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I acknowledge my whole hearted thanks for his incessant & untiring effort in making my project a successful one. .Page.02 I am fortunate enough to focus my ides on the drastic scenario of the “GLOBAL WARMING” The Successful completion of this project would not have been possible without the amicable & ample guidance of the concerned subject teacher.

Page. 0406 08 11 070912-13 How to curb? . 01 Warming 02 03 04 Title / Topic Concept of Global Factors affecting Global Warming Monstrous effects Page no.03 Serial no.

It is like a house made up of glass in which sunlight reaches into it by passing through the transparent glass but the heat released in the form of infrared radiations is trapped in it by the glass. average Global temperature may rise to levels at which human survival at which human survival itself may be in question. It is also called as the green house effect. .04 Concept of “Global Warming”:Global Warming has become one of the burning issues of the world. We must understand the possible impact of these changes & must work together to solve those. Its effects are seen all over the world. The major gasses responsible for Global Warming are:Methane Carbon-dioxide Ozone Chlorofluorocarbons……… The term Global Warming can also be stated as the phenomenon of rise in temperature of environment resulting in the melting of icebergs& glaciers of extreme poles. It is therefore very important for us to understand the problems and to find ways to tackle it before it is too late. We need to grasp the changes taking place in the global climate system and the reason behind these changes. Humanity is facing its most serious existential crisis on planet earth which is witnessing its most dramatic climatic change since the ice age.Page. Apart from other effects.

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These gasses don’t allow the heat radiated by earth to go out of the earth’s atmosphere & hence.Page. . We also don’t switch off our lights & Fan & waste electric energy. Most factors are caused due to the carelessness or irresponsibility of human beings. Trees make the atmosphere cool by purifying air through their leaves but we the humans are deforesting for our own needs & the heat doesn’t reduce. The factors are: Industrialization Excessive use of automobiles or vehicles Excessive wastage of pure water Wastage of electricity Deforestation Traffic jam Large amount of harmful gasses are produced & released from the chimneys of factories & from the silencer pipes of automobiles. make the earth’s atmosphere hotter.07 Factors Leading to “Global Warming”:There are a number of factors contributing to the rise of Global Warming.

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It has great impact on the decline of agriculture. Due to this increased temperature.“Monstrous Effects”:Global Warming has spread its evil & monstrous effects at all over the world. dengue. will spread. yellow fever etc. The ecosystem is also getting imbalanced due to it.10 Page . Due to Global warming it has been observed that there is a huge rise in temperature of the atmosphere. which has led to the rise in sea level which has produced risks to the low land areas & to the coastal plains. Some of its most major effects are:Rise in atmospheric temperature Melting of glaciers & ice-bergs  Rise in sea level Insecurance of human’s health. famine. . for which each & every organism has to suffer. Humans are in a great risk of loosing their lives for global warming. floods etc… Diseases like. the quality of air has also declined. food productivity & supply & water quality. allergy with air etc… It has also led to drought.asthma. Rainfall patter has already changed. Due to this rise in temperature there is massive melting of glaciers. In humans many kind of respiratory diseases & allergies have also taken place like.malaria. Due to this green house effect many polar animals are also facing a large variety of problems. They are loosing their habitat as the ice goes on melting.

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.12 Page There are many steps which can be taken by government to curb Global Warming such as it can create awareness among the people. Mass Media can highlight the problems & . NGOs(Non Governmental Organizations) can introduce many effective steps like how to conserve rain water etc.

And the common people play a major role in tackling the problem... solar. Government can panelize the person who cuts tree..13 Page . Both Government.. heater & CNG Gas should be used instead of fuels like wood & coal.. Electricity should be generated from renewable sources including & can aware the people. NGOs.. Solar cooker. NGOs should also create awareness by rallies... radios etc. Government should launch CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles. wind. It can inspire people to plant trees. bio-energy etc. mass media & common people can play vital role in curbing Global Warming. They can bring about a massive change & can resolve the problem. . Movies. We should save energy recourses by recycling materials & not by wasting them. Maximum number of trees should be planted. The major Steps to be taken are: Minimizing the use of automobiles  Aforestation Minimizing industrialization….