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Patient Good morning

Patient I would like that it was doing a review to myself, please.

Doctor Good Morning! Clear please i took seat

Doctor What's your name?

Patient My name is Jenniffer Carrera

Doctor How are you feeling today?

Patient Not very well Doc.

Doctor What seems to be the problem?

Patient I have a terrible toothache.

Doctor When did you last visit the dentist?

Patient As one year ago.

Doctor Ok, ………..

Doctor Can you open your mouth, please?

Patient Ok

Doctor You have two caries slightly deep.

Patient Is it me going to extract the teeth?

Doctor It is not necessary

Patient Explain to me please which will be my treatment

The first thing that we go to do is to prepare the operative field,

then we are going to proceed to the preparation of the cavity to
eliminate the caries and then to apply resin in the tooth. Finally,
we will do a general cleanliness for the care of his other teeth.

Patient And what price this treatment?

Doctor Good the cost for this treatment is in 80 $ dollars

I list thank you very much. I return tomorrow to begin the

Doctor Very good.

Patient Thank you very much doctor