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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and answers on c. 2.

Numerical Methods d. 2.312

In which of the following method, we approximate the The expected value of the random variable
curve of solution by the tangent in each interval. a. Will also be the most likely value of the random
a. Picard’s method variable
b. Euler’s method b. Is another term for the mean value
c. Newton’s method c. Is also called the variance
d. Runge Kutta method d. Cannot be greater than 1
(Ans:b) (Ans:b)

Jacobi’s method is also known as

a. Displacement method 1:
b. Simultaneous displacement method
c. Simultaneous method The convergence of which of the following method is sensitive to
d. Diagonal method starting value?

The number of significant digits in the number A. False position

204.020050 is
a. 5
b. 6 B. Gauss seidal method
c. 8
d. 9 C. Newton-Raphson method

In general the ratio of truncation error to that of round D. All of these

off error is
a. 2:1
b. 1:1 2:
c. 1:2 Newton-Raphson method is used to find the root of the equation
d. 1:3
(Ans:a) x2 - 2 = 0.
If iterations are started from - 1, then iterations will be
The convergence of which of the following method is
sensitive to starting value?
a. False position A. converge to -1
b. Gauss seidal method
c. Newton-Raphson method
d. All of these B. converge to √2
C. converge to -√2
To perform a Chi-square test
a. Data conform to a normal distribution
b. Data be measured on a nominal scale D. no coverage
c. Each cell has equal number of frequencies
d. All of these
(Ans:d) 3:
Which of the following statements applies to the bisection
In the Gauss elimination method for solving a system
of linear algebraic equations, triangularzation leads to method used for finding roots of functions?
a. Diagonal matrix
b. Lower triangular matrix
c. Upper triangular matrix A.Converges within a few iterations
d. Singular matrix
(Ans:c) B.Guaranteed to work for all continuous functions
Match the following:
A. Newton-Raphson 1. Integration C.Is faster than the Newton-Raphson method
B. Runge-kutta 2. Root finding
C. Gauss-seidel 3. Ordinary Differential Equations
D. Simpson’s Rule 4. Solution of system of Linear D.Requires that there be no error in determining the sign of the
Equations function
The correct sequence is
a. A2-B3-C4-D1
b. A3-B2-C1-D4 4:
c. A1-B4-C2-D3
We wish to solve x2 - 2 = 0 by Newton Raphson technique. If
d. A4-B1-C2-D3
(Ans:a) initial guess is x0 = 1.0, subsequent estimate of x (i.e. x1) will be

Order of convergence of Regula-Falsi method is

a. 1.321 A. 1.414
b. 1.618
B. 1.5

C. 2.0 9:
Using Bisection method, negative root of x3 - 4x + 9 = 0 correct to
D. None of these
three decimal places is

A. -2.506
Using Newton-Raphson method, find a root correct to three
decimal places of the equation x3 - 3x - 5 = 0 B. -2.706

A. 2.275 C. - 2.406

B. 2.279 D. None of these

C. 2.222 10:
Four arbitrary points (x1, y1), (x2, y2), (x3, y3),(x4, y4) are given in the
D. None of these
x, y-plane. Using the method of least squares, if regressing y

6: upon x gives the fitted line y = ax + b; and regressing y upon x

In the Gauss elimination method for solving a system of linear gives the fitted line y + ax + b; and regressing x upon y gives the

algebraic equations,triangularzation leads to fitted line

x = cy + d, then
A. Diagonal matrix
A. Two fitted lines must coincide
B. Lower triangular matrix
B. Two fitted lines need not coincide
C. Upper triangular matrix
C. It is possible that ac = 0
D. Singular matrix
D. A must be 1/c
If Δf(x) = f(x+h) - f(x), then a constant k, Δk equals 11:
The root of x3 - 2x - 5 = 0 correct to three decimal places by using
A. 1 Newton-Raphson method is

B. 0 A. 2.0946

C. f(k)- f(0) B. 1.0404

D. f(x + k) - f(x) C. 1.7321

8: D. 0.7011
Double (Repeated) root of
4x3- 8x2- 3x + 9 = 0 by Newton-raphson method is 12:
Newton-Raphson method of solution of numerical equation is not
A. 1.4 preferred when

B. 1.5 A.Graph of A(B) is vertical

C. 1.6 B.Graph of x(y) is not parallel

D. 1.55 C.The graph of f(x) is nearly horizontal-where it crosses the x-


D.None of these C. h3

13: D. h4
Following are the values of a function y(x) : y(-1) = 5, y(0), y(1) = 8

dy/dx at x = 0 as per Newton's central difference scheme is

A. 0

B. 1.5 17:
In which of the following methods proper choice of initial value is
C. 2.0
very important?

D. 3.0
A. Bisection method

B. False position
A root of the equation x3 - x - 11 = 0 correct to four decimals using
bisection method is C. Newton-Raphson

A. 2.3737 D. Bairsto method

B. 2.3838 18:
Using Newton-Raphson method, find a root correct to three
C. 2.3736
decimal places of the equation sin x = 1 - x

D. None of these
A. 0.511

Newton-Raphson method is applicable to the solution of

B. 0.500

A Both algebraic and transcendental Equations

C. 0.555
B Both algebraic and transcendental and also used when the roots are D. None of these
. complex
C Algebraic equations only Errors may occur in performing numerical computation on the
. computer due to
D Transcendental equations only
. A. Rounding errors
The order of error s the Simpson's rule for numercal integration B. Power fluctuation

with a step size h is

C. Operator fatigue

A. h
D. All of these

B. h2