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1 Chronicles 16:11-12

Seek the Lord and His 
 Gifted With the Journey
strength; seek His face
 Volume 5, Issue 3 - January 2018
Remember His wonderful

deeds which He has done,

His marvels and the 

judgements from His 
 It’s Been Good!!!

 Josh’s Highlight
It’s been good to be back at Black Forest Academy this first semester!
It’s been full. It’s been different. Various ministries we’ve been a part of
in the past are different. We are involved in some new things. Katie’s I’ve been exceedingly blessed by
Prayer - Praises & Requests
 role is different. There’s been change, but we feel that the Lord is giving my High School small group of
us insight into how He wants us to best use our time and where He boys this semester. Although only
 wants us to focus in ministry. We feel that in the past we have gone Freshmen, they seriously desire to
* We’ve had a nice Christmas Break!!!
 more broad than deep, and now we are really focusing on deep. That’s grow in their relationship with
* A rich season of ministry this fall/winter what we wanted before, but it’s just playing out differently now. 
 God and each other. While
* New experiences and opportunities Josh has recently taken over being in charge of the “Advanced Track” normally freshmen boys have the
* Good conversations with students for the “ICCM Europe” conference this Spring. The person who had reputation of a short attention
* We know we are where we’re supposed been in charge of it has been having some health problems, so Josh
to be right now - and it’s great!
 span, these guys have done very
accepted responsibility to organize that track and make sure that the
well at staying on topic and really
various speakers for that track have everything that they need during the
Requests conference. He is excited for the conference, but he is also nervous as it wanting to make the most of our
* Direction in ministry….specific people, takes a lot of time, and will be happening while he is in the middle of time each week. I’m excited to see
specific tasks…that we would not loose one of his Masters classes.
 how they continue to grow and
focus of Him in ministry, but rather that Katie especially enjoyed watching her Beginning Band students develop spiritually throughout
our ministry would be an outpouring of develop this semester. There are 15 of them. Her Intermediate Band their time here at BFA!
our relationship with Him. really stepped it up for the Christmas Concert (9 in that group) as did
* Katie’s maternal grandmother is still her High School Band (7 in that group). The Pep Band, which was
not well - passage into heaven pretty non-existent last year, is back up to a participation of 25 active
* Upcoming planning for concerts, trips, members. She misses the responsibility of Department Head, but is Katie’s Highlight

projects; relationships in all of those - enjoying having the time and energy to focus more on each student and There are too many!!!
that they would point to Jesus their individual development on their instruments and as part of the
* Wisdom in some decisions band ensemble.
 1) I don’t know how this blessing
Katie enjoyed her volleyball assistant coaching in the fall, but is came to us, but…we got free
Calendar really appreciating her small group of freshmen girls. They have a tickets to go to the German
desire to be discipled, and that is so helpful when your goal is to do just Christmas Circus. It was fun!

8 - school starts back up
 We have the privilege of being leaders on a Service Project Trip to 2) Some alumni, whom I had in class
12 & 19 - 2nd & 3rd Pep Portugal this Spring Semester. We will be helping a church there with back in the day, are getting
Bands 30-Feb. 3 International
 their VBS program, and in general helping them continue to build their married tomorrow at the “school
Conference on Computing youth outreach there. While our team will be fairly small, we’re excited church”. Past students of mine are
and Mission 
 to see our students grow closer to each other and see God at work also in the wedding. It’s good to
 through this trip and in the lives of everyone involved!
 see and talk with them, hear how
16 - 4th & last Pep Band 
 We are looking forward to various ministry opportunities this Spring God has led and guided.
23-25 Fiddler on the Roof
 and we are trying to prepare for them well before school starts back up
 on January 8th. We do hope you had a blessed, Merry Christmas and are 3) We had eight people in our home
2-4 High School Retreat 
 looking forward to your own ministry in the new 2018 year!!! for Christmas and it was just a
with our small groups
 nice day. They all, amazingly,
12-16 Music Festival
 liked their present.
23-30 Leading student Address: Hauptstrasse 54, 79400 Kandern, GERMANY Phone: 904-701-3129

service project to Portugal Website: E-Mails:

Local Culture
 Circle of Friends

Featured Pictures Below 

We have so enjoyed being in Germany
1 - Did we tell you we got parakeets?
 this Christmas and attending several of Katie hosted what the ladies 

2 - Evening Recital w/Guitar Class
 the different Christmas Markets. We ministry group here calls a “round 

3 - First Home Basketball & Pep Band
 spent the most time at two: one in table”. She hosted one at our home 

4 - Small Group Games/Christmas, etc.
 Freiburg, Germany and one in Colmar, focused on living naturally….cleaning 

5 - Christmas Banquet Pictures
 of home and self, using natural products 

6 - Various Seasonal Pictures of The feel of a Christmas Market is kind with staying healthy - really as the goal. 

of like a spring/summer/fall festival or Several ladies came, shared information

Christmas markets, town and our own
fair in the states. Normally the same and grew in their friendships and 

celebrations…1st Christmas tree as a types of food are there: wursts, hot
married couple. Josh’s Männer 
 connection as well. 

wine (Gluhwein), pretzels, sweet treats It was a good 

Choir Concert also is in that 
 and then there are things like jewelry,
grouping. time!
spices, homemade soaps, ornaments
and crafts to buy. Very festive!
****Pictures are on the next page down. This is our new prayer calendar. We thought you might like to walk and pray with us a
little more specifically and be blessed by the answers as well. Please print, just use for your own guidance or pray whatever you
feel Spirit-led to pray for us. Enjoy!

Prayers for the Month of January 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Churches BFA School Ministry Marriage/ BFA Staff/ Evangelism Germany

Family Students

1 - There is a 2 - We want our 3 - As we have a 4 - Sometimes it’s 5 - Our students at 6 - Pray for those
major wall that home to be a few more days left nice to get away BFA are not all in leadership
must be place where God of break, Josh and from Kandern. It walking with the positions in
strengthened in is honored and I are on a night helps sometimes Lord, or saved. Germany, to come
the school in order reflected. We are away trip today with perspective. Pray that their to know Christ as
for school to be making some and tomorrow. As we return hearts would be their Savior. Pray
allowed to open in decisions with our Pray that it would today, pray that open. Pray that that they will then
a week. Please home now, please be a sweet, ours would be they would accept be used to turn
pray that it would pray for guidance, refreshing and fun refreshed before Him as Savior & Germany back to
be finished fast wisdom and His time. school starts next Lord of their lives. the Lord.
and thoroughly. peace. Thank you! week.

7 - Katie is 8 - Pray for our 9 - Katie has 10 - Our marriage 11 - We have 12 - For the men 13 - Pray that
coordinating the dorm staff that begun to work in would be healthy, some students in the Men’s Choir, Christianity…and
church nursery they would have the AWANA growing, and who are confused that Josh is in. the number of
workers. Pray that the strength, love ministry. BFA and focused on the with their That he would Jesus-seekers
young hearts and … to give each German children Lord. That our identity…their have the and followers will
minds would come day. They are are attending this relationship would culture, their opportunity to grow in Germany,
to know God and doing a lot of as well. Pray that reflect Him. parent’s work, share about God and just in the
know they are training, pray that God’s Word will what to do with the with them. world in general.
loved by Him at they would not not be returning Bible. Pray that
this early age. grow weary in His void in their hearts they would come
good work. and minds. back to Jesus.

14 - The church 15 - Pray for the 16 - This week 17 - We have the 18 - When today is 19 - Pray for two 20 - Our BFA
the BFA staff and students as they closes the first desire for a family. over the students young ladies from students/staff
students attend is are taking their semester and That the Lord will have only one the old town band, minister to a group
seeking a pastor. first semester opens the next. would grant that if final left tomorrow. Chiara and Steffie, of refugees in
Please pray for exams today. The Pray that it is best, or give Pray that they get that I would have town weekly. Pray
wisdom for the grading policy everyone will us contentment rest this weekend. a door to talk with that they would
search committee. changed this last cooperate with the …. or different A lot of them were them about God. come to receive
We want His man. semester and Lord as He directs children, not our burning midnight Christ as their
stressed the kids. us, where He own. oil studying for Savior.
wants us next. exams.

21 - I am praying 22 - Pray for the 23 - We want our 24 - Pray that we 25 - Pray for the 26 - Pray for our 27 - Pray for the
about helping with teachers, that we work offices to be would be keeping students as they house mates, reconstruction of
the financial would have insight a place where our devotions daily are adjusting to Heidi and the the German
secretary position with each student, growth happens - and eyes on the their new Wittstock family, government. Pray
of sorts at church. seeing the to be more like Lord, and be schedules, and our landlady that the Lord’s
Pray that the intellectual and Christ. We have operating out of classes, teachers, Frau Feldheim, people will be
position would be spiritual needs… invited Him into the overflow of our routine. Pray for that we would be elected. Pray for
held for me if I am wisdom with how our ministries. relationships with the teachers too, lights for Jesus to revival.
supposed to have to address them. Pray that He Him. as they get to them.
it. would shine know their new
through us. students.

28 - Several lead 29 - Pray for our 30 - Pray however 
 31 - Pray that we

couples in our administration as you feel led….for 
 would keep “That
church will be they make many any of the 
 All May Know
leaving next year. decisions each categories. Him”, as the grid
Pray that there will day, that they Thank You for through which we
be appointed would have praying for us!!! run all our
people who will wisdom, insight decisions through,
step up to serve and sensitivity to especially how we
and lead. God’s leading. use our time.
1 - Our new pet parakeets; Kaito is the lighter blue and Indigo is the darker blue with more black on his wings

2 - Evening Recital with Guitar Class, Surfing U.S.A.

4 - Small Group Christmas/Games, etc.

5 - Christmas Banquet

6 - Various Seasonal
shots of Christmas
Markets and our own
decorations & Josh’s
German Choir’s
Christmas Concert