.wav] Foreign governments supplied arms to the
rebels.<br>Foreign governments supplied the rebels with arms.<br>This one power
station keeps half the country supplied with electricity.<br>Local schools
{{c1::supply}} many of the volunteers.<br> 1503
affection "tình cam, sự yêu mến" noun danh từ /əˈfekʃn/
[sound:z_affection__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_affection__us_1.wav] "Children need
lots of love and {{c1::affection}}.<br>He didn't <span
class=""cl""><strong>show</strong><br>She was held in deep {{c1::affection}} by all
her students.<br>Mr Darcy's {{c1::affection}} for his sister<br>" 1504
fully "đầy đủ, hoàn toàn" adverb phó từ /ˈfʊli/
[sound:z_fully__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fully__us_1.wav] "She had <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fully}} recovered</strong><br>We are <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fully}} aware</strong><br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fully}} understand</strong><br>The disease affects
{{c1::fully}} 30 per cent of the population.<br>" 1504
fashionable "đúng mốt, hợp thời trang" adjective tính từ /ˈfæʃnəbl/
[sound:z_fashionable__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fashionable__us_1.wav]
{{c1::fashionable}} clothes/furniture/ideas<br>It's becoming
{{c1::fashionable}} to have long hair again.<br>Such thinking is
{{c1::fashionable}} among right-wing politicians.<br>a {{c1::fashionable}}
address/resort/restaurant<br> 1505
vocabulary từ vựng noun danh từ /vəˈkæbjələri/
[sound:z_vocabulary__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_vocabulary__us_1.wav] "to
have a <span class=""cl""><strong>wide/limited {{c1::vocabulary}}</strong><br>your
<span class=""cl""><strong>active {{c1::vocabulary}}</strong><br>your <span
class=""cl""><strong>passive {{c1::vocabulary}}</strong><br>Reading will increase
your {{c1::vocabulary}}.<br>" 1505
actor diễn viên (thường là nam) noun danh từ /ˈæktə(r)/
[sound:z_actor__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_actor__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::actor}} 1507
smash "đập, vỡ tan thành manh; sự đập, vỡ tàn thành manh" noun danh từ /smæʃ/
[sound:z_smash__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_smash__us_1.wav] The cup hit the
floor with a {{c1::smash}}.<br>a car {{c1::smash}}<br>her latest chart
{{c1::smash}}<br> 1507
birth "sự ra đời, sự sinh đẻ" noun danh từ /bɜːθ/
[sound:z_birth__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_birth__us_1.wav] "The baby weighed
three kilos <span class=""cl""><strong>at {{c1::birth}}</strong><br>John was
present at the {{c1::birth}} of both his children.<br>It was a difficult
{{c1::birth}}.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>hospital/home
{{c1::birth}}</strong><br>" 1508
search "sự tìm kiếm, sự thăm dò; tìm kiếm, thăm dò, điều tra" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /sɜːtʃ/ [sound:z_search__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_search__us_1.wav] "She {{c1::search}}ed in vain for her
passport.<br>Police {{c1::search}}ed for clues in the area.<br>The customs officers
{{c1::search}}ed through our bags.<br>I've <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::search}}ed high and low</strong><br>" 1509
dictionary từ điển noun danh từ /ˈdɪkʃənri/
[sound:z_dictionary__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dictionary__us_1.wav] a
Spanish-English {{c1::dictionary}}<br>a {{c1::dictionary}} of mathematics<br>
tie "buộc, cột, trói; dây buộc, dây trói, dây giày. tie sth up có quan hệ mật
thiết, gắn chăt" verb "động từ, danh từ" /taɪ/ [sound:z_tie__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tie__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>collar and
{{c1::tie}}</strong><br>a striped silk {{c1::tie}}<br>{{c1::tie}}s for closing
plastic bags<br>family {{c1::tie}}s<br>" 1510
eastern đông adjective tính từ /ˈiːstən/ [sound:z_eastern__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_eastern__us_1.wav] {{c1::eastern}} Spain<br>{{c1::eastern}}
Europe<br>the {{c1::eastern}} slopes of the mountain<br>{{c1::eastern}} cookery<br>
lorry xe tai noun danh từ /ˈlɒri/ [sound:z_lorry__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lorry__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::lorry}} driver<br>Emergency food
supplies were brought in <span class=""cl""><strong>by {{c1::lorry}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::lorry}} load of frozen fish<br>" 1513
primary "nguyên thủy, đầu tiên; thời cô đại, nguyên sinh; sơ cấp, tiểu học"
adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /ˈpraɪməri/ [sound:z_primary__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_primary__us_1.wav] The {{c1::primary}} aim of this course is to
improve your spoken English.<br>Our {{c1::primary}} concern must be the
children.<br>Good health care is of {{c1::primary}} importance.<br>{{c1::primary}}
causes<br> 1513
aloud "lớn tiếng, to tiếng" adverb phó từ /əˈlaʊd/
[sound:z_aloud__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_aloud__us_1.wav] "The teacher
listened to the children <span class=""cl""><strong>reading
{{c1::aloud}}</strong><br>He read the letter {{c1::aloud}} to us.<br>‘What am I
going to do?’ she wondered {{c1::aloud}}.<br>She cried {{c1::aloud}} in
protest.<br>" 1514
yesterday hôm qua adverb phó từ /ˈjestədeɪ/
[sound:z_yesterday__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_yesterday__us_1.wav] {{c1::yesterday}}
was Sunday.<br>What happened at {{c1::yesterday}}'s meeting?<br>{{c1::yesterday}}'s
students are today's employees.<br>All her {{c1::yesterday}}s had vanished without
a trace.<br> 1514
circle "đường tròn, hình tròn"noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈsɜːkl/
[sound:z_circle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_circle__us_1.wav] "Cut out two
{{c1::circle}}s of paper.<br>Draw a {{c1::circle}}.<br>She walked the horse round
<span class=""cl""><strong>in a {{c1::circle}}</strong><br>a {{c1::circle}} of
trees/chairs<br>" 1515
device "kế sách; thiết bị, dụng cụ, máy móc" noun danh từ /dɪˈvaɪs/
[sound:z_device__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_device__us_1.wav] a water-saving
{{c1::device}}<br>This {{c1::device}} enables deaf people to communicate by typing
messages instead of speaking.<br>electrical labour-saving {{c1::device}}s around
the home<br>A powerful {{c1::device}} exploded outside the station.<br> 1516
moving "động, hoạt động" adjective tính từ /ˈmuːvɪŋ/
[sound:z_moving__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_moving__us_1.wav] "a deeply
{{c1::moving}} experience<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::moving}}
story/speech</strong><br>the {{c1::moving}} parts of a machine<br>fast-
{{c1::moving}} water<br>" 1517
progress "sự tiến tới, sự tiến triển; tiến bộ, tiến triển, phát triển" noun
danh từ /prəˈɡres/ [sound:z_progress__gb_2.wav]
[sound:z_progress__us_3.wav] The course allows students to {{c1::progress}}
at their own speed.<br>Work on the new road is {{c1::progress}}ing slowly.<br>The
line of traffic {{c1::progress}}ed slowly through the town.<br>Cases can take
months to {{c1::progress}} through the courts.<br> 1517
sadly "một cách buồn bã, đáng buồn là, không may mà" adverb phó từ /
ˈsædli/ [sound:z_sadly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sadly__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::sadly}}, after eight years of marriage they had grown apart.<br>She
shook her head {{c1::sadly}}.<br>She will be {{c1::sadly}} missed.<br>They had
hoped to win and were {{c1::sadly}} disappointed.<br>" 1517
glue "keo, hồ; gắn lại, dán bằng keo, hồ" verb động từ /ɡluː/
[sound:z_glue__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_glue__us_1.wav] She {{c1::glue}}d
the label onto the box.<br>{{c1::glue}} the two pieces of cardboard
together.<br>Make sure the edges are {{c1::glue}}d down.<br>He spends every evening
{{c1::glue}}d to the TV.<br> 1519
infect "nhiễm, tiêm nhiễm, đầu độc, lan truyền" verb động từ /ɪnˈfekt/
[sound:z_infect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_infect__us_1.wav] It is not possible
to {{c1::infect}} another person through kissing.<br>people {{c1::infect}}ed with
HIV<br>eggs {{c1::infect}}ed with salmonella<br>She {{c1::infect}}ed the children
with her enthusiasm for music.<br> 1519
bottom "phần dưới cùng, thấp nhất; cuối, cuối cùng" noun "danh từ, tính
từ" /ˈbɒtəm/ [sound:z_bottom__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bottom__us_1.wav] the
{{c1::bottom}} line (on a page)<br>your {{c1::bottom}} lip<br>the {{c1::bottom}}
step (of a flight of stairs)<br>on the {{c1::bottom}} shelf<br> 1520
island hòn đao noun danh từ /ˈaɪlənd/ [sound:z_island__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_island__us_1.wav] We spent a week on the Greek {{c1::island}} of
Kos.<br>a remote {{c1::island}} off the coast of Scotland<br>No place on the planet
can remain an {{c1::island}} of affluence in a sea of suffering.<br> 1521
exchange trao đôi; sự trao đôi noun "danh từ, động từ" /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/
[sound:z_exchange__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_exchange__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::exchange}} ideas/news/information</strong><br>Juliet and
David <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::exchange}}d glances</strong><br>Everyone in
the group {{c1::exchange}}d email addresses.<br>I shook hands and {{c1::exchange}}d
a few words with the manager.<br>" 1522
fasten "buộc, trói" verb động từ /ˈfɑːsn/
[sound:z_fasten__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fasten__us_1.wav] "{{c1::fasten}}
your seatbelts, please.<br>He {{c1::fasten}}ed up his coat and hurried out.<br>The
dress {{c1::fasten}}s at the back.<br>{{c1::fasten}} the gates securely so that
they do not blow open.<br>" 1522
clean "sạch, sạch sẽ; dọn sạch, làm sạch" adjective "tính từ, động từ"
/kliːn/ [sound:z_clean__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_clean__us_1.wav] "to
{{c1::clean}} the windows/bath/floor<br>to {{c1::clean}} a wound<br>Have you <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::clean}}ed your teeth</strong><br>The villa is
{{c1::clean}}ed twice a week.<br>" 1523
goods "của cai, tài san, hàng hóa" noun danh từ /ɡʊdz/
[sound:z_goods__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_goods__us_1.wav] cheap/expensive
{{c1::goods}}<br>leather/cotton/paper {{c1::goods}}<br>electrical/sports
{{c1::goods}}<br>perishable/durable {{c1::goods}}<br> 1523
studio "xưởng phim, trường quay; phòng thu" noun danh từ /ˈstjuːdiəʊ/
[sound:z_studio__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_studio__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>television {{c1::studio}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::studio}} audience</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>recording {{c1::studio}}</strong><br>She works for a major
Hollywood {{c1::studio}}.<br>" 1524
pity "lòng thương hại, điều đáng tiếc, đáng thương"noun danh từ /ˈpɪti/
[sound:z_pity__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pity__us_1.wav] "I could only feel
{{c1::pity}} for what they were enduring.<br>He had no {{c1::pity}} for her.<br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>look/feeling/surge of {{c1::pity}}</strong><br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>took {{c1::pity}} on</strong><br>" 1525
train "xe lửa, tàu hỏa; dạy, rèn luyện, đào tạo" verb "động từ, danh từ"
/treɪn/ [sound:z_train__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_train__us_1.wav] badly
{{c1::train}}ed staff<br>They {{c1::train}} dogs to sniff out drugs.<br>He
{{c1::train}}ed as a teacher before becoming an actor.<br>All members of the team
have {{c1::train}}ed in first aid.<br> 1525
width "bề rộng, chiều rộng" noun danh từ /wɪdθ/
[sound:z_width__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_width__us_1.wav] "It's about 10
metres <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::width}}</strong><br>The terrace runs
<span class=""cl""><strong>the full {{c1::width}} of</strong><br>The carpet is
available in different {{c1::width}}s.<br>You'll need two {{c1::width}}s of fabric
for each curtain.<br>" 1525
lady "người yêu, vợ, quý bà, tiểu thư" noun danh từ /ˈleɪdi/
[sound:z_lady__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lady__us_1.wav] "There's a
{{c1::lady}} waiting to see you.<br>He was with an attractive young
{{c1::lady}}.<br>the ladies' golf championship<br>a tea {{c1::lady}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::lady}}__23"">(= a woman who serves tea in an office)<br>"
rumour "tin đồn, lời đồn" noun danh từ /ˈruːmə(r)/
[sound:z_rumour__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rumour__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>start/spread a {{c1::rumour}}</strong><br>There are widespread
{{c1::rumour}}s of job losses.<br>Some malicious {{c1::rumour}}s are circulating
about his past.<br>I heard a {{c1::rumour}} that they are getting married.<br>"
colleague bạn đồng nghiệp noun danh từ /ˈkɒliːɡ/
[sound:z_colleague__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_colleague__us_1.wav] a
{{c1::colleague}} of mine from the office<br>We were friends and {{c1::colleague}}s
for more than 20 years.<br>the Prime Minister and his Cabinet
{{c1::colleague}}s<br> 1527
application "sự gắn vào, vật gắn vào; sự chuyên cần, chuyên tâm" noun danh từ
/ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃn/ [sound:z_application__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_application__us_1.wav] "a planning/passport
{{c1::application}}<br>an <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::application}}
form</strong><br>an {{c1::application}} for membership/a loan/a licence<br>His
{{c1::application}} to the court for bail has been refused.<br>" 1528
alphabetical theo thứ tự bang chữ cái adjective tính từ /ˌælfə
ˈbetɪkl/ [sound:z_alphabetical__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alphabetical__us_1.wav]
"The names on the list are <span class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::alphabetical}}
order</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>arranged/listed/stored
{{c1::alphabetical}}ly</strong><br>The books should be ordered
{{c1::alphabetical}}ly by subject.<br>" 1529
neck cô (bộ phận cơ thể) noun danh từ /nek/ [sound:z_neck__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_neck__us_1.wav] He tied a scarf around his {{c1::neck}}.<br>I
woke up with a stiff {{c1::neck}}.<br>Giraffes have very long {{c1::necks}}.<br>
lean "nghiêng, dựa, ỷ vào" verb động từ /liːn/ [sound:z_lean__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lean__us_1.wav] I {{c1::lean}}ed back in my chair.<br>The tower
is {{c1::lean}}ing dangerously.<br>A man was {{c1::lean}}ing out of the
window.<br>A shovel was {{c1::lean}}ing against the wall.<br> 1530
coughing ho noun danh từ /ˈkɒfɪŋ/ [sound:z_coughing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_coughing__us_1.wav] Another fit of {{c1::coughing}} seized him.<br>
damage "mối hạn, điều hại, sự thiệt hại; làm hư hại, làm hỏng, gây thiệt hại"
noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ [sound:z_damage__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_damage__us_1.wav] The fire badly {{c1::damage}}d the town
hall.<br>Several vehicles were {{c1::damage}}d in the crash.<br>Smoking seriously
{{c1::damage}}s your health.<br>The allegations are likely to {{c1::damage}} his
political career.<br> 1531
exaggerate "cường điệu, phóng đại"verb động từ /ɪɡˈzædʒəreɪt/
[sound:z_exaggerate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_exaggerate__us_1.wav] "The
hotel was really filthy and I'm not exaggerating.<br>He tends to {{c1::exaggerate}}
the difficulties.<br>I'm sure he {{c1::exaggerate}}s his Irish accent <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::exaggerate}}__21"">(= tries to sound more Irish than he
really is)<br>Demand for the product has been greatly {{c1::exaggerate}}d.<br>"
freshly "tươi mát, khỏe khoắn" adverb phó từ /ˈfreʃli/
[sound:z_freshly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_freshly__us_1.wav] {{c1::freshly}}
brewed coffee<br>{{c1::freshly}} ironed shirts<br>She had had her hair
{{c1::freshly}} washed and styled.<br> 1532
plastic "chất dẻo, làm bằng chất dẻo" noun danh từ /ˈplæstɪk/
[sound:z_plastic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plastic__us_1.wav] a {{c1::plastic}}
bag/cup/toy<br>Clay is a {{c1::plastic}} substance.<br>TV game show hosts with
their banal remarks and {{c1::plastic}} smiles<br>The flight attendants served up
{{c1::plastic}} food with little taste or texture.<br> 1532
princess công chúa noun danh từ /ˌprɪnˈses/ [sound:z_princess__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_princess__us_1.wav] the royal
{{c1::princess}}es<br>{{c1::princess}} Anne<br>the {{c1::princess}} of
Wales<br>{{c1::princess}} Michael of Kent<br> 1532
tall cao adjective tính từ /tɔːl/ [sound:z_tall__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_tall__us_1.wav] She's {{c1::tall}} and thin.<br>{{c1::tall}}
chimneys<br>the {{c1::tall}}est building in the world<br>a {{c1::tall}} glass of
iced tea<br> 1533
urgent "gấp, khân cấp" adjective tính từ /ˈɜːdʒənt/
[sound:z_urgent__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_urgent__us_1.wav] "an {{c1::urgent}}
appeal for information<br>a problem that requires {{c1::urgent}} attention<br>‘Can
I see you for a moment?’ ‘Is it {{c1::urgent}}?’<br>Mark the message
‘{{c1::urgent}}’, please.<br>" 1533
plate "ban, tấm kim loại" noun danh từ /pleɪt/
[sound:z_plate__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_plate__us_1.wav] sandwiches on a
{{c1::plate}}<br>a pile of dirty {{c1::plate}}s<br>dinner {{c1::plate}}s<br>a
{{c1::plate}} of sandwiches<br> 1534
hate ghét; lòng căm ghét verb động từ /heɪt/ [sound:z_hate__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hate__us_1.wav] "a look of {{c1::hate}}<br>a {{c1::hate}}
campaign <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::hate}}_2__21"">(= cruel comments made about
somebody over a period of time in order to damage their reputation)<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::hate}} mail</strong><br>a strange relationship built on
love and {{c1::hate}}<br>" 1535
otherwise "khác, cách khác; nếu không thì...; măt khác" adverb phó từ
/ˈʌðəwaɪz/ [sound:z_otherwise__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_otherwise__us_1.wav] "My
parents lent me the money. {{c1::otherwise}}, I couldn't have afforded the
trip.<br>Shut the window, {{c1::otherwise}} it'll get too cold in here.<br>We're
committed to the project. We wouldn't be here {{c1::otherwise}}.<br>There was some
music playing upstairs. {{c1::otherwise}} the house was silent.<br>" 1536
curly "quăn, xoắn" adjective tính từ /ˈkɜːli/
[sound:z_curly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_curly__us_1.wav] short
{{c1::curly}} hair<br>I wish my hair was {{c1::curly}}.<br>a {{c1::curly}}-headed
boy<br>a dog with a {{c1::curly}} tail<br> 1537
decorative "để trang hoàng, để trang trí, để làm canh" adjective tính từ
/ˈdekərətɪv/ [sound:z_decorative__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_decorative__us_1.wav] The mirror is functional yet
{{c1::decorative}}.<br>purely {{c1::decorative}} arches<br>The {{c1::decorative}}
touches have made this house a warm and welcoming home.<br>1537
depressing "làm chán nan làm thát vọng, làm trì trệ" adjective tính từ /dɪ
ˈpresɪŋ/ [sound:z_depressing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_depressing__us_1.wav]
"a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::depressing}}
sight/thought/experience</strong><br>Looking for a job these days can be very
{{c1::depressing}}.<br>a {{c1::depressing}}ly familiar experience<br>" 1537
writing sự viết noun danh từ /ˈraɪtɪŋ/ [sound:z_writing__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_writing__us_1.wav] "Our son's having problems with his <span
class=""cl""><strong>reading and {{c1::writing}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::writing}} case</strong><br>Only later did she discover a
talent for {{c1::writing}}.<br>He is leaving the band to concentrate on his
{{c1::writing}}.<br>" 1537
disgust "làm ghê tởm, làm kinh tởm, làm phẫn nộ" verb động từ /dɪsˈɡʌst/
[sound:z_disgust__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disgust__us_1.wav] The level of
violence in the film really {{c1::disgust}}ed me.<br> 1538
geography "địa lý, khoa địa lý" noun danh từ /dʒiˈɒɡrəfi/
[sound:z_geography__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_geography__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>human/physical/economic/social {{c1::geography}}</strong><br>a
<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::geography}}
lesson/department/teacher/textbook</strong><br>a degree in {{c1::geography}}<br>the
{{c1::geography}} of New York City<br>" 1538
umbrella "ô, dù" noun danh từ /ʌmˈbrelə/ [sound:z_umbrella__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_umbrella__us_1.wav] "I put up my {{c1::umbrella}}.<br>colourful
beach {{c1::umbrella}}s<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>rolled/furled
{{c1::umbrella}}</strong><br>an {{c1::umbrella}} stand<br>"1538
heating "sự đốt nóng, sự làm nóng" noun danh từ /ˈhiːtɪŋ/
[sound:z_heating__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_heating__us_1.wav] Who turned the
{{c1::heating}} off?<br>What type of {{c1::heating}} do you have?<br>a gas
{{c1::heating}} system<br>{{c1::heating}} bills<br> 1539
male "trai, trống, đực; con trai, đàn ông, con trống, đực" adjective "tính
từ, danh từ" /meɪl/ [sound:z_male__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_male__us_1.wav]
The {{c1::male}} of the species has a white tail.<br>a {{c1::male}}-dominated
profession<br>The body is that of a white {{c1::male}} aged about
40.<br>Haemophilia is a condition that affects mostly {{c1::male}}s.<br> 1539
nonsense "lời nói vô lý, vô nghĩa" noun danh từ /ˈnɒnsns/
[sound:z_nonsense__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_nonsense__us_1.wav] "Reports that he
has resigned are {{c1::nonsense}}.<br>You're <span class=""cl""><strong>talking
{{c1::nonsense}}</strong><br>‘I won't go.’ ‘{{c1::nonsense}}! You must
go!’<br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's {{c1::nonsense}} to</strong><br>" 1539
alive "sống, vẫn còn sống, còn tồn tại" adjective tính từ /əˈlaɪv/
[sound:z_alive__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_alive__us_1.wav] "We don't know
whether he's {{c1::alive}} or dead.<br>Is your mother <span
class=""cl""><strong>still {{c1::alive}}</strong><br>Doctors <span
class=""cl""><strong>kept</strong><br>I was glad to hear you're <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::alive}} and well</strong><br>" 1541
accidental "tình cờ, bất ngờ" adjective tính từ /ˌæksɪˈdentl/
[sound:z_accidental__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_accidental__us_1.wav] "a
verdict of {{c1::accidental}} death<br>I didn't think our meeting was
{{c1::accidental}}—he must have known I would be there.<br>As I turned around, I
{{c1::accidental}}ly hit him in the face.<br>The damage couldn't have been caused
{{c1::accidental}}ly.<br>" 1542
expression "sự diễn ta, sự bày tỏ, biểu hiện" noun danh từ /ɪkˈspreʃn/
[sound:z_expression__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_expression__us_1.wav] "an
{{c1::expression}} of support<br>{{c1::expression}}s of sympathy flooded in from
all over the country.<br><span class=""cl""><strong>Freedom of
{{c1::expression}}</strong><br>The poet's anger <span class=""cl""><strong>finds
{{c1::expression}} in</strong><br>" 1542
football bóng đá noun danh từ /ˈfʊtbɔːl/ [sound:z_football__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_football__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>play
{{c1::football}}</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::football}}
match/team/stadium</strong><br>Health care should not become a political
{{c1::football}}.<br>" 1543
downwards "xuống, đi xuống" adverb phó từ /ˈdaʊnwədz/
[sound:z_downwards__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_downwards__us_1.wav] "She was lying
<span class=""cl""><strong>face {{c1::downwards}}</strong><br>The garden sloped
gently {{c1::downwards}} to the river.<br>It was a policy welcomed by world leaders
from the US president {{c1::downwards}}.<br>Nine per cent of commuters used public
transport in 2008 and the trend is {{c1::downwards}}.<br>" 1544
intend "ý định, có ý định" verb động từ /ɪnˈtend/
[sound:z_intend__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_intend__us_1.wav] "We finished later
than we had {{c1::intend}}ed.<br>I <span class=""cl""><strong>fully
{{c1::intend}}ed</strong><br>The writer clearly {{c1::intend}}s his readers to
identify with the main character.<br>I don't {{c1::intend}} staying long.<br>"
chicken "gà, gà con, thịt gà" noun danh từ /ˈtʃɪkɪn/
[sound:z_chicken__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_chicken__us_1.wav] "They keep
{{c1::chicken}}s in the back yard.<br>free-range {{c1::chicken}}s<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>fried/roast {{c1::chicken}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::chicken}} stock/soup</strong><br>" 1546
reasonably hợp lý adverb phó từ /ˈriːznəbli/
[sound:z_reasonably__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reasonably__us_1.wav] The
instructions are {{c1::reasonably}} straightforward.<br>She seems
{{c1::reasonably}} happy in her new job.<br>We tried to discuss the matter calmly
and {{c1::reasonably}}.<br>He couldn't {{c1::reasonably}} be expected to pay back
the loan all at once.<br> 1546
army quân đội noun danh từ /ˈɑːmi/ [sound:z_army__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_army__us_1.wav] "The two opposing armies faced each other
across the battlefield.<br>Her husband is <span class=""cl""><strong>in the
{{c1::army}}</strong><br>After leaving school, Mike <span class=""cl""><strong>went
into the {{c1::army}}</strong><br>an {{c1::army}} officer<br>" 1547
bye tạm biệt exclamation thán từ /baɪ/ [sound:z_bye__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bye__us_1.wav] {{c1::bye}}! See you next week.<br>She waved
{{c1::bye}}-{{c1::bye}} and got into the car.<br>{{c1::bye}} for now Dad!<br>
trillion 1 nghìn tỉ (10^12) number số từ /ˈtrɪljən/
[sound:z_trillion__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_trillion__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::trillion}} 1547
abuse "lộng hành, lạm dụng" noun "danh từ, động từ" /əˈbjuːz/
[sound:z_abuse__gb_2.wav] [sound:z_abuse__us_2.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::abuse}} alcohol/drugs</strong><br>He systematically
{{c1::abuse}}d his body with heroin and cocaine.<br>She {{c1::abuse}}d her position
as principal by giving jobs to her friends.<br>He felt they had {{c1::abuse}}d his
trust by talking about him to the press <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::abuse}}_2__24"">(= tricked him, although he had trusted them)<br>"
shut "đóng, khép, đậy; tính khép kín" verb động từ /ʃʌt/
[sound:z_shut__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_shut__us_1.wav] The door was
{{c1::shut}}.<br>She slammed the door {{c1::shut}}.<br>Keep your eyes
{{c1::shut}}.<br>Unfortunately the bank is {{c1::shut}} now.<br> 1550
centimetre xen ti mét noun danh từ /ˈsentɪmiːtə(r)/
[sound:z_centimetre__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_centimetre__us_1.wav] There
is no example for the word: {{c1::centimetre}} 1551
map ban đồ noun danh từ /mæp/ [sound:z_map__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_map__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::map}} of France<br>a street {{c1::map}} of
Miami<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>read a/the {{c1::map}}</strong><br>large-
scale {{c1::map}}s<br>" 1551
extra "thêm, phụ, ngoại; thứ thêm, phụ" adjective tính từ /ˈekstrə/
[sound:z_extra__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_extra__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>charge/pay/cost {{c1::extra}}</strong><br>We don't charge
{{c1::extra}} for the activities—everything is included in the admission fee.<br>I
need to earn a bit {{c1::extra}} this month.<br>The rate for a room is £30, but
breakfast is {{c1::extra}}.<br>" 1552
hobby sở thích riêng noun danh từ /ˈhɒbi/ [sound:z_hobby__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_hobby__us_1.wav] Her hobbies include swimming and
gardening.<br>I only play jazz as a {{c1::hobby}}.<br> 1553
motorcycle xe mô tô noun danh từ /ˈməʊtəsaɪkl/
[sound:z_motorcycle__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_motorcycle__us_1.wav]
{{c1::motorcycle}} racing<br>a {{c1::motorcycle}} accident<br> 1553
session "phiên họp, kỳ, giai đoạn, khoang thời gian" noun danh từ /
ˈseʃn/ [sound:z_session__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_session__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>photo/recording/training, etc. {{c1::session}}</strong><br>The
course is made up of 12 two-hour {{c1::session}}s.<br>She has a weekly
{{c1::session}} at the health club on Saturdays.<br>Two soccer fans plunged to
their deaths after a heavy drinking {{c1::session}}.<br>" 1553
smoothly "một cách êm a, trôi chay" adverb phó từ /ˈsmuːðli/
[sound:z_smoothly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_smoothly__us_1.wav] "Traffic is now
flowing {{c1::smoothly}} again.<br>The engine was running {{c1::smoothly}}.<br>The
interview <span class=""cl""><strong>went {{c1::smoothly}}</strong><br>My job is to
see that everything runs {{c1::smoothly}} and according to plan.<br>" 1553
yawn há miệng; cử chỉ ngáp noun danh từ /jɔːn/ [sound:z_yawn__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_yawn__us_1.wav] She stifled another {{c1::yawn}} and tried hard
to look interested.<br>The meeting was one big {{c1::yawn}} from start to
finish.<br> 1553
coldly "lạnh nhạt, hờ hững, vô tâm" adverb phó từ /ˈkəʊldli/
[sound:z_coldly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_coldly__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>stare/smile/reply {{c1::coldly}}</strong><br>" 1554
danger "sự nguy hiểm, mối hiểm nghèo; nguy cơ, mối đe dọa" noun danh từ
/ˈdeɪndʒə(r)/ [sound:z_danger__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_danger__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::danger}}! Keep Out!<br>Children's lives are <span
class=""cl""><strong>in {{c1::danger}}</strong><br>animals in {{c1::danger}} of
extinction<br>Doctors said she is now <span class=""cl""><strong>out of
{{c1::danger}}</strong><br>" 1554
faucet vòi (ở thùng rượu....) noun danh từ /ˈfɔːsɪt/
[sound:z_faucet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_faucet__us_1.wav] "the <span
class=""cl""><strong>hot/cold {{c1::faucet}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>turn a {{c1::faucet}} on/off</strong><br>" 1554
welcome "chào mừng, hoan nghênh" verb "động từ, tính từ" /ˈwelkəm/
[sound:z_welcome__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_welcome__us_1.wav] {{c1::welcome}}
home!<br>{{c1::welcome}} to Oxford!<br>Good evening everybody. {{c1::welcome}} to
the show!<br> 1555
domestic "vật nuôi trong nhà, (thuộc) nội trợ, quốc nội" adjective tính
từ /dəˈmestɪk/ [sound:z_domestic__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_domestic__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::domestic}} affairs/politics</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::domestic}} flights</strong><br>Output consists of both
exports and sales on the {{c1::domestic}} market.<br>{{c1::domestic}}
appliances<br>" 1556
decay "tình trạng suy tàn, suy sụp, tình trạng đô nát" verb động từ /dɪ
ˈkeɪ/ [sound:z_decay__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_decay__us_1.wav] {{c1::decay}}ing
leaves/teeth/food<br>{{c1::decay}}ing inner city areas<br>{{c1::decay}}ing
standards of morality<br> 1558
lazy lười biếng adjective tính từ /ˈleɪzi/ [sound:z_lazy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lazy__us_1.wav] "He was not stupid, just {{c1::lazy}}.<br>I was
feeling too {{c1::lazy}} to go out.<br>We spent a {{c1::lazy}} day on the
beach.<br>a {{c1::lazy}} piece of work<br>" 1558
literature "văn chương, văn học" noun danh từ /ˈlɪtrətʃə(r)/
[sound:z_literature__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_literature__us_1.wav]
"French {{c1::literature}}<br>great <span class=""cl""><strong>works of
{{c1::literature}}</strong><br>I've read all the available {{c1::literature}} on
keeping rabbits.<br>sales {{c1::literature}}<br>" 1558
rain "mưa, cơn mưa; mưa" noun "danh từ, động từ" /reɪn/
[sound:z_rain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_rain__us_1.wav] Is it
{{c1::rain}}ing?<br>It had been {{c1::rain}}ing hard all night.<br>It hardly
{{c1::rain}}ed at all last summer.<br>It started to {{c1::rain}}.<br> 1559
desire "ước muốn; thèm muốn, ao ước" noun "danh từ, động từ" /dɪ
ˈzaɪə(r)/ [sound:z_desire__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_desire__us_1.wav] "We all
{{c1::desire}} health and happiness.<br>The house had everything you could
{{c1::desire}}.<br>The dessert can be topped with cream, <span
class=""cl""><strong>if {{c1::desire}}d</strong><br>The medicine did not achieve
<span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::desire}}d effect</strong><br>" 1560
definite "xác định, định rõ, rõ ràng" adjective tính từ /ˈdefɪnət/
[sound:z_definite__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_definite__us_1.wav] "Can you give me a
{{c1::definite}} answer by tomorrow?<br>Is it {{c1::definite}} that he's leaving?
<br>I've heard rumours, but nothing {{c1::definite}}.<br>a {{c1::definite}} offer
of a job<br>" 1562
disapprove "không tán thành, phan đối, chê" verb động từ /ˌdɪsəˈpruːv/
[sound:z_disapprove__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disapprove__us_1.wav] "She
wants to be an actress, but her parents {{c1::disapprove}}.<br>He <span
class=""cl""><strong>strongly {{c1::disapprove}}d</strong><br>A solid majority
{{c1::disapprove}}s the way the president is handling the controversy.<br>" 1562
injury "sự làm tôn thương, làm hại; điều hại, điều tôn hại" noun danh từ
/ˈɪndʒəri/ [sound:z_injury__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_injury__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>serious {{c1::injury}}/injuries</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>minor injuries</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>sustain injuries/an {{c1::injury}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>escape {{c1::injury}}</strong><br>" 1562
respect "sự kính trọng, sự lễ phép; tôn trọng, kính trọng, khâm phục" noun
"động từ, giới từ, danh từ" /rɪˈspekt/ [sound:z_respect__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_respect__us_1.wav] "I {{c1::respect}} Jack's opinion on most
subjects.<br>a much loved and <span class=""cl""><strong>highly
{{c1::respect}}ed</strong><br>She had always been honest with me, and I
{{c1::respect}} her for that.<br>to {{c1::respect}} other people's property<br>"
morally có đạo đức adverb phó từ /ˈmɒrəli/
[sound:z_morally__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_morally__us_1.wav] "to act
{{c1::morally}}<br><span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::morally}}
right/wrong/justified/unacceptable</strong><br>He felt {{c1::morally}} responsible
for the accident.<br>" 1564
northern Bắc adjective tính từ /ˈnɔːðən/ [sound:z_northern__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_northern__us_1.wav] the {{c1::northern}} slopes of the
mountains<br>{{c1::northern}} Scotland<br>a {{c1::northern}} accent<br> 1564
paint "sơn, vôi màu; sơn, quét sơn" verb "động từ, danh từ" /peɪnt/
[sound:z_paint__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_paint__us_1.wav] We've had the
house {{c1::paint}}ed.<br>{{c1::paint}} the shed with weather-resistant
{{c1::paint}}.<br>a brightly {{c1::paint}}ed barge<br>The walls were
{{c1::paint}}ed yellow.<br> 1566
thickness "tính chất dày, độ dày, bề dày" noun danh từ /ˈθɪknəs/
[sound:z_thickness__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thickness__us_1.wav] "Use wood of at
least 12 mm {{c1::thickness}}.<br>Cook for about 10 minutes, depending on the
{{c1::thickness}} of the steaks.<br>Roll out the pastry to a {{c1::thickness}} of 1
cm.<br>The walls are at least two feet in {{c1::thickness}}.<br>" 1566
fuel "chất đốt, nhiên liệu" noun danh từ /ˈfjuːəl/ [sound:z_fuel__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fuel__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>solid
{{c1::fuel}}</strong><br>nuclear {{c1::fuel}}s<br>a car with high <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::fuel}} consumption</strong><br>Domestic {{c1::fuel}}
bills are set to rise again in the autumn.<br>" 1567
latest "muộn nhất, mới nhất" noun danh từ /ˈleɪtɪst/
[sound:z_latest__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_latest__us_1.wav] This is the
{{c1::latest}} in robot technology.<br>Have you heard the {{c1::latest}}?
<br>Applications should be in by next Monday at the {{c1::latest}}.<br> 1567
leaf lá cây noun danh từ /liːf/ [sound:z_leaf__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_leaf__us_1.wav] "lettuce/cabbage/oak leaves<br>The trees are
just <span class=""cl""><strong>coming into {{c1::leaf}}</strong><br>the dead
leaves of autumn/the fall<br>a four-{{c1::leaf}} clover<br>" 1568
navy hai quân noun danh từ /ˈneɪvi/ [sound:z_navy__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_navy__us_1.wav] "the British and German navies<br>He's joined
<span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::navy}}/the {{c1::navy}}</strong><br>an officer
in <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::navy}}/the {{c1::navy}}</strong><br>The
{{c1::navy}} is/are considering buying six new warships.<br>" 1568
dry "khô, cạn; làm khô, sấy khô" adjective "tính từ, động từ" /draɪ/
[sound:z_dry__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dry__us_1.wav] He did the laundry and hung
it out to {{c1::dry}}.<br />Be careful. The paint hasn't {{c1::dried}} yet.<br
/>You wash the dishes and I'll {{c1::dry}}.<br />Use this towel to {{c1::dry}} your
hands.<br /> 1570
instruction "sự dạy, tài liệu cung cấp" noun danh từ /ɪnˈstrʌkʃn/
[sound:z_instruction__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_instruction__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>Follow the {{c1::instruction}}s</strong><br>Always <span
class=""cl""><strong>read the {{c1::instruction}}s</strong><br>The plant comes with
<span class=""cl""><strong>full {{c1::instruction}}s</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>ignore/carry out somebody's {{c1::instruction}}s</strong><br>"
pool "vũng nước; bể bơi, hồ bơi" noun danh từ /puːl/
[sound:z_pool__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pool__us_1.wav] "Does the hotel
have a {{c1::pool}}?<br>relaxing by the {{c1::pool}}<br>freshwater
{{c1::pool}}s<br>a rock {{c1::pool}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::pool}}_1__32"">(= between rocks by the sea)<br>"1574
climb "leo, trèo" verb động từ /klaɪm/ [sound:z_climb__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_climb__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::climb}} a
mountain/hill/tree/wall<br>She {{c1::climb}}ed up the stairs.<br>The car slowly
{{c1::climb}}ed the hill.<br>As they {{c1::climb}}ed higher, the air became
cooler.<br>" 1575
ex- "(vợ, người yêu...) cũ, trước" prefix tiền tố /eks/
[sound:z_ex__1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_ex__1_us_1.wav]
{{c1::ex-}}wife<br>{{c1::ex-}}president<br> 1575
relaxing "làm giam, bớt căng thẳng" adjective tính từ /rɪˈlæksɪŋ/
[sound:z_relaxing__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_relaxing__us_1.wav] a {{c1::relaxing}}
evening with friends<br> 1575
sweet "ngọt, có vị ngọt; sự ngọt bùi, đồ ngọt" adjective tính từ /swiːt/
[sound:z_sweet__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_sweet__us_1.wav] a packet of boiled
{{c1::sweet}}s<br>a {{c1::sweet}} shop<br>I haven't made a {{c1::sweet}}
today.<br>Would you like some more {{c1::sweet}}?<br> 1576
jealous "ghen,, ghen tị" adjective tính từ /ˈdʒeləs/
[sound:z_jealous__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_jealous__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::jealous}} wife/husband</strong><br>He's only talking to
her to make you {{c1::jealous}}.<br>She's {{c1::jealous}} of my
success.<br>Children often feel {{c1::jealous}} when a new baby arrives.<br>"
engine "máy, động cơ" noun danh từ /ˈendʒɪn/
[sound:z_engine__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_engine__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>diesel/petrol {{c1::engine}}</strong><br>My car had to have a
new {{c1::engine}}.<br>{{c1::engine}} trouble<br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>switched/turned the {{c1::engine}}</strong><br>" 1578
salt muối noun danh từ /sɔːlt/ [sound:z_salt__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_salt__us_1.wav] "Pass the {{c1::salt}}, please.<br>a pinch of
{{c1::salt}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::salt}}_1__25"">(= a small amount of
it)<br>Season with {{c1::salt}} and pepper.<br>sea {{c1::salt}}<br>" 1580
expand "mở rộng, phát triển, nở, giãn ra" verb động từ /ɪkˈspænd/
[sound:z_expand__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_expand__us_1.wav] Metals
{{c1::expand}} when they are heated.<br>Student numbers are {{c1::expand}}ing
rapidly.<br>A child's vocabulary {{c1::expand}}s through reading.<br>The waist
{{c1::expand}}s to fit all sizes.<br> 1581
oddly "kỳ quăc, kỳ cục, lẻ (số)" adverb phó từ /ˈɒdli/
[sound:z_oddly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_oddly__us_1.wav] "She's been
behaving very {{c1::oddly}} lately.<br>{{c1::oddly}} coloured clothes<br>He looked
at her in a way she found {{c1::oddly}} disturbing.<br>She felt, {{c1::oddly}},
that they had been happier when they had no money.<br>" 1581
importance "sự quan trọng, tầm quan trọng" noun danh từ /ɪmˈpɔːtns/
[sound:z_importance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_importance__us_1.wav] "She
<span class=""cl""><strong>stressed the {{c1::importance}} of</strong><br>It's a
matter <span class=""cl""><strong>of</strong><br>They <span
class=""cl""><strong>attach</strong><br>the relative {{c1::importance}} of the two
ideas<br>" 1582
metal kim loại noun danh từ /ˈmetl/ [sound:z_metal__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_metal__us_1.wav] "a piece of {{c1::metal}}<br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::metal}} pipe/bar/box</strong><br>The frame is made of
{{c1::metal}}.<br>" 1583
fat "béo, béo bở; mỡ, chất béo" noun "danh từ, tính từ" /fæt/
[sound:z_fat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_fat__us_1.wav] excess body
{{c1::fat}}<br>This ham has too much {{c1::fat}} on it.<br>Cook the meat in shallow
{{c1::fat}}.<br>You should cut down on {{c1::fat}}s and carbohydrates.<br> 1584
chat "nói chuyện, tán gẫu; chuyện phiếm, chuyện gẫu" noun danh từ /tʃæt/
[sound:z_chat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_chat__us_1.wav] I just called in
for a {{c1::chat}}.<br>I had a long {{c1::chat}} with her.<br>That's enough
{{c1::chat}} from me—on with the music!<br>{{c1::chat}} software<br> 1585
ticket vé noun danh từ /ˈtɪkɪt/ [sound:z_ticket__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_ticket__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>bus/theatre/plane, etc. {{c1::ticket}}</strong><br>free
{{c1::ticket}}s to the show<br>{{c1::ticket}}s are available from the Arts Centre
at £5.00.<br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::ticket}}
office/machine/collector</strong><br>" 1585
judgement sự xét xử noun danh từ /ˈdʒʌdʒmənt/
[sound:z_judgement__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_judgement__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>good/poor/sound {{c1::judgement}}</strong><br>She showed a
lack of {{c1::judgement}} when she gave Mark the job.<br>It's not something I can
give you rules for; you'll have to use your {{c1::judgement}}.<br>He achieved his
aim <span class=""cl""><strong>more by luck than {{c1::judgement}}</strong><br>"
software phần mềm (m.tính) noun danh từ /ˈsɒftweə(r)/
[sound:z_software__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_software__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>application/system {{c1::software}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>design/educational/music-sharing, etc.
{{c1::software}}</strong><br>to <span
class=""cl""><strong>install/run</strong><br>Will the <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::software}} run</strong><br>" 1586
useless "vô ích, vô dụng" adjective tính từ /ˈjuːsləs/
[sound:z_useless__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_useless__us_1.wav] This pen is
{{c1::useless}}.<br>He knew it was {{c1::useless}} to protest.<br>It's
{{c1::useless}} worrying about it.<br>The quality ranged from acceptable to worse
than {{c1::useless}}.<br> 1586
disappear "biến mất, biến đi" verb động từ /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/
[sound:z_disappear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_disappear__us_1.wav] "The plane
{{c1::disappear}}ed behind a cloud.<br>Lisa watched until the train <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::disappear}}ed from view</strong><br>Her nervousness
quickly {{c1::disappear}}ed once she was on stage.<br>The problem won't just
{{c1::disappear}}.<br>" 1587
stressed "bị căng thẳng, bị ép, bị căng" adjective tính từ /strest/
[sound:z_stressed__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_stressed__us_1.wav] He was feeling
very {{c1::stressed}} and tired.<br>{{c1::stressed}} metal<br> 1587
deaf "điếc, làm thinh, làm ngơ" adjective tính từ /def/
[sound:z_deaf__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_deaf__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>become/go {{c1::deaf}}</strong><br>She was born
{{c1::deaf}}.<br>partially {{c1::deaf}}<br>television subtitles for the
{{c1::deaf}} and hard of hearing<br>" 1588
dislike "không thích, không ưa, ghét" "verb, noun" "động từ, danh từ"
/dɪsˈlaɪk/ [sound:z_dislike__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_dislike__us_1.wav] "He
did not try to hide his {{c1::dislike}} of his boss.<br>She <span
class=""cl""><strong>took an instant {{c1::dislike}} to</strong><br>I've told you
all my <span class=""cl""><strong>likes and {{c1::dislike}}s</strong><br>" 1588
strange "xa lạ, chưa quen" adjective tính từ /streɪndʒ/
[sound:z_strange__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_strange__us_1.wav] A {{c1::strange}}
thing happened this morning.<br>She was looking at me in a very {{c1::strange}}
way.<br>It's {{c1::strange}} (that) we haven't heard from him.<br>It's
{{c1::strange}} how childhood impressions linger.<br> 1589
wounded bị thương adjective tính từ /ˈwuːndɪd/
[sound:z_wounded__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_wounded__us_1.wav] "{{c1::wounded}}
soldiers<br><span class=""cl""><strong>seriously {{c1::wounded}}</strong><br>There
were 79 killed and 230 {{c1::wounded}}.<br>{{c1::wounded}} pride<br>" 1589
lip môi noun danh từ /lɪp/ [sound:z_lip__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_lip__us_1.wav]
"The assistant pursed her {{c1::lip}}s.<br>your <span
class=""cl""><strong>upper/lower/top/bottom {{c1::lip}}</strong><br>She kissed him
<span class=""cl""><strong>on the {{c1::lip}}s</strong><br>Not a drop of alcohol
<span class=""cl""><strong>passed my {{c1::lip}}s</strong><br>" 1590
cheque séc noun danh từ /tʃek/ [sound:z_cheque__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_cheque__us_1.wav] a {{c1::cheque}} for £50<br>to write a
{{c1::cheque}}<br>to make a {{c1::cheque}} out to somebody<br>to pay by
{{c1::cheque}}<br> 1591
reading "việc đọc, sự đọc sách" noun danh từ /ˈriːdɪŋ/
[sound:z_reading__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_reading__us_1.wav] "My hobbies
include {{c1::reading}} and painting.<br>He needs more help with his
{{c1::reading}}.<br>Are you any good at map {{c1::reading}}?<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::reading}} glasses</strong><br>" 1591
urban "(thuộc) thành phố, khu vực" adjective tính từ /ˈɜːbən/
[sound:z_urban__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_urban__us_1.wav] "damage to both
{{c1::urban}} and rural environments<br>{{c1::urban}} areas<br>{{c1::urban}}
life<br>{{c1::urban}} development <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::urban}}__16"">(=
the process of building towns and cities or making them larger)<br>" 1592
worst "tệ nhất, tồi nhất, xấu nhất" noun danh từ /wɜːst/
[sound:z_worst__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_worst__us_1.wav] "The {{c1::worst}}
of the storm was over.<br>When they did not hear from her, they <span
class=""cl""><strong>feared the {{c1::worst}}</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>The {{c1::worst}} of it</strong><br>He was always optimistic,
even when things were <span class=""cl""><strong>at their
{{c1::worst}}</strong><br>" 1592
mental "(thuộc) trí tuệ, trí óc; mất trí" adjective tính từ /ˈmentl/
[sound:z_mental__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_mental__us_1.wav] "the
{{c1::mental}} process of remembering<br>Do you have a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mental}} picture</strong><br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>made a {{c1::mental}} note</strong><br>He has a complete <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::mental}} block</strong><br>" 1593
arms "vũ khí, binh giới, binh khí" noun danh từ /ɑːmz/
[sound:z_arms__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_arms__us_1.wav] "{{c1::arms}} and
ammunition<br>Police officers in the UK do not usually <span
class=""cl""><strong>carry {{c1::arms}}</strong><br>the King's {{c1::arms}} <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::arms}}__25"">(= used as the name of a pub)<br>The
government called on the terrorists to lay down their {{c1::arms}}.<br>" 1594
increasingly tăng thêm adverb phó từ /ɪnˈkriːsɪŋli/
[sound:z_increasingly__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_increasingly__us_1.wav]
"{{c1::increasingly}} difficult/important/popular<br>It is becoming
{{c1::increasingly}} clear that this problem will not be easily
solved.<br>{{c1::increasingly}}, training is taking place in the office rather than
outside it.<br>" 1594
thief "kẻ trộm, kẻ cắp" noun danh từ /θiːf/ [sound:z_thief__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_thief__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>car/jewel, etc.
{{c1::thief}}</strong><br>" 1594
lunch bữa ăn trưa noun danh từ /lʌntʃ/ [sound:z_lunch__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_lunch__us_1.wav] "She's gone to {{c1::lunch}}.<br>I'm ready for
some {{c1::lunch}}.<br>What shall we have <span class=""cl""><strong>for
{{c1::lunch}}</strong><br>We serve hot and cold {{c1::lunch}}es.<br>" 1595
i.e. "nghĩa là, tức là ( Id est)" abbreviation từ viết tắt /ˌaɪ ˈiː/
[sound:z_i_e__1_gb_1.wav] [sound:z_i_e__1_us_1.wav] "the basic
essentials of l{{c1::i.e.}} {{c1::i.e.}} housing, food and water<br>" 1596
scissors cái kéo noun danh từ /ˈsɪzəz/ [sound:z_scissors__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_scissors__us_1.wav] a pair of {{c1::scissors}}<br>The legs move in
a scissor action.<br> 1596
somewhere nơi nào đó. đâu đó adverb phó từ /ˈsʌmweə(r)/
[sound:z_somewhere__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_somewhere__us_1.wav] "I've seen him
{{c1::somewhere}} before.<br>Can we go {{c1::somewhere}} warm?<br>I've already
looked there—it must be <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::somewhere}}
else</strong><br>He went to school in York <span class=""cl""><strong>or
{{c1::somewhere}}</strong><br>" 1597
farmer "nông dân, người chủ trại" noun danh từ /ˈfɑːmə(r)/
[sound:z_farmer__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_farmer__us_1.wav] There is no
example for the word: {{c1::farmer}} 1598
keen "sắc, bén, nhạy bén, nhiệt tình, say mê" adjective tính từ /kiːn/
[sound:z_keen__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_keen__us_1.wav] John was very
{{c1::keen}} to help.<br>We are {{c1::keen}} that our school should get involved
too.<br>I wasn't too {{c1::keen}} on going to the party.<br>a {{c1::keen}}
sportsman<br> 1598
further "xa hơn nữa; thêm, thêm nữa" adjective tính từ /ˈfɜːðə(r)/
[sound:z_further__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_further__us_1.wav] Cook for a
{{c1::further}} 2 minutes.<br>Have you any {{c1::further}} questions?<br>For
{{c1::further}} details call this number.<br>We have decided to take no
{{c1::further}} action.<br> 1599
qualification "phâm chất, năng lực; kha năng chuyên môn" noun danh từ
/ˌkwɒlɪfɪˈkeɪʃn/ [sound:z_qualification__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_qualification__us_1.wav] "<span
{{c1::qualification}}s</strong><br>a <span class=""cl""><strong>nursing/teaching,
etc. {{c1::qualification}}</strong><br>He left school with no <span
class=""cl""><strong>formal {{c1::qualification}}s</strong><br>to <span
{{c1::qualification}}s</strong><br>" 1599
god "thần, Chúa" noun danh từ /ɡɒd/ [sound:z_god__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_god__us_1.wav] "Do you <span class=""cl""><strong>believe in
{{c1::god}}</strong><br>Good luck and <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::god}} bless
you</strong><br>the Son of {{c1::god}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::god}}__23"">(=
Christ)<br>I swear by Almighty {{c1::god}} that the evidence I shall give… <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::god}}__25"">(= in a court of law)<br>" 1600
bin "thùng, thùng đựng rượu" noun danh từ /bɪn/ [sound:z_bin__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_bin__us_1.wav] a rubbish {{c1::bin}}<br>a bread {{c1::bin}}<br>
sugar đường noun danh từ /ˈʃʊɡə(r)/ [sound:z_sugar__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sugar__us_1.wav] "a <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::sugar}}
plantation/refinery/bowl</strong><br>This juice contains <span
class=""cl""><strong>no added {{c1::sugar}}</strong><br>Do you <span
class=""cl""><strong>take {{c1::sugar}}</strong><br>How many {{c1::sugar}}s do you
take in coffee?<br>" 1600
planet hành tinh noun danh từ /ˈplænɪt/ [sound:z_planet__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_planet__us_1.wav] the {{c1::planet}}s of our solar system<br>the
{{c1::planet}} Earth/Venus/Mars<br>the battle to save the {{c1::planet}}<br>He
thinks being a father is easy. What {{c1::planet}} is he on?<br> 1601
explore "thăm dò, thám hiểm" verb động từ /ɪkˈsplɔː(r)/
[sound:z_explore__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_explore__us_1.wav] "The city is best
{{c1::explore}}d on foot.<br>They {{c1::explore}}d the land to the south of the
Murray River.<br>As soon as we arrived on the island we were eager to
{{c1::explore}}.<br>companies exploring for <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::explore}}__23"">(= searching for)<br>" 1603
obtain "đạt được, giành được" verb động từ /əbˈteɪn/
[sound:z_obtain__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_obtain__us_1.wav] "to {{c1::obtain}}
advice/information/permission<br>I finally managed to {{c1::obtain}} a copy of the
report.<br>Further details can be {{c1::obtain}}ed by writing to the above
address.<br>To {{c1::obtain}} the overall score, add up the totals in each
column.<br>" 1604
enemy "kẻ thù, quân địch" noun danh từ /ˈenəmi/
[sound:z_enemy__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_enemy__us_1.wav] "He has a lot of
enemies in the company.<br>After just one day, she had already <span
class=""cl""><strong>made an {{c1::enemy}} of</strong><br>They used to be friends
but they are now <span class=""cl""><strong>sworn enemies</strong><br>It is rare to
find a prominent politician with few <span class=""cl""><strong>political
enemies</strong><br>" 1605
complex "phức tạp, rắc rối" adjective "tính từ, danh từ" /ˈkɒmpleks/
[sound:z_complex__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_complex__us_1.wav] {{c1::complex}}
machinery<br>the {{c1::complex}} structure of the human brain<br>a {{c1::complex}}
road system<br>a {{c1::complex}} argument/problem/subject<br> 1607
surround "vây quanh, bao quanh" verb động từ /səˈraʊnd/
[sound:z_surround__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_surround__us_1.wav] Tall trees
{{c1::surround}} the lake.<br>the membranes {{c1::surround}}ing the brain<br>As a
child I was {{c1::surround}}ed by love and kindness.<br>The lake is
{{c1::surround}}ed with/by trees.<br> 1608
invite "mời, rủ" verb động từ /ɪnˈvaɪt/ [sound:z_invite__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_invite__us_1.wav] Have you been {{c1::invite}}d to their party?
<br>I'd have liked to have gone but I wasn't {{c1::invite}}d.<br>They have
{{c1::invite}}d me to go to Paris with them.<br>Successful candidates will be
{{c1::invite}}d for interview next week.<br> 1610
repeat "nhắc lại, lăp lại" verb động từ /rɪˈpiːt/
[sound:z_repeat__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_repeat__us_1.wav] to {{c1::repeat}}
a question<br>I'm sorry—could you {{c1::repeat}} that?<br>She kept
{{c1::repeat}}ing his name softly over and over again.<br>The opposition have been
{{c1::repeat}}ing their calls for the president's resignation.<br> 1611
soul "tâm hồn, tâm trí, linh hồn" noun danh từ /səʊl/
[sound:z_soul__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_soul__us_1.wav] "He believed his
immortal {{c1::soul}} was in peril.<br>The howling wind sounded like the wailing of
lost {{c1::soul}}s <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::soul}}__18"">(= the spirits of
dead people who are not in heaven)<br>There was a feeling of restlessness deep in
her {{c1::soul}}.<br>the dark side of the human {{c1::soul}}<br>" 1613
scientific "(thuộc) khoa học, có tính khoa học" adjective tính từ /
ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk/ [sound:z_scientific__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_scientific__us_1.wav] "a {{c1::scientific}}
discovery<br>{{c1::scientific}} knowledge<br>sites of {{c1::scientific}}
interest<br>He took a very <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::scientific}}
approach</strong><br>" 1614
impossible "không thể làm được, không thể xay ra" adjective tính từ /ɪm
ˈpɒsəbl/ [sound:z_impossible__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_impossible__us_1.wav]
"<span class=""cl""><strong>almost/virtually
{{c1::impossible}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>It's {{c1::impossible}}
for</strong><br>It's {{c1::impossible}} to prove.<br>I <span
class=""cl""><strong>find it {{c1::impossible}}</strong><br>" 1615
panel "ván ô (cửa, tường), pa nô" noun danh từ /ˈpænl/
[sound:z_panel__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_panel__us_1.wav] One of the glass
{{c1::panel}}s in the front door was cracked.<br>The trousers have double thickness
knee {{c1::panel}}s for extra protection.<br>an advisory {{c1::panel}}<br>a
{{c1::panel}} of experts<br> 1616
meaning "nghĩa, ý nghĩa" noun danh từ /ˈmiːnɪŋ/
[sound:z_meaning__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_meaning__us_1.wav] "What's the
{{c1::meaning}} of this word?<br>Words often have several
{{c1::meaning}}s.<br>‘Honesty’? He doesn't <span class=""cl""><strong>know the
{{c1::meaning}} of the word</strong><br>I don't quite <span
class=""cl""><strong>get your {{c1::meaning}}</strong><br>"1617
married "cưới, kết hôn" adjective tính từ /ˈmærid/
[sound:z_married__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_married__us_1.wav] "a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::married}} man/woman</strong><br>Is he {{c1::married}}?
<br>a happily {{c1::married}} couple<br>She's <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::married}} to</strong><br>" 1619
instrument dụng cụ âm nhạc khí noun danh từ /ˈɪnstrəmənt/
[sound:z_instrument__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_instrument__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>surgical/optical/precision, etc.
{{c1::instrument}}s</strong><br>{{c1::instrument}}s of torture<br>Is he learning an
{{c1::instrument}}?<br><span class=""cl""><strong>brass/stringed, etc.
{{c1::instrument}}s</strong><br>" 1621
predict "báo trước, tiên đoán, dự báo" verb động từ /prɪˈdɪkt/
[sound:z_predict__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_predict__us_1.wav] a reliable method
of {{c1::predict}}ing earthquakes<br>Nobody could {{c1::predict}} the
outcome.<br>The party is {{c1::predict}}ing a majority of 20 seats.<br>It is
impossible to {{c1::predict}} what will happen.<br> 1622
weather thời tiết noun danh từ /ˈweðə(r)/ [sound:z_weather__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_weather__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>hot/cold/wet/fine/summer/windy, etc.
{{c1::weather}}</strong><br>Did you have <span class=""cl""><strong>good
{{c1::weather}}</strong><br>I'm not going out in this {{c1::weather}}!<br>There's
going to be <span class=""cl""><strong>a change in the
{{c1::weather}}</strong><br>" 1623
emotional "cam động, xúc động, xúc cam; dễ cam động, dễ xúc cam" adjective
tính từ /ɪˈməʊʃənl/ [sound:z_emotional__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_emotional__us_1.wav] "<span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::emotional}}
problems/needs</strong><br>{{c1::emotional}} stress<br>a child's {{c1::emotional}}
and intellectual development<br>Mothers are often the ones who provide <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::emotional}} support</strong><br>" 1625
commitment "sự phạm tội, sự tận tụy, tận tâm" noun danh từ /kəˈmɪtmənt/
[sound:z_commitment__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_commitment__us_1.wav] "She
doesn't want to <span class=""cl""><strong>make a</strong><br>the government's
{{c1::commitment}} to public services<br>The company's {{c1::commitment}} to
providing quality at a reasonable price has been vital to its success.<br>A career
as an actor requires one hundred per cent {{c1::commitment}}.<br>" 1626
bear "mang, cầm, vác, đeo, ôm" verb "động từ, danh từ" /beə(r)/
[sound:z_bear__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_bear__us_1.wav] "The pain was
almost more than he could {{c1::bear}}.<br>She <span class=""cl""><strong>couldn't
{{c1::bear}} the thought of</strong><br>I can't {{c1::bear}} having cats in the
house.<br>He can't {{c1::bear}} being laughed at.<br>" 1628
pocket "túi (quần áo), túi tiền" noun danh từ /ˈpɒkɪt/
[sound:z_pocket__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_pocket__us_1.wav] "a coat
{{c1::pocket}}<br>I put the note in my {{c1::pocket}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Turn out your {{c1::pocket}}s</strong><br>Take your hands out
of your {{c1::pocket}}s!<br>" 1629
thin "mỏng, manh" adjective tính từ /θɪn/ [sound:z_thin__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_thin__us_1.wav] "Cut the vegetables into {{c1::thin}}
strips.<br>A number of {{c1::thin}} cracks appeared in the wall.<br>The body was
hidden beneath a {{c1::thin}} layer of soil.<br>a {{c1::thin}} blouse <span
class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::thin}}_1__25"">(= of light cloth)<br>" 1630
temperature nhiệt độ noun danh từ /ˈtemprətʃə(r)/
[sound:z_temperature__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_temperature__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>high/low {{c1::temperature}}s</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>fall/drop in {{c1::temperature}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>rise in {{c1::temperature}}</strong><br>The
{{c1::temperature}} has risen (by) five degrees.<br>" 1631
surprise "sự ngạc nhiên, sự bất ngờ; làm ngạc nhiên, gây bất ngờ" noun "danh
từ, động từ" /səˈpraɪz/ [sound:z_surprise__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_surprise__us_1.wav] It wouldn't {{c1::surprise}} me if they got
married soon.<br>It's always {{c1::surprise}}d me how popular he is.<br>It
{{c1::surprise}}s me that you've never sung professionally.<br>Would it
{{c1::surprise}} you to know that I'm thinking of leaving?<br> 1632
proposal "sự đề nghị, đề xuất" noun danh từ /prəˈpəʊzl/
[sound:z_proposal__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_proposal__us_1.wav] "to <span
class=""cl""><strong>submit/consider/accept/reject a {{c1::proposal}}</strong><br>a
{{c1::proposal}} to build more office accommodation<br>His {{c1::proposal}} that
the system should be changed was rejected.<br>They judged that the time was right
for the {{c1::proposal}} of new terms for the trade agreement.<br>" 1634
consequence "kết qua, hậu qua" noun danh từ /ˈkɒnsɪkwəns/
[sound:z_xconsequence__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconsequence__us_1.wav] "This
decision could have <span class=""cl""><strong>serious
{{c1::consequence}}s</strong><br>Two hundred people lost their jobs <span
class=""cl""><strong>as a</strong><br>He drove too fast with tragic
{{c1::consequence}}s.<br>to <span class=""cl""><strong>suffer/face/take the
{{c1::consequence}}s</strong><br>" 1635
breath "hơi thở, hơi" noun danh từ /breθ/
[sound:z_breath__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_breath__us_1.wav] "His
{{c1::breath}} smelt of garlic.<br>bad {{c1::breath}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::breath}}__16"">(= that smells bad)<br>We had to stop for {{c1::breath}}
before we got to the top.<br>She was very <span class=""cl""><strong>short of
{{c1::breath}}</strong><br>" 1637
sight canh đẹp; sự nhìn noun danh từ /saɪt/ [sound:z_sight__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_sight__us_1.wav] "to lose your {{c1::sight}} <span class=""gl""
id=""{{c1::sight}}_1__22"">(= to become blind)<br>She has very good
{{c1::sight}}.<br>The disease has affected her {{c1::sight}}.<br>He has very little
{{c1::sight}} in his right eye.<br>" 1638
balance "cái cân; làm cho cân bằng, tương xứng" noun "danh từ, động từ"
/ˈbæləns/ [sound:z_balance__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_balance__us_1.wav] How
long can you {{c1::balance}} on one leg?<br>The television was precariously
{{c1::balance}}d on top of a pile of books.<br>She {{c1::balance}}d the cup on her
knee.<br>The good and bad effects of any decision will usually {{c1::balance}}
out.<br> 1640
adopt "nhận làm con nuôi, bố mẹ nuôi" verb động từ /əˈdɒpt/
[sound:z_adopt__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_adopt__us_1.wav] a campaign to
encourage childless couples to {{c1::adopt}}<br>to {{c1::adopt}} a child<br>She was
forced to have her baby {{c1::adopt}}ed.<br>All three teams {{c1::adopt}}ed
different approaches to the problem.<br> 1641
minority "phần ít, thiểu số" noun danh từ /maɪˈnɒrəti/
[sound:z_minority__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_minority__us_1.wav] "Only a small
{{c1::minority}} of students is/are interested in politics these days.<br>For a
{{c1::minority}}, the decision was a disappointment.<br>{{c1::minority}}
shareholders in the bank<br>the rights of <span class=""cl""><strong>ethnic/racial
minorities</strong><br>" 1642
straight "thẳng, không cong" adverb "phó từ, tính từ" /streɪt/
[sound:z_straight__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_straight__us_1.wav] "a
{{c1::straight}} line<br>a {{c1::straight}} road<br>long {{c1::straight}} hair
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::straight}}_2__24"">(= without curls)<br>a boat
sailing <span class=""cl""><strong>in a {{c1::straight}} line</strong><br>" 1643
connect "kết nối, liên kết" verb động từ /kəˈnekt/
[sound:z_xconnect__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_xconnect__us_1.wav] "The towns are
{{c1::connect}}ed by train and bus services.<br>The canal was built to
{{c1::connect}} Sheffield with the Humber estuary.<br>a {{c1::connect}}ing door
<span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::connect}}__23"">(= one that {{c1::connect}}s two
rooms)<br>The rooms on this floor {{c1::connect}}.<br>" 1645
teaching "sự dạy, công việc dạy học" noun danh từ /ˈtiːtʃɪŋ/
[sound:z_teaching__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_teaching__us_1.wav] "She wants to go
into {{c1::teaching}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::teaching}}__15"">(= make it a
career)<br>the {{c1::teaching}} profession<br>He has now retired from full-time
{{c1::teaching}}<br>How much {{c1::teaching}} do you actually do?<br>" 1647
belong "thuộc về, của, thuộc quyền sở hữu" verb động từ /bɪˈlɒŋ/
[sound:z_belong__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_belong__us_1.wav] "Where do these
plates {{c1::belong}} <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::belong}}__19"">(= where are
they kept)<br>Are you sure these documents {{c1::belong}} together?<br>Several of
the points you raise do not {{c1::belong}} in this discussion.<br>A person like
that does not {{c1::belong}} in teaching.<br>" 1648
aid "sự giúp đỡ; thêm vào, phụ vào" noun "danh từ, động từ" /eɪd/
[sound:z_aid__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_aid__us_1.wav] "The new test should
{{c1::aid}} in the early detection of the disease.<br>This feature is designed to
{{c1::aid}} inexperienced users.<br>{{c1::aid}}ed by heat and strong winds, the
fire quickly spread.<br>Some perfumes {{c1::aid}} restful sleep.<br>" 1649
advice "lời khuyên, lời chỉ bao" noun danh từ /ədˈvaɪs/
[sound:z_advice__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_advice__us_1.wav] "{{c1::advice}} on
road safety<br>They <span class=""cl""><strong>give
{{c1::advice}}</strong><br><span class=""cl""><strong>Ask</strong><br><span
class=""cl""><strong>Follow</strong><br>" 1650
photograph bức anh; chụp anh noun "danh từ, động từ" /ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf/
[sound:z_photograph__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_photograph__us_1.wav] "He
has {{c1::photograph}}ed some of the world's most beautiful women.<br>a beautifully
{{c1::photograph}}ed book <span class=""gl"" id=""{{c1::photograph}}_2__19"">(=
with good {{c1::photograph}}s in it)<br>She refused to be {{c1::photograph}}ed
nude.<br>They were {{c1::photograph}}ed playing with their children.<br>" 1652
empty "trống, rỗng" adjective tính từ /ˈempti/
[sound:z_empty__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_empty__us_1.wav] "He emptied the
ashtrays, washed the glasses and went to bed.<br>He emptied his glass and asked for
a refill.<br>I emptied out my pockets but could not find my keys.<br>She emptied
the water out of the vase.<br>" 1653
regional "vùng, địa phương" adjective tính từ /ˈriːdʒənl/
[sound:z_regional__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_regional__us_1.wav] {{c1::regional}}
variations in pronunciation<br>the conflict between {{c1::regional}} and national
interests<br>{{c1::regional}} councils/elections/newspapers<br>{{c1::regional}}ly
based television companies<br> 1654
novel "tiểu thuyết, truyện" noun danh từ /ˈnɒvl/
[sound:z_novel__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_novel__us_1.wav] "to
write/publish/read a {{c1::novel}}<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>detective/historical/romantic {{c1::novel}}s</strong><br>the
{{c1::novel}}s of Jane Austen<br>" 1656
code "mật mã, luật, điều lệ" noun danh từ /kəʊd/ [sound:z_code__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_code__us_1.wav] "to <span class=""cl""><strong>break/crack a
{{c1::code}}</strong><br>It's written <span class=""cl""><strong>in
{{c1::code}}</strong><br>Tap your <span class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::code}}
number</strong><br>In the event of the machine not operating correctly, an <span
class=""cl""><strong>error {{c1::code}}</strong><br>" 1657
somehow "không biết làm sao, bằng cách này hay cách khác" adverb phó
từ /ˈsʌmhaʊ/ [sound:z_somehow__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_somehow__us_1.wav] "We
must stop him from seeing her {{c1::somehow}}.<br><span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::somehow}} or other</strong><br>{{c1::somehow}}, I don't
feel I can trust him.<br>She looked different {{c1::somehow}}.<br>" 1658
organize "tô chức, thiết lập" verb động từ /ˈɔːɡənaɪz/
[sound:z_organize__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_organize__us_1.wav] to
{{c1::organize}} a meeting/party/trip<br>I'll invite people if you can
{{c1::organize}} food and drinks.<br>Modern computers can {{c1::organize}} large
amounts of data very quickly.<br>You should try and {{c1::organize}} your time
better.<br> 1659
breast "ngực, vú" noun danh từ /brest/ [sound:z_breast__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_breast__us_1.wav] She put the baby to her
{{c1::breast}}.<br>{{c1::breast}} cancer<br>{{c1::breast}} milk<br>He cradled the
child against his {{c1::breast}}.<br> 1661
acknowledge "công nhận, thừa nhận" verb động từ /əkˈnɒlɪdʒ/
[sound:z_acknowledge__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_acknowledge__us_1.wav] She
refuses to {{c1::acknowledge}} the need for reform.<br>Are you prepared to
{{c1::acknowledge}} your responsibility?<br>a generally {{c1::acknowledge}}d
fact<br>I did not {{c1::acknowledge}} that he had done anything wrong.<br> 1664
theme "đề tài, chủ đề" noun danh từ /θiːm/ [sound:z_theme__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_theme__us_1.wav] "North American literature is the main
{{c1::theme}} of this year's festival.<br>The President stressed a favourite
campaign {{c1::theme}}—greater emphasis on education.<br>The naked male figure was
always the central {{c1::theme}} of Greek art.<br>The stories are all <span
class=""cl""><strong>variations on the {{c1::theme}}</strong><br>" 1665
storm "cơn giông, bão" noun danh từ /stɔːm/ [sound:z_storm__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_storm__us_1.wav] "<span
class=""cl""><strong>fierce/heavy/violent {{c1::storm}}s</strong><br>A few minutes
later <span class=""cl""><strong>the {{c1::storm}} broke</strong><br>I think we're
<span class=""cl""><strong>in for a {{c1::storm}}</strong><br>{{c1::storm}}
damage<br>" 1666
union "liên hiệp, sự đoàn kết, sự hiệp nhất" noun danh từ /ˈjuːniən/
[sound:z_union__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_union__us_1.wav] "I've <span
class=""cl""><strong>joined the {{c1::union}}</strong><br>a <span
class=""cl""><strong>{{c1::union}} member</strong><br>the Scottish Rugby
{{c1::union}}<br>the former Soviet {{c1::union}}<br>" 1667
desk "bàn (học sinh, viết, làm việc)" noun danh từ /desk/
[sound:z_desk__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_desk__us_1.wav] "He used to be a
pilot but now he has <span class=""cl""><strong>a {{c1::desk}} job</strong><br>the
check-in {{c1::desk}}<br>the reception {{c1::desk}}<br>the sports {{c1::desk}}<br>"
thanks "sự cam ơn, lời cam ơn" noun danh từ /θæŋks/
[sound:z_thanks__gb_1.wav] [sound:z_thanks__us_1.wav] How can I ever
express my {{c1::thanks}} to you for all you've done?<br>{{c1::thanks}} are due to
all those who worked so hard for so many months.<br>She murmured her
{{c1::thanks}}.<br>We gave {{c1::thanks}} to God for all our blessings.<br> 1671
fruit "qua, trái cây" noun danh từ /fruːt/ [sound:z_fruit__gb_1.wav]
[sound:z_fruit__us_1.wav] "tropical {{c1::fruit}}s, such as bananas and
pineapples<br>Eat plenty of fresh {{c1::fr