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Gramar and Vocabulary

Reflect on Grammar Pronunciation

Modal verb can
Can Can´t
Use can to express ability
/Kan/ /Kemt/
Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I I I Listen and complete with can or
You You You cant´t
He He He She __________ sing.
She She Cannot dance. She
Can dance can Dance?
It It Can’t dance It We _________ dance.
We We We
They _________ play soccer.
You You You
They They They I _____________ jump high

3. Read about Daniel´s anda Mary´s abilities. Then, complete the chart with your awn information and make

Speak in Play a musical Solve math
Write stories Dance salsa impressive
public instrument problems
Daniel      
Mary      

a. Daniel can speak in public and dance, but he can´t paint or play a musical instrument
b. Mary cn´t ____________________________________________________________
c. Daniel and Mary _______________________________________________________
d. I can _________________________________________________________________
e. I can´t _______________________________________________________________

4. Complete the sentences with can or can´t. Then, interview a partner

a. I ___________ dance.

b. I ___________ solve Sudoku puzles.

c. I ___________ make friends easily.

d. I ___________ play a musical instrument.

e. I ___________ solve math problems quickly.

Yes, I can.
f. I ___________ act in theater plays. Can you play a I can play the violin.
músical instrument? Can you dance?

Speaking Strategy Yes, I can.

I can dance
Give extra information to tango.
expamd your conversations.